The 40 Best Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Cute short thin hairstyles

Short haircuts for thin hair can totally work for you! The key is getting the right cut, styling technique, and hair products. Getting that combination right can make your hair appear fuller and thicker than ever! Talk to your stylists for ideas on how you can add blunt edges or wavy texture to your hair for more fullness and shape.

So if you’re ready to finally do something about your slim, limp locks, follow these simple tips and tricks to give an illusion of thicker and fuller hair. Get ready to be inspired to take a few inches off with one of these best short haircuts for thin hair or women developing thinning hair:

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Stacked Bob with Wispy Bangs

stacked bob with wispy bangs for ladies with thin hair
Instagram @chrisjones_hair

Stacked bob with wispy bangs like this is suitable for fine to medium density and straight to wavy locks. Short hairstyles for fine hair like this need a lot of texture. This stacked bob can make fine hair look thicker.

Short Haircut for Women with Finer Hair

Q&A with style creator, Miranda Barton
Stylist @ Antoni Paez in San Jose, CA

How would you describe this?

This short haircut for women with finer hair is a modern blonde bowl cut with texture. If you are looking for short hairstyles for fine hair, this is a great choice. This style builds volume all the way around. Plus, it will enhance and contour your facial features by how high or low the weight line is placed. A higher weight line makes this style look edgier.  A lower line is softer.

What’s your best advice?

This short haircut is for women who have slightly longer facial shapes. Hair texture doesn’t matter. For fine hair, it creates volume. For styling, apply a heat protectant and heat active products. Then, dry with round brushes, and use hand tension. Smooth it down for a clean polished style.

Modern Blunt Bob for Thin Locks

Blunt Modern Bob hairstyle
Instagram @conorjmd

Q&A with designer, Conor Doyle
Colour Specialist / Director @ Peter Mark in Dublin, Ireland

How would you describe this?

This short bob for thin locks takes elements of old and new. The bob has been knocking around for decades.

For short bobs like this, I focused on base classic, sharp and blunt. This maintains density through the ends and ideal for thin-haired women.

Long layers shattered on the ends with a razor blade provide deconstruction and modern edge.

Texturizing a bob with fine thin hair delivers something a lot more versatile.

What’s your best advice?

Be very clear and specific when describing what you are looking for. The bob has been around for decades and the last thing you want is to end up looking like Dora the Explorer.

When styling a modern blunt bob, less is more. Learn the basics of soft GHD waves, play around with different sized sections and techniques, then get your hands on some texturing wax to give it that perfectly undone feel. My favorites are in the Loreal Techni Art range.

Long Pixie Cut

Long Pixie cut for thin hair
Instagram @balayage_babe_

Short hair but with long strands? Talk to your stylist about long pixie cuts on balayage, thin hair.

Neck Length Wavy Bob

Neck Length Wavy Bob
Instagram @colourmesue

Q&A with style creator, Sue Soussain
Hairstylist @ Salon B in Amsterdam, Netherlands

How would you describe this?

The short cut for thin hair is slightly angled to give it a bit more volume in the back with soft layers, but not in a traditional way.

Instead, its cut freehanded to make the hair a little more personal.

What’s your best advice?

For styling your fine short hair, use a salt spray for more grip and texture then finish with a few twists using a medium curling iron. Use dry shampoo on thinner hair to give it the appearance of more hair.

Make it a little longer/shorter according to what you like. More or fewer layers but not too much to keep it looking fuller, especially when using a freehand layers technique.

Use a good silver shampoo and a good professional conditioner to keep your hair healthy and looking ashy.

Jaw Length Bob with Choppy Thin Bangs

Q&A with designer, Erin Vroman
Owner / Independent Stylist @ Erin Vroman Hair Studio in Harrisburg, PA

How would you describe this?

This is a jaw-length bob with a slight jawline angle and choppy, straight across bangs.

Talk to your stylist about precision cutting and building massive texture and volume with a bit of hair product and very little heat. Doing this makes it much easier to do short hairstyles for thin hair.

What’s your best advice for thin bangs?

Before drying, take a scrape of ADH Dry and rub it between your hands. Working it into the crown of your head before drying creates a substantial base for volume.

For volume in your jaw-length bob, blow-dry either upside down or with hands/brush pulling hair out from the follicle.

For your thin bangs, rub a dab of ADH Dry into the roots of the fringe. Dry them with a brush from left to right and right to left until they are full and dry.

Short Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bob
Instagram @chromacrowns

If you are looking for that extra edge to spice up your thin, short hair, going asymmetrical with a bob definitely satisfies that craving. Just be sure to get one that works with your hair texture to complete that cool and fashionable image.

