35 Greatest Ways to Pair a Wolf Cut with Bangs

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A wolf cut with bangs is a trendy layered haircut with a soft face-framing feature. This chop is an outgrown mullet with tons of shaggy layers. It’s a great option for ladies wanting to flaunt a tousled, effortless style!

Jasmine Blackbear, a stylist from Dallas, TX, describes wolf cuts as a disconnected look. “There’s a dramatic length difference between the front and back of the ear. The cut is a comfort zone for those who can’t commit to a traditional mullet,” she explains.

Blackbear is worried that some hairstylists overthink the whole cut. They seem confused over the sectioning and the disconnection in the cut.

Her advice is to just go for it! “I love that the wolf haircut is on the edgier side, and women want the harsh line,” Blackbear states.

The length is a significant factor in achieving that layered shape. Blackbear suggests “not cut it too long as it will only look like a heavy face-framing.”

Other adorable aspects of this cut are the wispy texture on the hair tips and how the ends are beveled towards the face.

One way to keep your hair looking on point is to style it. “The styling is very low-maintenance. Women can use any hot tools to style the ends and achieve a salon-inspired look,” she adds.

This is the latest hair trend that you must try! Find images of the most popular styles of wolf cut with bangs here.

Bright Copper Shaggy Wolf with Bangs
Instagram @thegreatbatzy

#1: Bright Copper Shaggy Wolf

A bright copper shaggy wolf cut is super trendy right now. This is a perfect cut if you want to try something edgier than a traditional shag. One of the best ways to see if you’d like this type of cut is to start with a shag, which is also heavily layered and textured. The wolf cut is a great way to show off your cheekbones and frame your face.

Edgy Wolf Cut with Y2K Highlights and Bangs
Instagram @doubleq_chris

#2: Edgy Wolf Cut with Y2K Highlights

Trends from the past often return, and Y2K hairstyles are officially back. This edgy Y2K wolf cut features a very textured face framing and high-contrast highlights. For added movement in a hairstyle like a wolf cut, consider a razor cut to attain maximum texture.

#3: Wolf Feathered Hair with Curtain Bangs

The wolf cut feathered hair is a trendy hairdo that combines modern style with the 80s retro charm. The cut, characterized by its longer layers in the back and shorter layers in the front, creates a voluminous look. The feathered texture adds a soft and airy touch. It enhances the overall look of the hairstyle. The curtain bangs frame the face elegantly, adding a touch of vintage allure. This hairstyle is perfect for those seeking a fashionable, versatile look.

#4: Shoulder-Length Cut with Bottleneck Fringe

If you are looking to make the features around your eyes and cheeks pop, the best way is to add face-framing bits. Bottleneck bangs are short in the middle and taper into a longer length, like the neck of a glass bottle.

Textured Wolf Cut with See-Through Fringe for Mid-Length hair
Instagram @salonorianamn

#5: Textured Wolf Cut with See-Through Fringe

A wolf cut with a see-through fringe is a great mid-length hairstyle option for a semi-casual look. To get this style, use a razor to cut the fringe to create a soft, choppy texture. To complete the look, try to use a texturizing product to add texture and volume to your hair. This style is also easy to maintain and style, as it can be air-dried or blow-dried for a more polished look. Some helpful styling tips for this look include using a diffuser when blow-drying. Also, avoid over-brushing, and use a light hairspray or texture spray to lock it in.

#6: Medium to Long Wolf Butterfly Cut

A medium to long wolf butterfly cut is a new take on a classic shag cut. For this trendy style, you’ll want your stylist to cut your crown and fringe first. This will give them a guide for the rest of the haircut. Chipping out the layers with a razor will give you the most texture and movement. If your hair doesn’t like to be razor cut, deep point cutting with shears is also a great way to achieve this style. You might be tempted to keep the top layers longer. However, doing so wouldn’t give you the volume or look you’re trying to achieve.

#7: Medium-Length Copper Wolf with Fringe

If you want to try this style, my best advice is to learn how to wear your hair. That way, you can confidently wear this style. A trendy color we see in the salons is copper hues. They really compliment a haircut like this with dimension in the canvas.

#8: Shaggy Wolf Cut with Blonde Balayage

A shaggy wolf cut is a huge trend right now. It’s a great way to add fullness to your fine hair or remove weight if your hair is thick. Consider adding a blonde balayage color to add definition to the layers of your new cut.

Long Jet Black Wolf Cut with Fringe Bangs
Instagram @nataliarok

#9: Long Jet Black Wolf Cut with Fringe Bangs

In my personal opinion, the wolf cut with fringe bangs is a great option for trendy styles. Adding a natural color like black can make this style look bold versus highlights.

