41 Stunning Haircuts with Long Layers for Straight Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Long layers for straight hair offer a sleek style with a soft and subtle movement for more intricacy. Now, having a stick-straight mane is no longer an excuse to live with a flat, lifeless hairstyle!

Stylist Celeste Docherty from Manahawkin, NJ shares a few perks of getting a layered cut. “One, it takes some weight off very thick hair. Two, it provides a playful canvas for more styling possibilities,” she notes.

These layers have to be cut in certain ways, depending on how you like to wear them. This is to prevent unwanted choppiness.

Docherty assures that “bounce, volume, and fullness are what you can achieve with the right layering.”

Hair density and texture are other factors to take into account. This haircut may create thinner ends if you have fine hair. Instead, get a face frame or curtain bangs to alter your style without getting rid of density.

Show your stylist a picture of your favorite hairstyle and ask whether you can replicate it at home. Docherty suggests questions like, “Will it fit well with your daily routine? Do your hair type pair well with this look?”

Get a whole new hairstyle without taking away so much length. These images will show you how to wear these trendy long layers for straight hair!


#1: Long Highlighted Layers

Consider a long layered haircut with highlights. Adding long layers to straight hair can complement your look, much like peanut butter complements jelly. These long layers reduce some of your hair’s weight, allowing for natural movement and flexibility. Combine these long layers with a full head of highlights to add beautiful color and dimension to your hair.

#2: Long Straight Hair with Face-Framing Layers

Wow your friends with a stunning long layered haircut, perfect for straight hair! Ask your stylist for face-framing layers that add shape around your cheekbones. A subtle side part will ensure you get an attractive look that’s easy to style. To enhance the look, ask for balayage. It’s a highlighting technique that creates natural-looking hair with movement. For additional volume, use mousse on wet hair to boost body and texture. For long-lasting hold, finish with hairspray. Try L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray so you can flaunt beautiful locs all day!

Stunning Ash Brown Straight Long Layered Hair
Instagram @ilhankaymak

#3: Stunning Ash Brown Straight Hair

Ash brown straight hair is not only stunning but also easy to care for. This color is perfect for just about anyone. The best thing about this look is that you can adjust the ashiness based on your skin tone. This versatility is a winner for anyone!

Straight Golden Brown Long Layers
Instagram @elanofficiaal

#4: Golden Brown Long Layers

If you’re a woman seeking a new, timeless style, ask for straight, long layers in a golden brown color. This haircut’s long layers add movement and dimension, and its straight ends make your hair sleek and polished. For those with naturally straight hair, this style showcases smoothness and sleekness. The warm and deep golden brown hue suits a wide range of skin tones, enhancing the entire look.

#5: Long Light Brown Straight Hair with Layers

Try this haircut with layers if you wear your hair straight most of the time. When you can, try to blow this cut out with a large round brush to give your look some volume. At your next salon visit, ask about a good heat protectant at home to keep your locks healthy.

#6: Dimensional Butterfly Haircut

This dimensional butterfly haircut is gorgeous! The various layers throughout this cut give this look tons of texture. This cut can be worn on medium to thick hair.

Balayage Layers on Long Straight Hair for women with oval faces
Instagram @glamourbycee

#7: Balayage Layers

A layered balayage style for straight hair is always stunning. You must consider hair texture and face shape for a beautifully layered style. You need to remember that more layers can thin out the hair or make it thicker. You can always ask for a disconnected style to keep the perimeter thicker. Do this if you want more layers through the crown and fullness through the ends. Hot rollers or a round brush will give you that beautiful blowout body.

Long Layers and a Center Part for fine Straight Hair and heart face
Instagram @beautyby.mirandaa

#8: Long Layers and a Center Part

Are you looking for a haircut to enhance your heart-shaped face and fine, straight hair? You can go with long layers and a center part. Your stylist can use a razor to thin out the ends to add volume and movement. An experienced stylist would suggest you use a light mousse when styling. Add a curl with a curling iron to give your hair a more playful look, if desired. For an extra touch, add some highlights or lowlights for a bit of dimension.

#9: Long Brunette Hair with Wispy Bangs

Look stunning with long brunette hair with wispy bangs. Long layers give straight hair life and movement preventing the hair from just hanging.

#10: Middle-Parted Straight Layered Hairstyle

Middle parts are back in and we are loving it!! Having your hair parted like this can really accentuate your face-framing layers. If you’re wanting to wear your hair straight but want your layers to pop, try using a round brush. This will help you achieve the look you are going for so you don’t have to add extra heat to your hair. Ask your stylist to show you how to get this look at home.

Long Chocolate Straight Hair with Blonde Highlighted Tips and Layers
Instagram @salsalhair

#11: Chocolate Straight Hair with Blonde Highlighted Tips

Longer hair lengths with layers add texture and movement. But you want the shape to sit heavy, so keep the layers and face-framing areas longer. Deep hues of chocolate brown with lightened ends are a beautiful lived-in look that is so right now. If you can, aim to compliment your tones, so a buttery blonde would work well.