Q&A with designer, Jen Puebla Alfaro
Colorist @ ChromaCrowns Studio in Glendale, CA

How would you describe this?

This is a short, asymmetrical blunt and textured bob for thin hair. It has fullness around the edges while still being playful and light with the layering.

These soft waves give great texture all over, and the longer side adds to the interest around the face. There’s also soft balayage highlights added throughout for dimension.

What’s your best advice?

Find a professional stylist you love! This person will be able to recommend the best cut for your face shape, hair texture, and density.

This cut is also great for short thin hair as it gives the illusion of fullness in the ends when they are all cut at one level.

Short Textured Bob

Q&A with designer, Ashley Barton
Hairstylist @ Hair Klaudt in Charlotte, NC

How would you describe this?

This a short, textured bob with layers. It’s one of the most popular short hairstyles for fine hair.

Sometimes layering thin hair can be difficult because if there are too many layers, it can make your hair look thinner. However, with just enough layers and at the perfect short length, it will give the appearance of a fuller hairstyle!

What’s your best advice?

This short bob is very easy to style at home and works best for women with average, thin hair or straight, wavy hair. Women with coarse and curly hair may have to put in a little more work.

Thin Razor Cut

Razored short haircut for thin hair
Instagram @hairbymakaylao

Compatible with straight and wavy hair, a razor cut makes your short locks look thin and feathered to create that sharp and light effect. This technique supplies texture and volume without making your hair too heavy.

Q&A with designer, Makayla Olmstead
Owner @ Bloom Hair Studio in Vancouver, WA

How would you describe this?

This volumizing thin haircut for short hair is a textured lob (long bob).

Thin razor cuts are easy to style and versatile. This cut can be worn straight, wavy, and is still long enough to pull up.

What’s your best advice?

This style is great for women who are looking to go shorter but want to ease their way into short hair life.

This is a great length for women who begin to transition into short hair styles without going too short. This short length is easy to grow out if you want to go back to long hair or if you enjoy wearing it short.

It’s a great style for women on the go who don’t have a ton of time to spend on their hair.

Get loose waves using a 1 1/4 inch curling iron and some texture spray. To create lived-in waves use Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair.

Chin-Length Platinum Blonde Bob

Platinum blonde bob
Instagram @jen.paints

Q&A with style creator, Jenna Roncka
Hair Painter @ Ello Pretty Salon & Beauty Loft in Providence, RI

How would you describe this?

This thin, short haircut is extremely versatile while remaining modern. The cut, although being a very short, blunt bob, can be easily manipulated to play on the texture.

What’s your best advice?

For this specific chin-length bob, use a paddle brush and a 3/4″ Marcel iron to add the slight bend.

However, for a day that you don’t feel like doing much to get ready, I highly recommend scrunching in Aircraft by R+Co to get that beachy lived in texture just by air drying.

Lastly, this cut can be sleek and elegant just by flat ironing and adding a slight tuck behind the ear.

Choppy Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Choppy Layered bob with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @anidomanihair

Q&A with style creator, Anika Domanico
Stylist / Salon Owner @ Salon Domani in West Bloomfield Township, MI

How would you describe this?

This is a choppy layered bob with side-swept bangs and a sexy beach wave. The cutest thing about it is the relaxed feeling it gives with all the choppy layers. This short hairstyle for thin hair is modern and undone, but still very beautiful.

What’s your best advice?

This type of short haircut is great for most textures and thicknesses. It’s great for women who don’t want to look too put together, but who also want to be stylish and trendy.

This bob requires minimal styling for women with naturally wavy hair. Use a curl cream and diffuser for the best results.

For straight textures, a curling wand or large barrel curling iron would work just as well to give this cut texture.

Short Hair with Undercut and Fringe

Short Hair with Undercut and Fringe
Instagram @thecirclesalon

Q&A with designer, Jamie Bushman
Owner & Stylist @ The Circle Salon in Chicago, IL

How would you describe this?

This short hair haircut has a round shape with a heavy straight fringe.

It adds to the appearance of movement and texture throughout the layering.

What’s your best advice?

If you are concerned about your face shape looking more round, avoid rounder shapes with your short, fine hair.

This type of undercut with fringe works best on straight, flat hair and falls into place when hair is straighter. All you need is your favorite texturing product to separate and enhance the texture of the cut.

Hair this length should be trimmed every four to five weeks. Wearing the fringe over the eyebrow may require a bangs trim every three weeks.

An Easy to Style Short Bob

Q&A with designer, Julie Mangin
Manager @ L’Atelier de Julie in Villers-lès-Nancy, France

How would you describe this?

