60 Side-Swept Bangs to Try When You’re Bored With Your Hair

Best ideas for side swept bangs
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Side swept bangs are a style of bangs that features a side part. Slightly longer than straight-across bangs, side-swept bangs can hide fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Unlike regular side bangs, your hair simply frames your face when your bangs are side-swept. Find your inspiration in these side-swept hairstyles and haircuts.

So before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring pictures of side-swept bangs.

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#1: Deep Side Part Fringe

A deep side part fringe matches any haircut, and one of those is a bob. The greatest thing about bangs on a slant is that it adds extra spice to your hair without drastic change. Swept bangs hairstyles are best for ladies with straight hair that need extra volume.

Golden Sandy Side Swept Bangs
Instagram @gustavomigli

#2: Golden Sandy Swept Bangs

Your bangs can have a golden, sandy sweep. All face shapes look great with side bangs. You should consider your face shape and decide the length of your bangs when choosing a style. An over-directed side bang with layers will give you a soft sweep. Also, directing your bangs more will make their angle steeper.

#3: Long Side Bangs and Medium Layers

The long side bangs can really help soften and add volume to your face, while the medium layers enhance the natural look of the cut.

Sweeping Fringe on an Asymmetrical Long Pixie for women with a chic style
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#4: Sweeping Asymmetrical Long Pixie

With this asymmetrical long pixie, women can achieve a chic style. The asymmetrical cut adds dimension to the look. It makes it edgier without sacrificing femininity. This style works best for those with sharp facial features. It accentuates and defines their bone structure. Leave your appointment with styling products for when you want to style your locks!

Platinum Sweeping See-Through Fringe for ladies with short hair
Instagram @tamer_goksu

#5: Platinum Sweeping See-Through Fringe

A platinum sweeping see-through fringe can be the perfect way to elevate your short hair game. The fringe creates a dramatic effect that can make your eyes pop. And it adds that extra oomph to your appearance. The see-through layers are well-suited to ladies with fine hair. It adds more dimension and texture to their locks. To style, I’d recommend using a heat protectant spray. You will want to avoid anything too heavy with your product before blow-drying your hair. Next, use a round brush to blow out your fringe.

Full Sweeping Long Fringe for women with naturally thick hair
Instagram @mo_safi_

#6: Full Sweeping Long Fringe

Try this take on a soft shag with a full sweeping long fringe. If you need change, adding face-framing layers and a chunky bang can be what you’re looking for. My favorite way of styling a shag or face-framing layers is to blow dry the bangs with a large round brush. Then air dry the rest of your texture for a soft natural look. A helpful tool would be the Hairstory Undressed.

Perfectly Swept Bangs on a short bob cut for women with thin hair
Instagram @ateliernouveau

#7: Perfectly Swept Bangs

Check out this perfect side-swept bang. If you’re looking to frame your face and bring out your eyes, the best way is with the perfect bang. When deciding on style and length, consider your face shape and hair texture/density, and look for cowlicks.

Sweeping Fringe on a Neck-Length Bob Cut for women with long faces and straight hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#8: Sweeping Fringe on a Neck-Length Bob Cut

Ask for a neck-length bob with a sweeping fringe. For those with a longer neck and face shape, opt for a bob that sits right at neck length to balance the face. If you’re looking for a new fave framing option, try a heavy part with a side-swept bang. It will cover part of your forehead and make your eyes and cheekbones pop.

Dirty Blonde Pixie Cut with Sweeping Fringe for older women with thin hair
Instagram @mavila.estilista

#9: Dirty Blonde Pixie Cut with Sweeping Fringe

A side-swept fringe on a pixie is great for older women. Especially those who want a modern, short cut without losing length. It can be texturized, so you can wear it tousled, textured, or sleeker. One of the best things you can do to maintain this cut is to get it trimmed every 4-6 weeks. Using texturizing hair products and/or wax will also help with any way you want to style it!

#10: Large Swooping Side Fringe

Ask for a large swooping side fringe. If you’re looking for bangs that sweep the face but have volume, you will want to style with a blow dryer and round brush. Avoid going too short around the eyes and cheek. This will give your side bang a nice wave to show the eyes and cheekbones and create an uplifting effect.

Retro-Inspired Shag with Sweeping Fringe for women with glasses and long faces
Instagram @se_augusto

#11: Retro-Inspired Shag with Sweeping Fringe

Ask for a retro-inspired shag with a sweeping fringe. I suggest side-swept bangs on a modern shaggy bob if you have a round, square, or long face shape. This will re-shape the face creating a proportional balance. It’s also helpful to have swept bangs with glasses, as you can sweep them to the side, away from your face.

