33 Heavily Layered Shag Haircut Ideas for The Ultimate Tousled Look

layered shag haircut

A layered shag haircut makes a modern, tousled style that enhances natural textures. It includes short and long layers to bring body and volume to tresses.

“It’s a true wash-and-go style,” says hair artist Kylie North from Los Angeles, CA. “Minimal styling is required because of all the movement the layers create,” she adds.

A shag cut works on most hair textures, especially wavy or curly locks. Curls spring up and create lots of volume and texture when cut short, creating a full-bodied look.

The layers don’t always have to be connected. North takes sections from the crown area to create its own layers and form an extra body. This adds more edge to the finish.

Since these layers are also cut into various lengths, it would be challenging to wear your hair up. “If your work requires your hair to be out of your face, this would demand extra styling,” North notes.

While a shag does the job on any hair texture, you must still have enough density. North explains that “with low density, the layers will only make the hair ends very sparse.”

Wanna pull off a fun and chic hairstyle? Check out these images of the most popular layered shag haircuts and hairstyles and drool over this trend!

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Shaggy Dark Brown Seamless Layers
Instagram @nothingobvious

#1: Dark Brown Seamless Layers

If you want a style that’s as effortless as it is sophisticated, seamless layers are one of your best options. Seamless layers infuse your hair with texture and sultry movement. You will get body and volume, without the structured appearance of more traditional layers. Wave with an iron for a messier, undone finish.

Textured Brunette Shaggy Cut with Layers
Instagram @summerverrett

#2: Textured Brunette Shaggy Cut

Consider a textured brunette shaggy cut if you’re looking for a hairstyle that will add shape and show texture to your darker tresses. Sometimes with brunette hair, it can be tricky to distinguish where your layers are, which is what gives your hair that shape, texture, and body. If you need to enhance your layers more, ask your stylist to cut your hair with a razor, use thinning shears on the ends of your layers, or by using a point-cutting technique with shears. Don’t forget to tell your stylist where you’d like the shortest length to be in your fringe area, this will be one of the biggest factors in creating your shaggy haircut.

Maroon Layered Short Shag
Instagram @aerielengland

#3: Maroon Layered Short Shag

If your face is heart-shaped, try a maroon layered short shag. This haircut is one of the easiest to style. Simply blow-dry the hair, apply a texture spray to achieve volume and define layers. Remember, when dyeing your hair, a maroon color can quickly fade and lose its vibrancy. Be sure to use a color care shampoo and conditioner. I love using Kevin Murphy’s Everlasting Color wash and rinse to seal in the color.

Heavily Layered Shag with Loose Waves
Instagram @anhcotran

#4: Heavily Layered Shag with Loose Waves

A heavily layered shag with loose waves is one of the easiest haircuts to style. The cut does most of the work for you, so less is more. Be prepared to pop in a few curls or add some texture spray to keep the relaxed, messy vibe.

Modern Chocolatey Layered Shag
Instagram @yukistylist

#5: Modern Chocolatey Layered Shag

Blonde Shag with Layered Texture
Instagram @emanuelrodhair

#6: Blonde Shag with Layered Texture

Enjoy the gorgeous volume boost from this blonde shag with a layered texture. It creates the illusion of fuller hair and beautiful, blended layers. Your hairdresser can use the bangs as a guide to develop the top section, angling longer as they reach the back before bringing up the rest of your hair in sections to meet the guide. Don’t forget to use a volumizing foam or root lift spray for extra volume and hold.

Long-Length Shag with Layers
Instagram @nothingobvious

#7: Long-Length Shag with Layers

A great way to create texture is a long-length shag with layers. When it comes to this haircut, ask your hairdresser for a middle part, long layers, and face-framing curtain bangs. Style with a one-inch wand and finish with a beach spray or dry shampoo spray.

Platinum Shag with Layers and Purple Highlights
Instagram @emanuelrodhair

#8: Platinum Shag with Layers and Purple Highlights

For a trendy style, try a platinum shag with layers and subtle, purple highlights. Shaggy layers are a great way to bring movement and volume to your hair. To bring a little fun to your tresses you can add a bold pop of color to show off your unique personality. When styling, try to use a round brush to give more height to your crown and show off all those flippy layers.

Voluminous Shaggy Wolf Cut with Layers
Instagram @erika.king_

#9: Voluminous Shaggy Wolf Cut

Rock a shaggy wolf cut if you want a voluminous hairstyle that is on trend and gives you an edgy, messy appearance. You can wear your hair straight, wavy, or curly with this hairstyle, but it looks best in messy waves as it maximizes your hair’s texture and volume. If you want to invest in hair products to create more volume and texture look at texture sprays, sea salt sprays, a volumizing hair powder, or any volumizing hair mousse.

#10: Grey Short Layers

Grey hair is beautiful in itself. However, adding short layers to your haircut will help add depth, volume, definition, and fullness. Try to avoid disconnected layers, this will allow for easier styling, less maintenance, and a youthful look year-round.

Blonde Balayage Layered Shag
Instagram @hirohair

#11: Blonde Balayage Layered Shag

For a trending style, try a layered shag with blonde balayage. Shaggy layers will give volume to your fine hair and will prevent it from being weighed down. Use a curling iron to put some tousled waves in your hair to give body and texture and show off your multi-dimensional blonde balayage. Use a sea salt spray to add some hold to get beachy-looking hair.

#12: Shaggy Layers and Blended Bangs

Try shaggy layers and blended bangs for a softer textured look. Adding a light amount of bangs underneath heavily layered hair adds depth to the face without a traditional blunt cut.

