56 Best Layered Hair with Bangs for 2023

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Layered haircuts with bangs are a great way to get a fresh new look. Fortunately, layers work with any hair length. From a short pixie to a medium-length shag to a long bob, you can get that layered look. Consider adding highlights if you want to show off your new layered hairstyle. They’ll create more dimension and make your layers pop!

If you have short and thin hair, layering with bangs can give the appearance of more volume. If you have medium-length hair, layering it gives the illusion that it’s longer. For women with thick hair, a layered cut can remove the extra weight, which can often make your hair easier to work with. If you love your long length but want a fresh cut, go for some layers. It’s a great cut to get without a huge commitment.

You’re definitely making a bigger commitment when it comes to layered hair with bangs. You have so many options for bangs, but it all depends upon your hair density and your face shape. Below, I’ve put together an amazing collection of photos showing off some gorgeous layered haircuts. From blunt bangs to a wispy fringe, you’ll find a look with the perfect combination of length, layering, and bangs.

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Face-Framing Layers and Fringe for Long Hair
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#1: Face-Framing Layers and Fringe for Long Hair

As a hairstylist, I often recommend face-framing layers and fringe for long hair. These ‘bangs’ create dimension, add movement to the look, and are perfect for any updo. This look doesn’t require much styling, just a little blow-drying on your part. Blow-drying them forward will give you a bold bang similar to Ariana Grande’s. While blow-drying them backward will provide you with a feathered bang like Selena Gomez. Whichever sweet look you choose, the easy styling will have you ready to go!

Dark Ruby Red Layered Curls and Bangs for women with thick hair
Instagram @arcscissors

#2: Dark Ruby Red Layered Curls

Ask about a curly layered dark ruby red style. Give your curls some shape with a layered style that brings out the curl’s natural pattern. You will want to avoid a triangle shape and taper the ends with a concave layered cut. This will give you interior layers. Pair them with curly bangs.

#3: Face-Framing Layers and Fringe

Give this haircut with face-framing layers and fringe a try. Especially if you’re looking for some shape and texture to your curly hair. If you want to try this look, talk with your stylist, and be sure to get the best recommendations on hair products.

#4: Red Layered Shaggy Bob with Blonde Highlights

Ask for a red layered shaggy bob with blonde highlights. I’ve found that crown layers make the shag come to life. Spend time with your stylist. Decide how much body your face shape needs to balance your profile. Both make a huge difference in deciding layer options.

Effortless Layered Mid-Length Cut with Curtain Fringe for fine hair types
Instagram @salsalhair

#5: Effortless Mid-Length Cut with Curtain Fringe

Try a layered mid-length cut with a curtain fringe if you have thick hair and want to add movement to your style. This cut provides volume and movement without too much maintenance. To style your new cut, apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair. Spend time taking larger sections with a round brush to smooth and bevel out your blow-dry. Finish with a few waves and add some texturizing spray for a more natural look. This low-maintenance cut will allow you the perfect balance of style and ease.

Low-Maintenance Shoulder-Length Layers and Bangs
Instagram @polishednj

#6: Low-Maintenance Shoulder-Length Layers and Bangs

Try this low-maintenance shoulder-length layered cut. It’s the best way to add ample movement and texture to your hair while keeping length.

Red Layers and Curtain Fringe
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#7: Red Layers and Curtain Fringe

Instead of a boring look that comes with a solid color, add layers and curtain fringe to your hair. It will give you an eye-catching dimension and texture. With face-framing layers, this style works well for most hair types. To avoid an unbalanced look, keep layering around your face at chin length. And keep the longer lengths in the back for body and movement. Use a light-hold hairspray to control flyaways and curls at the same time as locking in shape. For best results, use L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Lock It Fine Control Hairspray. It’s for long-lasting definition without stickiness or residue.

Layered Bangs on a Medium Haircut
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#8: Layered Bangs on a Medium Haircut

Do you want a medium-length hairstyle with a modern edge? Layered bangs are an interesting option. We love how this look can add texture and definition to the face without sacrificing length. Tell your desired result clearly to your stylist to get the most out of this sty. For extra definition, consider adding subtle highlights or balayage.

