See-Through Bangs Look Gorgeous: 50 Examples That Prove It

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Rosy Red Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

Absolutely stunning rosy red hair! The bangs are cut for versatility, which allows you to either wear them straight down with some wispy strands or part them for a dramatic curtain bang look.

Jet Black Blunt Cut Bob with Thin See-Through Bangs and Lived-In Texture
Instagram @ambermcmahen

#2: Jet Black Blunt Cut Bob with Thin Bangs

Go for a classic look with an edgy twist. A jet black blunt cut bob with thin see-through bangs and lived-in texture is perfect. This style has a balance between traditional and modern. It’s versatile for any occasion. If you need that extra oomph to make your face pop, I suggest adding subtle highlights to your hair. Get this look right. Ensure your complexion can support jet-black hair without washing you out.

Layered Lob with See-Through Fringe
Instagram @yukistylist

#3: Layered Lob with See-Through Fringe

If your hair has a fine to medium texture, you should consider getting a layered lob with a see-through fringe. The layered lob hairstyle adds volume to your hair and gives a playful, alluring appearance that highlights your eyes. To style, apply a volumizing foam to your damp hair. Then, blow-dry it using a round brush. For manageable bangs, dry them first. Use a back-and-forth motion to make them lie flat.

See-Through Fringe with Texture
Instagram @yukistylist

#4: See-Through Fringe with Texture

If you desire more volume in your hair, request a textured fringe cut. This textured short haircut will give you voluminous and full-bodied hair.

#5: Medium Wavy Blonde Hair with Light Fringe

A medium wavy blonde hairstyle looks great with a light fringe. A soft, slightly see-through fringe can enhance your regular blonde hair.

See-Through Fringe and Face-Framing Layers for mid-length hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#6: See-Through Fringe and Face-Framing Layers

If you want to make your haircut airier, the perfect options would be see-through fringe and face-framing layers. These additions help create a soft look around your face without the commitment to a heavy, bulky fringe. During your next salon visit, ask for the best styling product to maintain the airy cut with the fringe and layers.

#7: See-Through Waterfall Bangs

Girls with medium-layered hair can add elegance with see-through waterfall bangs. These bangs frame the face to bring a soft and feminine touch. See-through bangs add a subtle yet alluring touch, highlighting your natural beauty. See-through waterfall bangs work well with medium-layered hair, blending seamlessly for a balanced look. It’s easy to style these bangs. Just apply some styling product to hold them in place without making them heavy.

Textured Long Layers and See-Through Bangs
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

#8: Textured Long Layers and See-Through Bangs

Textured long layers and see-through bangs are an easy way to freshen up long hair. Adding this bit of texture throughout the lengths and fringe will lighten up your overall look.

Undone Shag with Thin See-Through Bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#9: Undone Shag with Thin Bangs

If you want to add effortless style to your hair, consider an undone shag with thin bangs. This cut is perfect for those searching for something low-maintenance. Plus, it will grow out beautifully. The thin bangs blend into the shaggy layers. This creates a natural and effortless feel, especially if you’re not fully committed to a bang. To style, add texture spray to dry hair. Start your curling wrapping hair one and a half times around the iron and dragging through the ends. This is the key is to embrace your hair’s natural texture and let it do its thing.

Silver Transformation with See-Through Fringe

#10 Silver Transformation with Fringe

Embrace a new chapter with this stylish silver transformation that redefines elegance. The voluminous layers enliven the hair, while the airy see-through fringe softly frames the face, balancing your features and giving a touch of modernity to the classic silver. This versatile style suits a variety of face shapes and is perfect for those looking to combine grace with a bit of edge. It’s a low-maintenance look but may require frequent toning to keep the silver shades vibrant.

#11: Brunette Wixie Cut with Wispy Fringe

A brunette wixie cut with a wispy fringe is the perfect hairstyle for fine hair textures. Wixie cuts are basically winged pixies, and your fine hair is light in weight, so will perform well in this style. Ask your hairdresser for layers on the sides. This will allow you to style the ends outward easily using your hands. The soft, see-through bang goes well with the texture of the cut. Dry your hair with your hands to retain body and use a texture putty to make your hair piece-y.

