25 Slimming Long Layered Haircuts for Women with Full Faces

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Longer Feather Cut

If you’re looking for the perfect cut to elongate a chubby face, try a longer feather cut. A long haircut has rounded cascading layers flowing throughout the cut. Style with a round brush and IGK Beach Club Blowout cream to give this feather cut for long hair more texture and properly show off the movement.

Long Layered Razor Cut Shag with Curtain Bangs for Chubby Face Shapes

#2 Razor Cut Shag with Curtain Bangs

Go for a funky razor shag with curtain bangs if you want a change. Razored layered cuts are the perfect style for round face shapes because they create a ton of texture throughout the cut. A symmetrical curtain bang with a center part is extremely flattering for chubby faces because it highlights the cheekbones by breaking up the widest part of the face. Style this long layers haircut with Ocean Mist by Reference of Sweeden or spray wax to play up the texture.

Long Layered Hair with Bangs for Round Faces

#3 Long Layered Straight Hair with Bangs

Try longer layered hair with bangs if you want a haircut to compliment a round face shape. A long-layered haircut with curtain bangs is the perfect style to give the illusion of a narrower jawline and longer face. Ask your stylist for golden highlights to accentuate the face-framing layers.

Long-Length Hair with Layers and Wispy Bangs for Chubby Faces

#4 Long-Length Hair with Layers and Wispy Bangs

If you’re looking for a dramatic change without losing too much length, try long-length hair with layers and wispy bangs. Long layered haircuts with bangs falling below the jawline add movement and slim full faces. Add a wispy bang to open your face and balance the layers.

Long Layers on Maroon Red Hair for Ladies with Chubbier Face
Instagram @ryennesnow

#5: Long Layers on Maroon Red Hair

The flair of long layers on maroon-red hair is undeniable. Looking for a complimenting hairstyle for a full-faced shape and long hair? Look no further. Layers frame the face nicely and can form a beautiful wavy shape. They create body and movement in your hair. Blow-drying your hair away from your face lifts your style and defines your features flatteringly.

Layered Long Haircut with Blowout for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @ryennesnow

#6: Layered Long Haircut with Blowout

Start with a long layered haircut with a blowout for a perfect look. For individuals with chubbier faces, the most slimming haircuts feature soft waves, layers, and framing around the face. A middle part is helpful to create a more oval face shape as it elongates the forehead on rounder features. When blow-drying your hair, use a 1 1/2-inch brush for optimal results, and don’t forget to use the cool shot feature to lock in shine and curls.

Long-Length Layers and Bardot Bangs on Ladies with Rounder Face Shapes
Instagram @ryennesnow

#7: Long-Length Layers and Bardot Bangs

Consider getting a long-length layered cut with Bardot bangs. Adding width through the temples is the perfect hairstyle for pear-shaped features. To accentuate the eyes, opt for fuller bangs. Also, consider curtain Bardot bangs that curve outwards as they are flattering. For an ultra-feminine look, these bangs can be incorporated into a full 90s model blowout.

#8: Waist-Length Layered Hair with Middle Part

Long hair requires movement. If it’s too flat, add soft curves. Ask for layers that can be flicked or rolled. To balance the length, add long bangs. These are shorter pieces cut around the front hairline. They can be pushed back from the face to add movement and softness.

Soft Feathered Layers for Long Hair and Fuller Face Shapes
Instagram @ryennesnow

#9: Soft Feathered Layers on Long Hair

Modernize your long hair with soft feathered layers. The blending of your hair, starting at the chin and going down the side, gives your hair a new style without taking away from the length. If you’re searching for long haircuts for round faces, consider a haircut that falls over the cheeks. This brings attention to its beautiful cut. Rather than having uninspiring long hair, be the girl with a cool hairdo.

Long Layered Black Hair with White-Blonde Money Piece for Full-Shaped Faces
Instagram @_heyhelena

#10: Layered Black Hair with White-Blonde Money Piece

Subtle layers in long hair can add movement and lessen the weight, preventing it from feeling too heavy. A subtle haircut can complement a strong color choice. A bold accent piece stands out with a middle-haired parting to display a sharp haircut edge. It’s all about framing the face.

#11: Thick Layered Hair and Bottleneck Bangs

You can layer thick hair to make it less heavy, but ensure the layers aren’t too short. Soft styles suit long hairstyles for round faces. Use a trendy bottleneck fringe, which can highlight the bottom half of the face and draw the eye downward. Balance the bottleneck fringe with a loose, wavy hairstyle.

Long Face-Framing Straight Layered Shag with Bangs on Ladies with Fuller Face Shapes
Instagram @houston.hair

#12: Face-Framing Straight Shag with Bangs

You’ll love the simple and chic choice of a face-framing straight shag with bangs. Using a large round brush, the choppy layers and shorter angles can easily remove excess hair around the face. This makes blowing out your hair a breeze. Ensure your hair stylist retains volume at the lower section of the hair to prevent your hairstyle from looking too thin overall. Additionally, your cut can look great styled into a ponytail while keeping a few strands loose around the hairline that frames your face.

#13: Gorgeous Blonde Balayage with Face-Framing Layers

A gorgeous blonde balayage will be completed with some face-framing layers. Ask your colorist to make the face frame half a shade lighter so that it will pop and brighten your face. When styling, use a big round brush like Denman head hugger size 4 and blow dry in a curl which can pin up for extra volume and bounce.

