23 Hairstyles That Will Make You Want Short Hair With Bangs

Short hair with bangs

Take your short hairstyle to the next level with statement-making bangs. Choose a full fringe, side-swept bangs or go bold with a trendy micro-fringe. Here are lots of ideas for short hair with bangs to inspire your next chop!

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Short Ombre With Straight Bangs

Adorable short hair with bangs and ombre color
Credit: Iva Varvarchuk

A short bob with bangs and natural texture paired with an ombre will give you an artsy look.

Neck-Length Bob with Straight Across Bangs

Cute Short Hairstyle with Bangs
Instagram @vinesalonco

One thing that makes for a cute short hairstyle with bangs is getting a rose gold hair color. For a trendy look, request a blunt and beach waves.

Superb Short Cut with Side Bangs

Superb short hair with side bangs
Instagram @chasityshair

By style creator, Chasity Camp
Hairstylist @ Pin Up Salon in Loganville, GA

Turning a bob with wispy layers into a short haircut with side bangs is very low maintenance.

This short cut is super easy for any woman with a slight wave or curl to their hair. The side-swept bangs can add a change to any style without having to lose overall length. A mousse before styling or air drying adds volume and texture that completes this look.

To style:

– Use Tigi Catwalk strong hold mousse at the roots, and Kenra blow dry spray throughout the ends.
– After the blow dry and adding a loose beach wave.
– Sprayed Kenra texture spray through the ends to achieve this piecey style.

Timeless Short Bob With Bangs

By style creator, Janelle
Master Stylist @ Just Janelle Hair Design in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Classic short bobs with bangs never goes out of style. Not to mention a few loose curls can do wonders for a different or more formal style.

For women who don’t wear a far side part to offset any harshness, the right bangs for the face shape add a nice softness to the overall look.

I recommend a good styling cream/volumizer such as Bumble and Bumble Styling Cream and Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity before blow drying on wash days, paired with a multi-purpose shine/anti-frizz spray.

A light finishing hairspray at the end will set the style and a good flat iron definitely helps!

For women who could previously not wear short hair or bangs now benefit from flat irons and texturizing techniques.

The rounder the face, the longer the front length should be to create a slimming silhouette (think a couple of inches below the chin). A side bang will definitely add to that effect. Smaller, “pointier” chins can pretty well pull off any style of bob and bangs, even as short as a 20s-style bob.

As for lifestyle, no, you may not be able to throw your hair up in a topknot for yoga or your run, but a headband will keep your hair out of your face and works just as well. Short haircuts and bangs on ladies look chic and can’t be beaten!

Long Side Swept Bangs for Over 40

Short hair with Long Side Swept Bangs
Instagram @hairbyjennaek

By style creator, Jennae Kunsman
Stylist @ Autumn Houston The Salon & Sunshine Salon in San Diego, CA

A short haircut with side-swept bangs and layers is extremely versatile and can be styled to look good on most women.

This haircut can be a great choice for older women and younger women. It most suits the busy mom who wants a low maintenance, shorter hairstyle with movement, but still wants to be able to pull it back when on the go.

The bangs and face-framing layers make this haircut look great dressed up or down.

This cut best compliments an oval face shape and can be used to help reduce the appearance of a predominant forehead.

Sleek and Swing by Loreal Professional is a great product for this short hairstyle. This awesome duo is lightweight and doesn’t feel sticky in the hair, but allows for a great hold and helps eliminate frizz for a smooth and polished finish.

Style with a blow dryer and a round brush for volume and to accentuate the layers.

Short Layered Bob with Bangs

Short layered bob with bangs

By style creator, Jason Jamiel
Master Stylist @ HOTBOX Salon in Las Vegas, NV

This short layered bob with bangs has lots of freehanded texture that creates a lot of movement.

The cut has more of a lived-in look that allows you to wear it numerous ways.

This type of short haircut is great for women who like adventure, but still has a love for the classics.

Ladies with fine hair may benefit from a little less texture, while coarse-haired ladies will benefit from more texture.

A solid fringe will work better on long faces and a textured or longer fringe to the side will help open up shorter faces.

To style:

– Towel dry the hair.
– Apply Davines All In One Milk for further moisture and repair,
– Add Neuma NeuStyling Gelee for volume.
– Finish the look using Fatboy Sea Salt Pommade to bring out the texture of the cut.

Long Heavy Bangs

Short hair with heavy bangs
Instagram @lindsayroarty

By style creator, Lindsay Roarty
Artistic Director @ Douglas Carroll Salon in Raleigh, NC

If you want a simple and natural short haircut, try this modern shag with heavy bangs. The bangs draw attention to someone’s eyes and the loose shag is a soft look for most anyone.

This short style is for the low maintenance gal that is looking for a trendy new style. This shape could work at most lengths from a short bob at the chin to long past the shoulders. I would recommend it for women with with thicker, medium texture hair.

