31 Unique Golden Brown Hair Color Ideas + Skin Tone Pairing Tips

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Glossy Golden Brown Hues
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#1: Glossy Golden Hues

Try glossy golden hues to bring warmth to your hair. Beautiful on many skin tones, such as olive, a golden tone can brighten up your features. Ask your stylist how to keep super shiny locks in between salon appointments.

Golden brown for black women's natural hair
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#2: Golden Brown for Black Women’s Natural Hair

A golden brown for black women’s natural hair. Treating our hair as delicate fabric will be key in keeping hair integrity. Try an all-brown color to lighten the tone of the hair, and then add in some dimensional pieces. A great way to do this is to come with your hair in your natural curly state. Your colorist will balayage pieces of hair to bring out some dimensional light pieces, finishing with a gloss to create shine and tone.

Golden Balayage Highlights on Deep Brown Base for Ladies with Thicker Hair
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#3: Golden Balayage Highlights on Deep Brown Hair

Try a golden highlighted balayage for naturally deep brown hair. You can turn hair into an extension of your personality for a cool new color. A golden contrast on dark hair is sophisticated and compliments warm skin tones. Balayage is a lower-maintenance color. It’s a sweeping technique to make your hair look like it’s growing out with natural golden highlights on brown hair.

Light Golden Brown Hair with Dark Roots on Wavy Layered Hair
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#4: Light Golden Brown Hair with Wavy Layers

Light golden brown hair with wavy layers is beautiful and voluminous. Adding in waves with a larger barrel curling iron perfectly showcases the dimension. Go for a soft golden honey tone to stay soft yet light. If you want to add more highlights, discuss placement with your hairstylist. Placement is key to keeping your locks dimensional.

#5: Deep Brunette with Caramel Highlights

Brunettes look lusciously gorgeous with caramel highlights and a deep base. Add a touch of elegance to your tresses by waving with a large curling iron for big, soft curls. The caramel hues reflect gorgeous warmth and look great on most skin tones. Run Aquage’s Detailing Creme through midshaft to ends for a shiny finish.

#6: Light Brown Hair with Golden Tips

Add golden tips to level up your light brown hair. Bright and gold tones compliment fair skin tones. Soft golden tones look great on all skin tones. Curl your hair with a big barrel iron, let it cool, and comb out for soft Hollywood glam waves. Spritz with a finishing spray for shine and light hold.

Gold Brown Balayage on a Shoulder-Length Wavy Blunt Bob
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#7: Gold Brown Hue on a Wavy Blunt Bob

A gold brown hue on a wavy blunt bob is chic and youthful. Adding golden highlights to your natural tone can enhance the overall look of your hair. This is a perfect way to try going lighter without the commitment of having roots or a harsh grow-out. Try keeping the bob shoulder length, or float right above for the most flattering effect.

#8: Blended Dark Brown and Blonde on a Pixie Bob

If you want to give your hair a sophisticated update, try a pixie bob with blended dark brown and blonde color. This color combo looks amazing on most skin tones. You must keep frequent appointments to keep the wispy shape from getting shaggy. But you will love the easy and swift styling. Try Kevin Murphy’s Doo.Over Dry Powder Finishing Hairspray for a powdery light finish and medium hold.

#9: Sun-Kissed Gold Ombre Hair

Sun-kissed gold ombre hair is perfect for olive skin tones and hazel eye colors. Adding dimension to your flat brown color can be just what you need for an extra pick-me-up. I love soft or lived-in colors. This is a great way to incorporate beautiful hues with low commitment. Be sure to talk with your stylist. You want to keep your natural base but, at the same time, add in extra pops of light.

Reddish Golden Brown Hair Color with Medium-Length Soft Waves
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#10: Reddish Golden Brown Hair Color

Reddish golden brown hair color is soft and sultry. This golden hair color is best with natural brunettes and warm skin tones. A teasy highlight would be best to achieve this soft natural highlight. Teasy highlights are best for a rooted look to stay soft. However, this style packs a big punch.

Golden Blonde Highlights for Brunette, Long Hair with Curtain Bangs
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#11: Golden Blonde Highlights for Brunette Hair

Golden blonde highlights for brunette hair are a beautiful summer shade. Make your color warm honey for a switch up to your natural hair. Be sure your golden shade is complimentary of your skin tone. Natural shades of honey and golden are great for olive skin tones. Lightening hair can do amazing things to brighten up your face. Try this new style!

