53 Stunning Short Red Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2023

Short red hair
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Life is too short for boring hair. So why not spice your short hair up with a gorgeous red hue? Famous redheads sporting chopped cuts include Rihanna, Emma Stone, and Scarlett Johansson, and these bombshells never fail to dazzle on the red carpet! Unlike the typical brown or blonde shade, short red hair is fiery and compliments all skin tones. Opt for hair that’s colored red and cut short to show off your edginess.

Short Red Hairstyles Tips

Red has a plethora of hues to choose from. Ginger and strawberry red complement cool, fair complexions, while bright red and auburn pair best with deep, medium to dark skin tones.

Expert corrective colorist Carli Ebbert from the Juju Hair Lounge shows how pixies and bobs become Insta-worthy when spiced up with red hues!

As for upkeep – it’s common knowledge that red dyes are demanding when it comes to products and maintenance. But having it on chopped hair could absolutely make things easier! “The balayage technique is also one way to wear red on your locks without much commitment,” says Ebbert.

Before your next hair appointment, check out our up-to-date gallery of popular short red hair color ideas!

Dark Red Balayage Hairstyle
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#1: Dark Red Balayage

This red balayage bob is classy. The bold red lends itself to the gorgeous vibe, and the long bob cut offers a classy appeal. The wavy curls add the oh so sassy. From very fine to very thick hair, it’s all about shape and layering for this cut. Style-wise, bring on the volume and the texture!  If your hair isn’t naturally wavy or curly, don’t be afraid to add some to it with a hot styling tool, turning it into gorgeous short curly hair.

Spicy Red Tones for Short Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#2: Spicy Red Tones for Short Hair

Believe it or not, there’s an advantage to going red, and these red tones for short hair are a perfect example of why. This warm, rich color draws attention, making onlookers compliment you and boosting your confidence.

Short Red Bob with Blonde Bangs
Instagram @nicks.cutz
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#3: Short Red Bob with Blonde Bangs

This short red bob with blonde bangs is a fun and vibrant hairstyle that is a great way to draw attention. The bold, playful red and the striking blonde bangs work together to create contrast. This hairstyle is ideal for those who want a fresh, trendy look, as it lends a lively, modern vibe. The bob’s length is versatile, compliments most face shapes, and beautifully frames the face. To style this hairstyle, apply a heat protectant spray to the hair. While blow drying, use a round brush to add volume and shape to your bob hairstyle. Finish off your style by smoothing the bangs with a flat iron.

Short Smooth Straight Red Hairstyle
Instagram @stylist.katricecondon
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#4: Smooth Straight Red Hairstyle

This straight red hairstyle is simple and sleek. You should ask for a bob cut that stays above the shoulders. Choose a red shade that suits your eyes and skin tone. Don’t forget to use a color conditioner at home. This helps keep your red color from looking too dull after many washes. Also, schedule a glossing session with your stylist every 10-12 weeks.

Short Stacked Bob with Amazing Red Coloring
Instagram @gennydauria
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#5: Stacked Bob with Amazing Red Coloring

When you want to make an impact with your hairstyle, go for a stacked bob with this amazing red coloring. This hairstyle is bold, bright, and a major showstopper.

Deep Cherry Red Hairstyle for Short Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#6: Deep Cherry Red Hairstyle

When it comes to making a striking impression, a deep cherry red hairstyle is the way to go. Deep cherry red helps accentuate your features whether you have fair or darker skin, and is one of the best ways to add vibrancy to your style.

Relaxed Red Pixie Cut for black women with short hair
Instagram @jasblack
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#7: Relaxed Red Pixie Cut

Go big, or go home with a relaxed, bright red pixie cut. If you have a pixie cut, try this beautiful red color at your next appointment. Ask for your stylist to customize the red color to best suit your skin tone and it will be even more complementary. Always schedule your relaxer and color appointments a couple of weeks apart. The relaxer will fade your color.

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#8: Jaw-Length Red Bob with Wispy Bangs

A jaw-length red bob with wispy bangs is trendy. If your hair needs a new color, ask for a red copper that compliments your skin tone. O&M (ammonia free color line) and Shwarzkopf (ammonia based) color lines have beautiful reds. If you can, find a stylist who uses either of these.

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#9: Classic Red Bob

Ask your stylist for a classic red bob. If you have a niche for red hair, ask for a deeper root and lighter ends to give a dimensional effect. My favorite way to upkeep reds is with a semi-permanent vivid so you are keeping the hair healthy. You can also try the Celeb Luxury Viral Hair Vivid Red Color Wash for at-home upkeep.

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#10: Ginger Bob with Subtle Butterfly Layers

A ginger bob with subtle butterfly layers is a trendy and stylish hairstyle. It combines a vibrant ginger hue with delicate, layered butterfly-shaped cuts. This mix creates a cute and flattering square or cheeky face shape. This is the perfect summer haircut style!

