Gorgeous Beach Waves for Short Hair: 22 Examples to Copy

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Beach waves for short hair create a modern look, brimming with texture and volume. It’s fun to wear and looks dashing for any occasion, whether it’s a formal or casual party!

Hairstylist Alyssa Berg of Sacramento, CA adores the idea of this short textured hair.

“Having a bit of a natural texture like waves or slight curls with this cut is nice. You could wear it natural with the right products, and it’ll give you an effortless beachy look,” she states.

This hairstyle requires time and effort to achieve a neat finish without flips. It isn’t a wash-and-go type. If looking for lower maintenance, Berg suggests a length past your shoulders.

For a lovely beachy haircut, opt for longer and internal layers. Avoid pieces that are too short as they create a volume that doesn’t look natural.

Berg explains, “If curled, all the texture you put in the underneath layers will pop through. If straightened, they lay nicely on top of each other.” Just ensure that the chop fits your face shape and works with your lifestyle.

When styling, ask your hairdresser for some tips.

Berg likes switching between a triple barrel waver and a 1.25-inch curling iron. She applies a texture or a sea salt spray to boost the hair’s natural texture.

To touch up second-day hair without washing everything, take a curling iron to throw a few curls in there!

Need ideas? Check out these inspiring photos on how to wear beach waves for short hair.


#1: Subtle Waves on Medium to Short Hair

A cut with beach waves is one of my favorite hairstyles for wavy hair. This is a great hairstyle for any occasion and a classic look for a night out on the town or keep it casual with leggings and sneakers. When curling short hair, stick to a wand or iron at least 1.5-inch for a soft curly look! Use Amika un.done dry texturizing spray as your final product to keep the fullness and texture in all day!

Easy Short Layered Hair with Beachy Waves
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#2: Easy Short Layered Hair with Beachy Waves

Short layered hairstyles with beachy waves should be heavily textured, like this slightly short inverted bob. These easy beach waves have a fun secret; about 1/3 of the hair is actually a very short clippered undercut.

When it comes to styling, use a lotion for moisture and shine on your natural beach curls, then loosely wrap around a 1″ iron, alternating directions for tousled beachy waves.

Messy Beach Waves Short Hair
Instagram @taycas_hair

#3: Messy Beach Waves Short Hair

A cut that never goes out of style is the classic bob. This cut works on different face shapes with a little tweaking from your stylist.

Short Beachy Waves with Sombre Hair Color
Instagram @leventkilic0

#4: Beachy Waves with Sombre Hair Color

For a soft, more natural look, go for beachy waves with somber hair color. Sombre is a technique that mimics the way the sun would hit the hair and lighten naturally. It’s darker at the roots and lighter towards the end giving a natural sun-kissed look. Add some messy beachy waves to show off dimension for a trendy look.

ocean waves on short hair
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#5: Ocean Waves on Short Hair

To achieve ocean waves on short hair, use sea salt spray, then scrunch, then let loose. These three easy steps to get this suave chill-out style, especially for women with fine hair!

#6: Low-Maintenance Beachy Waves

Low-maintenance beachy waves are not as intimidating as they may look. The turn of a straightener or your favorite curling iron will get you there. Add a light-hold hairspray and you’ll have a beachy wave style that lasts.

#7: Beach Waves for Short Hair Overnight

Beach waves for short hair can last overnight. Like most wavy hairstyles, don’t forget to keep in mind that beach waves should not be tied up when you go to sleep but instead use a silk wrap like Sikelondon before going to bed. The silk wrap protects your hair from rubbing into the bed linen, decreasing breakage and frizz.

loose waves on short to mid length hair
Instagram @jomcintyre__

#8: Loose Waves on Short to Mid-Length Hair

Loose waves on short to mid-length hair are a perfect solution if you don’t want to lose too much length while craving a new hairdo. All beach wave styles are made to resemble the loose and messy waves created by the salty water and the sun. Depending on how quickly the hair drops, the waves can be done a bit tighter or looser. For a better hold of the waves, use a pump of Kerastase – L’Incroyable Blowdry Lotion, which gives a long flexible hold.

short beach waves for women
Instagram @hairbykasia_

#9: Short Beach Waves

Short beach waves are ideal when it comes to the movement and texture of the hair. Parting the hair and curling it section by section gives the most volume, especially when curling the very top layer of the black hair to create a beach waves hairstyle.