Long Soft Curls with Golden Brown Tones for a Face-Framing Haircut
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#12: Long Soft Curls with Golden Brown

For those with long hair, try some golden-brown tones and soft curls. To try to expose the dimension, take a curling wand or iron and curl away from your face. A great choice for women with sun-kissed skin and hazel eyes, this look will enhance your skin tone.

Dark-Rooted Curly Hair with Golden Brown Highlights on Shoulder-Length Cut with a Side Part
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#13: Dark-Rooted Curly Hair with Brown Highlights

Liven up your curly hair with brown highlights and a dark root. The roots will make this style low maintenance. You might invest in home color care like a color-depositing shampoo. Try Viral in a honey gemstone tone. Golden brown color is especially flattering on fair skin as it brings warmth to the overall style.

Subtle and Natural Golden Brown with Darker Roots on Straight Hair
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#14: Natural Tones on Rooted Golden Bronde Hair

Natural tones on rooted golden bronde hair can make any dull single-tone exciting. A golden hue complements fair skin tones and green eyes. I recommend a darker shade of brown for olive or deep skin tones. Warm colors are a perfect way to add fun highlights to any solid brunette.

#15: Subtle Golden Brown Highlights

This is a low-maintenance golden brown hair color on dark brunette hair, yet still right on-trend. What I love most about this look is the tone of the golden brown highlights. I kept it golden but not brassy. The cut is also easy and versatile with styling, keeping your whole look low-maintenance but fashion-forward.

Fashionable Warm Golden Brown Hair
Photo Credit: Instagram @r.a.d.color

#16: Fashionable Warm Golden Brown Hair Color

Fashionable hair right at your fingertips – this warm golden brown hair with highlights on dark hair has an amazing glow. A simple tousle gives that dimension and accentuates your hair’s glossy finish. This is a dark golden brown hair color, but there are also lighter options.

Lucious Long Golden Brown Balayage
Instagram @valeconcas

#17: Lucious Long Golden Brown Balayage

Long golden brown balayage hues are the perfect look for you to make a dramatic change from dark hair. This look is very noticeable yet is manageable to someone wanting change. When going from extreme dark to light, your hair may not get as light as you would like. For that reason alone, a look like this is perfect. A lived-in balayage such as this is low-maintenance. You won’t be required to dye your hair so often if you want golden brunette hair.

#18: Light Golden Brown Balayage

A light golden balayage will be the perfect low-maintenance color for your brown hair. It will complement your skin and eyes, which is important when picking your shade of blonde to create a golden bronze hair color. Make sure you get the right home cosmetics for your hair. Like the Pureology Strength Cure range, they will help you keep your hair healthy and shiny.

golden highlights on dark brown hair
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#19: Golden Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Talk about real dimensions and movement! Reveal the beauty of this hue when you go under any light. It’s one of my favorite hair dye ideas.

Sweet golden brown ombre hair color
Photo Credit: Instagram @sharplookbylaura

#20: Sweet Caramel to Golden Brown Ombre

End your waves with sweet toffee shades dripping from your rich brunette base. This golden bronze hair color trend makes your locks appear lighter and prettier! The caramel to golden brown hair color is a beautiful transition.

Sexy Golden Brown Weave
Photo Credit: Instagram @norastylez

#21: Golden Brown Weave

Accent every turn of your marvelous waves with luscious mocha hues for more defined texture and movement. These stunning long pieces are sure to turn heads your way! It’s the best golden brown hair color on black hair that you’ll see.

Healthy-Looking Light Golden Ash Brown
Photo Credit: Instagram @hairby.kd

#22: Healthy-Looking Light Golden Ash Brown

Update your long healthy locks with a glossy mocha hue that screams sophistication and elegance! Style your hair straight for shine or wavy for a multi-dimensional finish with this type of golden brown hue.

Bright Light to Dark Golden Brown Ombre
Photo Credit: Instagram @elie_klein_hair

#23: Bright Light to Dark Golden Brown Ombre

The base color is dark chocolate brown hair, while the ends are a light golden brown shade. This is a beachy long layered cut and is probably the most ideal haircut for golden brown hair. I think a bronde hairstyle is very easy to recreate at home. It’s versatile and suitable for many ages and lifestyles. Long layers will allow you to style your hair in so many ways.

