51 Best Medium Shag Haircuts for a Modern Rocker Style

See images of noteworthy medium length shags

Medium shag haircuts are all about combining layers and texture to create a trendy, messy hairstyle.

The shag was created by by barber Paul McGregor from the 70s. Getting a medium-length shag is the ultimate way to get a low-maintenance, layered look. This mid-length cut is all about adding soft layers of various length and being highly customizable by any well trained stylist. A shag is great way to add volume, texture and depth to your hair.

A shoulder-length shag can suit most face shapes. However, if you have a round face shape, adding a fringe might not be as flattering. If you have a long face or a more angular chin, it may work well for you.

When it comes to hair types, the medium shag is best for women with wavy or curly hair texture, as it allows more natural movement. Women with straight hair can pull it off as well by using heat tools or combining the right products and scrunching up your damp hair.

There are some draw backs to getting this Gypsy cut, depending upon your hair’s density. Women with thick, curly hair may require more weight removed from their natural curls in order to create a smooth, straight look. For ladies with fine hair, stylists have to adapt the technique so that layers are placed at the front of the head and less towards the back.

Short on time in the mornings?

Styling medium shag haircuts is easier doesn’t require heat tools and work well for every hair type, including fine hair.

There are lots of different types of medium shaggy cuts that make them trendy. You can angle them, add bangs, or razor cut to add depth. You’ll see a ton of examples in our gallery below.

Ready for some inspiration before you see your hairstylist at the hair salon? Here are pictures of the best medium shag haircut ideas this season!

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#1. Modern Medium-Length Shagged Haircut with Loose Waves

Modern Medium-Length Shagged Haircut with Loose Waves
Instagram @hirohair

This blonde hair is the more modern version of the classic shag. The best thing about shag haircuts for medium-length hair is that they’re pretty flattering on any face shape and any age.

This is such an easy shaggy hair cut to style with loose waves and looks super cute if you just air-style with a little mousse.

If you’re wanting this haircut, always take into consideration how much layering you are comfortable with. You can always try a more toned-down version to start with and gradually add more layers if you are hesitant.

Air-styling with a texturizing mousse (like Kerastase Mousse Bouffant) is a quick and low-maintenance way for shag hair styles. It’s a great cut for women on the go.

#2. Updated Shag with Shattered Layers

Updated Shag with Shattered Layers
Instagram @modestspotcarrillo

Shaggy hairstyles feature disconnected layering, which is a great way to enhance the movement of thick hair.

How To Style a Medium Shag Hairstyle:

  1. Blowdry hair with a large round brush, keeping the ends straight and smooth.
  2. Rake fingers through strands for piecey separation.
  3. Finish with a medium-hold hairspray.

To get this Joan Jett inspired hairstyle, use Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT Spray for added texture with great hold. This medium-length shag haircut is suitable for round, heart or square-shaped faces. This haircut works best on thicker hair.

#3. The Perfect Medium Wavy Shag for Fine Hair

The Perfect Medium Wavy Shag for Fine Hair
Instagram @belximenes

The perfect medium wavy shag for fine hair can be styled wavy or sleek. Medium-layered haircuts are a great way for women to try a textured look without having such obvious layers.

#4. A Cool Center Part Shag with Choppy Layers and Platinum Hue

A Cool Center Part Shag with Choppy Layers and Platinum Hue
Instagram @rachelhowellhair

A cool center part shag with choppy layers will look beautiful on oblong face shapes, as it adds fullness and length. This center-parted hairstyle will keep its shape as it grows out and may look best with textured, naturally wavy hair. Maybe add a platinum blonde shade or any lighter hue to brighten up the face area, too!

#5. A Medium Razor Cut Shag with Curtain Bangs

A Medium Razor Cut Shag with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @skipdoeshair

This shaggy-textured with layers cut throughout the length of the hair give it an incredible ’80s vibe along with those feminine curtain bangs. Shoulder-length shag haircuts work great on hair with density and a little wave to it for easier styling.

