45 Types of Choppy Pixie Cuts Women Are Asking for This Year

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A choppy pixie is a textured and piece-y, ear-length crop that’s perfect for bold women. It’s composed of tons of layers to create extra volume and fullness to the hair.

Beware, this bold and feminine pixie cut can totally bring more attention to your face. Stylist Jennalee Warren from Worcester, MA explains, “The right short cut can accentuate a lady’s features and elevate her look.”

Shorter haircuts are easier to prep than the longer ones, yet these demand styling. It makes a massive difference in the tressess’ overall finish.

What’s tricky about a pixie is its lack of versatility. “If you’re someone that likes to change your hairdo every day, this chop may not be for you,” Warren warns.

A consultation would always be beneficial to gals wanting to try such trends. Ask whatever questions you have. Share stories about your lifestyle since your new hair may affect it.

“You and your stylist can take little bits you enjoy about the cuts and combine them to customize a style,” says Warren.

Warren suggests not to plan the cut in a very structured manner. “Using a razor and paying attention to what you’re carving out of the mane is key for a great textured look.”

Browse through these photos and check out the trendiest choppy pixie cuts for a fresh chop! If you want tips and details on choosing a pixie cut, read our guide.

Punk Pixie Cut for Platinum Short Hair
Instagram @amyspencerhair
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#1: Punk Pixie Cut for Platinum Short Hair

Embrace your short hair with a punk pixie style! Notice the darker undercut really showcases the angles of the lighter hair on top. Keeping some of the choppiest pieces longer maintains a feminine look. For added height, dry hair thoroughly and use a molding paste to place hair.

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#2: Wispy Fringe on a Choppy Pixie

This style features a wispy fringe on a choppy pixie. If you wish to add more texture, consider a razor-cut short shag. If you have thick hair, consider adding extra texture and thinning it out for a lighter look. If you have finer hair, a razor cut is good for adding texture without needing much extra thinning. This is a great style for round and diamond face shapes with its asymmetrical parting.

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#3: Ashy Platinum Pixie Cut

If you need a hairstyle that gives an edgy and playful vibe, try the ashy platinum pixie cut. The platinum color not only offers a unique and bright feel but also provides a lot of texture to accentuate volume and a spiky, wispy length. For home styling, use matte clay to shape your hair and a flexible hold spray to keep your style fresh all day.

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#4: High Stacked Choppy Pixie Bob

The high-stacked choppy pixie bob is a bold and edgy hairstyle that combines elements of a bob and a pixie. With stacked layers and a choppy texture, this unique look adds volume and movement to the hair. I recommend going nice and short in the back to achieve this look while maintaining length and volume around the ears. It’s also important that this hairstyle has defined, separated sections. Be sure to inform your stylist that you want a wispy, airy texture.

The Choppiest Pixie Cut for Short Hair
Instagram @zinoveva_elena
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#5: The Choppiest Pixie Cut

The choppiest pixie cut makes a dynamic short hairdo. We can add choppy layers for it to give the hair texture and motion and bring a fun, young look. This hairstyle fits all kinds: straight, wavy, curly. The layers change based on hair texture and face shape. This cut is easy to maintain and style, hence it is a top pick for busy women.

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#6: Short Choppy Pixie Crop with Dark Roots

Try this short choppy pixie crop with a dark root for a super textured style! The dark root will give you a softer grow-out and added depth. All the layers will help keep this look easy to style with lots of movement.

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#7: Dark Copper Swept Pixie

Try a shade of dark copper with a heavily textured, side-swept pixie cut if you’re looking for a fun, wash-and-go style. I suggest using a pomade or hair wax to define the texture more.

Long Choppy Pixie Makeover for older ladies with aging hair
Instagram @soubecas
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#8: Long Choppy Pixie Makeover

Try this long choppy pixie makeover if you want a new way to wear your hair! Always try to plan your salon visits ahead of time to ensure you keep this haircut in perfect shape!

Choppy Pixie with Beautiful Highlights
Instagram @zinoveva_elena
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#9: Choppy Pixie with Beautiful Highlights

A choppy pixie with highlights is a fun and playful hairstyle that adds dimension to any hair type. The choppy layers are strategically placed to highlight different parts of the face. This makes it a great option to opt for if you want to accentuate your features. This haircut works best for women with thin or fine hair, as it adds thickness and movement. To style a choppy pixie, I suggest starting with damp hair. Apply a volumizing mousse at the roots for added lift. Blow dry with a round brush, flipping the ends outwards for extra texture. Finish off with a texturizing spray for a piecey and effortless look.

