21 Daring Short Red Hair Color Ideas Right Now

Best short red hair colors

A short red hair color is when the hair is colored red and cut short, usually into a bob, a pixie, or any cut above shoulder-length and dyed with any shade of red. What better color to partner with a chic haircut than a stand-out hot red!

Short Red Hairstyles Tips

Red has a plethora of hues to choose from, making it fitting for any skin tone there is. Ginger and strawberry red complement cool, fair complexions, while bright red and auburn pair best with deep, medium to dark skin tones.

Famous redheads who are sporting chopped cuts include Rihanna, Emma Stone, and Scarlett Johansson, and these bombshells never fail to dazzle on the red carpet! Expert corrective colorist Carli Ebbert from the Juju Hair Lounge shows on her feed how pixies and bobs instantly become Insta-worthy when spiced up with red hues!

Talking about the upkeep – it’s common knowledge that red dyes are demanding when it comes to products and maintenance. But having it on chopped hair could absolutely make things easier! The balayage technique is also one way to wear red on your locks without much commitment.

This might be the most striking hair color and cut you’ll ever have! Head down below to this up-to-date gallery of short red hair color ideas that are blazing on everyone’s feeds right now!

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Dark Red Hair with Highlights

Short dark red hair with highlights
Instagram @monarchhairco

A grand hair reveal must be on its way if you get this plum red color!

Short Black Hair with Red Highlights

Short black hair with red highlights
Instagram @beautyrevealed.ro

Everlasting black and red combo makes you feel like you are in punk rock concert ready for a mosh pit to happen.

Dark Brown to Red Ombre

Dark Brown to Red Ombre on short hair
Instagram @aspenshaircraft

Get those blood-red seeping in by having them all curled at the ends. Bet you didn’t see that coming!

Ginger Red Wavy Bob

Ginger Red Wavy Bob
Instagram @itsagreathairday

Gingers have the most fun too! They got that natural autumn look and the short wavy bob that adds all the flare to the look.

Auburn Red Pixie

Auburn Red Pixie Cut
Instagram @jayna.sioux.hair

Just in time for fall. Fresh and funky, all for the new season’s coming.

Reddish Brown Chocolate

Short reddish brown chocolate red hair
Instagram @brandy_ultasalon

Deep brown hair is the neutral tone that is also a must try hair color. Get that drop of red with this red-brown shade,

Fiery Red With Bangs

Short red hair with bangs
Instagram @studiosuvisalonen

Nothing says smoking like a solid crimson color on a pixie cut.

Orange Red

Orange Red hair color
Instagram @alfajaesalon

Slip into that right shade of crimson by adding a bit of orange right at the ends.

Copper Red Bob

Short Copper Red Bob
Instagram @adamandevacairns

Get that rustic red all out in the open. The fringed bob shows all the tones of the color perfectly. This short red hair color brings out the skin tone very well.

Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Short red hair with blonde highlights
Instagram @masterpiece_by_meg

Lighten up your scarlet red hair with blonde highlights like these.

Red Brown Hair with Highlights

Short red brown hair with highlights
Instagram @modbeautestudio

Mature women tend to frequent this red brown hair style because it’s both relaxed and adventurous at the same time.

Dark to Light Short Red Hair Ombre

Dark to Light Red Ombre
Instagram @irina.tuga

Q&A with style creator, Irina Tuga
Colourist @ Douglas J Aveda Salon in Okemos, MI

How would you describe this look?

This look is edgy and fiery. It’ll turn heads as soon as you walk into a room. It’s not only going to give you a great look but it’s going to inspire you to feel more confident and carry a fire within you inspired by your hair color.

My favorite thing about short red hairstyles is the vibrant colors. I love the way the colors blend together to form a fiery look. The ombre curls give it the attitude that says I’m here! I have arrived! And we all know you gotta look good to feel good.

Any advice for someone considering it?

You definitely have to be comfortable with standing outside of the box with haircut and color, as it’s definitely going to get noticed. This cut requires 4-6 week maintenance in order to keep the neckline and shape nice and sharp. Washing your hair as little as possible is ideal to prevent color fading.

A product I would recommend to keep you out of the shower is dry shampoo. Aveda has a great dry shampoo that’s not only cruelty-free but it doesn’t have alcohol in it, therefore not drying out your hair. When you do shower it’s best to keep the water on the cooler side.

