26 Ways to Get The Icy Blonde Hair Trend in 2023

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Icy blonde hair is a light, cool-toned hair color that’s as pale as white and has subtle touches of beige. This high fashion color has been taking the spotlight in recent years. Getting hair as white and soft as snow may be a breeze for already-blonde manes, but if your base is darker, get yourself ready with lots of patience and budget as well. With a hair color so light, it shouldn’t be a surprise that maintenance is high to take care of the hair’s integrity.

But, don’t let the cold bother you. Keep on reading to learn all the tips and tricks on how to become the next ice queen! Check out these trendy icy blonde hair images!

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#1: Modern Icy Ash Blonde Balayage

Try tempering down your glacial locks by adding some ash blonde into the mix. Toned down but still serving looks.

Light icy blonde with dark roots hairstyle
Instagram @lmariehairr

#2: Healthy-Looking Light Icy Blonde with Dark Roots

Icy blonde with a dark root is sought after right now. With spring around the corner, women and even men are requesting white hair. From the shadowed root to healthy ends, the layers give an effortless deep wave with a big barrel curling iron, and the color is just so shiny and opaque. Icy blonde is for the dedicated woman. Platinum is a lifestyle and definitely not for the faint of heart. It takes patience to achieve and commitment to maintain. It’s also not cheap, plus the right products are necessary to keep your hair healthy and glowing white (purple shampoo, treatments, follow-up appointments, etc.).

#3: Stylish Icy White Blonde

Consider a platinum blonde with a beachy, textured style. Cool platinum blonde highlights with added waves look stylish yet simple and messy. This look is definitely not for everyone! Depending on your hair (natural color, hair color history, hair condition), it may take multiple appointments to achieve a look like this. You’ll be in the salon about every 6 weeks to touch up your root and get a fresh toner. Also, conditioning treatments are super important when you’re this blonde, as well as salon products to use at home.

#4: Icy Long Pixie Cut with Sweeping Bangs

Sweeping bangs really compliment an icy, long pixie cut. When consulting with your stylist, don’t forget to ask for lots of texture. Either one can be point-cut or even razored. Ensure your hair stays healthy by being careful not to overprocess while lightening. Finish with Aquage’s detailing creme. Just warm it up between your hands and slowly running through the layers.

#5: Waist-Length Icy White Roots and Hair

Waist-length icy white roots and hair extensions are an edgy and timeless look. Be sure you seek out a professional that specializes in blondes. This will ensure the tone and overall integrity stays intact. A helpful way to keep your hair healthy through a blonde journey is doing regular treatments. I recommend the K18 leave-in molecular repair mask.

Ice Blonde Long Bob
Instagram @leciel_jina

#6: Ice Blonde Long Bob

An ice blonde long bob can be achieved by a global bleaching application and toning service. The number one thing I would recommend when going blonde is seeking out a blonde specialist. Blonding professionals are an option, too. Having a stylist whose specialty is lightening can ensure the integrity of your hair. It can even guarantee the outcome.

Ice White Blonde Waves
Instagram @lanhhair

#7: Ice White Waves

Icy white waves are a raging trend that seems to only grow in popularity. When dyeing your hair, keep in mind attainable goals that fit your hair care regimen. When you want a color like icy white, there is a lot more maintenance needed than a more simple style, such as a balayage.

Icy White Blonde Lob
Instagram @mo_raven

#8: Icy White Lob

If you’re going blonde, don’t be afraid to go bold! An icy white lob can give off serious beauty vibes. If icy white is your goal, it helps to keep maintenance in mind. Platinum hues like this not only need regular touch-up appointments but will also require you to avoid overly chlorinated pools. Finally, add purple shampoo to your shower routine.

Extra Short Icy Blonde Pixie
Instagram @anna__ujina

#9: Extra Short Icy Pixie

Try an extra short icy pixie if you’re wanting to make a huge statement. If you’re nervous about cutting off your locks, I suggest you talk about your concerns with your stylist. My advice is that your hair will always grow back so why not have some fun?

Icy Blonde Textured Bob
Instagram @jamesplain.hair

#10: Icy Textured Bob

Go for the coolest locks with an icy textured bob. Multi-dimensional shades of icy cool blonde will make your locks look stunning. The number one rule of keeping your tones icy is to use a purple conditioner at home and frequent visits to the salon to refresh those strands. To help keep yellow tones away, do frequent toners to make your hair look shiny and healthy and your color on point.

#11: Cool-Toned Icy Long Straight V-Cut

Consider a long straight v-cut if you have thicker hair and want an angular cut that will add face-framing layers and give you softer, lighter ends. If you can afford to upkeep a high-maintenance hair color like a cool-toned icy blonde, then you can also expect to spend lots of time at the hair salon and invest in good quality hair products. One of the best ways to give your hair color more dimension is by leaving your natural root or coloring the top to blend into your platinum tresses.

#12: Sultry Long Straight Blunt Cut

One of the best ways to make your hair look fuller is a long straight blunt cut. Fine to medium hair types will find an instant boost in body if you try a cut with blunt angles. If you have a thicker mane, you should avoid this cut as thick hair and blunt angles typically do not mix.