#6. A Fantastic Shoulder-Length Shag with Full Bangs

A Fantastic Shoulder-Length Shag with Full Bangs
Instagram @bescene

The soft fiery waves and those romantic yet edgy layers manage to make this a modern take on the classic 80’s shoulder-length shag. Any skin color can rock such a bold shade of vintage blonde hair color, while those lengthy full shaggy bangs complement long faces best.

#7. Medium Shaggy A-line Bob Layered Hairstyle

Medium Shaggy A-line Bob Layered Hairstyle
Instagram @yukistylist

A medium shaggy layered a-line bob hairstyle works great on women who have short, thin hair or who have thin hair and want to go shorter. It will address the lack of body and movement by doing subtle layers and creating texture by adding interior layers. To create volume and waves, a diffuser and a curl cream or mousse can help this tousled shaggy lob to create some form of style in the hair.

#8. Choppy Shag with Deep Side Part

Choppy Shag with Deep Side Part
Instagram @belximenes

The best shag haircuts for medium-length hair are choppy and styled with a deep side part already looks sexy, but add in beach waves to make it voluminous. This shaggy wavy hairstyle on a medium cut is perfect for thick hair as the texture makes it look bouncy and the cut removes weight off your ends without losing length.

#9. Mid-Length Textured Shag Cut with Choppy Ends

Mid-length textured shag cut with choppy ends
Instagram @tyler_the_hairstylist

A fresh choppy texture medium shag haircut on glossed natural hair is the easiest thing you can get if you want a huge change – not just in your look but also in your lifestyle as well! This shag for medium-length hair is a distinctive style that’s easy to maintain and style at home!

#10. Shag for Thin Medium Hair with Face-Framing Layers

shag for thin medium length hair with layers and bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

The fringe and the bulk on the top hair in this shaggy haircut creates the illusion of volume throughout the hairstyle which is perfect for thin and medium-fine hair. This super textured cut and with the face-framing, it compliments women with high cheekbones.

#11. Curly Shag for Medium Cut Hair

Medium-length curly shag haircut
Instagram @raenikole

Medium shag haircuts require conditioning, especially if you have amazing well-defined curls if you want to wear shag. Opt for a short to medium bob cut like this if you wanna revitalize your natural texture. Choose this curly bob with shaggy layers and leave your natural color on for healthier curls.

#12. An Edgy Shag for Women Over 50

Medium-length shag for women over 50
Instagram @karissabain

This edgy shag for women over 50 look amazing because of how the fringe separates.

Be open to wearing longer fringe and don’t overthink styling the cut. Just give the hair a few waves using a flat iron in a rocking motion in random parts off of the interior. It takes away from the 70’s medium-length shag haircuts if the bangs are too precise and the body and texture are too uniform.

#13. Medium Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Medium Shaggy Bob with Bangs
Instagram @waxxamsterdam

A medium shaggy bob with bangs is perfect for fine hair. The extra layers will help add density to a curly shag for medium cut hair.

👉 See more stunning shaggy bobs or shaggy bobs with bangs

#14. Medium Shaggy Cut with Razored Layers

medium shaggy cut with razored layers
Instagram @artistrybyjennifer

A textured undercut bob on a shoulder-length shag cut should remove weight from below the occipital bone to promote movement on the perimeter.

If you’re considering a shag with razored layers, it’s important to do a consultation with your stylist. If you don’t have a good density of hair then the undercut is not a good fit. You can create the same haircut without the undercut part. Furthermore, if the texture is too frizzy, don’t do it with the razor. Choose scissors instead.

When it comes to styling products, use something that can control the hair and give you separation on the ends, like leave-in conditioners, dry shampoos, styling cream.”

For the face shape, a woman with a really small face or small forehead should avoid the fringe because it would make the face even smaller. Other shapes go really well with the cut.

