Barbie Blonde Hair: 25 Best Examples of The Hottest Hair Color Right Now

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Long Blonde Voluminous Waves

Desire long, blonde, and voluminous styles for your hair? If you’re aiming for a full-blonde, Barbie-like look, keep this style in mind. This hair look requires transitioning from a natural level 8 to a light blonde. Multiple blonde color sessions are needed to create buttery blonde tones. Request your stylist for a Scandinavian-style hairline. This style will give a bright flash of blonde that appears natural yet lightens around the hairline.

Very Long Barbie Blonde Hair with Dark Roots
Instagram @milly.thespace

#2: Very Long Barbie Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Very long Barbie blonde hair with dark roots will give you glam without the maintenance! A dark root is great when doing a full bleach out to soften your regrowth line while adding a little depth.

Neck-Length Straight Barbie Blonde Bob
Instagram @rokstarsalon

#3: Neck-Length Barbie Blonde Bob

A neck-length Barbie blonde bob is perfect for going short, providing enough length to pull back into a mini ponytail if needed. The Barbie blonde bob cut and color work best on fine hair, keeping the hair looking fresh and full!

Long Barbie-Style Very Light Blonde Hair with Subtle Lowlights
Instagram @karley_makeup_

#4: Very Light Blonde Hair with Subtle Lowlights

The look involves very light blonde hair with subtle lowlights. There are a few critical aspects to consider in finding the perfect Barbie blonde hair color. Most of your hair will be a level 9 blonde with hints of cool and gold tones. Subtle lowlights will add desired hair depth. If your hair is not naturally level 8 or higher, you will need more time in the salon. A blonding specialist is needed to achieve this look.

#5: Buttery Barbie Blonde with Choppy Layers

If you like a warmer, more dimensional blonde, a choppy layered blonde with a buttery Barbie tone will suit you well. Mixing a more golden blonde with layers enhances the shine and movement of your hair, no matter if it’s straight or wavy. Use purple shampoo at home to prevent your blonde from getting too yellow.

Medium Barbie Blonde Hair with Soft Waves
Instagram @glosssalon_nc

#6: Medium Barbie Hair with Soft Waves

The hairstyle is a medium ‘Barbie blonde’ with soft waves. If you aim to bring out your natural color with light-reflective blonde, this style is ideal. You can easily achieve this effect using a level 7 natural color and highlights, baby lights and a few warm lowlights. Invest in a moisturizer specifically for maintaining blonde hair in between your blonding sessions.

Medium-Length Baby Blonde Barbie Hair
Instagram @emma_hairitis

#7: Medium-Length Baby Blonde Barbie Hair

If you want a more natural light hair color, choose a medium-length baby blonde style. These small changes in this hairstyle can make your hair seem sun-kissed instead of sun-bleached.

Barbie-Inspired Yellow Blonde Waves for Long Hair
Instagram @louishairstyle

#8: Barbie-Inspired Yellow Blonde Waves

Add a little warmth to your mane with these Barbie-inspired yellow blonde waves!

#9: Barbie Blonde Highlights with Root Shadow

It’s Barbie’s world and we’re all just living in it! This Barbie blonde highlight with a root shadow is the perfect way to channel your inner Barbie girl.

Mid-Long Cool Barbie Blonde Hair with Soft Layers
Instagram @styles_byjules

#10: Mid-Long Cool Blonde Hair with Soft Layers

Keep your cool blonde look longer with this medium-length hair color style with soft layers. This bright and beachy blonde will make you standout among other blondes everywhere.

Dimensional Barbie Blonde with Very Long Textured Waves
Instagram @bewitched_hair

#11: Dimensional Barbie Blonde with Textured Waves

Let’s hit the beach! This blonde-haired Barbie with wavy hair looks a lot like a mermaid doll.

#12: Bright Barbie Blonde Balayage

A bright Barbie blonde balayage is a surprisingly easy way to incorporate this summer’s blonde trend into your everyday look.

Classic Straight Barbie Blonde Long Hair
Instagram @hairbyhollycx

#13: Classic Straight Barbie Long Hair

This classic straight Barbie blonde long hair style screams, “This Barbie is sleek and chic!”

#14: Barbie Blonde with Bouncy Waves

Bouncy waves will add glamour to your Barbie-like blonde hair on a daily basis. Use hot rollers and a good hair spray to achieve these glamorous waves with long-lasting hold.

#15: Retro Barbie Blonde Layered Hair

You can get a more retro vibe by adding layers to your Barbie blonde hair. The layers will give you more movement and the ability to flip your layers in all different directions for a bouncy finish! Use volume mousse during styling to make your hair fuller and more attractive.

Long and Sleek Platinum Barbie Blonde Hair

#16: Long and Sleek Platinum Blonde Hair

For a sleek, elegant look, try styling your hair to be long, platinum, and straight. You could add a keratin express treatment to this look to keep your hair extra chic and controlled during the summer months.

