The 50 Best Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair to Be More Manageable

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The secret to snazzy pixie hair ideas is the volume, so naturally thick-haired women are fashionably privileged because of their innate volume! A pixie cut for thick hair is a short haircut that’s heavily layered and textured to decrease bulk – making the pixie the best short cut for thick hair. A pixie is typically cut short on the sides and nape area and longer on top.

Haircutting specialist Brian Aguilar spruces up pixies every now and then and demonstrates how much can texture and bangs add finesse to a short cut.

Thick tresses demand regular trims and proper care, as they can get too wild and unruly if not duly taken care of.

Tapered pixies show off the face even more, so it’s key to consider which facial features you want to highlight more. Face-framing pieces and layers can do wonders to a pixie cut and your overall look when done strategically.

Lady celebs who have recently been spotted donning a rocking thick pixie are Ruby Rose, Viola Davis, Blake Lively, and Tyra Banks, and they’re more than enough sources of inspiration!

If you’re wondering if a pixie cut is right for you, our expert guide will help you discover your perfect match!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the best short pixie cuts for thick hair:

Spiky Pixie with Balayage for Thick Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#1: Spiky Pixie with Balayage

This style is a spiky pixie cut highlighted with balayage. People with thick hair will appreciate this pixie cut. To reduce the hair’s thickness, I suggest an undercut around the sides and back. Leave a longer textured crop in the crown area. You can style it up using a blow dryer and hair spray or wear it down as a textured pixie. Enhancing the cut with balayage gives depth to the roots. This technique creates a dimensional blonde effect that subtly blends into the dark sides.

Side-Parted Copper Pixie for Thick Mane
Instagram @amandamarvie

#2: Side-Parted Copper Pixie

You need to create a suitable signature style to highlight your features and compliment your mane. Bring images of styles you like and don’t like to your appointment. This will give your stylist a clear idea of what to work with. The images give you the power for a productive consultation.

Woman with short sleek side-swept thick pixie and tapered nape

#3 Sleek Side-Swept Pixie Shine

This sleek side-swept pixie exudes elegance with its shiny finish and precise cut. Ideal for a woman with thick hair looking for a polished yet simple-to-manage style, the tapered nape and fuller bangs create a modern silhouette that frames the face beautifully. The subtle highlights add dimension, drawing the eye to the smooth styling of the bangs. While this look is chic and low-maintenance, it does require regular salon visits to keep the nape neatly tapered and the bangs at the perfect length.

Woman with short curly pixie haircut smiling in a salon

#4 Curly Radiance Pixie

The curly radiance pixie is cut to enhance the face with a halo of tight coils. This cut is ideal for those with thick, curly hair who want a style that embraces natural texture. The uniform length around the head provides a balanced shape, easy to maintain with regular trims. Perfect for a wash-and-go routine, this cut requires hydrating products to keep the curls defined and frizz at bay. It’s a confident, easy-care choice for an active lifestyle. Embrace the fullness of your curls with this chic, time-saving style that radiates personality and flair.

Short feathered thick pixie haircut with balayage highlights

#5 Balayage Feathered Pixie

This balayage feathered pixie cut is perfect for someone with a fine hair type looking to add volume and movement. The layered bangs create a soft, feathered effect that frames the face gracefully, complemented by a balayage color that gives the illusion of depth and fullness. The subtle asymmetry adds a modern edge, making it a chic choice for those wanting to balance simplicity with style.

Woman with voluminous windswept layered haircut and multi-tonal highlights

#6 Windswept Layered Elegance

This windswept layered look is a perfect blend of dynamism and elegance, suitable for those seeking both style and ease of care. The varied lengths add an airy lightness, creating movement that brings this style to life. Its multi-tonal highlights accentuate the layers, adding visual interest and depth, a delightful choice for emphasizing texture in straight to wavy hair types. Styling is a breeze; a volumizing mousse and a quick tousle can achieve this look. Regular salon visits are essential to maintain the shape and refresh the highlights, ensuring the hairstyle remains vibrant and full of life.

Woman with a short tousled pixie thick haircut featuring an undercut and textured layers

#7 Tousled Contrast Pixie with Undercut

This tousled contrast pixie with an undercut combines style with practicality. The short back and sides offer ease of maintenance, while the textured, jagged top layers invite versatility in styling. This cut suits thick hair well, as it reduces bulk and promotes a lightweight feel, ideal for those seeking a manageable yet fashionable style. The undercut enhances the head shape and draws attention upward, elongating the face – perfect for those with round or oval facial structures. While the style is low-maintenance, regular salon visits are recommended to keep the undercut sharp and the layers defined.

