46 Eye-Catching Blonde Pixie Cut Ideas to Show Your Stylist

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The popular blonde pixie cut is an edgy, versatile cut that screams fun, flirty, and glam. This type of short blonde hair adds density and volume to fine hair and removes weight and bulk from thick tresses. Wearing a pixie completes your look on any occasion, whether casual or formal.

Merideth Pedack, a hairstylist from Bellingham, WA, identifies the selling points of a blonde pixie cut. “They are versatile, highlight facial features and bone structure, have a lot of visual interest, and are forever stylish,” she says.

On the topic of styling and maintenance, a pixie cut requires high upkeep but easy styling. Short haircuts, like pixies, need to be trimmed more often to maintain their shape, according to Pedack. Styling comes quickly and easily with the short length that you’ll be working.

Trust the magic of texturizing products- cream, wax, or clay. “They can lend style support with touchable hold as well as offer some definition to showcase the details of the haircut,” she says.

Prepare to see the natural hues of your roots as your dominant color when getting a pixie. To keep the blonde shade on your pixie cut, expect some color application and frequency change.

It’s best to schedule a consultation with your stylist before getting the chop. Pedack advises women to find a hairstylist who’s an expert in cutting short hair. They’ll customize details that suit your facial features, preference, and lifestyle.

Take the guesswork out of picking a pixie cut – read our guide to make an informed decision.

These trendy images of blonde pixie cuts will convince you to ride on the pixie trend. Photos gathered here will make you fall in love with your new cut.


#1: Light Blonde Pixie with Bangs

Women who have a light blonde pixie with bangs know how to have fun. This hairstyle is a playful way to balance out a heart-shaped face. A long side-swept fringe with a slightly graduated length in the back comes together, softening the angles, accentuating the cheekbones and eyes, and creating harmony in the face. Bright and ashy blond hues create a beautiful mix when done with a shadow root giving the color an added glow. Be sure to ask your stylist which shampoos to keep the hue from fading between hair appointments.

Dirty Blonde Pixie Cut

#2 Dirty Blonde Pixie Cut

Consider a dirty blonde pixie cut if you want to go short. This style can help thin hair look fuller as the darker root allows the blonde to pop, bringing the focus to the color dimension. Blow-dry hair forward from the crown and use a thickening serum to give fine hair a bit of bounce. Finish with a light molding wax to keep strands in place.

Short Blonde Textured Pixie Cut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#3: Blonde Textured Pixie Cut

You can style a pixie in many ways. If you prefer variation but want to keep its clean shape around the ears and nape, I suggest keeping the top longer from the crown forward. This allows it to be styled in many different ways.

#4: Amazing Blonde Pixie with an Undercut

Here’s an amazing blonde pixie with an undercut. Ask for an undercut for weight removal from your hair. This cut can bring an added edge to your style. Pixie cuts are versatile. They can be styled for texture, shape, volume and to suit personal styles.

#5: Blonde Lixie Cut with Dark Underneath

The lixie cut, short and blonde with dark underneath, is a trendy and modern hairstyle that exudes confidence and style. This short layered style has a dark color underneath. The dark color adds depth and dimension to the overall look. Its short length makes this style low-maintenance. It’s perfect for busy women who want a chic, effortless style. This unique haircut works best for those with a bold personality and a desire to make a statement with their hair. The contrast between the blonde on top and the dark underneath creates a striking visual effect that is eye-catching and edgy.

Short Razor Cut Blonde Pixie Style for black ladies
Instagram @toshahouston

#6: Short Razor Cut Pixie

The razor-cut style is a modern hairstyle for black ladies. It enhances natural texture and adds edginess. Ask your stylist about the razor-cut technique because it creates soft, wispy layers that give the hair movement and dimension. The pixie cut is low-maintenance. It’s perfect for women wanting a chic and stylish hairdo. The blonde color is trendy and creates a bold contrast with darker skin tones. This haircut is ideal for black ladies with thick or coarse hair. It helps manage hair volume and shapes hair attractively.

#7: White Blonde Pixie for Ladies with Glasses

Try this white-blonde haircut if you want a trendy cut that looks good with glasses. At your next salon visit, ask for the best at-home color maintenance regime.

