Medium-Length Shag Haircuts: 82 Trendy Ideas for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Modern Shagged Haircut with Loose Waves

Shaggy blonde hair is the more modern version of the classic shag. The best thing about medium haircuts is that they flatter any face shape and age. It’s such an easy haircut to style with loose waves and looks super cute if you air-style with a bit of mousse. If you want a shag, always consider how much layering you are comfortable with. If you are hesitant, try a more toned-down version and gradually add more layers.

ombre mid-length shag with bangs

#2 Ombre Shag with Bangs

This razor-cut shag for medium hair with a full fringe has a soft natural texture. This haircut looks best on wavy to curly hair that’s medium to fine thickness. Also known as a low-maintenance haircut, use a mousse or cream gel to air dry or diffuse your hair when working with the natural texture.

Angled medium-length shag cut

#3 Angled Medium Haircut with Jagged Layers

Try a tousled cut with jagged layers. It’s a favorite because of its effortless feel and undone texture, up the cool factor for a medium bob length cut.

A Fluffy Medium Shag Bob for Women Over 60 with silver hair

#4 A Fluffy Bob for Women Over 60

A fluffy bob for women over 60 is a perfect style. If you want a soft haircut that makes you look and feel younger, try this cut. To achieve this look, I recommend using a razor to cut your hair. Using this cutting technique, it will leave your layers airy and textured.

mid-length shag with short blunt bangs

#5 Shag with Short Blunt Bangs

Consider a shag paired with short blunt bangs if you want to shake things up. Try styling this cut using big barrel curls to move your hair away from the face. This brings attention to the blunt baby bang cut high above the brow. You can use a heat protector when styling hot tools and finish with a dry texture spray.

Androgynous Black Shag with Fringe

#6 Androgynous Black Shag with Fringe

A full fringe contrasts this lightly layered haircut, turning it into an androgynous Jane Fonda-inspired shag. Medium haircuts with shagged pieces work best on fine to medium hair density. The locks look fuller, especially with the black hair color.

#7: Brunette Shag with an Off-Center Part

You will love the versatile haircut known as the medium-length brunette shag with an off-center part. The layered cut brings movement and texture for a flawless look. The off-center part gives the style a modern, asymmetric touch. This haircut is awesome for women who love easy styling and maintenance. It’s great for busy women. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, this haircut suits various hair types and textures.

The Feathered Shag
Instagram @sharonmsds

#8: The Feathered Shag

The 90’s hair is trending big, so ask a master stylist for this feathered cut! Keeping layered haircuts medium length and paired with a blowout is the current “it girl” style of the season.

Uneven Layers
Instagram @shadiarezk

#9: Uneven Layers

Uneven layers in shag haircuts can make it funky and unique. It’s one of the most fun and attractive looks. Make sure to load up on some Redken Guts 10 for volume before blowdrying the cut.

#10: Layered Waves

Layered waves are the best. When you pair layers with waves you get tons of texture and body. Scrunching your layers while drying, paired with products recommended by your stylist, can help you achieve your style.

#11: Blonde Shag with Shadow Root

If you’re a natural brunette, pair a shag with a blonde balayage. Ask your stylist for a shadow root to make the grow-out look natural. Plus, it will require fewer touch-ups, saving you some money.

Medium razor cut shag with curtain bangs
Instagram @celladiggshair

#12: A Medium Razor Cut Shag with Curtain Bangs

This shaggy textured with layers cut throughout the length of the hair gives it an incredible ’80s vibe along with those feminine curtain bangs. An important thing to remember is that these haircuts work great on hair with density and a little wave to it for easier styling.

Bronde Shag
Instagram @lcs.hairdesign

#13: Bronde Shag

Try a bronde shag if you’re looking for something new and fun. The choppy texture in the cut is unmatched, and we love how soft it is. Shags of medium length would work perfectly if you have fine, curly hair.

#14: Medium Choppy Shag

You literally can’t go wrong with a medium choppy shag. Flattering on all women, there’s no regretting. The style works especially well with fine hair.

