These ’90s Hairstyles Are Making a Comeback Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: ’90s Layered Cut with Wispy Bangs

If you love your hair to kick out and have lots of body, try a 90s-inspired layered cut with wispy bangs. This look will help with volume and make your day-to-day styling effortless. The added bangs bring softness and texture around the face.

Classic Choppy Pixie with Short Fringe 1990s Hairstyle
Instagram @akira__sato

#2: Choppy Pixie with Short Fringe

A choppy black pixie reminds me of Demi Moore in the movie Ghost. Adding a bit more texture to this style brings out a grunge 90s vibe. A pixie cut looks flawless on round face shapes, and the chunky, choppy bangs break up the roundness.

#3: Copper and Blonde Chunky Highlights

Thick-paneled highlights coupled with base colors always take me back to the 90’s and early 2000s. Ginger spice up your look with chunky golden blonde highlights and a copper-red base. Considering the maintenance required for these color techniques, you’ll need salon visits every 6-8 weeks for upkeep.

90s Crimped Hair with Medium Layers
Instagram @yadiralopez

#4: Crimped Hair with Medium Layers

The 90s trend of crimped hair is back, thanks to the usage of high heat on crimp irons. Medium layers in your crimping will provide body, texture, and volume to your hair. Choose how you part your hair, and use the crimp iron on 1/2 sections to create stunning waves. Always use a heat protection spray, such as Kendra’s, and finish the style with Kendra’s 25-hold hairspray.

#5: Soft Chin Bob with Fringe

Enhance the volume of your bob for a 90s look. Request a cut that can provide a full look with just a few simple layers. This will also add width. Afterward, use a round brush to dry and shape it. To ensure your hair is tucked under and sits rounded, use a Velcro roller at its base.

Mid-Length 90s Bronde Feathered Wavy Hair
Instagram @zoeirwinhair

#6: Bronde Feathered Wavy Hair

The bronde feathered wavy hair is very popular this season. Ask your stylist about your hair type and texture to choose the right tools for the bronde feathered wavy hair look. If you have medium to fine, naturally curly hair, a hybrid razor/scissor cut suits you best. Your stylist might first cut your hair dry and then add the bronde highlights. Use foam on wet hair and a round brush to create a soft, finished look.

90s Wavy High Updo with Faux Fringe
Instagram @hairbyhatem

#7: Wavy High Updo with Faux Fringe

If you don’t want to change your wavy hair into bangs, consider a faux fringe. Faux fringes are usually easy to use because they are fastened with tension clips. Ask your stylist to help choose a faux fringe color close to your hair color for a natural look.

#8: The Rachel Hairstyle

The Rachel cut is a shoulder-length hairstyle that features numerous face-framing layers around the front. This style reaches anywhere below the lip. For a 90s blow-dried volume look, add more layers. Preparation is key for this style. Start by adding a volume spray at the roots, and apply a thickening cream to the lengths of your hair. This will enhance the volume. When drying your hair, use a round brush to bend it towards your head. Avoid using straighteners to maintain the Manhattan retro vibe.

90s Vintage High Pony Flipped Hair
Instagram @ps_hairproject

#9: High Pony Flipped Hair

A high ponytail with the tips of the hair flipped under is an easy and versatile look for those with long hair. Start creating this style by gently brushing out your hair. Begin to gather your locks into a high ponytail. Secure it with small rubber bands. Use black rubber bands for dark hair and clear ones for light brown to blonde hair! Apply your preferred gel to your hair to smooth it down. Pay special attention to the hairline for an all-day firm hold.

90s Blonde Sleek Waves for Medium Hair
Instagram @ps_hairproject

#10: Blonde Sleek Waves

A beautiful style of blonde sleek waves can be easily achieved at home or with a stylist’s help. To get this look, start with hair that is gently brushed out. Then, curl your hair using a 1-1/4 Hot Tools curling iron. After curling, apply a flexible hold hairspray and let your curls cool. Once your hair cools to room temperature, brush it out slowly. When your curls form a wave-like shape, tuck your hairline behind your ears. Smooth your hairline to get a neat shape. Finally, apply another layer of flexible hairspray like Kevin Murphy’s free hold.

Short Floppy 90s Boy Band Haircut with Middle Part
Instagram @__k_vu__

#11: Floppy Haircut with Middle Part

A floppy haircut with a middle part has a cool vibe. The floppy haircut’s organic simplicity makes it effortless and enchanting. The haircut has a long fringe, angled sides, and medium layers. Point cutting is a suggested option to add texture and wispy ends to your hair. To style this haircut, add a light gel to wet hair, part your hair, tuck it behind your ears, and let it air dry.