Layered Tousled Mullet Shag with Bangs
Instagram @dyedyounghair

#9: Tousled Mullet Shag with Bangs

The tousled mullet shag with bangs is an eye-catching hair duo. This look works best on medium to thick hair types and flatters oval, heart, or round faces. To style, use hair wax to bring out texture in your locks and body. Don’t forget your expertly cut bangs! A traditionally good length allows your bangs to sit right at the eyebrows. If you want something shorter or longer, tell your stylist. They may know how to compliment your face shape the best. Seal in the definition using a light-hold aerosol spray. Try Hiromaru’s Serum Wax for a definitive and flexible texture. It also offers fullness that won’t feel greasy or weighed down.

#10: Long Fine Hair with Bangs and Layers

Go for a sleek new ‘do with long layers and bangs. I recommend blow-drying your hair using an ionic hairdryer to lock in moisture. Add a thermal protection spray to help protect your fine hair from heat styling. To add shape and movement to medium-length fine locks, use textured layers. Start from mid-lengths to ends. This will reduce weight in the crown area of your head and frame your face to accentuate its features! To complete this look add a side-swept fringe that skims over eyebrows. And add a cushion brush to finish shaping the style.

Effortless Loose Waves and Layers and Bangs
Instagram @meynewyork

#11: Effortless Loose Waves and Layers

Effortless loose waves and layers are a timeless hairstyle for medium-length hair. It works well with wavy, straight, and curly textures. Fine-haired ladies should ask their hairdresser about adding extra volume at the roots. This cut is best suited for oval and long faces. Use a heated curling wand like the Dyson Airwrap to create a style that lasts all day. For more hold, mist TIGI Catwalk Strong Hold Mousse over your finished look to keep your locks in place.

#12: Bottleneck Bangs on Soft Wavy Hair

Bottleneck bangs on soft wavy hair are a relaxed hairstyle and are a great way to add dimension and texture. The wavy hair creates an effortless yet chic style that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. As a hairstylist, I recommend using a texturizing spray before curling the hair. It will give you added body and bounce. Finish off the look with a light hairspray to help hold your locks in place throughout the day. It won’t leave you feeling heavy.

Wispy Bangs and Wavy Layers
Instagram @eky.maymaysalon

#13: Wispy Bangs and Wavy Layers

Wispy bangs and wavy layers offer a soft framing for any face shape. This sexy look is perfect for those with the natural medium to thick, straight, or wavy hair types. Level up the styling by starting with damp locks. Create loose waves with a large-barrel curling iron and let them cool before shaking them out. Use your fingers. Once you are satisfied, apply styling mousse. Add definition to the ends of the waves by using an extra hold finishing spray and heat protectant spray. For the most fullness, communicate the desired volume to your stylist before they cut it in!

Shoulder-Length Cut with Subtle Layers and Bangs
Instagram @hairbygahee

#14: Shoulder-Length Cut with Subtle Layers and Bangs

As a stylist, I suggest a shoulder-length cut with layers and bangs to those who want to upgrade their look. This style adds personality, frames the face nicely, and adds volume. It softens any edge around facial features and can be tailored to you. Use products that add texture, like a paste, for definition. Use a finish hairspray if more hold is desired. Create your beautiful look, and let your vision come to life!

Long Layers with Shorter Pieces and a Fringe
Instagram @hairbyhaileyp

#15: Long Layers with Shorter Pieces and a Fringe

If you like long hairstyles with bangs, consider a long layered look with shorter pieces and a fringe. This cutting technique will create movement. It emphasizes your unique facial features, like your cheekbones! To perfect this style, use a texturizing spray to give it more shape and volume. The spray will also keep your strands pliable all day. Spend time on your look. Create soft waves or curl sections of hair away from the face. It will add even more definition around the jawline.

Wispy Shag with Bangs. Layers, and Highlights
Instagram @elysiahoney

#16: Wispy Shag with Bangs and Highlights

Can a wispy shag with bangs and highlights be the perfect hairstyle for you? This style offers an effortless yet textured look that is easy to maintain and style. Layers and face-framing bangs with soft movement can provide volume. Even if you have fine hair. Talk to your stylist about keeping the layers soft around the face to achieve a natural finish. Ask for soft layering in the back.

