61 Straight Layered Hair Ideas for All Lengths and Textures

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Light Brown Side-Parted Medium-Length Hair

Side-parted medium-length hair is perfect to help bring your straight strands to life. The number one tip is to create volume using a root boost spray. Also, blow-dry your hair upside down for ease and lift. Your layers will stand out since medium-length hair usually feels light and moveable.

Short Bob for Straight, Thick Hair

#2 Short Bob for Straight, Thick Hair

Try a short bob for straight, thick hair. Anytime thick hair is in question, straight layered haircuts provide a welcome answer. They remove lots of heaviness while creating a punchy, bold style!

#3: Straight with Dark Auburn Layers

If your hair is naturally straight or prefer it styled that way, you should ask for layers that frame your face. You could choose to have it cut in one uniform length or go for longer layers. This kind of cut gives your hair texture and movement without needing too many layers that would need straightening. Add long bangs to this hairstyle to frame your eyes and give your look more depth.

Collarbone-Length Barbie Blonde Straight Layers
Instagram @diogo.migli

#4: Collarbone-Length Barbie Blonde Straight Layers

If you want a classic look without spending much time, consider collarbone-length Barbie blonde straight layers. They are ideal for women with thick hair as it helps lighten the locks. The style features a heavy side fringe blending with the side layers. To style, begin with damp hair and use a round brush. Focus on moving the layers towards your face and apply hairspray to maintain the style throughout the day.

#5: Light Pink Balayage Straight Hair

Consider light pink balayage straight hair. It is a trendy and versatile hairstyle. It adds dimension and brightness to straight hair. The uniqueness of pink hair balayage comes from the color technique. Highlights are hand-painted onto the hair, creating a natural, sun-kissed effect. Soft layers in this style add movement and texture. The light pink tones give a playful and feminine touch. The light pink balayage look suits straight-haired people best. It adds volume because the layers create body. You can customize the light pink balayage. It suits different skin tones and personal preferences. It ranges from subtle pastels to bold and vibrant hues.

Blonde Noticeable Layers on Straight Hair
Instagram @yunus.bayralar

#6: Noticeable Layers on Straight Hair

The style of framing your face with haircut layers is now popular again. Straight hair with noticeable layers is a great example of this stylish look. You must consult your hairstylist to decide the length of your shortest haircut layers. This step will help to make sure you love your new hairstyle. If you want more volume, use a round brush when blow drying. For heat styling, apply a heat protectant and use a flat iron only on completely dry hair.

Short Pixie Bob for Older Women with Straight Hair

#7 Short Pixie Bob for Older Women with Straight Hair

A short pixie bob for older women with straight hair is a go-to option for those looking for a fresh take. This is a straight hairstyle cut with layers to keep the hair lightweight and moving. Leaving the ends on the blunt side will add some texture as well. Try it out at your next appointment!

#8: Long Curtain Bangs on Long Layered Hair

Are you looking to add femininity to your long layered hair? Consider trying long curtain bangs! This hairstyle has bangs that lay softly on your face and blend well with the rest of your hair. The curtain bangs create a flattering frame around your face, accentuating your features and adding a touch of allure to your look. Long curtain bangs work the best for those with long straight layered hair, as they seamlessly integrate with the hair’s natural flow and movement. The key to styling this cut is keeping the bangs longer, which allows them to drape softly down the sides of your face.

Perfectly Layered Straight Hairstyle with long curtain bangs
Instagram @enesy1lmazz

#9: Perfectly Layered Straight Hairstyle

The perfectly layered straight hairstyle with long curtain bangs is a look that adds grace and depth to any hair type. This haircut’s plus points are its expertly placed layers that add movement and texture. At the same time, the long curtain bangs frame the face beautifully. This style is a brilliant choice for those who want a refined and classy look without losing length. The layered cut reduces bulk, adds softness, and is a great choice for all face shapes. If you have straight, wavy, or slightly curly hair, regular trims can keep this hairstyle’s layers clean.

