20 Cutest Short Curly Bob Haircuts for Curly Hair

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A short curly bob is a textured bob haircut that is cut with a length ranging from ear to jaw-length. A short bob tends to allow facial features stand out more and adding curls can balance those features more. Calling all naturally curly girls – it’s time to rejoice as the cutest form of curls tops this year’s must-have hairstyles!

When it comes to short bobs for curly hair, there may not be enough length but there sure is more than enough volume to flaunt with this eye-catching cut! Celebrities with naturally curly hair like Christina Hendricks, Marion Cotillard, Nazanin Mandi, and Audrey Tautou really show how you can pull off this gorgeous cut.

Dealing with short curly hair is indeed tricky, so you’ll definitely need a hairstylist who’s mastered handling curls to get the right shape for you depending on your curl type and face shape.

Here are this year’s most popular short curly bobs for your inspiration.

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Edgy Short and Curly Stacked Bob
Instagram @romeufelipe

#1: Edgy Short and Curly Stacked Bob

This is a gorgeous short curly stacked bob with highlights and a lowlight to give your hair dimension. Short curly bobs are great for thick hair because it’s easier to maintain shape and allows you to keep the length around your face. A short stacked bob for curly hair looks great on all curly-haired women.

This jaw-length curly bob hairstyle is great for women with curly hair who are looking for short curly haircuts that have a style and little edge to them. A short bob on curly hair is the perfect hairstyle if you want to have less hair to deal with but still want to have hair around your face. If you have naturally curly hair, then it’s important to make sure to hydrate your curls to get a frizz-free style. Natural curly bob cuts can and will frizz on you without the correct product.

#2: Side-Parted Curly Bob Cut

Simplify your life and try a side-parted curly bob cut. One of the greatest things about embracing your curl is its easy maintenance. If you want ringlets, use a diffuser or air-dry your natural waves with a curl amplifier. Ask your stylist to add some square layers if your cut needs a boost. It will lighten things up and create fullness. Curly bobs soften features and can be worn well by almost anyone.

Gorgeous Bob with Dark Copper Ringlets and face-framing at shoulder-length
Instagram @aoki_hair

#3: Gorgeous Dark Copper Ringlets

Go for a gorgeous bob with dark copper ringlets hitting shoulder-length. It will make you look like an A-list celebrity. Shorter cuts with long layers are perfect for those with curly hair. And it’s designed to enhance your natural texture while bringing out the best in your face shape. When styling, be sure to use a light-hold product to keep curls frizz-free and full of life. I recommend Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame Heat Protectant Leave In-Cream for unbeatable protection against humidity.

#4: Short and Sweet Curls

Short and sweet curls are an enchanting choice for those with naturally curly hair. Going for a popular bob cut will make it easier to handle the abundance of volume your hair may have. Your hairstylist may suggest square layers to help keep your towering mane in line. All while maintaining its bouncy nature. To ensure your style is defined all day, try L’Oréal’s curl-enhancing cream. Use it before diffusing or air drying your ringlets.

Classic Short Curly Shaggy Bob
Instagram @drethings

#5: Classic Curly Shaggy Bob

Isn’t it amazing how a simple haircut can completely change your look? One of the most important things for curly hair is to be consistent with trims. This will keep your curls bouncy, voluminous, and full of life! You can ask your stylist to dust your ends which will make them look fresh again.

#6: Super Cute Curly French Bob

Chop it off into a super cute curly French bob. If your face shape is narrow, try square layers to amplify your coils. It gives your hair width for a beautiful balance. Diffuse your curly shape in place for the perfect separation and gorgeous tendrils. You’ll want to avoid combing or brushing once your hair is dry.

Gorgeous Short Bob with Layers and Curls
Instagram @aoki_hair

#7: Gorgeous Short Bob with Layers and Curls

A short bob with layers and curls is ideal for women with narrow face shapes. The diamond shape within the hairstyle highlights the eyes and cheekbones but could make a round face appear even wider.

Sweet short curly inverted bob with fringe
Instagram @liwei_nekderx

#8: Sweet Curly Inverted Bob with Short Bangs

Try a curly inverted bob with short bangs to amplify your finer curls. Curly inverted bob with bangs gives off a beautifully crafted shape where the curls stack upon each other so your hair looks wider and fuller. Those with natural curls need not worry about getting some bangs. They look fantastic on a curly bob haircut as the tendrils fall lightly over the forehead and add softness to a stronger face shape.

Cute shorter curly bob with bangs
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#9: Cute Shorter Curly Bob with Bangs

A shorter curly bob with bangs is the perfect way to work with your curls rather than against them. When done properly, this cut can significantly reduce the styling time for women who feel they are always battling with their curls. While this cut is lower maintenance with curly hair, there is still a bit of regular upkeep needed to keep the shaping and bangs maintained. Try this cut with a perm if you have thin hair and want to add density and volume or to give the illusion of more hair. Use the Redavid curl creme on damp hair and then diffuse for shiny, bouncy, separated curls that are easy to manage and style.

