34 Trendiest Long Shaggy Bob Haircuts for Carefree Women

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A long shaggy bob is a shoulder-length haircut created by a combination of jagged ends and layers. The idea is to give locks an effortless edge and lots of texture, movement, and volume. So why go for a short bob when you can pull it off, too!

Ashley Marie, a stylist from Charlotte, NC, describes the shag haircut as the style that’s meant to be carefree. “The woman that wears this is ready to put the flat iron away. She’s ready to embrace her hair in its natural form, or create a texture that suits her inner funk.”

The texture is the first thing to think about when opting for a shaggy lob hairstyle. Maintenance comes next. Ashley says, “My advice is to consider your daily routine. Do the trims fit into your schedule? Can you afford 2-3 haircuts a year?”

For styling, Ashley’s fave product line is by Hairstory. She loves Hair Balm as a go-to product for natural curls. The Undressed texturizing spray is what she uses on women who need help in boosting texture.

So are you ready for a shag? Ashley advises finding a stylist that focuses on short haircutting. Not everyone is comfortable doing such styles and cuts.

“Any style can be tailored to any face shape, hair texture, and routine. It’s just about finding a hairstylist who knows how to do that,” she adds.

So before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the trendiest long shaggy bob haircuts and hairstyles.

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Messy Brunette Shaggy Lob with See-Through Fringe
Instagram @yukistylist

#1: Messy Brunette Lob with See-Through Fringe

For a messy brunette shaggy lob with see-through fringe, look no further. This cut is ideal for those wanting a stylish look that requires minimal upkeep. To get this style, your hairstylist will layer and texturize your hair. They should use point-cutting techniques which create movement. Even in the finest of tresses! Ask your stylist to focus on framing your face so you can get maximum impact from its wispy bangs.

Soft Shaggy Lob for Ladies with blonde balayage hair
Instagram @hirohair

#2: Soft Shaggy Lob

You might want to try a soft shaggy lob. But only if you’re looking for a versatile and low-maintenance hairstyle. This haircut features layered ends and textured waves. It creates a relaxed and effortless look. The soft shaggy lob works well with various hair types and face shapes. It’s a hairstyle that offers movement and body to your hair, giving it a natural and carefree vibe. To style this look, use a curling iron or texturizing products to enhance the waves. With a soft shaggy lob, you can achieve a trendy, relaxed hairstyle that’s easy to manage and looks chic.

Center-Parted Shaggy Lob Style for ladies with fine hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#3: Center-Parted Shaggy Lob Style

A center-parted shaggy lob style is perfect for ladies with fine hair. This cut features textured layers with slightly longer pieces near the front. Those pieces help create a flattering, face-framing effect. Allow your stylist to add shaggy layers to add volume. The length keeps the hair looking full and bouncy. This style works best for those who want a low-maintenance yet chic look. To style, start with damp hair and apply a lightweight mousse for volume and texture.

Lob with Sassy Shaggy Texture for women with a face-framing style
Instagram @yukistylist

#4: Sassy Shaggy Texture

Do you have thick hair and want a longer bob? Ask your stylist to texturize the ends of the hair with a razor, slide cutting, or texturizes. This will help skinny up the ends, but be aware of too much graduation in the perimeter. This will build up unwanted weight. Instead, focus on crown layers with textured perimeter length.

Jet Black Textured Shaggy Lob
Instagram @anhcotran

#5: Jet Black Textured Lob

The jet-black textured lob is the epitome of rocker chic. The cut can be styled more sophisticated for the day, or with some volume and texture for a night out. Avoid washing your hair too often to keep the color rich and shiny. It’s helpful to use a shine cream or a shine spray to finish the style. Don’t forget to ask your stylist for advice on bringing your style from day to night. Typically, I go for the volumizing powder and texture spray and rough up the hair, occasionally adding some random waves with a wand.

Brown and Caramel Balayage on a Shaggy Lob
Instagram @yukistylist

#6: Brown and Caramel Balayage on a Shaggy Lob

If you have finer hair and want a long bob with more body, did you know adding textured layers can open your hair? And it can give it a fuller appearance! If you decide to try this, the shorter layers push the longer layers out away from your face. This makes styling easier and supports your volume from going flat.

#7: Cute Shaggy Lob with Feathered Bangs

If you plan to do a cute shaggy lob with feathered bangs, begin by gathering a few photos for your stylist. Go over them during your next visit. Length and style can vary depending on the desired frequency of salon maintenance. Fringe, for example, can grow from short to curtain bangs and face-framing. All grow out gracefully between visits. You may want to try a variety of these styles or during the grow out before deciding on your signature look.

