100 Best Black Hair Ideas for African-American Women

Before your next hair appointment, browse this extensive collection of the best hairstyle ideas for black women in 2023!

Triangle box braids
A protective hairstyle that's straight-up hot?! Turn heads with these unique patterns!
Micro braids for black hair
Down for a sassy, highly detailed look? Revel in these small-but-deadly pleats.
Box braids
One of the hottest protective black hairstyles are these boxy braids! Come see some of this year's best ideas.
Ghana braids hairstyles
Spice up your look and protect your natural hair with one of these beautiful braids.
Hairstyles for little black girls
Do you have a little girl and need a new hairstyle for her? If so, check out these images!
Faux locs for black women
These are another amazing way to protect your hair and stay in style. Check out these amazing looks any black women can pull off.
The hottest twist braids
This one's fast-becoming the go-to hairdo for women with afro hair. Better catch up!
Protective hairstyles for black hair
Functional and bangin' are what you'll get with these on-trend looks. Check them out here.
Hottest weave hairstyles
Get the scoop on the most popular weaves of the season!
Kinky twist hairstyles
Get far from typical. Here is a fresh, trendsetting protective style to check out!
Hairstyles for black kids
Does your child need to update his/her hairstyle? If so, you came to the right place. Check out what we got in store for 2014!
Crochet braids and hairstyles
Looking for some creative ways to rock crochet braids? Then look no further! We're bringing you the old, the new and the lovely when it comes to crochet braid styles.
Bob hairstyles for black women
Bob hairstyles have never looked sexier than they do here! Head on over to our latest post for tips on achieving the hottest trend in hair fashion.
Short weave hairstyles for black women
If you’re like today’s celebrities who change their hairstyles as often as Lady Gaga switches up her look, then this list is a must-have!
Medium box braids
No need to hit the floor with your pleats. Dive into these styles and go right in the middle.
Knotless box braids
Box braids are a great protective style, but adding braids without knots is even better for your hair. Find out why here!
Goddess braids for black women
Bring out your inner goddess with one of these gorgeous braids.
Amazing large knotless braids
Check out these large and amazing braids that have no knots! You'll love it!
African american hairstyles
Modern, edgy and classic African American hairstyles always stand out in a crowd. Like the perfect accessory, they bring a whole look together. Whether you prefer simple and chic or textured and funky, these styles are sure to get you noticed!
Incredible cado cut
What is the Cado? Well, if you have curly hair, you probably know about this cut technique.
black natural hairstyles
These are some natural hairstyles you simply cannot miss this season!
Jumbo box braids
Look into this list of the sassiest big box braid styles you'll ever encounter!
Remarkable tapered cuts
Dying to try something unique for your hair? See how you can get the biggest, most rocking chop of your life!
Pixie cuts for black women
Channel your inner diva with a pixie hairstyle that's perfect for your black hair.
Medium-length natural hair style
Which shoulder length hairstyles are insanely popular right now? Let’s find out!
short natural haircuts for black women over 50
Are you a black woman in her fifties? If so, opt for a short natural haircut the next time you visit the salon.
Sew-in hairstyles
Be the first to burst with flair! Tour this updated list of the sassiest sew-in looks.
Most impressive knotless braids with beads
Adding beads to knotless braids styles is a great way to glow up.
Amazing knotless braids
Braids are an excellent protective style for black ladies, but to protect your hair even more, you should opt for knotless ones.
Best medium knotless braids
Pair your mid-length hair with the cool style of knotless braids. Your scalp will thank you!
Black hairstyle ideas for women over 40
Have you heard the great news? 40 is the new 25! Amp up your stylishness with a fun & chic hairstyle fit for a woman who’s at least 40 years young!
Prom hairstyles for black girls
It's that time of year again when black girls everywhere are looking for the perfect prom look from hair to toe. For a lasting impression that will leave everyone around you amazed, check out these stunning prom hairstyles for black girls!
Short natural hairstyles for black women
Embrace your natural hair and go for a bold short look! Check out these amazing hairstyles and haircuts that are popular right now.
Short hairstyles for black women
You're about to find the perfect short hairstyle that will flatter your black hair!
Gorgeous braided buns for black women
Protect your hair with braids and turn them into an elegant style of a bun or top knot.
Bantu knots on relaxed hair
Edge up your look with one of these cool bantu knots.
The most popular blonde box braids
Searching for a real attention-grabbing and summer-ready hairstyle? Click here and let these chic braids surprise you!
Gorgeous long box braids
Love playing with long hair? Scroll through these badass styles to get started!
Short bob hairstyles and haircuts for black women
Planning to do a big hair upgrade? Jump into these bob trends if you want real, grand change.
Best Fulani Braids
Beaded braids are where it's at. Revel in these hottest designs.
Hottest lemonade braids
Inspired by Beyoncé's braids in her Lemonade music video? Then check out these similar braids other women like you are wearing.
Senegalese twists with side braids
Protect your hair with one of these gorgeous Senegalese twist hairstyles.
Cornrows braids
Cornrow braids never go out of style because they are always changing. Check out some of the fresh changes happening this year right here!
Middle part bob for black women
Whether you are straightening your natural hair or considering a weave, these modern middle parts will sure to inspire!
Small knotless braids for black women
If you're going to go for knotless braids, you should go for small ones. They're super low-maintenance!
Amazing boho knotless braids
Turn your braids knotless and in a boho-style to really impress others!
Feed-in braids with beads
Feed In Braids are all the rage this year! See some of the most fantastic looks we've found.
Lovely updos for black women
Black women have the perfect type of hair to create elegant updos. See more here!
Short faux locs
Introducing your new glamorous protective hairdo. Swoop into these head-turning designs.
Braided ponytails for black women
Head over to see how you can upgrade your ponytail look!
sew in bob
Amp up your weave with sleek sew-ins. Perfect for short, medium, or long hair!
Pictures of the best short box braids for black women
Searching for a chic, summer-friendly hairstyle? Click to see your best option.
Amazing twist out hairstyles
Black twists are one of the best hairstyles for black ladies with any length of hair.
Hottest examples of red box braids for black women
Searching for the perfect solution to rocking box braids? Click here to take the plunge into the world of red.
Types of weaves for black women
There are many different types of hair weave: Brazilian, Peruvian, and Indian, to name a few. Find out which type suits you the best!
Burgundy box braids
Wanna give your pleats an extra touch of allure? Don't be a stranger to this stunning shade and see more of it here.
Havana twist hairstyles
Take a hand into this unique and relaxed hairdo. Revel in the best ways to style those twists!
poetic justice braids
The comeback is realest! Join the excitement and take a look at these Janet-inspired plaits.
Mohawk braids for black women
Find your inner rock chick looking for a way out? Peek at these photos to start the fun!