#15. Ombre Mid-Length Shag with Bangs

Ombre Mid Length Shag with and fringe
Instagram @kikikilledit_

This razor cut shag for medium hair with a full fringe was created by stylist Kirstin Jamerson of St. Louis, MO. “I used Davines Liquid Spell and diffused her hair to bring out her soft natural texture. I love medium shag haircuts for their effortlessly cool vibe,” she explains.

This shaggy hair cut looks best on wavy to curly hair that’s medium to fine thickness.

Jamerson states, “It’s an effortless and low-maintenance haircut. I usually recommend a mousse or cream-gel to air dry or diffuse the hair, working with the natural texture.”

#16. A Must-Try Shag for Medium-Length Thin Hair

shag for medium length thin hair
Instagram @rachelwstylist

Opt for a medium-length shag with curtain bangs if you have thin hair. The look was achieved with both shear and straight razor to emphasize the texture.

The greatest part about this shape is that most women with wavy hair and/or love volume will find this look very flattering. Medium-length hairstyles like this are generally easily styled with a wave or salt spray and can be air-dried for an awesome effect.

Also, the medium shag haircut with bangs grows out quite well and turns into fun new looks as it gets longer. Upkeep on the fringe can be worn in a longer shape as it grows out.

#17. Angled Medium Shaggy Haircut with Jagged Layers

Angled medium-length shag cut
Instagram @bekikeralyhair

Try a shaggy and tousled mid-length cut with jagged layers. It’s a favorite because its effortless feel and undone texture ups the cool factor for a medium bob length cut.

A medium-length shag cut is often created using Sam Villa 7″ Dry Cutting Shears to carve through the hair and create the texture . Then using the Sam Villa 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand, you can use a lazy wrap around the wand to achieve a loose undone wave to the hair. Finish it off with Redken Wax Blast 10 for definition and hold.

work great for any face shape, depending on where you part the hair and where the layers are placed. This haircut works great on women who have a natural curl or texture to their hair. When curling your hair, keep it very relaxed, and don’t try too hard. Use a texture spray to play it up and get volume and texture.

#18. Shaggy Blunt Bob Cut for Thick Hair

This shaggy blunt bob cut for thick hair was created by colorist and owner Brittany Rosset of Minneapolis, MN. “There is a lot to consider when getting a bob,” she explains. “Layers, bangs, concave, or blunt!”

Rosset says, “if you’re someone who hates not being able to get their hair all the way up, you probably aren’t ready for a bob. But if you can settle for a cute half top knot then you’re in luck! I love texture in a bob to give it a different vibe.”

“Sleek is so classic, but I just love how different these two styles can make medium-length shag hairstyles look,” she adds.

#19. 70’s Shaggy Lob Cut for Shoulder-Length Hair

70s Shaggy Lob Cut for Shoulder Length Hair
Instagram @petercutshair

A shag-lob cut for shoulder-length hair because is a great haircut for women who are growing out their hair and need a little edge to the style. For a long shag in a bob cut like this, the curtain bangs help bring out a 70s vibe.

Texturizing the layers will help add a more lived-in look. For the finishing touch, use a texture paste-like Evo Box o’ Bollox to achieve that lived-in feel.

#20. Golden Wavy Shag With Long Bangs

golden wavy shag hairstyle
Instagram @bareeminimum

This wavy shag with long bangs works on any shade of locks, making it suitable for ladies of all ages. This medium shag with long bangs is ideal in accentuating a beautiful eye color, too! If you want something similar, but shorter, check out these trendy short shag haircuts.

#21. Flattering Shaggy Hair for a Round Face

flattering shag cut for round face shapes
Instagram @margostyles.mpls

This long shaggy bob for a round face is for the girl that needs low maintenance but wants style. And the cut works great for a round face shape.