#12: Straight Bob with a Deep Side Part

A straight bob with a deep side part is trending. My best advice is to aim for a length complimenting your face shape. Everyone can look great in a bob if you aim to show off your features, eyes, cheekbones, jaw, or neckline. To wear a sleek style, if you have time, let your hair air dry first. Then flatiron to minimize your hair’s heat exposure. If you’re great with a blow dryer, use a flat brush and hot/cold settings to lock in the shine.

#13: Perfectly Rounded Bob with Sweeping Fringe

If you’re looking for a new way to update your bob, ask your stylist for a stacked a-line, so you can add volume and shape. This style is perfect for anyone who wants to thin their face while keeping it classy. Its side-swept bangs create an edgy yet elegant silhouette that will frame the face. So you can feel confident and stylish all day long. To complete this look, use Kenra Volume Spray 25 . It will keep your locks in place without weighing them down or making them stiff.

Cute Thick Bob Cut with Sweeping Bangs and Highlighted Brown Hair
Instagram @gulevich.vladimir

#14: Cute Thick Bob Cut with Sweeping Bangs

When it comes to short haircuts, this shagged short cut with side bangs is a stylish and flattering look to try. If you want to add some texture and dimension, opt for a few layers and highlights. To finish the look, use a round brush to create a smooth finish, and add some hairspray for extra hold. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, and the bangs are sure to frame your face beautifully.

Flowing side swept fringe for fine hair
Instagram @ricardomaiabsb

#15: Flowing Fringe for Fine Hair

A flowing fringe for fine hair is more desirable as a smaller section of hair can be used without taking too much hair in comparison to a full heavy bang. Whatever length your hair is, a long flowing fringe sweeps your face beautifully. It creates volume due to the added width to your face area. It’s also a great option if your hair is thinning in the recession area as it allows your hair to sit forward and cover areas you may be conscious of.

Dark Auburn Mid-Length Shag with Sweeping Bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#16: Dark Auburn Mid-Length Shag with Sweeping Bangs

dark auburn mid-length shag with sweeping bangs is the best way to switch up your look. If you feeling bored with your hair, this style offers a fresh and modern update. The side-swept bangs will frame your face in an eye-catching way. It will also draw attention to any features you’d like to highlight. For best results, use a curling iron or hot rollers for extra volume at the roots. Then brush through and finish off with hairspray.

#17: Cute Bob with Side-Swept Bangs Makeover

One of the best ways to shape an oval-shaped face with short hair is a textured cut. The length between your chin and shoulders brings out your ideal shaped face. Adding a long fringe opens your facial features. And it pulls your hair back and away from your face.

Long Pixie with Bangs Sweeping to the Side
Instagram @sacamedya

#18: Long Pixie with Bangs Sweeping to the Side

Update your current look with a long pixie with bangs sweeping to the side. All the soft weightless layers will bring body and volume to your hair for a thicker appearance. Sweeping bangs will frame your face and conceal your forehead for a softer look. Don’t forget to upkeep your hair and cut it every 4-6 weeks to keep the cut’s shape and style.

#19: Red Balayage Choppy Bob with Sweeping Bangs

Are you the type of person that likes to match their hair with the season? Then this is the perfect color for you! A balayage will allow a natural grow out as you enjoy this color to its fullest potential. Be aware that, even though reds are some of the brightest colors, they in fact, tend to fade the quickest. You will need to be mindful and wash your hair in cooler water to keep your hair cuticle closed. Or, ask your stylist about color conditioner options to keep your red fresh at home.

Very Short Bob with Side-Swept Fringe
Instagram @sacamedya

#20: Very Short Bob with Swept Fringe

The perfect short mix of a pixie and a bob is a very short bob with a swept fringe. My best advice for a bang is to keep the shortest point around the eyes and the longest point at the cheekbone. Don’t forget to keep the nape of your neck cleaned up frequently.

#21: White Blonde Pixie with Side-Swept Peekaboo Bangs

Try side-swept peekaboo bangs if you have a white-blonde pixie. I suggest placing pops of color near the front of your face and maybe even a few foils throughout. I recommend regular appointments to keep your blonde and peekaboo highlights looking fresh. Try Redken’s purple toning foam for moisture and tone control.

#22: Deeply Parted Bob with Fringe

Are you looking for a way to get instant volume? Then this is a great cut for you! Styling with a deep side part will give you the automatic volume that you’re looking for. If you do not normally part your hair on the side, it may feel a little different than what you are used to. But don’t let this discourage you. Have your stylist add a fringed bang to make this a more wearable style for you.

