Top 18 Medium Length Layered Bob Haircuts

Medium layered bob

Get ready to be inspired with one of these gorgeous medium layered bob haircuts! If you’ve got shoulder-length hair, then consider getting a bob cut to help soften up your facial features. Adding layers is also great for every hair type. If your hair is thick, it will help thin it out. If it’s thin, it will help add more volume and the coveted texture that’s so trendy right now. When you combine layers within a bob, you get the perfect combo of movement and a face-framing cut that’s easy to maintain. Enjoy these photos of this year’s top medium layered bobs!

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Shaggy Medium Layered Bob

Shaggy medium layered bob
Instagram @_tatianahair

This type of shaggy medium layered bob cut was created using the razor cut technique. Stylist Tatiana then added a freshly painted blonde balayage. It has a beach tousle finish for a gorgeous texture.

The Best A-Line Bob

The Best A-Line Bob
Instagram @lauraellebarrett

This is a popular type of mid-length layered A-line bob. You can easily let it down or pull up into a ponytail for a chic look! Style with full bangs to get a straight hair look with more volume!

Chic Asymmetrical Bob with Layers

Chic Asymmetrical Bob
Instagram @hairbymichellelea

Hair pieces with different lengths on each side make any hairstyle look amazing. This gorgeous asymmetrical medium-length bob with layers can emphasize the asymmetry of your facial feature.

Pretty Bob with Side Bangs

Pretty Bob with Side Bangs
Instagram @nicolekeenen

When considering a medium layered bob haircut with side bangs you’ll want to consider the styling time.  Style it side-swept with a choppy deep side part for a fashionable unique look.

Perfect for Fine Hair

Perfect for Fine Hair
Instagram @michael_headingouthair

This is a perfect layered bob for medium length fine hair. Adding face-framing choppy layers give the illusion of volume by adding texture all around even with straight fine hair. Add full bangs if you want to highlight your pretty eyes and make your hair look fuller.

Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Ideal for Thick Hair
Instagram @stylebytaty

This is a great example of a shoulder-length layered bob for thick hair. Adding inside layers will help lighten up your locks. If you are tired of your plain bob, this wavy and choppy version can make any hairstyle look sexy. With the back cut short and the front cut long, this whole bob with long side bangs will leave you feeling confident with any outfit you try on.

Lovely Feathered Bob

Lovely Feathered Bob
Instagram @rasheda_t

A red gorgeously layered shoulder-length bob cut highlighted with blonde pieces is a sure way to turn heads with its hotness. Get inspired as this unique feathered haircut that suits any face shape and skin color.

Beautiful Medium Bob with Layers

Beautiful Medium Long Bob
Instagram @sine_newtalentprogram

Just a bit of length past the chin could provide length to a short or round face. A short-medium layered bob can benefit from adding a subtle ombre with babylights. Styling it with wavy hair results in a dimensional and elegant look.

Flattering for Older Women

Q&A with style creator, Penny Schwantes
Cosmetology Student / Certified Makeup Artist @ Paul Mitchell The School Temecula in Temecula, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a great medium length layered bob for older women. Adding caramel highlights can cover natural grey strands. I also did fringe and face-framing for this look. What I like the most about this look is how wearable it is. The length allows for a moderate style that is fun and classy but also long enough to wear up. I also like that the highlights and layering add dimension and style.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It’s very versatile and can be worn up or down to fit an everyday style or an active one. It does require moderate styling. I used a foam for hold and a round brush to create the shape. For the finish, I used a matte pomade to make it a little piecey and a soft hold finishing spray. Suitable for most face shapes an all-around fun, classy, versatile look.

Marvelous Mid Length Bob with Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Samantha Evans
Freelance Stylist in Chicago, IL

How would you describe this look?

The mid-length layered bob with bangs is a favorite! This shape works so well on many different textures. Based on the hair texture and face shape, you can alter where you concentrate their fringe. With the loose textured lines, it also grows out incredibly well. Monica usually goes about 4 months in between haircuts, and it still looks great!

It is an excellent choice for someone that is looking to create a little bit more movement in their hair. If you have any bit of wave, a shag haircut will bring that out and accentuate all the right features. With the heavy concentration on the fringe area, it even looks cute when pulled into a pony.

