35 Stunning Short Layered Hairstyles & Haircuts You Should Try

Short layered hairstyles and haircuts

Short layered haircuts are an ear-to-neck length haircut with short layers on top and longer layers on the bottom to add more shape and volume. Adding blended layers on short hair adds more texture, fullness, and dimension, which is great for women with thin hair. So, get ready for some serious short hair inspiration below!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of short layered hair ideas:

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Fun Short Layered Hair

Fun Short Layered Hair
Instagram @camillepiatthair

Styling easy short hairstyles with layers have never been so exciting! Here’s a fun bob for short layered hair perfect for your joyous mood. It’s the jaw-length chop, creating movement and uplifts the dimension of your blonde locks. The swept and tousled layers effect also forms the illusion of weightlessness.

Short Shag with Feathered Layers

Short shag with feathered layers
Instagram @salonosostyle

A short shag with feathered layers is what you need if you love undone volume. The feather-like layers on a short shag will pump up the volume in your hair. While this may need a little bit of volumizing mousse to get some hold, the soft, messy shape is super flattering on mature women.

Pixie with Top Layer Platinum Balayage

Pixie with top layer platinum balayage
Instagram @buzzcutfeedgold

What’s a better mix than a pixie with top-layer platinum balayage? Pixies are a striking haircut, but throwing on a platinum shade takes the hair to another level. Having a longer layered top means you can be creative with styling and mix up your looks each day. Also, keeping it disconnected so the sides can be tapered short still radiates a feminine feel.

Short Layered Blunt Bob with Blunt Ends

Short layered blunt bob with blunt ends
Instagram @yukistylist

Having a short layered blunt bob with blunt ends is great for straighter hair types who yearn for some texture. The blunt ends also work perfectly with finer hair to ensure there’s a structure in length. The layers add a soft movement, which enhances the life in your hair. This also works great for those who love an effortless, undone style.

Short Hair with Wispy Layers

Short hair with wispy layers
Instagram @summerevansstudio

Effortless short hair with wispy layers is the perfect undone hair. While the length of the bob is kept blunt for fullness, enhancing the shape with some soft wispy layers adds texture and flow to the style. Try a little Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo in your hair once styled to get a stunning lived-in effect.

Trendy Short Layered Cut

short layered bob haircut
Instagram @caitycaatt

The sweeping layers of this short layered bob with a side part make it incredibly wearable for most women.

Modern Pixie with Hidden Undercut

Modern Pixie with layers and a Hidden Undercut hairstyle
Instagram @susanfordhair

This modern pixie cut with layers was created by creative director and master hairstylist Susan Ford of Chicago, IL. “My favorite thing about it is that it has a hidden undercut. This removes all the bulk from underneath, allowing the hair to hug the head shape and have a weightless feel to the style,” says Ford.

Ford recommends Aveda’s Phomollient applied on wet hair and a good blow-dry to style. As a finishing product, she says to try Aveda’s Light Elements Smoothing Fluid for weightless shine.

“I recommend short layered hairstyles for women who want a sexy, chic style that’s short with a distinctly feminine feel,” says Ford. “If you are tired of your long hair and finally decide to cut your hair short, this cut is ideal, as layer after layer will still give you the security of the length around your face and you can still tuck it behind your ears!”

Short pixie cuts like this one will suit any face shape and work well for women with straight hair or curly short hair, as well as on any hair color.

Layered and Textured Short Shag for Thick Hair

This jaw-length cut is a short shaggy haircut with lots of layers. It was created by hair dresser Matthew Ortiz of Carmel, CA. The shape is effortless and beachy, and this short cut is very versatile and can be worn smooth or with texture.

For styling, Ortiz says, “I always start with good shampoo and conditioners like Davines Minu shampoo and Minu conditioner. Spray Minu leave-in conditioner on zone 2 (midshaft) and zone 3 (ends). It makes the layered hair very shiny and frizz-free. Blow-dry with your hands, then use Davines Sea Salt Spray to finish.”

Short layered haircuts like this are great for medium to thick hair. It’s perfect for women who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling. Adding more of the top layers of your hair will help with the shape. Short shag haircuts can work for many face shapes, especially round and oval.

Layered Pixie Bob Cut with Side Bangs

Layered Pixie Bob Cut with Side Bangs
Instagram @alb_valbona

This short cut is a graduated, short layered pixie bob cut with long side bangs. It was created by stylist Valbona of New York, NY.

