73 Fantastic Short to Medium Layered Haircuts for That In-Between Length

short medium layered haircuts
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

If you’re looking to make a big change in your life, what better way than making a big chop? Short to medium layered haircuts are the perfect way to make a dramatic hair change without going too short and having big regrets. Plus, adding layers allows more movement and provides awesome dimension if you decide to also color your hair.

Short-medium layered haircuts are from chin to shoulder level, enhanced with layers. This cut is not only fun due to its layering but also liberating due to its length and weight. When cut in short-medium lengths, hair feels light and airy which often gives a carefree vibe. The layers create flattering silhouettes which aim to frame the facial features well.

When it comes to understanding the importance of maintenance, Amber Wishart, a stylist from Barrington, IL, explains, “Things go south when the client isn’t properly educated on how to style and maintain their new haircut. For example, short-haired women need their styles modified every 4-6 weeks, while longer-haired women need it every 8-10 weeks.”

With layers, hair care products are a must. Wishart recommends the use of Keune Precision Powder. This product has a matte finish and a low hold which creates lift and texture, suitable for all hair types.

Above all, she reminds us how vital it is to choose your hairstylist, stating, “If a stylist isn’t giving you a thorough consultation, go for one who will.”

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of the best short to medium layered haircuts and hairstyles.

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#1: Short and Medium-Length Swoopy Layers

Trending this season and any season honestly is a layered haircut! The combination of short and medium layers creates instant body, volume, and shape. This type of haircut is great for women with medium to thick hair. To create a swoopy look, ask your stylist to show you how to use a round brush to accentuate the layers.

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#2: Amazing Layers on a Medium-Length Haircut

This is an amazing layered medium-length haircut. If you want a lot of internal layers and crown height, ask for concave layers. This cut is great for long, square, diamond-shaped, and heart-face shapes. Invest in a good blowout spray like Cult & King Set Spray for body, hold, and heat protection.

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#3: Natural Gray Mid-Length Hair with Short Layers

Ask for a natural gray mid-length hairstyle with short layers. I suggest a round layer with face-framing when you want to add body and movement to your thicker hair. Styling your hair up and away with a round brush will create lift and smoothness in your hair.

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#4: Mid-Length Blonde Hair with Short Feathered Layers

Oftentimes, when changing a hair color, one of the best ways to remove damage is to work with short layers. When wanting to go blonde, during a salon consultation, ask for all the possible styles. Depending on where you’re at, a cute mid-length style could still be an option. You’ll see the versatility of what you can create with your hair.

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#5: Face-Framing Layers and Flipped Ends

Clients with a lot of hair often ask what’s the best cut for them to remove some weight and make their hair less heavy. I often suggest a cut with a lot of layers. This is a way to keep the length, add texture and movement while at the same time making your hair less bulky.

Chic Face-Framing Bangs on Short to Mid-Length Layered Hair
Instagram @jatzir.y
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#6: Chic Face-Framing Bangs on Mid-Length Layered Hair

If it’s time to change things up, try face-framing bangs on mid-length layered hair. You’ll accent your features with a face frame, and the backward movement is so current. Adding layers to your medium-length hair will give you a sweeping and softer shape. A middle part works well with this haircut and I advise you to try to style the top on the flatter side. This will give you the perfect modern finish that you have been searching for.

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#7: Trendy Feathered Razor Cut Shag with Sliced Bangs

A feathered razor-cut shag with sliced bangs is another take on ‘the Rachel’ from Friends in the 90s. In this short hair style, the top layers aren’t blended. By not blending those layers it allows the layers to cup under making the lower layers dip and flip. Using a razor, you can slice those layers, giving you more texture and feathering.

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#8: Cute Textured Lob with Layers and Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs put the finishing touch on a short, textured lob with layers. Having a lot of short layered strands creates bounce while energizing your hair with plenty of fun, playful movement. Your stylist can use texturizing shears to develop soft, wispy ends for a weightless lift.

Long Stacked Layers on a Short to Medium Haircut
Instagram @candace.arthairco
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#9: Long Stacked Layers on a Short to Medium Haircut

Long stacked layers on a short to medium haircut are hot for the season. For this style, start with layers that are longer while making the whole top section of the head your guide. Then section by section, bring the bottom up to meet the top and cut. It will help keep the perimeter thicker and fuller. This is just a basic 180° haircut with added texture.