#8: Textured Pixie with Crown Layers and Bangs

If you’re inspired by the short hair trend, there are plenty of options. A chic, striking pixie cut could be one way to get that wow factor you’re after. If you like having height in your hairstyle, shorter crown layers will help achieve this because they’ll cause your hair to naturally sit up instead of lying flat. Add textured feathery bangs to incorporate softness and complete the look.

#9: Classic Side-Swept Pixie Hair

Women with thick hair look great with classic side-swept pixie hair. If you deeply point cut your hair to remove weight using a razor, it will allow the hair to create more movement and become more manageable. First, work some paste in between your hands to warm it up. Next, apply it throughout your hair. Then, style your hair however you prefer. Whether you want it short and spiky or sleek and styled, you have many options with this look.

#10: Cropped Hair with Piece-y Layers

A shorter cut tapered into the nape with longer layers towards the crown works well if you prefer full and high layers. I would advise keeping some length over the ears to maintain a balanced shape. To style, use a cream-based product for longer lengths without causing stickiness. Using the prongs on a dressing comb can help to define and separate.

#11: Short Crop with Textured Bangs

For an artistic look, start by improving your short haircut. Ask the barber to style the layered hair over your face and towards your ears. This will form a curved shape that adds definition to your cheekbones. Personally, I prefer a subtle, easy-to-maintain color combined with a top-quality cut. It radiates elegance without the need to try overly hard. Let the perfect haircut stand out.

Thick Pixie Crop Cut with Jagged Layers
Instagram @julie.b_reveriethestudio

#12: Pixie Crop Cut with Jagged Layers

A pixie cut embraces your natural movement and gives a soft, feminine feel. But I recommend not going too short. This could cause you to lose your waves. If your hair is getting a bit long between appointments, tuck it behind your ear. This gives you a versatile cut.

#13: Long Layered Pixie with Subtle Highlights

A long layered pixie cut with subtle highlights is a great way to make your hair more lively. Small, brightly colored strands provide a low-maintenance look. It’s perfect for various lifestyles and is sure to catch attention. Adding some depth to the root area can make the color last longer. Therefore, ask your stylist to tailor the color placement for you.

Messy Razored Long Thick Pixie
Instagram @machine_hair

#14: Messy Razored Long Pixie

Traditional pixie cuts can be worn with a punkier feel. Asymmetrical fringes add interest, and shorter piece layers provide a counterbalance. The cut becomes edgier and wispier towards the ends, which enhances the texture. The right products can assist with styling. Avoid waxes because they can result in clumpy hair. Instead, use dry texture sprays that provide volume, separation, and hold.

#15: Voluminous Pixie with Shorter Layers

For a voluminous look at the crown, your layers must be cut shorter. This style of pixie cut works well for older ladies with thick hair. The short layers add texture, lift the face, and reduce the hair’s bulk. Use a root lift mousse on wet hair, then dry it using a round brush for maximum lift.

#16: Soft Pixie with See-Through Bangs

If your hair is thick and your face is heart-shaped, a soft pixie with see-through bangs might suit you. The round layers add volume to the crown of your head. To lessen the hair’s weight, deep point cuts should be made into these layers. Much of the hair’s weight must be reduced for easier management of thick hair at this length. Layers around the face can be etched in with a razor according to the client’s face shape.

#17: Cute Pixie with Nape Undercut for Women Over 50

Cute long pixie cuts for women aged 50 with thick hair are heavily layered and sharp. It can also be paired with a nape undercut for an extra edge. This chop gives a breeze to the nape of the neck.

#18: Blonde Highlights on a Thick Pixie Cut

Look at an example of a thick pixie cut with blonde highlights. The uneven and multi-toned look of this cut makes managing hair easier.

#19: Golden Tones on a Thick Pixie

Adding golden tones to your hair can really brighten up your style. An undercut pixie shape minimizes excess hair, reducing bulkiness. The undercutting allows the longer part on top to fall naturally without too much fullness. It’s advisable to ensure the layers on top aren’t cut too short. If you have a mousy or ashy natural shade, consider a golden tone process. It can bring warmth and add vitality to your style.

Short Feathered Mixie Cut on Thicker Locks
Instagram @miamihairmel

#20: Short Feathered Mixie Cut

The adorable short feathered mixie cut goes perfectly with thick hair. Finding a short cut for thick hair is hard. However, this mixie with an elongated shape and textured layers is a perfect solution.

Short Pixie Cut for Thick Hair with Shaved Sides and Nape
Instagram @slhairstudio

#21: Short Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides and Nape

Shaved sides and nape on a short pixie cut is the most effective way to get rid of unwanted roundness and bulk. This style will require more salon visits for cleanups, but the haircut will be chic and easy to style daily.