Long Flowing Blonde Layers for Straight Hair
Instagram @hairpainters

#12: Long Flowing Blonde Layers

Before you go chopping off your beautiful yet flat long locks, my advice is to try long textured layers. The layers will remove the weight and open the shape of your hair. The softer ends will give you bounce when styling. Add a heavier frame to to get more volume around your facial area.

#13: Gorgeous Long Blonde Blowout Hair

Try a gorgeous long blonde blowout hair if you want some added bounce. Layers are a great way to give your hair the needed volume for long hair. Consider having shorter layers to really achieve that blowout look.

#14: Long Blonde Layers with Long Curtain Fringe

The long layers with long curtain fringe will sit nice on your long thick hair. The layers will give you lots of volume and texture. The curtain bangs will show features of your face you like. Ask for a wavy blowout to see the beauty of the entire hairstyle.

Flippy Long Layers for Straight Hair
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#15: Flippy Long Layers

Try flippy long layers if you love your hair length long but want some volume! In my experience, you should add more face-framing layers so you can create volume around the face. I suggest using a round brush and blow-drying to create the bounce.

#16: Polished Layers with Babylights

Polished layers with babylights give an effortless look that stands the test of time. Babylights change the overall tone of hair color. So I wouldn’t recommend going more than 3-4 months between appointments. Since this shade isnt too far from the natural sometimes a gloss to freshen up will solve your problems. Pair this with long layers and curtain bangs and a beautiful blowout to elevate your style.

Long Spiced Amber Straight Hair with Wispy Layers
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#17: Spiced Amber with Wispy Layers

If you’re wanting to change up your long layered cut, try a spiced amber color and some wispy layers. You’ll want to make sure to find a red hair specialist to be able to get the perfect amber color. And, make sure you have plenty of reference photos for the tone you’re looking for. Tones like this can vary from orange or red. I suggest investing in a luxurious color shampoo to ensure the longevity of your fresh color. Kevin Murphy’s Everlasting Color line is a good product.

Long Platinum Straight Layered Hair
Instagram @martafeschuk

#18: Platinum Straight Layered Hair

Super icy platinum straight layered hair is perfection on finer hair types. If you’re not so keen on tons of layering throughout, add a face frame starting at your cheekbones. It will pop up the front and have longer layers on the back. If your hair is naturally curly, you’ll want to get out your flat iron and smoothing products. Always ask for a cut that is suitable for your lifestyle.

Long Blonde Swoopy Layers for Long Straight Hair
Instagram @chelscaruso

#19: Blonde Swoopy Layers

Blonde swoopy layers are a voluminous style that will catch the attention of others. Try styling your hair with hot rollers and letting your hair set and cool before removing them. Cooling your hair before removing the roller will, in fact, give you more volume that will last!

Stunning Balayage on Long Layered Straight Hair
Instagram @keziasimoes

#20: Stunning Balayage on Layered Straight Hair

This balayage on layered, straight hair is straight hair but with voluminous ends! I advise using a brush on the bottom of your hair, as it’s the most effective way to achieve volume. Don’t skip out on the layers because this will help give your hair that bounce you’re longing for.

#21: Light Brown Extra Long Layers

Light brown extra long layers are perfect for women with length but who also want to take weight out of hair. Perfect for straight or fine hair, long layers remove excess bulk but give movement and texture.

#22: Long Layered Bangs

If you’re looking for more movement and volume in your straight long hair, try long layered bangs. This haircut gives the illusion of thicker hair. When styling, feel free to add soft beach waves or curls for extra body. Then spray with a fine mist of Redken Control Addict hair spray and run your fingers through for touchable hold to finish it off.

#23: Long Tousled Layers for Thick Hair

Debating trying long tousled layers for your straight, thick hair? Textured layers remove unwanted weight from the hair to make it more manageable and seamless. Style long layers for straight thick hair using Kenra Silkening Gloss while tresses are damp, then blow dry to help control and soften your locks.

Straight Long Swoopy Layers with Bangs
Instagram @ghdhair

#24: Long Swoopy Layers with Bangs

Give long swoopy layers with bangs a try this season. Straight black hair with bangs is the way to go when you need something to upgrade your look. These face-framing layers for long straight hair are also effective when concealing a sharp jawline. Ask your stylist to texturize your ends when cutting to achieve this beautiful texture.

#25: Layered Blowout for Women Over 40

Try a layered blowout for women over 40 to put some pep in your step. Layered haircuts on long hair have tons of movement and are extremely versatile. To style, spray Kenra Silkening Mist onto those long layers for thick straight hair to achieve this record-breaking shine.

#26: Layered Red Hair with a Fringe

Feeling bold? Try having layered red hair with a fringe. This color is flattering on almost every skin color! The blunt bangs add an extra edge and the classic layers give movement. The layers make the best low-maintenance haircuts for long straight hair as they’re easy to pull away from your face when needed.