Any advice for someone considering it?

The shag is super versatile, so many people can consider this look. You can vary the fringe length and overall length to create more subtle or more dramatic shapes. I would not do this haircut on someone with very thin/fine hair though. It will take too much weight out from the bottom and make their hair appear thinner.

It is ideal for someone that has a bit of wave/texture in their hair. This cut will bring more texture out and they may even be able to let it air dry for the best look. Depending on the texture, I recommend that you use a comb to blow dry their fringe are first. Then, apply a wave mister (Kevin Murphy Killer waves, Hair resort, or Arrojo Wave Mister) throughout the hair, working it in and scrunching it with your fingers. I would then lightly dry the roots to give the hair some volume. Lastly, I would twist some pieces around my fingers and let the rest air dry!

Less is more with this look for sure. It is great as second or third-day hair as well, just blast some dry shampoo throughout and go.

Easy Straight Bob

Easy Straight Bob
Instagram @_sammie_

Q&A with style creator, Sammie
Senior Stylist @ Hugo Salon in Kensington, MD

How would you describe this look?

The medium-length angled bob with layers is a popular everyday look. The color absolutely has the rooted, “lived in” feel that most women are striving for since maintenance is low but still feels intentional. What I like most about this cut and color is that it’s an effortless everyday look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

You’ll need to know your hair type when considering a layered bob. If you have very thick, coarse hair, it probably wouldn’t lay quite the same on you. Even though face shape can play a part in determining if this look will work for you, you could always adjust the length to suit.

For styling a layered bob, add a volume mousse for blow drying and a dry texture spray for finishing to give it a little grit and separation. I would blow dry this pretty much all the way through without a brush as you wouldn’t want a totally smooth round feel for this. This look has a daily low maintenance and doesn’t require so much time in the morning.

Modern Shaggy Bob

Q&A with style creator, Archie Kamikaze
Stylist @ Good Day Hairshop in Toronto, ON

How would you describe this look?

When it comes to a layered bob on medium-length hair, the 1970’s rock ‘n roll look is a great source of inspiration. It’s low maintenance but edgy and unique, in comparison to the long blonde balayage’s that are popular right now.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Go for it! The great thing about the shaggy look is that it can be tailored to any face shape and length! It easily adds the appearance of length or width to one’s facial structure. It’s also very easy and fun to style at home!

Edgy Shoulder Length Razor Cut Bob

Edgy Razor Cut
Instagram @kristeenbelu

Q&A with style creator, Kristeen Wade
Stylist / Owner @ Belu Salon Tanning & Spa Yakima and Belu Salon Kennewick

How would you describe this look?

This type of shoulder-length layered bob is trendy right now. By adding negative space within the cut it creates more movement allowing you to see more texture in darker hair and removes the thickness in thicker hair. Razor cuts are a perfect way to achieve this look.

What I love about this cut is the versatility it gives. Whether it’s curly or straight, power dried or round brushed, you create a different look all together yet still long enough to put up in the front.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would say go for it if you’re wanting a sassy change of pace. This look is not your everyday soccer mom bob. It makes a stronger statement of edge that will have you getting compliments from many people. This look can be perfect for the guest with thick hair, round, oval, or heart-shaped face.

Its texture and length make it easy for styling straight or curly. Using a good styling lotion or cream as well as a heat protectant, foaming pomade, and hairspray are the steps towards creating this look. I spray hairspray on my fingertips and run it through the ends of some of the finished curls to make the texture stand out even more. You can power dry this look upside down or be more structured with it by using a round brush. It’s also perfect for those added-money pieces of balayage color around the face!

Cute Inverted Bob

Cute Inverted Bob
Instagram @hairbygiigii_

Q&A with style creator, Giigii Gahlan
Junior Hairstylist @ Mandys Art Studio in Surrey, BC

How would you describe this look?

This medium layered inverted bob haircut is very low maintenance. For people who don’t have too much time in their day to day life to be spending hours on their hair, this cut is perfect! Growing into the years as a hairstylist, I’ve always seen the struggle people with medium length hair go through to find a cut that’s not too short but also has an edgy/different kind of look to it.