Barbie Blonde Ponytail Updo with Big Waves for Long Hair
Instagram @ecole_terrade

#17: Blonde Ponytail Updo with Big Waves

A blonde, wavy ponytail updo would suit well for attending a Barbie movie screening. The big waves give the ponytail a fuller and bouncier look. When styling, use a flexible spray to maintain your hairstyle from day to night.

Middle-Parted Hollywood Barbie Blonde Wavy Hairstyle for Long Tresses
Instagram @hairbytalen

#18: Hollywood Barbie Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Go for a blonde hue and wavy hairstyle, similar to the look worn by Margot Robbie. The combination of waves and this blonde hue will give you a trendy and forever glamorous look. I recommend using a styling wand. Make sure to use a good thermal protectant. This will help in keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

#19: Light Golden Barbie Blonde

If your Barbie blonde hair has a light golden tone, you can add shine and depth. Adding some warmer tones can help blend in your sprouting new strands for a softer transition from roots to ends.

Barbie Blonde Babylights and Beach Waves for Mid Back Hair

#20: Blonde Babylights and Beach Waves

For a beachy vibe, I recommend blonde baby lights with waves. The bend in the hair gives the blonde baby lights with waves some dimension, creating a very lived-in look. The color best suits someone with light to medium blonde hair who desires a low-maintenance routine.

#21: Preppy Barbie Blonde Feathered Hairstyle

Calling all 90s Barbies! This preppy Barbie blonde feathered hairstyle is a trendy blast from the past.

#22: Dark-Rooted Light Ash Blonde

To enhance your light ash blonde hair, try adding a dark color to the roots. This contrast will add depth to your hair and allows the dark roots to gradually blend with your light ends without losing the blonde color.

#23: Buttercream Blonde with Long Waves

Check out this buttercream blonde hair color with long waves. The Barbie-inspired hair color is currently very trendy. And this is what the trend looks like. The trend features buttery golden blonde color with lighter white-blonde highlights. A warm golden beige or nude tone would be the perfect hue for this buttercream blonde color. Shwarzkopf and O&M make great buttery blonde shades.

#24: Barbie-Style Honey Blonde Hair

Hair that is Barbie-style honey blonde can offer a soft, glamorous look. If your skin has a warm tone, a brighter shade of blonde may be more flattering. You can still achieve the iconic ‘Barbie look’ while choosing the most flattering shade of blonde for your skin tone.

Bright Barbie Blonde Shoulder-Length Hair

#25: Bright Blonde Shoulder-Length Hair

An ultra-bright blonde shoulder-length haircut is the stunning hue you need for summer.

Are you dreaming of having beautiful Barbie blonde hair? Finding the perfect shade and maintaining it requires careful consideration and expert guidance. In this article, we’ll explore valuable insights shared by Jenny Herber, a hair expert, to help you achieve your dream blonde look. From selecting the right shade based on your natural features to managing time, budget, and maintenance, Jenny’s expertise will steer you in the right direction.

Meet The Expert

Jenny Herber
Jenny Herber
Jenny is a blonding and vivid color specialist with over 6 years of experience.
You can find her at The Color Collective Salon in San Diego, CA.

Finding the Perfect Shade

When it comes to your Barbie blonde dream hair, finding the right shade is crucial. According to Jenny, the key is to look for inspiration photos with a base color closest to yours. This will give you a more realistic idea of the final result. Consider your skin tone and eye color as well. If you have a cool skin tone (olive) and cool eye color (blue, green, grey), opt for warmer shades like golden or honey blonde.

Conversely, if you have a warm skin tone (pink undertones) and warm eye color (hazel, brown), cooler blonde shades like platinum or ashy tones will likely suit you better. If you have a mix of warm and cool features, a neutral shade can be a great balance that complements most skin tones.

Time, Budget, and Maintenance

Your chosen level of blondness should consider your time and budget constraints. Jenny recommends asking yourself how often you are willing to visit the salon. If you can manage 2-3 visits annually, a “lived-in dimensional” look with natural color and seamless blonde highlights might be the best option.

For those willing to visit 6+ times per year, an all-over blonde with regular root touchups and toner refreshers every 6-8 weeks is achievable, although it requires higher maintenance. Balancing your preference with practical considerations is essential.

Proper Maintenance for Stunning Blondes

Maintaining your blonde hair is crucial to keep it looking fabulous. Jenny shares some valuable tips to combat common maintenance challenges. In areas with “hard water,” with high mineral content, use a shower head filter and specialized shampoos to prevent brassiness and preserve your desired blonde tone. Regular in-salon treatments can also help maintain the fresh look of your blonde hair.

Additionally, don’t forget to use weekly moisturizing masks to replenish moisture and protein, promoting healthy hair growth. Applying a heat protection spray before blow-drying protects your hair from damage, with Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator being Jenny’s top recommendation.

Pictures of the Hottest Barbie Blonde Hair Colors