55 Best Layered Pixie Cut Ideas for a Short Crop with Movement

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The popular layered pixie cut consists of a seamless blend of long and short layers. By getting a pixie cut with layers, your hair appears voluminous, texturized, and full of life.

The secret to a stunning layered pixie haircut lies in the styling products used. It can turn into a sleek style or a get-up-and-go look, says Michaela Lanphear, a hairstylist from Mobile, AL. “It’s versatile as it can look cute and poised while having the option to do a messy, lived-in finish,” she says.

When looking for pictures of layered pixie cuts, consider your face shape. Lanphear explains, “Face structure plays a vital role in what angles and shapes flatter you. The goal is to make you feel and look your best!”

It’s significant to seek a proficient hairstylist to create short-length crops. A common mistake most stylists make is not point-cutting the hair for added texture. Most stylists cut directly with texturizing shears, which may cause frizz.

The upkeep of this cut depends on how fast your hair grows. Some ladies must come to the salon every two weeks, whereas others may go every four weeks. If you want more tips on choosing a pixie cut, read our guide for expert advice.

Check out these inspirational images of the trendiest layered pixie cut ideas for women. You must try one of these!

Brunette Lixie with Layers
Instagram @mrtanjusari

#1: Brunette Lixie with Layers

Layers are the magic behind this brunette lixie, perfect for thin hair. Although layers are my favorite way to make fine hair look thick, you can use texture paste to build volume and get that messy but chic finish. I strongly recommend monthly haircuts to keep your lixie or a short pixie cut in shape.

Gorgeous Pixie with Layers and Sideburns
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#2: Gorgeous Pixie with Sideburns

If you’re after top-rated short hair options, consider this layered pixie cut with sideburns. This highly textured, rough short cut is both classy and custom-fit to your personal style and head shape.

#3: Layered Long Pixie with Platinum Highlights

You’ll adore the layered long pixie’s dimensional look with platinum highlights. The chunky layers and striking highlights add complexity and style to the haircut. To achieve the platinum blonde highlights, you need to set aside extra time at the salon. This hairstyle entails a tapered back of the neck, sides that reach the length of the lips, and abundant layers shorter at the top of the head. An important tip is not to cut the back of the neck too short so as to prevent noticeable lines from the highlighting foils.

#4: Champagne Blonde Pixie with Layers

A pixie haircut in champagne blonde, with layers and swept bangs, is chic and versatile. It’s ideal for women who want their hair to make a strong statement. The layers in the cut add texture and movement. The bangs frame the face, adding a soft, feminine touch. Whether your hair is straight or slightly wavy, this hairstyle is an excellent choice. It is easy to style and easy to maintain. If you like this look, talk to your stylist. They can help you find the right shade of champagne blonde for your skin tone.

Short Edgy Pixie Mullet with Layers for thick hair
Instagram @rcgimenes

#5: Edgy Pixie Mullet with Layers

This edgy short pixie mullet with layers is a trendy haircut perfect for women with thick hair. This cut features shorter layers in the back and longer layers on top, creating a stylish and voluminous look. The cut’s shorter back adds edge. Layers reduce weight and enhance movement. Thick-haired people benefit from this cut. It lessens bulk and aids management. To style this haircut, start with damp hair and apply a volumizing mousse to add texture and enhance the volume. I suggest using a round brush to blow dry. Finish with medium-hold hairspray or texture spray.

Rosy Gold Pixie Cut with Layers
Instagram @studio_mostton

#6: Rosy Gold Pixie with Layers

Talking about hairstyles, consider a rosy gold pixie with layers. When you want a pixie cut, consider some key factors. One key factor is your face shape. It will determine the length and profile of your hair around your face, ears, and nape. Another important factor is hair density. It refers to the thickness of your hair. Hair density determines the texturizing and weight removal level needed to ensure movement and avoid the so-called ‘mushroom look.’

Edgy Copper Pixie with Wispy Layers for a Hawaiian Summer
Instagram @timehairbeauty

#7: Edgy Copper Pixie with Wispy Layers

Adding wispy layers to an edgy copper pixie will give movement and dimension to your look. Layers can also create natural volume. I recommend using a glossy hair paste to show off all the different lengths this cut has to offer.

