100+ Short Hairstyles for Thin, Fine Hair to Appear Thick & Full

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Take your thin, fine hair from drab to fab with one of these trendy short haircuts! But first, let’s talk about what you need to know about getting the most out of your next haircut when your hair is thin or fine. I reached out to hairstylist Sarah Ante to share her best advice which I’ll share below!

Meet The Expert

Sarah Ante
Sarah Ante
Sarah is an educator and master stylist with almost 20 years of experience.
You can find Sarah at her hair studio in Bexar County, San Antonio, TX

The #1 Rule for Cutting Thin Hair

Sarah emphasizes that the most important rule when cutting thin hair into a short style is to avoid adding too many layers around the face. She explains, “Women with thin hair have less hair on the sides near the temple and above the ear. It’s so important not to cut too much off in this area, so you’ll still has some length on the sides, which helps to create fullness for thin hairstyles.” Sarah recommends bobs, angled bobs, and pixies for the best results with thin hair.

Versatility and Styling Options

According to Sarah, the biggest benefit of these cuts is their versatility in styling. She elaborates, “You can wear this cut in many different ways. I love that you can wear it towards your face or away while being tucked behind the ears. This cut can be styled straight, beveled, wavy, or curly.”

Maintenance Considerations

Sarah notes that a potential drawback of these cuts is the need for regular maintenance. “Most likely, you will need to schedule an appointment every 4 to 6 weeks to keep it refreshed. If this is not an option for your lifestyle, I recommend a longer version.” She advises clients to consult with their stylist about the maintenance required for their chosen style.

Addressing Common Misconceptions

Sarah points out that many people, including some stylists, may not be aware that this type of cut requires fullness in the back of the head, around the occipital bone. “It is important for us as stylists to examine and determine whether or not fullness needs to be created.” For clients with a flat spot in the back of the head, Sarah suggests incorporating a soft graduated stack of layers in the nape area, not accentuating any flat areas.

Important Questions to Ask Your Stylist

Before committing to this kind of cut, Sarah emphasizes the importance of ensuring your stylist has the necessary experience and skill. She suggests asking the following questions: “Are you comfortable cutting short hair? Do you have experience with the specific look I have chosen?” Knowing your stylist can achieve your desired result will help ensure a successful haircut.

Pictures of Flattering Short Hairstyles for Thin, Fine Hair

Get ready to discover your next stunning look with our gallery of short hairstyles for thin hair that will leave you inspired and ready for a salon visit!

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#1: Layered Wavy Hair with Highlights

Work a new short wavy bob with blonde highlights by spraying some sea salt spray for added texture. A deep side part helps balance an angled face that needs softening and also adds volume to hairstyles for fine hair.

Copper Red Short Fringe for Thin Hair and ladies in their 30s who wear glasses
Instagram @lib_george

#2: Copper Red Short Fringe

Try copper red short fringe for a new interesting twist on your locks. Ask for a micro bang with lots of pieced-out texture, and emphasize that you want a wispy fringe. To keep this style edgy it’s important to have soft layers and low volume. I recommend a straight razor haircut for this type of style.

#3: Tousled Blonde Short Blunt Bob

A tousled short blunt bob is very trendy. If you have fine hair it will help to cut a blunt perimeter. A short bob will give you body. However, depending on your face shape, you will want to consider what length is best for your bob. Constitute personal style, edgy, sophisticated, glamorous, or feminine?

Short Curly and Thin Hair
Instagram @peraalexandra

#4: Short Curly Hair

Ask your hairstylist about getting volume-enhancing layers, as they go well with short curly hair. Short layers add more movement and texture to dark locks that thin-haired girls with round faces will admire the most.

Short Graduated Bob with Long Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @pamela_cabelos

#5: Short Graduated Bob with Long Bangs

Stay away from mullet-type hair and go for a graduated bob with long front layers. It’s another short haircut that benefits ladies with fine or thin hair. Use styling products with a light fixation that gives shine and volume to your hair such as the Perfect Me (by EIME Wella Professionals) before and after drying.

Cute Short Angled Cut with Stacked Layers for Thin Hair
Instagram @pixie.hairdesign

#6: Cute Short Angled Cut with Stacked Layers

You should consider a short angled cut with stacked layers if you searching for a shape with style. The graduation or stacking in the back gives a bob pretty lines and is accented when you blow dry it straight. You’ll want light layering through the long bang for movement. If you have fine hair, this beautiful shape will make the most of it. Don’t forget to spray on a volumizer before you dry your stacked bob.

Chic Short Rounded Bob with Long Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @nooa_hj

#7: Chic Rounded Bob with Long Bangs

If you’ve got thin hair and want a style to make your hair look fuller, try a rounded bob with some long bangs. The movement and bluntness of this cut give the illusion of thicker hair density. The bangs help draw attention to facial features such as cheekbones or eyes. Add in a texturizing spray to help give movement, such as IGK’s Beach Club, to give a little more lift to the roots.

#8: Simple Short Choppy Pixie

If you have fine hair but still want an edge, consider a short, textured pixie. This cut is one that looks like you’ve done a lot of work but can be styled very simply. I always suggest to clients to style with their hands, a blow dryer, and some wax. It will look like you just stepped out of the salon.