#17: Extra Long Layers with Light Bangs on Blonde Hair

These extra-long layers with light bangs are eye-catching and modern. Ask your stylist for a hairstyle with bangs that brings the bangs away from your face to frame it elegantly. For a more dramatic effect, add some eye-catching highlights or balayage. This provides texture and dimension. When talking to your hairdresser about this hairstyle, say extra long and light.

#18: Short Front Bangs with Longer Layers

If you want to update your look, consider short front bangs with longer layers. Long layered hair with bangs is incredibly flattering. It’s for those who want the focus on their facial features and shows the volume and texture around the face. As an expert hairdresser, I recommend a thermal protectant spray before styling. It creates more hold and protection from heated tools. It also adds moisture back into dry ends! For an enhanced definition, utilize texturizing sprays for bouncy locks that last all day.

Medium Voluminous Layers with Thin Bangs
Instagram @looksbylyssg

#19: Medium Voluminous Layers with Thin Bangs

Can you pull off a medium voluminous layered hairstyle with thin bangs? Absolutely! This is a great look because it frames the face nicely and adds dimension to any style. The layers will give your hair movement. The bangs can be swept to the side and customized to fit your face shape. With proper styling and care, this look can last all day long without losing its shape or volume. For a polished finish, use light hairspray.

Layered Wolf Cut Straight Hair with a Fringe
Instagram @ai__uc

#20: Wolf Cut Straight Hair with a Fringe

With its sleek lines and cool fringe, a wolf cut straight hairstyle is sure to turn heads. This look has layers that create a textured effect while maintaining a clean vibe. To achieve this look, you can ask your stylist for long layers with bangs swept across your forehead. For added dimension, ask for subtle highlights or lowlights. They will bring out the texture of the cut even more. To keep it fresh and sharp between salon visits, use a heat protectant when styling!

Creamy Blonde Layers and Arched Bangs
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#21: Creamy Blonde Layers and Arched Bangs

These beautiful layers and arched bangs will give your hair tons of movement and texture. And they look stunning on any face shape. Those with medium to long length, straight or slightly wavy locks are the best for this hairstyle. If you have a round or heart-shaped face, ensure the bangs can help elongate your look. For styling, try a finishing cream to enhance shine and increase hold. Finish your style by fluffing out some layers at the crown area. Pull them away from the face with your fingers, and remember to snap a pic!

Center-Parted Style for Medium-Cut Layers and Fringe
Instagram @album_oga

#22: Center-Parted Style for Medium-Cut Layers

This center-parted style for medium-cut layers is great if you have medium to thick hair! Its arched layers frame the face; it works well on any face shape. Use a moisturizing or volumizing product to get the look right at home. Use an oval brush to define the texture and movement of your layers. This look can also take you from day to night. In an instant, switch up your part or pull into a half pony for some extra fun!

Layered Curly Hair with Curly Bangs
Instagram @marimoodd

#23: Layered Curly Hair with Curly Bangs

In my experience, layered curly hair with curly bangs is a beautiful look. The luscious strands of the long curls frame the face perfectly and add texture to any style. This look can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. It adds an effortless touch of elegance to any outfit. To achieve this hairstyle, use a curling iron or wand and curl each section of your hair from root to tip. It will give you bouncy curls that last all day. For extra volume, apply a volume-enhancing spray to the roots and style!

Razored Layers with Face-Framing Bangs
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#24: Razored Layers with Face-Framing Bangs

Razored layers with face-framing bangs. They are the perfectly paired combo of style and easy maintenance. This style can flatter many face shapes. It looks great for those seeking volume without a lot of styling hassle. This layered hairstyle will work best on medium-density hair that’s naturally straight. Find a hairstylist that uses sharp scissors to accentuate the layers to rock it out properly. Your complexion should contrast nicely against chiseled edges! For products, you can use a non-greasy styling gel that won’t weigh down your strands.

Brunette Swoopy Bangs and Layers
Instagram @shokokiyokawa

#25: Brunette Swoopy Bangs and Layers

Brunette swoopy bangs and layers are an excellent way to add more shape to your long hair. Ask your stylist to frame your face while keeping your unique head and face shape in mind. Doing so can enhance your cut and color a lot.

