53 Textured Pixie Cut Ideas for a Messy, Modern Look

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A trendy textured pixie cut is a short-length chop, flattering most women’s face shapes. It adopts an array of looks from chic and flirty to the androgynous kind.

Missouri-based stylist Janet Biggers points out how versatile a pixie cut is. “It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight or curly; you can still rock a pixie,” she says. “Though it works on a lot of hair types, this cut is ideal on fine to medium hair density.”

Sometimes, thick hair can be hard to maneuver with a shorter style. But if you have coarse hair and want a pixie, Biggers explains, “You’ll need a lot of texturing done to your locks, then leave it long enough to be able to use hot tools to help smooth it more.”

Styling a pixie is quick and easy. “For a longer cut, I use Bedroom.Hair, a texturizing spray that offers strong hold, volume, and texture,” she says. “For shorter chops, I use Night.Rider. It’s a molding paste that offers control and texture when styling with good holding power.”

To maintain the cut’s shape, trimming every 4-6 weeks is vital and washing the hair with shampoo daily is not ideal.

Before your next salon appointment, browse these photos of popular textured pixie cut hairstyle and haircut ideas. You’ll love each suggestion.

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Brushed Up Brunette Textured Pixie
Instagram @nicciemmick

#1: Brushed Up Brunette Pixie

A brushed-up brunette pixie is one of the most versatile styles. Brushed up, pulled forward, curled, a pompadour, don’t be afraid to get in there and play. Mess it up. Using a pomade helps. It’s not sticky and it’s pliable, that way you can switch it up at any time. One of my favorite pomades is Bed Head Stick by Bed Head/TIGI.

#2: Geometric Pixie Cut

A geometric pixie cut with textured layers is best for women with short dark hair. This precision haircut gives the illusion of sharp angles that create a bold and modern look. The textured layers give the hair volume and depth, making the style versatile and easy to manage. If you have naturally curly hair and wear your hair straight, a pixie cut can work in your favor. Invest in a Denman brush, and move the hair back and forth with your brush until dry on towel-dried hair. Apply a lightweight pomade or wax to dry hair, defining the layers for you.

#3: Side-Swept Pixie with Visible Layers

Give your side-swept pixie some visible layers if you want a slight change in your cut. Stylists use a triangular method when cutting the layers. This will create length in the front and shorter layers in the back. The best way to lift the hair is to use Kenra Professional’s Texturizing Mist 6. Spritz in bursts and use your fingers to spread out the strands.

Silver-White Messy Textured Pixie for Older Women with an oval face
Instagram @giboazhair

#4: Silver-White Messy Pixie for Older Women

This silver-white messy pixie for older women is perfect if you want to update your look. The pixie cut is layered to create a textured and tousled style. The silver-white color adds a modern and chic touch to the classic cut. This hairstyle is easy to style. Don’t forget to add texturizing spray to damp hair and scrunch it with your fingers as you blow-dry it. I suggest looking for a spray with medium hold. The messy and tousled style adds volume and takes years off the face. A messy pixie is a low-maintenance option perfect for the woman who wants to look stylish.

Super Fresh Pixie with Texture and height
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#5: Super Fresh Pixie

A super fresh pixie with lots of volume and texture is edgy and fresh. This style pairs well with light hair. I recommend going lighter for extra texture. Be sure to ask your stylist to use a dry-cutting method at the end of your service. Then, you can reap the benefits of the piecey texture.

Long Textured Pixie cut with Wispy Bangs and blonde balayage
Instagram @studio__127

#6: Long Textured Pixie Cut with Wispy Bangs

Ask about a long textured pixie cut with wispy bangs. If you want to pump up the volume in your fine hair, I suggest a longer pixie with short textured layers. Style with a round brush and a spray like the one from Cult +King Set Spray, for hold and heat protection.

Side-Swept Textured Pixie Cut for women with fine hair textures
Instagram @misato__hair

#7: Side-Swept Textured Pixie Cut

Give this textured pixie cut a try! Be sure to ask about the best styling products for this look. Also, be aware you will need to go to the salon more often for regular haircuts.

