Top 33 Layered Curly Hair Ideas for 2023

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Layered curly hair is a hairstyle for curly-haired women who want the illusion of length and volume, without too much bulk. Adding layers to naturally curly hair shapes your hair while promoting definition. Layering curly hair adds texture and creates movement throughout the curls.

Layered haircuts for curly hair works with any hair length and face shape. Browse our photos and show your favorites to your stylist to figure out the perfect layered curly hair style based on your unique features.

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Natural Curly Voluminous Hair with texture and cut dry
Instagram @aoki_hair

#1: Natural Curly Voluminous Hair

Try rocking natural curly, voluminous hair. With this style, you’ll be able to show off all of your beautiful body and movement. The layered cut will also help increase the overall health and shine of your locks. To get the best results, ask your stylist to dry-cut into the perfect shape with scissors. It will add some strategically placed layers. For touchable softness and definition, finish with curl cream. Try L’Oréal’s Expression. It can help protect against humidity while still allowing you to create any look you desire.

#2: Bronze Balayage Curls

Bronze balayage curls are one of the best ways to compliment your darker, coiled lengths. Next time you’re at the salon, you should ask for some balayage to brighten up your look!

Side-Parted 4c Curls with Layers
Instagram @joyouscurlss

#3: Side-Parted 4c Curls

If your hair is curly and you want a stylish layered cut, side-parted curls are the perfect option. This look works best with thick textured kinky strands that need more definition. To achieve this style, use a curl-defining cream. Try Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Milk Souffle to nourish. Then part your hair on the desired side of choice.

Platinum Highlights on Layered Coils
Instagram @hairbyreema

#4: Platinum Highlights on Layered Coils

Platinum highlights on layered coils are such a fun and unique look. If you are looking for a wash-and-wear style, this is for you. When you wear platinum blonde and curly hair, it’s best to shampoo your hair once or twice a week. I also recommend letting it air dry so you don’t cause extra damage to your hair.

#5: Heavily Layered Curly Cut

A layered curly cut is very popular right now. If your hair tends to get heavy or lacks volume, cutting lots of layers will help with bulk. Layers are the best way to create more bounce in your curls.

#6: Cute Layered Curls for Black Ladies

You can’t go wrong with a cute layered curly style. You can rock this style if you have a square or oblong face shape. The best way to keep your curls from getting frizzy and out of shape is to wear a silk bonnet while sleeping.

#7: Natural Springy Curls

You can have natural springy curls and fluff up your shape. If you have naturally curly hair, don’t be afraid to add layers for fullness. Ask for square layers, which will maintain some length of the top, freeing up the sides to pump up the volume. Find another one if you don’t trust your stylist to do this. There are many techniques to achieve this shape. So, find a stylist that is confident in their approach.

#8: Long Flowing Curls

Try long flowing curls if you have naturally curly hair. If you don’t have naturally curly hair, ask your stylist for a perm service to achieve this look. The best way to style curly hair is to dry it with a diffuser on your hairdryer. Remember that the key to keeping your hair from getting frizzy is to keep your hands out of it. The more you touch your hair, mess with it, or comb it, the frizzier it will become.

Salt and Pepper Rezo Cut Curls with Layers
Instagram @colormechula

#9: Salt and Pepper Rezo Cut Curls

Refresh your salt and pepper hairstyle with Rezo cut curls. This cutting technique is done on dry hair. It releases your curl from the root, giving you more volume while maintaining length. This technique is great for all wavy hair types and those who would like increased fullness. It would be helpful to find a stylist in your area that is trained in Rezo cutting.

#10: Dark Brown Natural Curls

These glossy, dark brown natural curls are locks you can get lost in. A lot of layers help give this amount of hair shape and movement. To achieve this high shine add a clear gloss treatment to your next haircut appointment or finish your curly style with a shine serum.

Sexy and Perfect Brunette Curls with Layers
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

#11: Sexy and Perfect Brunette Curls

Ask your stylist for sexy and perfect brunette curls. From my experience, curly hair can take on a triangle shape if you don’t have layers. The hair is flat on top and big on the sides. Adding layers is one of the easiest ways to create a rounded shape with volume. Don’t forget parting your hair on the side will help give extra volume and bounce.