Bold Short Red Bob with Angled Layers for Thin-Haired Women
Instagram @velvet_hair_

#9: Bold Red Bob with Angled Layers

Angled layered bobs are perfect for thin hair. This is due to the movement in the layers and the short length creating an illusion of a thicker baseline. Add in red hair color, and the darker color helps the illusion as it’s not reflecting as much light. Try adding a volumizing spray into your style routine, such as Kevin Murphy’s Do.Over, to give more lift to the roots.

Short Strawberry Pixie Mullet with Dark Roots for Thin Hair
Instagram @raenikole

#10: Strawberry Pixie Mullet with Dark Roots

A strawberry pixie mullet with dark roots is a super modern punk rock haircut. Ideal for naturally wavy hair, you could wear your bangs forward or even middle parted for a curtain bang look. Follow up with surf spray to give it some gritty texture.

#11: Wolf Bob Cut with Wispy Bangs

Try a wolf bob cut with wispy bangs if you have thin hair. The bangs and layers will help add body to your hair, while still being easy to manage. Go for this chin-length cut if you’re looking for a bob that will further frame your face.

High Wedge Cut with a Side Part for Thin Hair
Instagram @michelle.k.harrison

#12: High Wedge Cut with a Side Part

A high wedge cut with a side part has a beautiful shape and is easy to care for. I recommend your wedged back starts at the occipital bone for an accurate shape. The shorter the back wedge line, the more dramatic your jaw-length cut will appear. This hybrid of a pixie cut and bob is a great choice if you don’t want to go too short. Your blow dry will be simple with a medium to large round brush, sleekly styled.

#13: Side-Parted Bob for Older Women with Glasses

If you need to consider eyewear, I suggest a side-parted bob for older women. When deciding on your crop, my advice is to always consider your lifestyle. Glasses wearers will find that longer hair around the face works better with their day-to-day styling.

#14: Icy Blonde Pixie with Tousled Piece-y Layers

If you like texture, you should try an icy blonde pixie with tousled piece-y layers. The layered strands are perfect for creating a funky shape. There is length left around the ears and back making it softer and feminine. The bangs are light and airy which will enable you to style them any way you wish. Adding a blonde color is fun and will give your more incredible texture.

Peach Side-Swept Bangs and Cut for Thin Hair
Instagram @cocoon_styling

#15: Peach Side-Swept Bangs and Cut

Peach side-swept bangs will brighten up your appearance. When dyeing your hair, going lighter and brighter will make you look younger. I would recommend talking to your stylist to see what color compliments your skin tone. You will love the way shorter hair uplifts your features. The side-swept bang works well cut asymmetrically and gives you a funky shape.

Short Thin Choppy Hair with Shaved Sides and Nape
Instagram @tantrumforhair

#16: Short Choppy Hair with Shaved Sides and Nape

Short choppy hair paired with shaved sides and a shaved nape is perfect for finer and thin hair types. Try adding a volume spray to add extra texture. Ask your stylist for a nape undercut to create a more disconnected shape. If you need to, you can even add a bit of lightening to give more contrast.

Thin Wash-And-Wear Crop Cut with Wispy Layers
Instagram @hairnhnc

#17: Wash-And-Wear Crop Cut with Wispy Layers

You should consider a wash-and-wear crop cut with wispy layers. Accent your earrings with short hair around your ears. While the layers on top could create volume, wearing it on the flatter side is easier and makes your hair look thicker. You might want to add highlights for extra dimension and to plump up your hair shaft.

Short Bleach Blonde Bob for Thin-Haired Women
Instagram @brianacisneros

#18: Bleach Blonde Bob

The bleach blonde bob is a stunning hairstyle seen on many catwalks this season. It’s a head-turning color and cut and if you’re going to get it, why not ask your stylist to bleach your eyebrows as well and complete the look? When the toner washes off, the color may look a bit warm. But, your hairdresser can solve this problem by applying a quick glaze to the basin.

Brunette Pixie Shag with Baby Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @matthewjames.hair

#19: Brunette Pixie Shag with Baby Bangs

A brunette pixie shag with baby bangs softly frames your face with delicate petals. Razor-cutting a pixie cut creates a shape that’s full of texture at the top. This cut is a wonderful option for women with fine hair that want a short and shaggy style. Try Mannequin styling paste to define the textured waves.

Blonde Wispy Short Shag for Thin Hair
Instagram @anhcotran

#20: Blonde Wispy Shag

If you like to wear your hair short, go for a blonde wispy shag. Shag style cuts are great for thin hair as they create more volume and texture within. If you opt for this crop, avoid going too short unless you are looking to end up in pixie-cut territory.

Gorgeous Short Blonde Curled Ends for Thin Hair
Instagram @frizosalon

#21: Gorgeous Blonde Curled Ends

Ask for gorgeous blonde curled ends and be prepared to turn heads. Beautiful on thin or fine hair, curls add the perfect amount of volume. I always use a heat protectant before applying hot tools.

Low-Maintenance Angled Bob with a Face Frame for Thin Hair
Instagram @olgakursitis

#22: Low-Maintenance Angled Bob with a Face Frame

If you’re looking for a chic look that doesn’t require much effort, try a low-maintenance angled bob with an added face frame. The soft texture and minimal layers are ideal for your fine hair. It also works if you have thick or medium-density hair. It’s a style that gives you a soft, sexy look.