To style cuts like this, blow dry using a vent brush and put in a couple of loose waves. The best way to achieve a messy wave is to curl only the middle and leave your ends straight. Sometimes will curl in the middle and use a flat iron to straighten the ends for a more messy, textured effect.

#22. Middle Part Mid-Length Wavy Modern Shag

Wavy modern shag with a middle part
Instagram @chelsea.nineteenseventy_seven

This mid-length wavy modern shag hairstyle is super trendy.

Healthy hair, patience, products, and consultation with your stylists is the best thing you can do.

The modern shag haircut in this picture has lots of texture and movement in the front while keeping the layers in the back a little bit longer.

The great thing about this look is that once the hair starts getting longer, the color will still look great because of all the dimension. The maintenance on this look is low.

#23. Messy Shag with Short Layers and Bangs

Messy Shag with Short Layers and Bangs
Instagram @stebunovhair

A messy shag with short layers and bangs is ideal for women with curly or wavy hair. They can rock shaggy layers with thick bangs to accent delicate features. A mousse-like MacGyver from Evo can help accentuate the waves as well as texture.

#24. Modern-Day Mid-Length Shag Cut

Modern day mid-length shag cut
Instagram @anhcotran

The mid-length shag is a modern-day beachy look with textured shag-like layers and a textured fringe. The length itself is slightly cut from short to long with some disconnection in the front, leaving the two front corners looking longer,” she adds.

considering this cut should know that it does take styling and product to achieve the beachy curl look. Having a fringe also requires maintenance such as a frequent bang trim and styling in the morning. But, the great thing about this look is that it is versatile. It can be polished or messy and once styled, and with each day thereafter of unwashed hair, it only gets better! If worn straight, this look goes for more of a shaggy textured feel.

#25. Soft Shaggy Layers with Movement

Soft Shaggy Layers with Movement
Instagram @ashleybigfun

Stylist Ashley Brown of Philadelphia, PA created these soft shaggy layers with a lot of movement.

“My favorite thing about this look and all shags are their wearability,” she states. “They grow out still looking gorgeous and they also give people that extra volume in the crown and around their face that they are always looking for.”

“Shags are great for all different face types. I just adjust the length of the layers and fringe to what flatters the client the most,” she adds.

It is also super easy to style. Just add some sea salt spray and you’re good to go! This look is perfect for women who want a stylish look but also want to stay low-maintenance.

#26. Effortless Textured Shag Haircut

Effortless Textured Shag Haircut
Instagram @carlyraecoady

“This effortless textured shag is all about effortless, wearable texture,” states style creator Carly Rae Coady of East Nashville, TN. “The longer, shaggy fringe has a low-commitment, low-maintenance wearability that’s perfect for anyone wanting to dabble with a fringe.”

“This is a soft take on the shag with a strong perimeter and loose, shaggy surface layers and a shattered face frame,” explains Coady.

Carly Rae goes onto say, “this is perfect for those who have grown out a bob but want to change the shape as it continues to grow long. This is also perfect for those wanting a medium-length cut, but with a completely different and versatile shape. This cut works for any texture as it is an effortless-looking style. You can alter the fringe to be more Brigitte Bardot-inspired, or even longer like in this image.”

As for the best products, she believes, “for this look, get a good salt spray (R+Co Sail is my current go-to) and a great finishing texturizer (R+Co Badlands or ORIBE Dry Texture Spray) to create movement in the style.”

#27. Modern Chocolate Brown Shag for Thick Hair

Modern Chocolate Brown Shag for Thick Hair
Instagram @pingpaintshair

This modern brown shag was created by stylist Ping Muangmingsuk of Indianapolis, IN. “The layers are more fluid and less defined and the overall look is less mullet-like. My favorite thing about this look is that it’s super versatile,” she adds.

Ping explains, “this shag look is very different curled versus straight. I feel like it can be tailored to different face shapes, so there really isn’t anyone that can’t have this cut. It’s a little hard to put into a ponytail with all the face-framing layers, so women that need their brown hair out of their face might not want to go this shaggy.”