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#10: Casual Middle Part Bob Cut with Soft Layers

Try rocking a middle part bob cut with soft layers. For short layered haircuts, I like to texturize the hair using my shears. By doing this, it creates short hairs in with longer hairs so the layers don’t get too heavy as your haircut grows out. Adding wispy long curtain bangs is the perfect way to add softness to your face.

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#11: Short Choppy Layers on Shoulder-Grazing Wavy Hair

Short choppy layers on shoulder-grazing wavy hair should be your go-to cut if you want a change from long hair. Shoulder-length hair is a super choice if you aren’t looking to go too short. Pulling your hair up is still an easy option at this length. The choppy layers will give you a beach wave easily with your natural curl or with an iron. If you want versatility, this beautiful shape can be worn straight as well.

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#12: Textured Layers and Micro Bangs for Thin Hair

Give your thin hair a boost with textured layers and micro bangs. Layers are great for volume and body especially when you have thin hair. Layers that are soft and textured will give movement to your limp locks. Add a personal touch with a micro bang but be ready for the maintenance that comes along with them.

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#13: Low-Maintenance Layered Hair with Long Bangs

If you looking for a low-maintenance cut, try layered short hair with long bangs. A medium-length cut with layers will make your tresses look naturally sweet and simple. With little to no fuss, long bangs will bring movement and body to your locks for no-stress styling.

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#14: Copper Red on a Disconnected Wolf Haircut

Go for a bold look with copper red on a disconnected wolf cut. Short layers at the crown will give the right amount of volume and body for a fuller-looking appearance. A wolf cut is the perfect on-trend cut that will give your hair texture and the edgy look you have been looking for.

Trendsetting Short to Medium Two-Layer Octopus Cut
Instagram @salonbriana
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#15: Trendsetting Two-Layer Octopus Cut

Try the octopus cut if you’re looking for a good medium-length cut with lots of movement. The octopus cut is similar to the shag cut, which makes it perfect for the modern woman to enjoy. While the cut has a lot of layers and movement, it would be best for women with very dense hair.

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#16: Ash Blonde Shag with Flipped-Out Bangs

If you’re looking for a cute short hair style that will frame your face, try an ash-blonde shag with flipped-out bangs. The shag cut, which is one of the most popular styles right now, can look great on you. You can make it flip out away from your face with a blow-dryer brush like the Dyson Airwrap.

Short-Medium Multi-Layered Wolf Hair with a Curtain Fringe
Instagram @victoria.hairart
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#17: Multi-Layered Wolf Hair with a Curtain Fringe

Consider a multi-layered wolf haircut with a curtain fringe if you are searching for something new. A wolf cut is one of the most trending hairstyles and hair moving away from the face is so fresh. Ask your stylist for a strong angle around your face and lots of layers. If you have a few wrinkles or acne on your forehead, why not cover them up with a curtain fringe? A flowy fringe is definitely happening.

Mid-Length Shaggy Short Layered Bob with Warm Highlights
Instagram @ernestomeneses
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#18: Shaggy Short Layered Bob with Warm Highlights

You’ll love a shaggy short layered bob with warm highlights. With short or medium-length hair, you will definitely amp up your fashion statement. A shaggy bob is super cute and easy to style. I suggest a messy finish, which can be achieved by blow drying with your hands or a medium round brush, moving away from your face. Complete your look with caramel-colored highlights, which compliments brunettes beautifully.

Sleek Short to Medium Mullet with Choppy Layers and Fringe
Instagram @tonytony1226
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#19: Sleek Mullet with Choppy Layers and Fringe

Select a sleek mullet with choppy layers and fringe, and you’ll be edgy and sexy. A new haircut will make you feel special and ready for anything. I use a strong disconnect between the top layers and the length to bring this shape to life. The short top layers remove weight to create the shaggy fringe and bottom. If your hair type is fine, this cut will work perfectly.

Modern Short to Medium Straight Choppy Hair with Long Layers
Instagram @tonytony1226
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#20: Modern Straight Choppy Hair with Long Layers

A mid-length choppy haircut with long layers will make straight hair look fuller. We love the addition of a wispy bang on a cut like this, as it helps to frame the eyes and cheekbones.