#8: Voluminous Shaggy Lob Cut

Live on the edge with a voluminous shaggy lob cut. Ask for lots of layers and point cutting to achieve a wispy shag. You can have the back cut shorter then the front for extra pizzazz. Doing so will make your shape appear longer. This cut works best on straighter hair. The best way to style it would be to use your hands as you dry straight down. A brush will inhibit the wispy separation and messiness that the shape craves.

Soft Long Shaggy Bob with Balayage
Instagram @nothingobvious

#9: Soft Long Bob with Balayage

Go for the perfect balance between short and long with a soft long bob with balayage. A lob is so versatile and can work on any texture. You can wear your lob up or down, straight or wavy, the options are endless. Go for a balayage if you need to keep maintenance down and have your locks look naturally sun-kissed.

#10: The Shaggiest Lob Cut

The shaggiest lob cut is perfect for the woman with thick hair who want to lighten it up! I highly recommend getting your stylist to use a razor or texturizing shears to add a ton of layers. If you plan to have a texture, look no further.

#11: Shaggy Long Bob

A shaggy long bob shows off a soft, effortless-looking style that looks great on straight hair. It’s guaranteed to flatter women with a square or diamond face shape. The waves can lessen the sharpness of a jawline.

Modern Razored Shaggy Long Bob
Instagram @nothingobvious

#12: Modern Razored Shaggy Long Bob

If you have long, fine hair and want to get fullness without affecting your length, try layers. They are also known as feathered layers or textured layers. The layers will remove the weight from your length. You will need to ask your stylist to leave your weight line out, in the back area of your hair. That way it doesn’t look straggly on your ends.

Lived-In Shaggy Bob Cut
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#13: Lived-In Shaggy Bob Cut

A lived-in shaggy bob cut is a rock and roll kinda style. This trendy look is so full of texture, adding so much edginess to your style. Curtain bangs frame the face perfectly, especially when wearing shades.

#14: Wavy Long Shaggy Bob for Fine Hair

This is a wavy long shaggy bob for fine hair, and it’s looking marvelous! The key to a more lived-in edge is soft waves that bring out movement. Try this long shaggy bob hairstyle with a shadow-rooted blonde to make the tresses seem thicker.

Medium-length shaggy bob
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#15: Medium-Length Shaggy Bob

Medium-length shaggy bobs are trendy and a great way to add texture to a classic bob. A blunt perimeter with shaggy layers creates movement and volume and helps remove weight for those thicker-haired gals. Try styling both straight and curly to give different vibes from day to day.

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Long choppy bob for women over 60 with round faces
Instagram @finnellhair

#16: Long Choppy Bob for Women Over 60 with Round Faces

Long choppy bob for women over 60 with round faces works great for women who have texture in their hair. To get this look, ask your hairdresser for a short layered haircut with side bangs.

#17: Long Shaggy Bob for Older Women

A long shaggy bob for older women is matchless! Who else can sport a feathered, shaggy hairstyle other than ladies who are over 50 with fine hair? The texture of this kind of style adds so much excitement to the hair.

Long shaggy bob for women over 50
Instagram @ladylotus_

#18: Long Shaggy Bob for Women Over 50

A long shaggy bob is perfect for women over 50 with thick hair. It’s the perfect way to give your hair a modern-day touch. This cut provides movement to the hair. The light choppy layers relieve the hair from bulkiness and give a softening effect to your long bob. The length is modern while the shape softens the facial features.

#19: Shaggy Lob with an Undercut

The shaggy lob with an undercut is well-suited for women who want to subtly reduce the volume of their hair while keeping it trendy.

#20: Long Messy Bob with Blonde Ombre

A long messy bob with blonde ombré is what you need if you’re interested in modernizing your current hairstyle. Beach curls are all the rage and can be achieved with a 1-inch iron. Start curling mid-shaft, leave the ends straight and create stunning wavy curls. Ombré color is a fabulous choice to go with a bob. The dark roots hide any growth, making it a low-maintenance style to keep.

#21: Shaggy Lob with Bangs

Wear a shaggy lob with bangs when wanting an edgy, fresh cut without compromising your hair texture. The chop’s length grazes the shoulders for added stylishness. Shaggy lob haircuts that feature a fringe will flatter and frame a round face shape. Modern and chic—this shaggy hair trend is a must-try!

#22: Shaggy Bob with Long Bangs

It’s so cool how a shaggy bob with long bangs creates the impression of an undone and effortless style. This long shaggy bob haircut is ideal for both thin and thick tresses. It removes bulk, especially from the ends, while offering a fuller shape. Match it with a strawberry blonde hair color for a flirty touch.