#12: Gorgeous Bouncy Natural Curls

You will never look out of style with your gorgeous bouncy natural curls. Having layers is one of the best ways to bring body, movement, and life to your curly strands. Cutting curls dry and one at a time will give you your desired result without taking too much length off. When curls are wet they stretch much longer and the result can be much shorter than expected.

Long Curly Hair with a Deep Side Part and Layers
Instagram @soubecas

#13: Long Curly Hair with a Deep Side Part

Wear long curly hair with a deep side part and you’ll get tons of compliments. Naturally curly hair is the most sought-after texture, especially if you don’t have it. There are so many benefits to wearing curls. You don’t have to brush it and studies show you can go longer between washes. Boost your appearance and embrace your curls.

Naturally Curly Hair with Layers
Instagram @thecurlystudio

#14: Naturally Curly Hair with Layers

You’ll want to try naturally curly hair with layers for easy care hair. Don’t let your long layers drag you down. Perk them up with a shorter more rounded shape. Your hair can surround your features and give width to long or oval face shapes. Shorter layering will give your hair more texture for a fun and messy cut. Try diffusing for extra volume or air dry with a curl amplifier for a defined finish.

Super Cute Blonde Layered Curls
Instagram @soubecas

#15: Super Cute Blonde Curls

Sometimes, you just need super cute blonde curls. To get this look, avoid bleaching or dyeing your hair at home. Remember that salon professionals are trained in all textures of hair and know what colors and strengths your coiled hair can take.

Stunning Dark Layered Curls with No Bangs
Instagram @hairbyreema

#16: Stunning Dark Curls with No Bangs

One of the most sought-after styles for textured hair is stunning dark curls without bangs. This healthy, moisturized hairdo will have heads turning everywhere you go. To keep your mane this glowy, avoid products with too much alcohol and reach for ones with conditioning ingredients like coconut oil, murumuru butter, and shea.

Voluminous Frizzy Layered Curls
Instagram @jhonyveiga

#17: Voluminous Frizzy Layered Curls

Voluminous and frizzy layered curls are the perfect match to full, fluffy brows. Even hair that looks full can be deceiving. Frizz can help create fullness in hair that is not very thick. Next time you are finishing styling your curls take the nozzle off and blast your roots for an instant fluff and lift.

curly hair with curly bangs for women over 40
Instagram @jpattonsalon

#18: Curly Hair with Curly Bangs for Women Over 40

Curly hair with curly bangs for women over 40 gives an air of youthfulness while tactically camouflaging maturing skin. To refresh the bangs after each wear, a mist bottle with a potion made up of one part water and one part leave-in conditioner can be used to rehydrate the curls. Finger coiling and scrunching are ways to mold the curls into shape.

Chic Curly Neck-Length Layers
Instagram @jendidthat

#19: Chic Curly Neck-Length Layers

A fresh short layered haircut is a great way to define your natural curls. Having a neck-length cut is a helpful way to add body and volume without having too much bulk. Layered hair and curls go hand in hand with creating beautiful hairstyles. And they look especially nice on older women.

Curly shag for women with thin hair
Instagram @ashadoeshair

#20: Curly Shag for Women with Thin Hair

Curly shags are a great choice for women with thin hair. A lot of layers at the crown can create the appearance of fuller and thicker hair with bouncier curls. When styling, add a curl cream to combat frizz such as Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer either let it air dry or diffuse it.

#21: Layered Curly Hair for Older Women

Layered curly hair for older women is a smart choice. Particularly for those with thin hair since it creates an illusion of thicker, fuller curls. A dry hair cut allows your curls to fall naturally. Ask your stylist to shape your curls according to which suits you best.

#22: Curly Pixie with Layers for Women Over 70

Adding curls and layers to a pixie is a cute and different way to style a short cut for women over 70. Naturally curly-haired women definitely benefit from having a pixie cut. Curls tend to perk up more as they are less weighed down and when the hair is shorter.