Long Layered Hair with Feathery Style and Bangs
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#26: Long Layered Hair with Feathery Style

Pump up your long layered hair with a feathery style. Feathery layers are sure to add body to long, heavy hair.

Layered Long Sleek Hair with See-Through Bangs
Instagram @may__noh

#27: Long Sleek Hair with See-Through Bangs

Long and sleek hair with see-through bangs is a stunning look that will complement any face shape. Those with straight hair will be able to rock this look best. Although proper consultation and styling techniques can ensure all textures enjoy the benefits. Have your stylist cut layers around the face to create this versatile style. Then add long layers throughout the length. The see-thru bangs are a great addition to soften the forehead and accent your features. For extra hold throughout the day, add a volume-enhancing product. Redken Guts 10 root lifter is nice to add to your blowout with a large round brush.

#28: Sun-Kissed Medium Layered Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

We both felt like we wanted a boho vibe for this look. My favorite way to create lived-in layers is focusing more so on the interior of the haircut using a “back cutting” technique, creating movement and shape without the boxy square shape that can leave you with harsh lines and a less desirable grow out. The fringe was pulled from where her natural part lies, creating fluidity and symmetry. I always follow the centerline of the iris to create a perfect balance with the face.

With her balayage placement, I focused on what the sun would do to her hair. Adding thicker pieces of balayage throughout her fringe, I started with a very thin backcombed piece that went into a wider section, also allowing for a more smooth grow-out. Medium layered hairstyles like this cut and shape work fabulously well on the square jaw and longer forehead. Not to mention, bangs are way cheaper than botox!

Bright Blonde Layered Wolf Cut with Bangs
Instagram @nataliarok

#29: Bright Blonde Layered Wolf Cut

Be a trendsetter with a bright blonde layered wolf cut. A wolf cut is great for women with medium to thick hair density. With many stacked layers, your hair will have tons of volume and texture. A wolf cut does require some styling, especially the bangs.

#30: Platinum Icy White Layers and Fringe

Try a platinum, layered style paired with a fringe if you want an edgier look. I strongly recommend consulting with your stylist to see if it’s possible to get your hair to a platinum icy white. Pair this look with a volume spray, like IGK’s No Limit, to give the lift and movement needed for the layers.

Messy Mid-Length Hair with Fringe and Layers
Instagram @salsalhair

#31: Messy Mid-Length Hair with Fringe

One of the most requested trends of the season is wispy bangs. Remember, when you want to try this, go to your stylist and show them pictures. Your idea of bangs and theirs could be entirely different, and you want to ensure you’re on the same page.

Naturally Grey Shag with Layers and Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @witchscissors

#32: Naturally Grey Shag for Fine Hair

Try a naturally grey shag for fine hair if you want a tousled look. It’s helpful to use hair products for volume and texture. If you care about using good products for your hair, ask your stylist!

Curtain Bangs and Long Seamless Layers
Instagram @nothingobvious

#33: Curtain Bangs and Long Seamless Layers

Curtain bangs and long seamless layers go hand in hand as the perfect combo. A curtain bang is the way to go if you want to add some flair to your long hair. The curtain bang haircut adds volume and shape to your face frame and can show off your eyes and cheekbones. It’s best to use a round brush to give the bangs volume and hold.

#34: Long Shaggy Hair With Middle Part Bangs

This is a long layered shag haircut with a curtain fringe. The secret is deciding where you want your fringe to fall to bring out your best features, such as cheekbones or lips. This cut can also be used to elongate a round face, shorten an oblong face, soften a square face, or balance a heart-shaped one. The cut is versatile and can be air-dried for a fun beachy look or blown out and curled for a soft flowy look. The best products for this style are salt sprays for a nice full crown, curl creams for juicy, tamed curls, and oils for frizz control and shine.

#35: Thick Full Hair with Layers and Curtain Bangs

One of the most sought-after styles is thick, full hair with layers and curtain bangs. This romantic look is popular in all age groups and looks stunning with any hair color. Depending on how thick your locks are, be prepared to see your stylist bust out the razor or thinning shears. This will help pull the style together and keep your layers blended.

