40 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A shaggy pixie cut is a short haircut created with textured and choppy layers. The pixie shag is a great haircut if you have thin hair and want to make it appear thick.

Achieving a wash-and-go haircut is one of the reasons to love pixie haircuts. If you’re blessed with natural wavy or curly tresses, this works wonders. It’s the cut that will boost your hair texture and bring out more movement than ever.

You can consider adding a fringe to a shag haircut to complement your face shape. Feel free to try a different color from your natural one to match your skin complexion. Make the best use of this low-maintenance cut, and opt for a balayage coloring technique.

If you want to know the secret to finding your perfect pixie, read our comprehensive guide with expert tips and details.

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#1: Short with Blonde Balayage

A short, messy cut with blonde balayage adds drama to your style. Creating dimensions with complimentary colors exaggerates the length difference and shaggy layers.

Shaggy Chic and Sassy Platinum Pixie Cut
Instagram @kultura_moscow

#2: Chic and Sassy Platinum Pixie Cut

platinum-blonde pixie cut is a bold, chic, and sassy style. It features soft and textured edges. Pixie cuts need more care than longer cuts because of their tailored look. You should see your hairdresser every 4-6 weeks. This helps keep your style in shape and well-styled.

Shaggy Layers and Mini Bangs for Short Pixie Hair
Instagram @pinkdagger

#3: Shaggy Layers and Mini Bangs for Short Hair

Pixies for longer face shapes pair well with micro-textured bangs. Longer side framing pieces make this style look like a bob but with a consistent pixie shag. The style further emphasizes layers at the crown.

#4: Extra Long Shaggy Pixie

An extra-long, pixie is a great mashup of the early 70s and modern-day magic. The key to this relaxed style is not to overdo it. It’s ideal for medium-thick hair with little to no curl. Blow hair forward and round brush where necessary to give the long bits a little kick.

The Shaggy Pixie Undercuts
Instagram @hairmakesupbee

#5: Edgy Messy Shag with Undercut

Try a pixie style with an undercut that works great on fine tresses. These haircuts offer various lengths of layers to lessen the weight of your thick hair, making it look light.

Denim-Colored Shaggy Pixie Cut
Instagram @todchukstudio

#6: Denim-Colored Shaggy Pixie

This denim-colored style is a show-stopper. The soft hue highlights her skin, bringing out its naturally appealing shades. To prevent drying and color fading, it’s better to wash and style this hairdo less.

Peach Shaggy Pixie Shixie with Fringe
Instagram @hair__lust

#7: Peach Shixie with Fringe

The wave-making shixie haircut is a perfect example, especially when it comes with a peach fringe. The haircut is a fresh style that is a bit shaggy and pixie short. It’s a stylish break from the normal pixie.

#8: Reddish Brown Long Pixie

The reddish brown haircut is a versatile and trendy option for women with short hair. Ask for shaggy layers to increase hair volume and movement. Maintain the longer length for various styling options. For styling this shaggy-finished pixie, begin with damp hair. Apply a volumizing mousse to create definition and separation.

#9: Shagged Pixie with Choppy Ends

A shagged pixie with choppy ends gives some edge to an elegant cut. Having hair this short can be beneficial for many reasons. Little time is needed for styling a rough-textured pixie, which can be styled up or down depending on the occasion. Be aware of the more frequent haircut appointments to maintain the shape, about 4-8 weeks.

Short Bleach Blonde Shaggy Pixie with Black Roots for women in their 30s
Instagram @brianacisneros

#10: Bleach Blonde Shaggy Pixie with Black Roots

A shaggy bleach-blonde pixie with black roots is alluring. If you need to go short and shaggy with your hair, try a pixie or a bixie. All variations of a bob and pixie give your hair beautiful texture and movement. This allows you to spend time minimally on styling. This short, shaggy pixie cut looks good on all hair colors, even with grown-out blondes with a dark regrowth.

#11: Dimensional Shaggy Pixie

Talk to your stylist about a shaggy hairdo to enhance your dimensional color! Opt for a lot of texture that’ll help bring out the dimension in your color. To style, your best bet is to use texturizing products, clay (or similar), and a root spray.

#12: Amazing Pixie Shag with Fringe

Are you in the mood to try a new shape? This amazing pixie shag with fringe may be the thing! My favorite part is the low-maintenance styling. The shape of this unkempt cut allows you to embrace your natural texture and wear it for a bit before your next haircut. When you embrace your natural hair, using products to enhance it is important. My favorite hair cream is Hairstory’s Hair Balm. This product allows you to air dry your natural waves without all the frizz. I suggest washing your hair every 2-3 days for optimum moisture.