#28. Medium Layered Shag with Blonde Highlights

This medium layered shag with blonde highlights was created by owner and stylist Heather Mancias-Wright of Round Rock, TX. “I would describe this look as a modern shag. I love that it’s fun, playful, and easy to wear,” states Heather.

“This cut is perfect for fine hair seeking volume with the shorter layers,” she explains. “You could wear this cut softer as a wash and wear, or piece it out using product like I did here. Also, I used the Lanza Healing Hair Plumper and Lanza Healing Brilliant Texture.”

#29. Piecey Shag for an Oval Face Shape

Piecey Medium shag with bangs for oval faces
Instagram @hirohair

This piecey medium shag for oval face shapes was created and styled by hair artist Hiro of Los Angeles, CA. The layering in this cut adds a softness that works well on all face shapes. “The length of the cut shown here is great for a round or oval face shape. For someone with a longer face shape, make the cut a bit shorter.”

The great thing about this shaggy look is that it’s meant to look undone and effortless, therefore it’s perfect for ladies with wavy/curly hair if they want to air dry and go, or the straight-haired gal that doesn’t mind rough drying and adding a little bend and texture with a curling iron.

Layering the hair does remove weight, so I would not recommend this cut for someone with fine hair.

#30. Chic Shag with Wispy Bangs and Shaggy Layers

Chic Shag with Wispy Bangs and Shaggy Layers
Instagram @hairbyalexiaxo

This modern-chic shag was created by stylist Alexia Duryea of Naples, FL. “This hairstyle is full of textured long layers that add volume and movement, while the ends of the hair are pointcut to appear more choppy and not too uniform,” she explains.

To recreate medium shaggy haircuts, Alexia suggests, “start by using Redken’s Beach Envy Volume Texturizing shampoo and conditioner. Apply Pureology’s Color Fanatic to the hair while damp to detangle and protect from heat.”

“Style the fringe first as desired, then blowdry the hair using a large round brush for maximum volume in the crown area,” she adds. “Lightly mist Redken’s Fashion Waves on the hair once it’s blow-dried to help create texture while styling. Use a 1 1/2-inch curling iron to add waves in the hair, alternating directions in each section and leaving the ends of the hair out.”

“Once the hair is all curled, run your fingers through the waves to create a messy bedhead look. Remember this is supposed to look effortless and undone! Finish the style using Redken’s Fashion Work #12 hairspray for a light hold,” states Alexia.

#31. Collarbone-Length Straight Shag Cut with Rooted Blonde

“I would describe this look as a shaggy rooted blonde,” says style creator Caleigh Giarra of Nashville, TN. “I love to keep some depth in a bright blonde shag, so doing a little shadow root is a go-to for me.”

For styling medium shag cuts like this, Giarra recommends, “texture spray, and/or a matte pomade. The products in particular that I used to style this look were Kevin Murphy’s Bedroom.Hair texture spray and Nightrider pomade.”

“I would recommend this style for someone with medium to thick hair, as it wouldn’t create an issue to take heavy sections for bangs/shorter layers,” she explains.

#32. Face-Framing Shag for Straight Hair

Face Framing Shag for Straight Hair
Instagram @bekahdoesmyhair

This face-framing shag for straight hair was created by stylist Rebekah Cunningham of Fairhope, AL. “The shag is the chameleon of cuts, transitioning from work to play seamlessly while also being universally flattering. This low-maintenance haircut always looks good,” she explains.

This beautiful cut is designed to show off natural hair texture and grow out short hair. It exudes effortless style and edge with its face-framing fringe and free-falling layers. It is made for those who seek a low effort, high style look.

It’s defined by its strong perimeter and free movement layers. For those with straight hair, this is a great option. With volume and texture-defining products, your hair will finally feel like it has some personality and doesn’t have to just hang there anymore!