Short Bright Blonde Pixie with Visible Layers for ladies with thick hair
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#8: Bright Blonde Pixie with Visible Layers

Here’s a bright blonde pixie with visible layers. A layered pixie is perfect for all hair textures and density. With layers, you create movement, texture, and shape. Each can be tailored to your specific hair needs. Add some blonde to the mix, creating a feminine, bold edge.

Face-Framing Fringe on a Pixie Cut with Layers and balayage
Instagram @rcgimenes

#9: Face-Framing Fringe on a Pixie Cut

A face-framing fringe on a pixie cut is a great way to update your look without sacrificing length. The fringe is cut to emphasize your facial features and elongate your neck. The layers add texture and movement to your hair, while the balayage adds dimension. This style works best for oval or heart-shaped faces and straight or wavy hair textures. To style, blow dry the fringe forward with a round brush to create a smooth finish. Use a texture spray or dry shampoo on the layers and ends for added volume and texture.

Brunette Wixie Cut with Layers and side bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#10: Brunette Wixie Cut

Give this brunette wixie cut a try! The wispy layers make this look soft and full.

#11: Light Brown Highlights on a Long Pixie

When you want your long pixie to appear dimensional, add light brown highlights. The benefit of highlights with a darker base is that the layers will stand out and make your cut pop. Ask for a tapered nape with longer layers overlapping. Also, ask for lots of texture which is essential for thick hair. Blow dry your hair with a smoothing cream and a medium round brush for the best results.

#12: Long Pixie with Volume and Highlights

Layers, volume, and highlights can transform a long pixie cut into a nice style. By adding textured layers to the cut, you can achieve a look that’s both fresh and versatile. The additional volume gives your hair a fuller, bouncier appearance that feels chic. If you add highlights to your hair, this will help you create dimension to your overall look. This style is perfect for those looking to add some flair to their hair while keeping it low maintenance.

Short Platinum-Toned Layered Long Pixie for women with an edgy style
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#13: Platinum-Toned Layered Long Pixie

These platinum tones layered long pixie is the best – not too short, yet not too long. The best part is with a simple blow dry, and if you apply volume powder to the crown, you’ll have a sleek style to play with. I recommend talking to your stylist to find the version of this haircut that best suits you!

#14: Long Layered Pixie Cut for Short Hair

Ask your stylist for a layered cut that has movement and texture. I suggest a disconnected cut if you have medium to thick hair. This will remove weight and create a moveable shape. Longer on the top and shorter on the side will give versatility when styling such short hair cuts for women.

Perfectly Layered Long Pixie with Sweeping Fringe
Instagram @pamela_cabelos

#15: Perfectly Layered Long Pixie with Sweeping Fringe

Enjoy the cute short style of a perfectly layered long pixie with a sweeping fringe. Be aware a pixie can be undercut, so clearly convey your desired length to your stylist. I suggest the undercut be left longer if you need clarification on a close cut. This will allow your shape to grow out easily. A short undercut removes a lot of bulk and will make your shape more stylish. Either way, you’ll want the top long and disconnected, with a medium layer added for a piece-y texture.

#16: White Blonde Layered Pixie Bob

A white-blonde layered pixie bob with dark roots is an excellent cut for anyone looking to change the style. It’s your best bet if you want movement or texture while keeping your look short and chic. Ask your hairstylist to piece out your layers for extra texture. When styling, focus on using products that provide volume and texture because these are the two main components of this cut.

Trendy Pixie with an Undercut and Layers
Instagram @cherrybe_

#17: Trendy Pixie with an Undercut and Layers

I have consulted with clients who want a short haircut but don’t want clippers. Feel free to try some clipper details on your short cut. There’s a big misconception that haircuts become masculine once the clippers come out. And that isn’t the case.