#23: Undercut Hairstyle on White-Blonde Pixie

Try a white-blonde pixie with an undercut hairstyle for a stylish and sassy look. Keep in mind, that global blonding is a high-maintenance color and will require you to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks. Waiting too long between retouches can cause banding of your hair color.

#24: Soft Pixie Cut with Razored Layers

A soft pixie cut paired with razored layers creates movement and height in fine hair. Razor cuts create blended layering that can be styled smooth or textured. Try Reverie Balm to define and piece out your texture.

#25: Sharp Bob Cut on Chocolate Brown Hair

A sharp bob cut gives chocolate brown hair a sleek style. This cut lands right at the jawline and draws attention to your collarbones. A tapered weight line on a short bob makes fine hair appear lifted. Try a volumizing dry texture spray to finish this style.

Short Sleek Haircut with Blunt Ends for Thin Hair
Instagram @ichi_ishiguri

#26: Short Sleek Haircut with Blunt Ends

A high-fashion look for the everyday woman is a short sleek haircut with blunt ends. If you like the sharp look on the runways and would like an easy-to-style, always-chic look, this cut is for you. If you have thin, curly hair you have to use a straightening lotion to smooth out your hair to get that sharp, straight look.

Classic Straight Blonde Bob for Short Fine Hair
Instagram @therealdanitza

#27: Classic Straight Blonde Bob for Fine Hair

Try a classic straight bob that will give your blonde fine hair a boost. Short bobs with bangs are the look of the year. A bright beige blonde tone is a timeless color that gives vintage vibes to a bob cut.

#28: Very Short Golden Bronde Pixie

A very short golden bronde pixie will never go out of style and looks great on anyone. Short layers add height to your crown area. A super short pixie will give your style a touch of elegance. Try Kevin Murphy’s oil-free volumizer to add extra fullness to your fine hair.

Extra Short Tapered Pixie for Thin Brown Hair
Instagram @barbermaurice

#29: Extra Short Tapered Pixie for Brown Hair

An extra short tapered pixie will add height at the crown on natural brown hair. Take care of it with a nourishing heat protection cocktail of Reverie’s Milk.

Bleach Blonde Thin Pixie with Layers
Instagram @ashslay.beauty

#30: Bleach Blonde Pixie with Layers

Try a bleach blonde pixie with layers to give your fine hair a soft texture and body. The super short, layered cut paired with an icy platinum blonde tone gives your hairstyle a romantic, vintage feel to it. Try a hair balm to softly bring out the layered ends.

#31: A-Line Cut with Soft Beachy Waves

Try an a-line cut with soft beachy waves to add texture and effortless volume to your fine hair. Wispy layers create a nice frame around your eyes and cheekbones. You can create a variety of styles with this shape.

Choppy Blonde Bob with Loose Waves for Thin Hair
Instagram @airlieandco

#32: Choppy Blonde Bob with Loose Waves

Choppy blonde hair can look fuller with loose waves. Looking to spice it up with a little texture? Try adding loose waves with a medium barrel flat iron. This style could be transformative for your fine hair.

#33: Uneven Side-Parted Style for Short Silver Hair

Try an uneven side-parted style if you want to add a bit of an artistic touch to your short silver hair. Sleek angles and smooth textures can look great no matter the thickness of your hair. However, this bob cut is one of the best hairstyles for fine tresses that need a little extra spice.

Short Thin Shaggy Razored Bob with a Fringe
Instagram @couldnt.hair.less

#34: Shaggy Razored Bob with a Fringe

Your fine hair will come to life with a shaggy razored bob with a fringe. Shaggy fringe can look great on all face shapes. If you’re ready to get your hair chopped, a shaggy bob could be the fun shape you need. I recommend going to a razor cutting specialist to achieve this hairstyle.

#35: Middle Part on a Shattered Bob Cut

A middle part on a shattered bob cut with brings out your best features. A beige-toned balayage helps add dimension to brunette hair. It’s never been easier to embrace short hair than with a textured bob cut. Use a flat iron to add waves to your hair by turning the iron back and forth in an “S” pattern.

#36: Black Sliced Bob with Loose Curls

If you want to make your fine hair appear thicker, try a black sliced bob styled with loose curls and waves. Blunt ends make your hair look fuller. Use a 1-inch curved flat iron to create different and alternating waves and curls in your hair.

Short Shaggy Pixie Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @honey.comb.hair

#37: Shaggy Pixie Bob

If you’re a woman with fine hair you should consider a shaggy pixie bob. A shaggy pixie will give your thin hair some much needed body and will also help make styling a breeze. If you want a more feminine style the ends should be made wispy and soft.

#38: Short Choppy Hair with Piecey Layers

Consider a fresh cop with short choppy hair with piecey layers. Having piecey layers for those with hair on the thinner side will make your mane look much more fuller and more voluminous. Use a small round brush or a small curling iron to set and hold your style all day long.

#39: Short Messy Beachy Waves

Short messy beach waves are fabulous for thin hair. A short bob haircut with softly textured layers is a great way to give the illusion that your hair is thicker, especially if you work in a volumizing product prior to blowdrying. Use a flat iron vertically to create gentle bends in your hair – that will keep your style looking classy yet casual instead of overly curly.