#8: Blonde Messy Long Pixie Cut

Give this blonde messy pixie cut a go!! This look is best styled with natural waves. Try to use a curl mousse or gel and let your hair air dry when you can. Then use an iron to define the curls where it’s needed.

#9: Amazing Blonde Pixie Makeover

If you want to update your short hair, you can make a few tweaks with the cut and how you style for a high impact. Ask for an undercut with your pixies. It creates a shorter back and sides with a disconnected crown length. Try round-brushing your hair back away from the face. Spray with hairspray and mold with pomade for a sophisticated swept-back style.

Blonde Side-Swept Pixie Style
Instagram @sky_eyes_

#10: Side-Swept Pixie

Your best bet is a modern pixie if you’re looking for an up-to-date cut. The tapered nape area allows your neck to appear longer. While the longer frontal gives you the option of a deep side part, allowing more of a stack on your bangs. My best advice is to try Kendra’s matte texture putty to add more definition when styling.

Blonde Pixie with Bottleneck Bangs
Instagram @teryn.tucker.hair

#11: Blonde Pixie with Bottleneck Bangs

Like this eye-catching blonde pixie cut with bottleneck bangs? I suggest it’s easy to maintain and can be styled in countless ways, making it versatile. Great for pear, diamond, and heart face shapes. For the best results, ask for long layers at the back of your head blended into shorter pieces around your face. This will create texture and movement throughout the style while keeping it soft.

#12: Blonde Balayage Long-Layered Pixie

Advice for when going shorter, color is always a good idea. In a short cut like a pixie, a blonde balayage will pop with its placement. However, having a long layered length within your style is helpful to give color transition.

#13: Blonde Long Pixie with Dark Roots

When you want some length in your hair but still love it off your neck, ask your stylist for a bixie. It’s a long pixie, which allows you style versatility. It works great with dimensional colors, like a blonde with dark roots.

#14: Long Blonde Pixie Cut

Consider a modern long pixie if you’re looking to give your pixie a more dramatic look. But ask for a clippered undercut on your nape and sides. One of the simplest ways to thin a bulky nape area is to taper your undercut. Clippers will keep the length tighter, allowing the hair on top to shape your head.

Chic Blonde Pixie with Layers
Instagram @kultura_moscow

#15: Chic Blonde Pixie with Layers

If you’re looking for a cut that is easy to style, one of the easiest is a pixie. The tapered neck removes bulk and allows your hair to hug your neckline. The front and sides are textured and cut to move with the shape of your cut. Because the layers are shorter, they lay closer to your head. This makes styling easier. When you’re done drying your hair, try to use a texturing wax like Kenra platinum working wax on the ends of your hair. It will give you a more defined look.

#16: Sassy White Blonde Pixie with Fringe

If you want an edgier pixie cut, tapering your sides tighter and keeping the top longer. This is perfect for your thinner hair, giving you a fuller appearance. The longer top gives you height and volume. While the shorter sides complement your narrow face. Remember to pre-book your appointments every 4-6 weeks. That way, you can maintain your cut.

#17: Blonde Pixie with Dark Roots

Try a blonde pixie with dark roots. Changing your hair by adding highlights will ensure a bold look and lower maintenance. You could wear this look for any occasion. Great for women of any age who like to have a playful look and love to have texture.

Soft Blonde Lixie Style
Instagram @nesdijones

#18: Soft Blonde Lixie Style

This short blonde lixie cut is classic and easy to style! The most effective way to add height on top is to add waves, as it helps to add volume. Don’t skip on the hairspray to lock your style in.

Short Blonde Shaggy and Spiky Pixie
Instagram @arturbondia

#19: Shaggy and Spiky Pixie

Spice things up with a shaggy and spiky pixie! Using a texture spray is one of the best things you can do for maximum texture while styling. Spray on dry hair and spike your hair as much as you please.

#20: Warm Blonde Pixie with a Quiff

The best way to create warm blonde without going too brassy is to finish it professionally. But, you have to match the professional care that’s recommended. If your hair is short with a quiff, you could combine your salon maintenance for cut and color. Just book a few in advance to be prepared.