Razored Jet Black Hair with Layers for Full Faces
Instagram @nothingobvious

#14: Razored Jet Black Hair

Consider texture layers if you have long, thick hair and want to add shape without losing length. The layers remove the heaviness of your hair. You’ll also have more body when you curl or wave your hair. However, you may need to smooth out your hair versus air drying. That way, you don’t get frizziness.

#15: Long Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

If you’re looking for a flattering haircut for a chubby face shape, consider long hair with side-swept bangs. The angle of side-swept bangs elongates the face, making it appear more oval. Ask your stylist to modernize your long hairstyle with a smokey balayage.

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#16: Very Long Hair with Balayage

Try rocking very long hair with balayage to hide a double chin and square off a face with roundness. Layered styles soften wide faces because there is movement flowing throughout the hair. Add some beige balayage and natural waves to compliment this stunning long haircut.

Blended Layering for Women with Round Face Shapes
Instagram @giboazhair

#17: Blended Layering

Go for a stunning blended layering technique if you’re looking for a slimming hairstyle for a round face shape. Long hair with layers has many variations, but this perfectly tousled style paired with a seamlessly blended curtain bang is an absolute winner. Play the natural texture with loose beach waves and IGK Beach Club Volume Texture Spray.

Sliding Haircut for Longer Thick Hair for Women with Fat Faces
Instagram @danaisabellaaa

#18: Sliding Haircut for Longer, Thick Hair

Try a sliding haircut for long, thick hair to remove weight. This free-hand cutting technique removes internal and external weight for a customized look. Slide-cutting layers for long hair is a great method to reduce bulk while maintaining length and adding face-framing to soften round jawlines.

#19: Face-Framing Layers

Consider face-framing layers if you want a big transformation without losing your length. Long layered hairstyles with face-framing starting below the chin create a slimming silhouette for fuller face shapes. Style with a large round brush and Oribe Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Crème.

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#20: Waist-Length Sleek Hair

Go for waist-length sleek hair for an undeniable showstopping hairstyle. This extremely long style looks best with subtle long layers or loose curls worn on round face shapes. Talk with your stylist about the best at-home haircare routine to keep your locks shiny and healthy.

#21: Layers on Long Tresses

Try incorporating layers on long tresses for a subtle but oh-so-impactful change. Long locks can feel heavy and flat over time, so a long-layered hairstyle lets you keep the length but adds some bounce. A rich, warm brunette tone perfectly complements this stunning haircut.

Long Curly Hair with Layers for Ladies with Fatter Face Shapes
Instagram @nubiarezo

#22: Long Curly Hair with Layers

If you have a chubby face, try long curly hair with layers as a Rezo Cut. The layers allow the curls to lay naturally proportioned around the head and are one of the best long hair styles for round faces. Keep the curls below the chin line or longer to avoid adding more width to the face.

#23: Textured with Beach Waves

A long-layered haircut textured with beach waves is a laid-back, fun-in-the-sun style. A long cut doesn’t have to be boring, add some loose waves for a relaxed vibe, or pin it up in a tousled high bun for a touch of glam. Ask your stylist to warm your blonde with a golden gloss for extra shine.

Low-Maintenance Long Hair with Fringe for Soft Jawlines
Instagram @sercandagstan

#24: Low-Maintenance Long Hair with Fringe

Go for low-maintenance long hair with fringe to create a soft jawline or elongate a round face shape. Long layered wavy haircuts are versatile and offer many styling options. Top this look off with a textured fringe and sun-kissed balayage for that extra wow factor.

Long Layered Shag for Women with Fat Face Shapes
Instagram @randa.rivera

#25: Long Layered Shag

A long-layered shag is the “It” haircut right now for many reasons. Shag cuts are a great option because they create a ton of movement for easy styling options from wash and go to adding loose curls on day 2 or 3. Shags are especially stunning haircuts for chubby faces because they balance out the curves, creating a more oval or elongated appearance.

Are you a woman with a full face searching for long layered haircuts? Then you’re definitely in the right place. Adding layers correctly can help create a slimming effect for plus-size beauties. The tapered layering that adds movement and body to the tresses is a huge plus!

Ease of styling and versatility are among the things to love about this trend. Stylist Gray Mattes of Nashville, TN, shares a few tips for picking the best haircut.

She suggests keeping a blunt perimeter. “This adds fullness and angles to a softer, rounded face. It even brings out the structure of the facial bones,” she explains.

Another recommendation is the mid-length layering that begins below the chin. She states, “It frames the face well without adding width to the cheeks and jaw areas.”

Women with thinner locks don’t want too many layers that take away bulk and weight. Mattes instead proposes a face frame and light layering at the perimeter of the cut.

Your lifestyle and commitment to maintenance are matters best discussed with your stylist. These answer the question, “Would this type of cut benefit me and my goals for my hair?”

If bringing an inspirational photo, the model must have the same hair texture and density as yours. If not, keep an open mind and trust the person behind the chair.

Mattes says, “Hairdressers are professionals who want what’s best for you. Ask if your chosen cut suits you, and listen and consider what your stylist has to say.”

This is the effortless-looking hairstyle that ladies crave. Check out these images of the best and trendiest chubby face, long layered haircut ideas!