Valbona suggests using Aveda’s Volumizing Tonic and Light Elements Defining Whip to create this look. “Apply Volumizing Tonic on damp hair and blow dry with a small around brush in the front and the back by using your fingers to create root lift and texture. Finish with a light touch over the layers with Defining Whip,” she adds.

Short layered bob hairstyles are on-trend and can give you a fresh new look. This is an especially great look for fine short hair.

Undercut Long Pixie

Messy long pixie with undercut
Instagram @nadiachatshair

This undercut long pixie that’s layered was created by master stylist Nadia Elias of Canada. “I love how edgy and fun all of the texture created sits above a very visible shaved area. Short cut with layers like this makes such a bold statement,” says Elias.

This razored pixie is great for women who have a lot of hair to manage. Thick layered hair has the tendency to look puffy and big when shorter, and this cut eliminates that problem by removing all the weight from the bottom of the head.

This saves a woman with thick hair a ton of time getting ready in the morning and gives an airy effect that thick hair can almost never achieve! “If you have thick hair, definitely try short layered hairstyles,” she adds.

Flippy Short Layers

Hairstylist Rosie Pieternelle of New York, NY created this flippy short haircut with short layers.

For styling this low maintenance cut, Pieternelle used Phyto Volumizing for fullness and volume. “Then I applied Phyto Professional Fiber Paste for texture,” she says.

Short hair cuts with layering are great for busy women who do not have too much time, but still want to look effortlessly stylish.

Chin-Length Stacked Bob for Fine Hair

Chin-Length Stacked Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @charisetucker

“My favorite thing about this textured, short layered stacked bob is that it gives a very stylish look while still giving a lot of versatility with all the layered textures,” says stylist and certified balayage and extension specialist Charise Tucker of Tustin, CA. “I also love how adding the blonde balayage lowlights brings out all the layers and adds depth to her short blonde hair.”

To recreate this short layered hairstyle, Tucker would use Kerastase VIP Spray to give it volume with a little bit of grip. “Finish it with L’Oréal Architecture to give it separation and highlight all the layered hair textures,” she adds.

This chin-length, short layered bob cut is for women who like a natural, undone look and who don’t spend too much time styling their layered hair. The less this style is worked, the better. All the beauty comes from the natural look of all the texture in the layers while still keeping a polished style of the short bobs angle.

A cropped layered cut on short hair is great for women with fine to medium hair to keep the weightless look of the shorter layers.

Trendy Short Layered Hair Back View

Trendy short layered hair back view
Instagram @_hairbysandra

The back view of this a-line, graduated bob with short layers is trendy yet sophisticated. It was created by hairstylist Sandra Torres of Pasco, WA. “The best thing about this short layered hair is that you can really customize this overall bob to your preference.,” says Torres.

Try Plumping Shampoo and Conditioner set by Kevin Murphy, as well as the Plumping Leave-in Treatment. Spray at the roots right before round brushing. After the hair is dry, use the Powder Puff Volumizing Powder and top it with Shimmer Me Blonde oil spray.

Torres recommends this look to women that don’t mind more high maintenance haircuts, women that already style their short hair every day, and that don’t mind using products in their hair. “Straight to wavy medium hair with an oval face is ideal, but a woman with a more round face shape could keep more length at the front to help elongate the face,” she adds.

Flirty A-Line Cut with Short Layers

This short bob with short layers was created by hairdresser Carolyn Cina of Millbrook, NY.

For this style, Cina suggests using Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam, Super Skinny and Mirror Smooth Primer. “I blew the hair dry and then went in and created the waves using a smoothing iron. When creating the waves, I used Paul Mitchell Neuro Style-Protect as a heat protecter and Paul Mitchell Worked Up as my working spray,” she explains.

The layered hair itself gives the look a lot of texture and movement without the layers being heavy.

Get Up and Go Pixie Cut

This layered pixie cut with side-swept bangs is an easy, free-flowing, get up and go kind of look. It was created by hairstylist and salon owner Phea Monea of St. Louis, MO.

This look with fringe does not require a lot of product. Monea recommends Argan Oil and a little holding spray if needed.

“I recommend this look for heart-shaped or even oval-shaped faces. Short layered hairdos are definitely a style for women who don’t have a lot of prep time in the morning,” she adds.