Cleopatra-Style 90s Sleek High Ponytail for Long Hair
Instagram @hairbyelliefay

#12: Cleopatra-Style Sleek High Ponytail

A high ponytail with Cleopatra style is certainly a classic. I recommend this hairstyle for those seeking a minimalist, sleek style for an evening out. First, ensure you have many products like gel, a comb, and a wide-tooth brush. Don’t forget a firm hold hairspray, like Paul Mitchell’s Freeze and Shine. Be patient as you create the high ponytail smoothly on your head and secure with a hair tie. Use the hairspray on your baby hairs and edges for a hold that lasts all night.

'90s Spiky Bun Updo with Long Bangs
Instagram @javed_ali_hair

#13: Spiky Bun Updo with Long Bangs

To enhance a plain bun, you can add a spiky section on top and long side bangs. The spiky section increases the bun’s volume and texture. Use a firm hold spray to provide support to the spikes.

Classic 90s Side-Parted Round Bob for Neck-Length Hair
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#14: Side-Parted Round Bob

Check out this simple side-parted round bob. This classic hairstyle is suitable for both straight and wavy hair. It’s a popular choice for those with a round face shape. The reason is that it adds height to the crown and narrows the chin. This haircut is low-maintenance daily. However, it needs a trim every 6-8 weeks to maintain its shape.

#15: High Pony with Colorful Rubber Bands

Add colorful rubber bands to a high ponytail. Adding colorful bands will bring fun color and detail to your sleek look. Use a smoothing cream while styling your hair to keep sections clean.

#16: Long Wispy Layers and Soft Bangs

If you want an updated look, think about getting soft bangs with a 90s-inspired long layered, wispy style. This style is currently trending, and it’s loved for the movement and flair it adds. Ask your stylist to show you how to create a feathered effect using a round brush to blow out the layers in your hair. This look is easy for most women to sport because it softens your overall style.

#17: Short Hair with Long Curtain Fringe

This trendy and sleek hairstyle, known as the short hair with long curtain fringe, is fashionable. Being a variation of the French bob, this hairstyle sets trends. On top of that, it’s easy to maintain. A few touch-ups with a flat iron during the week are all you need. Get a trim every 6-8 weeks to ensure the hair remains short, aligns with your jawline, and maintains its edgy look.

#18: Long Half-Up Hair with Top Buns

For a cool festive style, give the long half-up hair with top buns a try. The 90s hair trends are now highly popular and perfect for any festival. To achieve this look, part your top hair in the middle. Then make a ponytail on each side of your head high, and secure the hair around it with a few bobby pins. Comb through the curled hair left at the back. Don’t forget your hair spray.

Vintage-90s-Style Medium Curly Shag and Bangs
Instagram @craphairclub

#19: Medium Curly Shag and Bangs

Consider a medium curly shag with bangs and embrace your inner hippie. This retro-trendy style is super popular and is so easy to manage. Ask your stylist to style the hair shorter at the crown and bangs. Apply a curl amplifier and diffuse to encourage texture and volume. That’s all. You’re now looking gorgeous.

Half-Up Long Hair with 90s Sleek Spiral Twists
Instagram @eliza.tanasie

#20: Half-Up with Sleek Spiral Twists

Add sleek spiral twists to your half-up style. Adding texture with spirals or a few sparkly accessories keeps this style trendy over long periods.

#21: High and Messy Bun with Face Frame

For a 90’s twist to your high messy bun, try adding some strands of hair to frame your face. This addition gives a softer look and enhances the volume your bun displays.

Feathered Bangs and Swirled Layers for 90s Long Haircut
Instagram @eliza.tanasie

#22: Feathered Bangs and Swirled Layers

I love this classic 90’s style with feathered bangs and swirled layers. Her hair shines more due to the defined layers, which enhance her natural color.

90s-Inspired Wet Wavy Look with Center Part on Waist-Length Hair
Instagram @eliza.tanasie

#23: Wet Wavy Look with Center Part

Try a wet, wavy hairstyle with a part in the middle for a super smooth look. Use a deep waver iron and smoothing gel to style this hairstyle. Complete the hairstyle with a high-quality shine spray.

90s-Inspired Reverse Bleach Blonde Ombre with Bangs for Long Hair
Instagram @bylwood

#24: Reverse Bleach Blonde Ombre with Bangs

Ask about a reverse bleach blonde ombré with bangs technique. This technique is flattering for individuals who want to switch up their grown-out box color. Normally, lifting black and red box colors can be difficult. But in this case, using the method slowly and with less intensity leads to better results. Creating an iconic 90’s bleach blonde look is recommended, with bangs that melt seamlessly into a copper shade.