#27: Flattering Layers for a Round Face

I’m absolutely obsessed with these flattering layers for a round face shape. If you have hip-length hair, you need to draw the eye up to the face with face-framing layers and angles like these. Long layers with bangs for straight hair create a nice hairdo that shows off your facial features and keeps you feeling young and rejuvenated.

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long bronde highlights on subtle layers
Instagram @romeufelipe

#28: Bronde Highlights on Subtle Layers

Try bronde highlights on subtle layers this year for something new and fresh. Long straight hair with layers can be super flattering and has a ton of movement compared to one-length styles. Haircuts for long straight hair with layers and side bangs require styling. Evenly distribute about a dime-sized dollop of Redken Aerate throughout your hair for volume and a light, touchable hold.

long layered straight blonde hair with middle part
Instagram @romeufelipe

#29: Blonde Hair with a Middle Part

Have you tried long layers on blonde straight hair with a middle part yet? It could be the perfect hairstyle for you. Layered hairstyles create tons of movement which can make a middle part super flattering. Ask your stylist about the maintenance for going blonde before taking the plunge.

Instagram @newimagebylizz

#30: Layers and Face-Framing Bangs on Straight Fine Hair

If you’re looking to try something completely different, try face-framing bangs on fine hair. This layered style helps give the illusion of tons of volume on long tresses, without losing any length. To prep long layers for straight fine hair, apply Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo at the root and rub in for extra volume.

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#31: Loose Waves with Softened Layers and Bangs

Everyone loves loose waves with softened layers and bangs. Soft layers are flattering on straight hair and give a haircut more personality without sacrificing length. This hair can be fixed into a ponytail and stay super cute and bouncy. The layered mid-lengths are an easy way to remove bulk if your locks are thick.

Straight Blended Layering with Long Curtain Bangs
Instagram @haum_style

#32: Blended Layering with Long Curtain Bangs

A great way to spice up hair for Asian women is with blended layering and long curtain bangs. When your stylist point cuts or uses a razor to cut your layers it causes them to blend seamlessly while still giving personality to your cut. Styling with a large round brush can help you achieve stunning but easy hairstyles.

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Face-Framing Layered Cut on Mid Back-Length Hair
Instagram @chloe_ann_cosm

#33: Face-Framing Layered Cut on Mid-Back-Length Hair

For something new this season, try a face-framing cut on mid back-length hair. This is one of the best hairstyles for long straight hair because it makes it look fuller and more exciting. These long face-framing layers for straight hair can be styled with a couple of drops of Olaplex No. 7 Bonding oil for softness and shine.

Straight Piecey Layers with Long Bangs
Instagram @juliabrandman

#34: Piece-y Layers with Long Bangs

If you love straight, long hair but want to try something different, try piece-y layers with long bangs on soft, messy hairstyles. These haircuts can be monotonous and boring, but this one is the exact opposite! Such long straight hairstyles with layers and texture can make you look young and carefree.

#35: Textured Long Shag

If you find yourself debating whether or not to try a textured long shag, I say do it! Such hairstyles can also work with other different hair textures. Shaggy layers on straight, long hair help to remove unwanted weight from the hair, which creates a feathery and seamless effect.

Straight long layered Dimensional Balayage and Highlights
Instagram @acxartistry

#36: Dimensional Balayage and Highlights

Try a dimensional balayage and highlights for a beautiful, photo-worthy straight hairstyle. The dimension that balayage highlights create on layered straight hair is effortlessly stylish and more low-maintenance than regular foil highlights.

waist-length straight hair with layers
Instagram @eunicekimhair

#37: Waist-Length Straight Layers

A great cut to try on extra long hair is waist-length straight layers. This cut features long choppy layers for straight hair. They look flattering and give straight locks movement and texture. Make sure to use a heat protectant before applying heat to your waist-length hair to keep it from becoming dry and brittle.

straight hair with long wispy layers
Instagram @maggiemh

#38: Long Wispy Layers

If you’re looking for a way to get more movement and volume in your straight long hair, you should try wispy layers. The blended elevation in this cut creates a softness that also helps make it easier to achieve a voluminous body when styling. Redken Guts 10 is an amazing volumizing spray mousse that can also help style these long front layers for straight hair.

#39: Back View of Long Feathery Layers

This back view of long feathery layers is what all of our hair dreams are made of. Feathered layers give an amazing amount of movement to straight hair, making it look seamless and blended. To maintain long layers for straight blonde hair, make sure to get them trimmed at least every 12 weeks.

#40: Long Cascading Layers

Long cascading layers are the style to try when wanting to keep your hair long but want to spice it up. Long layers for straight brown hair with blonde highlights are like a microwave for popcorn, it creates a masterpiece. Try Olaplex No.7 Bonding oil to recreate this shine in your hair.

beautiful long blonde layers with a middle part for straight hair
Instagram @hellobalayage

#41: Beautiful Long Blonde Layers with a Middle Part

If you’re one for the trends, these beautiful long blonde layers with a middle part will steal the show! A rounded face-framing layer will create great movement and bounce to your blowouts.