This is a short haircut that is very feminine and easy to style wavy or straight.

Any advice for a short bob that’s easy to style?

This short bob is perfect for providing volume to thinning hair. The hairstyle suits blondes and blonde highlights, brunettes, and redheads, too.

This hairstyle will emphasize the curves of a round face, so I would not recommend it for that face shape. The look suits an urban, bohemian, or fancy lifestyle.

I recommend using a styling/modeling spray and a styler to comb and curl the hair. You can also blow-dry the hair upside down for more volume.

Short Curly Bob with Bangs

easy care Curly Bob with Bangs
Instagram @newflorencesalon

Bring straight hair to life! Curls are the easiest and most fun way to go for quick volume when it comes to short thin hair! Add in cute coiled bangs for a pretty face-framing effect!

Sassy Layers for Short Fine Hair

layered cut for short fine hair
Instagram @amyspencerhair

Q&A with style creator, Amy Spencer
Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Amy Spencer Hair Salon in Draper, UT

How would you describe this?

Looking for sassy layers for short fine hair? Try this full undercut pixie/bob. Add some highlights to give your hair more dimension.

What’s your best advice?

Get regular trims and use products that recommended by your stylist. Layers add texture to your hair so try Olaplex 6 & 7 to smooth, then other products to define and piece out.

The Classic Pixie Cut with Glasses

Very Classic Pixie Cut hairstyle with glasses and thin hair
Instagram @mommmjeans

Q&A with designer, Beth Ann Keen
Independent Stylist @ Beth Ann Keen Hairdesign in Oregon City, OR

How would you describe this?

This is a very classic pixie cut.

It’s a chic, simple short cut for thin hair around the ears with more textured bangs. Its clean-cut layered pixie to live in! This classic pixie with side bangs is gorgeous.

What’s your best advice?

When considering short haircuts for women with thin hair, there are a few things you should know.

It will require a bit of time each day because wetting and restyling is often needed for a pixie if you don’t want to wash.

This cut is super easy to style though. With a bit of stronger hold styling cream and a blow dryer, you can get whipped into shape quickly.

Thin and Feminine Layered Lob

Q&A with Designer, Elizabeth
Stylist @ VAIN Downton in Seattle, WA

How would you describe this?

This lob has some texture, also known as long layers. The bottom was broken up so it didn’t look so heavy toward the ends.

It’s cute, feminine, and easy for you to style.

What’s your best advice?

I love a long bob on women with thin tresses, but the exact length of the bob ultimately rests on the way the face is shaped.

If your cheeks are more round, then ask your stylist to cut an a-line just below the chin to draw the attention length-wise. If you have a narrow face, ask for a more blunt, non a-line to beef it up a bit.

Texture plays a big part in whether or not to layer or piece it out. Short haircuts for thin hair should get a little layering toward the crown.

Short Angled Bob

Q&A with designer, Courtney Bond
Hairstylist @ Xcentric Hair Studio in Waterloo, ON

How would you describe this?

This haircut is a short, slightly angled bob with a hidden taper in the back.

The shape is created in the nape area to give a curved silhouette allowing it to be sleek without any shag layers while still maintaining the taper effect.

What’s your best advice?

Women with short, thin hair, who don’t want to fuss with their hair will benefit from the ease and versatility of this cut.

Thin to medium hair works best and typically those that have length and fullness in the front will achieve this degree of an angle.

Adding a deep side part to create a diagonal line makes this cut suitable for any face shape.

Using a texture spray as a finishing product is best for this haircut. Thin, fine hair tends to get weighed down by overusing product.

The texture spray provides just enough grit to the thin hair and allows movement.

Textured & Layered Pixie Bob Cut

Q&A with designer, Timothy Keegan
Owner / Educator @ Timothy Richard Salon in East Granby, CT

How would you describe this?

This is a textured pixie bob cut. It can be worn messy and separated for a lived-in look, or smooth and polished for a more classic look.

What’s your best advice for this type of pixie bob?

Bed Head Small Talk can be used to give the hair a nice, smooth surface and add texture and volume without weighing it down. To finish, use Bed Head Hard To Get texturizing paste to give separation and enhance movement.

This haircut is perfect for thin to medium textured hair, but can easily be tailored to fit any hair type or face shape. The textured layers add life to thin limp hair and make for an easy wash and wear style.

Short Graduated Bob with Long Bangs

Short Graduation bob with long bangs and straight hair
Instagram @maygovintage

Q&A with designer, Mayara Goulart
Hairdresser & Make-up Artist @ Studio Vintage in Sao Paolo, Brazil

How would you describe this?

