17 Ways to Style Beach Waves for Short Hair

Beach waves for short hair

Beach waves for short hair is a hairstyle with loose, textured waves that start midway down the hair. More and more gals are digging the messy, woke-up-like-this look, and beach waves couldn’t look any edgier than in chopped hair!

There are a number of ways to get this surf babe style easily, even for short hair. Using heat tools like a straightener, flat iron, curling iron or simply sectioning your strands into mini buns are the most common methods to own this style. Of course, styling products such as creams and salt sprays are a must to make the best out of it!

The hottest beach waves ever seen in Hollywood include those of Jennifer Lawrence, Lucy Hale, Nicole Richie, and Dianna Agron, proving that this incredibly textured hairstyle is always fitting not just on vacays but also on every day to red carpet events.

If you are up for an effortless look that only requires minimal time to prep, this shaggy, undone hair is for you to embrace! Check out these popular looks on beach waves for short hair, so you can get this cool girl cut ASAP!

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Beach Waves for Short Hair

Beach Waves for Short, Thick Hair
Instagram @hairdidbysas

If you’ve been blessed with fuller hair, you get to enjoy having short hair more! There’s a lot to play around now that you also sport waves which contribute to the overall body of your hair. A flat iron is great for creating these small waves.

Ombre Beach Waves and Short Hair

Ombre Beach Waves
Instagram @salon.nine

The color, the curls, the cut! Every angle and feature of this style truly captivates what a fun lady is!

Boho Inspired Curls

Boho Inspired Beach Waves
Instagram @hairbykayti

Coachella season is just around the corner! Put on little flower pins in your hippie braids for a festival look.

Effortless Beachy Hair

Effortless Beach Waves
Instagram @hairbytriina

The keyword here is effortless: go over hair with some mousse or tie it up for an hour and you’ve got easy waves!

Ocean Waves

Loose Beach Waves
Instagram @beauty.by.lojo

Sea salt spray then scrunch then let loose. These three easy steps to achieve this suave chill-out look!

Tousled Beach Curls

Tousled Beach Waves
Instagram @madi.jcsalon

No matter the cut or style, soft waves do fit any hair type. Not just for that summery look, messy beach curls transcend all seasons!

Short Bob with Beach Waves

Short Bob with Beach Waves
Instagram @beverlyeze

Posh and perky, short hair with delicate waves makes you look like a doll. Curl hair and brush out to mellow out the waves.

Beach Waves for Black Hair

Beach Waves for Black Hair
Instagram @stylebynikki

Natural curls on dark hair is a plain old trick to get yourself looking graceful. Waves soften face features that instantly makes you look younger!

Beach Waves on Very Short Hair

Beach Waves for Very Short Hair
Instagram @peachiehair

Make way for short bobs and pixie cuts! Sea salt spray your way to gorgeous ripples on your locks.

Textured Beach Wave

Textured Beach Waves
Instagram @nohairpicss

The easiest way to do this is to spritz on some sea salt spray and scrunch your ends afterward. Instant vacation vibes!

Heatless Beach Waves

Heatless Beach Waves
Instagram @jacquie.hair

One way to do it is to twist your hair in a bun right after getting out of the shower. Keep it on for around an hour then let loose!

Beach Wave with a Cute Braid

Beach Waves with a Cute Braid
Instagram @crishairr

Go casual with some patterned braids all in your loose waves. Now your summer look is complete!

Short Layered Hair

Q&A with style creator, Rachel Lott
Owner / Stylist @ Camellia Hair and Beauty in Queensbury, NY

How would you describe this look?

This is heavily textured and slightly short inverted bob. The look has a fun secret; about 1/3 of her hair is actually a very short clippered undercut. She has thick curly hair, so this technique collapses the shape of the cut keeping the back from being bulky or triangular. It’s also a fun look for when she wears her hair up!

Any advice for someone considering it?

The melted, lived-in color was balayaged several months ago and is still going strong! Low maintenance and easy grow-out is one of my favorite things about blended hand painted color.

To finish, her natural curl was blown out smooth using a lotion for moisture and shine, then wrapped loosely around a 1″ iron, alternating directions for tousled beachy waves.

Short Curly Hair

Short, Curly Hair with Beach Waves
Instagram @black__hole_

Q&A with style creator, Jelena Krstic
Hairdresser & Makeup Artist @ Damir Cut in Batocina, Serbia

How would you describe this look?