Dark Brunette Layers for Long Straight Hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#10: Dark Brunette Layers for Long Straight Hair

Consider a dark brunette layered cut for your longer straight hair. If you want to add shape to your normally straight hair, layering and face-framing are good options. It’s important to follow your face shape and detail the hair layers. Try using hot rollers or a round brush for the popular ’90s blowout effect, adding body to your straight hair. Using mousse or a volumizing spray can enhance your hair texture.

#11: Straight Hair with Face-Framing Layers

Achieve a sleek look with straight hair with face-framing layers. This hairstyle enhances your natural beauty by adding dimension and framing your face. The straight hair texture exudes sophistication and elegance. The face-framed cut layers provide a touch of softness and femininity. To maintain the sleekness and shine, use a heat protectant before styling. Then use a smoothing serum for added luster. Consider adding a middle or side part to enhance your facial features further. Wear your hair in a bun or cute pony, and leave out a few face-framing pieces for an effortless look.

#12: Straight Face-Framing Layers

Straight face-framing layers will give your cut a magical aura. Ask for long slide-cut layers surrounding your face, and avoid blunt-cutting. You’ll want soft ends so the layers are almost invisible and wispy. Try styling your hair with a deep side part so your fringe drapes over your face seductively. If necessary, you can use a volume-enhancing product and a large round brush for a tousled blowout.

#13: Grey Balayage on Straight-Layered Hair

A grey balayage color on straight layered hair is a stunning choice. It adds a modern and edgy touch to your hairstyle. This technique involves blending shades of grey into the hair. They create a beautiful and subtle gradient effect. When you visit your stylist, ask for a gray balayage to achieve this unique look. The straight layered hair enhances the dimension and movement of the color. It gives your hair a stylish and dynamic appearance. Embrace the beauty of this grey balayage on your straight layered hair. Enjoy the versatility and sophistication it brings to your overall style.

#14: Medium Brown Straight Layers

To add texture to your straight hair, a medium-length cut with straight layers would be a great option. This is a very versatile look. It’s great if you want to wear it wavy, too. The best way to maintain this style would be to schedule regular haircuts with your stylist.

Straight Layers with an Off-Center Part for women with medium to long hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#15: Straight Layers with an Off-Center Part

Ask for a straight layered cut with an off-center part. If you balance your face shape, figure out where to part your hair. The best way to cut your layers is to the way you part your hair. If you have an off-center part, you may want asymmetrical layers so they look balanced. If you were to part the center, you would cut your hair symmetrical.

#16: Scissor Cut Layers

If you have fine hair, the best way to get a shaggy textured cut is with scissors and dry cutting in the texture. Straight hair looks awesome with sliced layers and face-framing pieces. It’s a twist from the classic wavy shag look.

Straight Layered Blowout for medium to long length hair with a side part
Instagram @kultura_moscow

#17: Straight Layered Blowout

Try this straight-layered blowout for a style that will hold up day after day! Your best time to do this would be if you have a busy week or travel coming up to save you time. This blowout will look better and better each day.

#18: Side-Parted Layers

For women who want to spend time styling their hair, try this straight side-parted layers cut. This cut keeps the length while adding movement and texture to your hair. It’s great for those who want to add some interest to their hair without making a dramatic change. If you like to style your hair, I suggest blow-drying with a round brush. It will add volume and shape. Then, finish with a texturizing spray for added definition.

#19: Deeply Side-Parted Layered Cut

Try a deeply side parted-layered cut if you’re lacking volume and shape. Consider shifting your part line if you’ve worn it the same way for a while. Adding a deeper part the opposite way can give you an instant lift. If you struggle to style your hair or lack shape, doing lots of face-framing layers and crown layers can give your hair cut the style it needs.

#20: Stunning Straight Layered Hair

Go for a stunning straight-layered haircut. If you plan to get layers in your hair, you must decide how short to go. You’ll want to go over your at-home styling personality, too. Do you wash and go vs. blowout queen, or do you want it all to fit back in a ponytail?