Sleek Stacked Pixie for Thin Hair
Instagram @roxyhairflair

#40: Sleek Stacked Pixie

A sleek stacked pixie is flattering for most face shapes. The blunt ends make thin hair appear thicker and show off the angle of the cut to perfection. Talk to your stylist about the shortness or closeness of your stack. The higher the stack will make your angle sharper. Keep your sleekness all day with a dot of shine serum throughout your hair.

Very Short Pixie Hairstyle for Women with Thin Hair
Instagram @thestrandderby

#41: Very Short Pixie Hairstyle

When you’re over high-maintenance hair and ready to chop it all off, try a very short pixie hairstyle. If you have fine hair, you may need to incorporate a volume-boosting product. You can either let your short tresses air dry on the go or do a quick blow dry. Be sure to bring an inspirational picture or two to the salon so you can discuss the details with your stylist or barber.

Thin Pixie with Short Feathered Layers
Instagram @g_gnatasha

#42: Pixie with Short Feathered Layers

You should try a pixie with short feathered layers and fluff up your hair texture. The short layers will create extra volume and make it easy to work with. Make sure you use a volumizing line of products to make the most of your strands. You should try blowing with a vent or round brush, lifting at the root for boost. A short pixie needs to be shaped about every 4-5 weeks to keep it looking its best.

Jaw-Length Crop Cut for Ladies with Thin Hair
Instagram @joeprofita

#43: Jaw-Length Crop Cut

You’ll want to rock a jaw-length crop cut because it compliments every face shape. A jaw-length bob is easy to style, and straight fine hair is the perfect texture to work with. Minimal layering is the way to go, and it will make your hair appear thicker. For the coolest finish, blow dry straight and close to your head to show off your beautiful shape.

Classic Bob For Thin Hair with Light Bangs
Instagram @graphichair

#44: Classic Bob with Light Bangs

You can wear a classic bob with light bangs and feel stylish. If your hair is straight, a classic bob is a perfect choice. A bob is one of the prettiest cuts and is elegant in its simplicity. You can blow dry your hair easily with your hands or a round brush, but remember not to over dry or you can take to much body out. Short haircuts for fine hair can be sharp and beautiful.

Wedge Cut with Bangs for Older Women with Thin Hair
Instagram @bobsalons

#45: Wedge Cut with Bangs for Older Women

One of the best short cuts for fine hair is a wedge cut with bangs. Short haircuts for fine hair that feature graduation in the back create a build-up of weight and a thicker shape in the back, exactly what your fine hair needs. Incorporate your natural color and perhaps a soft fringe to make the cut unique to you.

#46: Bob with Shaggy Layers and Bangs

You’ll want to try a bob with shaggy layers and bangs. A shag cut has more interest and movement than one-length hair, and the layers give you a tousled shape. Wear this cut more forward to soften up your mature facial features. Ask your stylist for layers throughout, leaving the crown section a bit longer for a flatter shape that is more current. You can use your hands to blow dry for a messy and organic finish.

#47: Neck-Length Inverted Cut

An inverted bob cut will help your fine locks present themselves with a healthy and fuller appearance. A bob cut is very versatile, and suits women with all different hair types, face shapes, and lifestyles making it one of the most universally flattering haircuts to choose from. A bob will give you the fullness and volume you’re looking for when styling your hair.

Thin Mini Brunette Bob with Micro Bangs
Instagram @liquido____

#48: Mini Brunette Bob with Micro Bangs

Pair a mini brunette bob with micro bangs if you are needing an illusion of volume, fullness, and shine. I recommend a bob for fine hair, as the shorter you go the fuller it becomes. Dark, rich colors will make your hairstyle appear much thicker than before.

#49: Teased Pixie Hairstyle

A teased pixie hairstyle is a super cute and funky chop. This cut is a longer pixie, and the longer layers help to add volume and movement. To add even more volume and funk try a teased crown. To tease, use a comb or pick, holding your hair up lightly and move the comb from mid-lengths to roots. Smooth out any unruly pieces before adding hairspray.

#50: Side Part Long Pixie with Bangs

A side-parted pixie cut paired with a soft fringe will give you a romantic glow that is super on-trend. Its effortless finish will keep you feeling comfy. If you struggle with flatness in your crown area, I recommend a pixie. You will get the most lift and volume you never knew you could have.

Short Tousled Wavy Bob on White Thin Hair
Instagram @phihairdesign

#51: Tousled Wavy Bob on White Hair

A tousled wavy bob on white hair may require layers around your face, styled with curls to add dimension to your hair. For extra volume, style your hair with a texturizing spray or a small amount of gel to help your fine strands have more texture and look wispier.

Short Textured Bob with Layers for Thin Hair
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#52: Textured Bob with Layers

When trying to achieve a textured bob with layers, adding a texturizing spray will help you achieve the volume and wispiness desired. Short strands are best around your face to help blend your layers. A short bob can be worn curled, straight, dressed up, or causal.

Trendsetting Sliced Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @haircutmalahat

#53: Trendsetting Sliced Bob

A sliced bob haircut is a very blunt haircut that is great at giving your hair the appearance of fullness and giving you a straight line cut that sits just above your shoulders. This is a very sophisticated hairstyle and is very wearable on your typical day-to-day. Best if you like looking professional 24/7. If you have naturally straight hair, your new haircut will require little no styling time. Make sure if you do not have naturally straight hair, you are aware of the time it takes to smooth your hair out in the mornings to create this sophisticated, sleek style.

