36 Cutest Layered Bob With Bangs for 2023

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A layered bob with bangs is a bob cut in layers and paired with a fringe. Your search for a low-maintenance, present-day cropped hairstyle has come to an end.

A-list personalities Taraji P. Henson, Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung, and Clemence Poesy all own the chicest bob on the planet, pushing this style to the max and showing everyone that it’s worth it! With their examples, women and hairdressers all over are starting to embrace the layered and fringed bob trend like wildfire!

Best Layered Bob With Bangs

With the numerous modern ways to style, it’s paramount that you consult with an expert stylist to create a look that goes with your hair type and face shape.

Michigan hair artist Jenna Lu is as exceptional as her various bob creations taking on different lengths and textures. Her clients who opt for stylish layers and a complementing fringe range from teens to matured women, proving that this bob haircut works for all ages!

Get excited to own the most fantastic bob ever invented! Up ahead is an updated gallery of chic examples of layered bobs with bangs for your choosing.

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Neck-length Layered Soft Pink Shaggy Bob with Messy Fringe
Instagram @hairbykat.w

#1: Soft Pink Shaggy Bob with Messy Fringe

Instead of settling for the same boring haircut, go bold with a neck-length layered shaggy bob. This style is perfect for adding texture to your look while still maintaining a chic look. If you are a level 8 and above, this light pink hair is easily achieved. For this style, use a volumizing mousse on damp hair and work your way up with a round brush. Work the ends downward to give it the desired messy fringe. For added texture and a little extra volume, complete the look with a light-hold hairspray. Be sure to work with your natural texture to get the most out of this style. Sometimes, a curl cream and hand styling are all you need.

Layered Bob with White Blend Regrowth and Bangs for older women
Instagram @lucyssalon74

#2: Layered Bob with White Blend Regrowth

A layered bob is a great style for those wanting to blend out their natural white hair. It may be helpful to bring inspirational pictures to your stylist. I recommend doing a global bleaching process first to achieve a silver-white effect. It’s also important to see a colorist who specializes in bleaching services. Since this can be quite a chemical process. If you can, be sure to integrate a good deep conditioner before and after your bleaching service.

#3: Layered Bob with Bangs for Women with Eyeglasses

If you wear eyeglasses, try this layered bob with bangs. If your hair is always in your eyes, the bangs will still allow you to have that texture and softness on your face. Invest in good styling products to ensure your style holds the whole day.

#4: Freshly Layered Shoulder-Length Cut with Fringe

A freshly layered shoulder-length cut with a fringe is a modern shape with lots of style. Try to extend the length above your shoulders to amplify the clean line. You’ll want to ask for medium layers to increase movement and give you a tousled shape. The cute fringe accents the cut and can be left longer. Go for a messy finish by applying a texture cream to your hair once it’s dry.

#5: Sweeping Bangs on a Short-Layered Bob

Consider a short layered bob with sweeping bangs. A sophisticated, sleek bob looks great for older professional women. Remember to keep hair texture and density in mind when deciding on a style. Your hairstylist will be able to guide you. Avoid heat damage when doing a sleek style by using heat protection. Try Cult+King Set Spray for the best protection and a light-hold hairspray.

Layered bob haircut with wispy bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#6: Rounded Bob with Wispy Bangs

This layered rounded bob with wispy bangs is the perfect guise for oval faces. The bangs add that softening effect to the look, making you all dolled up and cute!

Long layered bob hairstyle with bangs
Instagram @rcgimenes

#7: Layered with Brow-Skimming Bangs

Pair your layered shoulder-length bob with brow-skimming bangs. A style that screams business in the front, and party in the back.

cute choppy bob with choppy bangs
Instagram @michelleleep

#8: Cute Choppy Bob with Choppy Bangs

This is an effortlessly chic mid-length textured, layered bob with a choppy fringe.

This choppy bob with choppy bangs frames the face and it has subtle un-done texture and movement.

