17 Trendiest Long Layered Hair With Bangs

long layered hair with bangs

Long layered hair with bangs is a women’s haircut ranging from chest to waist-length that is cut at different lengths and styled with a fringe. For gals who have a taste for flowy, long locks to crown their heads with, this one’s a big yes!

With this amount of hair on your head, you’ll have endless options when it comes to styling. Gorgeous updos, messy beach waves, elegant curls, or a sporty ponytail – its versatility is just downright amazing!

Bangs do look good on long hair. In fact, pairing a fringe with those luscious strands is the cherry on top! Long hair might not be for every face shape, but getting matching bangs with it allows you to have a balanced overall look.

That’s why a key requirement to pull off long hairstyles with layers and bangs is a consultation with your trusted hairdresser. Distinguished Boston haircut specialist Sam Kane‘s work is the epitome of perfection when it comes to all things layers, bangs, and long hair!

Follow the trails of celebrity fashion icons Lea Michele, Alexa Chung, Jennifer Garner, and Behati Prinsloo, and see the stunning results yourself!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of long layered hair with bangs!

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Straight Bangs with Long Hair

long layered hair with straight bangs
Instagram @learetostylist

Curly waves dominate this long, layered hairstyle with bangs as your length hair becomes its canvas. To even things out, straight bangs contribute to the more angular shape of the long hair with layers and bangs and makes everything well-suited to the eyes.

Long Feathered Hair with Fringe

Long feathered hair with fringe and layers
Instagram @victorkeyrouz

The long feathered hair with fringe is great for gals who want to keep their long hair long but want some texture and volume. Adding fringe can even change the look. A fringe on long thick hair needs movement, so it’s best to have a stylist texturize it to create wispiness. Add some waves with a large barrel curling iron and finish the look with She-Bang-A-Bang by Evo.

Long Hair with a Side Part and Bangs

Long layered hair with a side part and bangs
Instagram @stylesbyriles

Try long hair with a side part and bangs to give your style a dash of chicness. For control and movement, curtain bangs are a perfect way to keep a style in place. It helps create a more elegant grow-out phase, too. Top off the hairstyle by using an IGK Beach Club Texture Spray when styling.

Long Hair with Arched Bangs

Long layered hair with arched bangs
Instagram @alexandrmaslovsky

Long hair with arched bangs is a perfect way to complement women with long hair for an added flair to their style. It helps draw attention and frames the face perfectly. Ask for a textured fringe for more movement and style. Pro tip: Try R CO Death Valley Dry Shampoo after styling fringe on wash day. It’ll prevent bangs from getting oily the day after.

Heavy Bangs for Long Hair

Heavy Bangs for Long Hair
Instagram @shanecraighair

Long layered haircuts with bangs are gorgeous when you style it into long wavy hair. The thick full bangs add weight and make big hair appear cute and comfortable for anyone to wear.

Long Hairstyle with Swoop Bangs

long hairstyle with swoop bangs
Instagram @in.denays.chair

Long layers on long hairstyles with bangs create a blanket of hair that is gorgeous to any lady wearing it. A very delicate curl that goes towards the side makes these long bangs look very exceptional.

Long Layered Hair with Choppy Bangs

long layered hair with choppy bangs
Instagram @cbotthurath

Straight as straight can get, those ironed copper locks are complemented by choppy bangs. This long bangs haircut is an edgy take on your full bangs, with the arrangement of the hair propped tidily over your forehead.

Long Layered Hair with Long Bangs

long layered hair with long bangs
Instagram @mane.byjustine

While you enjoy your long blonde locks, why not try partnering it with long bangs and layers that drops over your face. Perfectly flatters your look that gives a dreamy effect, especially over your eye area.

Long Layered Hair with Curtain Bangs

The center part bangs that reveal your face but not entirely is both mysterious and elegant. With jet black hair like that, an enigmatic vibe is present with the long, layered haircut with bangs and waves making you look like a fairytale character.

“This look has some long, dark, modern shag vibes about it,” says hairstylist Celeste Docherty of Asbury Park, NJ. “The cut was done similar to a classic shag but leaving the curtain bangs on the longer side for a more curtained look and holding the layers out further each time to keep the length. To finish, try curling thick sections focusing away from the face,” she explains.

It’s harder to find longer shags with longer bangs while searching the web for inspirational pics! It’s nice to know that there’s an in-between look, and these long, layered bangs haircuts are it!

There are a few things to keep in mind for this layered long hair with bangs, adds Docherty. “One is hair texture. If someone has naturally wavy or curly hair, they will have to work pretty hard to style it like this. Shags look bomb on wavy and curly hair textures, but for this particular long bangs long hair, it won’t look the same without putting in an effort.”

The great thing about shag cuts is that you don’t need to over-style it unless you’re trying to change the texture. The one thing you may want to invest in are no crease/bend hair clips for the bangs. They’re great because you can dry your bangs and then hold them in place to get that perfect curtain look to last! Overall, these curtain bangs with layers are meant to look amazing without putting in too much effort.

Short Bangs on Long Layered Hair

long layered hair with short bangs
Instagram @shelby.loos

Soft but wild waves give texture to long hair with bangs and layers while tapered bangs razor cut is the right edginess this cut needs. Light mahogany hair cut past the shoulders and layered to perfection!

This cut is a long shag, and it features texture and versatility for styling. It was created by hairstylist Shelby Loos of Kansas City, MO. Long layered hairstyles with bangs can be air-dried or blown out and curled.

“Find a salon stylist who can use a straight razor that gives it the pieced-out texture. Long layers with a fringe are great for any hair type and great for women wanting wash-and-wear hair,” says Loos.