#8: Chopped Pixie Cut with Fringe

I love a chopped pixie cut with fringe! Nothing screams cool girl more than a pixie. Especially when the texture and styling are right! If you are looking for an updated pixie, not the smooth clean lines, ask for choppiness and texture. To keep your choppiness from looking frizzy, be sure to schedule frequent trims. Styling with a volumizing mousse and a diffuser will add the messy texture you’re looking for.

Jet Black Versatile Pixie Cut with a Textured Top for ladies with a low-maintenance style
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#9: Versatile Pixie Cut with a Textured Top

A versatile pixie cut with a textured top is a unique and edgy way to express yourself. You will want to tell your stylist that keeping as much height on top is key to making this shape work. I recommend adding lots of dry texturing to the top to create an airy effect. Textured hairstyles can be a great way to give the illusion of fuller hair.

Icy White Textured Pixie with a Long Top and Side Bangs for long face shapes
Instagram @nina_surov_a

#10: Icy White Pixie with a Long Top and Side Bangs

For a long face shape, an icy white textured pixie with side bangs helps to create the illusion of balance. When asking for this look, make sure to ask for layers that are longer on the sides and shorter on the top. This will help to frame your face and add some volume and movement to your style. To avoid the look of too-long bangs, you can encourage your stylist to keep the side bangs shorter. Adding some light product to the ends will help to keep your style looking fresh.

Feminine Lived-In Textured Pixie with Sideburns
Instagram @nicky_henno

#11: Feminine Lived-In Pixie with Sideburns

Your morning hair routine just got easier with a feminine lived-in pixie. An easy breezy pixie cut is styled in no time with minimal effort. Look for products that add texture and hold for a messy undone look instead of sleek and polished.

Cute Textured Fringed Pixie
Instagram @menaartistry

#12: Cute Fringed Pixie

A cute fringed pixie is a perfect style for a messy, modern look. This hairstyle features short layers that are textured and tousled. This creates an effortless yet stylish finish. Ask your stylist for a face-framing fringe to add softness to your look. For the best results, talk with your stylist about the desired level of texture you want. This will be helpful to achieve the most flattering cut possible.

Blonde Piecey Textured Long Pixie
Instagram @cabelocurto.club

#13: Blonde Piecey Long Pixie

Pixies can be customized for the wearer or the season. You must try a few styles before you settle on the one that is the right fit for you. Blonde hair and a long pixie are a style combo that uses color placement to give the pixie personality. When seeking out a salon professional to get the job done, look towards one who already sports the look. They serve as both a reference and a referral. Another way to narrow your search on social is with a hashtag of the city or trend. Photos will be organized for a quick scroll of the styles that capture your imagination.

#14: Sassy Pixie with Shaved Sides and a Textured Top

If you’re a more mature woman and want a fast and manageable cut, try a clipper cut on your back and sides. When getting your hair clippered cut, I don’t recommend going shorter than an inch of length. This will keep enough length to lie down. Don’t forget to ask for a wispy hairline and angled sideburns to keep the femininity.

Gorgeous Side-Swept Textured Pixie
Instagram @katlynkarolyn

#15: Gorgeous Side-Swept Pixie

A gorgeous side-swept pixie is ideal for curls or wavy hair textures. Keeping a little weight around your face and ears can give a soft effect. Your hairstylist may suggest diffuse drying your pixie to add volume and height to the style.

Punk-Inspired Golden Brown Pixie with Texture
Instagram @rcgimenes

#16: Punk-Inspired Golden Brown Pixie

Chop it off into a golden brown pixie. I recommend styling your chop forward with your hands or a flat bush to keep it closer to your head shape. Or blow dry it backward for more of a mohawk feeling. Either way, you will need to use a paste to bring out the texture. To achieve a golden brown shade, a single process color should do the job.

#17: Feminine Pixie with Blonde Highlights

A feminine pixie with blonde highlights is as sexy as it is sassy. The longer length of the top and the soft neckline add to the feminine qualities of this chop. At the salon, ask your stylist to leave your hair long enough on top to curl. Either with a curling iron or a flat iron, whatever is easier for you. I’m a curling iron gal, my brain won’t make a flat iron curl. Also, be prepared to turn some heads!

Cool Textured Spiky Pixie
Instagram @jose.a.sepulveda

#18: Cool Spiky Pixie

Try a cool spiky pixie haircut if you have a round, oval, or heart-shaped face. With a short hairstyle, your best bet is to search for a stylist who specializes in short pixie haircuts. Not all hairstylists feel comfortable and confident in cutting short hair. Plan to make an appointment every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain this sassy short haircut.