Long Shaggy Pixie Cut for Short Hair
Instagram @salontage

#13: Long Shaggy Pixie

Opt for a stunning long shaggy pixie cut. These hairstyles allow your hair to have a textured finish with a subtle effect of movement. To enhance the fullness of your chop, a volumizing mousse can help you get your desired outcome.

Shaggy Pixie with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @aoriststudios

#14: Shaggy Pixie with Curtain Fringe

If you need a low-maintenance style and want to frame your best features, try a shaggy pixie with a curtain fringe. If you can, try flipping the fringe out with a small round brush – this will take some practice. Remember to use a dry wax spray to piece out your style.

Brunette Shaggy Choppy Wavy Pixie
Instagram @hairbybigelow

#15: Brunette Choppy Wavy Pixie

A modern take on a traditional short haircut can be the brunette choppy wavy pixie. My favorite type of short haircut has lots of movement and texture around the face and ears. It’s important to keep wispy pieces around the ears for softness. Ask for lots of texturing when getting a wavy pixie. It’ll keep the shape stylish.

#16: Razor Cut Shaggy Pixie with a Side Part

A shaggy razor-cut pixie with a side part will give fine hair the illusion of height in the crown area. Keep your cut long if you want more volume and versatility. To try a long pixie like this, find a stylist specializing in short haircuts to get the best results.

#17: Mature Shaggy Pixie with Babylights

You’ll look fantastic in a hairstyle with babylights. If you want a shaggy shape, your stylist must leave length in the back and around the ears. Lots of layering, following the head shape, is your best bet to achieve a beautifully textured cut. Fine highlights can be added to give your pixie more dimension, which can help hide greying hair. You’ll want to apply a wax or paste for a messy finish.

Bright Copper Lixie with Bangs and Sideburns
Instagram @thehairhuman

#18: Bright Copper Lixie with Bangs and Sideburns

A lixie paired with bangs and sideburns is a super cute and feminine way to wear your hair. You can have a clean-cut outline to frame around your face in the front, but then go crazy with texture and volume by adding several shorter layers. One of the best ways to achieve texture and create shorter layers is to ask your hairstylist to use a razor, thinning shears, or a point-cutting technique with regular shears when getting into the interior cutting and the crown of the head.

Short Natural Gray Shaggy Pixie Cut
Instagram @lise.marie.hair

#19: Natural Gray Shaggy Pixie

A natural gray shaggy pixie is one of the easiest yet classic styles. If you are easygoing yet want to look more fashionable, this is a great option. Be sure to ask your stylist for tips on styling at home. Styling should be relatively easy, using a setting lotion and blow drying with your hands until dry and in place. Finish your style with a texture paste and hairspray to add the look of movement with hold.

#20: Copper Extra Long Pixie Shag

I highly recommend a copper, extra-long pixie shag for women with medium to fine hair. If you need to keep your natural texture in mind, opting for a warmer color and a choppier cut can create the illusion of fullness throughout. This is because of the shorter length and warmer hue, naturally attracting and reflecting more light.

#21: Shaggy Pixie Mullet

A shaggy pixie mullet might just be what you need to shake up your look. This pixie cut with a shaggy finish is low-maintenance and easy to style, as it embraces your natural hair’s wave pattern for the ultimate cool-girl vibe. Work in a product like Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It and shape the hair with your hands, then let it air dry.

Shaggy pixie cut for square face shapes
Instagram @karenlessing42

#22: Shaggy Pixie Cut for a Square Face

Here’s a great cut if you have a square face shape! A short chop features side-swept bangs to accentuate your eyes and cheekbones. It even offers shorter layers that give movement to your locks when styled with texture.

Shaggy pixie cut for older women in their 50s and 60s
Instagram @salonhalo

#23: Trendy Shaggy Pixie for Older Women

Go for one of the best cuts for older women in their 50s and 60s. Its layers will add volume and dimension to thin, grey hair.

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A long pixie with shaggy bangs
Instagram @annetteluxe

#24: Long Pixie with Shaggy Bangs

A long pixie with bangs is super modern. It offers shorter layers at the top to enhance your natural root volume. With this look, you’ll be a total trendsetter!

#25: A Very Short Shaggy Pixie Bob

Opt for this shaggy pixie bob haircut if you think this is the long and voluminous side fringe you ever needed!

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#26: Shag with Long Bangs

Are you one of those babes who adore soft pixies? If yes, a shag with long bangs must be your next hair goal! The layers will boost the volume of your black hair. You can style it with minimal texture and still look impressive and suave!