This layered bob hairstyle with bangs was cut using only a straight razor blade and finished the style with Hairstory HairBalm and Undressed. Then, it was dried with a diffuser. Use your hands to play up the natural wave and bend.

Find a stylist who cuts with a straight blade razor and specializes in effortlessly undone hair! All women can wear a bob and fringe, but the length in which you cut either really depends on the face you are framing.

This bob with layers and bangs is very low maintenance. Consider getting a fringe trim every few weeks and a full haircut every few months.

#9: Heavily Layered Bob with Choppy Fringe

When looking for a new style for fine hair, I highly recommend a heavily layered bob with a choppy fringe. Layers create more volume and the illusion of more hair. It also works for thick hair. But, ask for weight to be taken out, especially below the occipital bone so you don’t get a triangle look. Fringe can be short, long, lash-grazing, or textured according to hair density.

#10: Very Layered Bob with Wispy Fringe

If you have fine hair, consider a very layered bob with wispy fringe. Having layers is great for fine hair to give a boost of volume and added body. Be aware that over layering can make fine hair look thinner at the ends. So make sure you layer just enough and not too much.

#11: Stacked Bob with Long Bangs

Going for the varying lengths of layers right around the backside of a stacked bob is the answer to limp-looking hair. The layers with bangs add a diagonal motion to the strands, having a much more elongated appearance.

Related: The best stacked bob with layers hairstyle ideas.

Layered Brunette Bob with Thick Micro Bangs
Instagram @mainpointsalon

#12: Brunette Bob with Thick Micro Bangs

It’s true what they say about previous trends, they always come back! Including these eye-catching, thick, micro bangs. Remember that these bangs will accentuate the brow bone and cheekbone because of where they fall on the face. Pay attention to the density of your hair. This look will bring instant fullness, which is better for women with fine hair.

Medium Layered Bob with Fringe
Instagram @hairbykatieg

#13: Medium Layered Bob with Fringe

Medium layered bob haircuts with bangs that are side-parted bangs are super cute.

Adding a whole lot of leveled layers gives this medium bob a feathered vibe.

#14: Voluminous Bob with Layers and Side Bangs

A layered bob is a perfect style if you need to add volume to your fine hair. Before you make a drastic change to your short haircut, consider this bob with added side bangs for a stunning transition. Avoid overlaying and removing the weight needed to give you optimal volume.

Messy Bob with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @wowcoolwow

#15: Messy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Choppy hair is so easy to style on a bob hairstyle. Like this messy layered bob haircut with bangs, you can partner it with some curtain bangs, showing off a little of your forehead and ending its tips flawlessly on your cheekbones.

#16: A-Line Bob with See-Through Bangs

Caramel babylights shine even more on these tapered ends. The a-line bob with layers and see-through bangs creates a stunning drape of hair that the colors can really stand out, and texture is added thanks to the layers and flattering bangs.

layered shaggy bob with bangs
Instagram @robbie.hair

#17: Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Shaggy bob with bangs is a combination of modern and classic styles. It’s a trend that offers sophistication without trying hard. This layered shaggy bob is best for thin hair, giving it some layers, texture and movement. A shag isn’t complete without pairing it with any type of layered bob with fringe.

#18: Layered Bob for Thin Hair and Long Side Bangs

A stacked layered bob with bangs is ideal for women with thin hair.

The stacked layers on this gorgeous long bob are bursting with a texture that gives body to our hair.

Plus, the long side bangs are a neat addition, which can also show-of those lovely lilac locks.

shaggy layered bob with side swept bangs
Instagram @livedinhair

#19: Shaggy Layers with Side-Swept Bangs

These shaggy layers with side-swept bangs are so adorable! If your hair is too straight and needs a little movement, a layered bob with side fringe is a must-try. The feathered layers allow the tresses to have extra texture. The added side layered bangs are an excellent choice to give the style a youthful and more modern touch. Try this shaggy layered bob with side-swept bangs if you have a square face shape to soften the jawline.

