23 Short Hair with Bangs Hairstyle Ideas (Photos Included)

Short hair with bangs

A wide variety of short hairstyles with bangs allows every lady to have a fresh look to flaunt each day. These are any ear to neck-length chop with a few strands cut across the forehead to frame and flatter the face.

If you’re hesitant in cutting some length from your locks, you must know that it looks great on every woman. Hairstylist Vicki Felan from Burleson, TX says to “go for it!” She adds, “Pick a style that will work best with your hair type and face shape.”

Bobs and pixie cuts are sometimes challenging to achieve, so stylists should be cautious.

Felan emphasizes, “It’s hard to get just right around the perimeter. The amount of bangs is often tricky to figure out. What works for one woman doesn’t always work for the next.”

Be ready to keep up with the maintenance and its demand for styling. Bangs have to be styled every day. Hairstyles for short hair aren’t the get-up-and-go type of trend.

During a consultation, tell your stylist how much time you’re willing to spend on your hair in the morning. Felan notes that some hair textures take more work to style each day.

“What’s important is to make you feel your best with your new haircut,” she states. “If you like a blow-and-go kind of style, give your stylist time to conceptualize the perfect cut for you.”

This is your sign to get a fresh chop. Find your favorites amongst these photos of the trendiest short hairstyles with bangs!

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Very Short Hair with Full Bangs and Choppy Layers

very short hair with full bangs and chopped layers
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

This short hair with bangs is the modern grunge Joan Jett. This cut has short and choppy layers, partnered with soft wispy bangs.

The layers around the face can bring out high cheekbones and the soft short bangs frame your gorgeous eyes.

How to style short haircuts with bangs:

– Apply Aveda’s Texture Tonic on damp hair
– Let it air dry.
– Finish by separating the layers with the Defining Whip.

Undercut with Choppy Bangs

Short hair with undercut and choppy bangs
Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

If looking for something edgy, try an undercut with choppy bangs and a lavender hue for a feminine style. To achieve the choppy piece-y bangs, the stylist must approach it by doing deep point cuts. Haze Styling Powder by Evo is a go-to product for fuss-free hair and an effortless style.

Neck-Length Bob with Straight Across Bangs

Neck-Length Bob with Straight Across Bangs
Instagram @vinesalonco

One thing that makes for a cute short hairstyle with bangs is getting a rose gold hair color. For trendy short hair with fringe, request a blunt and beach waves.

Super Short Cut with Side Bangs for Thick Hair

Super Short Cut with Side Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @salsalhair

A short haircut with bangs is great for women with thin or thick hair. For women with fine hair, it creates more illusions of thickness, and long side-swept bangs add shape and style. A super short cut with side bangs for thick hair would need texturizing and weight taken off to create movement. Style with a straightening iron to create a bend in the hair for soft waves.

Short Ombre With Straight Bangs

Short Ombre With Straight Bangs
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

Choose a short ombre with straight bangs if you want a bob and have a round face. On a short haircut, the bangs falling over the forehead with the depth of the dark base adds height to the head, which visually elongates the face and adds a slimmer feel.

Timeless Short Bob and Bangs

Classic short bobs with bangs never go out of style. Not to mention a few loose curls can do wonders for a more formal style or night out with the girls. This timeless red short bob with bangs was created by master stylist Janelle of Vancouver, BC.

For women who don’t wear a far side part to offset any harshness, the right front bangs for the face shape add a nice softness to the overall style.

For styling, Janelle suggests you use a good styling cream/volumizer such as Bumble and Bumble Styling Cream and Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity before blow drying on wash days, paired with a multi-purpose shine/anti-frizz spray.

“For women who could previously not wear short hair or bangs now benefit from flat irons and texturizing techniques,” she adds.

The rounder the face, the longer the front length should be to create a slimming silhouette (think a couple of inches below the chin). A side bang will definitely add to that effect. Smaller, “pointier” chins can pretty well pull off any style of bob and bangs, even as short as a 20s-style bob.

Medium to Short Hair with Long Side Swept Bangs for Over 40

long side swept bangs for over 40
Instagram @chrisjones_hair

Pull off a messy short haircut with side swept bangs, and look youthful more than ever! This one offers the best long side-swept bangs for over 40. It only takes an inch curling iron and some scrunching to achieve such texture and movement on brown short hair with feminine bangs. Finish your short hair bangs off with a texturizing spray and let your hair do the talking.

Long Heavy Bangs on Short Hair

Long Heavy Bangs on Short Hair
Instagram @shanecraighair

Long heavy bangs on short hair add a strong face-framing effect. They also work great for women with longer face shapes. Short hairstyles are already great for longer face shapes, but to get a full effect, adding a longer heavy fringe that grazes the brow, will give the ultimate face-contouring effect.

Tapered Long Pixie Cut Bangs for Over 60

tapered long pixie cut with bangs for women over 60
Instagram @elisabeth.joy.hairstylist

Scared of getting short tresses? Tell you what—you shouldn’t be. You can turn it into a flattering short asymmetrical cut or a chic tapered long pixie with bangs for over 60. This short haircut with bangs for ladies over 60 appears lovelier on natural white locks.