This is a short cut with graduation at the nape of the neck with the longest front and light layers. That shows a lot of the haircut personality!

What’s your best advice?

Styling products with a light fixation that gives shine and volume to your hair such as the Perfect Me (by EIME Wella Professionals) before and after drying.

This bob is for modern women who want practicality with a touch of sophistication in their day to day style. This haircut is great for women who have thin or normal hair, and short face shape.

Short Shaggy Bob

shaggy bob for short hair
Instagram @hairbygunny

This short shaggy bob screams movement and texture! The layers, if styled with soft waves, look so natural on thin tresses. To add a youthful vibe, feathered bangs and a dark-rooted blonde will amp up this short shaggy haircut.

Q&A with style creator, Gunny Hastings
Hairstylist @ Reverie Salon in Chicago, IL

How would you describe this?

This short shaggy bob is also known as a textured bob. A razor was used to give the appearance of a lived-in haircut.

As long as you’re willing to lightly style this layered bob, you can easily make it look dressed up or down.

What’s your best advice?

If your hair type is very fine, a shaggy bob may not be suitable for you.

Loose styling is what’s going to make this cut stand out and enhance your locks of hair.

If you take an iron and curl some pieces away from your face while leaving some pieces straight, and using a dry texture spray or powder will give you that undone style.

Short Choppy Bob

short choppy bob
Instagram @scalpt_hair

Growing out a short pixie? You can turn it into this glamorous short choppy bob with bangs! The cool chocolate tones are sure to bring out a lovely dimension. Thanks to its voluminous finish—it makes one of those ideal choppy short haircuts for women with thin hair.

Short to Medium Cut

Short to medium haircut for Thin Hair
Instagram @ashleyjadehair

Dark roots with blonde ends enhance the texture brought by this revolutionary short hairstyle for women with thin hair. Plus, it’s great for women with short to medium, too!

Chic Short Cut for Women over 40

short haircut for women over 40
Instagram @hairbyjanetbiggers

Want a trick to make your short, thin hair look thicker and fuller? This chic short cut for women over 40 will do the job for you! It’s a unique choppy pixie with longer strands on top to give you versatility. Blow your locks dry, and achieve instant volume and bounce. This short haircut for women over 40 suits a dark-rooted golden blonde hue. That will grant you a youthful yet low-maintenance style.

Short Haircut with Wavy Hair

Modern Wavy Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair
Style by Emily Rutt, Makeup by Jason Kelly, Sheer Professionals, Wooster, OH

This super cool pixie with long strands is full of texture and volume and will make anyone look like they have tons of hair.

Longer face shapes or heart-shaped faces will be balanced out with all this volume. Natural waves are ideal for this long messy pixie.

When curling or flat ironing pixie cuts for fine hair, always start at the bottom (the nape) and work up to the top (the crown). This will give you the best results and it’s easier styling.

Blunt Bob with Choppy Bangs

Blunt Cut Bob for Thin Hair
Style by Braun Der Friseur

This blunt cut bob has matching blunt cut bangs that really give the illusion of thick, chunky hair. The dramatic fringe and sleek texture are absolutely amazing. Round or oval-shaped faces would be offset nicely by the strong lines created by this hairstyle. Naturally straight or slightly wavy hair is best. Ask your stylist to cut your hair dry for an even more blunt result.

Short Layered Bob

Short layered bob
Instagram @randynyhair_makeuphenna

Short layered bob haircuts never go out of style for their easy upkeep. It’s a simple and refreshing cut for fine hair that will keep your tresses healthy and full of life!

Layered Pixie

Layered Pixie
Instagram @hairbyfranco

This pixie cut for thin hair features a muted purple-silver shade on a wild undercut. Layering adds more density and texture that can give the illusion of thickness to this short style.

Super Short Crop for Thin Hair

Super Short Crop For Thin Hair
Instagram @katiebuttz

Totally cute yet edgy – this super short crop for thin hair is for the confident gals who wanna have a high fashion look without all the maintenance requirements!

The Really Short Inverted Bob

Feel fresh and neat! The really short inverted bob like this will provide you a more refreshing feel in the nape area. It offers layers at the back for a bulkier effect, benefiting fine hair. Upgrade this cute short haircut for thin hair with a golden blonde shade that adds an extra glow to your look.

Q&A with style creator, Emily Hamilton
Hairstylist @ Toni and Guy The Shops in San Antonio, TX

How would you describe this?

This is a really short inverted bob undercut for thin hair.

It’s considered a switch fringe, which means you can switch the part to either side or you can even part in the middle.

Short bobs for fine hair can be edgy or more subtle depending on how you style it.