#13: Icy Straight Long Hair

The icy straight long hair is a lifestyle and you have to be prepared to invest a lot of time and money. Scalp bleach is a beautiful, but at the same time, tricky color service for which you need regular 5-6-week appointments. Also make sure you have a good leave-in product, like the overnight serum by Kerastase- Blond Absolu Serum Cicanuit, in case you forget to do a weekly deep-strengthening treatment.

#14: Icy Salt-and-Pepper Tresses

Try icy salt-and-pepper hair color if you’re looking to blend your natural silver/gray. Because it can be harsh on the hair, ask your stylist if your hair is healthy enough to lighten to such a high level of brightness. To keep your hair looking bright, use a purple shampoo such as Barcelona by Pulp Riot.

#15: Gorgeous Icy Silver Blonde

For you to get to an icy shade of platinum, patience is required. Luckily, all the trouble is worth it once you walk out of the salon looking mad icy.

#16: Dimensional Dark to Light Icy Blonde Sombre

Even the unnoticed detail of darker roots can go long way with this color presentation. Who knew you can do so many things with blonde?

Romantic Icy Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair
Instagram @alissahairtc

#17: Romantic Icy Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

If you’re a brunette, you can now share the same love with blondes with a platinum highlight take over your brown hair!

Contrasting Platinum Icy Blonde Balayage
Instagram @cocoon_styling

#18: Contrasting Platinum Icy Blonde Balayage

Try highlighting your ghostly hair color by giving it a contrasting blonde mix. Long subtle waves help provide a canvas for this masterpiece.

#19: Beautiful Icy Blonde Ombre

Spice up your plain, white dye job with an icy blonde balayage ombre!

Alluring Lavender and Ice Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @heymonay

#20: Alluring Lavender and Ice

Lavender and ice shades are a great way to introduce some color to your blonde hair if you want a change but aren’t ready to fully jump in or make a commitment to have an intense color. A lavender balayage is a perfect look for that. Although pastels don’t last too long, the great thing is that it’s a really pretty fade out. Unfortunately, this color can’t be for everyone. To achieve those pastel or true ashy tones you would need to be very light/platinum. The best suggestion is for you to do this in sessions and always trust the process!

#21: Wearable Icy Blue Blonde

Ethereal icy blue look is so creative and is not usually seen every day but surprisingly wearable and muted the color is despite being so different. You can transition from platinum silver to this pastel blue. Pastel tones like this are only are possible when your hair is naturally platinum or bleached to platinum/silver blonde (or as close to it as possible). Being this light requires a lot of maintenance, daily application of bond repairer treatments (our favorite is Olaplex), and lots of nourishing oils. This icy blue is best suited for you if you’re committed to complying with a good hair regimen and also have a trusting relationship with your stylist to help you get to this color, as multiple sessions may be required to attain this level of lightness.

Classy Icy Blonde and Grey
Instagram @styledbyyara

#22: Classy Icy Blonde and Grey

This color is an ice blonde with extra ash and a sharp clean bob. This look is a full head highlights with a shadowed root. Icy blonde and grey color are an investment and you must take the time and purchase the best products to take care of it. It’s one of the most high maintenance tones out there and washes out fast if it’s not taken care of. Having said that, it’s a beautiful and fun tone if executed right. You can pull off this look as long as you get the right shade of ash tone to complement your skin tone. Using a really good purple or silver shampoo and a good moisturizing conditioner is recommended. As well as washing with cooler water and low heat for your hot tools.

#23: Stunning Icy Blonde and Rose Gold

This stunning iced rose is the perfect rose gold to icy blonde color melt. It’s a nice way to try out a bolder, trendy color but without having to color your whole head that color, and it would be allowed in most workplaces. It is versatile in the fact that any length hair could do this color, and it looks good straight or curled. The best way to ensure longevity is to shampoo as infrequent as possible. When shampooing, use as cool as water as you can tolerate, and use a high-quality sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo, and conditioner.

#24: Polished Icy Blonde with Lowlights

Try an icy blond with an added dimension. If you have been doing balayage sessions and are ready for a change, the dimension on this icy blonde will be stunning on you. When struggling with keeping the brassiness out of your hair, switch to a full head of highlights and lowlights to help manage any unwanted tones in your hair. For this look, dust the ends to keep your length. After the hair cut, during styling, it is recommended you use a leave-in conditioner and shine oil to keep your hair healthy and moisturized. You should take into consideration that becoming an icy blonde is a process. Your current hair color and past history color will determine the number of sessions needed and the damage your hair will endure during the blonding sessions itself.

Rooted Icy Blonde Bob
Instagram @hairbysaretta

#25: Rooted Icy Blonde Bob

A slight A-line blunt cut and the rooty base can complement your light ends and brings out the detail in your braid.  Also, consider that getting your ends this light may take a few sessions and lots of time and money, but once you have it you will be obsessed!

#26: Casual Icy Blonde Lob with Shadow Root

Try an iridescent pearl blonde with a shadow root. Ask your stylist to do a shadow root to ensure that it’s slightly lower maintenance. Also, it keeps your hair healthier especially since this type of color takes multiple lightening sessions. Glazes and proper hair care are a must when maintaining this color. You will want to invest in the best shampoos and conditioners your stylist can recommend, hair health comes first. If products and shampoo are drying your hair out, not only will it affect your hair color, it will just downright not look pretty. A blue or violet shampoo is a must-have!

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