Blonde Balayage on a Choppy Pixie for older ladies with short thin hair
Instagram @mayfaironmain
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#10: Blonde Balayage on a Choppy Pixie

Blonde balayage on a choppy pixie is a great way to give fine and short hair more texture and depth. The lighter hues in your hair create dimension, while the choppy layers add body and movement. This style suits older women who want to freshen up their overall look. The pixie cut is easy to maintain and style, making it perfect for the busy lifestyle. Use a pomade before you blow dry to keep your hairstyle looking great all day. Then finish with the same product to add texture.

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#11: Finger-Styled Choppy Pixie Cut

A finger-styled choppy pixie cut can be a great hairstyle for ladies with short hair. This low-maintenance cut boasts textured layers that add volume and depth to the hair. Ideal for those with oval or heart faces, this haircut can elongate the face, making it more angular. Adding color to the hair can also enhance the choppiness and texture of the cut, making it more dynamic.

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#12: Pixie Cut with Choppy Layers and Fringe

pixie cut with choppy layers and fringe allows for multiple styles. The layers give texture with a more relaxed finish to the haircut. I advise anyone wanting to try something short to go for it! And ask your stylist for ways to style it and the proper products when you get it cut so you don’t get bored or frustrated.

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#13: Metallic Pink Choppy Pixie Cut

Give a choppy metallic pink pixie cut a try. With my years of experience, I have found anybody can pull off a pixie. It depends on the length and shape you choose to fit your lifestyle, personality, and face shape. Don’t be afraid to go short. Try an undercut crop pixie like this if you have an oval, round, or heart face shape. It works great for fine textures and can be textured more for thicker hair.

Choppy Fringe with a Spikey Top on a Choppy Pixie Cut for women with golden blonde hair
Instagram @felix.lynn
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#14: Choppy Fringe with a Spikey Top

Consider a spiky top with a choppy fringe. If you can work with your hairline cowlicks, you can create a fun texture for an extra lift. For a pear face shape, pull hair forward around the temples to create some width with a choppy pixie.

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#15: Choppy and Layered Pixie

A choppy and layered pixie is a chic and edgy cut. The nape and around the ears keep it soft. The layers and texture make it youthful and edgy for the best combination. If you can, 4-6 week maintenance will be needed to keep things tidy and from overgrowing.

Dark Brown Piecey Choppy Pixie
Instagram @salsalhair
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#16: Dark Brown Piecey Pixie

The dark brown piecey pixie, a short haircut for the edgy, effortless girl. Ask your stylist for the best styling cream for your natural texture. Or, ask for a lesson on creating waves with a flat iron to add bendability to this soft, sexy haircut.

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#17: Coppery Piecey Pixie with Bangs and Sideburns

Go for the bold with a coppery piecey pixie with bangs and sideburns. When you wear your hair with messy and choppy layers it will give your fine hair more texture and body. Using a texture paste is a must to get a piecey undone style. Dyeing your hair a bright copper will warm up your skin tone for a glowing and beautiful complexion.

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#18: Bright Blonde Pixie with Dark Roots

Bright blonde pixies have a short life before they showcase natural growth. They can look rather trendy with dark roots. If you wish to go for long periods between visits, you can always range from 4-6 weeks. However, the closer the retouches are the more you can keep a bright blonde color.

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#19: Champagne Blonde Lixie

If you’re a woman with finer hair and a wider set forehead, instead of a long bob, try a pixie. The shorter layers along with Bed Head’s Queen for a Day spray, help your hair appear fuller. A side-swipe bang or longer fringe can narrow your forehead. Make sure you ask your stylist for their recommended styling products. That way you get the most out of your cut’s style.

Cute Choppy Pixie with Micro Bangs
Instagram @joeprofita
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#20: Cute Choppy Pixie with Micro Bangs

If you want to do less with your hair and more with your style a cute choppy pixie with micro bangs may be your best bet. If you want, maintenance may vary from 4-8 weeks. Ask your stylist about your hair growth. That will determine how often you’ll get into the salon.

Alluring Long Choppy Pixie
Instagram @sacamedya
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#21: Alluring Long Choppy Pixie

If you’re searching for a softer style, consider a long choppy pixie. When you mention a pixie to your stylist, pay attention to the length around your ears. Leaving the ears covered changes the cut to a much softer shape. And, it gives you the versatility of tucking the sides. If you need to add texture to your strands make sure you apply a paste to show off the choppy layers. Try blow drying with your hands for a more natural finish.