#10: Messy Chin-Length Chop with Waves

A messy chin-length chop with waves is the perfect pair for ample amounts of texture, dimension, and volume. There are several ways to create a wavy hairstyle, taking bigger and smaller sections, as well as curling hair in opposite directions, offering different curl patterns and different movements.

#11: Short Hair with Loose Beach Waves

Short hair with loose beach waves is a trendy twist to the classic short bob haircut. Hairstyles with beach waves are easy to accomplish by taking a one-inch curling iron and curling small sections, making sure to leave the ends out to keep them more straight and not damaged. Finish the style off by adding a texture spray, then combing or brushing through the curls so that they remain loose.

Edgy Bob with Beach Waves
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#12: Edgy Bob with Beach Waves

An edgy bob with beach waves is the perfect transition from long hair to shorter hair. Styling beach waves into the hair adds an extra flair of style. All that is needed is a flat iron or a one-inch curling iron and a texturizing spray!

tousled beach curls
Instagram @sacaumut

#13: Tousled Beach Curls

No matter the cut or style, soft waves do fit any hair type. Not just for that summery look, messy beach curls transcend all seasons!

short bob with beach waves
Instagram @nothingobvious

#14: Short Bob with Beach Waves

Posh and perky, a short bob with delicate waves makes you look like a doll. Curl hair and brush out to mellow out the waves.

#15: Beach Waves for Short Hair Using a Flat Iron at Home

If you’ve been blessed with fuller hair, you get to enjoy having short hair more! There’s a lot to play around with when sporting a beach waves hairstyle.

Beach waves for short hair contributes to the overall body of your hair. Also, a flat iron is great for creating these small waves.

#16: Ombre Beach Waves and Short Hair

Every angle and feature of these ombre beach waves and short hair truly captivates the hair color, curls, glasses, and cut!

#17: Boho-Inspired Beachy Curls

Highlight your boho-inspired beachy curls and dark roots by putting little flower pins in your hippie braids or around your head for a festival beachy wave look.

Effortless Beachy Hair
Instagram @hairbytriina

#18: Effortless Beachy Hair with a Curl

The keyword here is effortless: go over your hair with some mousse or tie it up for an hour and you’ve got an easy beach waves hair style!

Beach Waves for Very Short Hair
Instagram @peachiehair

#19: Beach Waves on Very Short Hair

Make way for beach waves on very short hairstyles like bobs and pixie cuts! Sea salt spray your way to gorgeous ripples on your dark brown locks.

textured beach wave on shorter hair
Instagram @nikcabral

#20: Textured Beach Wave on Shorter Hair

The easiest way to get a textured beach wave on shorter hair is to spritz on some sea salt hair spray and scrunch your ends afterward. Instant vacation vibes!

Heatless Beach Waves
Instagram @jacquie.hair

#21: Heatless Beach Waves Natural ‘Do

One way to heatless beach waves is to twist your hair in a bun right after getting out of the shower. Keep it on for around an hour then let loose!

Beach Waves for Short, Fine Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#22: Beach Wave Hair Tutorial with a Curling Iron

This light blonde textured bob haircut is very popular right now, especially the beach waves. With this bob haircut,  you can wear it straight and sleek or super fun tousled with beach waves.

Create your beach waves for short hair using a Chi 1-inch curling wand and Joico texturing spray. Go for a beach wave bob haircut if you have an oval face shape. Face shapes play a big part in choosing the right haircut to accentuate certain features. If you choose a haircut that doesn’t work well with your face shape, it will accentuate features you may not want the eye to be drawn to.