Waterfall Fringe Bangs Are Stunning: 27 Must-See Examples

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Eyebrow-Grazing Waterfall Bangs for long hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#1: Eyebrow-Grazing Waterfall Bangs

Eyebrow-grazing bangs are a popular hairstyle. Waterfall bangs offer a see-through style that cascades along the forehead without looking too dense. This is great for someone who wants something to shape the eyes. Choosing to wear your bangs around your eyebrows is a personal choice. It depends on whether you prefer volume or a flatter look. Choose the length that fits your personal style needs. This looks great with long or short hair and can balance long, oval, and square face shapes beautifully.

Waterfall See-Through Bangs with Internal Layers
Instagram @yukistylist

#2: See-Through Bangs with Internal Layers

Shaggy see-through bangs with internal layers are a playful and tousled variant of the curtain bang. The shaggy see-through bangs go well with shags and wolf cuts, as well as long layered hairstyles.

Creamy Blonde Long Waves and Soft Waterfall Fringe
Instagram @livannikas

#3: Creamy Blonde Long Waves and Soft Fringe

Creamy blonde long waves with a soft fringe are the most beautiful. Keep in mind that achieving a beautiful blonde shade may require effort and potentially come at a cost. You can obtain this look with a lot of foiling and toning, but keep in mind that this will require maintenance. To accent your gorgeous color, you’ll want a fringe curving to the cheekbone and long layers throughout the length. Curl your length with a 1-inch iron for irresistible results.

Mid-Length Volumizing Layers and waterfall Bangs
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#4: Mid-Length Volumizing Layers and Bangs

For a fun, new haircut, try a mid-length cut with volumizing layers and bangs. The added layers keep this cut airy and bouncy. For added hold and shape, style your hair using a big round brush along with a mousse.

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Long Layers, Face-Framing Pieces and waterfall fringe
Instagram @londonhaircut

#5: Long Layers and Face-Framing Pieces

Long layers that frame the face can add dimension to your long hair. Add different lengths to your hair for more volume and movement.

Waterfall Bangs with Longer Pieces for Long Ponytail
Instagram @jackigraba

#6: Waterfall Bangs with Longer Pieces for Ponytail

Waterfall bangs, especially longer ones, add great texture to your ponytail. It also adds a soft touch to your look, so you don’t feel too noticeable with your hair up. Be sure to use a good hairspray to keep everything in place!

#7: Blonde Straight Hair with Sleek Bangs

Update your hair to a style of sleek bangs with blonde straight hair. The primary focus of this hairstyle is the bangs, which you can achieve by using a large triangular section curving towards the cheeks. Adding a bang is a simple way to change your whole look. The rest of the length can be left long with minimal layers. Use a large round brush and some shine spray to add volume to your hair, and you’ll look stunning.

Low-Maintenance Medium Layer Cut and waterfall Bangs
Instagram @moeko_furuya

#8: Low-Maintenance Layer Cut and Bangs

A low-maintenance layer cut with bangs is a delightful style that highlights your features. This trendy cut includes a fringe that frames the cheek and a sharp cut around the jaw, adding focus to the style. The rest of this hairstyle has few layers, making it easy to tie back while leaving flattering strands around the face. If your hair has natural waviness, you might find it possible to let your new hairstyle air dry.

#9: Soft Wavy Hair with Face-Framing Waterfall Bangs

Get a soft, wavy hairstyle with face-framing waterfall bangs. You can create this soft and flowing look on long hair by adding layers and textured bangs with some unique coloring. These waterfall bangs not only complement the shape of your face but also highlight your eyes.

Flowy waterfall Bangs and Curled Ends for Medium hair
Instagram @firatdalgiic

#10: Flowy Bangs and Curled Ends

The hairstyle features a flowy bang and curled ends. A hairstyle with a full waterfall bang suits a face with a broad fringe area and a convex profile. You can achieve fuller hair by styling it with a big curling iron or a round brush.

Shoulder-Length Curls with waterfall Coily Bangs
Instagram @beccabimp

#11: Shoulder-Length Curls with Coily Bangs

The waterfall fringe looks stunning on curly hair! These shoulder-length curls look with coily bangs are proof.

Mid-length Tousled Choppy Haircut with waterfall Fringe
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

#12: Tousled Choppy Haircut with Fringe

For nearly all hair types, a tousled choppy haircut with a waterfall fringe is a top pick. If you like shaggier hair but don’t want extremely short layers, trying this modern version of a choppy haircut is a must.

#13: Blended Layers with Face Frame Haircut

If you’re contemplating trying a haircut with long blended layers and face-framing, you’re in for a flattering and dynamic style that enhances your facial features. This haircut involves skillfully layered hair that seamlessly blends from top to bottom, creating movement and texture. The layers around your face highlight your features. They add a soft and feminine touch to the look. The haircut works with all hair lengths and textures. You can freely make it fit your style.

#14: Half-Up Hairstyle with Piece-y Bangs

Consider a half-up hairstyle featuring piecey bangs. For a cute, playful take on the half-up hairstyle, consider a pouf pinned back combined with waterfall bangs. This style suits a round face well. The height of the pouf tends to lengthen your face. Also, the waterfall bangs follow your face’s curve, highlight your eyes, and flow into your hair like a fall.

Long Blonde Subtle Layers with Arched waterfall Bangs
Instagram @lxurenemmx

#15: Blonde Subtle Layers with Arched Bangs

If you like to stay on trend but prefer a more edgy chop, try this blonde subtly layered hairstyle with arched bangs.