Jet Black Medium Shag with Layers and Curtain Fringe
Instagram @nothingobvious

#13: Jet Black Medium Shag with Layers and Curtain Fringe

For fine-haired gals, try a medium shag with layers and a curtain fringe. Lots of shaggy layers make fine hair appear full with lots of body. Make sure that you have a lot of density to work with or your ends will look sparse as the layers make locks look even thinner.

#14: Light Copper Layered Shag

Consider a light copper layered shag when you’re already blonde and wanting to reverse to the darker shades. The shag gives rock’n roll vibes with the super textured and choppy layers and works very well on medium-length hair. Be prepared for consistent visits with your stylist for the copper hair color. Because it’s rich and warm, it’ll require consistent refreshing to keep this style at its best.

#15: Light Blonde Layered Shag

While layers have never gone out of style, the newest trend is a layered shag. A shag haircut has many, varying length layers already and usually is cut to frame the face. A light blonde layered shag will never go out of style and suits many face shapes.

Shaggy Blended Layers
Instagram @hirohair

#16: Shaggy Blended Layers

Shaggy blended layers are the perfect addition to a long shag needing lightness. Ask for super textured layers and a longer version of a traditional shag to complement almost any face shape and hair texture.

#17: Natural Shag with Bangs and Layered Curls

A natural shag with bangs and layered curls gives so much movement and bounce on its own! Medium shag haircuts work on every hair type. Style with heat or air dry and go!

#18: Long Layered Shag with Thick Bangs for Round Faces

A long layered shag with thick bangs for round faces helps soften the hair around the face. Long shags with layers create instant body for movement. Ask your stylist to use a razor to create a layered shaggy long haircut.

#19: Pixie Shaggy Haircut with Messy Layers

The pixie shaggy haircut with messy layers gives a modern twist to the pixie. Consider a layered shaggy short haircut if you love texture to play with. Use your favorite texture paste to style!

#20: Long Shag with Feathered Curtain Bangs

A long shag with feathered curtain bangs is great for women who want to keep their hair long but want a modern style. Long shags give thin, fine hair natural volume and bounce. Works on every face shape. Long shaggy hairstyles for thin hair can look fuller with a round brush and blow dryer.

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Face-Framing Layers on a Shag for Older Ladies
Instagram @jomcintyrehair

#21: Face-Framing Layers on a Shag for Older Ladies

Face-framing layers on a shag for older ladies give a youthful appearance. Hair softly drapes around the face and conceals any little fine lines. Shaggy hairstyles for fine hair for women over 50 are versatile for any face shape and timeless.

Voluminous, Textured Shag with Micro Bangs
Instagram @cetana_salon

#22: Voluminous, Textured Shag with Micro Bangs

A voluminous, textured shag with micro bangs is for the woman who’s not afraid to make a statement! Anyone can rock a messy, shoulder-length shag for an edgy twist!

#23: Pixie Shag with a Curtain Fringe for Women Over 60

A pixie shag with a curtain fringe for women over 60 never goes out of style! A modern pixie that softly drapes over the face and ears styles effortlessly and compliments all face shapes. Short shaggy haircuts for women over 60 are perfect for instant style without heat styling.

Shoulder-Length Layered Shag with Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @davidwbullen

#24: Shoulder-Length Layered Shag with Bangs for Thin Hair

A shoulder-length layered shag with bangs for thin hair gives a fuller appearance. Mid-length shags help give fine hair lift and create movement to the hair and versatility for styling. Consider shoulder-length hairstyles for instant lift and bounce.

Voluminous Curly Shag for Thick Hair
Instagram @toni_macaroni

#25: Voluminous Curly Shag for Thick Hair

A voluminous curly shag for thick hair gives natural lift and ultimate bounce! Ideal for tight, thick curls that need lift and more bounce. Long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair give a youthful and playful appearance.

Wispy, Shaggy Layers with a Middle Part
Instagram @jomcintyrehair

#26: Wispy, Shaggy Layers with a Middle Part

Wispy, shaggy layers with a middle part look great at every age and hair texture. Shags have versatile styling, too. All you need is a blow dryer and round brush to style a wavy shag haircut.

#27: Modern Shag with Choppy Layers and Bangs

A modern shag with choppy layers and bangs works best on fine to medium texture hair for natural lift and texture. Consider mid-length textured layers for added volume.

Long ‘70s Shag Haircut with Textured Layers
Instagram @hairabee

#28: Long ‘70s Shag Haircut with Textured Layers

Opt for a long ‘70s shag haircut with textured layers since it enhances natural wavy texture and creates shape. A shag is perfect for long hair, and layered haircuts without compromising length and stands out!

Layered Shag with Long Curtain Bangs for Square Faces
Instagram @salsalhair

#29: Layered Shag with Long Curtain Bangs for Square Faces

A layered shag with long curtain bangs for square faces instantly softens around the face and jawline to create an oval face shape. Ask your stylist to use a razor to cut the long layers for a layered shaggy haircut.

#30: Shaggy Bob Cut with Bangs for Curly Hair

A shaggy bob cut with bangs for curly hair really emphasizes facial features and softens them. A layered shaggy bob haircut, adds bounce to curly texture to a modern short haircut.

#31: Curly Blonde Shag with Piece-y Bangs

Opt for a curly blonde shag with piece-y bangs that really give the hair bounce and shape. A curly shag haircut works on all hair textures that have a wave or curl pattern. Plus, they’re effortless to style.

#32: Straight Shaggy Hairstyle with Feathered Layers

Consider a straight shaggy hairstyle with feathered layers as it gives instant movement and volume to hair. Ask your stylist for a straight shag haircut and feathered shag in the front for a textured look.

Tousled Shag with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @lauren_g.hair

#33: Tousled Shag with Curtain Bangs

A tousled shag with curtain bangs is one of the hottest trends! It’s versatile for any age and works on every hair texture. Shags with bangs are easy to style from straight to tousled waves with shag bangs, for added texture.

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