#19: Natural-Looking Textured Pixie

If you have aging hair, try a textured, natural-looking pixie. Round layers with a long, tapered fringe will style effortlessly. Instead of blow-drying, use a volumizing mousse and let your hair air dry. This is the perfect style for an everyday woman on the go.

#20: Blonde Lived-In Pixie Cut

Go for the chop with a blonde lived-in pixie cut. Cutting those dead ends will give your hair a fresh and healthy start. Having some messy, textured layers helps your limp hair have some body and volume. Use a texture paste if you want to create a light hold and give your hair some grit.

#21: Long Chocolate Bixie Cut

Try a long chocolate bixie cut if you want the perfect combination. It offers a super short length at the nape of your neck and longer flowy lengths around your face. I would choose a bixie cut if you love texture and body in your hair, but also want to keep your hair off your neck. My favorite way to cut a bixie is by using a razor to give a more “shattered” layered appearance. Plus, this technique makes it easier to style. Use volumizing products to enhance your style.

Textured Sassy Lived-In Pixie Cut
Instagram @v3hairstudio

#22: Sassy Lived-In Pixie Cut

Look cute and sassy with a lived-in pixie cut. A lived-in pixie is a breeze to style but to upkeep, the cut trims will need to be done once a month. Texturizing sheers to soften your strands will be the most effective way to get a lived-in style. To keep your cut looking feminine, chip into all the edges to give a soft and piecey look.

Dark Brown Disconnected Textured Messy Pixie
Instagram @giboazhair

#23: Dark Brown Disconnected Messy Pixie

Try a dark brown disconnected messy pixie if you are an edgy girl that wants it to show on the outside. Ask your stylist for a lower disconnected fade. This means your fade won’t come up as high as your typical fade would. Also, you don’t have to use clippers for the longer part of the fade. However, I recommend using a scissor-over-comb technique. This will help to blend the sides of your hair. Using both shears and clippers will help make your pixie cut look disconnected and messy.

Textured Silver Pixie with Chunky Bangs
Instagram @bricia.g_artistry

#24: Silver Pixie with Chunky Bangs

A silver pixie with chunky bangs adds a nice flair to gray hair. Going gray doesn’t have to be boring, and to eliminate the high-maintenance coloring schedule is so freeing! Research shows that women getting retouches every 3 to 4 weeks spend more yearly on color than someone getting a fancy balayage or a full head of highlights. Be more friendly to your pocketbook and go natural, the pixie with a cute bang still brings out a fun, flirty style with much less maintenance.

#25: Dark Brown Tousled Pixie with Fringe

A dark brown tousled pixie with fringe is an edgy, but flirty style. If you are considering a big change from long to pixie, be sure to show your stylist pictures of your goals to see if they will work well with your hair texture and face shape. Your hair will be cut with lots of layers and texturizing to get the tousled look. Ask your stylist to recommend what size curling iron will work best for your hair in case you need to add curls when styling. Using a curl cream and a diffuser will work well if you have a natural curl. If you have straight hair, use a texture cream and add random curls to the top portion of your head with an iron.

Super Cute Textured Pixie with Bangs
Instagram @rcgimenes

#26: Super Cute Pixie with Bangs

Consider trying a super cute pixie with bangs. This pixie haircut has volume on top with wispy bangs to soften your face. A pixie style is most flattering on oval, square, and heart-shaped faces. Be prepared to receive lots of compliments with this fun, sassy haircut.

#27: Fiery Pixie with Textured Waves

Try a pixie with textured waves to kick the boldness of your hair up a notch. Warm-toned hair works great to compliment and warm up pale skin tones. Textured waves are an easy style that looks effortlessly good. Use a hair wax or texture putty to add separation to the waves or create a more messy texture.

#28: Messy Brunette Pixie Bob Haircut

A messy brunette pixie bob haircut is the perfect length choice. Not too short, a pixie bob is a soft and feminine shape with style. Ask your stylist to leave length around the ears but add more layers than a bob. This will help you achieve a piece-y and messy shape. Blow-dry with your hands and some texture cream for a cute tousled finish.