Very Short Ear-Length Pixie for Thin Hair
Instagram @sherry.hamby.austin

#54: Very Short Ear-Length Pixie

A very short ear-length pixie is a haircut that is ultimately all cut at one length. You can opt for a longer sideburn for a more feminine touch, but make sure to specify and talk over your ideas with your stylist first. Razor cutting a pixie cut is a great way to give your hair more texture and create softness. This hairstyle will never go out of style and looks great on everyone. All you need to start feeling confident with your new short ‘do is spray a texturizing spray and mess up your hair with your hands until it’s laying the way you like.

#55: Shaggy Feathered Bob

Try a shaggy feathered bob if you want a hairstyle with texture and movement. If you have naturally thick hair, this is a great option for you because it will remove lots of unnecessary weight and bulk in your hair. Style your hair with a round brush or curling iron to get your hair around your face to flip back, away from your face. This will give you a hairstyle that will have you looking your best and accentuate your facial features that would have previously been covered by your thick hair before.

#56: Soft Shaggy Bob with Wispy Bangs

A soft shaggy bob paired with wispy bangs is a hairstyle packed with texture and volume. This hairstyle doesn’t have to require much to style but can be styled with a curling iron for a messy, wavy style that will make fine hair appear fuller. Using a texture spray can help volumize your hair even more after styling, perfectly good for messing your hair up a bit more for added texture.

Short to Medium Pink Bob for Thin-Haired Ladies
Instagram @anhcotran

#57: Short to Medium Pink Bob

A short to medium pink bob is the perfect haircut and color if you have fine hair and love creative colors. You will have to make frequent trips to your hair salon to have this color maintained about every 8-10 weeks OR you can ask your stylist about making you a custom-colored conditioner so you can refresh your color yourself at home when you shampoo. This is one of the best short haircuts for fine hair because it gets rid of any thin, wispy ends that make your hair ultimately look thinner. Bob haircuts are great examples of a hairstyle that is best at achieving thicker-looking hair with its blunt cut length.

Thin Tapered Pixie with Balayage
Instagram @hairartbylena

#58: Tapered Pixie with Balayage

Consider a tapered pixie paired with balayage if you’re looking for a new hairstyle that will make your hair look thicker and fuller. A pixie for fine hair is perfect because it’s a haircut that forms around your head and is cut all one length. A balayage can help add dimension and the illusion of thickness because it will have a darker color at the root area, and lighter ends on your layered hair on top. Finish your style off with a texture spray or hairspray and you’re ready for the day.

Stacked Pixie Bob with Thin Curls
Instagram @exotismos

#59: Stacked Pixie Bob with Curls

A stacked pixie bob with curls gives you both a fun and sexy hairstyle, that can also be worn professionally and sleek. Keeping your hair cut close to the shape of your head and at your neckline will give you a clean, blunt appearance that will look full and thick. Leaving the hair in front of your ear long will give you a feminine touch and more texture to your haircut. You can really play with the cut of this hairstyle by creating lots of varying-length layers that will have your hairstyle looking full of texture, yet still airy and touchable.

Chin-Length Blonde Bob with a Face Frame for Thin Hair
Instagram @friseur_mihm

#60: Chin-Length Blonde Bob with a Face Frame

If you are thinking about changing your current hairdo, consider a chin-length blonde bob with a face frame. A short blonde bob will look amazing on your fine locks. The perfect combination of an eye-catching blonde hue and chin-gazing length will make your fine strands look their best. Blunt ends will make your locks look fuller and denser. Add a face frame to customize your bob and flatter your facial features.

French Bob Hairstyle with Textured Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @dan.konkoly

#61: French Bob Hairstyle with Textured Bangs

Consider a French bob hairstyle with textured bangs for your fine locks. The easiest way to boost the volume on your fine locks is to have soft-moving layers. Styling takes as little as five minutes and the results will look chic and impressive.

Collarbone-Length Straight Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @olgakursitis

#62: Collarbone-Length Straight Bob

If you have a wider jawline and want a hairdo that will make it look slimmer, get a collarbone-length straight bob. This helps draw attention to other features such as your cheekbones. To achieve an extremely sleek look, use a hair straightener on medium heat, and be sure to use a heat protectant to keep the integrity of your hair.

Short Shattered Bob with Side Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @iramasure

#63: Short Shattered Bob with Side Bangs

Try a shattered bob with bangs if you want to spice up your fine hair. When you have a fine hair type, finding a flattering style can be challenging. This shattered bob with side bangs will help give you a fun but easy hairstyle by creating a lot of texture throughout. To style, remember to use a root lift spray, like R Co Dallas, to help boost volume all over when blow drying.

Razor Cut Bob with Waves for Thinner Hair
Instagram @joeprofita

#64: Razor Cut Bob with Waves

Rock a razor cut bob if you have fine wavy hair for a cute and manageable hairstyle. A haircut like this is ideal for fine hair that needs more volume because the short length helps remove unnecessary weight from your hair, allowing your curl to do its thing. Ask your stylist for a razored bob cut just below the cheekbones with a little bit of long layering to help create a slightly rounded shape. You can also try a few choppy pieces around your face for an added face-framing effect.