#21: White Blonde Asymmetric Pixie

A white-blonde asymmetric pixie is edgy and remains youthful in its shape. The key to keeping this style trendy is disconnecting the length on top. You can also add interest to your pixie by going blonde. Remember to stay in an ashy or cool realm.

#22: Edgy Blonde Pixie for Black Women

Did you know a black woman with a pixie can achieve an edgy honey blonde tone healthily? If you go lighter and have textured hair like this honey blonde pixie, make sure your stylist uses 20 volume with their lightener. This will allow your stylist to slowly watch and control the lightness level. And this keeps your hair in great condition.

Short Layered Blonde Pixie

#23 Short Layered Blonde Pixie

This short layered blonde pixie cut features an undercut for a striking contrast between the dark roots and the light blonde top. The layers add texture and movement, while the side-swept bangs frame the face beautifully, accentuating the cheekbones. This style is perfect for fine to medium hair types and is low-maintenance, making it ideal for those with busy lifestyles. The undercut reduces bulk, keeping the overall look edgy and modern.

Short Undercut Pixie with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @lynnmpalmer

#24: Short Undercut Pixie with Blonde Highlights

A short undercut pixie with blonde highlights will no doubt pull out anyone’s inner rockstar energy. Short haircuts are fun, charming, playful, and bold. Although a short undercut minimizes daily styling time, it requires more frequent appointments to keep that exact style in place. Your stylist may recommend keeping your highlighted pixie cut maintained every 3-5 weeks while adding your blonde to the mix every other to every third appointment.

#25: Short Pixie with Blonde Balayage

Try a short pixie with blonde balayage for an easy, on-the-go style. This style is ideal for women with medium hair texture. Keeping the cut short at the nape allows more focus around the face as the hair falls softly at the brow. This pixie blonde hair is versatile and can be worn all year round.

Short Pixie for Women Over 50
Instagram @hair_musz

#26: Short Pixie for Women Over 50

Consider a short pixie for women over 50 if you can chop off some length. It’s perfect for every hair type when blown out with a small round brush. Lighter blonde hair colors are an option for a younger-looking appearance, as light hair can blur out a harsh line of demarcation, mainly when covering grey hair. Finish this style with a bit of pomade and light hairspray.

Champagne Blonde Pixie
Instagram @kassiabarbo

#27: Champagne Blonde Pixie

A champagne blonde pixie with an undercut is super sleek. There are a variety of ways that you can style these hairstyles. It may range from spiky and edgy to slick and subdued. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair. Use a blow-dry serum and a shine spray for a polished finish.

#28: Low-Maintenance Pixie with Blonde Ombre

A low-maintenance pixie with blonde ombre is the perfect combination of edginess and simplicity. Short hairstyles require more visits to the salon, as appointments should be about 4-5 weeks apart to ensure the shape stays. A blonde ombre is a great choice to pair with short hair, as it requires less maintenance and prolongs salon visits.

Short Curly Pixie for Curly Girls
Instagram @_blondieandco_

#29: Short Curly Pixie for Curly Girls

A short curly pixie for curly hair is a good option for ladies interested in a big chop. It removes all the dead ends and gives you fresh, new locks to style. A short pixie with blonde hair color offers an alluring and youthful-looking glow. It’s best on a round or oval face shape.

Trendy Pixie Cut for Short Hair
Instagram @studiopudra

#30: Trendy Pixie Cut for Short Hair

A trendy pixie cut for short hair has multiple choppy layers. A blonde and short pixie is often longer in the front than the back to have a wider variety of styling options. Added texture and grit are very helpful to get that edgy look a choppy pixie provides.

Edgy Pixie for Blondes
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#31: Edgy Pixie

An edgy pixie is a very modern, trendy style. The shades of blonde are changeable to suit your complexion and facial features. If you’re bold enough, have one side or section shaved for a jaw-dropping transformation.

Short Pixie for Platinum Hair
Instagram @kassiabarbo

#32: Short Pixie for Platinum Hair

A short pixie for platinum hair is a timeless and edgy piece to wear on your tresses. A platinum tone is one of the must-try blonde hair color ideas to explore. Purple shampoo is vital in maintaining the vibrance of this hue. Remember that 4-5 week toning sessions are a must to keep it from looking brassy.