Feminine Face-Framing Short to Medium Layered Cut with Blunt Bangs
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair
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#21: Feminine Face-Framing Layered Cut with Blunt Bangs

Try this face-framing layered cut with blunt bangs for a stylish, bouncy haircut because the bangs shape your face and layers highlight your pretty cheeks and lips. For this haircut, a medium round brush will help you achieve the finished style.

Stylish Short to Medium Blonde Balayage Bob with Layers
Instagram @_braidy_bunch
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#22: Stylish Blonde Balayage Bob with Layers

Try a blonde balayage when you have your haircut style in a bob with layers. Creating lots of layers will allow your blonde balayage to stand out perfectly. A short cut with texture and blonde balayage is great for ladies who like to have a low-maintenance color.

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#23: Mid-Length Fine Hair with Dimensional Layers

If you have fine hair, what you need is a mid-length cut with dimensional layers to add fullness and movement to your style. Curtain bangs are very trendy right now as women are playing with more face-framing shapes to enhance their best features. Use a round brush to create a big bouncy blowout then set it with a brushable hairspray or a dry texture spray if you want to add more shine.

Short Medium Brunette Layers and Bangs with Red Accents
Instagram @nataliarok
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#24: Brunette Layers and Bangs with Red Accents

If you’re looking to add some excitement to your brunette hair, try adding layers and bangs with red accents. Layers of red and deep chocolatey brown draw attention to your eyes. Peek-a-boo color blocking is a fun way for brunettes out there to add a little bit of enchantment to their style without all the maintenance of a traditional highlight. Because the red is peaking out from the brown, you won’t even notice when your new growth starts to grow in.

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#25: Mini Curly Shullet on Dark Brown Hair

Do you want to give your dark brown hair a vintage feel? Then try a mini curly shullet. The bangs and the crown layers bring attention to your brows and eyes while adding height to the top of your head. A short mullet is a nice air-dry style for women with curly hair.

Short Two Tone Layered Medium-Length Wolf Cut with Dip Dye
Instagram @miamihairmel
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#26: Two Tone Layered Wolf Cut with Dip Dye

A two-tone layered wolf cut with dip dye is one of the best edgy hairstyles. Perfect if you have medium to fine strands, adding stylish layers can give you a lot of nice texture. A haircut that’s soft yet piecey makes the best wolf cut.

Bold Short-to-Medium Long Feathery Textured Bob
Instagram @theheroine_
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#27: Bold Long Feathery Textured Bob

Try a 70s-inspired long feathery textured bob. A short to medium-length cut manages to be the best length for fine hair. Feathery layers offer soft movement and body. When blow drying, use a round brush away from your face to show off the soft feathered layers.

Short to Medium Bronde Bob with Layered Flipped-Up Ends
Instagram @h.a.i.r.c.u.t_by_sara
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#28: Bronde Bob with Flipped-Up Ends

A bronde bob with flipped-up ends is perfect for women with straight hair who want a bold twist on their classic cut. Flipped-up ends are a shape of hair that easily turns heads and looks fashionable no matter where you go.

Sassy Deep Side Part and Layered Bangs on Short to Medium Dark Hair
Instagram @dinesh.ton
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#29: Sassy Deep Side Part and Layered Bangs on Dark Hair

Switch up your style and try some layered bangs with your side part. The layers in the front will look similar to the trending “butterfly layers.” It’s a perfectly charming look for the everyday woman. With the layering in the front, you don’t have to worry too much about styling every day because the layering will give you the movement that you need for the style.

Short Edgy Wolf Cut with Medium Jagged Layers
Instagram @betta_koral
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#30: Short Edgy Wolf Cut with Jagged Layers

You should get a short edgy wolf cut with jagged layers. If you want to make your hair into a wolf cut, angled sides and a longer back with lots of layers throughout will give you the cut you want. It’s really important to style it flatter on the top for an authentic shape, like this one. Be cool, and be the first one to try something new and different.

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#31: Voluminous Layered Cut with Heavy Side Bangs

Try a voluminous layered cut with heavy side bangs if you have thick hair. The bangs are a great way to add a chic clean look to your haircut. For some, this look is best styled with a lot of feathered layers, creating a beautiful rounded look. Great for women who have thick hair and are looking for a style that is easy to create with a rounded brush blow dry.