#12: Light Caramel Balayage with Fringe

Give this light caramel balayage with fringe a try! The color will give you a subtle pop against your natural color. If you think this look is for you, at your next salon appointment, ask for your options for a look similar to this.

Caramel Brown Thin Bangs for women with short hair
Instagram @hairbysarayyc

#13: Caramel Brown Thin Bangs

For women looking to add dimension to their hair color, consider caramel brown thin bangs. This look is perfect if you want to add a touch of femininity to your short hair. The lightness of the bangs adds interest to the style without being overpowering. Avoid a blunt bang that can draw your eye to your elongated mouth and chin. A caramel brown highlight helps compliment a variety of skin tones. Have your stylist guide you to your perfect tone.

#14: Visible Layers and See-Through Fringe

Visible layers and see-through fringe can add dimension and depth without sacrificing length. By removing weight from the hair, layers can create movement and volume. While a fringe that blends seamlessly with the rest of the hair can frame the face and add a touch of softness. This versatile style works well with straight or wavy hair types. Don’t forget to use a flat iron to flip your ends out of you want a bouncy blowout look. If you can use a heat protectant, it will keep your hair looking shiny and smooth!

Textured Ghost Haircut with Thin Fringe and caramel balayage
Instagram @leventkilic0

#15: Textured Ghost Haircut with Thin Fringe

The textured ghost haircut is a versatile and trendy choice. It’s for those who want movement in their tresses. Its characteristics are choppy layers, thin fringes, and a slight gradient in length. Caramel balayage adds dimension and warmth, highlighting the cut’s unique angles. This cut works best for those with fine to medium hair who desire a style that can be dressed up or down. For maintenance, use a texturizing spray to enhance the pronounced layers. Keep the cut trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks to preserve its shape.

Internal Layers and See-Through Fringe for ladies with mid-length brunette hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#16: Internal Layers and See-Through Fringe

Do you have mid-length brunette hair? If so, adding internal layers and see-through fringe can give your locks a new look. The internal layering will create movement and texture. And the see-through fringe will frame your face softly and subtly. This style works best for those with fine to medium hair and a round or heart-shaped face. I advise applying a small amount of volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow dry using a round brush to add body. Aim to use a curling iron to create loose waves. Then, finish with a light-hold hairspray to maintain the style all day.

Chic See-Through Thick Bangs for women with messy short hair

#17: Chic See-Through Thick Bangs

If you have been considering bangs, try these thick yet see-through bangs. This is great for someone who is wanting some added texture around their face. This is also a great option for someone who wears their hair up a lot!

#18: Rounded Thin Fringe

Make a lasting impression with see-through bangs! Before taking the plunge, know that this look works best for straight and wavy hair. An expertly cut, thin fringe around your face will elegantly frame most face shapes. To style, blow dry your hair starting at the roots in all directions until slightly damp. Then finish with a round brush for volume.

Platinum Hair Color on a Shoulder-Length Shag with See-through Bangs and wispy ends
Instagram @hair.juancarlos

#19: Platinum Hair Color on a Shoulder-Length Shag

Have you ever considered a shoulder-length shag with see-through bangs? If you want, instead of the typical straight-cut or layered look. Why not try something edgier and explore new possibilities? Wispy ends and platinum hair color create an ultra-sleek but daring style. Both will make your next hairstyle pop. For those with thin or fine hair types, this is one of the best ways to add texture without losing length. When it comes to face shapes, round faces should avoid this look as it can accentuate their cheeks too much. An air-dry cream like Ouai Wave Spray will help create soft waves.

#20: Beautiful Long Thick Hair with Fringe

If you have beautiful long thick hair with fringe, consider a soft textured haircut. This look is perfect for those with coarse hair textures. However, it can be customized for finer hair types as well. To style this look, you will want to use a heat protectant and curling iron to create soft waves. For extra hold, consider using a lightweight hairspray like Living Proof Style Lab Flex Hairspray. It won’t weigh down your style or dull the shine of your strands. When discussing this cut with your stylist, make sure they know how much fringe you’ll want. And, how short the layering will be in order to provide texture and movement.