#33: Blonde Short Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

A blonde short pixie cut for fine hair creates more fullness and gives the illusion of thick hair. Blonde short pixie cuts are suitable for most hair types and textures, but discuss the look you are trying to achieve with your stylist to ensure it’s practical for your hair. Styling pixie hair in a jagged, messy way creates volume, definition, and texture.

#34: Blonde Pixie for Straight Hair

A blonde pixie for straight hair adds movement and texture to naturally straight hair. A short and blonde pixie has smooth layers that help maintain the shape of otherwise flat hair. Adding an undercut and a longer side bang in the front gives an illusion of thicker and texturized tresses.

#35: Short Blonde Pixie for Natural Hair

Switch up your black hair and opt for a pixie. African-American hair dyed blonde is a beautiful way to showcase your natural curls. These haircuts are great; you can take them extremely short, making the grow-out flawless. Style your natural curls with oil and styling cream to maintain their shape.

Wavy Blonde Pixie for Short Hair
Instagram @marlena._k_

#36: Wavy Blonde Pixie for Short Hair

A wavy blonde pixie for short hair is a way to play up natural curls or add in some curling iron waves. When considering this haircut, think of ways you wish to style the hair and help determine the length you want to keep on top. Fun pompadour styles are also great for a longer-haired blond pixie cut.

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#37: Choppy Blonde Pixie

A choppy pixie is ideal for women with thick tresses. Styling the hair forward with a round brush creates fullness and added density. Short, choppy layers stacked in the back are some perfect attributes that these styles have.

#38: Very Short Pixie for Blonde Women

A very short pixie for blonde women is super chic with low-maintenance styling. To achieve a bright blonde hue, women may need more than one session to get the desired hair hue. With blonde short pixies, schedule an appointment every 4-5 weeks to ensure the length and color are well-maintained.

#39: Blonde Short Pixie for Women Over 60

A blonde short pixie for women over 60 is a great style to look 10 years younger than your current age. Soft, feathery layers paired with an icy blonde hue make for a sassy, youthful-looking hairdo for older women. Styling is minimal, with a super short haircut. Rough drying with a blow-dryer or even letting the hair air-dry are practical options.

Dark Blonde Pixie for Short Hair
Instagram @stylhairniort

#40: Dark Blonde Pixie

A dark blonde pixie with sharp angles gives a chic vibe to any woman. Such haircuts are ideal for women who want little to no effort when styling hair. A dark blonde tone creates a natural finish, while jagged, short layers create edginess and boldness to the cut.

Long Pixie for Blonde Short Hair
Instagram @uberbeleza

#41: Long Pixie for Blonde, Short Hair

A long pixie cut is a good transition piece to a short hairstyle while maintaining adequate length. A bob-like pixie cut is an ideal length for styling, as it has the length needed when tucking behind the ear or pinning back.

#42: Blonde Pixie + Short Hairstyle

You’ll never go wrong with a shaved undercut and long choppy layers on a short haircut. These haircuts suit many face shapes as they can be modified to fit your frame.

Short Shaggy Blonde Pixie Cut
Instagram @bareeminimum

#43: Short Shaggy Pixie

A short shaggy pixie cut is great if you have thinner hair and want to create the illusion of a fuller look. This haircut has several layers and textures to bring out more movement in your tresses.

#44: Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Platinum blonde pixie cuts are breathtaking. These hairstyles are fun and playful. Ask your stylist for short and long choppy layers. With a shaved undercut, this creates a more bold and daring look. Women of all ages can pull off a platinum pixie cut.

Short Pixie for Older Women
Instagram @bakki_house

#45: Short Pixie for Older Women

A short pixie for older women should be easy maintenance, fuller-looking, and playful. A pixie with ashy blonde hair coloring is a concoction for a youthful-looking glow. This ash blonde pixie is flattering for women of any age with a fair complexion.

#46: Spiky Short Pixie for Blonde Hair

A spiky short pixie for blonde hair is a unique style. Extra texture and several choppy layers help your mane build the needed dimension and appear effortless. Short blonde pixie ideas are hairstyles that never go out of style, daring, fun, and playful all at the same time!