46 Cute Short Haircuts for Short Hair in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Cute hairstyles for short hair are pixies and bobs that are effortless to copy. Whether you like it sleek or voluminous, there’s one style that’s guaranteed to suit you.

You can look edgy yet feminine with razor cuts and undercut pixies. You can even play with fun colors with balayage or ombre to pull off a very eye-catching result. The choice is yours!

Stylist and salon owner Marisol Cortez of Corpus Christi, TX shares her notion of this trend. “These are for women who want an effortless, put-together look that’s apt for any event,” she mentions.

To complete the style, pretty and elegant hair accessories do the job. Bobby pins, barrettes, and hair combs are just a few recommendations. Cortez also suggests to “pin back the strands that are too short if doing braids, twists, and updos.”

While short hairstyles look adorable, having tons of layers can result in drawbacks. Sure, you can style a layered cut, but the hair will put up a good fight.

Cortez urges ladies to spend time for consultations. Make sure that your preferred look makes a realistic finish. According to her, “Stylists must consider the hair length, growth pattern, density, and texture.”

Scan through these images of cute hairstyles for short hair. Feel free to steal ideas and inspiration!

Cute Ear-Length Bob
Instagram @doing_it_rong

#1: Ear-Length Bob

An ear-length bob is a cute hairstyle for short hair. Women who prefer shorter cuts will love the mysterious yet romantic edge that this style provides.

Short Fashionable Hairstyle with Small Pouf

#2 Fresh Undercut

Show off that side undercut with a little pinned-up action. Try Kevin Murphy BODY.BUILDER Volumizing Mousse for flexible fullness and hold. This look is suitable for round, oval, or square-shaped faces. This style works best on medium to thick hair.

Balayaged Undercut hairstyle for short hair

#3 Balayaged Undercut for Thick Hair

The balayage color is my favorite because it is so fresh and on-trend. The color paired with the cut adds a modern twist to a classic cut.

Cute Short Asymmetrical Hairstyle

#4 Short Asymmetrical Hairstyle

This look is perfect for those looking to add an edge to a pixie style, creating a refreshing look. To top it all off, you can brighten your look with a golden tinge.

Dimensional Cute Short Haircut for Ladies

#5 Dimensional Cute Haircut

This is definitely the kind of haircut that you have to style to make it sit properly and bevel a bit in the back. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who is more of a “wash and go” kind of person.

Stacked Bob Cute Hairstyle for Short Hair

#6 Slightly Stacked Bob

This look is very trendy, sophisticated, and sexy at the same time. It can be very conservative but also very modern. This is a very popular haircut that will never go out of style. It can vary depending on the angle and how elevated and stacked it is cut. I recommend this style for various hair types, face shapes, and lifestyles. I always say it’s how you carry yourself and your self-confidence that can make the haircut look amazing and stand out, regardless of face shape or hair type.

Cute Layered Haircut for Shorter Hair

#7 Cute Layered Haircut

This look is chic, stylish, and amazingly cute. My favorite thing about this look is the layers in the back. It looks like ocean waves at night! The type of client for this style is pretty much anyone who’s low maintenance, from your stay-at-home mom to your on-the-go businesswoman and even your rockstar chick hitting the stage.

Cute Short Hairstyle for Women

#8 Short ‘n Spicy

This look is short, spicy, sassy, and classy. It is shorter than the typical bob yet longer than a pixie. My favorite thing about this adorable haircut is that it looks amazingly straight, but when curls are added, it elevates the look to a new level! It is a haircut with personality. This look is for someone who has fine to medium-structured hair with a little natural texture! I recommend this cut for someone who is used to putting a little, though not much, effort into styling each morning. This cute haircut looks great on most face shapes.

Undercut Pixie hairstyle

#9 Undercut Pixie

I would describe this look as edgy while still being soft. My favorite thing about this cut is that while it is short, it is still very versatile! You can play with the lengths at the top and create cute, fun looks with braids, twists, and little clips/bobby pins. You can style it down with a soft bang or up and back for a sleeker look.

This cut can work for all hair types! No one likes bulk on the sides. An undercut has a much shorter length on the sides as compared to the top. The great thing about it is that you can have it customized to your individual look. It can be extreme or soft and subtle. The best thing to do is to start out a little longer and work your way shorter. This gives you an idea of what length will work best for you. You can ALWAYS go shorter! This cut is great for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a ton of time styling their hair or just anyone who loves a short, sassy cut. Undercuts are so much fun!