The haircut is a straight bob cut on straight hair. It is a haircut with many possibilities for various creations and styles. Since she got bored of her very light hair color, we dyed it using a dark grey dye 6-12 Igora Royal Schwarzkopf Professional.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would recommend every client to try this look even once because it fits in every style and it is a real refreshment. It can be done on any hair type by using proper hair products. Here we used Schwarzkopf Osis plus Play Tough, Dust It, Damped.

Messy Beach Waves Short Hair

Q&A with style creator, Yvette Sandoval
Ombre/Balayage Specialist @ Salon Amore’ in Gilbert, AZ

How would you describe this look?

This look is a shattered lob, as it has lots of texture, a beachy flowy look! My favorite thing about this cut is all the volume and texture, and I made sure to piece it out to give it some edge! When I did her beach waves I curled in opposite directions, and when I curled the top part of her hair, I made sure to curl straight up at the base to ensure all that volume stayed in place.

Any advice for someone considering it?

When a client wants this kind of look, as I’m styling I make sure I walk them through the process of how and why I’m doing what I’m doing. I want my client to be successful at styling their hair at home. I used Bumble and Bumble thickening line for all the volume, and Moroccan Oil texture sprays to give it lots of texture and that messy beachy look. I love tons of volume and texture and its easy to achieve with any type of hair! The shattered lob is, in my opinion, a very versatile cut and will look good on anyone with any type of hair. Styling may take more effort with certain types of hair and texture but can be achieved with the right products and proper education from your stylist.

Subtle Waves

Q&A with style creator, Kathryn Di Gioia
Owner @ Di Gioia’s Beauty Studio in Hermosa Beach, CA

How would you describe this look?

For this look, I’d call it the “lived in summer California hair”. I did a full blonde balayage on her. Her natural color is gorgeous so we just added an extra few lighter pieces throughout her hair. For her cut we kept it at a decent length with long layers, followed by lots of texture for that beach look. As for styling, I used a 1-inch curling iron followed by finger combing the curls to create loose waves.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Less is more! Think effortless, easy, low maintenance. People think more is better when in actuality it’s not. Desired products for this look would be any texturizing spray, creams, textured paste, and of course, salt sprays, depending on your finished look.

I feel this cut looks great on just about anyone, lengthwise will depend on your preference. As for hair type, the straighter the hair and less curly the better! If you have a more textured style hair or more curl then, of course, you’ll have to put in the extra work as to smoothing out your hair and getting it perfect the way you’d want it. Overall it’s a great cut for almost anyone and it’s so easy to manage! You can’t go wrong.

Beach Wave Hair Tutorial

Q&A with style creator, Chelsea Brevik
Stylist @ Jamie’s Hair Designs in Thousand Oaks, CA

How would you describe this look?

I did everything in this look from the platinum blonde color to the textured bob haircut and style. This textured bob haircut is very popular right now, especially the beach waves and let’s be honest everyone loves a true platinum blonde. My favorite thing about this style, if I had to choose, would be the bob haircut because you can wear it straight and sleek or super fun tousled with beach waves.

I created the beach waves using my Chi 1-inch curling iron and Joico texturing spray. We picked the bob haircut because my client has an oval face shape which complements her features beautifully. Face shapes play a big part in choosing the right haircut to accentuate certain features. If you choose a haircut that doesn’t work well with your face shape it will accentuate features you may not want the eye to be drawn to.

For example, if someone has a round face shape a bob is not the best haircut to choose because it will hug the cheeks and make them look more round, but if you choose an A-line haircut, shorter back, and longer front, it will elongate the face to look slimmer. So choosing the right stylist who can help you choose which style and colors may be best to accentuate your features is important.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Be aware of higher maintenance. If you’re someone who doesn’t want monthly visits to the salon for color and haircuts I would not recommend this look.

Being this blonde means longer appointments which in turn cost more than a regular color service. You will need regular haircuts and deep conditioning treatments to keep the hair moisturized, strong, and shiny. If you want to have beach waves you have to curl your hair every day to create this look which I don’t recommend doing daily because too much heat can really damage the hair. As far as products go for styling you would need a leave-in conditioner (Its-a-10 Leave-In is my personal favorite), a heat protector if your leave-in doesn’t have any, and texturizing spray.

To keep your platinum hair bright and white you need to use purple shampoo at home regularly. Our water has chlorine and minerals in it over time it can make blonde hair dull and yellowish, so this is why purple shampoo is very important.