Layered Long Haircut with Parted Bangs

long layered hair with parted bangs
Instagram @lazygirlcuts

This long layered hair with bangs was created by hair stylist Agnieszka Kaler of Brooklyn, NY. Having center-parted bangs is the way to go. You can elongate your face while shaping it, too, as the long hair falls on both sides of your forehead.

This is a soft long layered cut with curtain bangs and lots of movement. If you are blessed with lots of hair, make sure your stylist is mindful of weight removal to help the layers stand out.

Long hair with bangs haircuts have versatility. Kaler explains, “because of the seamless blend of the layers, it looks great whether you choose to air dry or blow-dry, and all it needs in terms of product is some extra moisture and a soft air-dry creme. The soft bangs can be easily tucked behind the ears or encouraged forward with a quick hit of the blowdryer.”

“Layers and face-framing bangs can be brought up higher if you want it to feel more shaggy, and more weight can also be removed if you prefer your ends to feel more textured while keeping everything blended and soft,” she adds.

These “beginner bangs” are great for women who want to try bangs with long hair, but want an easy grow out if they decide it’s not for them. They’re also great if someone has a stubborn cowlick and hasn’t mastered blowdrying it into place yet. Long layered cuts work best on a length that’s a good bit past the shoulders. It allows more space for the layers to sit and be more noticeable, especially if the layered bangs are long.

Layered with Long Side Bangs

Layered with Long Side Bangs
Instagram @hairbyxio

This is a long length haircut with long layered bangs followed by some layers to break up and remove some of her weight since she has so much hair! It was created by hairstylist Xiomara Muniz of Randolph, NJ. “Some volume and smoothing products allow you to get the flow and fall of the layers. Blow-dry/styling, in general, is what most women are attracted to when they bring in pictures of long layered haircuts with long bangs. This hair color is a subtle dimensional balayage leaning more towards a chocolatey tone!”

Consultation and realistic expectations from both the hairdresser and you are most important. Bringing the hair lighter is a very complex process, so the more patience you have, the better.

Baby steps keep the integrity of the hair, as seen in this shiny long hair with side bangs.

“The haircut is honestly made for any woman willing to take care of their hair. Heavy hair needs layers to remove the weight, and finer hair may benefit from having some layers to give the hair body,” she adds.

Lengthwise, side swept bangs for long hair are ideal for most face shapes. It’s not too short that it will make a round face look rounder or too long where it will elongate an already oblong face shape.

Light Bangs on Long-Length Hair

Light Bangs on Long-Length Hair
Instagram @thebalayagebae

Hairstylist Anne Sweeney of Portland, OR created this long layered cut with bangs. “The full, textured fringe are paired nicely with casual beach waves. The front has face-framing layers that start in the fringe and taper down, creating a look of lots of texture without actually cutting tons of layers,” says Sweeney.

When cutting long hair bangs like these, keep them long and textured so they can be styled in many ways – full front, side, and part in the middle. For the rest of the cut, long layers provide movement throughout the hair but can be easily smoothed when worn straight.

A long layered cut with fringe is suitable for every face shape, and the full fringe adds that extra something! When considering bangs, though, be very sure you’re ready for them. A full fringe needs some training at first to lay properly on the forehead.

Styling is a low key for this look, explains Sweeney, “which is a plus for those with little time to get ready. These long layers with bangs are great because you can air dry and simply brush the bangs to where you want them to lay or lightly blow-dry to make the stay. Or you easily blow-dry and style quickly with minimal products.”

We love the bangs and face framing layers in this cut because they add a built-in style to any look. A simple ponytail or messy bun is elevated just by leaving the out fringe and a few pieces around the face.

Long Layering with Face Framing Bangs

Long layering with face-framing bangs is a haircut that offers a chic finish and a feminine vibe. The cut isn’t as heavily layered as the shag but inspired by a modest or tailored shag. It frames the face and accentuates the cheekbones. If your mane is straight or with a subtle texture, this wavy style becomes low-maintenance. This gem is great for women with thick hair that want to remove some weight, but don’t want to lose length.

“Long layers with face-framing bangs are effortless,” explains hairstylist Marissa Canaria of New York, NY. “The curtain bangs are just the cherry on top! When hair frames the face, it gives you lots of options for styling your hair.”

Women considering layered hairstyles for long hair should consult with their stylist first. How often you style your hair and how much you want to style it, comes into play. “Especially if you’re a ‘wake up and go’ girl,” she adds.

Baby Bangs on a Long Shag Haircut

baby bangs on a long layered shag haircut
Instagram @celladiggshair

Cute baby bangs on a long shag haircut complete a stunning style and a classic vibe. a long layered haircut with bangs appears natural together. This kind of fringe can offer a dramatic upgrade, which goes well with wavy tresses.

Wispy Bangs on Long Textured Hair

long textured layered hair with wispy bangs
Instagram @hirohair

Wispy bangs on long textured hair are a chic option to make any long hairstyle look great on any face shape. The wispy bangs, if paired with face-framing layers, can enhance facial features. Get yourself a makeover, and try this stylish, wavy long hair with brow-skimming bangs. You won’t regret it!

Long Layered Hair with Blunt Bangs

long layered hair with blunt bangs
Instagram @livedinhair

Pair the blunt bangs with a long layered haircut for a cooler, more lived-in result! This stunning wavy hair idea is a combination of feminine and modern styles. To give ends a textured finish, use a razor to do so. Bangs are ideal for layered hair, so don’t let the tresses have an unexciting straight line or parameter.