#15: Shoulder-Length Hair with Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are so much softer than a traditional heavy fringe. Pair these with a cute shoulder-length haircut, and you have the perfect match. While these bangs tend to be high maintenance because of the constant need to trim, the look is worth it.

#16: Chunky Waves

If you love a messy style, try chunky waves. These examples of medium shag cuts make for a soft, relaxing effect, which pushes people to believe it’s your natural texture. Ask your stylist their opinion on products you should invest in that they think would help you.

#17: Shag with Highlights

Adding highlights to a shag is a great way to show off dimensions with the extra layering. If you want to wow the room and stand out, try this cut. Make sure you’re seeing a seasoned stylist who does well with color before taking the plunge. Doing so will give you a better chance at achieving the color and style you’re going for.

#18: Straight Shag Cut with Bangs

A shag cut with bangs is perfect for women with stick-straight hair. The cut’s layers and angles help break up the monotony of your limp, flat locks. After styling, hit the ends quickly with a flatiron to make it look edgier.

#19: Shaggy Texture

The texture is crazy-looking, and we love it! Shags look best with volume, and texture gives you just that! Allow your stylist to advise you about at-home products like Moroccan Oil Dry shampoo, which helps you pump up the volume.

Cutest Shag for Little Girls
Instagram @madelynmulleta

#20: Cutest Shag for Little Girls

If you’re looking for something new to try on your daughter’s hair, try the cutest shag for little girls. This low-maintenance haircut allows for a lot of length to be removed for more effortless detangling. Keep in mind the bang area will need to be trimmed frequently.

#21: Medium Messy Shag

You can’t go wrong with a medium messy shag. I advise you to blow dry when styling instead of air drying so it doesn’t hang flat.

Modern Medium Shag
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#22: Modern Medium Shag

Did you know a modern medium shag is chic and beautiful? A shaggy haircut is flattering and fun. However, using a 1.25-inch curling iron or wand is important to achieve these seamless waves.

Beachy Waves
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

#23: Beachy Waves

Shag haircuts and a beachy waves style are the perfect combination. Remember that this style can work for almost any hair texture, especially fine, thin hair.

#24: Beachy Shag

A beachy shag is one of the simplest and perfect shags. These haircuts are so easy to love while looking effortless; they still look put together. Ask your stylist if your wave pattern and hair texture would work with a shag cut.

The Rock and Roll Shag
Instagram @pony.studios

#25: The Rock and Roll Shag

The rock and roll shag is timeless and always excellent. Be aware this style can work with almost all hair textures, but it looks best on wavy hair.

Shoulder-Length Lob
Instagram @hairolines

#26: Shoulder-Length Lob

If longer hair doesn’t work for you, it might be helpful to try a shoulder-length lob. Shoulder-length shags are even more low-maintenance and super easy to style. Shorter hair takes less time to dry and less time to style.

Shag with No Bangs
Instagram @maren.stylist

#27: Shag with No Bangs

If you can’t stand the thought of a fringe, ask for a shag without bangs. It could be the perfect decision for you. The style makes the angles short enough to frame your face without committing to a full fringe.

#28: Shaggy Bangs with Medium Hair

Shaggy bangs pair well with medium hair and could be the perfect move for you this season. The haircut is modern and super popular right now. You should use a few drops of Olaplex Bonding Oil before blow-drying to get this shine and smoothness.

#29: Mid Shag

Try a mid-shag if you’re considering something between a bob and a pixie. It’s quick to style and looks super cute even when messy. You’ll get this amazing texture if you apply a dime-size amount of Redken Aerate all over damp hair before blow-drying.

Subtle Shag Hairstyle
Instagram @toniiii_j_hair

#30: Subtle Shag Hairstyle

Are you looking for something different but not too crazy? Try a subtle hairstyle because it’s low-maintenance and chic. Before changing, ask if the style will work with your hair type.

