29 Ways You Can Get an Ear-Length Haircut and Still Look Cute

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

An ear-length haircut can create daring and voluminous short hairstyles for modern women. It’s short enough that you can wash and go but long enough to give you a put-together look.

“Be brave enough to try it,” says Colorado-based stylist Brianna Evans. She points out that if you’re uncomfortable showing your neck and jaw, this chop isn’t ideal for you.

If the cut grazes the ear with a blunt line, it’ll draw attention to your jaw area. Make sure that this suits your face shape and that you love the idea of having very short hair.

“It’s a rare haircut. It’s difficult to style if your hair isn’t naturally inclined to fall in place with this cut,” says Evans.

To find your perfect cut and style, go to your trusted stylist. They can help you identify if the length will work well with your hair texture and face shape.

It’s also crucial to consult about styling. Ask whether your chosen chop requires daily styling or if it’ll look great with minimal effort. You’ll need to know how much hair product you’ll need and what styling tools are best to use, too.

Here are some inspiring photos of the boldest and most popular ear-length haircuts you can try next!

Ear-Length Deep Side Part on Asymmetrical Haircut
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#1: Deep Side Part on Asymmetrical Haircut

Choosing a deep-sided part on an asymmetric haircut is definitely a smart idea. The fullness and length favored on the one side will give your overall look sharpness. Super easy to style with a simple blowout finishing with a flatiron or some bouncy curls to add even more volume to your hairdo.

#2: Ear-Length Cut with Short Bangs

The short bangs is a trendy and youthful hairstyle that frames the face beautifully. This cut features hair that falls just above or right at the ears, with bangs cut to a shorter length for added style and personality. It’s a versatile haircut that works well for women of all ages and hair types. The shorter length allows for easy styling and maintenance.

#3: Adorable Ear-Length Haircut

Whether you are growing out a pixie or tired of your long locks, an adorable haircut might become your new fondness. Ear-length hair is the go-to style for those who want to highlight cheekbones or diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. The framing this hairstyle provides will lessen their visibility. The style suits those who crave a French bob but need to let their hair grow a bit longer. While considering this hairstyle, note that it suits fine to medium hair types best. Thick hair could add excessive volume and consequently make your face seem wider than intended.

#4: French Boyfriend Bob with Bangs

If you have thick, wavy hair, short, ear-length bob haircuts can look amazing. This style is a cool take on a 20’s throwback with ear-brow skimming fringes to frame the face beautifully. To prevent frizz, you should allow your hair to dry naturally.

Ear-Length Edgy Straight Precision Cut
Instagram @watason2go

#5: Edgy Straight Precision Cut

The ear-length edgy straight precision cut is a versatile and modern hairstyle that gives a sleek and polished look. People aiming for short yet stylish hair will find short Asian haircuts ideal. The ear-length precision cut creates clean lines, sharp angles, and a sleek, edgy shape. The hairstyle’s shorter length allows easy styling and upkeep, making it practical for busy women. The precision cut can suit any hair type or face shape.

Ear-Length French-Inspired Bixie Cut for women with square jawlines
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#6: French-Inspired Bixie Cut

Consider a French-inspired bixie. With my years of experience, styles are ever-changing. They morph into one another, and the creativity flows with an artist’s stylist. If you have fine hair, a short nice cut will give you the body and texture that you desire.

#7: Asymmetrical Makeover

Consider an asymmetrical cut if you’re ready for a change. Give your hair a total makeover if you are not loving your style. Ask for a good cut to compliment your features and a color that will bring out your skin tone. Try going shorter with an asymmetrical cut, it works well on most all face shapes. A rich red or brown can help bring color back to your face if you’re feeling washed out.

#8: Very Choppy Bob for Straight Hair

Go for a very choppy bob if you have straight hair. To keep your hair looking edgy at a short length, try getting a choppy texture added throughout. Your stylist can use a razor, slide cutting, point cutting, or texture sheers to cut into the ends of the hair. Using a wax styling product can help you piece out your ends. Check out all of these choppy, and shorter bob cuts.

Short Ear-Length Side-Parted Bob with Blunt Ends
Instagram @salsalhair

#9: Side-Parted Bob with Blunt Ends

If you want a cute and chic hairstyle, your best bet is the short side-parted bob with blunt ends. This cut will give you the look that’s perfect for today’s trends. And it still provides just enough length to work into some fun styles. To get it right, you’ll need to have a stylist who can bring out your features with their expert techniques. The key is to keep the lines clean and sharp and make sure all the pieces are blended evenly. This will ensure maximum style and longevity!

Ear-Length Edgy Pixie Mullet with an Orange Money Piece
Instagram @stanleyman001

#10: Edgy Pixie Mullet with an Orange Money Piece

An edgy pixie mullet paired with an orange money piece is a style you don’t see often. This unique look will for sure have all eyes on you. To maintain the boldness you will definitely be visiting the salon more often to touch up the money piece and reshape your haircut at least every 6 weeks.

Voluminous Layered Bob Cut at Ear-Length
Instagram @corte_moda

#11: Voluminous Layered Bob Cut

Voluminous bob cut with textured layers is such a chic, classy style to rock. You definitely want to make sure you make time for styling this layered cut. It will involve a blowout to start, then use your flatiron to add height to the crown and sides, finishing with a textured hairspray to set it all in place.