Platinum Choppy Pixie with Choppy Fringe
Instagram @kurzehaare
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#22: Platinum Pixie with Fringe

A platinum pixie with fringe is great for the woman who loves non-traditional styles. Adding crown layering and piece texture can keep the style youthful and playful. It’s important to use proper stylers to get a pieced-out look. Try Paul Mitchells Spray Wax for added definition.

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#23: Extra Choppy Long Pixie

A fun, new cut we love is an extra choppy long pixie. The choppy layers make it easy to add texture and shape when styling. One of the best ways to style this layered pixie cut is with a flat iron and texture spray. Use a volumizing lotion before rough drying your hair. Once it’s completely dry, flat iron your hair straight out from the direction of growth. To finish, you will flip your head upside down and spray with texture spray, give it a few shakes and flip back.

Choppy Pixie with Balayage for Older Ladies
Instagram @ittaribeiro
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#24: Choppy Pixie with Balayage for Older Ladies

Try rocking a choppy pixie with balayage if you’re an older lady. This easy-breezy cut is as simple as wash-and-go. To wear your hair in a messy style use some texturizing paste. Use your fingers to mess it up and go. I would use my shears and chip into the edges to get a more soft feminine feel.

Beautiful Very Short Choppy Pixie Haircut
Instagram @vanillasalonsp
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#25: Beautiful Very Short Choppy Pixie Haircut

A short choppy pixie haircut is for anyone who is on the go and doesn’t want to spend too much time fussing over the style. The messier the better and it can all be done in 5 minutes or less. A textured pixie cut mixed with soft wispy hair around the ear adds to the playfulness of the cut, which can easily be styled right out of bed with a light pomade.

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Naturally White Textured Choppy Pixie Cut
Instagram @marcyhod
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#26: Naturally White Textured Pixie Cut

Naturally white hair looks great in a textured pixie cut. Transform yourself with a trendy short style. Pay attention to the length around the ears and back. I suggest a soft taper, so your undercut does not look bald. The top should be short and choppy, with bits hanging over the undercut. This will create a great dimension and interest.

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#27: Edgy Choppy Pixie with Buzzed Sides

Buzzed sides on a short choppy pixie is more than a little edgy! Great for any hair type, especially thick hair that needs to lose some bulk. The sides of this choppy undercut pixie blend flawlessly with the tapered back and nape. Even if you have some curl, this funky, piece-y choppy pixie cut for thick hair can easily be obtained by flat ironing and adding hair paste and a light spray.

Boyish Choppy Pixie with Fringe
Instagram @eduardomagri9
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#28: Boyish Choppy Pixie with Fringe

Keeping a heavy fringe on a choppy pixie adds so much softness around the perimeter of the cut. Choppy pixie hairstyles don’t have to be boxy and boyish to be edgy and cute. Keeping the layers soft and messy is just as easy to style as it doesn’t need to be overdone.

When styling a choppy pixie cut with bangs, blow-dry hair towards the face, and finish with texture spray for light hold and a lived-in look.

Chocolatey Feathered Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @marciomello
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#29: Chocolatey Feathered Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs on a feathered pixie add a lot of character to a short style. Consider this chic option when wanting a more feminine take on a sassy cut that also accentuates your cheekbones. Super short at the nape and back of the head, the hair blends toward the front with longer, textured layers. Style forward and piece-y in the back and don’t be afraid to get messy with it.

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#30: Flattering Pixie Bob with Choppy Layers

Angled and choppy layers just above the chin is the perfect pixie bob combo. Cropped and stacked super short in the back, plus layered with tons of texture, this cut is great for fine to medium hair as it tends to add the illusion of fullness. This layered pixie cut is a great step to help you decide if you’re ready for shorter hair. Style this short choppy pixie bob haircut with loose waves by bending the hair with a flat iron and finishing with a texture spray.

Eye-Catching Choppy Pixie with Baby Bangs
Instagram @chroma.moscow
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#31: Eye-Catching Choppy Pixie with Baby Bangs

Disconnection is the name of the game with this chopped pixie and baby bangs. Very eye-catching and easy to style, this edgy pixie cut is great for most hair types, as long as you’re willing to book frequent salon appointments as this unique shape will require more maintenance. Blow-dry forward from the crown and really piece out the longer bits with a pomade or paste when pulling off a tousled choppy pixie.