For styling products, Cunningham says, “I really love R+Co hair care at the moment. Use Mannequin paste for the mid-lengths in towel-dried hair for texture. Badlands dry shampoo is a fantastic finisher, creating big lift at the roots while combating dull, flat, and dirty hair.”

“This cut is a great choice for most hair types. The shag releases weight from the interior with layers creating movement and volume while building weight around the face and creating a frame,” she states. “Having this frame around the face creates the opportunity to tailor this cut to each individual face shape.”

#33. Face-Contouring Shag with Bangs

Face Contouring Shag with Bangs
Instagram @hirohair

Medium shag haircuts can look gorgeous with bangs. Whether they are wispy or curtain, short or long, they tend to pair nicely.

A face-contouring shag with bangs will look stunning on heart-shaped faces. A mid-length shag haircut with feathered layers that feather down creates fullness all over and can be worn straight or curly. This is cute even when it grows out into long hair and when that happens, check out these awesome long shag haircuts.

#34. Shoulder-Length Shag Layered Cut

Shoulder-Length Shag Layered Cut
Instagram @yukistylist

A shoulder-length shaggy layered haircut can be styled in multiple ways. This shag with beach waves can be styled straight or curly with a little bit of experience with a curling wand. Just make sure to add in a texturizing spray or finishing spray when styling this hair to get that extra grit.

#35. Wispy Shag with a Deep Side Part

Wispy Shag with a Deep Side Part
Instagram @hirohair

A wispy shag with a deep side part that’s heavy on one side is ideal for women who like to go back and forth with their parting or they specifically always have a side part.

Removing weight around the crown is necessary to achieve medium shaggy wispy haircuts, and so the shortest layer can move freely without it looking too blunt and creating a nice balance overall.

#36. Wild Shaggy Mid-Length Hair

Wild Shaggy Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @ernestomeneses

A wild shaggy mid-length haircut that has a variety of layers gives a rockstar look. A medium-length shag will help maintain your length and density while also adding lift.

#37. The Feathered Shag

The Feathered Shag
Instagram @sharonmsds

Achieve the feathered shag by point cutting and adding movement with texturizing. This shaggy haircut is shoulder-length with layering and was created by Illinois-based stylist, Sharon McReynolds.

“This feathered hair cut suits all face shapes and hair types, except naturally curly hair,” says McReynolds. “The shape gives an effortless and carefree vibe, ideal for women who want a messy style.”

#38. Collarbone-Length Shag

Collarbone-Length Shag
Instagram @yukistylist

For a modern collarbone-length shag to meet its full potential, choppy ends and added texture are a must. If your wanting to cut your long hair, this length is perfect if you’re scared of going too short. Styling medium shaggy haircuts are very versatile and can be worn curly, wavy, or straight.

#39. Middle-Part Shag With Layers

Dark Blonde hair with Middle Part Shag With Layers
Instagram @hirohair

A middle-part shag with layers allows for even volume all around. Short, shaggy layering is great for longer, medium-length hair, especially if styling wavy. If you’re going for a celebrity look, this is it.

#40. Wavy Shag with Side-Swept Bangs

Wavy Medium Shag with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @dane_edwardsandco

For women with fine and or thin hair, a wavy medium shag with side-swept bangs will help bring fullness all throughout the hair. Especially if the hair is fine or thin.

Side-swept bangs work if they are texturized softly at the end of the strands to create a soft bend. Try turning this into a wavy layered cut with a large barrel curling iron to show off movement.

#41. A Fluffy Shaggy Bob for Women Over 60

A Fluffy Medium Shag Bob for Women Over 60 with silver hair
Instagram @terrywhiddon

Wear a medium shag bob for women over 60 to experience the ease of air-drying or reduced diffusing time. Texas-based expert hairstylist Terry Whiddon created this shag using an open curl system. “The basics of it are maximizing the use of convex and concave layers,” Whiddon explains.