Short Asymmetrical Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @jo_ionescu

#65: Short Asymmetrical Bob

An effortless asymmetrical blunt bob will flatter you if you have thin hair because it adds fullness around the edges while still being playful and light with the layering. Styling your short thin hair will give your hair great texture all over, and the longer side adds to the interest around your face, giving the illusion of fullness.

Jaw-Length Choppy Edgy Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @salsalhair

#66: Jaw-Length Choppy Edgy Bob

Really stand out with a jaw-length edgy bob. Choppy layers will create a fuller-looking shape and make your tresses look thick and dense. Using a razor will give your ends more texture for a roughed-up edgier look. Wave your ends slightly and use sea salt spray and mess up.

#67: Copper Feathered Layered Bob

If you’re looking for the best short haircuts for thin hair, try a feathered layered bob for a style if you have thin hair. Layered hair and feathering help add lift and volume to thin hair. Style with a root lift spray, such as Densité by L’Oreal Professional, to add maximum body to limp hair.

An Easy to Style Short Bob
Instagram @john.n1115

#68: An Easy to Style Short Bob with a Middle Part

An easy-to-style short bob with a middle part style is perfect for providing volume your thin hair. It’s a jaw-length chop that’s very feminine and versatile in shag, wavy, or straight styles. To class it up, you should use a styling or modeling spray plus a styler to comb and curl the tresses. Blow-drying your hair upside down can, however, bring out more volume.

This bob haircut is perfect for women who have straighter, fine hair. Medium to fine hair would be less work styling. This very short bob isn’t very suitable if you have curly hair, as the shape would change dramatically. If you have finer hair, a volume spray and heat protector will keep your hair full and strong.

Ultraviolet and Platinum Pixie for Fine Hairstyle
Instagram @studiopudra

#69: Ultraviolet & Platinum Layered Pixie

A stacked and layered pixie cut is one of the best short haircuts for fine thin hair. All of the layering will give your hair the illusion of density.

#70: Messy Short Choppy Hairstyle with Side Bangs

A messy, short, choppy hairstyle with side bangs is a great choice if you have fine hair. This short hairstyle for thin hair is called a blunt bob and it has textured ends. The ends are point cut for a more shattered and messy vibe. To style, grab your curling iron and curl in one-inch sections with a flat iron and make sure your ends are straight. Bumble and Bumble dry spun texture spray will help with the messy texture.

Don’t try to be perfect with the style. Messy is in! This is perfect for fine hair because it will look a lot fuller with it shorter. Also if you have thick hair, you can add silky texture or thin it out to make it look shattered.  Just a little bend with a curling iron or flat iron will make this look sexy.

#71: Stacked Bob with Wispy Bangs

A stylish stacked bob with wispy bangs is suitable for fine to medium hair density that’s straight or wavy. The best short hairstyles for fine hair should have a lot of texture.

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#72: Side-Swept Wispy Bowl Cut

A bowl cut with some layering is an attractive short haircut for women with finer hair. If you’re looking for short hairstyles for fine hair, this is a great choice.

This style builds the illusion of volume all the way around your hair. Plus, it will enhance and contour your facial features by how high or low the weight line is placed. A higher weight line makes this style look edgier.  A lower line is softer. Adding bangs to a short haircut is perfect if you have a slightly longer facial shape.

Short modern blunt bob for thin hair
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#73: Modern Blunt Bob for Thin Locks

A modern blunt bob works well for thin locks. If you want to add waves to a short bob cut, then it will give you the tousled look that gives it that modern style. This is great for heart, oval, or diamond face shapes.

Long pixie cut
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#74: Long Pixie Cut

A long pixie with side bangs will be flattering if you have short, thin hair. To keep the fullness around the sides, where you have lesser hair, you’ll need fewer layers, especially if your hairdresser has added a fade to the sides. Bangs for thin hair appear thinner if the length is longer than the chin added with several layers. Keeping more layers in the back will create fullness having more hair to work with.

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blonde neck-length wavy bob
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#75: Neck-Length Wavy Bob

A slightly angled, neck-length bob makes for a great short cut for thin hair because the angling gives you volume in the back with soft layers. For styling your fine short hair, use a salt spray for more grip and texture then finish with a few twists using a medium curling iron. Use dry shampoo on thinner hair in order to give it the appearance of more hair.

Jaw length bob with choppy thin bangs
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#76: Jaw-Length Bob with Choppy Thin Bangs

A razored jaw-length bob with choppy thin bangs is one of the best short hairstyles for thin hair that are in need of volume and depth. Women with thin hair should consider getting bangs that are above the eyebrows. They’re clean, simple, and no-fuss to style. Style with a bit of Haze by Evo.

#77: Short Textured Bob with Long Bottleneck Bangs

A beautiful short textured bob is one of those ideal short hairstyles for fine hair. Women looking for a fuller hairstyle should consider a short-length haircut with soft texturizing for body and movement. Adding dimensional highlights can also increase more texture and body in your hair. To style, add soft waves with one to two pumps of Haze by Evo. Use dry shampoo to keep the style for more than just one day.