#10: Razor Cut Shaggy Bob Cut

You’ll want to consider a razor cut shaggy bob. A wavy bob is an excellent choice for longer faces, giving you width where it is needed. Be aware, the layers should be left long to achieve the flatter shape of this style. The longer layering will help to weigh down your curls, giving them a modern look. One of the easiest ways to dry your bob is to air dry or diffuse it in place with a curl amplifier.

#11: Sassy Short A-Line Curly Bob

Your blonde curls will surely flare up with some styling mousse on a shoulder-length curly bob haircut. Thick curly bob hairstyles are best with layers.

Trendy short bob with curly bangs
Instagram @jamiespedersen

#12: Trendy Short Bob with Curly Bangs

A short curly bob with bangs is best for women who want to hide a long face or large forehead. This curly hairstyle mimics a messy look that is super chic this year.

Beautiful short curly angled bob hairstyle
Instagram @daniel_ciupi

#13: Beautiful Short Curly Angled Bob

A short bob pairs perfectly with an angular cut and curly ends. Angled bobs haircuts have become popular lately and it’s a great way to draw more attention to your natural curls.

#14: Short Sew In Bob for Black Hair

Curly sew-in bobs for black hair are easy to have as either a weave or relaxed hair. This instant curled bob that is asymmetrically parted will give you the most natural look in a flash! When considering a curly side part bob, a curly bob sew-in will help frame your face and provide more balance.

#15: Modern Short Weave Curly Bob

A curly weave bob is a great way to protect your natural hair and temporarily change up your curly bob styles. For a younger vibe, try a side-parted curly bob like this one.

Fashionable asymmetrical short curly bob
Instagram @justina_1908

#16: Fashionable Short Asymmetrical Curly Bob

When considering short curly bob hairstyles you’ll need to factor in your face shape. Getting an asymmetrical bob is a great way to balance wider faces. Try creating a deep side part curly bob for a more modern, fashion-forward style.

Flattering curly layered bob on short hair
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty

#17: Flattering Curly Layered Bob on Short Hair

Curly layered bobs give women with thin hair more volume. To style this layered curly bob, add a texture spray and then scrunch your curly ringlets up for well-formed curls. Layers on a short, curly jaw-length bob are beautiful even more for women with long-shaped faces.

The Curly Pixie Bob Cut
Instagram @tashdollars

#18: The Curly Pixie Bob Cut

The curly pixie bob cut creates a natural look for a curly-haired girl. Ask your stylist to use a slide-cutting technique for this chop. This makes the curls pop and adds graduation that holds the shape. A short bob haircut for curly hair like this works for any hair type. It’s great for thick hair wanting to see some movement and texture. It’s also amazing for fine hair that wants to appear thicker and fuller.

Pretty short and curly choppy bob
Instagram @retosilver_50

#19: Pretty Short and Curly Choppy Bob

Opt for a trendy short and curly choppy bob that is lived-in and soft with a solid silhouette. The round shape of this short bob cut for curly hair blends femininity, which is essential when cutting your curly bob hair short because there’s usually that concern that you won’t look “pretty” anymore. The curls will vary on a short haircut and that’s okay! Sometimes they’re tighter around the hairline or straighter at the crown, but the imperfections of it make it unique to you and chicer than if it were super glassy and molded to your head. When you use the correct products, curly hair is lower maintenance than straightening or blow-drying it.

How to style a shorter curly bob:

1. Use NYC Curls Curl Cleanser followed by the NYC Curls Conditioner.
2. Keep the conditioner in your hair and detangle it with your fingers and set each curl, keeping your hair wet.
3. After you absorb some of the water using a microfiber towel, layer the NYC Curls The Curl Gel, making sure not to scrunch the hair too much.
4. Dry the hair and then diffused the roots until it’s 100 percent dry.
5. Lastly, fluff the roots with your fingers.

A Very Short Bob for Curly Hair
Instagram @tolgaaytkn

#20: A Very Short Bob for Curly Hair

This very short curly bob cut will never go out of style. It’s modern because of the way it’s cut to enhance the beautiful curls and have more of a round shape. Adding curly bangs makes it unique and gives the curly short bob more personality.

My favorite thing about this curly bob cut and style is the total embrace of the natural curls. You want to avoid a triangular shape that tends to happen when women with curly hair get a traditional short bob haircut. If you’re considering a curly hair bob with bangs it’s important to keep in mind that it’s most likely going to need to be styled every morning. Curly bob haircuts can be slightly high maintenance.

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