Medium Short Undone Texture on Blonde Layered Hair
Instagram @arenakappers
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#32: Undone Texture on Blonde Layered Hair

Go for an easy breezy look with undone texture on blonde layered hair. Get movement and body with layers that will make your locks look lovely. Medium-length hair is always fun and flirty and is so easy to style. Perfect for girls that are looking to give their fine locks a boost.

Short to Medium-Length Red Hair with Feathery Ends
Instagram @nerisvey
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#33: Short to Medium-Length Red Hair with Feathery Ends

Short to medium-length hair with feathery ends is a full, textured haircut perfect for a woman of any age. The wispy ends add style and shape to your shoulder-length look, so try a bright red shade to really amp up your style. Short layered hairstyles are a great way to reduce bulk on thick hair while adding fullness to fine hair. Adding a vibrant color like red will brighten your look, at the same time it will compliment your complexion if you have an olive skin tone.

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#34: Razor Cut Shag with Wispy Layers and Curtain Bangs

A razor cut shag with wispy layers and curtain bangs are great on straight hair. Using a razor on this classic cut creates multiple lengths with each swipe of the razor. Razor cutting is similar to point cutting or cutting with texturizing shears, as it diffuses blunt ends. It helps create the look of blended layers with less effort. Stylists, remember to always use a fresh razor on each cut. Fresh razors slide easier through the hair.

Medium Layers with Subtle Highlights on Shorter Hair
Instagram @may__noh
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#35: Medium Layers with Subtle Highlights

Consider medium layers with subtle highlights if you want something easy, low-maintenance, and flirty. Finely highlighted hair has the ability to make the color of all of your hair lighter. The finer the pieces of blonde, the lighter all of your hair will appear. Sometimes the highlights get lost because it blends so well. Try bigger stitches when foiling you’ll see more dimension, especially when you run your fingers through your client’s hair.

Short to Medium Flipped Out Layers on Ash Gray Hair
Instagram @may__noh
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#36: Flipped Out Layers on Ash Gray Hair

Flipped-out layers on ash gray hair are elegant and stunning. This style reminds me of an old-school 60s bubble flip, with less backcombing and hairspray. The ash tones on this gray are created by glazing natural grey hair with violet or purple-based grey/silver toner. You’ll get those smokey tones without the commitment. Up to 20 washes and it’s gone.

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#37: Popular Shoulder-Length Haircut with Tapered Layers

A wispy shoulder-length haircut is perfect for fine hair as it’s an incredibly fun and playful cut with a lot of texture throughout the ends. I would use a razor or a slicing technique to taper the ends. Texturizing and layering is an ideal way to de-bulk and add movement to your dense fine hair.

Vibrant Short to Medium Platinum Blonde on a Baby Mullet Shag
Instagram @pinkconchas
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#38: Vibrant Platinum Blonde on a Baby Mullet Shag

Consider a platinum blonde shag with a hint of mullet. For the daring gal with a western meets rocker personal style, try a baby mullet shag. With face-framing curtain bangs and shorter crown layers, you will highlight your eyes and cheekbones while getting the best amount of volume on top and a skinnier look around your neckline. Style your locks with waves, a round brush, or wash-and-go. A shag can be an easy maintenance style that usually grows beautifully over time.

Short Tousled Mullet with Bangs and Medium Shaggy Layers
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty
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#39: Tousled Mullet with Bangs and Shaggy Layers

Try a tousled mullet combined with bangs and shaggy layers to look effortlessly cool. Layered short haircuts can work with many face shapes, it’s all about finding the right balance for each individual when it comes to face framing and layering. If you’re interested in getting a cut like this, see a cutting specialist to get the best outcome.

Youthful Short to Medium Wavy Layered Shag with Thin Bangs
Instagram @bareeminimum
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#40: Youthful Wavy Shag with Thin Bangs

A wavy shag with thin bangs works well with fine hair by creating more fullness at the crown of your head. As summer starts to wind down, fuller bangs are coming back. To style one of these hairstyles at home apply a styling cream then comb the bangs how you’d like them to lay. Use bang clips to keep your hair in place then diffuse or air dry.

Unique Short to Medium Mullet Blonde Bob with Textured Bangs
Instagram @danieljianing
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#41: Unique Mullet Blonde Bob with Textured Bangs

A bright blonde hue adds a touch of LA cool-girl vibes to a mullet-bob with textured bangs. The shorter texture on the top layers makes it more piecey. This razor-cut shape delicately frames your face with a soft edge. Use a hair balm to accentuate the texture.