The fringe would look great on just about any face shape such as oval, square, rectangular or heart shaped. It will soften and draw attention to the cheekbones and eyes.

To style:

– Apply Gel Défrisant (straightening gel) by René Furterer on to hair wet.
– Smooth and straightened the bangs
– Diffuse in your mid-shaft and ends to create a soft wavy texture.
– Once hair i dry, use Texture Wave by Shu Uemera to give a lived-in look. It’s a great finishing product for texture and waves.

Modern Short Wavy Bob and Long Bangs

Modern short wavy bob with long bangs
Instagram @kelsey.withthegoodhair

By style creator, Kelsey Wickersham
Hairstylist / Hairdresser @ Tarver Hill Salon in Austin, TX

This is a very modern and fun short wavy bob with long bangs. It’s sassy and can be styled to look more professional, or messy and beachy. It’s a good look for multiple personalities!

This is a great short hairstyle for women in their 30’s and 40’s. But really anyone can pull it off if they can work with it.

For wash and go people, this style will work best if you don’t get the bangs and have natural wavy or straight hair. It’s best for women with fine hair.

To style:

– Use a Babyliss or Hot Tools 1/2 to 1-inch curling iron.
– Once you’ve created the curls, spray Oribe Texture Spray to separate and give texture to the curls.
– Run your fingers through the curls to break them up, and finish off with some Oribe Workable Hairspray and Oribe Anti-Humidity Spray.

Tapered Long Pixie Cut Bangs for Over 60

tapered long pixie cut with short bangs for over 60
Instagram @hairbylindsayracca

By style creator, Lindsay Racca
Hair Artist / Owner @ Vivid Studio in Baton Rouge, LA

This is a platinum blonde tapered short pixie cut with short bangs and is the perfect low-maintenance cut.

Puff.Me is a great product that creates a messy texture.

If you have a platinum blonde color use Kevin Murphy Blonde.Angel to keep your hair healthy and brass-free.

For styling, you can flat iron it, curl it, pin it, or just let it go natural, depending on the desired look and the specific lifestyle of the client.

It’s the perfect short hairstyle for ladies over 60 with bangs!

Sassy Angled Bob with Bangs

By style creator, Jenna Herbert
Independent Stylist @ Filomena Salon and Spa in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

This short angled bob with bangs has ‘lil bit of sass! It’s a great look for women who aren’t super edgy, but are tired of their boring old cut.

It can be styled smooth and sleek when you want to look more polished but also styled with mega texture to create more fun, lived-in style.

Use a volumizer product like Unite Boosta spray. It is lightweight so it can be used on all hair textures. I also recommend finishing dry hair with Unit Texturiza spray. It’s a dry texture spray that adds volume, pieceyness and texture to all hair types.

This a great short cut and style except for women with super curly hair. They can wear this style, but must be committed to putting in the work to blow it out and flat iron it section by section every day.

The length and angle can be altered to suit any face shape. It lends length and more volume in the sides for long faces and more length with less volume through the sides for rounder faces.

Chin Length Bob with Deep Side Bangs

By style creator, Georgia Reed
Stylist / Balayage Artist @ Stellar Salon in Sterling, IL

A chin length bob with deep side bangs and lived-in texture is sassy soft.

It is perfect for women with medium textured hair who are looking for a more soft, but deeper set bang. Rounder face shapes work well with this cut because of the diagonal forward lines that hit right under the chin. This helps give the appearance of an elongated shape.

To style:

– Use 1-inch curling iron/wand
– Colorproof Crazy Smooth Oil to work through the curl for definition and shine
– Add Puff Me hair powder for the base of the hair to add grip and volume.
– You can also finish with Colorproof Texture Charge Spray for added texture throughout.

Asymmetrical Bob with Wispy Bangs

Creative asymmetrical short bob hair cut with bangs
Instagram @ahlee.kweli

By style creator, Ahlee Kweli
Hairstylist @ Juju Salon & Organics in Philadelphia, PA

This short asymmetrical cut with wispy bangs is for women with straight, fine hair. It’s not your “run of the mill” bob.

Asymmetry plus textured choppy bangs spark a fire!

This is done best as a precision cut on fine, straight hair. So it will need to be cut specifically to compliment your head shape, with cowlicks and “problem” areas in mind so that styling can be rather simple.

Because of the asymmetry, this cut is more forgiving than conventional “bobs.” That being said, it’s a style that would translate well on round and oval face shapes, and even oblong and square shapes depending on the length of the longer portion.

Box Bob Cut With Baby Bangs

Awesome short box bob with a microfringe
Instagram @hannahstylist1234

By style creator, Hannah Mole
Hairstylist @ Bad Apple Hair Salon in Birmingham, UK

And edgy and textured box bob with micro bangs is a classic cut with a modern twist. The fringe is a focal point and is a great way to make a statement and stand out.

