41 Lovely Layered Bob Haircuts for Ladies In Their 60s That Are Easy To Style

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Chin-Length Bob with Piece-y Layers

One of the best types of bobs are those that have swing and movement. A chin-length bob with layers has the advantage of adding volume and debulking densities. I suggest gathering photos of inspiration to help you decide which style you love the best.

Short Bob for Coarse Hair for Women Passed 60

#2 Short Curly Bob for Coarse Hair

A short bob for coarse hair typically requires round layers to prevent heaviness. As we age, the texture of our hair changes. It typically becomes coarse and can develop a wave. Consider using a product like Aveda Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Cream for frizz prevention and moisture.

Voluminous Bob with Layers for Mature Women

#3 Voluminous Bob with Layers and Money Piece

Opt for a voluminous bob with layers for mature women. It’s for women who still want to keep length but also want their style to be full. A medium-length layered bob hairstyle is perfect for women over 60. Ask your stylist to layer your hair to draw attention up and away from your face, accentuating your cheekbones and eyes.

Salt-and-Pepper Razored Bob for Ladies in Their 60s

#4 Salt-and-Pepper Razored Bob

Embrace your gray hair and try a salt-and-peppered razored bob. A bob with layers haircut is perfect for someone with texture. The razor promotes waves and curls, making this style ideal for a woman wanting minimal styling and salon maintenance.

Layered Bob with Gray Covering for 60-Year-Olds
Instagram @maisonsilvia

#5: Blonde Layered Bob with Gray Tones

Many people with gray hair prefer a darker shade, which could look natural. However, as they age, this can look too harsh. A softer, lighter color often looks better on their complexion and can also prevent harsh regrowth. Keep your hair fresh with a textured, layered, shorter shape. This helps give your hair dimension.

#6: Visible Layering on Messy Blonde Bob

Add visible layers to your blonde bob to introduce texture to your current style and add movement. If you like a traditional bob but need more volume, adding layers at the crown can achieve this subtly yet effectively. For maximizing the appeal of your new layers, investing in the best tools is important. I recommend using a small round brush and a high-heat blow dryer for optimal results.

Layered Flowy Hawaiian Bob Hairstyle for 60-Year-Olds
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#7: Medium-Length Flowy Hawaiian Hairstyle

The layered, flowy Hawaiian hairstyle is a fresh option for 60-year-olds who want to add movement and body to their hair. The cut has layers that blend smoothly. They make an airy look for those who want to boost their natural hair texture. The layers also help to add volume and bounce without making the hair shorter.

People with medium to thick hair find this hairstyle works great. Apply a mousse that makes your hair look bigger to wet hair. Then, softly squeeze to make natural waves or curls. For added lift, use a round brush to blow dry the roots.

Bob Cut with Feminine Visible Layers for Ladies Aged 60 with short hair
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#8: Feminine Round Bob Haircut with Fringe

A round bob cut with feminine visible layers and bangs is the ultimate update for ladies aged 60 with short hair. This cut adds dimension to a classic bob while being manageable and low maintenance. The added layers create softness around the face. It’s perfect for mature skin types and will make you look 10 years younger. It works well with different hair textures and is versatile for all occasions. For styling, use a volumizing spray on damp hair to create a lift at the roots. Blow-dry with a round brush, curling the ends inward for a polished finish.

Cute Choppy Fringe on a Layered Bob for Women Aged 60 and Over
Instagram @felix.lynn

#9: Cute Choppy Fringe on Layered Bob

Try a layered bob with a cute choppy fringe for your fine hair to look fuller with dimension. For those with forehead lines, try a soft, choppy bang to help soften your face. Avoid fuller bangs if you have a small face shape.

White Grey Layered Long Bob for Ladies 60 and Over
Instagram @chinatsu.magnolia

#10: White Grey Long Bob with Face Frame

Bobs and layered hairstyles for older women create a timeless look if the cuts are in the right places. I suggest talking to your stylist to see where your haircut should sit based on your face shape. Another benefit of this face-framing haircut is its incredibly easy style. One of the best ways to style this long bob for ladies over 60 is with a round brush and a blow dryer.

Layered Bob with Natural Color for a Woman Over 60
Instagram @the.a.list.226

#11: Layered Short Bob with Natural Color

If you’re in your sixties and want a trendy cut that covers your ears, the best cut for you is an a-line wedge haircut. The tight tapered nape area removes bulk and elongates your neckline. The angled front allows length to come toward your face. It will cover your ears without looking heavy. Texturizing helps your hair to be more manageable when styling.

Layered Deeply Side-Parted Tousled Bob for Ladies Over Sixty
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#12: Deeply Side-Parted Tousled Bob

One of the best ways to create more volume in your mane is with a deep side-parted bob. This is one of the age-60-and-over layered bob styles that can be worn messy or sleek.