#22: Grown-Out Pixie Cut

The grown-out pixie cut is a versatile and stylish option for women with thick hair. This haircut allows for easy maintenance while still providing some length and volume. The longer layers help to prevent the hair from looking too bulky. The shorter pieces add texture and movement. Such layered haircuts reduce excessive volume and create a more streamlined look. Styling is easy and low-maintenance, so you can spend time doing what you love.

Stylish Platinum Pixie Cut with Dark Roots for Thick Hair

#23: Stylish Platinum Pixie Cut with Dark Roots

A stylish platinum pixie cut with dark roots is a bold choice for those with thick hair. Tapered short hair cuts create a sharp, striking contrast between the lighter and darker tones. You can wear your hair with more depth and dimension to the overall look. It works best for those looking for a low-maintenance style that still packs a punch. This cut can be flattering for those with round or heart-shaped faces. The short length helps to elongate the neck and accentuate the jawline.

#24: Thick Pixie Bob with Visible Layers

A thick pixie bob (bixie) with visible layers is a great way to incorporate layers into coarse hair. The best way to go shorter without committing to the high maintenance of a pixie is a bixie cut. This hairstyle still stays well below your ears. It’s ideal to make sure you add an adequate amount of texture. Avoid any bubbly shapes or heavy weight. The beauty of this style is the airy frame.

#25: Jet Black Thick Pixie Bob with Layers

For women with short hair who want to make a bold statement, consider a jet-black, thick pixie bob with layers. This cut screams confidence and sophistication while creating a dynamic and attention-grabbing look. Texture and movement are just a couple of the advantages of the layers. These cuts are best suited for those with smaller faces, especially oval and heart-shapes, because they draw attention to the cheekbones and jawline.

Chic Pixie-Bowl Haircut for Thick Haired older women with glasses
Instagram @saloncheska

#26: Chic Pixie-Bowl Haircut

A chic bowl haircut is an edgy and creative take on a traditional short hairstyle. This haircut is fun and lively! I suggest this style for anyone wanting a shorter hairstyle while staying youthful. Ask your stylist to integrate a bang that suits your face shape.

#27: Ice White Long Pixie with Layers

A pixie with layers is very trendy right now. Ask for an undercut to wear your hair in a long pixie with less bulk. This works well on medium to thick hair textures. Adding curls to your chop is super fun; try using a 3/4-inch barrel for smaller curls.

#28: Thick Pixie with Chunky Highlights

If you have thick locks, consider a pixie with chunky highlights. It is sophisticated and will accentuate your face. This is one of the best pixie cut styles for dense hair that won’t cooperate because thinning it out will solve the problem. Layer your crown and remove the weight if you want extra movement and lift. Thick hair can be heavy, and you do not want to be weighed down.

Brunette Side-Swept Thick Pixie
Instagram @baborelli

#29: Brunette Side-Swept Thick Pixie

If you’re looking for a short haircut, try a brunette side-swept pixie. Ask your stylist to take sides slightly shorter than the top. That way, it’ll give your shape dramatic contrast. Remember, with thick pixies, it’s necessary to maintain the haircut every 4 weeks.

#30: Dark Chocolate Long Pixie Bob

A dark chocolate long pixie bob is a beautiful option for thick hair. To maintain a short cut, regular salon visits are a must. Make sure to use a styling product that works for your hair texture.

#31: Messy Pixie for Coarse Hair with Highlights

A messy pixie for coarse hair with highlights can create texture and dimension to show off the details. An ideal cut is to have a gradual transition of short hair, leading up to a longer length around the crown. To style, try Aveda Texture Tonic.

Messy pixie bob with tapered nape for thick hair
Instagram @inmadelope

#32: Messy Pixie Bob with Tapered Nape

A messy pixie bob with a tapered nape adds texture and movement to thicker, fuller hair. Allowing the hair to be textured benefits from removing some of the density and creates a messier vibe to the hair. A messy/shaggy bixie style doesn’t need to be super short. The back and sides let the hairline be tapered in softly.

Blonde Layered Pixie With Long Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @rcgimenes

#33: Blonde Layered Pixie With Long Bangs

This is a short, layered pixie cut with long, side-swept bangs in the front. This is a great haircut with long bangs if you have super thick hair.

Long blonde pixie cut for thick hair
Instagram @ayhanonluel

#34: Long Blonde Pixie Hair

Choose blonde pixie hair if you prefer to keep a soft face-framing length to your pixie. Short hair can freshen up your look, but keeping some length on top allows the sides to go short, creating an undercut and allowing your length to graze the cheekbones.

Platinum blonde balayage pixie with dark roots for thick hair
Instagram @sonia_rohrbach

#35: Platinum Blonde Balayage Pixie with Dark Roots

Rock a platinum blonde balayage pixie with dark roots to make your thick mane super manageable. Wearing your hair short in an androgynous but cute pixie eliminates heaviness from the hair and gives you low-maintenance styling. A platinum blonde balayage will add depth and texture to your darker roots, perfectly suiting your lighter-feeling pixie.