#21: Brown Balayage on Straight-Layered Hair

I love a seamless brown balayage on straight, layered hair! If you have brown hair and want to go lighter without hefty maintenance, a balayage is the way to go! You can ask for a more rooty balayage to go longer between services. Your stylist will know what tone of highlight would look best with your skin tone. But always bring inspirational pictures to go off of.

#22: Caramel Beige Long Layers

A long layered caramel beige style is something you should consider. Try a butterfly cut to create soft flowing layers in a longer style. This technique shows off twists and softness in the hair, leaving no chunky pieces. For highlights, a beige caramel tone is best for naturally dark hair and warm complexions.

Side-Parted Neck-Length Sleek Bob with layers for straight hair
Instagram @hair_by_pedro

#23: Side-Parted Neck-Length Sleek Bob

Bring a sleek, side-parted bob with layers into your life for a look that is perfect for straight hair. Not only is this style low-maintenance, but it also creates a polished and chic look. When you can, use a flat iron to ensure the layers are extra straight for smooth and glossy hair. You may also want a styling product to ensure the hair stays in place. You can use a blow dryer and a round brush while drying your hair for a hint of volume and texture. This will make the hair look voluminous.

Full Fringe with Layers for Straight Hair and women with medium-length hair
Instagram @kultura_moscow

#24: Full Fringe with Layers

For those with straight hair, a full fringe with layers can be the perfect way to add texture and style. If you want to try something new, this look is great for adding volume and movement. Plus, it will keep the focus on your face. Achieve this look by using a volumizing mousse or spray before blow drying. Blow dry the sections of your hair away from your face. For extra body at the crown area, use a round brush when styling each section. Finish up by using hairspray such as L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray. It’s for a long-lasting hold that won’t leave any crunchiness behind!

#25: Long Straight Layers with a Side Part

My best advice when styling long layers with a side part hairstyle is to keep your hair well nourished. This look suits all types of textures and lengths but works especially well on thick hair. You can add volume with a volumizing spray or mousse before blow-drying with a diffuser. It will give you extra bounce. My go-to product is the Bed Head by TIGI Queen Beach Salt Spray. It’s great for giving texture and definition to straight locks. To get the perfect side part, make sure you say exactly where you want it cut in before starting. This will give you your desired result every time.

Sexy Jet Black Layers for Straight Hair
Instagram @elanofficiaal

#26: Jet Black Layers

Try a jet black layers cut if you’re wanting to get noticed! Make sure your stylist cuts a ton of face-framing layers so you can really notice the shape when styled. Round brushing your hair is the way to go so you can really make the layers stand out.

Ginger Mid-Length Straight Hair with Short Layers
Instagram @david.oshell

#27: Ginger Mid-Length Hair with Short Layers

If you like to stand out from the crowd, this ginger mid-length hair with short layers is a fiery transition. A color like this can be paired well with most haircuts but needs a refresh every 10-12 weeks. If your hair needs a change, put this style on your list for your next cut.

#28: Straight Brunette Hair with Wispy Layered Ends

Go for a simple yet elegant style with straight brunette hair with wispy layered ends. Long hair can be hard work but having long layers is one of the best ways to keep styling simple and easy. Try to skip the flat iron and just use a blow dryer and round brush when you want a more polished look. Your long brown hair will have more body and less heat damage.

Straight Hair with Layers and Balayage
Instagram @salsalhair

#29: Straight Hair with Layers and Balayage

New season and new year, calls for new hair. One of the best way to set the tone is to refresh your look. A balyaged color allows the wearer to feel brighter and it wears well for straight to wavy hair. It is my number one most requested style by far. Canvases with layers gives the color lived-in dimension for a more natural look.

#30: Straight Layers for Blonde Long Hair

Blonde long hair can showcase dimension in different ways, like with color or long layers. Straight layers help to create movement. But, you will want to avoid getting it over-layered. That way, it doesn’t open up a void of darkness in the canvas of your hair color.