Imperfect Waves
Instagram @bonominihair

#31: Imperfect Waves

These imperfect waves are just as messy and stylish as shags can go. Alternatively, these hairstyles are super liberating and fun to wear! This style doesn’t take a lot of time in the morning.

#32: Long Shaggy Bob

Go for a long, shaggy bob if you have fine, thin hair and want it to look fuller. It’s best to ask your stylist what they think of this style for your hair before committing.

A Flared Shag Style
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#33: A Flared Shag Style

These haircuts are extremely flattering for any face shape when you add face-framing flared-out ends.

#34: Updated Shag with Shattered Layers

Shaggy hairstyles feature disconnected layering, which is a great way to enhance the movement of thick hair.

The Perfect Medium Wavy Shag for Fine Hair
Instagram @belximenes

#35: The Perfect Medium Wavy Shag for Fine Hair

The perfect medium wavy shag for fine hair can be styled wavy or sleek. Medium-layered haircuts are an excellent way for women to try a textured look without such apparent layers, so allow your hairstylist to give suggestions.

#36: A Cool Center Part Shag with Choppy Layers and Platinum Hue

According to the best stylists, a cool center part shag and choppy layers will look beautiful on oblong face shapes, as it adds fullness and length. This center-parted hairstyle will keep its shape as it grows and may look best with textured, naturally wavy hair. You should also add a platinum blonde shade or lighter hue to brighten the face area!

A Fantastic Shoulder-Length Shag with Full Bangs
Instagram @bescene

#37: A Fantastic Shoulder-Length Shag with Full Bangs

The soft fiery waves and those romantic yet edgy layers make this a modern take on classic 80s shag. Any skin color can rock such a bold shade of vintage copper blonde hair color, while those lengthy, full bangs aim to complement long faces best.

Medium Shaggy A-line Bob Layered Hairstyle
Instagram @yukistylist

#38: Medium A-line Bob Layered Hairstyle

An a-line bob hairstyle works excellently on ladies who have short, thin hair or who have thin hair and want to go shorter. The length where the edges graze the shoulders is perfect for combining subtle layers and interior layers. These will ensure the tresses’ lack of body and movement is addressed.

Choppy Shag with Deep Side Part
Instagram @belximenes

#39: Choppy Shag with Deep Side Part

The best haircuts are choppy and styled with a deep side part that looks gorgeous but adds in beach waves to make it voluminous. This hairstyle is perfect for thick hair as the texture makes it look bouncy, and the cut removes weight off your ends without losing length.

#40: Mid-Length Textured Shag Cut with Choppy Ends

A fresh choppy texture shag on glossed natural hair is the easiest thing you can get if you want a huge change – not just in your look but also in your lifestyle! This middle part shag is a distinctive style that’s easy to maintain and style at home!

shag for thin medium length hair with layers and bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#41: Shag for Thin Medium Hair with Face-Framing Layers

The fringe and the bulk on the top hair in this haircut create the illusion of volume throughout the hairstyle, which is perfect for thin and medium-fine hair. This super textured cut and the face-framing compliments women with high cheekbones.

Medium-length curly shag haircut
Instagram @raenikole

#42: Curly Shag for Medium Cut Hair

Medium shag haircuts require conditioning, especially if you have amazing well-defined curls. Opt for a short to medium cut like this to revitalize your natural texture. Choose this curly bob with layers and leave your natural color on for healthier curls.

Medium-length shag for women over 50
Instagram @karissabain

#43: An Edgy Shag for Women Over 50

This edgy shag is for women over 50 because of how amazing the fringe separates.

Medium Shaggy Bob with Bangs
Instagram @waxxamsterdam

#44: Medium Bob with Bangs

A medium bob with bangs is perfect for fine hair. The extra layers will help add density to a curly shag.