Short to Medium Two Tone Wolf Cut with Razored Layers
Instagram @danieljianing
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#42: Two Tone Wolf Cut with Razored Layers

Rock this two-tone wolf cut with razored layers if you’re all about having the trendiest hairstyle at the current moment and love a bold (yet soft) style. A woman with a wolf cut will provide so much fun texture, giving you a sexy appearance overall. When I cut a wolf cut, I like to add a pop of color that frames around the face and follows the perimeter of the hairline. Having 2 shades of color in your hair will give you a flashy, contrasting image that is fun to style and play with.

Sleek Medium Wolf Haircut with Short Layers
Instagram @olgakursitis
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#43: Sleek Wolf Haircut with Short Layers

Although a wolf cut is typically known for the texture and shape it brings, a sleek wolf haircut with short layers can also be very elegant and professional looking. You can wear this haircut sleek and smooth if you’re trying to “dress to impress” during the day, but you can also have fun experimenting with different styles since a medium wolf haircut has versatility, given with the right layers.

Polished Long Side Bangs on Short-to-Medium Layered Hair
Instagram @danam_mua
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#44: Polished Long Side Bangs on Medium Layered Hair

Long side bangs on medium-layered hair are a gorgeous and flirty look. If you are bored with your layered medium cut, adding a long side bang is a great way to spice up your look. Your stylist will show you the best way to style your new bangs so they fall in a natural way for you. My go-to way of styling is the same way. I cut the bangs, pull the bangs to the opposite side, and round brush under. Once cooled, you can flip over to the side you want them to fall on and you’ll be left with a nice, natural swoop.

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#45: Highlighted Shaggy Bob with Messy Layers

A highlighted shaggy bob with messy layers is an easy-going style that stands out. The medium length is great for fine hair to give off the look of fullness. Layered hair is meant to give dimension and shape to add life to flat hair. Style using a volumizing mousse or a curl cream if you have a natural curl, using a diffuser on the end of your dryer on medium to slowly dry up into place, and you’re good to go!

Short to Medium Wispy Blonde Hair with Disconnected Layers
Instagram @hairbyatsumi
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#46: Wispy Blonde Hair with Disconnected Layers

Rock wispy blonde hair with disconnected layers if your hair is on the thinner side. I take an interesting approach to disconnected layers on fine, thin hair. I section all the hair in a rectangle on the top of the head and cut it in one cut. On layered blonde hair, I will sometimes point cut this section. This technique keeps the thickness on the bottom of your hair and adds layers and volume to the top.

Modern Shaggy Lob with Fringe and Layers
Instagram @katiepdxhair
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#47: Modern Shaggy Lob with Fringe

A modern shaggy lob with a fringe is a haircut with lots of choppy layers. To keep this style full of volume, your stylist may use a technique called slide cutting. This will incorporate shorter pieces into your hair which will add texture and give you tons of volume. Slide cutting the fringe will give you defined pieces over your forehead that compliment the rest of your haircut.

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Short Piece-y Layers on Shoulder-Grazing Hair
Instagram @melissa.gill
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#48: Short Piece-y Layers on Shoulder-Grazing Hair

Short piece-y layers on shoulder-grazing hair are a great option if you have thick, heavy hair and want more volume. A cut with layers will naturally enhance texture and volume in your hair, but keeping the layers piece-y will also give you a wind-swept appearance. To make the most of this haircut, style your hair with a soft curl to the ends.

Layered Cut with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights
Instagram @ninajohnsalon
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#49: Layered Cut with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

For natural-looking dimensional hair, consider blonde highlights and lowlights on a layered cut. Adding multiple colors to your new cut will make your layers stand out while still blending beautifully. One of the best ways to show off your new hairstyle is to curl your hair. This showcases the color underneath the top layer of your hair, making the highlights and lowlights pop.

Medium Layered Blowout Style on Rooted Brown Hair
Instagram @hair_by_denize
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#50: Medium Blowout Style on Rooted Brown Hair

Rooted brown hair with a medium blowout style looks soft and effortless on any hair type. To get a healthy-looking blowout, you’ll want to keep a lot of thickness through the ends of your hair. This means getting regular trims to remove any split ends. Your stylist can also tweak your style at that time to make sure your haircut is right for your face shape.