Light Brown Mid-Length Cut with See-Through Fringe and Blunt Ends
Instagram @julesbakersulo

#21: Light Brown Mid-Length Cut with See-Through Fringe

A light brown mid-length cut with a see-through fringe is a perfect style. It’s best for anyone who wants all the attention on their face shape. Tell your stylist that you would like minimal layering in the long hair. You’ll maintain a smooth cut and a curtain-shaped light fringe. A bang that brushes over the cheek is flattering for all face shapes. To prevent split ends, get your hair trimmed often and use a heat protectant when blowing out your style.

See-Through Wispy Middle Part Bangs with Long Hair
Instagram @mahiizy_

#22: Wispy Middle Part Bangs with Long Hair

If you have long hair but want to try something with flair, wispy bangs give your hair a soft, youthful look. Best worn on smooth to wavy texture for ease.

Long Subtle Layers and See-Through Full Bangs
Instagram @hairsouffle

#23: Long Subtle Layers and See-Through Full Bangs

Long subtle layers are great for ladies with thick, high-density hair types. Wispy bangs help frame your face, specifically see-through bangs for oval face shapes. Layered hair helps keep the weight off while maintaining the overall length.

#24: Chic One-Length Bob Cut with Wispy Fringe

Need some new ideas for a bob? Check out this chic one-length bob cut with a wispy fringe. As your hair ages, shorter styles are easier to maintain. And breaking up this blunt haircut with a wispy fringe helps a haircut like this appear much softer.

Golden Blonde Long Hair with Thin See-Through Bangs
Instagram @tay.tiger.rose

#25: Golden Blonde Long Hair with Thin Bangs

Golden blonde long hair with thin bangs can be enjoyed any time of year! If you love volume then I suggest some heavy layering throughout your locks. Flip your hair out with a round brush while blow-drying to achieve the blowout look.

High Layers and See-Through Bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#26: High Layers and See-Through Bangs

These high layers and see-through bangs are a refreshing break from a chunky, blunt fringe. They’re truly one of the best trends in the curtain bang family over the last year. If your hair is finer, give yourself a quick, messy blow-dry. Finish with a curling iron for fullness that will last you until your next wash!

Medium Shag and See-Through Face-Framing Bangs for Small Forehead
Instagram @madsthestylist

#27: Medium Shag and Face-Framing Bangs for Small Forehead

A medium shag and face-framing bangs are a fun flirty take on a traditional shag. Try a curtain bang with less weight and a more wispy effect. It will complement a smaller forehead. The best part of a shag is the flexibility with styling. You can air dry or add a little extra texture with a soft beachy curl.

Blonde Layered Medium Hair with Soft, Wispy See-Through Bangs
Instagram @ajmaggioli.brush

#28: Blonde Layered Medium Hair with Soft, Wispy Bangs

A youthful look for blondes is layered, medium-length hair. Soft, wispy bangs are your choice. Growing from fringe to curtain bangs, they can evolve with the style. This will extend the wear.

#29: Long Hair with Soft Shaggy Layers and Wispy Bangs

Working with such long lengths can begin to drag down a client’s look. In my opinion, the best solution is airy layers and a see-through fringe that give life and movement to your hair. Adding shorter lengths can be so useful. For example, by highlighting cheekbones or using them to disguise a big forehead. The options are limitless. I would suggest always dry cutting these areas for the most precision as it will be the feature of the style.

#30: Textured Shag with a See-Through Fringe

Wear a textured shag with a see-through fringe and freshen up your style. A wispy fringe will accent your eyes and hide your forehead. It’s also a great addition to your shag haircut. If you’re not sure about bangs, a see-through fringe is easy to grow out because it’s so minimal. A shag and a fringe pair well. And they give you a textured shape.