Heavily Layered Wolf Cut with Fringe
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

#10: Heavily Layered Wolf Cut

Modern hairstyles for medium to thick hair can be shaggy or heavily layered wolf cut. However, this depends on your texture. If you’re looking for your next inspiration to rock this style, the best place to look is in the palm of your hands. This website and social media have the best hashtags to pinpoint your search.

Tousled Shaggy Wolf Haircut
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#11: Tousled Shaggy Wolf

The most requested haircut for any texture lately is a tousled shaggy cut. It’s a layered haircut that frames the face and gives a lot of accent pieces around the silhouette and crown.

#12: Light Brown Wolf Shag

Try a light brown wolf shag if you’re bored with your current haircut. This haircut is best for women with wavy hair so the texture can show through. This may help make styling easier for you!

#13: Copper Wolf with Choppy Fringe

Get into a copper wolf with choppy fringe this summer! Inspired by the classic mullet cut, the haircut is full of layers and volume. But this haircut can also be styled soft, having an chic look with edge. This style is even hotter with an orangish copper color to accompany.

Mid-Length Shaggy Wolf Cut with Textured Bangs
Instagram @shadiarezk

#14: Mid-Length Shaggy Wolf with Textured Bangs

A mid-length shaggy wolf cut with textured bangs is a heavily layered style that suits most face shapes depending on how the layers around the face, top, and sides are placed and cut. When the fringe style grows out, it still looks good because it has been textured a lot, which makes it split wherever the natural parting is and become curtain bangs. If you’re looking for extra volume and texture ask your stylist to use a razor for the cut.

Wolf Hair with Shaggy Layers and Bangs
Instagram @manija_hair

#15: Wolf Hair with Shaggy Layers and Bangs

Wolf hair with shaggy layers and bangs is absolutely fantastic on hair with natural texture. The shaggy layers enhance the natural wave giving lots of movement and fullness. Ask your stylist for some lighter pieces to add dimension.

#16: Choppy Wolf Cut with Thin Bangs

Try a choppy wolf cut with thin bangs if your hair is on the finer side but has a slight weave. A wolf cut with bangs for short hair is ideal for shorter hair that needs texture and volume. Spray some texturizing hairspray or dry shampoo to get an effortless I-just-woke-up-like-that style.

Layered Wolf Haircut with a Fringe
Instagram @reyhairstylist

#17: Layered Wolf with a Fringe

The layered haircut is a trendy and edgy hairstyle that is a great option if you have a wide or round face. Often described as a Korean wolf cut, it is extremely popular in the country; it’s an absolute hit worldwide because it’s an effortless and low-maintenance hairstyle.

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Curly Wolf Shag with Curly Bangs
Instagram @zwannepoel

#18: Curly Wolf Shag with Curly Bangs

Try out a curly wolf shag with curly bangs if your hair is anywhere between type 2 b and 3 d. The shorter layers on the back and sides flow organically into a soft curly fringe giving the wolf shag a gorgeous fullness. Use shampoo and conditioner designed especially for curly hair like Curl Manifesto by Kerastase.

Wolf Shag with Micro Bangs for Straight Hair
Instagram @893hairstyles

#19: Wolf Shag with Micro Bangs for Straight Hair

A wolf shag hairstyle with micro bangs is trendy and works well for straight hair. The short razored layers and the wispy micro fringe of the wolf cut for straight hair are perfect because it adds texture. The texture can be also enhanced by adding some baby lights.

#20: Voluminous Wolf with Feathered Bangs

A voluminous wolf with feathered bangs is a hairstyle that is making a big splash this season. The cut with long bangs suits all face shapes and is an amazing option even if your hair is straight but holds a wave. Wear the long bangs forward or swipe on each side for versatility.

#21: Messy Wolf with Baby Bangs for Curly Hair

A messy wolf with baby bangs is a fantastic option for naturally curly hair. The cut is particularly good for curly hair because the short layers are cut to organically enhance the wave or curl. Also, it takes a bit of the weight out so it doesn’t sit bushy. Easy to style and grows out beautifully.

Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers and Bangs
Instagram @kawaicat_white

#22: Wolf with Choppy Layers and Bangs

A wolf with choppy layers and bangs has a length that sits well above the shoulder. A short wolf cut with bangs looks a lot like a mullet cut, except for the face-framing layers which are a bit longer. These hairstyles work well on medium to thick density and almost any hair texture.