#45: Cut with Razored Layers

A textured shoulder-length shag cut should remove weight below the occipital bone to promote movement on the perimeter. If you’re considering a shag with razored layers, it’s essential to do a consultation with your stylist. The undercut is not a good fit if you don’t have a good hair density. You can create the same haircut without the undercut part. Also, if the texture is too frizzy, please don’t do it with the razor. You can choose scissors instead.

shag for medium length thin hair
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#46: A Must-Try Shag for Medium-Length Thin Hair

Opt for a medium-length shag with curtain bangs if you have thin hair. The look was achieved with shears and a straight razor to emphasize the texture.

#47: Shaggy Blunt Bob Cut for Thick Hair

This blunt bob cut for thick hair has a lot to consider. Layers, bangs, concave, or blunt options are available for hairstyles for thick hair. If you’re a woman who hates being unable to get their hair up, you probably aren’t ready for bob hairstyles. But if you can settle for a cute half-top knot, you’re in luck!

70s Shaggy Lob Cut for Shoulder Length Hair
Instagram @petercutshair

#48: 70’s Lob Cut for Shoulder-Length Hair

A shag-lob cut is a great haircut for women who are growing out their hair and need a little edge to the style. For a haircut like this, the curtain bangs help bring out a 70s vibe.

golden wavy shag hairstyle
Instagram @bareeminimum

#49: Golden Wavy Shag With Long Bangs

This wavy shag with long bangs works on any shade of locks, making it suitable for ladies of all ages. This cut is also ideal for accentuating a beautiful eye color! If you want something similar but shorter, check out these trendy short shags.

#50: Flattering Hair for a Round Face

A long shaggy bob for a round face is for the girl who needs low maintenance but wants style. And the cut works great for a round face shape. To style, blow dry using a vent brush and put in a couple of loose waves. The best way to achieve a messy wave is to curl only the middle and leave your ends straight. Sometimes, I curl in the middle and use a flat iron to straighten the ends for a more messy, textured effect.

#51: Middle Part Mid-Length Wavy Modern Shag

This mid-length wavy modern shag hairstyle is super trendy. Healthy hair, patience, products, and consultation with your stylists are the best things you can do.

Messy Shag with Short Layers and Bangs
Instagram @stebunovhair

#52: Messy Shag with Short Layers and Bangs

A messy shag with short layers and bangs is ideal for women with curly or wavy hair. A mousse-like MacGyver from Evo can help accentuate the waves and texture.

Modern day mid-length shag cut
Instagram @anhcotran

#53: Modern-Day Shag Cut with Curtain Fringe

This shag is a modern-day beachy look with layers and a textured fringe. The length is slightly cut from short to long, with some disconnection in the front, leaving the two front corners looking longer.

soft shaggy layers with movement
Instagram @nothingobvious

#54: Soft Shaggy Layers with Movement

You can opt for soft layers with a lot of movement. All shags have wearability. They grow out still looking gorgeous, giving people that extra volume in the crown and around their faces they are always looking for. Please ask your stylist to adjust the length of the layers and add a fringe if you’d like. It is also super easy to style.

#55: Effortless Textured Shag Haircut

This effortless textured shag is all about wearable texture. The longer, shaggy fringe has low commitment and maintenance wearability, perfect for anyone wanting to dabble with a fringe.

modern chocolate brown shag for thick hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#56: Modern Chocolate Brown Shag for Thick Hair

This modern brown shag has more fluid and less defined layers, making the overall look less mullet-like. It has a rich color that suits most skin tones.

medium layered shag with blonde highlights
Instagram @lcs.hairdesign

#57: Medium Layered Shag with Blonde Highlights

This medium-layered shag haircut with blonde highlights is fun, playful, and easy to wear. The color works well on ladies with a neutral or warm skin tone.

Piecey Medium shag with bangs for oval faces
Instagram @hirohair

#58: Piecey Shag for an Oval Face Shape

This piecey medium shag for oval face shapes was created and styled by hair artist Hiro of Los Angeles, CA. The layering in this cut adds a softness that works well on all face shapes.

chic shag with wispy bangs and shaggy layers
Instagram @pollymerkins

#59: Chic Shag with Wispy Bangs and Shaggy Layers

This hairstyle is full of textured long layers that add volume and movement, while the ends of the hair are point-cut to appear more choppy and not too uniform.

