25 “Hush Cut” Ideas Prove It’s The Layer Cut You’ve Always Wanted

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Chest-Length Feathery Hush Cut for Blonde Hair
Instagram @mentor_beata

#1: Feathery Hush Cut for Blonde Hair

Look at this feathery hush cut for blonde hair. It’s trendy in Korea and other parts of the world! This derrière-length hairstyle has long layers and a curtain-style fringe. This gives a pop of personality around the face. Your stylist should be able to consult with you effectively. With this, they can create a style that suits you best within the given options. For daily style, blow out your hair using a dry brush and styling foam. Apply from roots to ends for best results.

#2: Long Straight Layers with Face Frame

These long straight layers with a face frame are a great trend for those who want a simple yet pleasing style. As part of the popular hush haircut styles, this particular look consists of a medium to long-length cut with long layers and a customizable curtain style bang. This hairstyle is best worn, blown out, or curled. Remember to use a quality heat protectant, and wash your hair only every 2-4 days. Be sure to trim every 10-12 weeks as needed.

Hush Cut Mullet on Mid-Length Red Hair
Instagram @lee.hairsalon

#3: Hush Cut Mullet on Red Hair

A hush cut looks appealing on red mullet hair. Much like its name implies, a hush haircut gives a soft look due to the numerous layers created. To achieve this appealing shape, we cut the hair shorter from the ears towards the front than the back. Medium soft layers throughout the length of hair create a beautiful sense of motion. You can blow-dry the hair using your hands to get a shaggy finish. Multiple hush haircuts are now trending, and you should consider trying one.

Hush Cut Medium Shaggy Layers and See-Through Bangs
Instagram @hairbylaurena_

#4: Medium Shaggy Layers and See-Through Bangs

With any hush haircut you choose, you’ll notice that most of these styles incorporate bangs. This style of hush haircut opts for medium shaggy layers and see-through bangs for a more modern and bold take.

#5: Pixie Bob Cut with Short Layers

A great way to change the shape of your pixie bob haircut would be by adding short layers. This cut is one of a bunch of hush haircuts you can choose from. Hush haircuts also offer lots of seamless texture while still being low maintenance and easy to style.

Long and Thick Hush Haircut with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @hairbyalfa

#6: Thick Hush Haircut with Curtain Bangs

Stylists everywhere are amazed at the numerous hush haircuts walking through the salon doors. However, when you see a thick hush haircut with curtain bangs used in a romantic style, the trend becomes clear. Hush cuts, the softer and more versatile version of the wolf cut or shag, appeal to many clients due to their approachable look.

Mid-Length Soft Mullet Hush Cut with Airy Bangs
Instagram @soonsiki_soupi

#7: Mid-Length Soft Mullet with Airy Bangs

If you like shaggy, wolf-style hairstyles from the past but want a more feminine style, consider a mid-length soft mullet with light bangs. Adding light fringe and soft texturing gives the wolf-cut mullet a softer look.

Low-Maintenance Medium Hush Cut with Long Bangs
Instagram @gracesonhair

#8: Low-Maintenance Hush Cut with Long Bangs

A hush cut has advantages over a shag cut. This cut, which features long bangs and expert layer blending, requires fewer salon visits. With cut’s longer curtain-length fringe, frequent bang trims aren’t necessary.

#9: Straight Butterfly Layered Haircut

A straight butterfly layered haircut is a style that goes well with a hush cut. It’s similar to a wolf cut. This mash-up will give you a distinct look.

Medium-Length Hush Cut with Bangs
Instagram @mane__art_

#10: Medium-Length Hush Cut with Bangs

The hush haircut may have originated in Korea, but it’s taking the world by storm. This medium-length hush cut with bangs shows how versatile this trending cut can be.

Long Tousled Brown Hair with Hush Cut Choppy Layers
Instagram @fourhairzoe

#11: Tousled Brown Hair with Choppy Layers

We have a new hush haircut style you might love more than your old ones. A tousled brown hairstyle with choppy layers beautifully adds warmer, lighter hues to a hush cut.

Long Modern Hush Haircut with Soft Waves
Instagram @bykadek

#12: Long Modern Hush Haircut with Soft Waves

A hush haircut gives volume and body to long hair. It proves that you can have layered long hair without it looking like a mullet or shag.

Medium-to-Long Soft Layered Hush Cut with Subtle Balayage
Instagram @jinmurano

#13: Soft Layered Cut with Subtle Balayage

This soft layered cut with subtle balayage breathes new life into the hush cut trend, adding a hint of spice. Adding lightly balayaged ends boosts your hairstyle’s depth. Placed next to darker strands, they create a natural look.

#14: Hush Layer Cut with Long Fringe

To achieve a classic style with an elegant formation, consider a layered cut with extended bangs – a fine example in a series of hush haircuts. This hairstyle is smooth and adaptable, ideal for those who prefer a down or updo style with well-placed bangs for a flattering facial frame. I suggest this hairstyle to highlight their long, healthy hair. It also adds volume and shape near the cheekbones and eyes.

#15: Middle-Parted Short Hush Cut

This collection won’t include any middle-parted short hush haircuts. For those who love the nostalgic 90s vibe, this particular hush haircut would fit the bill.