#31: Amazing Medium-Length Straight Layers

Growing it out long yet feeling like its lacking movement an purpose? Thats the awkward stage. There’s a solution for that. How do you make this style yours? You can do so by asking your stylist to add straight layers to a medium-length style. It will be short enough to make the silhouette dance with fullness. Plus it will create an amazing foundation for blowout and tousled styles.

#32: Ashy Blonde with Curled Ends

Have stunning-looking strands with ashy blonde color with curled ends. When having straight hair, you will likely need layers to bring some movement into your strands. Long hair can drag you down so having some layers will help with body and volume. Curling your ends will give your hair some much-needed shape and texture.

Naturally Gray Layered Straight Cut
Instagram @hair.by.matthew

#33: Naturally Gray Layered Cut

This layered cut on naturally gray hair adds major volume and bounce to fine/straight hair. To get the lift and curl you will want, use a volumizing mousse and style with a large barrel round brush. For example, a great mousse is Kenra Formation Mousse, and make sure you use it from roots to ends to help seal in the lift. You won’t believe how much easier it will be to style with these layers!

Layered Textured Bob for Straight Hair
Instagram @olgakursitis

#34: Layered Textured Bob

Toying with the idea of a new haircut? My best advice is to gather some inspiration of styles that would work on your same texture and density. Keep in mind, a stylist can create a style for you to showcase the best fit for your hair and your level of maintenance.

Straight Short Shag with Curtain Bangs and Layers
Instagram @blackheart.haircraft

#35: Straight Short Shag with Curtain Bangs

Try a straight short shag haircut with curtain bangs if you have fine hair. If you are wanting to have curtain bangs, be prepared to visit the salon every 6 weeks to keep them at a good length. If you can, ask your stylist for blended layers throughout your hair. This will create lots of texture even when styled straight.

Straight Layered Long Bob for Women Over 40
Instagram @g_deodato

#36: Straight Layered Long Bob for Women Over 40

Try a straight layered long bob for women over 40 to take years off your age! Ask your stylist to lob it off at the shoulders and keep the layers longer for a flowing shape. This style can be worn with a partition in the middle or on the side. The simplicity of straight haircuts with layers offers sophistication, versatility, easy upkeep, and quick styling.

#37: Straight Layers with Wispy Curled Ends

Go for big volume with straight layers with wispy curled ends. Having long layers that are wispy will allow your hair to feel weightless and have movement. All you need to style is a big round brush and a blow dryer. If you want extra volume, add big rollers at the end to set your style.

Long Layered Hair with a Brown Balayage
Instagram @locksbymahek

#38: Long Layered Hair with a Brown Balayage

Hang on the last bits of summer and flow into fall with long-length layered hair with a brown balayage. This straight layered cut is brought to life as rich roots settle into subtle highlights. Use a large styling wand or big barreled curling iron for soft waves, and finish with a texture spray.

Shoulder-Length Layered Shag for Straight Hair

#39 Shoulder-Length Layered Shag for Straight Hair

Opt for a shoulder-length layered shag for straight hair to keep a tousled, didn’t-try-too-hard mane. The straight layered haircut is achieved by cutting square layers, short enough to give the top some textured volume. Make sure the ends are point cut to keep your medium hair piece-y!

Sleek Middle-Part Bob with Layers
Instagram @martafeschuk

#40: Sleek Middle-Part Bob with Layers

A sleek middle-part bob with layers offers a modern take amongst layered straight cuts. Simultaneously soft and full, this haircut is a perfect choice for a new style where the cut grazes the collar bluntly with blended layers.

Edgy Chop with Choppy Layers
Instagram @ayhanonluel

#41: Edgy Chop with Choppy Layers

Go for an edgy chop with choppy layers for your next haircut! This cut has a blunt perimeter and deeply textured layers. A layered straight cut is ideal for women who wear their hair straight but prefers an added flair.