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#51: Tousled Wolf Cut with a Face Frame

Tousled wolf cuts with face frames are a modern version of a shag. Layered short haircuts like a wolf cut are great if you want to style your hair once and not need to touch it up all day long. Adding a face frame to your new haircut will bring focus to your face and highlight your natural beauty.

Shaggy Mullet on Copper Blonde Hair
Instagram @ernestomeneses
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#52: Shaggy Mullet on Copper Blonde Hair

A shaggy mullet will stand out in a crowd. Warm golden tones are a timeless choice that compliments you if you have yellow or red skin undertones. To get extra volume in your copper mullet, you can ask for short layers through the top and crown of your head.

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#53: Mature Mid-Length Bob with Layers for Older Women

A mid-length bob with layers for older women is great if you want to add body to a short to medium layered haircut. To get this style, ask your hairstylist for a softly textured bob cut, especially if you have thin hair.

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Classic Short to medium choppy layers hairstyle
Instagram @mikaatbhc
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#54: Classic Short to Medium Choppy Layers

The best short to medium layered hairstyles come with choppy layers. They’re modern and youthful-looking and hold the perfect balance between an edgy and sophisticated style. Short layered haircuts are perfect for all textures and for all ages.

Elegant Medium to short layered haircut
Instagram @texturedbymeg
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#55: Elegant Medium to Short Layered Haircut

Medium to short layered haircut exemplifies power and elegance. Try medium to short haircuts if you have thick hair and want some lightness.

Beautiful Platinum Choppy Short-to-Medium Haircut
Instagram @salonaryahair
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#56: Beautiful Platinum Choppy Haircut

Lighten up your locks with a platinum choppy haircut. Having many choppy layers will help keep dead ends away to avoid having split ends for healthier-looking hair. Try to get frequent trims every 6-8 weeks to keep your locks looking fresh.

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#57: Messy Shoulder-Length Angled Bob for Fine Hair

You’ll want to try a shoulder-length angled bob for fine hair. You will have tons of options. Shoulder-length bobs can be worn straight or curly and look fabulous on women of any age or face shape. Medium to short layered haircuts is for anyone who likes versatility on their tresses.

Neck-length shaggy layered hairstyle
Instagram @davidwbullen
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#58: Neck-Length Shaggy Layered Hairstyle

Choose a neck-length shaggy layered hairstyle for an easy, lived-in appearance. Ask your stylist for short layers to release the weight and create a wispy shape. A feather or straight razor can be used to cut and maximize the effect. A layered hairstyle works well on straight and curly hair textures.

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#59: Amazing Short to Medium Layered Hairstyle

A short to medium layered hairstyle is suitable for any age and ideal for anyone with fine to medium textured hair. Short hairstyles with long layers can give the illusion of fullness when styled with big, lived-in waves. Keep this cut on-trend with a slightly longer length in front and a partition at the center.

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#60: Cool Jaw-Length Bob for Curly Hair

A jaw-length bob for curly hair has many layers with long face-framing pieces which allow your curls to lay beautifully. A jaw-length bob is perfect for square and oval face-shaped ladies.

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#61: Youthful Layered Bob for Women Over 70

Layered bob hairstyles for women over 70 have a layered shape that softens the feel of the bob. Plus, they have a lighter feel, giving you carefree and youthful-looking hair.

Messy razored short to medium pixie cut for straight hair
Instagram @alm433
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#62: Brown Messy Razored Short Pixie for Straight Hair

Opt for a messy razored short pixie cut for thick, brown, straight hair. The razor cut creates the shape but also increases the movement for straighter hair types. It also removes the heaviness that shorter, thicker hair typically has. The back view says it all! Not every stylist uses razor cutting techniques, so discuss this before getting a short to medium haircut with layers.

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#63: Trendy Short to Medium Layered Shag

Short to medium hairstyles like a layered shag have some striking features. Ask your stylist for a short hairstyle that has frontal strands longer than the back of the head, which will flatter your face well.

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#64: Cute Lob with Feathered Layers

A cute lob with feathered layers offers movement but doesn’t change the overall length of your hair. Plus, the layers highlight the various colors within the long, layered bob.