Trendy Pixie hairstyle for Older Women

#10 Trendy Pixie

This hairstyle is a trendy, cute pixie cut. I love everything about this haircut and style, but my favorite is the color! To create this look, I used #wella HL 12G on the top and 4NG on the sides with Olaplex. She is 90% grey, so we went for full coverage.

Low Maintenance Bob hairstyle

#11 Low Maintenance Cute Bob

The bob style is timeless. I love that it can be achieved in different types of hair and tailored to different lifestyles and personalities. I recommend this look to any lady that lives on the go. My girlfriend travels quite frequently and this style helps her get ready fairly quickly in the mornings. With this style, she is not required to blow dry with a round brush, but instead, she can use her hands to achieve a tousled look.

Rainbow Pixie hairstyle

#12 Rainbow Pixie

This is a rainbow pixie color melt. One of my favorite things about this look is that even though these are “unnatural” hair colors, it looks like she was born with it. Depending on how she parts it, different colors will shine through and it will look like a different hairstyle. This type of color is for anyone who is a little creative and fun.

Cute haircuts for short hair

#13 Dramatic Bob

I would describe this look as a cute, classic a-line bob with a more dramatic angle. What I love about this look is that it is a classic style yet modernized due to the exaggerated angle.

Cute Short Timeless Chic hairstyle

#14 Cute Simple Bob

This look is timeless, classic, and chic because of the clean modern lines. What I love about this style is that even though it is a structured cut, it has a lot of movement and softness with the lightly textured ends. This look will never go out of style. The bonus about this look is that it works for all hair types and face shapes. Because it is a “lob,” it frames the face in a perfect place.

Cute Short Beachy Lob Hairstyle

#15 Beachy Lob

I would call this look a long bob (lob) or textured bob. My favorite thing about this look is that you can switch the style easily without taking too much time. I recommend this look for fine hair types that don’t have a lot of density. This cut would give volume and movement, making it easy for the client to do it at home.

Razor Cut Bob Short Hair

#16 Sexy Razor Cut Bob

This look is an edgy razor-cut bob. The ends are very textured, removing the bulky line. My favorite thing about this look is that it can be worn straight or curled with an iron. It can even be air-dried with a little product for texture. This look is very versatile. This cut is ideal for any woman wanting a cute modern twist to a classic look. The triangular bob has many variations. This variation with a razor adds a little more edge.

Wash and Go Short Cute Hairstyle

#17 Wash & Go Beauty

My favorite thing about this look is how the cut opens her face and the color accentuates her eyes and face shape. This style can be good for any hair type. It can be adjusted and customized for the face shape it needs to fit. She wanted a wash-and-go look with minimal styling needed, so this was perfect for her!

Polished Pixie hairstyle

#18 Polished Cute Pixie

I would describe this look as a polished pixie. It’s so structured, smart, cute, and chic. I think my favorite thing about this look, and cutting pixie cuts in general, is how the shortest possible cut on a woman can be so highly soft and feminine, so much more so then a ponytail! A pixie can be beautiful on any hair type or face shape! I think the days of feeling like a person’s face is too full or too round are finally over. A strong stylist can and should create a short cut for any client that is ready to give it a go!

Cute Short Shoulder-Length Wavy Haircut

#19 Shoulder Length Wavy Haircut

I would describe this look as a cute shoulder length bob with soft, cut-in texture. I love this look because you can style it in several ways, keeping it versatile and on-trend. The great thing about a long bob like this is that it compliments almost every face shape.

Cute Short Inverted Bob Haircut with Highlights

#20 Inverted Bob with Highlights

This is a slightly inverted bob. I love this haircut for its versatility. The inverted bob looks modern and agrees with many different face shapes and hair types. This cute hairstyle is great for so many people, from fine and straight like the photo, to messy textured hair! It’s a great haircut to look put together with minimal daily effort.

Cute Short Hairstyle with Bangs for Women

#21 Cute Short Haircut with Bangs

This edgy yet natural look was inspired by 90s supermodel, Linda Evangelista. My favorite thing about this look is the versatility of how it can be worn. With just a slight change in styling, you can easily take this textured look to something more sophisticated and sleek. This style and cut is perfect for the woman who wants something a little fun and funky, and someone who is willing to take a few extra minutes to create an undone style. It will work on all face types. Women with thicker, coarser hair will have to take a few extra minutes to flat iron the hair as needed.