Charming Silver Pixie with Layers
Instagram @sandramachado.cabeleireira

#18: Charming Silver Pixie

Are you looking for a short stack cut with lots of movement that blend with your natural silver fox color hair? You may want to try out this ash-toned layer look. This could be an excellent choice if you care about dimension and contrast in your short crop style. This edgy layered pixie is perfect if you want a textured cropped haircut. Especially one that can easily balance between casual and special occasion wear. It’s ideal for fashionistas or those who love having statement hair!

low-maintenance layered pixie cut for busy women
Instagram @turpin.artistry

#19: Low-Maintenance Layered Pixie for Busy Women

The low-maintenance pixie cut is perfect for a busy woman who wants a stylish yet easy-to-manage hairstyle. This versatile cut features longer layers that gracefully frame the face, which gives a chic and effortless look. The simple texture added to the layers will create movement and dimension, enhancing the cut’s natural shape while requiring minimal styling. Air-drying or quick blow-drying will give a cute, easy hairdo for those on-the-go mornings. This cut suits various hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly. This is a fantastic option for a fashionable yet fuss-free haircut.

Layered Pixie with Highlights
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#20: Layered Pixie with Highlights

Try a haircut with natural highlights to enhance your style. Short pixie cuts are great for a woman who wants a quick style. The best way to add texture to your cut is by adding fine highlights throughout the top area of your hair. Ask your stylist for a long wispy fringe, long layers, and a tapered, clean hairline when wanting this look.

Thick Layers on a Long Pixie
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#21: Thick Layers on a Long Pixie

Thick layers on a long pixie with a cropped neckline are such a charming hairstyle. This cut creates a soft jawline and is perfect for a heart-shaped face. If you have any urge to accentuate your cheekbones, this is your cut. Ask for the longest length to start at the bottom of your earlobe up front. Then get shorter and stacked up in the back.

Short Dimensional Blonde Layered Pixie
Instagram @jessidoesit

#22: Dimensional Blonde Pixie

If you find yourself fighting with your mid-length hair, it might be time to leap to the short side. Try a dimensional blonde layered pixie. To appreciate all the layering, you must create a bit of bend or movement in your hair. I recommend using a small or 1.5-inch round brush to help with the volume.

White Layered Pixie for Thinning Hair
Instagram @kellygama.beauty

#23: White Layered Pixie for Thinning Hair

Try a white pixie if you have thinning hair, and if you feel you need extra volume, get a mousse. This will help make your hair look thicker.

#24: Trendy Pixie with Balayage

Sport a new look with a trendy pixie with balayage. A pixie is one of the easiest cuts to manage and style. Adding layers will give your hair a fun messy texture and a fuller-looking appearance. I highly suggest getting frequent trims to maintain the cut for stylish-looking locks.

#25: Bright Copper Pixie

Try a bright copper pixie for a hairstyle with vibrancy and shorter lengths. Copper shades are one of the best hair colors for women, with a fair skin tone that has either neutral or warm undertones. To add volume to your hairstyle, ask your stylist to give you a bunch of shorter layers. This will make it easy to style with minimal effort and products.

Layered Light Blonde Feathered Pixie with a Side Bang
Instagram @hairjsilva

#26: Light Blonde Feathered Pixie with a Side Bang

A light blonde feathered pixie cut is great for women wanting to add volume to their facial features. Keeping a soft, longer, disconnected bang keeps the style sleek and modern. If you want to add a bit more texture to add an edgy flair, ask your stylist for some dry cutting to your haircut. That way, it’ll keep the style piecey and flirty.

Short Jet Black Pixie with a Layered Top
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#27: Jet Black Pixie with a Layered Top

Go for a bold, edgy look with a pixie paired with a layered top. A layered pixie only takes a little effort to look good, and if you hate the blow dryer, this cut is for you. Layers on the top give it shape and movement that fall into place. Make the ends wispy to give a soft feminine touch.

Beautifully Layered Long Pixie for Short Hair
Instagram @alisonallvess

#28: Beautifully Layered Long Pixie

A layered long pixie can suit many hair textures. If you’re considering a short pixie, try a longer version first to see if you want to commit to this for a while. The layering will create a nice shape, while texturizing will keep it from looking choppy. Styling will be minimal with a texturizing cream and blow dryer and finish with texture spray.