#13: Precision Cut Layered Bob

Your aging hair has more versatility than we were made to believe. Styles like a layered bob can elevate your look. My best advice is to talk with your stylist about length and maintenance. That way, it suits your lifestyle and allows for easy styling. Depending on your style, hair color can be as soft as a whisper or as vibrant as a shout.

#14: Glossy Blonde Bob with Layers

Transform yourself with a glossy blonde bob with layers. Don’t be afraid to chop off your hair into something stylish. A bob hitting above your shoulder will also make you look younger and taller. If you have fine and aging hair, a bob length will make your hair healthier. Remember to ask your stylist for layering at the bottom of your cut. Layering helps to break things up and give it a little shag and movement.

Short and Sophisticated Bob with a Side Part for 60-Year-Olds
Instagram @winkasheville

#15: Short and Sophisticated Bob with Side Part

A short and sophisticated bob with a side part is a classic style, perfect if you’re looking for more volume and easier upkeep. One of the best ways to style is using a mousse for volume and hold and blow drying by over-directing your hair from one side to the next to create natural volume. Avoid using too hard of a hold hair spray so that you can see the movement in your hair. If you are used to hard-hold hairspray, try a medium to light hold or a texture spray.

Neck-Length Shaggy Bob with Layers and Full Bangs for Women Over 60
Instagram @demilisan

#16: Neck-Length Shaggy Bob with Layers and Full Bangs

Try a neck-length bob with layers and bangs to add the illusion of more thickness and create movement in a haircut. Shaggy layers are a great way to keep a low-maintenance haircut that requires minimal styling, while thick, full bangs work to frame almost any face shape.

#17: White Bob with Textured Layers

Consider a bob with textured layers and let your natural beauty shine through. Textured layers are great for fine hair by adding fullness and movement. Length right above the shoulders is a great length for less maintenance and has a soft grow-out. Maintain your natural white hair at home using a purple shampoo to keep the yellow tone away.

#18: Low-Maintenance Bob with Feathery Layers

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance bob with layers, you’ll want to keep your hair cut above your shoulders. When hair hits the shoulders, it tends to flip out, so short haircuts can go longer between salon visits than shoulder-length haircuts.

#19: Short Bobbed Hair with Wispy Layers

Layered bobbed hair can be cut in many different ways. Choosing between different lengths and layering can completely change your face shape.

#20: Longer Shaggy Bob for Women with Glasses

A modern and stylish feathered curtain bang is an important part of this long, shaggy bob for women with glasses. Going for a longer fringe frames the face and creates a flattering shape while complementing eyewear instead of covering it.

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#21: Wavy Choppy Bob with Side Bangs

A choppy bob with side bangs is ideal for women over 60 with thick hair. A bob with layers cut has movement and texture and suits a variety of textures and face shapes. The length and amount of layering can be tailored to your individual needs, so consult with your stylist about the best version of this shape for you.

#22: Jaw-Length Grey Bob with Soft Layers

Consider a grey bob with soft layers if you’re phasing out of coloring your aging hair. Such above-60 layered bob hairstyles are a perfect idea when removing colored ends and embracing the beauty of your natural hair color. The shape is chic, flattering, and timeless, and it grows out extremely easily if you want to regrow length later.

Curly Layered Blonde Lob for Women Past 60
Instagram @robertacachos

#23: Curly Layered Medium Bob

Try a curly layered blonde medium bob if you want a new shape. Layering creates movement, enhances the texture, and can lighten a bulky perimeter. This curly hair cut can be customized for every 60-year-old woman, so ask your stylist what would look best for you.

Long Bob with Long Layers for a Woman in Her 60s
Instagram @amy.farrahhair

#24: Long Bob with Long Layers

Consider a long bob with long layers. A bob with layers style works for various face shapes and hair textures. It’s extremely low-maintenance and requires minimal upkeep. Visit your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks to keep your cut fresh, or go a little longer and enjoy the evolution of your grow-out.

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#25: Stacked Layered Bob Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Consider a short layered bob hairstyle for thin hair. Thinning hair can be a concern as we age. Keeping a short bob shape creates the appearance of fullness and volume. Shorter lengths also require minimal styling for those seeking something low-maintenance. Don’t forget to consult your stylist about what version of this versatile cut would work for you.

#26: Layered Lob with Wispy Bangs

A long and layered bob cut is perfect for women wanting fullness without sacrificing all their length. This versatile shape can be styled with a round brush and a flexible hold hairspray. Wispy bangs on a lob cut are recommended for ladies with longer face shapes.

#27: Mini Bob with Layers and Bangs

A bob with layers and bangs is the best haircut for fine hair. A layered wispy bob gives the illusion of fullness to hair that tends to look wispy. It’s possible to layer fine hair too much, so consult your stylist about the perfect amount of layering for you.

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#28: Wedge Bob with Blended Layering

A bob with blended layering is classic and chic. Layered bob haircuts for women over 60 are versatile and require very little styling. This cut is great with various textures, so ask your stylist if this shape would fit you and your lifestyle well.