Garcons Cut hairstyle

#22 Garcons Tomboy Haircut

The Garcons Cut is a male line with short sides that is not outlined. I decided to leave a soft fringe to give the model’s face softness. For a Garcons Cut, I would use a matte paste during the day because the texture is very important to flatter a short haircut. I recommend a short cute crop like this to anyone who wants to radically change their image. This cut and style look best on an oval, slender face.

Pixie With an Edge hairstyle

#23 Tapered Undercut Pixie

This is a pixie cut with an edge and tapered sides. I love the flow of the lines because it directs the eye around the head and allows movement, even when the hair is too short to create its own. Any woman who is ready for a new look can wear a pixie, however, for this specific look because the design is added, someone with a more conservative job might not be the best option. I recommend it for any young girl looking for something new and edgy or for the girl who might have a non-regular 9-5 job. The best part of a pixie cut is that there are easy ways to create one that will fit any client’s personality.

Short Cute Sleek Bob for Women

#24 Cute Short Sleek Bob

I would describe this haircut as crisp and clean. It has an edgy side to it, but can also be very classy and easily maintained, which is always best for my clients. If cut correctly, these haircuts can be achieved on most clients. It will appear different for every client, however, as no person’s hair is the same!

Textured Bob hairstyle

#25 Cute Textured Bob

A simple description for this haircut in one word is TEXTURE! Without having to do much, this haircut always shows texture with lots of layers, however the hair still looks full and thick. This look would be great for someone with medium to fine texture hair as this cut creates the illusion of fullness.


Cute short hair with bangs

#26 Cute Short Hair with Bangs

For this look, we decided to go with a box bob. The undone look of the texture put into this cut along with the color is my favorite part of this look.

Think about several things like hair density and texture for starters. This particular box bob was done on very fine hair, so we were able to cut it bluntly and then rough dry it with my hand. I finished it by layering a texture spray throughout.

Cute Long Pixie Haircut for Short Hair

#27 Long Pixie Haircut

This look is a non-traditional pixie with disconnections, giving it a versatile look. It can be worn in many ways, slicked back with setting lotion or worn with texture using a paste or pomade. This is definitely a look for someone who does have a couple of extra minutes in the morning to style, especially in the case of thick hair. It’s fun. trendy and great for any age. The long pieces in the front allow this haircut to suit many face shapes, which is also a plus! And finally, a cut that anyone in any lifestyle can pull off!

Short Layered Pixie Cute Hair

#28 Short Layered Pixie

The texture is the answer when it comes to being playful with your style. So, I decided to take her short and create a ton of movement within the cut while keeping the perimeter soft and wispy to retain a more feminine vibe to the cut.

My biggest advice for someone who is looking to go short is to think of maintenance. Short hair is a ton of fun and takes minutes to do, but it requires you to do it every day. Short haircuts need to be shaped every 4 weeks to maintain a style, so make sure to prebook with your stylist. Invest in a good product from your salon and try it in multiple ways.

Short Cute Chin Length Cut

#29 Short Cute Chin Length Cut

This is a textured, chin-length bob. This cut would look great blow dried straight or left natural since the texture I put in it is designed to enhance natural wave. This is quite literally one of the easiest cuts to rock! It’ll encourage movement in fine/limp hair, and thicker/wavy girls will love how it air dries! It can also be worn a little longer if the chin length is too short! Super versatile!

Cute short and chic waves haircut idea

#30 Cute, Short Chic Waves

Not really a pixie and not quite a bob, this chic short hairstyle pairs perfectly with a natural wave.

Cute Short Ombre Crop

#31 Cute Ombre Crop

This look is a copper ombré! I love the blend of colors and how her cute haircut and curls add a fun texture to the look! Keep in mind that using color-safe hair care is very important! This is also a great color for someone who wants the best of both worlds, having a darker color but still blonde without much maintenance.

cute short chin length layered haircut

#32 Adorable Chin-Length Layers

This chin-length hairstyle features a mix of long, blown out layers and choppy layers.

Voluminous Faux Hawk Short Hairstyle

#33 Pomp it Up Faux Hawk

There is nowhere to go but up with this voluminous faux hawk style! This look is suitable for round, oval, or square-shaped faces. This style works best on medium to thick hair.

Cute Short-Length Mint Colored Vintage Haircut

#34 Short-Length Mint Colored Vintage Haircut

Take your short hair to the next level with a blend of vintage style and a minty, fresh pastel hue.