Shaggy pixie cut for fine hair
Instagram @lauracodemce

#27: Tapered Shaggy Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, here’s the perfect haircut. With texture added at the top, this look will give your thin locks a fuller-looking style!

Pixie shag for curly hair
Instagram @whosly

#28: Cute Curly Pixie Shag

Feel confident once you flaunt your natural hair. For a voluminous and textured pixie, give this cute curly shag a try. Keep your brown tresses hydrated, and use a sea salt spray for a bouncy-looking result that amps up your curly cut.

Flatting pixie shag cut for oval face shapes
Instagram @ericaesimpson

#29: Flattering for Oval Face Shapes

A shaggy pixie cut flatters oval face shapes because the split bangs make a face appear more symmetrical. Its textured finish works hand in hand with curtain bangs, offering a fresher edge. If picking the best hair color to complement your fair skin tone, never be afraid to go for a copper one.

Short layered pixie shag haircut
Instagram @salonbenders

#30: The Layered Shag

Pull off a short layered shag like this, and feel the funky vibe it offers! Achieve this pixie by opting for a razor cut technique to boost the fullness of your dark tresses. Add texture to the layers because everyone loves a style that screams liveliness!

Shaggy pixie cut for thin hair
Instagram @jpattonsalon

#31: The Best Shaggy Pixie for Thin Hair

A short haircut works best for women with thin hair. It requires a minimal care routine if you have slightly wavy tresses. Spray on a sea salt spray to secure your hair’s natural texture.

perfect pixie for a round face
Instagram @sharcarthyhair

#32: Perfect Pixie for a Round Face

Pixie shags give an excellent overall shape without losing too much length. The layers/texture you see are cut in and reworked to further soften the layers from being too heavy. The hairstyle is great for everyday wear. The graduation in the back already has a built-in shape, so you don’t need to worry about blow-drying the back too much.

shaggy pixie cut for thick hair
Instagram @howdygmornin

#33: Best for Thick Hair

A pixie shag haircut is best for women with thick hair. Plus, it’s easy to style and great for growing out. If you have very thick hair, you’ll get a lot of texture with the layers. With fine hair, you may need to do more styling to achieve the look and adjust the cut a bit.

pixie shag with curtain bangs
Instagram @drethings

#34: Pixie Shag with Curtain Bangs

If you have thin hair and are looking for more density, a pixie shag with curtain bangs is a must-try. The choppy texture of the layers will help to create a thicker, more voluminous look to the hair. The shaggy curtain bangs can hide problem areas on your forehead and help create a more flattering face shape.

pixie shag with side-swept bangs
Instagram @xiphiumsalon

#35: Pixie Shag with Side-Swept Bangs

Try a pixie shag with side-swept bangs for a carefree and messy look while still remaining classy and elegant. Women who are more mature but want a fresh and youthful hairstyle would suit this shaggy layered pixie cut perfectly, as it is easy to style and maintain and has a lifting effect while still being relaxed and natural-looking. The side-swept bangs can work well to slim the face and brighten the eye area. Try using a soft texture paste along with scrunching to add some movement.

long shaggy pixie for women over 50
Instagram @sacaumut

#36: Long Shaggy Pixie for Women Over 50

A shag that is a bit longer and softer is a great choice for women over 50 with short hair. Longer lengths around the face soften features and still give you a trendy appearance. This shape works well on fine hair, and the shorter layers on top give you a fun texture. Try using a wax product emulsified in your hands, then apply it to the dry hair to create the most texture.

#37: Edgy Shaggy Pixie for Women Over 60

Edgy shapes, such as the shaggy pixie, can be worn beautifully by women over 60. Short hair has many benefits, including faster drying time, making hair appear thicker, and taking years off your appearance. Try leaving the back a tad shaggy for the most relevant pixie. Styling is a breeze, with some hair wax added for texture.

#38: Shaggy Bixie Hairstyle for Older Women

A shaggy bixie for older women is a modern twist for that in-between stages of bob and pixie. Shaggy bixie hairstyles make an intentional statement that can be customizable per face shape and client preference. Photos of inspiration during a consultation will help to create a bespoke style.

#39: Blonde Shaggy Pixie with Dark Roots

A blonde shaggy pixie with dark roots is a rocker-chic take on the modern haircut. With pixies, there are plenty of layers on top – but leaving the hair around the ears and neck longer adds an edgy mullet vibe. This haircut pops even more with dimensional color, so consider adding highlights if you have dark hair to help this look shine.

#40: The Asymmetrical Shag

An eye-catching asymmetrical shag in the form of a pixie cut. The light brown shade makes this whole look very youthful and vivid. To recreate tousled hairstyles, style your locks with texture for the layers to pop even more!

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