Collarbone-Length Straight Shag Cut with Rooted Blonde
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#60: Collarbone-Length Straight Shag Cut with Rooted Blonde

I love to keep some depth whenever I cut a bright blonde shag, so doing a little shadow root is my go-to. For styling medium shag cuts like this, I recommend texture spray and a matte pomade. The product that I used to style this look was Kevin Murphy’s Bedroom.Hair texture spray and Nightrider pomade. I’d recommend this style if you have medium to thick hair, as taking heavy sections for bangs/shorter layers would be fine.

face-framing shag for straight hair
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty

#61: Face-Framing Shag for Straight Hair

A face-framing shag on straight hair is the chameleon shag, transitioning from work to play seamlessly while being universally flattering. This low-maintenance haircut always looks good.

Face Contouring Shag with Bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#62: Face-Contouring Shag with Bangs

Medium shag haircuts can look gorgeous with bangs. Whether they are wispy or curtain, short or long, they tend to pair nicely. A face-contouring shag with bangs will look stunning on heart-shaped faces. A haircut with feathered layers that feather down creates fullness and can be worn straight or curly.

Shoulder-Length Shag Layered Cut
Instagram @yukistylist

#63: Shoulder-Length Shag Layered Cut

Shoulder-length hair can be styled in multiple ways. Side bangs would make a stunning addition. This blonde-colored shag, combined with beach waves, can be styled straight or curly with some experience with a curling wand. Add a texturizing or finishing spray to get that extra grit when styling this hair.

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Wispy Shag with a Deep Side Part
Instagram @hirohair

#64: Wispy Shag with a Deep Side Part

A wispy shag combined with a deep side part that’s heavy on one side is ideal for women who like to go back and forth with their parting or always have a side part. This technique heightens your hair so the root area doesn’t look flat.

Wild Shaggy Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#65: Wild Shaggy Mid-Length Hair

A wild mid-length haircut with various layers gives a rockstar look. It matches a woman’s strong attitude, for sure. A medium-length shag will help maintain your length and density while adding lift.

Collarbone-Length Shag
Instagram @yukistylist

#66: Collarbone-Length Shag

For a modern shag to meet its full potential, a combination of choppy ends and added texture is a must. If you want to cut your long hair, this length is perfect if you’re scared of going too short. Styling is versatile and can be worn curly, wavy, or straight.

Dark Blonde hair with Middle Part Shag With Layers
Instagram @hirohair

#67: Middle-Part Shag With Layers

A middle-part shag and layers allow for even volume all around. Layering is great for longer, medium-length hair, especially if styling is wavy. If you’re going for a beautiful celebrity look, this is it.

#68: Wavy Shag with Side-Swept Bangs

For women with fine or thin hair, a wavy shag with side-swept bangs will help bring fullness throughout the hair, especially if your hair is fine or thin. Side-swept bangs work if they are texturized softly at the end of the strands to create a soft bend. Try turning this into a wavy layered cut with a large barrel curling iron to show off movement.

#69: Heavily Layered Hair

Heavily layered are perfect for ladies with textured hair craving volume. Hairstyles with layers work best on a medium haircut. This is the beauty that the world has to witness!

Modern Blonde Shaggy Cut
Instagram @salsalhair

#70: Modern Blonde Cut

Have a modern blonde cut to liven up flat, lifeless hair. A shag haircut has many layers that fill out flatter hair types. Could you finish styling your layers with dry shampoo to add extra texture?

Dark Medium Shaggy Hairstyle with Highlights
Instagram @hirohair

#71: Dark Shaggy Hairstyle with Highlights

Revamp your dark hair with a medium shaggy hairstyle with highlights and add texture and movement to your flat hair. Layers add width to your hair by bringing the shaping movement higher than normal layering techniques.