For products, I recommend Bed Head’s Queen For a Day for volume, hold and texture, cocktailed with a bit of Ego Boost for the ends. I would finish off with a spritz of Masterpiece hairspray for shine, hold and texture.

Full fringes typically suit women with oval or longer faces. The micro-fringe adds an element of edginess to someone’s style, so it would suit people who like to stand out and make a statement.

This short hairstyle is best suited for straighter, sleek hair as it shows off the style best. However, it would still be possible to achieve on other hair types, but some would need to put more effort into styling it.

Jaw-Length Asymmetrical Cut with Bangs

By style creator, Nikki Dee
Stylist @ Tiger Eye Hair in San Diego, CA

This cute short hair with bangs is versatile and hip. If you have a very symmetrical face, an asymmetrical fringe can really open up your beautiful eyes!

For styling:

– Start with the One Prep Spray which provides amazing heat protection,
– Cocktail a little High Dive and Tinsel to give ultimate moisture and shine.
– Finish the look with a flat wrap blow dry and polished with my Bioionic iron.

Ear-Length Pixie Cut with Bangs

Dazzling a-line bob with bangs and dark burgundy hair color
Instagram @breedoeshair

By style creator, Bree Maglinao
@ Sassoon Salon in Costa Mesa, CA

An A-line bob with soft rounded bangs has a nice contrast to the strength of the line and adds a bit more of an edgy feel to the classic shape. It works great on women with straight, wavy or curly hair. If you have thin hair, it will add fullness.

This is also a cut that has some versatility for different lifestyles. There is enough length to work with for it to be straightened, curled, waved or tied back.

To style:

– Use a light oil and a leave-in conditioner with thermal protection in damp hair.
– Wrap with a Vess brush
– Flat iron to finish.

Short Blunt Bob with Brow Skimming Bangs

By style creator, Carli Scroggins
Hairstylist @ Salon 5014 in Dallas, TX

A one-length blunt bob with heavy blunt bangs is a great short hair cut for women with fine hair that want a bold and classic look.

It works well on a long face shape due to the bangs and will always look best on people with long necks. I would not recommend this for women who like a lot of volume and/or movement. It is a fairly flat and static style.

Also, if you have a difficult hairline at the nape, ask your stylist for an undercut to ensure that it lays nice and straight in the back.

Short Curly Hair with Curly Bangs

A feminine short hair with bangs and blonde hair
Instagram @hairgarbage

By style creator, Ashly O’Neil
Stylist / Color Specialist @ Twig Hair Salon in Boulder, CO

This short hair with bangs is very modern, feminine and with a bit of edge. It has structural precision with the softness of the round lines. This shape is bold and makes a statement, so it’s not for the shy. People will be turning heads and complimenting this cut consistently!

To style:

– Use a product with a bit of hold and volume such as R+Co Park Ave before blow-drying with a flat brush.
– Blow dry with a flat brush.
– Finish it out with a shine spray with minimal to no hold such as Unite 7 Second Glossing Spray.

Very Short Hair with Full Bangs

A modern short hair with bangs and jet black hair
Instagram @ml_styling

By style creator, Michael Lucero
Aveda Senior Stylist @ Scott J Salon in New York, NY

This short hair with bangs is the modern Joan Jett. This cut has short and choppy layers, partnered with a soft wispy bangs.

The layers around the face can bring out high cheekbones and the soft bangs frame your gorgeous eyes.

To style:

– Apply Aveda’s Texture Tonic on damp hair
– Let it air dry.
– Finish by separating the layers with the Defining Whip.

Graduated Bob with Side Bangs for Older Women

By style creator, Mary Palmisano
Hairstylist @ Impressions Salon in Mequon, WI

This is a short angled bob with short layers with side-swept bangs that longer with a short softer fringe laying underneath. It will give you the appearance of having more hair than you really do. It is easy to style for ladies that have a medium texture with a slight wave.

To style:

– Prep towel dried hair with Pureology’s Root Lift for added height.
– Through the ends, use a medium lightweight gel lik Gold Definer by Pureology
– Blow dry with a round brush.
– Finish with Pureology’s Supreme Control Hairspray.

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Super Short Cropped Cut with Fringe

Super Short Haircut with Bangs
Instagram @virag_hair

A super short crop with bangs gives a chic and savvy look. It’s perfect for the adventurer that tries out new things.

Short Shag with Curtain Bangs

By style creator, Dana Parsloe
Hairstylist @ Hair by Dana in Revelstoke, BC

A short shag with choppy bangs is perfect for the mom on the go. It’s easily styling textured choppy bangs can add softness to your face shape without the effort of styling with heat.

Short shags will open up your face and frame rather than hide. It’s great for accentuating your beauty!

Short Layered Cut with Long Side Bangs

Super Chic Layered Haircut with Bangs
Instagram @rachel.lott.hair

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