21 Cute Ways to Have a Pixie Cut with Bangs

Pictures of the best pixie cut with bangs haircuts for short hair

A pixie cut with bangs is a short haircut between one half to three inches long that is styled with either a front or side bangs. For fashion-forward ladies who have the confidence to rock an extra-edgy cropped cut, this is definitely a terrific option for you!

From Hollywood legend Mia Farrow to present-day pop icon Miley Cyrus, a pixie haircut with bangs is literally immortal on so many levels! The major reason why the fringed pixie style transcends time is because of how it’s fitting on any hair type, color, and even face shape. All you need is an expert consultation with your trusted hairstylist.

Perfect if you’re a wash-and-go type of gal, pixies at-home maintenance is a breeze! Although if you want to keep your perfect length short, be prepared for monthly visits to your salon for regular trims.

The most stylish chopped locks are coming your way to prove that even the shortest of strands could have so much styling versatility. Are you looking for pixie cut with bangs ideas?

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the trendiest pixie cuts with bangs!

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Asymmetrical Pixie with Bangs

Asymmetrical Pixie with Bangs
Instagram @beto_fariaa

Who loves an asymmetrical pixie with bangs? A short hair cut like this may look very edgy, so it’s better to match it with a fringe. Asymmetrical bangs on a pixie add a little feminine touch to the whole short hairstyle.

Stacked Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Stacked pixie with long side bangs
Instagram @arsentovmasyan_

A well-crafted stacked pixie with long side bangs can be just the balance for finer hair types. With the stacked effect, it shapes the hair for fullness. The long side bangs are less layered to keep their structure on the perimeter.

Layered Pixie for Thick Hair with Bangs

Layered Pixie for Thick Hair with Bangs
Instagram @todchukstudio

Check out this layered pixie for thick hair with bangs! Shorter layers help in removing bulk from tresses that have a lot of density. A pixie cut with bangs for thick hair is best if amped up with texture. So achieve the piece-y and textured definition by styling hair with a fiber paste.

Curly Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Curly Pixie Haircut with Bangs
Instagram @erickinvisible

Wearing a curly pixie haircut with bangs is one of the best ways to embrace natural texture. It’s short, sweet, and breathtaking! To enhance the texture of such a short curly pixie cut with bangs, mist it with a sea salt spray. That’s good enough to give the curls a piece-y definition.

Messy Pixie and Bangs with Long Layers

Messy Pixie and Bangs and Long Layers hairstyle
Instagram @shearpulp

Messy pixie and bangs help create a style with greater density and volume. If tresses need extra zest, a pixie hairstyle makes a superb option. Style the layers at the top with soft waves to form a movement and a tousled effect. Chic, edgy, and low-maintenance—what else can you ask for?

Wavy Long Pixie with Bangs

Wavy long pixie with bangs haircut
Instagram @miguelpokomaier_arte

This wavy pixie is looking chic, like 90’s chic! The raven hair and textured layers on this wavy long pixie cut with bangs make you a sexy, fierce-looking woman.

Cute Pixie Cut with Short Bangs

Pixie Cut with Short Bangs
Instagram @isasalustiano

A classic pixie cut with short bangs can look super chic and cute on square and oval face shapes. Its neat cut is sure to display a strong, classy impression. Since pixies are easy to maintain and style, it’s a perfect option for ladies who are busy most of the time.

Black Pixie Cut with Side Bangs Style

Pixie Cut with Side Bangs
Instagram @pixiebrasil

This is a black pixie cut with side bangs, complementing a rounder-shaped face. Achieve this gem by picking the best side to create your part. It’s important to give hair more movement and volume. Then, cut long layers starting from the front of the face. Easy to wear and maintain—who else is in love?

Shaggy Pixie Hairstyle with Bangs

Shaggy pixie cut with bangs
Instagram @shelleyraehair

The texture on this shaggy pixie cut with fringe will benefit with a little salt spray and some ruffling up the hair! A long pixie with bangs looks great with some shaggy features!

Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Pixie cut with long bangs
Instagram @emma.nagihair

Keeping short hair with long bangs on a pixie cut looks makes the look more inclined to a bob. A pixie cut with long bangs softens the hard edges created by the pixie cut itself.

Super Short Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Super short pixie haircut with bangs
Instagram @miamihairmel

Pixie short haircuts with bangs were super popular among 90’s Hollywood action stars. This is a really breezy short pixie cut with bangs that mixed masculinity and femininity in the sexiest way.