He goes on to say, “this shoulder-length medium shaggy haircut is so versatile and low-maintenance. It can be as easy as washing hair with a conditioner plus a little curl product, then off you go.”

#42. Heavily Layered Shaggy Hair

Heavily Layered Shaggy Hair
Instagram @rachelhowellhair

A heavily layered shaggy haircut with curtain bangs is perfect for ladies with textured hair craving volume. Hairstyles with shaggy layers work best on medium hair.

#43. Modern Blonde Shaggy Cut

Modern Blonde Shaggy Cut
Instagram @salsalhair

Have a modern blonde shaggy cut to liven up flat, lifeless hair. A medium-length shag haircut has an abundance of layers that fill out flatter hair types. Finish off styling your layers with some dry shampoo to add extra texture.

#44. Androgynous Black Shag with Fringe

Androgynous Black Shag with Fringe
Instagram @alchemy_hair_boston

A full fringe adds great contrast to this lightly layered haircut into a Jane Fonda inspired shag.

This medium shag style works best on fine to medium hair. The locks look fuller, especially with a black hair color.

#45. Dark Shaggy Hairstyle with Highlights

Dark Medium Shaggy Hairstyle with Highlights
Instagram @hirohair

Revamp your dark hair with a medium shaggy hairstyle with highlights and add texture and movement to your flat hair. Shaggy layers add width to your hair by bringing the shaping movement higher than normal layering techniques.

Add some softly placed caramel blonde highlights to enhance the extra shape of your haircut and create more texture due to the multi-tonal effect.

#46. The Perfect Shag for a Square Face

The Perfect Medium Shag for a Square Face
Instagram @yukistylist

This is the perfect medium shag for a square face. A medium-length shag hair cut works best if the hair is already at a medium or longer length and works for thin and thick hair, and looks best worn curly or straight. This radical chic cut creates texture for easy and effortless styling.

#47. Face-Framing Light Blonde Shag for Shoulder-Length Hair

Face-Framing Light Blonde Shag for Shoulder-Length Hair
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

A face-framing shag for shoulder-length hair is perfect for a smooth or wavy texture plus a light blonde shade. California-based stylist Elvis Pesqueira advises that this cut adds body to your locks. He notes, “This will definitely give you volume and separation.”

Pesqueira shares how he created this voluminous shaggy lob. “I started with the shorter pieces, then built out the face-frame. I used the face-frame as my guide to do the rest of the chop,” he explained.

#48. Super Shaggy Layered Hair

Super Shaggy Layered Hair
Instagram @rachelwstylist

A super shaggy layered haircut makes a retro style, allowing the hair to look fuller around the crown while maintaining length without losing volume. Adding in wispy bangs to medium shag hairstyles will help keep your shape all around.

#49. A Sassy Shaggy Cut for Older Women

sassy shaggy haircut for older ladies
Instagram @swankyhairdesign

This cut is a sassy modern shag for older women. It has lots of texture and movement. The highlights add dimension and draw your attention to the haircut. It sure works on natural silver or gray hair, too!

It requires maintenance as in styling and products. Try dry texture spray by Moroccan oil. This haircut would work best for someone with fine to medium hair.”

#50. A Trendy Shag with Piece-y Balayage for Women Over 40

trendy shaggy cut for women over 40
Instagram @hirohair

A trendy shag with piece-y layers is flattering on women over 40. It’s a modern take on this head-turning 70’s haircut with pops of piece-y balayage and a light curtain fringe. The style in this photo can take the years off of anyone with its fresh and trendy vibe.

#51. Sassy Medium Layers with Razored Bangs

Sassy Medium Shag with Fringe
Instagram @rachelwstylist

The tousled medium shag with bangs is created with shorter layers connecting to the fringe. A 90 degree cut offers enough volume and fullness creating a taller and slimmer appearance. For a natural-looking finish use a wand leaving out the bottom, then run your fingers to separate them.