As for styling, this is such a versatile cut, and it’s really incredible. Curled or straight, it looks great either way. In fact, if you wear it straight, it can be styled into a cute asymmetrical bob! Limit heat styling (straighteners, curlers, and blow dryers) to keep your hair healthy and to prevent color fading and when you do make sure to always use a heat protectant.

Bright Red Hair

Bright Red
Instagram @charleenhair

Q&A with style creator, Charleen Fair
Stylist @ Time N Again Hair Design in Winnipeg, MB

How would you describe this look?

This look is a hipster bob. You can’t really tell from the pic but she has a shorter straight cut bang in the front and a dramatic blunt drop to her ends. Her bob was cut to look “lived-in”.

Any advice for someone considering it?

She is a student and wanted something that would be able to grow out nicely. This shape would suit natural texture as well. The products used on her hair are all from the Alterna Caviar line – color shampoo and conditioner. I also used Caviar cc cream 10 in 1 as a leave-in and Caviar perfect iron spray before I iron.

To seal in the shine and polish, I use Caviar top coat. The color was a mix of coral and red which really suits people who have a “brighter” personality. I kept enough depth to bring out the brightness of the other colors, but she was a solid brunette when she walked in. There is maintenance for this type of color but with the proper shampoo and hair routine, you could re-gloss every 5 to 7 weeks. This shape may not suit people who are self-conscious of round face shape and wouldn’t look the same on fine hair.

Dark Red with Light Red Highlights

Dark Red with Light Red Highlights
Instagram @jennyvernetti

Q&A with style creator, Jenny Vernetti
Stylist @ Bella Salon in Rockford, IL

How would you describe this look?

This is actually a client who is growing out a really bad haircut. We finally got her neckline long enough to resemble some type of shorter angled bob. Her selection of color really ties in and complements the choppy layers.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would only recommend this for someone who likes to have an edgy style, definitely not someone who is conservative, and someone who doesn’t mind the upkeep of course because red fades so fast. It’s excellent for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on their hair, and it’s one of those that is the messier the better!

Short Cinnamon Red Hair

Cinnamon Red
Instagram @becoming_kayla

Q&A with style creator, Kayla Elizabeth
Hairstylist / Esthetician @ Puravida Salon and Spa in Park City, UT

How would you describe this look?

What I love most about this color is that it’s a vibrant red! As much as I love ashy tones, I feel too many people are afraid of seeing any trace of red in their hair. Short red hairstyles have amazing benefits, my favorites being that it makes green and blue eyes pop and that it is rare. Red hair itself isn’t common, but also that it’s Aveda color. Aveda colors are not pre-mixed so it’s perfect for those who want to be out of the box. Every color is custom to meet each person’s individual needs.

I also love the dimension in her hair from the highlights I added with a warm toner to make her color a little more interesting to stare at! So go bold, go different, go red!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Go for it! This cut is great for all hair types especially for those looking for more volume and texture. Medium hair near the shoulders, whether you spend two minutes or 20, is fantastic. It can look chic after a nice blow-dry using a boar bristle brush, Aveda’s speed of light for heat protection/faster blow-dry, and Phomolient to hold the style. You can style it textured by spraying in some texture tonic and tossing it a bit. Short hair can be cute and sexy. Liven it up with a freeing, fresh cut!

Dark Red Balayage

Dark Red Balayage
Instagram @muahdestiny

Q&A with style creator, Destiny Moody
Colorist / Natural Hair Stylist @ Hair We Are Salon in Virginia Beach, VA

How would you describe this look?

To describe this red balayage bob, I’d say it’s classy yet sexy! The bold red lends itself to the sexy vibe, and the long bob cut offers a classy appeal. The wavy curls add the oh so sassy! Overall, this style is just so playful and anyone can pull it off, which is what I love about it!

Any advice for someone considering it?

From very fine to very dense hair, it’s all about shape and layering for this cut. Style-wise, bring on the volume and the texture! This everyday style is almost effortless if you have a nice wave, curl pattern, or texture to your hair. If your hair isn’t naturally wavy or curly, don’t be afraid to add some to it with a hot styling tool!

Products I love: Amika & Moroccan oil products are my go-to’s! I also suggest a good blow-out spray, shine spray, and flexible hairspray to maintain shine with managed movement!