#23: Shaggy Cut with Heavy Bangs for Thick Hair

A shaggy cut with heavy bangs is a perfect solution for thick hair. The short layers, the razored textured hair, and the full fringe take a lot of the weight out which makes the hairstyle popular amongst ladies with thick and coarse hair.

Wolf Shag with Wispy Bangs and Center Part
Instagram @kalikmua

#24: Wolf Shag with Wispy Bangs and Center Part

The wolf shag with wispy bangs and a center part is an edgy and trendy style that suits all face shapes and hair textures except type 4 curly hair. The dramatic texture is created by blended layering and also adding bold highlighted pieces around the perimeter.

Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut with a Fringe for Textured, Thin Hair
Instagram @clubglam2.0

#25: Shoulder-Length Cut with a Fringe for Textured, Thin Hair

Try a shoulder-length wolf cut with a fringe if you have textured but thin hair. The wolf cut is ideal for thin, curly hair because it gives fullness and volume, it’s easy to style, and it grows out nicely. To reduce frizz use olaplex 6 bond smoother mixed with a few drops of oil.

#26: Long Blonde Shag with Soft Layers and Bangs

Nothing sexier than a long blonde shag with soft layers and bangs. Call it a wolf haircut or mullet, it’s perfect for long hair which needs volume and texture. The soft layers form a beautiful face frame that connects to a softened full fringe in a

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Soft Wolf Cut with a Fringe for Short Hair
Instagram @maisonfrd

#27: Soft with a Fringe for Short Hair

A soft cut with a fringe for short hair is a great option if your hair is fine but you want volume and texture. The haircut is very easy to manage and upkeep, just mix some mouse and heat protectant, put it on troweled dry hair, and rough-dry. Why not try the short wolf cut with curtain bangs?

Voluminous Curtain Bangs on Shaggy Wolf Hair
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#28: Voluminous Curtain Bangs on Shaggy Wolf Hair

Try a voluminous curtain bangs on shaggy wolf hair if you want to turn heads whenever you pass. The shaggy wolf cut can be accompanied by a vivid color for extra impact. Don’t forget to use Olaplex bonding oil for shine and hairspray for hold.

Mullet Wolf Cut with Choppy Bangs
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#29: Mullet Wolf Cut with Choppy Bangs

Try a cut with choppy bangs and a bold color if you want to stand out and always be noticed. The mullet haircut is one of the modern hairstyles with bangs that suit most face shapes and textures, and it doesn’t require much maintenance.

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Curly Blonde Shag with Messy Layers and Bangs
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#30: Curly Blonde Shag with Messy Layers and Bangs

The curly blonde shag with messy layers and bangs is a gorgeous hairstyle that is extremely voluptuous and bouncy. It’s perfect for naturally wavy to curly thick hair types, because it removes a lot of weight. A curly wolf cut with bangs suits most face shapes. Your stylist will just need to adjust the volume of the bangs and the sides to make it work.

Textured Wolf Style with Bangs for Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @todchukstudio

#31: Textured Wolf with Bangs for Medium-Length Hair

Try a textured wolf with bangs for medium-length hair if you want to be on-trend. The cut with wispy bangs is a relatively versatile hairstyle that looks good when is tied up in a ponytail, half up, half down or just worn all down.

#32: Textured Wolf Cut with Layered Bangs

A textured wolf cut with layered bangs is an edgy hairstyle that is similar to the long shag haircut. It has lots of short choppy layers that organically flow into a layered fringe. The wolf cut with bangs for long hair requires minimum styling time and effort. The easiest hair type to pull it off is slightly wavy hair.

#33: Blonde Wolf Cut with Face-Framing Bangs

A blonde wolf cut with face-framing bangs is a trendy hairstyle that needs a lot of upkeep in terms of color. The wolf cut on medium hair, however, doesn’t need that much maintenance. If you’re happy with the length then you can cut your hair every 8 to 12 weeks. If it’s left to grow out longer it will still look good because of the short choppy layers.

‘70s Shag Haircut with Bangs and Face Frame
Instagram @timpascoe_hair

#34: ‘70s Shag Haircut with Bangs and Face Frame

Rock a 70’s shag haircut with bangs and face frame no matter what your face shape is. The textured fringe continues into longer face-framing pieces which can be moved to hide extra round face features or very squared and rectangular features to soften it.

Wolf Cut with Wispy Fringe and Messy Waves
Instagram @vintagestudiod

#35: Wolf Cut with Wispy Fringe and Messy Waves

A wolf cut with fringe and messy waves is a quite versatile and trendy hairstyle that suits all face shapes. The bangs and a wolf cut are ideal for wavy hair that lacks volume or has flat roots. Add some additional waves with a curling tong like GHD soft curl thong.