Platinum Blonde Cute Cropped Short Hairstyle with Shine

#35 Cute Platinum Crop For Girls

This ultra-blonde cropped hairstyle plays with texture and an elongated fringe for styling versatility. It is a perfect short haircut for girls because it is very flattering. The bangs help frame facial features, and the layering gives a fuller look. Use a straightening iron to create a soft wave on the fringe.

Short Curly Bob with Headband

#36 Boho Short Haircut Curly Hair

This short curly bob gives us major hair envy with delectable curls that cascade into the tips. Add a boho headband for a fun festival-inspired look.

Short Textured Pixie with Fringe and Highlights

#37 Short Textured Pixie with Fringe and Highlights

This heavily textured pixie cut features a dark base with dark blonde tones gracing the fringe. Upkeep could be between 4-6 weeks, but ask your stylist.

Short Curly Bob Hairstyle with Layers

#38 Caramel Curls

This caramel-blonde bob features golden spiral waves that are perfect for thick hair. This style works best on medium to thick hair. Create a small braid at the fringe area and pin it back for a trendy look.

Short Dark Pixie with Texture

#39 Rocker Haircut

This dark shaggy pixie plays up major texture with jet-black shades. The choppiness highlights the different layers for a cute style.

Classic Short Hairstyle with Finger Waves

#40 Short Prom Haircut

Written by Tanya Ramirez

Go for a classic look with this soft, finger waved style that is the perfect finish for your short bob haircut. This look is ready for any formal occasion including prom and weddings.

How to Style:

  1. On dry hair, work a lightweight texturizer through hair and allow to set.
  2. Use a large barrel curling iron to create large alternating ‘S’ waves through hair.
  3. Lightly brush through hair and shape the style.
  4. Finish with a medium hold hairspray.

Recommended Products:

Try Oribe Après Beach Wave And Shine Spray for touchable waves with beautiful shine.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is suitable for round, oval or heart shaped faces. This style works best on medium hair.


Add a bejeweled headband to accent your look.

Short Edgy Hairstyle with Twists

#41 Cute Twisty Faux Hawk

Here’s a twist on the usual faux hawk look perfect for a short, edgy hairstyle! Try Kevin Murphy BODY.MASS to boost fine, thin hair texture. This look is suitable for round, oval, or square-shaped faces. This style works best on fine to medium hair.

Short Angled Cute Bob Hairstyle with Highlights

#42 Short Cute Chin-Length Cut

This is a textured, chin-length bob. This cut would look great blow dried straight or left natural since the texture I put in it is designed to enhance natural wave. I also balayaged and color melted it!

This is quite literally one of the easiest cuts to rock! It’ll encourage movement in fine/limp hair and thicker/wavy girls will love how it air dries! It can also be worn a little longer if the chin length is too short! Super versatile!

Super Cute Fringe Twist for Short Hair
Instagram @jcx28

#43: Super Cute Fringe Twist

For a fun short haircut, add a cute fringe twist to frame your face and add style. The fringe twist suits women with short hair. The fringe also highlights your face and adds spirit to your haircut.

cute short side swept pixie
Instagram @shannonrha

#44: Short Side-Swept Pixie

Easy to style, easy to wear and easy on the eyes, this side-swept pixie look is one to consider.

#45: Cute Rounded Bob with a Side Part

Enjoy the classic shape of a cute rounded bob with a side part. Ask for minimal layering for this look and a fringe cut slightly shorter than the bob. Use a metal barrel medium round brush to smooth your hair and ensure the lower ends curl inward. Using the same brush, you can add a flip on the other side for a unique style twist.

Bold Blush hairstyle
Instagram @crimsongospel

#46: Short Rock Haircut

Q&A with style creator, Crimson Gospel
Creative Hair Artist @ House of Black Art Vancouver, Canada

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

What’s fun about this look is that it’s bold and different without being too “out there”.  I think a lot of people could pull this off without the worry of doing something too drastic.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

I highly recommend Pulp Riot hair color. In this look, the color “Blush” was used. They have great products all around. The colors are easy to work with, wonderful to mix and come out nice and vibrant. The hair was pre-lightened blonde and a simple balayage technique was used to achieve the “swept in color” look.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I think this look is really good for anyone. It’s great for someone looking to do some cute pops of color for summer, someone who doesn’t like too much maintenance, and someone who would enjoy the short cut as well. It is definitely for anyone who has always wanted a funky color but doesn’t want to commit to all-over color. This look gives you a chance to experiment and have fun!