Medium-Length Layered Thick Hair with Choppy Bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#36: Medium-Length Layered Thick Hair with Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs on medium-length layered thick hair are great for women looking for a hairstyle to help take out some of the bulk and weight of their hair. When it comes to thick hair, one of the best ways to eliminate your hair from being so weighed down is to add layers to your hair. Not only will this create shape and movement in your hair, but it will also make your ends feel and look much lighter. Ask your stylist to use thinning shears or a razor to create varying lengths and softness to the ends of your hair and layers.

Sassy Mid-Length Shag with Long Curtain Bangs and Layers
Instagram @yukistylist

#37: Sassy Mid-Length Shag with Long Curtain Bangs

Try a sassy mid-length shag. One of the best ways to style long curtain bangs is to blow dry that area first, using a round brush. Round brushing down and under will help to create volume and give you the right amount of curl. Once your curtain bangs are dry, part your hair down the middle and brush to either side.

#38: Glossy Shoulder-Length Layered Haircut with Side Bangs

The soft blonde complements the side-swept fringe accentuating her fair complexion and pretty facial features. These are versatile long layers with bangs that work best on fine, medium, or thick hair types with a straight to wavy texture.

#39: Bold Fringe with Feathered Layers for Thick Hair

We love this feathered long haircut with bangs that is so charming and easy to create. Those soft long pieces give a feminine ’70s-themed look that suits any hair color and density.

#40: Vibrant Red A-Line Bob with Short Layers for Thin Hair

A vibrant red hair color only deserves to be shown off with a gorgeous cut like this sharply angled short hair cut with bangs that are layered. Super edgy and perfect for any setting – business or casual.

#41: Natural Wavy Hair with Long Layers and Thick Bangs

These are natural, air-dried long layers with bangs. The greatest thing about it is that the styling is low maintenance because it’s all real hair texture, no irons. I cut the length, put in shape, and took off the weight for this client using a dry haircutting technique. I would find a stylist with experience cutting and styling with natural texture so they can help guide you on how to use the product line they recommend. Natural wavy/curly hair is not a one-size-fits-all, and you need a stylist who gets it!

#42: Hipster Medium Layered Bob With Bangs

This is a hipster-chic medium layered bob with bangs. Women considering this look, first and foremost, need to consider their texture. If your hair is pin-straight, but you want this tousled style, it will require time dedicated to curling.

If your hair is super curly, you need to consider that you’re going to have to embrace curly bangs – which I love, but I know it isn’t to everyone’s taste – or you’re going to have to take the time to smooth them out all the time. Whether you want to spend that time depends on your own lifestyle. Only you know whether those things are too much of a commitment. Regardless of your texture, to have a layered cut with this much definition, you need to be willing to use a product, so always consider whether that’s something you’re open to doing.

Beautiful Layered Bob with Fringe
Instagram @alinazadehair

#43: Beautiful Layered Bob with Fringe

This medium-length layered haircut with bangs is generally low-maintenance yet still looks great. The lob is waved at the ends, accentuating the lovely blonde highlights and those feathered layers.

short layered haircut with wispy thin bangs and blonde highlights
Instagram @riri_slaysglam

#44: Short Layered Hair with Wispy Bangs and Blonde Highlights

Go for short layered hair with bangs that is a casual bob with a thin straight fringe. These layers are a great and easy way to mix this simple lookup.

Flattering Curly Layered Haircut with Long Bangs
Instagram @jessicaevelym

#45: Flattering Curly Layered Haircut with Long Bangs

Curly layered hair looks truly beautiful when layered in the right places and styled with bangs. These add more volume and definition to those curls, giving you a unique look.

bright salt-and-pepper choppy layers with wispy bangs
Instagram @cutbyleslie

#46: Bright Salt-and-Pepper Choppy Layers with Wispy Bangs

A chic shaggy bob features layers and a messy wispy fringe that make fine hair seem voluminous and textured. The stylish cut also creates movement for the whole look.

#47: Dimensional Face-Framing Long Layers with Long Bangs

Opt for textured long layers with bangs. I love the framing the fringe gives around her face while still flowing into the rest of her hair seamlessly. Make sure you have enough hair for layered haircuts like this. I have fine hair and don’t have enough hair around my face to achieve this look without ending up with some sort of mullet.