Side Swept Bangs on a Pixie Cut

Side swept bangs with pixie cut
Instagram @courtneyxcentrichair

Bangs on a pixie is the perfect mix of delectable that you must surely try. If you have a long forehead, then adding side swept bangs will make your face appear shorter and of course, make you look posh and suave in an easy way.

Platinum Blonde Undercut Pixie with Bangs

Undercut pixie with bangs
Instagram @courtneyxcentrichair

This is an excellent choice for women with platinum short thin hair. Undercut pixie cuts with bangs will make your hair look fuller and may help a healthier regrowth of hair.

Choppy Bangs on a Short Pixie

Choppy Bangs on a Short Pixie
Instagram @kortri

This is a modern woman’s short pixie haircut with short bangs where there are maximum practicality and stylish image. It was created by hairstylist Kortri of Russia.

“Blonde coloring allows the hair to look softer, and the subsequent regrowth of dark roots will give the hair the necessary depth. If there is gray hair, light ends distract attention from them,” says Kortri.

Do not hesitate to cut your hair short. A professional stylist needs, in each specific case, to recommend the version of the hair set, focusing on the individual characteristics of the skull and face. “You should not have any doubts about the modern choppy look of short hair with bangs and also consider your overall image including the outfits,” he adds.

Pixie Cut With Straight Bangs

Pixie Cut With Straight Bangs
Instagram @hirohair

This perfect pixie cut with straight bangs was created by hairstylist Hiro Ochi of Los Angeles, CA. “It’s basically a pixie with an undercut. Its straight hair is texturized for movement, so the crown looks piecey and edgy. Try Milbon’s No. 5 cream to style your hair,” describes Ochi.

The most important part of a short haircut for a woman is the balance between the shape of the cut and the bangs. Your stylist should determine the length of your undercut pixie with bangs based on your face shape.

Feathered & Messy Blonde Pixie Cut with Wispy Bangs

Feathered Pixie Cut with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @hairbyduca

Pulling off a feathered pixie cut with wispy bang offers a soft look. Short pixie haircuts with bangs can stay fresh for a very long time. Get regular trims to maintain its shape. When styling, spritz a salt spray to boost its texture.

Textured Pixie For Fine Hair with Bangs

Textured Pixie For Fine Hair with Bangs
Instagram @hairbysamhostad

This is a textured pixie for fine hair with bangs, and it’s edgy! For ladies who want to have a stronger appeal, consider this cut. For the girl with thin tresses, this pixie cut with bangs can offer an illusion of a bulkier result. When styling, finish it off with a balm to create separation and texture.

Brown Pixie Haircut with Full Bangs

Pixie Haircut with Full Bangs
Instagram @bianca_fontana

This is a brown pixie haircut with full bangs that suits ladies with an oval face shape. Bangs slightly break up the form of a bigger forehead. Short pixie hairstyles with bangs like this are always exciting and low maintenance. So opt for this one if you have an active lifestyle and don’t have much time for styling.

Edgy Pixie Bob with Fringe and Volume on Top

Pixie Bob with Fringe and Volume on Top
Instagram @marciavascouto

Perk up a pixie bob with a fringe to complete a soft, younger-looking finish. A pixie haircut with bangs works well on thick hair, making it easy to manipulate into any texture. On another note, a pixie bob

Pixie Undercut for Silver-Haired Women

Pixie undercut for silver haired women
Instagram @soubecas

A pixie undercut for silver-haired women has a textured style on top with clean nape and sides. Beauty therapist Soubecas Ioannis from Greece created this short pixie haircut.

“The undercut with a strict square at the top emphasizes the cheekbones and eyes. This makes the face look much younger,” explains Ioannis. He recommends it for dynamic women of all ages who want to wear something modern.

Short Choppy Pixie with Wispy Bangs and Highlights

Fall in love with this short choppy pixie and bangs with highlights. It was created by stylist and salon owner Cecily Vinegar of Lexington, KY. “Many people seem to think that short hair is masculine. However, a good spiky pixie with tapered sides actually accentuates feminine features,” says Vinegar.

“This tight textured fade and the customized hair color was so much fun to create. The best part of this cut is that the texture allows for lots of styling diversity,” she adds.

This pixie haircut with wispy bangs is for women who are ready for a carefree, versatile pixie. Simply blow-dry with sea salt spray and have fun with some awesome styling paste.