#16: Straight Hair with Eye-Length Fringe

If you have straight hair, you might like wearing bangs that reach down to your eyes! These see-through bangs that graze your eyebrows look stunning on straight hair and highlight your eyes.

Edgy Pink Lob with Middle Part waterfall Bangs
Instagram @davinescolor

#17: Edgy Pink Lob with Middle Part Bangs

A pink lob hairstyle with a modern edge featuring bangs in the center is a creative approach to adding the waterfall fringe trend into your look. Not only is the hair color remarkable, but the hair texture and fringe create a visual contrast, harmonizing the haircut and the color.

#18: Medium Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle is a medium blonde look with curtain bangs. The waterfall fringe hairstyle softly shapes around the eyes. Add soft babylights throughout the hair to complete the look for seamless natural-looking color.

waterfall Windswept Bangs and Face-Framing Layers for medium-length hair
Instagram @_bylarajade

#19: Windswept Bangs and Face-Framing Layers

If you have a waterfall fringe style, you might want to try these windswept bangs and face-framing layers. The windswept bangs and face-framing layers style are light and airy. It’s ideal for those wanting to focus more on their eyes and cheekbones.

Neck-Length Blunt Hair with waterfall Choppy Bangs
Instagram @beautybymisc.saraii

#20: Short Blunt Hair with Choppy Bangs

A haircut that’s short and blunt with choppy fringes can enhance your facial features. Uneven fringes blended into the sides of the face can make a short, blunt bob hairstyle more appealing. Don’t cut the front hair and sides too short for a perfect outcome. They should be thin and wispy. Use a big round brush for blow drying to maintain a trendy look.

Mid-Length Voluminous Curls with Waterfall Bangs
Instagram @perthcurls

#21: Voluminous Curls with Waterfall Bangs

Try amazing waterfall curls with long, side-swept bangs. Add some bangs and layers if you want your curls and fashionable to look fresh. Ask your stylist to trim a large area around your forehead, reaching the top of your cheekbones. The cut should be the longest at the corners for an attractive look. Add a few layers to the back and sides of your hair to mix in the curls. Allow your hair to dry naturally, and use lots of curling gel or cream for better definition.

#22: Short Copper Bob with Waterfall Fringe

The short copper bob is adorned with a lightweight bang that merges with the sides of the hairstyle. Adding a soft texture to your hair can enhance the waterfall fringe, especially for medium to fine hair textures. This fringe is ideal for medium to long hair lengths and can emphasize the length of any face shape.

Waterfall Wispy Bangs on Long Brown Ombre Hair
Instagram @172.4cm

#23: Wispy Bangs on Brown Ombre Hair

Try a wispy bang for brown ombré hair. A French-inspired bang offers versatility. Go for a longer wispy bang that hits just below the brows for a subtle look. If you want a different style, part it in the middle to create a curtain bang that tapers around your eyes.

Bun Updo with waterfall Bottleneck Bangs
Instagram @meryurla

#24: Bun Updo with Bottleneck Bangs

Try a bun updo and add bottleneck bangs. The bangs add softness and texture to the overall look. Try using a texture spray to add fullness to the bun.

#25: Thin Long Hair with Textured Bangs

People who have thin hair will like this style that features a long, sleek design with textured, wispy fringe. Adding more texture to your hairstyle can make thin hair look thicker.

#26: Round-Layered Curly Cut with Bangs

A round-layered curly cut with bangs with a popular waterfall fringe looks gorgeous with curly hair. Consider making your bangs longer than you think you want – possibly twice as long. This can help account for shrinkage and avoid too short a length. Round layers will give your curly hair the perfect volume and help avoid a potential triangular hair shape. Your stylist will work through the layers, thinning out textured pieces to ensure the layers don’t clump together.

#27: Long Straight Hair with Face-Framing Bangs

Long hair with fringe that frame the face is ideal for those seeking a change. Bangs that frame the face are flexible. They can be styled down, swept back like a curtain, or put up in an easy updo. Fresh, new bangs require some training. Don’t abandon them on day one. Normally, by day three, the bangs will settle.

Dive into the realm of waterfall fringe, a chic yet low-maintenance hairstyle suited for different hair types. Catch expert advice from Jessica Kim Eldredge, a seasoned hairstylist, as she breaks down the how-to’s for this trendy look.

Meet The Expert

Jessica Kim Eldredge
Jessica Kim Eldredge
Jessica is a hairstylist with over 9 years of experience.
You can find her at Union Salon South in Pasadena, CA

Suitable Bangs for Varied Hair Types

A waterfall fringe isn’t just for one hair type. Believe it or not, “It can be a low maintenance option for all hair textures and thickness,” says Jessica. She also insists that when it comes to bangs, your lifestyle matters. You might not need as much upkeep as you think!

Face Shapes and the Best Bangs Fit

Selecting the apt length for your bangs requires a look at your face shape. If, for instance, you have a strong, square jaw structure, Jessica suggests softer curtain bangs. For an oval face, feel free to experiment with bolder bangs. However, waterfall bangs shine on a heart-shaped or rectangular face.

Styling This Fringe

Jessica recognizes the range of life’s demands. For heat-styling, savvy clients, Jessica recommends a curling iron. Curl it away from your face for a seamless blend. Short on time? Say hello to the mighty Velcro roller. Simply roll your bangs backward and get ready as usual. By the time you’re ready to head out, you’ll also have bangs with a blow-dry effect!

Don’t forget to maintain your style. Jessica calls herself a ‘less is more’ person. Hence, her product picks are the Davines Volu mist for wet hair and Milbon’s No. 7 Hairspray.

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