#42: Asymmetrical Bob with Short Layers

An asymmetrical bob with short layers adds volume and compliments your facial shape. Straight layered cuts like a bob haircut enhance the natural texture of your hair. Having the hair length that suits you is vital as it will frame your facial features quite well.

Medium-Length Straight Cut with Ombre
Instagram @studiomdh

#43: Medium-Length Straight Cut with Ombre

A medium-length straight cut with ombre is an understated, yet powerful trend. In the realm of layered straight haircuts, this one has the most blend between the layers and the length, with the hair color creating a perfectly melted brilliance toward the ends.

Mid-Length Shag with Razored Layers
Instagram @susiegeda4

#44: Mid-Length Shag with Razored Layers

Step out with a mid-length shag with razored layers next time! A layered straight hairstyle gets an update with the layers starting around the eyes, gradually gaining length to frame the face. Make sure to ask for some seriously softened ends to keep them blended!

#45: Asymmetrical Bob with Layered Side Bangs

Go off-kilter with an asymmetrical bob with layered side bangs! This style especially caters to a straight haircut with layers, cut to expand the shape and create some volume. All the layers are softened with a point-cutting technique or with a razor to avoid any blunt texture.

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Longer Layers for Women Over 50 with Straight Hair
Instagram @tekapassarin

#46: Longer Layers for Women Over 50 with Straight Hair

Longer layers for women over 50 with straight hair are fitting to create a beautiful, loose silhouette. A haircut on straight hair with layers adds volume in the front while allowing the hair to bounce and flow.

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#47: Long Straight Layered Hair with Long Curtain Bangs

Stay away from short or medium-length hair and rock long straight layered hair with long curtain bangs for a cut with a vibe! Ask your stylist to create lots of piece-y, textured layers to remove weight and add a bunch of movement. Style it with a dry finishing spray to keep things from looking too blended!

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#48: Short Pixie with Layers for Women Over 60

Consider a short pixie with layers for women over 60. The uber-short cut is perfect for layered short hair, creating tons of texture and easy daily styling.

Long Straight Hair with Long Layers
Instagram @roberts_lauren

#49: Long Straight Hair with Long Layers

For long straight hair with long layers, choose a cut that maintains fullness at the bottom. A straight layered hairstyle gets refined with some point cutting, which will ensure blended ends and makes styling easy and flexible.

Straigth A-Line Bob for Women Over 30
Instagram @chelsea_cuts

#50: Straight A-Line Bob for Women Over 30

Set the bar with a straight A-line bob for women over 30. Straight hairstyles with layers are a popular choice to add volume at the crown and keep the haircut from getting too wide. Slim sides are the key to keeping this haircut looking fabulous!

#51: Feathered Cut for Straight Hair

Get inspired by a feathered cut for straight hair. This haircut may be a nod to famous straight layered hairstyles of the past, but definitely has an updated feel with some proper curtain bangs. Ask to keep it loose and moving, with lightweight, feathery ends.

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#52: Straight Graduated Bob Hairstyle with Shorter Layers

A straight graduated bob hairstyle with shorter layers creates a beautiful and chic style. It’s best to blow dry this with a large round brush to achieve smooth, rounded ends and to create lots of volume through the crown. Be sure to request that the layers are softened to avoid any blunt lines!

Straight and Sleek Cut for Older Women with Glasses

#53 Straight and Sleek Cut for Older Women with Glasses

When looking for a straight and sleek cut for older women with glasses, consider a short haircut. Keep in mind to account for eyewear, especially on the sides above the ear, in order to decide what length might be best.

Low-Maintenance Straight Layered Hair
Instagram @anisa_chami

#54: Low-Maintenance Straight and Layered Hair

For low-maintenance straight and layered hair, ask for some soft, face-framing layers in front. This haircut is especially versatile, complimenting women whose hair may range from thin to thick. Far from boring, layers on straight hair can add so much texture and interest!