Short pixie cut with texture
Instagram @_valeri_anka30

#29: Short Pixie Cut with Texture

A short pixie cut with texture is a great choice for any woman with straight hair. Ask your stylist to point cut the top to create amazing disarrangement. Keep in mind textured pixies look best styled forward for an up-to-date finish.

#30: Very Short Textured Pixie for Women Over 30

A very short textured pixie for women over 30 is a soft and edgy haircut. This hairstyle would work best for women with medium to thick straight hair. To get this hairstyle, ask your stylist for a pixie with short sides and a textured top.

#31: Textured Pixie Bob

If you’re considering a textured pixie bob, a straightened version with slightly lifted roots is a perfect option. Like any textured pixie hairstyle, they can be custom cut or styled to your needs.

Try splitting the hair above the ear and directing the back half backward, and directing the front half-forward and down for a playful style to show off your pieces of jewelry. Twist or curl when needed for added texture.

Razored Pixie for Curly Hair
Instagram @ruteboazhair

#32: Razored Pixie for Curly Hair

A razored pixie for curly hair is one fantastic solution for ladies that don’t want to spend loads of time taming their unruly hair. Almost every hair type and texture is suitable for a pixie style.

If you have thick and coarse hair with type 3a, 3b curl, ask your stylist to cut short at the back and sides, starting with a grade 2 blending in a grade 3 and 4. Leave the top longer so that the curl can form a 2-3-inch ringlet. If you want to keep a razored pixie style, you will have to visit the salon every 4 to 5 weeks.

#33: Longer Pixie Cut for Women Over 40

A longer pixie cut for women over 40 is a low-maintenance classy hairstyle that suits almost every face shape. Ask your hairstylist to leave the fringe and sides longer and slightly texturize them. This way, when hair is styled towards the face, it can make rounder features look more chiseled. You can ask your colorist for some lighter pieces, which will add more dimension and volume to the cut.

#34: Wavy Pixie with Bangs

A wavy pixie with bangs gives a soft texture and a sweet and easy hairstyle. Don’t forget to use either a curl cream or a curling iron to accentuate your natural waves. Keeping the sideburns longer creates a more feminine look.

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#35: Messy Textured Pixie Cut

Have fun with a messy textured pixie cut. Great for natural texture or fine hair, a textured pixie adds lift and body to limp hair, like a stacked bob would. The longer hair is brushed forward and curled back for extra volume, then style with a flexible hold hairspray.

Shaggy pixie for women over 60
Instagram @petra_v1.0

#36: Shaggy Pixie for Women Over 60

Consider a shaggy pixie haircut for women over 60. The best way to describe this haircut to your stylist would be to ask for tapered sides, deep point cutting on the layers, and the top section cut short to long to offer extra length in the mohawk and fringe area. Blow-dry the bangs roughly to the side and style with a waxed pomade.

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#37: Curly Pixie with Texture

Rock a curly pixie with texture. Enhance your curly pixie styles by using a Denman brush or comb, twisting your curls towards the face in a brick lay pattern, starting at the hairline and working around the head in sections going up towards the crown. Allow it to dry without touching to avoid frizz. Use a soothing lotion or oil to break up the curls to create added volume.

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#38: Textured Pixie for Feminine Women Over 50

When looking for a texturized pixie for feminine women over 50, try one with a short textured side bang for added softness around the face.

In case you didn’t know, styling this cut with a whipped pomade such as Schwarzkopf Oasis + Whipped Wax creates texture while still offering a dry-looking finish.

Tapered pixie cut with a textured top
Instagram @rene.hfdzk

#39: Tapered Pixie Cut with a Textured Top

A tapered pixie cut with a textured top can be bold, funky, and soft simultaneously. Play with length around the nape; take it tight to add drama, or leave a little hair length for softness. Keep in mind that it is versatile!

Layered textured pixie
Instagram @rene.hfdzk

#40: Layered Textured Pixie

Go for a layered textured pixie to achieve the most movement through the front of the haircut. Adding layers to textured pixie haircuts removes heaviness and creates softness. Be bold and step out in style!

Textured pixie with bangs
Instagram @teresa_witt_

#41: Textured Pixie with Bangs

Consider a textured pixie with bangs to debut a modern style. In general, a hairstyle for pixies with texture calls for precision cutting skills with careful thought on balance in length and weight. The texture is added during the final refining stage once the overall shape is established.