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#65: Layered Shag Cut with Bangs for Women Over 50

A layered mid-length shag cut with bangs for women over 50 has shorter strands in the front and longer layers in the middle and back. Opt for short to medium haircuts like this if you want to add texture, volume, and bounce.

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Charming Short to Medium Layered Rounded Bob
Instagram @flauntbybrynn
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#66: Charming Short to Medium Layered Rounded Bob

Consider a short to medium layered rounded bob hairstyle. It’s a great way to keep length in front while adding volume, layers, and fullness to the back. Hair lengths that range from short to medium with layers need a round brush, smoothing cream, and flat iron for the best results when styling.

Flattering Medium to short layered hairstyle
Instagram @hairbypeytonk
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#67: Flattering Medium to Short Layered Hairstyle

A medium to short layered hairstyle is very versatile. From chin to shoulder-length, it can be worn smooth and shiny, or tousled and messy. Fairly low-maintenance, this cut grows out well so you can go longer between cuts.

Wavy layered medium-length hair
Instagram @heckagoodhair
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#68: Wavy Layered Medium-Length Hair

Wavy layered medium-length hair maintains the length of the hair while also adding movement and fullness. A girl with fuller hair benefits from shorter layers as they have more weight in the perimeter of the hair. Furthermore, these layers help remove some of the bulk throughout the internal part of the wavy hair, too.

Short pixie bob with top layers
Instagram @hirohair
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#69: Short Pixie Bob with Top Layers

A short pixie bob with top layers creates tons of volume while maintaining some perimeter length. When considering a pixie bob or short layered hair in general, ask your stylist about your face shape and hair density to ensure the style is appropriate and practical.

Shorter inverted bob with layers
Instagram @diogo.migli
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#70: Blonde Shorter Inverted Bob with Layers

A blonde shorter inverted bob with layers works on all hair types. A deep side part gives fullness to the crown while a middle part gives a sleeker appearance. Soft layers and waves create a beautiful dimension and add plenty of movement within the short hair cut. A 5-6 week appointment is essential to maintain the shape of this short to medium layered cut.

Classic Mid-length layers for women with thick hair
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#71: Classic Mid-Length Layers for Thick Hair

Add mid-length layers to your thick hair to achieve a style without taking away too much length. Adding in some short to medium layers creates tons of volume and movement. To style a lob, along with other medium to short hairstyles, add alternating curls with a one-inch curling iron and finish with a texture spray. Ask your stylist for an ombre hair color to really make the layers pop.

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#72: Grey Pixie with Layers for Women Over 60

A grey pixie with layers for women over 60 is a great choice if you’re looking for low-maintenance hair. Create some texture as you dry, using your hands to manipulate short to medium hair with layers. And note that this style dries quickly with some gel.

Boldly Textured short to medium-length shag cut
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#73: Boldly Textured Medium-Length Shag Cut

A textured medium-length shag cut is a great low-maintenance style.  I used a straight razor to create this shag. If you have dense hair, ask your stylist to create lots of jagged, short to medium layers.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Layering is great for short hair!  Adding layers can add weight to thin hair and remove weight on fuller hair.  They also provide shape, texture, angles, and so much more to fit your desired look.

  • Your hair can certainly look thicker by adding layers.  Your stylist can achieve this by cutting horizontally as opposed to vertically.

  • You can achieve great volume with layers.  In addition to volume, layers can give you movement and added body.  This is perfect for those with thin hair.  Internal layer cutting, combining slide and point cutting techniques, will also do the trick on thin hair.

  • The shorter your layers are, the more volume and less weight there will be.  Keep in mind, that shorter layers frame the face more. So while there is no specific shortest length, you can get more out of your style with shorter layers.

  • Razor cutting and texturizing shears can blend your layers really well.  To avoid a blunt look, different techniques and tools such as point cutting are used to blend together.  Ask your stylist about some styling techniques for home in order to keep the blended look.

  • A great way to cut layers into medium hair is by pulling all the hair to one point, straight out from where it grows.  You can also pull your hair into a ponytail and cut it.  This leaves some weight in the crown area but allows for plenty of body mid-strand to ends.

  • You can tell your stylist that you’re needing some extra movement or even bring a photo to your hair appointment.  Oftentimes, stylists will have a much better idea of how to give you what you're asking for when you have a visual.  Be specific!  Asking solely for layers doesn’t quite tell your stylist what you’re looking for, so show them.