The Perfect Medium Shag for a Square Face
Instagram @yukistylist

#72: The Perfect Shag for a Square Face

This is the perfect medium shag for a square face. A medium-length shag hair cut works best if the hair is already at a medium or longer length and works for thin and thick hair, and looks best curly or straight. This radical chic cut creates texture for easy styling.

Face-Framing Light Blonde Shag for Shoulder-Length Hair
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#73: Face-Framing Light Blonde Shag

A face-framing shag is perfect for a smooth or wavy texture, plus a light blonde shade. This will give you volume and separation. If I were to cut this voluminous lob, I’d start with the shorter pieces. Then, I’d build out the face frame, using the face as my guide to doing the rest of the chop.

Super Shaggy Layered Hair
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#74: Super Shaggy Layered Hair

A super shaggy layered haircut makes a retro style, allowing your locks to look fuller around the crown while maintaining length without losing volume. Adding wispy bangs will help keep your shape.

#75: A Sassy Cut for Older Women

Medium shag haircuts can be sassy, like this modern shag for older women. It has lots of texture and movement. The highlights add dimension and draw attention to your haircut. It sure works on natural silver or gray hair, too!

trendy shaggy cut for women over 40
Instagram @hirohair

#76: A Trendy Shag with Piece-y Balayage for Women Over 40

A trendy shag combined with piece-y layers is flattering on women over 40. It’s a modern take on this head-turning 70’s shag with pops of piece-y balayage and a light curtain fringe. The style in this photo can take the years off of anyone with its fresh and trendy vibe.

Sassy Medium Shag with Fringe
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#77: Sassy Medium Layers with Razored Bangs

The tousled medium shag with bangs is created with shorter layers connecting to the fringe. A 90-degree cut offers enough volume and fullness, making a taller and slimmer appearance. Use a wand, leaving out the bottom for a natural-looking finish, then run your fingers to separate them.

#78: Soft Medium Curly Shag with Straight Bangs

A piecey, tousled shag is very on-trend, so now would be the perfect time to try out a soft curly shag with straight bangs. If you have a square or oblong face shape, keeping your bangs soft and tapered at the ends will create softness in your face and jawline. Try Color WOW’s style on steroids texture spray after styling to create hold and texture.

shaggy mullet with fringe bangs
Instagram @drethings

#79: Shaggy Mullet with Fringe Bangs

A shaggy mullet with fringe bangs is great for textured hair. Ask your hairstylist for a mullet shag and a rounded fringe to get this hairstyle.

#80: Boho Chic Shag Cut

Shag cuts are all the rage, and this boho-chic version is no exception. A throwback style with a modern twist, the boho shag is a voluminous and universally flattering option for any woman.

balayage shag with curtain fringe
Instagram @nothingobvious

#81: Balayage Shag with Curtain Fringe

Take it back to the good old days with a lovely balayage shag and a curtain fringe cut. It’s great to look a little younger and highlight your features. Blonde balayage gives this style depth and a modern style.

mid-length curly shag for dark hair
Instagram @giboazhair

#82: Mid-Length Curly Shag for Dark Hair

The right layering of your curl will create a fun shape and help keep styling time to a minimum. At home, utilizing a diffuser for styling grows out the shape of your curls, which tend to clump together too much.

Medium shag haircuts are achieved by combining layers and texture to create an effortless, messy style. It’s an excellent choice for a versatile, low-maintenance haircut. When I cut hair to this style, I prefer adding soft layers of various lengths to create more volume, texture, and depth.

I spoke with Canada-based stylist Kristyn Schmerk for more tips on this look. These are the highlights of our discussion.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Find a shag specialist who specializes in and is comfortable using a straight razor.
  • Make sure you choose a chop with specific styling techniques or maintenance that aligns with your lifestyle.
  • This cut is not a good option if you always wear a bun or ponytail, as layers would only fall out.

Here’s a collection of pictures with trendy medium shag haircut ideas — ranging from soft and romantic Brigitte Bardot-like style to ’70s rocker vibe — that you might consider for your next salon makeover!