Voluminous Pixie Crop
Instagram @daveydoeshair_
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#32: Voluminous Pixie Crop

A voluminous pixie crop is for women’s thick voluminous hair, too! Don’t let a lot of locks hold you back from going for the big chop. Notice the edges are clean cut then tapered up to the parietal ridge, connecting the choppy pixie fade to where the soft choppy layers begin. Be sure to keep the texturizing towards the ends of the hair as cutting close to the scalp will cause shorter hairs to stick straight up.

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#33: Platinum Spiky Pixie with Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs on a spiky pixie make for an edgy haircut that gives you instant confidence. This style looks amazing on all facial features of an oval face shape. Consider using Aveda Control Paste to give your pixie the spiky look and hold it all day.

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#34: Brown Choppy Pixie Crop with Sideburns

A choppy cropped pixie on brown hair can give texture and spunk to your style. Choppy pixie styles are a great choice for women with wavy hair. It’s for those who don’t color their hair because they add dimension without the upkeep of color. Try a small barrel curling iron to give a wavy look to your pixie.

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#35: Grunge Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Get your grunge on with an asymmetrical pixie. Super short on one side and blending into a bob length on the other is an accessory unto itself. Choppy cuts can be as unique as the person wearing them. From the micro bangs on down, this pixie can be blown out and styled with a round brush for lift at the root to smoothness on the longest parts.

Spicy Blonde Messy Pixie Cut
Instagram @lalalindsey814
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#36: Spicy Blonde Messy Pixie Cut

Ladies with short hair may be looking to spice up their hairstyle and a messy pixie cut is the best way to go. A choppy pixie hairstyle is best when styled with extra texture, volume, body, and many layers.

White Shaggy Pixie Cut for Choppy Hair
Instagram @denovosalon_
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#37: White Shaggy Pixie Cut for Choppy Hair

A shaggy pixie cut is best for choppy hair as the curls and layers give extra body, volume and the illusion of fuller hair. The cut works like a charm for textured types like wavy and curly hair. A choppy pixie cut for a round face like this blonde pixie is best styled with extra texture and grit for that added movement and volume.

Trendy and Low-Maintenance Pixie
Instagram @alexei.fedorko
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#38: Trendy and Low-Maintenance Pixie

Ladies with straight hair wanting a trendy, low-maintenance pixie cut should ask their stylist for short, graduated sides and longer, spiky layers at the top for the extra volume. Extra texturizing may be needed for the added volume.

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#39: Tousled Choppy Pixie Cut for Women Over 50

Women over 50 may want a choppy pixie cut for thin hair since they are easy to style, maintain and give the impression of fuller hair. Choppy pixie cuts for over 50 have many options but tends to have many, voluminous layers on top with shorter, shaved sides.

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#40: Copper Short Choppy Pixie Style with Bangs

A short, choppy pixie style with bangs is absolutely stunning with oval face shapes. Choppier layers on top are perfect for a pixie cut with bangs as it gives the extra length needed for bangs.

Platinum Pixie with Choppy Ends
Instagram @chroma.moscow
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#41: Platinum Pixie with Choppy Ends

Platinum pixies with choppy ends need extra layers, volume and texture. Choppy haircuts give the illusion of fuller hair and are perfect for fine to medium hair textures.

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#42: Modern Pixie Hairstyle with Choppy Layers

A modern pixie hairstyle with choppy layers can vary in lengths. A medium choppy pixie cut doesn’t have to be extremely short, instead, longer sides and inverted layers are also an option. This allows for gorgeous swoopy long bangs and voluminous layers.

Sassy Pixie Hairstyle for Older Women
Instagram @salonsantinas
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#43: Sassy Pixie Hairstyle for Older Women

Sassy pixie hairstyles are popular with older women as they give the illusion of fuller hair. A choppy pixie cut for over 60 is easier maintenance but with all the layers and added texture, allows for stunning and chic hairstyles.

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#44: Stylish Layered and Choppy Pixie

A layered and choppy pixie cut is gorgeous on many face shapes, especially oval. Choppy, lengthy pixie haircuts have many styling options. Getting short sides with long, choppy bangs can be worn straight, wavy, or curly!

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#45: Dark Blonde Textured Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie hair styles look best when texturized for the added volume. Choppy pixie haircuts are very versatile, easy maintenance and stunning on many face shapes.

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