Shaggy Lob for Round Faces
Instagram @novaartssalon

#23: Shaggy Lob for Round Faces

A cute shaggy lob for round faces can highlight your cheekbones. Style the shaggy layers up with waves, then add a fringe to break up the roundness of the face. For a much vibrant outcome, say yes to a shiny shade of red!

#24: Long Inverted Shaggy Bob

Obsessed with this long inverted shaggy bob, too? You’re not alone. This haircut is a lob with wispy bangs and subtle layers for natural-looking movement. A shaggy lob haircut looks chic in both straight and wavy styles. It goes well on hair with blonde teasy lights, too.

Longer Shaggy Bob
Instagram @taboohaircare

#25: Longer Shaggy Bob

Pull off a longer shaggy bob like this by getting a razor cut. This chop is guaranteed to offer a style with lots of texture. Boost its movement by adding waves if needed. What makes this shag cool is it suits both younger and older women.

#26: Shaggy Bob for Longer Hair

An exquisite shaggy bob for longer hair looks better with soft waves. It flatters any face shape, especially a rounded one. Long shaggy bob hairstyles like this are the perfect length to achieve versatility.

#27: Long Shaggy Pixie Bob

This long shaggy pixie bob is one of a kind. Two words to describe it—vibrant and bold! This haircut works great on both thin and thick tresses. It offers extra texture and gives thin hair a thicker effect. But, it would also be easier to manipulate if your locks have a lot of density.

#28: Tousled Long Blonde Shaggy Bob

It can be super fun to wear a tousled long blonde shaggy bob. This trend is for ladies who have straight locks that need more texture and volume. Replicate the style by giving your hair tousled beachy waves and a spritz of a salt spray. Meanwhile, this messy blonde hair has darker roots for added dimension.

#29: Textured Shaggy Bob with Bangs

A textured shaggy bob with bangs and soft waves offers a stylish and innocent-looking vibe. The finish features a textured effect for fine hair to appear thicker. To add enough interest to such a haircut, chop off some strands to add bangs. A shaggy bob with fringe can also carry out a more youthful edge.

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#30: Long Shaggy Bob for Thick Hair

Here’s an ideal long shaggy bob for thick hair. Thin out the edges to create a weightless effect and add extra texture to your hair. It’s parted in the center to flatter women with round faces.

#31: Long Layered Shaggy Bob

Give a long layered shaggy bob a shot. When styled with waves, it makes a stunning go-to hairstyle for most women. Since it’s easy to style, all you need is a curling iron and hairspray.

Front and back views of a shaggy lob
Instagram @felix.lynn

#32: Front and Back Views of a Shaggy Lob

The front and back views of a shaggy lob show a lot of texture, creating height and movement on the top area. This chop, made by Arizona-based stylist Lynn Felix, opens up the face and softens its features.

Felix states, “I worked with square layers through the top. Then, I went in with diagonal forward sections in the back and sides to achieve this lob cut.”

Curly Shaggy Lob with a Hidden Undercut
Instagram @flirtwithjoy

#33: Curly Shaggy Lob

A curly shaggy lob haircut can benefit from a huge, kinky shape that goes perfectly with curly bangs. With the perfect layering, it can frame the face well. When preppin’, apply a combo of moisturizing curl cream and control gel to redefine the curls.

This curly shag lob hairstyle is a baby shag haircut that was created by salon owner and stylist Joy Ishii of San Diego, CA. “This cut begins with the fringe. The curtain fringe builds upon itself adding a mini undercut. The shorter face-framing layers help create this fun shape,” explains Ishii.

This shaggy haircut gives your hair a lot of movement. You can style it beachy, straight, or even with your natural texture. This cut can be customized to you, so be adventurous and make your layers short or keep them longer!

Ishii believes shaggy lob hairstyles are versatile and can be used on all textures of hair. “Straight, wavy, and curly hair will have so much fun having a baby shag! If you have curly hair, Bumble and Bumble has their own curl line which helps with styling. It’s a styling cream for girls with curls who want to air-dry their hair, so don’t blowdry when using this product,” she notes.

extra long shaggy bob with fringe
Instagram @giboazhair

#34: Extra Long Shaggy Bob with Fringe

Go for an extra-long shaggy bob with a fringe. A super textured medium-length cut is great for medium to thick hair to help take away heaviness and blunt lines. Works well on long and triangle face shapes by asking your stylist to add some textured layers around the chin to balance the face.

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