#25: Soft Twist High Updo

Check out this gorgeous soft twist high updo. This style shows the beauty of an updo. But, it bears an organic feel and is loosely done on your head. It’s not tight like a braided updo. Your stylist will curl your clean hair. Then, they will loosely braid and secure hair in needed places. This way, they can personalize this style for you.

#26: Shoulder-Length Hair with Face-Framing Layers

This shoulder-length hair with face-framing layers is a popular option for anyone looking for a cute, minimalist style. Ask your stylist for a 90s-inspired collarbone-length bob haircut with a face frame or long curtain bang to open up the face – a great way to show off your eyes and cheekbones.

90s-Inspired Brunette Ombre for Long Curly Hair
Instagram @shanifrach

#27: Brunette Ombre for Long Curly Hair

If you’re seeking to subtly brighten your curls, consider trying brunette ombre, a style suitable for long curly hair. Achieve this look by adding color to the middle and ends of your curly locks using balayage to make your curls stand out. A skilled stylist will know how to adjust the tone of your lightened ends, consider the health of your hair, and choose a color that suits your skin tone.

Mid-Long '90s Voluminous Blowout Hairstyle with Layers
Instagram @karin_tomin

#28: Voluminous Blowout Hairstyle with Layers

This is a hairstyle with layers and a voluminous blowout. If you’re looking to make a statement, bigger hair always wins. The styling techniques of the 90s, such as voluminous blowouts, hot rollers, and extra gold hair spray, are highlighted in this style. The blowout hairstyle looks great on oval and pear face shapes.

#29: Updo with Small Face-Framing Braids

Add small braids around your face to your updo. This method is sleek and simple. It adds texture and detail to your style. When braiding your hair, use a texture balm. This will keep the sections tidy. Use hairspray with a strong hold as the final touch for your updo. It will keep stray hairs in place all day.

90s Vintage Mini Bob with Blunt Asymmetrical Bangs
Instagram @hairheaven00

#30: Mini Bob with Blunt Asymmetrical Bangs

A shorter bob hair cut with blunt asymmetrical bangs is an ideal choice for a fashion lover. Sit with your stylist and tailor a bob haircut to your wish. The longest strands should fall around your cheekbones with some added fringe, chosen by you, shaping your face to highlight the eyes and cheeks. This stylish haircut needs daily care and frequent trims, which may require more effort than other styles.

The 90s hairstyles are making a major comeback! Let’s journey back to the decade of grunge, techno, and of course, iconic hairdos. Today, hair guru Stevi BenEzri is sharing her secrets to rocking these retro-cool looks in the modern world. From the texture-embracing shag to the layered mermaid cut, Stevi has advice for every hair type, face shape, and lifestyle. Ready to relaunch your look Lee style? Let’s go!

Meet The Expert

Stevi BenEzri
Stevi BenEzri
Stevi is a master hairstylist with over 19 years of experience.
You can find her at Modest Spot Salon in San Clemente, CA

Working with Your Hair

Here’s your simple guide for deciding the best ’90s haircut according to your hair type, thickness, and age. BenEzri advises to “work with your natural texture.” If waves or curls are your thing, a shag might be your best pick. It adds “lots of movement,” which is great for thick hair. If your hair is losing volume as you age, the layered mermaid cut can help. It gives your thinning do a little “body and bounce.”

Fitting Your Face

Here’s where BenEzri’s expertise shines. She can mold a haircut to any face shape and accentuate your best features. If your face is round or square, avoid chin-length styles and bangs. These things draw eyes to parts of your face that you may not want to accentuate. Instead, a little length can flatter your look. “Cutting curtain bangs” can help draw eyes to your cheekbones. A long face? Go for plenty of layers. A heart-shaped face? “A killer fringe” works great.

Styling the 90s Way

For that perfect ’90s vibe, you’ll need a few tips. Let’s start with the mermaid cut. A “good round brush” is your number one tool. Get body into those layers with a blow dryer and brush combo. Use Mr.Smith’s serum and the Leave In conditioner to manage frizz and protect from heat.

Don’t want the blow dryer hassle? Curling irons work too. This style fits a busy boss woman or grooves right into a fun night out.

Consider simplicity with the shag. It’s a low-maintenance style that’s perfect for busy moms or active people. The magic is in the cream. BenEzri suggests using Mr.Smith Curl Cream to control curls and frizz. Show off the layers in this style with the Mr.Smith Dry Texture Spray. This gives a light hold and adds volume. If you have a fringe, a bit of pomade or styling cream will do wonders. BenEzri sums it all up, saying, “Just work with your own texture and show off your natural beauty.”

Pictures of the Most Iconic ’90s Hairstyles