#78: Thin Razor Cut

A fabulous razor cut really benefits fine, short locks by adding slight graduation. Cut by stylist Callie Smith from Texas, this makes one of the chic wash-and-go short hair styles to try! To get this thin haircut for short hair, talk to your hairstylist about using a razor for the entire head, cutting it dry, then washing it while at the salon.

Chin-Length Platinum Blonde Bob
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#79: Chin-Length Platinum Blonde Bob with a Deep Side Part

A chin-length bob makes for a flattering thin, short haircut because it’s extremely versatile. To style a chin-length bob for thin hair, use a paddle brush and a 3/4″ Marcel iron to add a slight bend. Though it looks divine when sleek, a little messy texture won’t hurt the overall outcome.

#80: Choppy Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Opt for a choppy layered bob with side-swept bangs that offers an edgy style with a rocker vibe. A choppy bob with layering is a cool hairstyle for thin hair to look a little thicker. The choppy layers give the short haircut more texture, especially at your hair ends.

Short Hair with Undercut and Fringe
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#81: Short Hair with Undercut and Fringe

Short hair with an undercut and fringe is a bold haircut for confident women with fine locks. If you want a trend that requires the least effort when maintaining and styling, get this short haircut. All you need is your favorite texturing product like hair gel to separate and enhance the texture of the chop.

A strong structure in the hair was created, especially around the hairline. The length on top was left long to add plenty of texture. When it comes to short pixies, there are a ton of variations in length and textures. For day-to-day styling, use a light mousse for hold (Aveda Phomollient) and a texture powder (Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion). Once dry, avoid using anything too heavy, like pomade, and weighing your hair down.

Short Curly Bob with Bangs
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#82: Short Curly Bob with Bangs

A short curly bob with bangs is the ideal short hairstyle for thin hair that shows off the natural hair texture that’s on the finer side.  Curls are the easiest and most fun way to go for quick volume when it comes to short, thin hair. They make a maximum style with minimal effort.

This short curly bob with bangs has added dimension to make your hair pop. For hair on the finer side, twist and carve out pieces randomly. Doing so, for instance, will give thin-haired women a fuller voluminous style. If you have textured hair and are thinking about getting a curly bob, do it! Use a Moroccan oil curl mousse and Davines oi oil- by to style. It’s definitely worth taking the time to finger coil sections and diffuse.

Sassy Layers for Short Fine Hair
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#83: Sassy Layers for Short Fine Hair

Sassy layers for short fine hair are the best when messy and tousled. Layers are beneficial in that they can add more texture to short fine hair and offer a pretty, face-framing effect.

#84: The Classic Pixie Cut with Glasses

The classic pixie cut with glasses is a smart choice for the girl considering short haircuts for women with thin hair. This short cut for thin hair tapers around the ears but has a length on top to give you fullness. Maintenance to keep this cut in good shape needs to be done every 4-6 weeks. If you ever want to grow it out again it’s easy to transform this cut into a cute bob on your way to long hair.

Thin and Feminine Layered Lob Haircut on Fine Hair
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#85: Thin and Feminine Layered Lob

A layered, long bob is awesome for women with thin hair that lacks texture and volume. The exact length of the bob rests based on the way the face is shaped. If cheeks are more round, ask your stylist to cut an a-line just below the chin to draw attention lengthwise. The cut is texturized one length with a side-swept front piece. To style a layered lob for thin hair, use a light foam before blowdrying and put dry shampoo on the roots. Then, texture spray the rest of your hair.

 Short angled bob for thin hair
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#86: Short Angled Bob

A short, angled bob is a solid choice for fine hair because the angling removes weight from your hair strands, which allows your hair to appear fuller. This is an ideal cut for women with short, thin hair, who don’t want to fuss with their hair and will benefit from the ease and versatility. Using a texture spray as a finishing product is best for this haircut. Thin, fine hair tends to get weighed down by overusing products. The texture spray provides just enough grit to the thin hair and allows movement.

Textured and layered pixie bob cut for thin hair
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#87: Textured & Layered Pixie Bob Cut

Try a fantastic textured and layered pixie bob cut to add life to thin limp hair. The textured layers are perfect for creating width and volume to hair that tends to lay flat. Add some holding products like Aveda’s Volumizing Tonic or thickening tonic to give a little grip to your hair when blow-drying.

shaggy bob for short hair
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#88: Short Shaggy Bob

A short shaggy bob is an ideal short haircut for finer hair because of all of the movement and texture. The layers, if styled with soft waves, look so natural on thin tresses. To add a youthful vibe, feathered bangs and a dark-rooted blonde hair color will amp up this short shaggy haircut.

A short shaggy bob is also known as a textured bob. Often times a razor is used to give the appearance of a lived-in haircut. As long as you’re willing to lightly style this layered bob, you can easily make it look dressed up or down.

#89: Sexy Short Choppy Bob

A short choppy bob is one of the most popular choppy short haircuts for women with thin hair. It gives texture and maintains a fuller style. A cut like this would work if you are growing out a short pixie and you’ve noticed some hair growth on your nape. Have your stylist cut up to the hairline in the nape area. This creates a more balanced cut between the sides growing out as the back.

#90: Short to Medium Cut

A short to medium cut is a great length for fine hair and to also try different hairstyles. You can tie it up or wear it down. A short to medium cut with a slight angle is an ideal short hairstyle for women with thin hair. It gives the illusion of more fullness at the back while maintaining some length around the face. There are no layers, which gives it more of a blunt edge.