Bold Short Layered Hair

Bold short layered hair
Instagram @sb_jet

This bold short layered hair was created by colorist and stylist Shonda Broadus-Jet of Beaufort, SC.

Broadus-Jet recommends using B3 Shampoo and Conditioner for at-home use.

“This look works for any hair type, and face shape. Layers on short hair is a cool technique to get if you want to try the creative colors without going all over,” she adds.

Messy Layered Stack Cut

Modern Layered Stacked hairstyle
Instagram @hairwizardiva

Senior stylist Lauren Gray of Midlothian, VA created this modernized stacked and texturized bob for layered hair. “This short and layered hair cut feels so on-trend with its unstructured and messy workable texture creating beach wavy hair. The best thing about this cut is the edgy disconnected layered hair,” explains Gray.

Once dry, mist the hair with Davines No Gas Hairspray and comb through before creating flat iron waves. “No Gas provides heat protection and all-day hold for your waves,” she adds. “Then use Davines Invisible Serum (which is a weightless cream) to piece out and define the layered hair waves and calm any frizz.”

Layered Shaggy Bob Hairstyle

Short and Shaggy Bob hairstyle
Instagram @ricapalanca

The layered and shaggy bob with long bangs is a fun and flirty cut with a ton of movement. “Short layered cuts make thin, limp hair appear fuller,” says hairstylist Rica Palanca of San Diego, CA.

To achieve this short hairstyle, Palance recommends using a 1 1/4-inch curling iron and some texture spray. “Texture sprays are great for any hair type. It adds a little rough volume and is literally ‘second day hair’ in a bottle.”

Palanca recommends layers for short hair for all women! “Most bob haircuts are suitable for almost any face shape. If you have thinner, fine hair, this is a perfect cut to give the illusion of fuller hair,” she adds.

Black Short Feathered Bob

Short Feathered Black Layered bob for black women
Instagram @sierrashear

Stylist Sierra Shear of North Charleston, SC created this short feathered bob with layers. “This short length hair is a great protective style for women with medium to long hair and takes no more than 90 minutes for full installation,” she explains.

Shear says the best thing about this layered style is since your hair is protected, it can be curled/manipulated as much as necessary and there is no heat damage to your natural tresses!

“To recreate and/or maintain this look, simply curl with a 1 1/2-inch curler or flat iron along with a rattail comb. It may be necessary to sleep with a satin cap if your pillowcase is not satin,” says Shear.

This look is great for the get-up-and-go black woman with layered hair!

Brown Layered Feathered Bob

The best thing about this short layered haircut is its symmetrical shape with feathered layering that you can just shampoo and go! It was created by hairstylist Kay Thomas of Houston, TX.

“Paul Mitchell’s Sculpting Foam (on damp hair) is a great way to define the layered tresses and recreate this look,” says Thomas. “You could also use Skinny Serum and hairspray on dry hair to help shine and redefine.”

Cute short haircuts like this feathered bob are for any woman that is very low maintenance when it comes to hair, but also wants an edgy style! “It is also a great option for parents who have an extremely hard time taking care of their daughter’s hair,” she adds.

Graduated Bob with Blonde Highlights

Short hair styles can look like a graduated bob with blonde highlights, which is a versatile look that can suit any woman of any age or style. This one was created by hairdresser Elysse Bornstein of Sydney, AU.

“For a more mature age group, the style can be blow-dried into a round shape to give the effect of a short, sleek style that has been shaped and doesn’t require much styling. It’s a fun, modern style that allows the layered hair to feel full,” explains Bornstein.

For styling, products to use include Kevin Murphy’s Anti.Gravity spray when wet to lift the roots. Bornstein also recommends Kevin Murphy’s Young.Again oil on the ends and blow dry it in.

The layered short hair is incredibly versatile and can be used on any hair type.

“The style works miracles for ladies with fine hair. As the layered hair is cut into from the back and angled, it creates the effect of thicker hair on the top, creating a more full look rather than long and stringy,” she adds.

Wavy Choppy Bob with Undercut

Choppy Bob with Undercut
Instagram @crishairr

This short layered cut is a daring look because of the asymmetry, and at the same time romantic because of the layered waves. It was created by hairstylist and haircut specialist Cristiane Collar de Souza of Boston City, MA.