#20: Textured Bob for Fine Hair and Baby Bangs

What an incredible textured bob for fine hair and baby bangs! A short bob with cute bangs like this is a great cut for women with thin tresses and longer foreheads. The bob haircut with bangs features subtle stacks of hair behind the head to increase volume and add shape. Getting the locks in a short bob with layers and bangs is ideal if you love timeless, elegant styles!

brown layered bob with short bangs
Instagram @val.vincent_

#21: Brown Bob with Short Bangs

A brown bob with short bangs helps shorten an oval face shape. That exact type of fringe—the Caesar-cut micro bangs—suits a textured, wavy hairstyle. This haircut is ideal for thick and straight tresses to remove lots of weight and add extra bounce. That’s what the layers do.

#22: Layers with Soft Bangs for Over 50

A layered bob with bangs for women over 50 has lots of texture to add more body to the hair.

Mature women often have thinning hair, which could be a problem in choosing a preferred style.

Add soft bangs for a softer look.

Wavy layered bob with side swept bangs
Instagram @waxxapeldoorn

#23: Wavy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

A wavy layered bob with fringe on ash brown hair looks incredible for women with a darker skin tone.

Spiked, tousled layers in a wavy asymmetrical bob has the ultimate texture.

A long layered bob with side bangs cut near the jaw-line is the perfect cut for women over 40.

layered angled bob with bangs
Instagram @robertalicks

#24: Angled Bob with Bangs

Wearing an angled bob with bangs means wearing a versatile, bolder-looking hairstyle. Either straight or wavy, this angular haircut looks flattering on women with a round face. It frames the face to make it appear slimmer.

Layered bob with bangs for thick hair
Instagram @jucremonez

#25: Layered for Thick Hair

A choppy layered bob with bangs for thick hair is choppy cut with shorter layers to remove weight. With more mass in your hair, having a long bob could maintain the cleanliness of the lob with layers and bangs. And those bangs are there to spice up the already hot look!

#26: Layered Lob with Feathered Bangs

A bob cut with layers and feathered bangs will flow superfluously is the type of texture that is likable to see in a layered long bob with bangs! Get in with the program by adding some neatly snipped bangs to flatter the face.

Layered bob with long bangs hairstyle
Instagram @dim3nsion.a

#27: Neck-Length Bob with Long Bangs

A neck-length layered A-line bob with long bangs looks amazing on short hair. A layered bob is perfect for longer hair in the front, as it blends to a dark brown color as the hair shortens at the back.

Long bob with side bangs and layers
Instagram @celestenevarez

#28: Long Bob with Side Bangs and Layers

A long bob with side bangs and layers is not too long and not too short.

This is a bob with layered bangs that you can style to either side or still pull up and away from your face if you choose. This layered lob is easy to style.

A bob cut with layered bangs is a great option for many hair textures and can quickly be styled in so many ways.

In this picture, a smooth blowout using a wide round brush was done, and a lightweight mousse was used for a hint of body.

#29: Curly Bob with Light Bangs

This is a modern take on a classic 1920s curly layered bob with bangs.

Some layered haircuts with bangs are cut entirely with a razor to help enhance the natural texture and leave for a soft, more airy finish.

To style, use mousse with a bit of grit then diffuse for about ten minutes until the hair is 90% dry. This allows your curls to do their natural thing once the hair is almost dry.

Bob haircuts with bangs are versatile for every hair type – it is the shape and length of the bob that really determines what you want to accent. Layered bobs with fringe can enhance your natural features, such as your strong jawbone and high cheekbones. With a chin-length bob, the chin draws more attention because that’s where the weight line of the hair falls.

Bobbed hair with fringe is ideal for women who have always wanted to have a short bang. Having bangs as well creates more balance for your face. Avoid a basic bob by adding more texture into the hair while removing weight. It will give you a more versatile cut that could be worn super sleek or played into the texture with a little product assistance.