#31: Straight Hair with Thin Layers and Bangs

Straight hair with thin layers and bangs is a beautiful face-framing shape. Give your long hair some style with soft pieces around your face. The thin layers are also perfect for balancing out round face shapes. And, they’re stylish. Try blow drying with a large round brush. Use Olaplex #6 for incredible shine and control.

Copper Mullet with Very Thin See-Through Bangs
Instagram @pinjasbeauty

#32: Copper Mullet with Very Thin Bangs

A copper mullet with very thin bangs is here to stay. If you’re unsure about this look and have thinner or fine hair, this layered cut and color bring out the edge. Amped up with copper tones, ask your stylist to paint on a bit of extra hair color right over your brows. It will really give you the full effect. Have them give you a soft, see-through bang for softness around your jawline.

#33: Short Blonde Bob with a Wispy Fringe

A short blonde bob with wispy fringe works well if you have a relatively small forehead and round face. Instead of curtain bangs, ask your stylist to cut see-through bangs for round face balance. The bob itself will create the illusion of a narrower face.

#34: Medium Curly Hairstyle with Light Bangs

As trends make their way back around, the medium curly hairstyle with light bangs was a staple. The inspired Korean see-through bangs allow for a polished yet laid-back look. Very popular in the early 2000s, and I can’t wait to start seeing more in my chair.

Light See-Through Bangs and Subtle Layers for Short Hair
Instagram @hair.with.lex

#35: Light Bangs and Subtle Layers for Short Hair

The light bangs and subtle layers work great for your short hair, especially if it’s on the finer side. Having see-through bangs for short hair that’s straight, creates volume and movement. You might have to visit the salon every 2-3 weeks for a quick fringe trim.

See-Through Soft Fringe and Light Wispy Layers for Oval Face Shapes

#36: Soft Fringe and Light Wispy Layers for Oval Face Shapes

A soft fringe and light wispy layers look work great for oval face shapes and long straight hair. The layers can be styled with a bit of a flick to create more body if you want. Or wear your hair all up in a ponytail leaving the soft curved fringe and wispy sides out to form a beautiful frame.

#37: Collarbone-Length Cut with Piece-y Bangs for Fine Hair

Make the most of your fine hair in a collarbone-length cut with piece-y bangs. Medium hair is a great length choice to make your strands appear thicker. You might need to add a bit more hair to see through fringe bangs for square face shapes, balancing out your features. Light bangs compliment heart faces and are a great way to try a fringe because they will grow out easily.

See-Through Fringe and Textured Waves
Instagram @amanda.w89

#38: See-Through Fringe and Textured Waves

Get a see-through fringe with textured waves. If you have fine and limp hair, adding a fringe will give you body around your face. Try blow drying your bang under with a medium round brush to add lift. Keep in mind, you’ll want to avoid making them too round and outdated. You’ll want to curl your textured layers with a 3/4 inch iron for the most volume.

Curled Medium Hairstyle with Textured See-Through Bangs

#39: Curled Medium Hairstyle with Textured Bangs

A curled medium hairstyle with textured bangs is the perfect cut to rid your hair of split ends. In my opinion, medium-length hairstyles are the best choice to preserve length. And, you’ll have healthier and easier hair. Adding a textured bang will make your medium cut even better. Have your stylist cut into your fringe to make them light and airy.

Mid Back-Length Layered Cut with a Soft See-Through Fringe
Instagram @moeko_furuya

#40: Mid Back-Length Layered Cut with a Soft Fringe

Low maintenance and chic? A mid-back-length layered cut with a soft fringe is an airy style that is elegant. The side bangs, for example, add a touch of a difference when evolving the style over seasons.

#41: Airy Bob Style with Bangs and Layers

From my experience, when you’re looking for a drastic change in a style, one thing to try is a fringe. A favorite is airy see-through curtain bangs that will frame the face beautifully. Plus, you can customize the length for every face shape. In styling, I suggest lots of movement with the layers and curling the front fringe back out of your face.