Boyish tapered pixie cut for thick hair
Instagram @danidribeiro

#36: Boyish Tapered Pixie Cut

Try a boyish tapered pixie cut that is not only versatile in styling but is also easily maintained. The boyish pixie hairstyles for thick hair are still feminine, elongating the neck and enhancing the curvature of the head shape. Having some length through the side bangs keeps a feathered feel, which looks stunning when worn sleek or soft.

Textured feathered pixie for thick hair
Instagram @ricardodinis

#37: Textured Feathered Pixie for Thick Hair

A textured feathered pixie for thick hair is a great way to embrace your natural texture, allowing a flow of freedom to your hair’s natural shape. The loose, feathered texture will look best left a little longer on top, keeping the sides tight and with structured femininity.

Asymmetrical Pixie
Instagram @lysalynn94

#38: Asymmetrical Pixie

A little bit off-center does not hurt anybody. It saves the day! Simple yet classy asymmetrical pixie cuts for thick hair will soften the face while maintaining structure.

#39: Super Short Pixie for Thick Hair

A very short pixie cut is one of the easiest cuts to maintain for women with thick locks. Add texture to your low-maintenance coils with sea salt spray for a sophisticated beachy vibe.

Thick pixie bob with medium to long layers and side bangs
Instagram @manolocalza

#40: Thick Pixie Bob with Medium-to-Long Layers and Side Bangs

A thick pixie bob with medium-to-long layers and side bangs is trendy. A layered pixie cut is great for thick hair. The undercut and shorter sides remove unwanted bulk.

choppy pixie with bangs
Instagram @olya_mi

#41: Choppy Pixie with Bangs

A choppy pixie with bangs is a great cut for women’s thick, straight hair. Razor-cutting short, choppy layers is a wonderful way to thin those thick locks. This choppy cut would look great with some texture, bringing the hair back to life.

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#42: Spiky Pixie for Women Over 60

A spiky pixie cut for women over 60 has lots of dimension, direction, and well-placed choppy layers. Pixie cuts for thick, coarse hair is best styled, blowdried with a small round brush, then pinching styling gel through the ends with a gentle pulling motion.

thick shaggy pixie cut
Instagram @stylingforlife

#43: Thick Shaggy Pixie

Get the chop and ask for shaggy layers to go. A cool, shaggy pixie for thick hair is great for creating volume and framing the face. Such a short hairstyle is perfect for older ladies with a girly rocker vibe.

The Long Angled Pixie Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @stevie.hairdo

#44: The Long Angled Pixie Bob

Give yourself a big chop with this long pixie. Growing out a cropped cut into a long angled bob is the most maintenance thing you can do. This is one of the best pixie cuts for thick hair, and it’s worth a try.

#45: Feminine Pixie Cut for Brown Wavy Hair

A feminine pixie cut for brown, wavy hair gives joviality. If you want a big change to your thick, longer hair, try it shorter. A pixie cut for thick, wavy hair has a delicate touch.

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Brunette pixie cut on thick tresses
Instagram @timpascoe_hair

#46: Brunette Pixie on Thick Tresses

A brunette pixie on thick tresses suits oval, heart, or diamond-shaped faces. It also works on smoother textures with medium to fine density. The haircut was a mixture of scissors and razor techniques. These enhance the disheveled appearance and texture in this pixie cut.

#47: Flattering Textured Pixie for a Round Face

This is a modern, beautiful haircut for bold women with style, a round face shape, a short neck, and a lot of thick textured hair. Textured pixie haircuts for thick hair need drying with an ointment and working your hair with your hands to look natural. It combines with all kinds of face and texture hair.

Boyish undercut pixie for thick hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#48: Boyish Undercut Pixie

A boyish undercut pixie is a dramatic yet great way to remove bulk – allowing thicker hair to look less puffy. The rest of the hair gradually transitions from short to long, where one side gives the style a bob-like appearance. To style this look, spritz with Texture Tonic by Aveda.

#49: Long Tousled Curly Pixie for Thick Curly Hair

A long, tousled pixie is perfect for curly hair. Short layers around the ear and back take bulk away, and the long top cuts a great shape. A Pixie cut for thick curly hair is best styled with gel and oil mixed and air-dried. If you’re ready for a change, see more pixie cuts for curly hair.

#50: A Thick, Edgy Pixie with Side-Swept Fringe

A thick, edgy pixie with a side-swept fringe is for women with thick hair. Super chic, this shorter hairstyle can be tucked behind your ears with gel. A cropped style combined with thick strands is a versatile cut, too.