Chic short cut for women over 40 with thin hair
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#91: Chic Short Cut for Women over 40 with Thin Hair

A chic short cut for women over 40 works great on thin hair. It makes the mane appear thicker and fuller than it is. It’s also parted in the middle to frame the face beautifully. Short hairstyles for thin hair are best styled with waves to achieve instant volume and bounce.

Modern wavy short hairstyle for thin hair
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#92: Short Haircut with Wavy Hair

Consider a short haircut with wavy hair which gives more life and movement to fine tresses. A shoulder-skimming length gives a fuller feel to fine hair. The loose natural waves also give width to your hair and add volumized texture. While pixie cuts for fine hair give maximum impact, this cut is also for women wanting to keep some length yet gain more fullness to their hair.

Blunt Bob with Choppy Bangs
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#93: Blunt Bob with Choppy Bangs

A blunt bob with choppy bangs gives an illusion of thick, chunky hair. The dramatic short bangs (fringe) and wavy texture of the tresses are absolutely amazing when combined. This cut softens the facial features such as the pronounced cheekbones and jawline. Short haircuts for thin hair can be done by asking the stylist to cut your hair dry for an even more blunt result.

#94: Amazing Short Layered Bob

Short layered bob haircuts are versatile, and they work really well with fine hair and any face shape. This layered bob was cut using square layers and texture was added by point-cutting with scissors to maintain length in the top and give it a more modern feel.

Layered Pixie
Instagram @hairbyfranco

#95: Layered Pixie

A layered pixie is a wonderful pixie cut for thin hair. Layering adds more density and texture that can give the illusion of thickness to this spiky short style.

#96: Super Short Crop for Thin Hair

Get a super short crop if you have thin hair and want an easy-to-manipulate style. It shows a lot of confidence plus it looks alluring and fuller. With a bit of a texture, this chop is sure to offer great hair without trying hard.

The Really Short Inverted Bob Haircut
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#97: The Really Short Inverted Bob

A really short inverted bob is a neck-length haircut that benefits thin, fine hair. It offers layers at the back for a voluminous and bulkier effect. Short bobs for fine hair can be edgy and elegant, depending on their style. This thin cut looks stunning when either messy or sleek.

Short Hair with Beach Waves
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#98: Short Hair with Beach Waves

Amp up short hair with beach waves for a modish, flirty result! This short hairstyle looks messy and sexy with tousled waves. Short cuts for thin hair are easier to style when adding lots of texture to create more volume and shape. Layer the sea spray by using it right out of the shower, then again when your hair is dry.

#99: Stylish Crop for Women Over 60

A pixie crop for women over 60 with thin hair looks best when textured. If you’re one of those thin-haired ladies, you can rock a textured pixie cut. A fusion of grey and blonde strands can make a gorgeous short haircut for women over 60 years old.

#100: The Asymmetrical Pixie

Wearing the asymmetrical pixie cut is like wearing both long and short hair. The neat cut at the sides and the back complement the long bangs at the front. This is such a flattering cropped cut that breathes volume to fine, thin locks.

silver pixie for women over 50
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#101: Silver Pixie for Women Over 50

One of the best short haircuts for women over 50 with thin hair is a choppy pixie. Chop off your grey hair and upgrade it now! Try this flattering low-maintenance silver pixie for ladies in their 50s For thinning hair, it’s easy care to manage and style, so you’ll love it, for sure!

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nape length long messy pixie
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#102: Nape-Length Long Messy Pixie

A nape-length long messy pixie gives body to short haircuts for fine hair. When it comes to an optimum chop for fine locks, a pixie is it. The length, layers, and even the beige-blonde shade contribute to making your hair seem fuller.

trendy long to short hairstyle makeover
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#103: Trendy Medium to Short Hairstyle Makeover

This gorgeous mahogany brown hair makeover is a dramatic transition from a long hairstyle to a short bob balayage that gives your hair more volume. Adding an angled side part is one of the more popular short hairstyles for fine hair.

#104: Funky Asymmetrical Undercut

Pull off this funky asymmetrical undercut if you want that same edgy vibe. The slight wave on top adds movement and texture to naturally straight hair. This blonde undercut is gorgeous and only requires minimal styling. While it’s not the most popular of short haircuts for fine hair, it’s super trendy right now.

disconnected undercut pixie for women with finer hair
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#105: Disconnected Undercut Pixie Haircut for Women

A disconnected undercut pixie haircut can work for some women with fine hair. This cut features a chop with longer hair on top and a shaved side. When styling short haircuts for fine hair always use a texturizing product. This will give your straight locks volume and movement.

#106: Straight Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

A straight bob with side-swept bangs is a classic hairstyle that works for fine or thin hair. It takes minimal effort when styling, and suits most face shapes.

A line bob cut for black thinning hair
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#107: A-Line Bob Cut for Black Thinning Hair

An A-line bob cut is a great choice for thinning hair because the angle gives the illusion of slimming it down because the front lengths are longer. This cut has a longer front, ideal for someone who has a broader jawline.

#108: Lovely Short Hair with Volume

For short hair that’s fine, you can get lots of volume and texture with a deep side part and subtle waves styled in. Subtle shags are great short haircuts for women with thin hair as they’re easier to maintain.

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