Beautiful Light Golden Brown on Long Hair
Photo Credit: Instagram @hairbyvioletta

#24: Beautiful Light Brown on Long Hair

This look is glamorous natural golden brown hair. If you’ve ever had a blonde ombre that turned orange and then yellow, you might want to consider a golden bronze hair color.  For this look, it’s necessary to have longer, thicker hair. I recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo to keep your color and hair healthy and long. I feel this is the key to great hair care, as sulfate is a harsh chemical product that fades the color out quickly. If you wake up the following morning, just brush through the curls again, and do a messy high ponytail, and it will look just like you left the salon a few minutes ago! Good luck!

Stunning Golden Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights
Photo Credit: Instagram @darkhairbrighthair

#25: Stunning Golden Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

My favorite features about this balayage golden brown hair with blonde hair highlights are the different dimensions. The blend of blonds and deep golden brown should be smooth and effortless, especially when the sun hits your hair, bringing out shiny, beautiful colors.

Gorgeous Sunkissed Golden Brown Hair
Photo Credit: Instagram @beautybytiff

#26: Gorgeous Sunkissed Hair

The best thing about this is the beautiful warm tones that can complement your skin tone well. I also love the shine of the golden tones that reflect the light. Make sure your lifestyle allows for upkeep. With this look to stay fresh and seamless, I recommend coming in eight weeks. I’d also say this look is perfect for you if you have light brown to dark blonde hair to achieve these tones. If unsure about an all-over color, ask your colorist to enrich your brown hair with golden highlights instead.

Chestnut Brown
Photo Credit: Instagram @hairby_joeschmo

#27: Golden Chestnut Brown

The color is creamy milk chocolate brown hair with caramel swirls. This is a super easy cut and color to maintain. Because of the length, you could get away with color refreshing every eight weeks and a cut every 12 to 16 weeks. This cut can be done on all face shapes. Tweaks must be made to ensure it fits each lady perfectly, but these are small tweaks.  All in all, this is a super easy and trendy shade of golden brown that anyone can wear, from the new mom to the high school graduate heading off to her first semester of college.

Perfect Honey Golden Brown
Photo Credit: Instagram @hairbykrc

#28: Perfect Honey Brown

This is honey golden brown hair, and I love this color! This look is for a subtle rich color. The loose waves were the perfect finish to show the depth of this natural color. Just like honey, golden brown hair shades produce a nice shimmer. If you want a low-maintenance color with a lot of richness, this is the perfect color for you.

Rich Medium Brown Hair
Photo Credit: Instagram @cristan.richardson

#29: Rich Medium Golden Brown

This look is a warm, dimensional hairstyle. The best things about this would have to be the richness of the color and the multi-dimensional tones. I’m not a fan of flat, one-color hair. It’s just not natural; everyone has natural highlights and lowlights in their color, so making everything flat and one-dimensional doesn’t provide a good platform for beautiful shiny results.

Glamorous Dark Golden Brown Hair Color
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#30: Glamorous Dark Golden Brown

Some streaks of golden blonde caramel highlights and honey brown could give your typical dark brown hue a golden, glamorous makeover.

Golden Copper Brown Balayage
Photo Credit: Instagram @hairbysheilamacchia

#31: Golden Copper Brown Balayage

Sun-kissed in all the natural ways! Get glowing hair this season with the right amount of caramel blonde dye to create these golden brown undertones in your hair.

A golden brown hair color is a blend of medium brown and light blonde. It’s a great way to lighten up naturally dark to medium brown hair or darken naturally blonde hair color. This gorgeous hue lets you capture the flow of the sun with various shades and styles that you can easily wear. Who says brunettes can’t have fun?!

The light caramel goodness adds a shiny overcoat to your hair, not to mention depth and texture. With this dual tone, you will surely have your beautiful face brightened. Paired with any length of hair, golden brown hair dye never fails to give you that sun-kissed look! Also, with colors so natural, you won’t have a hard time having your hair dyed. Taking care of it is as easy as one, two, three!

See these updated photos of golden brown hair color ideas that will give you all the positive energy and compliments for the season!