Razor Cut Bob with a Fringe at Ear-Length
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#12: Razor Cut Bob with a Fringe

For fine hair that needs a boost, try a modern bob with a fringe. Using a razor will give limp, fine hair texture making it feel more dense and thick. Styling is a breeze with a Denman brush to make ends curve into place.

Ear-Grazing Stacked Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @salonglamrox

#13: Ear-Grazing Stacked Bob for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair and want some serious height in the back, an ear-grazing stacked bob is for you. This short style takes tons of bulk out of thick dense hair giving nice height and shape in the back. This very short bob hair cut works great for all different face shapes and hair textures. Be handy with a blow dryer and round brush because this style does take some effort.

#14: Short Angled Cut with Side Bangs

A short angled bob with a side fringe is a trendy yet super comfy look. Short haircuts are usually on the easier side to style which makes this a go-to haircut for busy women.

Short Ear-Length Boxed Bob with Micro Bangs
Instagram @stanleyman001

#15: Short Boxed Bob with Micro Bangs

For fine limp hair, a short boxed bob with bangs is for you. Cut dead ends off for an instant lift with an ear-length blunt bob. Micro bangs stand out and give a fun twist on a regular bang. Use a Denman brush when styling for rounded ends.

#16: Long Tapered Pixie for Women Over 40

If you’re a woman over 40, you’ll want to try the beautiful shape of a long tapered pixie. The sleek top and undercut ears and back create a strong but classic cut. Try blow drying with some smoothing cream and a medium round or flat brush and this shape will fall in easily. These hairstyles need to be cut often, about every 4 weeks to keep them sharp.

Short Wedge Cut at Ear-Length
Instagram @hairbydawsyn

#17: Short Wedge Cut

A short wedge cut is a style mostly worn by older ladies. Ear-length bob hairstyles make for easy styling and maintenance. Crop haircuts are also a great choice when you do have your natural greys, it helps avoid any yellow discolored ends you sometimes tend to see on long natural hair.

#18: Side-Swept Pixie Bob on Women Over 50

A side-swept pixie bob will instantly make you feel young! This trend will give off some serious rockstar vibes. Styling your hair will be fun, as this haircut is so versatile.

Ear-Length Blunt Bob with Blunt Bangs
Instagram @tonytony1226

#19: Blunt Bob with Blunt Bangs

A blunt bob with blunt bangs is a fierce-looking hairstyle. Consider ear-length hair with bangs if you’re looking for a great style that can be loved any time of the year! If you have straight and thinner hair then this hairstyle will be perfect for you.

#20: Wash-And-Wear Grey Bob for Women Over 70

A wash-and-wear grey bob is classic and low-maintenance. Ear-length haircuts are flattering and will show off your jawline. This cut is perfect for a woman over 70 who’s on the go!

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#21: Symmetrical French Bob with Wispy Bangs

A classy French bob with light wispy bangs is a look that will make fine hair look fuller. An ear-length cut is definitely higher maintenance, as you’ll need a trim and reshaping every 6 weeks. This can cost you $40-$75 every visit.

#22: Long Side Bangs on a Pixie

Try long side bangs on a pixie, if you want to hide behind your fringe and appear mysterious. The long front and shorter back give this shape a strong visual impact.

#23: Wavy Feathered Bob

A feathered bob haircut is an ideal look for older women with wavy hair. Its height and roundness will give you the confidence you were looking for. Its classy and simple finish will match any fashion style you choose to wear.

#24: Curly Hair for Round Faces

Ear-length curly hair will help frame and elongate your round face. This style is easy to manage and is very flattering. Ask your stylist for curl-enhancing products to make your curls bounce!

Ear-Length Straight Messy Bob with Long Bangs
Instagram @babanpetrisor

#25: Straight Messy Bob with Long Bangs

For straight-haired gals, go for a messy bob with long bangs for maximum body. A classic short ear-length bob is very versatile and looks great strait or waved with an iron. Long bangs cover a big forehead and wrinkles and can be customized to any face shape. Get a messy bedhead look with some shaping wax.

Short Textured Bixie Cut for Women Over 60
Instagram @hairbysarayyc

#26: Textured Bixie Cut for Women Over 60

If you’re over the age of 60 with fine hair, try a textured bixie haircut. You will be adding more fullness to your crown and face with an ear-length bob with bangs. You definitely want your coiffure to go well with your lifestyle and personality, if you have a bold vintage look then this will be a style you should consider trying.

#27: Sleek Choppy Pixie on Thin Hair

A sleek choppy pixie can suit any face shape. This ear-length pixie cut is trendy and low-maintenance so it will grow out beautifully. For a glossy finish, try a smoothing oil!

#28: Graduated Feathered Cut for Fine Hair

A graduated feathered cut is a great option for fine hair. Trying this hairstyle will help fine hair look fuller. The feathered layers will add extra volume to hair needing an extra lift.

Magenta Ear-Length Pixie Bob on Straight Hair
Instagram @bun.headd

#29: Magenta Pixie Bob on Straight Hair

Go for a bold look with a magenta pixie bob. A short pixie bob is perfect for straight hair because it gives unbelievable volume. A pixie can be customized to your face shape with a face frame or bangs to make you feel comfortable and confident in your new style.