#23: Angled Bob with Blonde Balayage and Side Bangs

Look seriously stylish with an angled bob with side bangs and a blonde balayage. An angled bob helps elongate your face and a side bang will help soften and give your hair some lift. Side bangs are always a good option if you do not like the maintenance of typical straight-across bangs. In case you forget to get your 4-6 week trim, your bangs will be fine if they are pushed off to the side instead of hanging in your eyes.

Natural Salt and Pepper Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#24: Natural Salt and Pepper Side Bangs

When embracing your natural grey all you need is a great cut to keep things fresh! I suggest adding shorter layers for movement in your hair. You don’t want to be dragged down with a lifeless length. For products use a sea salt spray for a textured blowout.

Cute Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Fringe
Instagram @chantalpar15

#25: Cute Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Fringe

A cute pixie cut with a side-swept fringe is the perfect cut for your transformation. I highly recommend a pixie with a long top for those who are wanting to try short hair. The side-swept fringe hitting at or below the cheek compliments most face shapes. You must remember to style this shape flatter on the top to keep it modern. Try using your hands to dry your cute pixie instead of a brush.

Very Dark Pixie Bob with Red Highlights and Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @soubecas

#26: Very Dark Pixie Bob with Red Highlights

If you want to change things up, add red highlights and side-swept bangs to a dark pixie bob. A trendy cut and color makes you look instantly younger. Some advice for women who are on the fence about this style: just go for it. It’s a style that compliments almost every face shape. A short style requires regular upkeep, so don’t forget to book a salon appointment once every 4 weeks.

#27: Super Sleek Short Bob

A super sleek short bob looks best on women with naturally straight hair or women who don’t mind the styling time this style would take. Adding a long swoopy bang is a great way to add personality to your hairstyle without the full commitment of a full fringe. Adding a long side bang is one of the best and easiest ways to incorporate some shape into your sleek straight hairstyle. You’ll want to be sure you pick up a hair smoothing cream to eliminate any frizz and a shine spray to get that glossy sleek finish.

#28: Sweeping Fringe with Blonde Ombre

A sweeping fringe paired with a blonde ombre is the perfect hair cut and color to try if you’re searching for a two-toned dimension with your hairstyle. If you want this hair color to be as low-maintenance as possible, leave the top color your natural hair color instead of coloring it. You can expect to visit your hair salon periodically to get the blonde ends of your ombre re-toned again or use a purple shampoo at home to keep the yellow tones at bay.

#29: Cute Medium-Length Blonde Hair with Sweeping Fringe

Medium-length blonde hair with sweeping fringe highlights your eyes and hugs your chin. Try this cut when you want a soft and chic hairstyle. Blow drying with a large brush is the best way to emphasize this cut.

#30: Beautiful Long Blonde Hair with Side-Swept Fringe

To stand out in a crowd, try long blonde hair with a side-swept fringe. Side-swept bangs conceal forehead wrinkles and give softness to a long face. Keep in mind, long blonde hair is extremely high maintenance, and if done incorrectly, extremely damaging. Salon visits every 4 weeks for color, trims, and conditioning treatments will have to be made.

#31: Trendy Jaw-Length Bob with Balayage

Opt for a jaw-length textured bob with a rose gold balayage. If you have a round or heart-shaped face, ask your stylist for a French bob. An asymmetrical parting helps balance the face by closing in on wider features. Hair cut to the hollows of your cheekbones will show off the jawline and will lengthen the neck.

Adorable Sleek Bob with Side-Swept Fringe
Instagram @omidmaxey

#32: Adorable Sleek Bob with Side-Swept Fringe

A bob with a side-swept fringe is ideal for women with thick hair. It’s stylish and the fullness of the cut is necessary to create the perfect, round bob. Tuck your hair behind your ear to give yourself different styling options, too.

#33: Mature Shaggy Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

A shaggy pixie with side-swept bangs frames the face nicely. Choppy layers around your face create an edgy look and more texture can make a heavier bang easier to style.

wavy swept fringe
Instagram @micahblue7

#34: Wavy Swept Fringe

A wavy swept fringe is a great match with a medium-to-short, wavy haircut. This fringe is waved and beautifully blended into the rest of the locks. The whole hairstyle grants fuller cascading bangs, giving tresses more body and volume. To achieve these beach waves, use either a round brush while blow-drying, or bend your hair with a flat iron.