It’s awesome on women with med-thick hair that has a little bit of texture or natural wave in their hair. To achieve the look with the fringe, you will need to round brush them, so ask your stylist to give you a mini-tutorial to help you do this at home.

shoulder length layered haircut with choppy bangs
Instagram @emanuelrodhair

#48: Medium-Length Hair with Choppy Bangs for Women Over 40

The haircut is a classic French shoulder-length layered haircut with bangs that softly frame the face. Ask for a French technique if you plan on doing balayage with your base color to create a more flexible movement. It will take some styling, but with a perfect volumizer for your roots and moisture or shine product for your ends, you’ll get the perfect blowout.

This is an amazing look for the woman on the go who doesn’t mind spending 10-15 minutes on her hair. It looks stunning down with its bouncy layers. If you pull it back, you can give yourself some beautiful drama with fringe and layers around your face.

coppery medium short bob with micro bangs
Instagram @samkanehair

#49: Coppery Medium-Short Bob with Micro Bangs

A medium-short bob with micro bangs brings out a cute and avant-garde result! Hair becomes easy to style and maintain with a length that stops at the shoulders. Amp it up with waves to create a natural lift and shape. A shade of a bright copper tone won’t hurt the appearance of a medium-short layered haircut with bangs.

#50: Tousled Neck-Length Bob with Straight Bangs

Here’s a neck-length bob with straight bangs that add a fresh edge to your appearance! This layered hair with bangs is a modern tousled bob with a textured fringe. The chop combo and the blonde shade of highlights make it appear elegant. Layered hairstyles can, no doubt, accentuate gorgeous facial features.

#51: Trendy Jet Black Shaggy Layers with Curtain Bangs

Shaggy layers with curtain bangs are sultry and feminine but flirty at the same time. The bangs also give this cut that perfect vintage touch. This shag cut is perfect for the girly girl who wants to dip her toes into the shag life & add some aesthetic to her style.

Use all cult & king products for styling because the line was created for this type of cut. You can air dry, hand style, or use heat tools with their products. Plus, their natural ingredients are amazing for your hair. This shag is all about manipulating your hair to do what you want, which is why this works best for wavy textures.

chic long bob with layers and short bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#52: Chic Long Bob with Layers and Short Bangs

A long bob with layers and short bangs is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle that’s fun to wear. This cool hairstyle with layers and bangs is way better when amped up with enough texture. Baby bangs on a long bob give an edgy style and a fresh-looking finish.

This layered lob has a ton of volume and movement. Also called a textured lob, baby bangs suit a texture style. Style it with a curling iron and use Dry Texturizing Spray by Milbon. This style is good for women who don’t want to spend too much time styling their hair. This cut is ideal for women wanting volume and movement in their hair.

long layered haircut with bangs and blonde balayage
Instagram @kelceyoverton

#53: Long Layered Haircut with Bangs and Blonde Balayage

Try a long layered haircut with bangs for a 100% glow-up! Such a chic long layered haircut with bangs is easy to style and looks better on a tousled mane. It features a longer, wispy fringe. For added dimension, feel free to ask for a balayage, too!

chocolatey mid-length shaggy mullet with micro bangs
Instagram @drethings

#54: Chocolately Mid-Length Shaggy Mullet with Micro Bangs

A mid-length shaggy mullet with micro bangs gives your hair some great texture and a more edgy look. Mullets are all the rage, and adding micro bangs is just a great Joan Jet look. Medium to thick textured hair is the best texture for this style. Product choices would be a sea salt spray, hand styling, or a diffuser on low speed and medium heat.

Effortless long layered bob without bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#55: Effortless Long Layered Bob Without Bangs

For an easy and lived-in style, consider a long-layered bob without bangs. Long seamless layers add an effortless texture, and the length offers versatility for styling. Style with a wand or big barrel curling iron for a modern beachy wave.

copper shag with choppy bangs
Instagram @sami.hair

#56: Copper Shag with Choppy Bangs

Dare to be different? Then consider a copper shag with choppy bangs. Shags are all the rage, especially when paired with a fierce shade of copper. Choppy eyebrow-skimming bangs that taper into your cheekbones elegantly enhance your facial curves and brow arches. Consult with your stylist to find a shade of copper that works well for your skin tone.

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