After brushing, use a curling iron to achieve texture. Use a mattifying powder for volume at the root, and finish up with oil and spray with flexible fixation to leave it looser.

“This angle fits best for thinner faces. For women with a rounder face, I suggest increasing the length in front as well as the volume on the top,” says Collar de Souza.

Layered Ombre Bob with Beachy Waves

Ombre Bob with Beachy Waves
Instagram @lexiellestyling

What a stunning layered ombre bob with beachy waves! This shoulder-length cut is spiced up with a vibrant shade of burgundy at the hair ends. Keep your wavy locks looking lively throughout the day by spritzing sea salt spray.

Cute Layered Pixie with Bangs for Over 50

This cute little layered pixie with bangs was created by master stylist Kayla Jones of Buford, GA. “It’s textured and has movement, so styling doesn’t take long and it isn’t a heavy look that drags down the face,” says Jones.

It is instantly sassy, but classy as well. “When it comes to short layered haircuts, pixie cuts might not be for everyone but if you have feminine features there are a multitude of sexy and cute options,” she adds.

If you’re on-the-go, this short hair with layers is perfect for you because it has minimal styling time! The back is tapered pretty close to the head and the top stays messy, so the only place you really have to focus on is the wipsy bangs area.

Broken Layered Curls

This short and layered hairstyle is the broken curls with the layered bob. “You wear this cut smooth and sleek, or in broken curls with a light wave to it,” says hair designer Casey Goldsworthy of Boulder, CO.

“The best way to recreate this look is to use Bedroom.Hair from Kevin Murphy,” says Goldsworthy. “It is a moveable wax spray that works as a spray without the stick.”

Textured Layered Hair for Women Over 60

Short Textured Layered Haircut for women over 60
Instagram @liberatedhair

“Layered short haircuts for women in their 60s like this can be casual or formal,” says senior stylist Sandra Matesic of Sydney, AU.

Matesic suggests Mister Fantastic by Evo for styling. “Used on wet hair, it adds hold and thermal protection. I also reapply it on dry hair to create texture and shine,” she explains.

This style is best blow-dried in the opposite direction to how the hair naturally falls to increase the volume and texture.

This style is ideal for women with a round face. “Swept-back off the face, it’s great for women who don’t like their hair to fall on their face. I would not recommend this for fine hair as it removes a lot of bulk from the hair,” adds Matesic.

Easy Layered Angled Bob for Straight Hair

This is a short layered cut that is angled and slightly longer layers in the front. It was created by California-based hairstylist Marcia Omar. “I love that it’s a modern take on the classic layered bob hairstyles for short hair and that it’s versatile,” she states.

Apply a bit of Moroccan oil to prep the hair and give it heat protection. Then use Paul Mitchell’s Sculpting Foam to give it a bit of volume with the blow dry. Use a medium round brush and over directed the top to create lift at the crown.

This is an easy, low maintenance layered haircut for short hair. It works for all ages but is especially great for ladies in their 20s-50s. “You can play with the styling to make it age-appropriate. It’s a trendy but still a very classic style for layered hair,” adds Omar.

Fun & Creative Short Layered Hair

This fun and creative look for short hair with layers was created by senior stylist Erika Gingrich of Vancouver, BC.

For styling short length hairstyles with layers, Gingrich recommends EVO Haze “because it gives volume and the best bedhead look you can get.”

This look isn’t for everyone. It looks best with a warmer skin tone.

Slightly Angled Layered Hair with Dark Balayage

This slightly angled layered bob hairstyle with texture was created by stylist Katrice Condon of Fayetteville, NC.

The dark color is a deep brown with an auburn balayage color. “With your hair at an angle, it shows off more dimension,” says Condon.

Use a curling iron to create a slight wave to make it playful and show off the short hair with long layers and dimensions. Use Oribe Apres Beach Wave Spray on the outside and Oribe Dry Texturizing spray at the roots to give your hair body.

This look is extremely versatile for most hair types and face shapes. It’s is an effortless style that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, so it’s great for women on the go or for women that don’t like to spend a lot of time fixing their hair.

Soft Layered Bob

Soft Layered Bob hairstyle
Instagram @keelyreedhair

Master stylist Keely Reed of Nashville, TN created this soft layered bob. It has everything that people love about a bob without the harsh lines.