#35: Sweeping Fringe for Women with Curly Hair

Try a sweeping fringe for women with curly hair to add extra lift and height to your curls. The longer tousled bangs blend into layers, which give the curls more bounce. They also create a rounder shape, which has a softening effect on the face.

#36: Side Sweeping Feathered Black Hair

The benefit of side-sweeping feathered black hair is to add movement around the upper area of the face. Darker hair colors are lucky in that they have a ton of shine. However, they can need a little lift and movement to avoid the hair falling too flat. Aim for a long layered shape to enhance and accentuate your gleaming locks.

Side swept style for thick bangs
Instagram @nellcarmo

#37: Side Swept Style for Thick Bangs

Try a side-swept style for thick bangs if you’re one of those ladies blessed with lots of hair. Sometimes with thicker hair, you can feel swamped by it, and adding bangs can heighten this feeling. So, opt for a side-swept style, which visually lightens your hair. It creates movement in the area where your hair is weighted down.

#38: Elegant Side-Swept Bangs for Long Hair

Elegant side-swept bangs for long hair look great on a wavy texture. The combination creates a movement that adds life to tresses. Side-swept fringe can change your look without having to chop off the length. They don’t appear as dramatic as forward, long bangs. This trend is for ladies who don’t want a drastic makeover.

#39: Lob with Side-Swept Bangs and Dark Brown Waves

This lob with side-swept bangs and dark brown waves has a length that offers versatility. It isn’t too short so that hair can put into an updo. It isn’t too long either, so your hair keeps its fullness. This lob is excellent with or without waves, too! Ladies with any face shape can enjoy such a haircut, for sure.

#40: Modern Long Pixie with Long Sweeping Bangs

Rock a long pixie with long side-sweeping bangs to look sharp and fierce! This short haircut works so much better if the tresses are straight or a little wavy. With short hair and long side bangs, you can keep it simple when it comes to styling. A lightweight matte finish putty to add a little bit of grit and texture is all you need.

Sexy medium-length hairstyle with swept bangs
Instagram @hs.miguelized

#41: Sexy Medium-Length Hairstyle with Swept Bangs

This is a medium-length hairstyle with swept bangs that can pull off on any occasion. The ends graze the collarbone, which gives the cut the perfect length. It’s ideal if you can’t decide whether to go short or long. Such a style of bangs is great for women with a small forehead, too. This entire style proves that medium hair and side-swept bangs are a great combo.

#42: Flipped Out Swoopy Bangs

Flipped-out swoopy bangs blend seamlessly into multi-layered hair, making them suitable for women who love lots of movement in their hair. Side-swept bangs hairstyles are a little longer in length, grazing the cheekbone and giving a very soft feminine feel to your hair. Try blowdrying the bangs with a large round brush on top of your head and let it flip out to the side for a full-on swoop.

sleek straight hair with side-swept bangs
Instagram @martafeschuk

#43: Sleek Straight Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

Featuring sleek straight hair with side-swept bangs to frame the face gorgeously. It’s classed up with a beige-blonde hue, and flattering neutral skin tones. Long hair like this offers versatility, as it can be worn up with a pony or down with waves, for truly unique red carpet styles.

Trendsetting blunt bob with side-swept bangs
Instagram @brunalippo

#44: Trendsetting Blunt Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Straight blunt bob with side-swept bangs appears more glamorous with a blonde hue. It’s so modern and easy to style. A blunt, slightly angled bob with side-swept bangs can be worn with tousled waves, too! The longer side-swept style is ideal if you want cheekbone-grazing bangs, but you can’t commit to a straight-across fringe.

#45: Short Side-Swept Fringe

A short side-swept fringe is over-directing the bangs to the opposite side of where you part your hair. Ask your stylist to use a combo of point and slide cutting methods for this chop. I even texturized the ends to piece them out and add movement. For ladies experiencing hair loss around the face, bangs are a great option. They help your hair grow out in a healthy, stylish, and flattering way!

edgy lob with side bangs
Instagram @jojo.moxiepark

#46: Edgy Lob with Side Bangs

This edgy lob with side bangs is versatile and easy to jazz up. The fringe adds more volume and body to your hair, especially when the entire style is wavy. A long bob with bangs like this can appear even softer if painted a bright beige-blonde hue.

#47: Long Side-Swept Fringe on Shoulder-Length Hair

The long side-swept fringe on shoulder-length hair looks chic and soft around the face. Just ask for a haircut with side-swept bangs and part your hair to one side. It works on straight, blonde locks the most. A more horizontal swoop suits longer face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and density. A more vertical swoop suits a wider face shape with hair that is medium in texture and density.