#42: Long Beach Wavy Hair with Straight Bangs

Creating long beach wavy hair with straight bangs can be done on air-dried or blow-dried hair. The difference is thermal or heatless curls. When styling see-through side bangs, ideally a round brush and blow dryer help set the style. And, this style is worth considering when factoring in maintenance.

See-Through Thin Bangs and Soft Waves on Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @claraa_ng

#43: Thin Bangs and Soft Waves on Medium-Length Hair

Try a medium-length style with thin bangs and a soft wave. It’s a low-maintenance cut that hits past the shoulders with no layers added. One-length haircuts will keep the length looking full and compliments finer hair textures. Longer wispy bangs give you just enough around your face to create a beautiful shape. And, they are easily turned into a side-swept bang in between bang trims.

#44: Messy Curls and Thin Brow-Length Bangs for Big Forehead

A medium-length beachy textured cut with thin bangs will compliment a broad forehead. Curly hair is forgiving with a finer texture, giving fullness to your hair. Brow-length wispy bangs help balance a face shape that has a larger forehead.

Rooted Blonde Lob with See-Through Bangs for Square Face Shapes

#45: Rooted Blonde Lob with See-Through Bangs for Square Face Shapes

See-through, thin bangs and a shoulder-length bob is a stunning style on square face shapes. Ladies looking for a subtle change in color, but don’t want the upkeep that comes with blonde, try a rooted blonde. It will help blend your natural color into the blonde better. Ask your stylist to keep it natural while adding the change you desire.

Shoulder-Length Hair with Short Layers and Light See-Through Bangs

#46: Shoulder-Length Hair with Short Layers and Light Bangs

Shoulder-length bob haircuts pair very well with short layers. These layers add the volume you desire. Pair it with light or full bangs for a beautiful style. This also helps blend the shorter layers around your head.

#47: Sleek Black Hair with Wispy Bangs for Round Face Shapes

When looking for a new style you must take into account your face shape and what would be a good fit. Long hair paired with a round face shape can be unflattering, so I suggest adding a fringe to soften your look. I would also suggest using only dry shampoo underneath the fringe. You have natural oils coming off your forehead so adding too much product will create a greasy look.

See-Through Curtain Bangs and Wavy Blonde Balayage Hair
Instagram @becadidmyhair

#48: Curtain Bangs and Wavy Blonde Balayage Hair

One of the biggest trends right now is wispy, see-through bangs for wavy hair. This trend looks good on virtually everyone because the bangs are kept very light. The best way to keep these bangs in place is to warm up a bit of wax with the heat of your hands.

See-Through Long Arched Bangs on Wavy Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @styledbyjaymi

#49: Long Arched Bangs on Wavy Mid-Length Hair

Growing out your hair can feel drab. But with your mid-length hair, you can add styles like long-arched bangs. They give you a low-commitment look that evolves by your next salon visit for the next look! This style looks great on wavy textures for a lived-in feel.

Sleek Pixie Cut with See-Through Bangs for Girls
Instagram @kinop_abbey

#50: Sleek Pixie Cut with See-Through Bangs

Ultra-smooth hair can pull off a sleek pixie cut with see-through bangs. Its neat canvas creates one of the smoothest textures to design. Making your hair the centerpiece of your style.

See-through bangs are a fine, wispy type of fringe that creates softness on any haircut. They may even out your face shape and help you conceal forehead imperfections.

I’ve discussed this chic hair trend with Theodor Hatzichristodoulou, an international freelance hair artist. His tips and ideas are summed up below.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • This style is ideal for bold, creative ladies who aren’t afraid to show off their inner depth.
  • The bangs require proper and careful styling to “sit” in the right place.
  • Apply mousse or styling cream, then style your hair after towel drying.
  • Women with a small forehead and curly or wavy hair may find it more challenging to wear and maintain.
  • Questions to ask an expert:
    • Will it fit, serve and improve my image in my work and everyday life?
    • Can you recommend products and styles for these bangs?

Featured in this gallery are photos of various stunning hairstyles with see-through bangs. Time to chop off some hair, get that youthful and feminine look, and take ten years off your age!