What’s your best advice?

If you’re thinking about getting a short inverted bob, it’s easier to style with a round brush and a flat iron.

This thin cut also looks good with tousled waves, and curly hair.

Short Hair with Beach Waves

Messy Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair
Style by Excellent Hair

This short hairstyle is messy and sexy with tousled waves and textured layers. Short cuts for thin hair are easier to style when adding lots of texture to create more volume and shape. All face shapes can wear this chin-length textured bob. Slender hair with wavy hair types is best. Layer the sea spray by using it right out of the shower, and then again when hair is dry. Lift hair up to spray the thin strands underneath as well.

Stylish Crop for Women Over 60

Stylish Crop for Women Over 60
Instagram @thevanityloungehairandbeauty

This is a stylish crop for women over 60 who’s ready to go for short hair. If you’re one of those thin-haired ladies, you can rock a textured pixie cut and style the best. A fusion of grey and blonde strands can make a gorgeous short haircut for women over 60 years old, for sure!

The Asymmetrical Pixie

The Asymmetrical Pixie for thin hair
Instagram @suzannebell

Do you have short hair with thin, long strands? You can choose both with a cropped cut that breathes volume to fine, thin hair, just like this asymmetrical pixie haircut.

Short Curly Hair

edgy Short Curly Hair
Instagram @dknastudio

Getting some volume-enhancing layers means classing up your short curly hair. Short layers add more movement and texture to dark locks that thin-haired girls will admire the most.

Silver Pixie for Women Over 50

silver pixie for women over 50
Instagram @bglam_boston

The best short haircut for women over 50 with thin hair is something that gives comfort and a youthful edge. Chop off your grey hair and upgrade it now! Try this flattering silver pixie for women over 50. For thinning hair, it’s easy care to manage and style, so you’ll love it, for sure!

Nape Length Long Messy Pixie

nape length long messy pixie
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

Featuring a nape-length long messy pixie that gives body to short haircuts for fine hair! When it comes to an optimum chop for fine locks, this pixie fits the description. The length, layers, and even the beige blonde shade contribute to making the hair seem fuller.

Trendy Long to Short Hairstyle Makeover

Long to short hair makeover for ladies with fine hair
Instagram @nomoreboringhair

This gorgeous brown hair makeover is a dramatic transition from a long hairstyle to a short bob balayage that gives the hair more volume. Short hairstyles for fine hair like this one are becoming more trendy with it’s angled side part and subtle waves.

Layered Wavy Hair with Highlights

Layered wavy hair
Instagram @cambonesdibble

Work a new short wavy bob by spraying some sea salt spray for added texture that complements shades of brown and blonde hair like this one. A deep side part helps balance an angled face that needs softening and also adds volume to hairstyles for fine hair.

Funky Asymmetrical Undercut

asymmetrical undercut for women with finer hair
Instagram @courtneyxcentrichair

Pull off this funky asymmetrical undercut if you want that same edgy vibe. The slight wave on top adds movement and texture to naturally straight locks. This blonde undercut is gorgeous and only requires minimal styling. While it’s not the most popular short haircuts for fine hair, it’s super trendy right now.

Feathered Wavy Lob

Q&A with style creator, Karolina Wolowacz
Hair Stylist @ Late Night Hair in Roselle, IL

How would you describe this?

This feathered wavy lob is also a shaggy hair cut done with a razor. The best short hairstyles for fine hair are versatile and customizable.

What’s your best advice?

A feathered lob works well with any texture and looks good on any length. Adding bangs and/or face framing makes it great any face shape.

A wavy lob is perfect for women that have natural wave in their fine hair. Ask your stylist to add layers to the crown area to keep your density. For a finishing product, try Milk_shake Texturizing spritz.

Disconnected Undercut Pixie Haircut for Women

disconnected undercut pixie for women with finer hair
Instagram @sonia_rohrbach

A disconnected undercut pixie haircut for women always looks edgy and sophisticated. So if that’s the vibe you’re looking for, try considering this short silver pixie. It features a chop with longer hair on top and a shaved side. When styling short haircuts for fine hair like this, use a texturizing product. This will give your straight locks volume and movement.

Straight Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Straight Bob with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @gianmarco.catapano

Short hairstyles for fine hair are always ideal. This gives a fuller look just like this bob cut that is made better by side bangs.

Lovely Short Hair with Volume

Lovely Short Hair with Volume for fine hair
Instagram @tiffygotsthishair

This bob with rough bangs and edges shows the power of a blunt cut with its voluminous effect. Plus subtle shagginess like this makes short haircuts for women with thin hair easier to maintain.