#48: Wispy Sweeping Side Fringe

A wispy sweeping side fringe is ever so softening which most face shapes can benefit from, especially longer face shapes. The wispy side bangs haircut motions across the forehead to shorten the length of the face, focusing the attention on your eyes.

#49: Gorgeous Side-Swept Bangs with Long Layers

Try some side-swept bangs with long layers for a very chic and feminine finish. This long layered haircut gives tresses more body and life. Such a great way to frame your face without over-layering your hair. The result is impeccable when a woman with long hair wears it in a knot with a few pieces falling around her face.

layered hair with side-swept bangs
Instagram @belximenes

#50: Freshly Layered Side-Swept Bangs

Experience freshly layered side-swept bangs to level up a mid-length chop. The fringe helps to add movement to wavy hair. Add some layers to your hair, too, and enjoy a more textured and chic finish.

#51: Textured Layered Bob Cut with Choppy Bangs

Wear a textured, layered bob with side-swept choppy bangs to achieve a more modern, lived-in vibe. The fringe is what customizes the appearance of the bob cut. Remember that the forehead is the most crucial factor to consider in deciding the best length of the bangs. If the fringe is longer, it becomes versatile for trendy styling.

Long side-swept bangs with ombre
Instagram @timpascoe_hair

#52: Long Side-Swept Bangs with Ombre

Long side-swept bangs with ombre are the ideal choice for women who cannot commit to full bangs. Ask your stylist for this side-swept haircut while considering elevation and angle. It can suit most face shapes but is especially good on a smaller forehead. It’s also ideal for a more angular face shape as the soft curve in the bangs gives the illusion of an oval shape.

#53: Cute Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs for Older Women

Wearing a pixie with side-swept bangs for older women can help hide forehead wrinkles. Playing around with the length and texture of the fringe helps to keep your haircut interesting.

blonde wavy chop with side-swept fringe
Instagram @sacaumut

#54: Blonde Wavy Chop with Side-Swept Fringe

Try a blonde wavy chop with a side-swept fringe to bring a youthful and lifting effect to the face. A bangs style like this is perfect for a mature face and can give amazing volume and movement to brighten up the overall look. Versatility is a bonus with a style like this as it can be really personalized to work with your hair texture.

#55: Curly Hair with Side-Swept Bangs for Women Over 50

Curly hair with side-swept bangs for women over 50 really helps to create a softer look around the face. Bangs are great for anyone looking for a new look but who wants to keep their hair length. Bangs are also great to hide any fine lines or wrinkles that we achieve over time. They are also helpful in aiding to camouflage some of those unwanted grays that may appear around your hairline.

#56: Short Chop with Full Side-Swept Bangs

Try a short chop with full side-swept bangs if you are wanting a fresh look without going drastically short. Side-swept bangs are excellent for naturally leading the eyes to features of the face that you want accentuated, or moving the eye away from features that you want diminished. The short chop brings new life into your hair as it instantly looks thicker, and healthier, and can even make you look younger. Middle-aged and mature ladies tend to have the best results with this cut as it can be a great transition from longer hair to short hair that is easier to care for.

amazing inverted bob with side-swept fringe
Instagram @alisonallvess

#57: Amazing Inverted Bob with Side-Swept Fringe

Consider a bob that is inverted with an added side fringe if you are looking for a new stylish hair cut. This cut works on all hair textures and is easy to maintain with a quick blow dry. Did you know a bob is one of the easiest styles to grow out? So why not give it a try? A bob is also very versatile and can be worn air-dried, straight, or curled with an iron.

#58: Sleek Short Bob for Women Over 60

Women over 60 can definitely rock a sleek short bob. This cut frames the face in a flattering way and keeps you feeling youthful. Apply a pea-sized amount of Kenra Silkening Gloss before styling to help give you shine and smoothness.

#59: Extra Short Haircut with Full Side-Swept Bangs

Go for an extra short haircut with full side-swept bangs. A deeply parted pixie gives interest and asymmetry to a short pixie. A great cut for finer textures and pear or inverted triangle face shapes looking for body around the crown area.

deep side part with large swoop bang
Instagram @antoineduchez

#60: Deep Side Part with a Large Swoop Bang

A deep side part with a large swoop bang is the showcase of this amazing cut. A deep side-swept fringe is a great hack when hiding weaker or smaller foreheads, and when shaped into a pixie cut, can help balance out square and triangle face shapes vs. wearing a chin-length bob.

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