It’s longer and more shaped/angled in the front where you see the most of the cut, so it’s very important to keep the front very strong. It’s dramatically angled and shorter in the back to give it an edgy kind of look and not the same old one length bob.

This cut can be styled straight or curly! Looks amazing in both styles. However, not just the cut but the color is also one of my faves. I have done a pair up of a funky color at the top for a lot of vibrancy and underneath is a darker color that shadows along with the funky color and make it appear even brighter. It’s all in the illusion when it comes to funky colors!

Any advice for someone considering it?

This bob with layers looks super cute in all hair types. Just keep in mind that when they have curly hair it will dry and bounce up so you will need to cut a little bit longer than you normally would! Other than that I’ve done it in all hair types and the results have been awesome.

Trendy Angled Bob

Q&A with style creator, Sara Michelle
Owner @ Indie Salon in Colorado Springs, CO

How would you describe this look?

This is an example of a trendy medium layered undercut bob. The back is not stacked at all, keeping it modern. It has just a slight undercut, so it can work for those with dense hair as well. This color combination is flattering on so many skin tones – it’s warm without being too red. I took alternating slices and weaves with a neutral auburn shade and lightener and then toned at the bowl with a golden beige. Also, this cut is so easy and quick to style!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Medium layered bobs work best when styled straight with some volume in the back. If your hair has a lot of texture and you’re not committed to styling daily, it might not be for you. I sprayed Kenra blow dry spray all over and rough dried about 70% and then sprayed Kenra root lifter at the roots and round brushed for volume and smoothness.

Stylish Medium-Length Stacked Bob

Stylish Stacked Bob
Instagram @erin_renee85

Q&A with style creator, Erin Boswell
Hairstylist / Colorist @ The Beauty Lounge in Brentwood, CA

How would you describe this look?

A medium-length stacked bob with layers is perfect for making a statement when you enter any room. This is for the woman who’s bold, a trendsetter,  fierce, and most of all confident!

What I like most about this haircut is how versatile it is. The use of a root boost for added volume and a round brush blow out make for a perfect everyday polished look or for a night on the town – just add a few tousled waves to the lengths. The addition of bold slices of color really sets off the shape of this haircut.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This haircut does require styling to achieve this look, I recommend the use of a root boost to help achieve the lift all around and a dry powdered texturized to help with adding a little grit and movement into the hair to showcase the movement throughout the haircut.

It is a great shape for those with medium to thick hair, as well as for those with a busy schedule. The use of dry shampoo will help you restyle with added texture for day two!

Gorgeous Layered Curly Bob with Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Dawn Archer
Master Stylist @ Axis Hair Salons in Vancouver, BC

How would you describe this look?

A gorgeous layered medium bob for curly hair with 70’s disco era style is making a comeback. The added layers on top of the soft graduation created the lift at the crown. The fringe gives it an updated feel. I love how soft this look is and how easily maintained it is.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Firstly, consider how often you wear your curly hair naturally. Do you straighten your hair often? I think a truly modern haircut is relatively low maintenance. Products are important for curly hair as it tends to be dry and sometimes frizzy. Not everyone looks good with a fringe, and be careful cutting around the face with curly hair, as it will jump a lot so less is more in this case.

Sassy Wavy Bob

Q&A with style creator, Kelly Shone-Adams
Salon Owner @ Technocracy Hair in Neath, Neath Port Talbot

How would you describe this look?

This medium layered bob haircut is enhanced perfectly with a gorgeous rich copper color. Not only does it give the appearance of thickness down to the application of a global color but also it is easily multifunctional to style. Worn straight an sleek for everyday wear or with a tousled natural wave for more of a statement look. The best part of the look is the way both color and cut are quite strong but they beautifully complement one another it’s a perfect balance between the two.

Any advice for someone considering it?

The advantage of a layered bob haircut on medium hair is that it suits many different face shapes and hair texture. Anywhere from fine hair to thick. It is a style that requires a styling product which will give hold and shine to the hair, therefore, creating volume. It can be worn sleek and straight for day to day or waved with straightening iron’s or wand for an evening out. Suitable for anyone from a busy working woman or a stay at home mum who wants to stay ahead of the trends and leave their hair down for a date night. There’s certainly nothing boring about this bob!