Layered Pixie Bob for a Lady Passed 60
Instagram @abby_wella

#29: Layered Pixie Bob

Consider a layered pixie bob for women over 60. A slightly longer front makes this an extremely versatile cut. A simple tuck behind one ear can transform the shape and give the illusion of asymmetry. Bobs are always in fashion, and this style keeps it looking interesting and trendy.

Wispy Bob with an Undercut for Women 60 and Over
Instagram @oomphhairology

#30: Very Short Bob with Undercut

Consider a short bob with thinned-out ends and an undercut if you have thicker hair. Cutting an underneath section of the hair quite short allows the remaining hair to have movement and lightness that an otherwise thick-haired lady might not achieve.

#31: Edgy Asymmetrical Layered Bob

An edgy asymmetrical layered bob is a haircut that can completely change your appearance if you’re over 60. This is an excellent choice for an older woman’s hairstyle because the funky layers, angles, and sharp lines give a youthful vibe. For added volume, consider using Kenra’s Root Lifting Spray 13.

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#32: Jaw-Level Layered Rounded Bob Cut

A jaw-level layered rounded bob cut is a hairstyle that suits all hair types. If you’re considering a layered bob style, keep in mind the density of your hair. Women with thick or wavy hair will want trims more frequently than women with straight, fine hair.

Short Concave Bob for Women Sixty and Over
Instagram @bella_js_hair

#33: Short Concave Bob

A short, concave bob is a great choice for women who love short, spunky hair. Ask your hairstylist to add some piecey layers for a younger-looking style. Use Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray for added texture over the classic bob hairstyle.

#34: Tousled Bob with Short Fringe

A tousled bob with fringe can make women sixty and over feel younger. Keeping the fringe at a mid-forehead length helps conceal fine lines and wrinkles while looking modern. It’s one of the best haircuts for seniors.

#35: Angled Bob with Layers

An angled bob with layers is a haircut that will add length to a 60-year-old round face. With the angle sloping down from back to front, this hairstyle draws the eye to the longest point. Adding a face frame or fringe to this haircut will also make you look 10 years younger.

Graduated Bob for Fine Hair for Women Passed Sixty
Instagram @sophiehairrrx

#36: Graduated Bob for Fine Hair

A graduated bob haircut for very fine hair needs texture and movement in the cut. Women sixty and up will especially love this haircut because the graduation in the back and soft angle in the front are trendy and easy to style.

#37: Wavy Bob with Bangs and Layers

Women who don’t enjoy heat styling will love a wavy bob with bangs and layers. With this cut, you embrace your natural grey hair while keeping a modern style. As a bonus, having a face-framing bang gives the illusion of larger, more prominent eyes.

#38: Layered Inverted Bob

A layered inverted bob is a classic and elegant haircut. A bob style adds youthfulness to the face when given sassy, chic layers. This haircut can be styled smooth with a flat iron or curly with a small barrel curling iron.

#39: Layered Stacked Bob with Balayage

If you’re looking for a new, modern hairstyle, check out a layered stacked bob with balayage. Balayage is a hair color technique that beautifully accentuates the layering on a bob haircut for very thin hair. Be sure to avoid choosing extremely ashy colors, as they can make aged skin look dull.

#40: Wash-and-Wear Layered Bob Cut

A wash-and-wear layered bob cut is a haircut that requires minimal styling. This cut is one of the best short hairstyles for women over 60 who want to embrace their natural texture. To dress it up, use a large barrel curling iron to add soft waves.

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#41: Voluminous Layered Bob Haircut

Try a voluminous layered bob haircut if you have fine hair. Having lots of layers on a short haircut makes adding height to soft, fine hair easy. A soft hold hairspray on a bob with layers hairstyle will give you hold without being crunchy.

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Layered bobs are the perfect haircut for women over 60 because they help increase volume, add more movement, and are easy to style. The even better news is that layered bobs are versatile and easy to customize.

Stylist Geraldine Joz from Chicago, IL, specifies how this type of bob works on most ladies. “This cut has layers that distribute the weight of the hair. It forms various silhouettes and shapes, depending on your hair type.”

This haircut removes too much density around the neck area for thin hair. It can also add more body and volume to straighter locks. A face frame is a chic addition to accent your cheekbones, giving your face a lifted appearance.

Bobs with layers are cut that thin-haired older women must refrain from adopting. It’ll only make the ends seem transparent. Joz suggests adding bangs instead or a deep side part.

Seek a professional stylist with the proper techniques to achieve a layered bob.

“Place the layers where you want to see the movement or where you want to remove extra weight. Over-layering would turn it into a shag,” Joz warns. “Moreover, the pieces in the back shouldn’t be longer than the front.”

Styling a short-length cut with a round brush is the key to creating volume. Using a blow dryer, use the condenser nozzle for a smoother and more modern finish. Prep it with a volumizing powder to carry out an illusion of thickness.

Check out these inspiring images of age-defying, trendy layered bob haircuts for women over 60. Choose your favorites and show your stylist at your next hair appointment!