If you’re considering a chin-length bob with bangs, be aware of your features and exactly what you’re showcasing by creating a bold style.

#30: Layered Hair with Blunt Bangs

This layered bob with blunt bangs is a very classic short bob. It’s an edgy, fun look that’s sophisticated, yet a little undone.

The entire cut was done with a razor. Using the razor on coarse hair texture will give it the very “lived in” style. The majority of this cut was done dry. It’s important to see how the natural texture will respond to the length.

A razor was used to create new layers and to shatter the ends, making them light and airy.

Women considering a drastic change should take the time to decide. Although it may be needed and wanted, it is wise not to make a rush, impulsive decision when it comes to your hair. Set up a thorough consultation with your stylist before your appointment. Be open to feedback and together create a bob haircut with fringe that works for you.

Chin-Length Bob with Layers and Swoop Bangs

#31: Chin-Length Bob with Layers and Swoop Bangs

This is a modern texturized, layered bob with a heavy swoop bangs to nicely frame the face and bring attention to the eyes!

There’s a lot of movement is in this cut and it’s versatile for all hair textures! Style your layered hair with bangs with a 1 1/2″ barrel iron in alternating directions for each section to give more of a beach feel!

If time is available, some waves can be added to bobs with fringes along with texturizing and volumizing spray. Or, short layered bob hairstyles with a fringe can be worn straight with a shine spray for a sleeker style! The bangs can be worn in a curtain style or swept to the side for a different bob with fringe style!

#32: Shaggy Bob for Naturally Curly Hair

This gorgeous shaggy bob for naturally curly hair is sure to enhance a wavy texture. It’s a neck-grazing cut for easy-styling, with curly bangs for a more youthful vibe. With the hair’s natural waves, this layered shaggy bob with bangs give a nice, effortless shape.

#33: Pixie Bob with Bangs and Layering

A short, layered pixie bob haircut is very trendy, sassy and fresh.

If your hair is very fine, this hair cut creates volume movement and texture.

Women with fine hair are great candidates for this hairstyle. Shorter hair always looks thicker and fuller. Also, it’s a very versatile haircut and can be customized to any face shape or styling options by increasing or decreasing length and graduation.

With some products like a heat protector cream, you could have it blown out smoothly for a soft vibe. If you’re feeling a bit edgier and looking for a textured bob with bangs, use texture spray or powder.

#34: Bob with Angled Bangs

This is a chic layered bob haircut with angled bangs and a subtle highlighted dimension. With this haircut, the texture was created with a razor. The bob is a classic hairstyle, but this texture gives this haircut a fun twist.

This bob haircut with asymmetrical bangs would require 6-8 weeks of maintenance. Bringing the length up and creating the layers with a razor would keep the hair density, which would benefit you if you would like the appearance of fuller hair.

If the hair density is high, a lot of weight would need to be removed. Because the length is short, it could make the face shape appear wider than it is.

Styling angled layered bob hairstyles with bangs is best with a large round brush and blow-dry into beach waves.

Use a blow-dry primer and a volumizing mousse with a large round brush to achieve this bob cut with bangs.

#35: Inverted Bob with Straight Bangs

This is a layered inverted bob with bangs.

This layered haircut on straight across bangs is so versatile!

Bob hairstyles with layers and bangs can go from super conservative to super modern – it all depends on personal style. Everyone loves a good bob!

For bangs on a layered bob, you’ll need to consider your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle. If you have medium to fine, straight hair like her, this works really well on her!

Inverted bobs are probably not the haircut for women who have very thick or curly hair, and doesn’t want to blow it out very often. Use a thickening balm by Unite to blow the hair out, keeping it full on top but straighter on the ends for modern and sleek bobbed hair with bangs!

#36: Tousled Bob with Bangs for Women Over 60

Consider a tousled bob with bangs for women over 60. A tousled undone look is great to add volume to finer hair, and adding the bangs can help mask fine lines and wrinkles. Ask your stylist for point cutting in the layers and bangs to create a soft edge.

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