21 Cutest Chin-Length Layered Hair Ideas to See Before Your Next Salon Appointment

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Chin-length layered hair is a short hairstyle cut with layers to create shape and texture. Having lots of hairstyle options is one of it’s biggest benefits. It’s easy to modify to suit any woman’s needs and lifestyle.

For instance, “Subtle layering will result in a heavier look like a bob. Tons of layering will give you a lighter look with more movement,” says stylist Janelle Fringe of Lombard, IL.

Everyone’s hair characteristics are different. Make sure to consult a professional to know your hair type and what cut would suit you. Bring your stylist some inspirational photos. Your idea of layers could be very different from theirs. These images are a great way to determine what you like and don’t like.

The common misconception about short hair is that you can wash and go with this cut. But Fringe clarifies that “most styles require at least a little bit of styling.” She also points out that you can’t pull up your locks into a ponytail or bun. “If you want to wear an updo, leave the length a little longer, at least to the middle of your neck.”

Time for a fresh look. Here are the pictures of the most popular chin-length layered hair ideas you can choose from!

Chin-Length Layered Messy Bob with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#1: Messy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Chin-length layered hair with bangs works best with straight or slightly textured hair. Plus, the messiness of the bob with curtain bangs is a timeless hairstyle.

Woman with Retro Wavy Chin-Length Bob and Bangs
Instagram @saltybangs

#2: Retro Waves Meet Modern Mischief

This chin-length layered look is a nod to vintage styles with a modern twist—perfect for adding playfulness to your persona. The curls bring out the layers, making this a charming choice for anyone looking to balance sophistication with a bit of fun.

Chin-Length Tousled Brunette Bob with Visible Layers and bangs
Instagram @iamleahpearson

#3: Tousled Brunette Bob with Visible Layers

A chin-length brunette bob with prominent layers is stylish. It offers a fresh, modern look. You can add bangs to the brunette bob for extra flair. The layers in the bob add movement and texture. This gives hair a tousled, effortless appearance.

#4: Chin-Length Sweeping Bob Cut

Looking for a new haircut that screams effortless and low maintenance? Consider a sweeping bob cut with layers and natural highlights. These drapey bangs are great for a bit of mysteriousness to the face-framing up front. They’re perfect for those who want to add dimension and texture to their hair. Most will be found in your choppy layers if you need more movement and volume. Have your stylist decide on the shortest layer to achieve this. Grab your curling iron and curl. Spray with the Design.ME HOLD.ME Three-Way Hairspray all over for a natural-looking finish with hold.

Chic Brunette Chin-Length Bob with layers and a face-framing effect
Instagram @hirohair

#5: Chic Brunette Bob

For women looking for a playful haircut, a chic bob is a great option. The bob is iconic and has been styled in multiple different ways throughout history. Ask your stylist what the best way is for you and your hair texture to create fullness.

Chin-Length Lived-In Chocolate Bob with Internal Layering and a middle part with choppy ends
Instagram @hirohair

#6: Lived-In Chocolate Bob with Internal Layering

You should consider this chin-length lived-in chocolate bob with internal layering. The choppy ends provide texture but won’t require frequent trims to maintain shape. To keep this look from becoming too disheveled, use a shine serum. Try Living Proof’s No Frizz Vanishing Oil when styling. It will add subtle definition while preserving its natural feel.

Multi-Layered Short Hair
Instagram @beautiful.by.holly

#7: Multi-Layered Short Hair

Consider a short graduated bob with multiple layers. To get this chin-length hairstyle, ask your hairstylist for a short graduated bob with lots of texture.

#8: Straight Graduated Bob

A graduated short bob is a super cute style and full of versatility. Make sure you have your stylist add some texture and layers for a light and pliable feel. Style straight with a medium round brush, and you can then tuck behind your ear, and even curl with an iron for a dressy finish.

Chin-Length Shaggy Bob with Layers for Round Faces
Instagram @jamiemcdhair

#9: Chin-Length Shaggy Bob for Round Faces

A shaggy bob for round faces is a trend that will last! Your stylist can contour your face shape with detailing layers and texture around the face. Chin-length layered haircuts are a great option for women with oval, long, or round faces. Styling will be minimal with a blow dryer and round brush finished with texture spray and paste.