#29: Layered Blonde Pixie Bob with Dark Roots

Consider a layered pixie bob with dark roots if you want some high-contrast dimension in your blonde hair. Ask your stylist for a root smudge to add even more dimension. It will also help with a seamless grow-out. For extra volume, choose a pixie with long layers.

#30: Layered Short Pixie for Fine Hair

Try a layered short pixie for fine hair to increase your hair volume twice. Layered pixie hairstyles amplify height into the hair, provided by the shorter layers at the back. Ask your stylist whether to leave length through the front or crop bangs shorter.

Pixie Cut with Layers for Older Women
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#31: Pixie Cut with Layers for Older Women

This layered hairstyle looks best when styled with lots of volume. To get this style, ask your hairstylist for a soft, textured pixie.

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#32: Layered Pixie with Bangs

Try a pixie with bangs to add some shape to straight hair. Pixie hairstyles can still be styled in a sleek way with soft movement through the top. Straight-haired ladies will love the versatility of styling this cut with ease.

#33: Voluminous Pixie

Ask for a voluminous pixie if you have a round face shape. This style helps heighten your hair, elongating a round face shape and giving you symmetry. To take advantage of this shape, a round brush and blow-drying around the crown area will be required to get maximum fullness.

Very Short Layered Pixie for Women Over 30
Instagram @rybokonirina

#34: Very Short Layered Pixie for Women Over 30

A very short layered pixie for women over 30 is timeless and sophisticated. Long fringe paired with stacked layers and bringing the hair up and over the ear creates a perfect hairstyle that gives a youthful-looking glow.

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#35: Choppy Pixie Cut

Go for a choppy pixie cut to get more width and volume into flat hair. The cut gives the ultimate fullness to the hair. Shorter lengths are cut in a way that pushes the hair up, providing maximum volume.

Layered Curly Pixie Cut
Instagram @chromahairnp

#36: Layered Curly Pixie Cut

Consider a layered curly pixie cut to push your voluminous curls up. The layers of a pixie cut remove heaviness in the hair, allowing the curls to bounce up. Ask your stylist about the best way to style this cut.

Layered Short Pixie Cut for Women with Glasses
Instagram @missb_punkt

#37: Layered Short Pixie Cut for Women with Glasses

Rock a layered short pixie cut for women with glasses to create an edgy finish to your style. The layered shape keeps the longer side-swept fringe, which sweeps over the frames giving an elegant feel. Discuss with your stylist the best way to style bangs for your hair type and the spectacles used.

Flattering Pixie with Layers Hairstyle
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#38: Flattering Pixie Hairstyle

A layered short hairstyle suits women with thick hair. When considering this cut, opt for a softer approach and texture to help remove heaviness from the hair. The layered feel to the hair enables easy styling and low maintenance.

#39: Tapered Pixie for Curly Hair

Get a tapered pixie for curly hair if you prefer to wear your curls without too much volume. The haircut tapers to the hairline, keeping a long shape to the curl, avoiding too much volume and height on top. Try air-drying your curls, as diffusing will tighten and bounce up each curl.

Layered Pixie for Women with Short Hair
Instagram @sarahb.h

#40: Layered Pixie for Women with Short Hair

A layered pixie for women with short hair offers a soft, undone finish to the tresses. Pixies can be a little longer and textured more to give the hair a light moveable, feathered appearance. This style would work best on straighter hair types due to the texture of the cut.

#41: Younger-Looking Pixie for Women Over 60

Opt for a modern, younger-looking pixie for women over 60 with grey hair. These haircuts look chic with grey hair, giving the hair an edge of modernity. Ask your stylist to create choppy layers for a messy, lived-in finish.

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Youthful Pixie with Layers for Women Over 70
Instagram @milieusalon

#42: Youthful Pixie for Women Over 70

Embrace a youthful pixie for women over 70 to achieve manageable hair. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it doesn’t require a lot of styling. A quick-dry off or air dry and a little of Aveda’s defining whip will give your hair light hold and plenty of definition.