#42: Choppy Pixie Cut

A choppy pixie cut can add so much texture to a haircut, even on fine hair. It’s trimmed tightly around the sides and back, leaving a little length on the forehead.

As a finishing touch, have the stylist encourage a choppier texture using a slide or point cutting technique on the top.

#43: Salt-and-Pepper Pixie for Women Over 70

A salt-and-pepper pixie for women over 70 can be the perfect choice for those who want to avoid the frump. A sleek, modern silhouette adds sophistication to anyone looking to maintain an updated style. Make sure to tell the stylist to remove heaviness but not the length up front, especially if you have thin hair.

Feathered pixie with wispy ends
Instagram @lipsperiment

#44: Feathered Pixie with Wispy Ends

Feathered pixie with wispy ends is a soft pixie cut that can be styled in different ways. Women who have fine to medium wavy hair can achieve having pixie cuts with texture added. To get this cut, ask your stylist for a longer pixie with bangs.

Textured shaggy pixie hairstyle
Instagram @killin_it_kelz

#45: Textured Shaggy Pixie Hairstyle

A textured shaggy pixie hairstyle is a softer short haircut that covers the ears. It’s versatile, and you can wear it over the ears or tuck behind. The texture of pixie cuts is achievable by layering and point cutting the hair to create movement. Keep in mind that a textured haircut works best on straight hair but can be achieved on curly hair using a round brush or a flat iron.

Edgy Lixie Cut
Instagram @melanie.astill

#46: Edgy Lixie Cut (Long Pixie)

Rock an edgy lixie cut and reinvent yourself. The shaved sides and long hair on top give a dramatic style and work well on almost all hair textures.

If you need it even edgier, ask your hairstylist to create a design around the hairline with clippers. Keep in mind that a super short haircut needs reshaping to maintain its shape.

Texturized long pixie
Instagram @olyakuzochkina

#47: Texturized Long Pixie

A texturized lixie haircut is a good choice for straight-haired women. Talk to your stylist about undercutting the nape and leaving the top layers long and swept to the side. Blow-dry it with some mousse and a large metal barrel round brush for a sleek finish. Keep in mind that pixie cuts need to be re-shaped every 4-5 weeks.

#48: Low-Maintenance Textured Pixie

A low-maintenance textured pixie would need to be cut less often. Make sure you ask your stylist to leave the length longer from crown to ear. Leaving these layers longer enables for a draped style that hides hair growth. This style is recommended for finer hair.

Blonde pixie with textured ends
Instagram @mommalamb

#49: Blonde Pixie with Textured Ends

If you are ready for a short cut, try a blonde pixie with textured ends. Ask your hairdresser for short sides and a longer top to accentuate this style. A shade of blonde through the lengthy crown also really amps it up. A bit of texture wax helps create an effortless pixie.

#50: Wispy Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

A wispy pixie with side-swept bangs is a great choice for women with round face shapes. The long bang drapes over the face softening curves.

Pixie haircuts with textured layers are best suited for straighter hair. You can also decide to highlight the front for a more dramatic look. Highlighting the short pieces is not recommended.

Classic Textured Pixie Cut for Women
Instagram @igor_yggor

#51: Textured Classic Pixie Cut

A textured classic pixie cut is always a great choice. If you are afraid to go super short, you can ask your stylist to leave the sides and the back softer. Ask yourself, how extreme do I want my cut? This will help you decide on how extreme you would like to go.

Undercut pixie
Instagram @dudkazhenya

#52: Undercut Pixie

Try an undercut pixie to add some extra pop to your short hairstyle. The short clipper cut underneath really adds visual impact with the long top.

This pixie style works well on all hair types and is also very beneficial for thick-haired women to remove unwanted bulk. Textured pixie hairstyles are fantastic with the only drawback being frequent cutting is a necessity.

#53: Textured Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

Ask your stylist for a textured asymmetrical pixie haircut if you’re looking for a modern short hairstyle. A textured pixie haircut takes minutes to style with a texture paste and works well on straighter hair. Consider leaving the bangs a tad longer if you have a broad forehead. Otherwise, the asymmetry compliments most face shapes.

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