“I love how versatile short hair with layers can be,” says Reed. “It can be styled flirty and wavy as in this photo, but can also be worn sleek and smooth.”

To recreate this look, you definitely want to start with a light mousse like Redkin Aerate. Use a 3/4-inch iron to curl strands away from the face, leaving the ends out to give it more of a wave look.

“I did a little backcombing in the crown with Big Sexy What a Tease spray. Finish the look with a light to medium spray like Big Sexy Spray and Play or Kenra’s medium hold hairspray,” says Reed.

This cut also works with any face shape. Your stylist can customize the type of layering to what your face shape needs.

Very Short Disconnected Haircut with Layers

Conservative Disconnected Haircut hairstyle with layers
Instagram @kelliannmason

This conservative disconnected short layered hair cut was created by owner and stylist Kelli Mason of Midland, MI.

For styling a very short cut, Mason suggests using Eufora Beautifying Elixers, as well as the Bodifying shampoo and conditioner to help moisturize and add volume. “The Eufora Elixer 1 leave-in treatment is a miracle for prelightened short hair! To finish, I love Eufora Boost for volume and Piece Works for a flexible molded hold,” she adds.

This is one of the best and easy hairstyles for a more skinny texture of layered hair as it appears more voluminous styled up on top of the head.

Textured + Layered Inverted Bob

Textured Inverted Bob hairstyle
Instagram @hairbyquincy

This is a very textured and layered inverted bob on short hair with a subtle angle and lots of layers and movement. It was created by Seattle-based hairstylist Quincy Mate. “It’s been styled to have messy loose waves to highlight the textured layers. The best thing about this short inverted bob is how low maintenance it is and the effortless, ‘woke up like this’ look,” says Mate.

Texturizing products are key to recreate this look. Use a sea salt spray on damp hair before blow drying or air drying. If the hair doesn’t have a natural wave, use a flat iron or curling iron to add some bend to the hair.

Short hair that has layers and is medium in texture and density is best for this cut. It works for any face shape, but adjusting the cut to have a steeper angle will be more slimming for rounder faces.

Classy Textured Bob with Volume on Top

Classy Textured Bob hairstyle with volume on top
Instagram @mckennashair

This textured short haircut with layers is classic and sassy with an ombre. It was created by cosmetologist Catherine Randa of Brookfield, WI. “You can wear this look sleek or with lots of layered volume as it provides you with lots of movement,” says Randa.

When it comes to layers with short hair, it is important to use products that provide flexible hold. Before blow drying,  use Pureology Clean Volume Levitation Mist and Clean Volume Weightless Mousse. This combination gives you heat protection and fullness without getting sticky.

“Short hair with layers looks gorgeous on ladies with strong cheekbones. The cut works best on fine to medium textures, but can be personalized to any texture. Expect to spend some time styling in the morning,” Randa explains.

Straight Layered Bob with Bangs

Straight Layered Bob with Bangs
Instagram @hairbyhavana

Hair designer Elena Monzon of New York, NY created this straight, short and layered haircut that’s very trendy. “I love its short choppy layers, soft lines and flirty movement,” says Monzon.

“To maintain a smooth finish, use Savannah leave-in conditioner two inches from scalp. Also, use a large barrel brush to smooth and straighten. This heavy leave-in conditioner keeps flyways at bay and adds needed protection for flat iron heat,” explains Monzon.

This layered bob with bangs hairstyle is a classic with a twist by adding layers.

Triangular Graduated Bob with Layers

Triangular Graduated Bob with layers
Instagram @aaronscottlacy

This is a short, layered graduated bob with a triangular shape that complements the bone structure. It was created by artist and educator Aaron Scott Lacy of San Diego, CA.

A very short blunt bob is a classic haircut that meets the modern aesthetic with the layers.

“I used the no.4 Blow Dry Lotion and a wrap drying technique with the Vess 9 Row ceramic brush to smooth her layers while maintaining natural volume that required minimal iron work. I followed with the no.4 Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil to give a polished finish,” explains Lacy.

Lacy recommends this short layered hair with bangs for women that want to be bold, are self-confident, and refined in their sense of style. “It’s ideal for the woman who prefers sleek over disheveled. A triangular shape is generally complementary to the face and this cut works especially well with medium/fine hair texture because it builds weight rather than remove it,” he adds.