#43: Choppy Layered Pixie

Go for a choppy pixie to integrate a natural wavy texture to your hair. The haircut is a classic, timeless piece. Leaving a longer length with choppy layers entices the hair to push in a softer textured fashion. To enhance the cut, spray in Aveda’s Texture Tonic when wet or dry and scrunch the hair for a tousled effect.

Brown Pixie Cut with Layers
Instagram @edumottawt

#44: Brown Pixie Cut with Layers

A brown pixie cut adds the perfect swoop and texture to a haircut. Layered pixie cuts are ideal for women with thicker hair as the layers take out some weight and provide weightless movement. Thinning out the hair is vital to ensure the hair lays flatter and not so rounded out on the head.

Short Layered Pixie Cut
Instagram @rachel_against

#45: Short Pixie Cut

A short pixie cut is great for women with fine and thin hair, as the layers create more dimension, volume, and movement. Layered pixies are great for several hair types as layers create a fuller look on the tresses.

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Layered Pixie Bob Cut
Instagram @kellyhorthair

#46: Layered Pixie Bob Cut

A pixie bob cut is ideal for women who like to keep some length while aiming for a haircut creating dimension, texture, and movement while giving more styling options. With layers and styling, the hair comes in several ways, and the partition is flippable on either side.

#47: Blonde Pixie Cut

A blonde cut adds volume and creates a sleek, professional style. With layers, a pixie cut lays perfectly well and makes the perfect shape. With a blonde hair color on short hair, the color appointment is necessary every 4-5 weeks.

Razored Pixie Cut
Instagram @alm433

#48: Razored Pixie Cut

A razored pixie cut creates softer layers while maintaining dimension. These haircuts use a razor to remove bulk effortlessly and give the spiky hair lots of bounce and shattered edges. Keeping a longer fringe and sideburns keeps the haircut looking feminine yet edgy.

Classic Layered Pixie Haircut
Instagram @_palomaabessa

#49: Classic Layered Haircut

A classic layered haircut is beautiful on several hair types and textures. It gives soft movement, especially when styling the hair smoothly and forward. Smooth stacking in the back paired with a longer fringe in the front gives off a timeless glow.

#50: Short Asymmetrical Pixie

A short asymmetrical pixie is a fun way to mix up the classic haircut. A short hairstyle paired with long asymmetrical bangs gives an edgy look that is easy to manage. When considering this cut, consider your hair texture and growth patterns.

Short Pixie for Older Women with Glasses
Instagram @actcreator.mex

#51: Short Pixie for Older Women with Glasses

A short pixie for older women with glasses gives a sophisticated look and prevents the hair from interfering with your spectacles. Keeping hair above the ears and out of the eyes is vital when wearing glasses.

#52: Shorter Pixie for Women Over 40

A shorter pixie for women over 40 is sassy and easy to style. Cutting with a razor gives the pixie more flow. A simple blow-dry, adding light styling cream to avoid frizziness, and keeping hair in place is all you need to do when styling this cut. Ask your stylist for a balayage if you want to hide or blend grays.

#53: Textured Pixie for Women Over 50

A textured pixie for women over 50 is a great cut to give off a younger, hip vibe. Longer, wispy layers and fringe are much smoother and give lots of movement.

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Stacked Pixie with Layers
Instagram @janpustjens

#54: Stacked Pixie

A stacked pixie creates the perfect angled shape, adds volume, and is easy to style. Super short stacking on the back of the hair helps to bump up the crown of the head to give lots of volume and texture. Keep cowlicks in mind when deciding how short you would like the layers to be. Adding a soft angle to the hair creates a great shape.

Layered Undercut Pixie for Thick Hair
Instagram @dang_dane

#55: Layered Undercut Pixie for Thick Hair

Consider a layered undercut pixie for thick hair to avoid heavy grow-out and to lower hair maintenance. These  haircuts suit women with thicker hair types, as the layers remove any heaviness in the hair. The style cuts down drying and styling time. Adding an undercut will keep the sides tight and short, helping to avoid the sides becoming too bulky too quickly.

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