Brick Red Hairstyle

Brick Red
Instagram @geeannx

Q&A with style creator, Georgia Clarke
Stylist @ Jon Hurst Hairdressing in Bristol, UK

How would you describe this look?

This look is a fiery statement bob. My favorite thing about it is how much definition the straight finish gives the cut.

Any advice for someone considering it?

The bright red color combined with the sharp cut gives off a bold statement that not everyone can pull off, so this would be great for someone with confidence, who doesn’t mind the upkeep and don’t mind turning heads.

Burgundy Red

Burgundy Red
Instagram @hair.by.hai

Q&A with style creator, Hailey Mikesell
Stylist @ Edge Hair Studio in Willoughby, OH

How would you describe this look?

My favorite singular word that I would use to describe this look is fun! I’m more than obsessed with Davines’ reds so I was beyond stoked when my client wanted to get a little louder with her color. If you are looking for popping short red hairstyles, give Davines’ burgundy red hair dye a try. I had so much fun with the cut – I love a nice sharp look! The color has got to be my favorite part of the look though.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Maintenance is everything. Although reds tend to be the hardest color to get out, they’re also the hardest to keep in! Wear a hat in the sun, use the correct at home products, and come frequently enough for color and cut upkeep! I always tell my clients that home maintenance is just as important as your salon visits. If you’re spending a good amount of money on your hair at the salon, don’t settle for the $8.99 sulfate-filled shampoo that’s going to strip it!

Natural Curly Red Hairstyle

Q&A with style creator, Christie Hutchinson
Master Cosmetologist @ Chris Styles Hair Lounge in Little Elm, TX

How would you describe this look?

This look is what I like to call summer red-y with varying hues of reds, violet, and pinks. This naturally curly/wavy style allows the sunlight to reflect the different tones as opposed to a monochromatic typical red hair color. The versatility of this style is perfect for a woman on the go, gym enthusiast, swimmer, or summer vacationer.

Any advice for someone considering it?

When deciding on red hair, it’s a commitment. This includes a hair maintenance routine in the salon and at home. While permanent red colors are more forgiving with the speed of fading, this fashion color requires either a red shampoo (Joico Red Shampoo) or conditioner (Maria Nila in bright red) to refresh the color and increase longevity. Of course, cool to lukewarm water during the cleansing and conditioning. Reds complement almost every skin, find the one for you, and you’ll be hooked!

Red and Black Balayage

Q&A with style creator, Chantal Davis-Thompson
Senior Stylist @ Classic Cuts & More Salon in Napanee, ON

How would you describe this look?

This particular client wanted a bold change! For this look, I used a free hand technique to pre-lighten specific pieces before applying Matrix HD-Red. I absolutely love the vibrancy and depth that comes with adding red to pre-existing dark hair. For the cut, I shortened the layers to add movement and texture, so the color really popped.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Red hair dye is one of the quickest to fade, thus short red hair definitely needs ultimate care. This needs to be kept in mind when considering a bold change. Using professional color care shampoos, washing with cooler temperatures, and regular salon visits will help you keep your reds looking fierce! Reds are very versatile and come in many different variations. I would suggest a few face-framing foils for a more subtle, lower maintenance look.

Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Q&A with style creator, Stephanie Pachla
Stylist @ Mila Salon and Spa in Shelby Township, MI

How would you describe this look?

This look is a deep red graduated bob with a slightly asymmetrical front. My favorite part about this cut is that it looks so chic and polished. The color was achieved by doing a full highlight to beak up the previous color using a lightener that deposits red tones as it lifts. I also did an all over deep red tint in order to add dimension.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Make sure you carve out time in your schedule to maintain it. Red color can be tricky to keep looking fresh, so I usually recommend scheduling a touch up every 5-7 weeks and using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner in between.

Dry shampoo is a great tool as well – the less you wash the longer those vibrant reds stick around! I would recommend the same time frame to maintain the cut. It’s important to do small trims to keep the shape looking fresh.

I offer my clients complimentary neck trims in between appointments to help maintain this type of haircut as well! I think this haircut/style requires someone with a lifestyle that allows for styling. Refreshing time each day is a must. It’s a super fun look that I think most face shapes can pull off beautifully with slight variations!