Ear-Length Pixie Cut with Bangs

ear-length pixie cut with bangs
Instagram @hairbymarselie

This is one of those short hair styles for women where edginess meets elegance! Wear this ear-length pixie cut with bangs, and flaunt your new short fringe with so much flair. Pulling it off with a blonde shade will flatter your light or neutral skin complexion.

Short Curly Bob with Curly Bangs

Short Curly Bob with Curly Bangs
Instagram @aaronscottlacy

Give a short curly bob with curly bangs a go to maximize your volume and boost your texture. Curls instantly bounce up with shorter lengths. Add rounded layers to get some oomph into your shape that blends perfectly into the face-framing bangs. Short curly hair with curly bangs is an instant lift to your hair and your facial structure.

Graduated Bob with Side Bangs for Older Women

This is a short angled bob with short layers and side-swept bangs that are longer with short softer fringes laying underneath. This blonde bob was created by hairstylist Mary Palmisano of Mequon, WI. “It will give you the appearance of having more hair than you really do. It is easy to style for ladies that have a medium texture with a slight wave,” states Palmisano.

To style:

– Prep towel-dried hair with Pureology’s Root Lift for added height.
– Through the ends, use a medium-lightweight gel-like Gold Definer by Pureology
– Blow-dry with a round brush.
– Finish with Pureology’s Supreme Control Hairspray.

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Edgy Short Shag with Curtain Bangs

Short Shag Haircut with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @shana.dlynn

Try a short shag with curtain bangs for hair that’s easy to style and maintain. A gorgeous low-maintenance short shaggy ‘do with choppy bangs like this one is perfect for the mom on the go. Its easily-styling textured choppy bangs add softness around the face without effort. Short shags open up and frame the face rather than hide it.

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Short Layered Cut with Long Side Bangs

short layered hair cut with long side bangs
Instagram @_the_ashdoeshair

This is a short layered cut with long side bangs, enhanced with a generous amount of texture. It’s short hair with side bangs on a stacked haircut. The shorter length appears edgy, but the side bangs look flirty and youthful.

Short Blunt Bob with Brow Skimming Bangs

short blunt bob with brow skimming bangs
Instagram @erickinvisible

This short blunt bob with brow-skimming bangs looks modern and feminine. For women who are down to wear bold and classic styles, a blunt bob with bangs is the one to opt for. Paint it with a lovely blonde shade for a much refreshing finish.

Short Layered Bob with Bangs

short layered bob cut with bangs
Instagram @hushsalondubai

This short layered bob with bangs is a must-try, especially if you have fine-textured hair. Short cuts like this keep natural hair looking fuller and voluminous. This is a bob with bangs that doesn’t only give a chic, youthful style. The chop has layers that create an illusion of natural movement, too!

Super Short Cropped Cut with Fringe

super short cropped cut with fringe bangs
Instagram @marlenakairos_edu

Try this super short cropped cut with a fringe to achieve a chic and savvy style. As for hair type, it works better on wavy hair texture, making it look great without any effort. However, as seen in the image above, straight hair works well with this style, too.  Plus, this classy hairstyle gives fine tresses a fuller effect, too!

Modern Short Wavy Bob and Long Bangs

short wavy bob and long bangs
Instagram @pepperhairau

With this modern short wavy bob and long bangs, you may want to chop off your locks now. It’s a great short hairstyle for women in their 30’s and 40’s with finer hair and naturally wavy texture. This short wavy bob is parted in the middle, so the long bangs can gracefully frame the face.

Short Angled Bob with Bangs

Short Angled Bob with Bangs
Instagram @austinwells_hair

Choose a short angled bob with bangs to lengthen and slim down a wider or fuller face. The angled length keeps a strong structure in the shape, and with the bangs adding some squareness, it balances against rounder features. Another benefit is the length dropping down as it falls through the sides, which also visually narrows your appearance.

Chin Length Bob with Deep Side Bangs

chin length bob with deep side bangs
Instagram @sergeyshapochka

A chin-length bob with deep side bangs looks so fresh and classy when jazzed up with a blonde hue. The chop can soften a sharp jawline. It’s perfect for women with medium textured hair who are looking for a softer and deeper set of bangs.

Asymmetrical Bob with Wispy Bangs

short asymmetrical bob with wispy bangs
Instagram @anhcotran

This is an asymmetrical bob with wispy bangs, which appears great with or without waves. Beauties with fine hair are sure to love this short asymmetrical cut on them. Asymmetry plus textured choppy bangs create a style that’s the bomb! Conventional bobs like this suit any face shape depending on the length of the longer portion of the cut. Spice it up even more by asking your stylist for asymmetrical bangs!

Bob Cut With Baby Bangs

Bob Cut With Baby Bangs
Instagram @kultura_moscow

Rock a bob cut with baby bangs to add life to your textured, finer hair. Taking length off your hair to a short hairstyle enhances fullness in your length. Make it extra cute by adding super short bangs. The textured feel on the fringe works on women with a smaller forehead due to the shorter and longer lengths, which open up the face.

Jaw-Length Asymmetrical Cut with Bangs

Jaw-Length Asymmetrical Cut with Bangs
Instagram @manesby.morgan

Such a jaw-length asymmetrical cut with bangs is a gem! This cute short hair with bangs is versatile, hip, and fun to wear. It can give fine tresses a more bouncy vibe. No doubt—it’s the asymmetrical fringe that really suits an asymmetrical face.