Straight Layered Hair with Balayage
Instagram @lauren_g.hair

#55: Straight and Layered with Balayage

Straight, layered hair with balayage adds movement to the hair while accentuating sun-kissed ends. The haircut is shorter around the face, with layers beginning as short as the jawline, point cut to be soft and blended. Style the front with a bit of a swoop for a nod to curtain bangs!

#56: Straight Razored Shaggy Haircut with Layers

A straight razored shaggy haircut with layers gives texture and movement to long hair. A razored cut is the best way to achieve a soft layered look. A razor cut is good to use for almost all hair types and textures, but don’t forget that curly hair and razors don’t mix well.

Styling is super simple when the cut and layers are done correctly, as the hair will lay perfectly with the added volume. Make sure your stylist is comfortable with a razor cut and has prior training with it.

Short Layered Pixie for Straight Hair
Instagram @kortri

#57: Short Layered Pixie for Straight Hair

A short layered pixie for straight hair creates added texture and fuller-looking hair while keeping the softness and sleekness. It adds volume and dimension. The best way to create layered straight hairstyles is by using a styling cream or a smoothing cream to give a luxe finish.

#58: Medium Layered Straight Hair for Women Over 70

When creating medium layered straight hair for women over 70, consider creating layers for straight hair to create a beautiful shape and add extra dimension and texture.

Shoulder-Length V Cut for Straight Thick Hair
Instagram @asiang_salon

#59: Shoulder-Length V-Cut for Straight Thick Hair

A shoulder-length V-cut for thick hair is hair that is straight and layered. It opens up the face with layers while forming a v-shape at the tips, seen at the back portion of your hair. Face-framing layers help take away heaviness, creating movement toward the back and adding more shape to the style.

Long Haircut with Black and Blonde Hair
Instagram @colorsmechass

#60: Long Haircut with Black and Blonde Hair

Consider a long haircut with black and blonde hair for women who want to stand out from the crowd! If you want long, beautiful, dark-colored locks, hair maintenance is a must. Protein treatments will help keep your hair silky and shiny. Hair trims are also an imperative part of keeping your layered straight haircut looking healthy.

70s shag with crown layers and bangs for straight hair
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#61: 70s Shag with Crown Layers and Bangs

If you have baby fine hair that tends to be flat on top, shake up your look with a 70’s shag with crown layers and bangs. Talk to your stylist about using a razor for this cut. A razor creates that extra softness and movement in the layers around the face. For added body in the crown area, apply a volumizing powder on dry hair such as Big Powder Play then use your hands to mold your tresses into the desired shape.

Straight layered hair creates the illusion of an extra layer of volume and bounce. It’s compatible in women with pin-straight, frizz-free, medium to thick tresses. It’s a definite must-try for women eluding from wearing dull, lifeless, one-length haircuts!

Linda Spangenberg, a salon owner from Capetown, Durbanville, shares her thoughts on this cut. “Women fail to understand how layers take the fullness away, especially on long, fine hair,” she says. “Layers on long, fine hair is a combination that women should stay away from.”

She explains that hair length, density, and texture are vital components to consider. “If a woman has long, fine hair, I will not recommend a layered cut but rather a one-length cut,” Spangenberg says. “I will recommend a straight layered cut on women with medium to coarse hair texture, though.”

Spangenberg says that layers are perfect for women who want to debulk some weight off their hair. “Thinning scissors only causes hair frizz,” she points out. “It’s only used on short hair in blending a line.”

Styling is imperative when dealing with layers on curly, wavy hair. Blow-drying and flat-ironing soften the movement created by the layers on this hair type.

Spangenberg’s go-to product to maintain healthy layered hair is a heat protectant. On her recommendation list are Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum, Olaplex’s No. 6 and 7 Bonding Oil, and Moroccanoil’s Protect and Prevent Spray.

Check these photos of trendy straight layered haircuts. They will inspire and help you decide which haircut to choose on your next salon visit.