Layered curls for women over 60
Instagram @curlcraft

#23: Layered Curls for Women Over 60

Layered curls for women over 60 are absolutely stunning and can suit any face shape. Ladies who decide to embrace their natural curls and are looking to get a curly haircut, should take two things into consideration, curl texture and type. This will determine how your stylist decides to cut your curls for the best results.

#24: Layered Hair with Curls for Women Over 50

Layered hair with curls for women over 50 is the perfect way to create a full, voluminous style. Especially with fine hair, a specific curly cut allows your curls to be cut in their natural state for a gorgeous, waterfall of curls.

Stylish Short Layered Curly Hair
Instagram @urbanbloomhair

#25: Stylish Short Curly Hair

A full head of sexy locks looks gorgeous in a length that’s just a little past the chin. Having layered curly hair will provide much-needed volume and definition with the use of the right curling products.

Cute before and after curly bob with layering
Instagram @curlyonq

#26: Cute Curly Bob with Layering

A cute curly bob with layering is versatile and works on any type of curl. Cutting your curly hair in layers gives it extra flair and fullness.

Curly hair specialist Kara Dollahite of Sacramento, CA uses a dry-cutting technique. “When the hair is fine, I like to cut horizontally. I elevate to find exactly where the weight line should be and layer it less,” Dollahite explains.

Layered inverted bob for thick curly hair
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#27: Layered Inverted Bob for Thick Curly Hair

Layered inverted bob for thick curly hair allows for endless fun and a wide variety of looks. A long curly bob is popular as it looks great on most face shapes. Layered curly hair looks stunning on all face shapes and creates an illusion of fuller-looking curls. Curly hair with layers can be cut in many different ways but is most likely going to turn out best with a “curly cut” which is done on dry hair.

The Best Choppy Layers
Instagram @ravenrowsalon

#28: The Best Shag with Choppy Layers

Let your hair go wild with this heavily textured shag that screams of volume and fullness! Adding a messy fringe with a layered curly haircut works perfectly together to balance broad shoulders and an oval face.

Modern v-shape layers for naturally curly hair
Instagram @curlyonq

#29: Modern V-Shape for Naturally Curly Hair

Consider a modern v-shape for naturally curly hair to give your long locks an interesting boost. Curly hair can be tricky, so ask your stylist to create the subtle v-cut wet and then dry for a more precise cut. On long curly hair, soft layers work well to maintain the beautiful shape. Products are a must to keep your hair separated and shiny.

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#30: Messy Shaggy Layers with Bangs

Wearing messy shaggy layers with bangs looks so fun! It’s bouncy, voluminous finish is sure to catch people’s attention. This layered curly hairstyle gives fine mane a softer finish, especially on a blonde hue.

#31: Trendy Layered Medium-Length Curls

These trendy layered medium-length curls aren’t only stylish. The layers for curly hair are ideal for women with thick hair and a wider face shape. It’s the cut that makes the tresses appear less bulky and feel a little lighter. Natural curls and a golden shade create an ideal combo for this hairstyle.

These trendy layered medium length curls are on a long curly bob. The layering offers volume without being unmanageable. Plus, the layers blend well and show off the curls. This cut embraces natural texture!

Women looking for a curly stylist should first check out their work. A lot of stylists say they will work with your natural texture and then they want to curl it or straighten it in the end. If they aren’t going to style it or teach you how to wear it naturally then you need to keep looking. A good curly hair stylist will want to coach you to make your curls better. And remember to always go in with your hair down and detangled! They need to see it, no buns or ponytails!

Long and curly hair with layers
Instagram @curlyonq

#32: Gorgeous Long and Curly Hair with Layers

To achieve gorgeous long and curly hair with layers, a layered haircut is required. A special haircut specified for curly locks, is often achieved by a dry cut, which allows your hair to lay naturally while also accommodating for your natural texture. Long layered curly hair is gorgeous on all women and never goes out of style.

#33: Cute Layered Curly Locks with Side Bangs

Cute layered curly locks with side bangs are the perfect haircut for oblong faces. Layered springy curls are best cut using techniques like a “dry curly cut.” This type of cut allows your stylist to analyze, cut, and style your curls to best suit your needs.

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