Chin-Length Bob Layered Cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @andrea.guardiano

#10: Bob Cut for Thick Hair

The bob cut for ladies with thick hair is a soft textured haircut. These hairstyles can be low-maintenance and easy to manage.

#11: Choppy Stacked Cut with Side Bangs

The stacked cut with bangs is an edgy hairstyle perfect for ladies who like to keep their hair short and light but with texture on the top. The hair with side fringe suits oval or oblong face shapes, so avoid it if your face is round because it can make it look even rounder.

Chin-Length Layered Inverted Bob on Gray Hair
Instagram @debdoesmyhair

#12: Inverted Bob on Gray Hair

An inverted bob on gray hair is a beautiful shape that could change your life. Cutting your hair will make you feel chic and stylish, and an a-line bob is a perfect transition. The blow-dry is simple using a medium to large round brush, and the hair length is quite feminine. Ask your stylist for long layers in the back that are a bit shorter than the front and reap the benefits of a great cut.

Layered Chin-Length Wispy Bob Cut for Fine Hair
Instagram @focus.hairsalon

#13: Wispy Bob Cut for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, opt for a wispy bob cut because it’s a one-length bob with a soft texture. To get this hairstyle, ask your hairstylist for a chin-length layered bob for fine hair.

Short Razor Cut Shag with Layers for Thin Hair
Instagram @carveandco

#14: Short Razor Cut Shag for Thin Hair

Try a shag if you have thin hair and you’ll feel light and airy. A razor cut is a great choice to add texture and wispiness to your hairstyle and also grows out better than a scissors cut. So ask your stylist for a bob with face-framing layers, cut with a razor, and you’ll have a messy shape that is easy to style. For the finish, scrunch some texture putty into the ends and for versatility feel free to move the part anywhere you want.

#15: Textured Cut for Women Over 50

Women over 50, modernize your shape with a textured cut. Have your stylist graduate the nape area, leaving a chin-length shape on the sides. Then, have lots of layers added with point cutting, for fabulous texture. No matter what your face shape is, a side bang is a great addition to this style. To keep this style modern, be careful not to create too much volume when drying. Try keeping the roots closer to the head.

Short Blunt Textured Bob with a Fringe
Instagram @caseyburkshair

#16: Blunt Textured Bob with a Fringe

A blunt textured bob with bangs suits girls with oval face shapes, as it tends to shorten the face. These styles can be worn curly, wavy, or straight!

Chin-Length Cut with Tousled Layers and Bangs
Instagram @pastout

#17: Tousled Layers and Bangs

If you want to modernize your bob, you should try layers and bangs. Not only is this shape fresh and new, it’s simple to style as well. You want the finish to be messy and organic, so no round brush is needed. Apply some gel or texture cream and either air dry or blow with your hands. The more you scrunch a chin-length layered bob with bangs the more wave and body you’ll create.

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Short Wavy Hair with Blunt Ends and Layers
Instagram @btrend_hair

#18: Short Wavy Hair with Blunt Ends

Consider short hair with blunt ends if you’re searching for a sharp and trendy style. The flatter profile gives this cut its modern shape. Make sure your blow-dry isn’t too full and is closer to the head. Finish this layered style with some waves either by scrunching or curling with an iron.

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Short Layered Low-Maintenance Bob for Women Over 70
Instagram @jmb_hair

#19: Low-Maintenance Bob for Women Over 70

Consider a low-maintenance bob if you’re a woman over 70. A tousled cut with medium layers is easy to dry with some volumizing spray, such as Pureology Instant Levitation Mist, and your hands. A shorter shape is also a great choice for thin hair, making it appear thicker.

#20: Chin-Length Curly Hair with a Side Part

Chin-length hair with a side part can give your curls lots of bounce and life. To get this trendy cut, ask your hairstylist for a rounded layered cut that frames your face.

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#21: Feathered Bob for Women Over 60

If you’re a woman over 60, you should try a feathered bob. This cut is a soft shape that will uplift your facial features. The medium-length layers can be blown dry easily with a metal barrel round brush and curled for a flexible finish. Try blowing away from the face to draw features upward. This shape is fairly low maintenance with a trim up about every 6 weeks.