Soft Long Hush Cut Layers for Fine Hair
Instagram @jinmurano

#16: Soft Long Layers for Fine Hair

There’s an array of hush haircuts out there, and it can be hard to decide which on is best for you. But if you have thinner strands, these soft long layers are amazing for fine hair and totally fit the hush cut niche.

#17: Layered Dark Hair with Grey Underneath

A two-toned hair color, dark on top with grey on the bottom, perfectly suits a layered cut. For inspiration, we’ve assembled a collection of hush haircuts for you to show your stylist.

Mid-Length Soft Wolf Hush Cut with Two-Toned Hair Color
Instagram @jinmurano

#18: Soft Wolf Cut with Two-Toned Hair Color

Some hush haircuts look best with more shag, like this soft wolf cut with two-tone hair color. The key difference between a hush cut and a wolf cut is that this cut is generally softer while a wolf cut is a bit edgier. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with combining the two!

Long Hush Haircut with Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @jisu_sunny

#19: Long Haircut with Face-Framing Layers

For long hair, face-framing layers help to add volume. This haircut suits any hair texture, and your hair appears more flowy as it lessens the overall length, making it easy to style daily. Depending on the length of your hair and your personal comfort, you can change the number of layers.

Mid-Long Messy Hush Style for Thin Hair
Instagram @jinmurano

#20: Messy Hush Style for Thin Hair

Think about a low-maintenance, messy hairstyle suited for thin hair. A hush haircut features soft layers and frames your face. Several hush haircuts also include bangs. A razor is a great tool for your stylist to utilize when creating this wispy and airy look. The layers will create an effortless shape that works well when air-dried.

Chin-Length Wavy Hush Cut Bob with Face-Framing Bangs
Instagram @franziatdeeda

#21: Wavy Bob with Face-Framing Bangs

Try a versatile wavy bob and add face-framing bangs. The wavy bob is versatile you can wear it straight or pull it long enough into a mini ponytail. The fringe will frame your face, adding softness. When you pull your hair up and leave the fringe out, it looks super cute.

Shoulder-Length Soft Hush Haircut
Instagram @jinmurano

#22: Shoulder-Length Soft Hush Haircut

Hush haircuts vary, so look at this example if you prefer medium to short hairstyles. This version is perfect for those with fine hair who want more volume. It’s also suitable for those with thick, heavy hair who want lighter, more flowing hair. For best results, I suggest doing a home blowout once a week. Make sure to use a heat protectant from roots to ends to highlight the benefits of this style.

Medium-Length Wispy Hush Cut with Side Bangs
Instagram @soonsiki_hay

#23: Wispy Hush Cut

Achieve a haircut with wispy ends to boost the texture and movement of your hair. Then, adjust the layers to match your face shape and hair texture. And finally, complete this hairstyle with a dry texture spray!

Multi-Layered Hush Cut for Long Hair
Instagram @jinmurano

#24: Multi-Layered Hush Cut for Long Hair

One hush hairstyle you must try is the multi-layered cut for long hair. This voluminous style is the best choice for those with long hair who want more body and bounce.

#25: Layered Semi-Hush Cut

A well-liked style for thick hair is the layered semi-hush cut. The layers reduce heaviness in the hair, giving it more volume and movement. Boost your facial features by adding a fringe that increases volume around your face.

Sick and tired of the same old hairstyle? Now’s the perfect time to try the hush cut! Marcela Hernandez, our go-to expert in layered haircuts, shares her invaluable insights on this head-turning look. Trust me, you won’t want to miss her insider tips on how you can pull off this cut and unleash your inner hair diva today!

Meet The Expert

Marcela Hernandez
Marcela Hernandez
Marcela is a layered haircutting specialist with 4 years of experience.
You can find her at Gold Dust Intuition in Covina, CA.

On Hair Texture and Hush Haircut

Hernandez says, “The hush haircut is a modern-day shag with a soft, feathery, and wispy touch.” She points to its softness, brought out by its feather-like ends and layers that frame the face. Match this cut with fringe-like bangs and you have a hush haircut.

This look works well with almost all kinds of hair, notes Hernandez. Dense hair will gain a lightweight finish from shorter layers and bulk removal from mid-shaft to ends. Thin hair will gain volume from the airy-like layers around the face that make up the cut. Thin ends lend a lightweight, wispy effect.

Hush Haircut and Face Shapes

When it comes to face shape, Hernandez advises, “square faces should opt for longer curtain bangs to help hide the sharper points of the jawline.” She points to fringe bangs as giving a shorter look to long face shapes. She adds that “shorter curtain bangs can help hide the width of a forehead on heart-shaped faces.”

Styling Tips and Product Recommendations

The hush haircut style is soft and casual, says Hernandez. She suggests curly hair can be worn natural or styled with a curl cream like IGK Class of 93′ Curl Cream. Straight hair can be worn natural or styled with a blowout cream like Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame Cream by Redken and root lifter like EVO Root Canal. This gives hair bounce and wisp, precisely the hush haircut look.

Photos of Hush Haircuts that are Trending Today