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#11: Mahogany-Red Layered Bob

A mahogany red layered bob is a timeless cut and color combo. When you want a bob with crown volume, I suggest a graduated high stacked bob. It’s a beautiful style for those with a convex face profile. A rich mahogany red works well with warm skin tones and compliments brown and hazel eyes.

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#12: Light Coppery Red Bob

Make your blue eyes pop with this light, coppery red bob. Copper blonde shades enhance your hair’s shine and create the illusion of dimension. If cut well, a blunt bob is one of the easiest cuts to style. Use a flat-wrap blow-dry technique for a sleek finish or a round brush for a big voluminous blowout.

Short Darker Red Layered Bob Style
Instagram @olgakursitis
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#13: Darker Red Layered Bob Style

Opt for a dark red bob with an under bevel. An under bevel is an important detail if you want to have your hair curve under in the nape area. If you can, request this with your stylist and see if your hair will cooperate with this style. A blunt under bevel is great for fine and thick hair textures.

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#14: Blended Copper and Red Blunt Cut

The best way to create thickness is to keep your baseline heavy. Ask for your stylist to create a blunt cut on your perimeter (length). Coppers that blend into a red work perfectly to add a focus area and give interest. I highly recommend you invest in shampoo and conditioner for red tones. They help to keep the pigment locked in your hair longer.

Gorgeous Natural Red Ginger Curls
Instagram @rodrigocintra
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#15: Gorgeous Natural Ginger Curls

How fun are these gorgeous natural ginger curls? The best style for natural texture is a soft pixie. Be aware of going too short, you want to be able to have enough volume. You might consider leaving a little more length on top for an extra boost of lift.

Messy Bright Red Merlot Bob
Instagram @daniloudabacci
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#16: Messy Bright Red Merlot Bob

If you’re looking to make your bob more radiant, you might want to give a vibrant red hair color a try. You’ll love that you have more intense richness. Be aware that red tones tend to fade a little faster, but no need to worry. You can use Celeb Luxury Ruby Red color wash in between appointments. It helps to keep your color looking fresh.

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#17: Amazing Red Pixie

If you want to intensify your short cut, ask for a rich red hair color. If your hair has highlights already it will add more dimension to the vibrant color. When doing red colors, I love to go with Joico’s color line. The colors are more true to swatch and tend to last a little longer. When choosing a red tone, ask your stylist what they think is more suitable for your lifestyle. Red colors have a very wide variety.

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#18: Lived-In Bright Red Bob Style

A lived-in bright red style is a rich and vibrant color that you will love. The most effective way to keep your hair looking bright is to use sulphate-free products. It’s also helpful to wash your hair in cooler water. You’ll thank me later!

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#19: Vibrant Red Long Pixie with Long Bangs

If you’re looking for a longer version of a pixie, this haircut is for you! Pair it with a bold color like this red for an even edgier look. To keep your hair color vibrant, ask your stylist about an at-home colored conditioner. Washing with cooler water helps maintain longevity and keeps your hair cuticle closed. While warm water opens up the cuticle allowing color to come out quicker.

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#20: Short Cherry Red Hair

Look magnificent with short cherry red hair. Cherry red is one of the best hair colors if you want depth and vibrancy. Red hair does fade quickly so you’ll have to color your hair frequently to keep your tones vibrant and glossy. Always use a color-safe shampoo to keep your color longer.

Bright Red Pixie with Swept Bangs
Instagram @_manitadegato_
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#21: Bright Red Pixie with Swept Bangs

Try a bright red pixie with swept bangs for a new look. The best way to style this cut is with a mousse and a paste to give you volume and control. Make sure you ask your stylist what they would recommend. That way you have all you need to keep it perfect at home.

Short Bold and Vivid Red Bob
Instagram @soubecas
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#22: Bold and Vivid Red Bob

Go from humdrum to fabulous with this bold and vivid red bob. Dyeing your hair red is one of the easiest ways to make a statement, so don’t be shy if you want to try this hairstyle out. This vibrant shade will definitely win you compliments. Avoid shampooing your hair too often, and invest in a color depositing conditioner.

Tousled Magenta-Red Bob Cut
Instagram @bricia.g_artistry
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#23: Tousled Magenta Bob Cut

If you’re really looking to stand out, try a tousled magenta bob cut. A fun and vibrant hair color will liven up your mane. Bleaching your hair will be necessary to achieve such a vibrant hue. I highly recommend visiting your salon for frequent toners to keep your color bold. I’ve found that using a hair color depositing mask will help keep your color longer at home.

Revolutionary Red for Short Hair
Instagram @seolahair
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#24: Revolutionary Red

If you’re looking to make a statement with your fine hair, try a bright red shade of revolutionary red. With the addition of a root shade, you don’t have to touch up your roots as often as you would without one. Ask your stylist what you can use to refresh your hair at home between salon visits.

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#25: Cinnamon Spice Funky Pixie

Try a funky pixie if you’re looking for a bold change. Warmer tones like copper and reds suit women with warmer skin complexion. Talk to your stylist and see what tones would best suit you.

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#26: Short Fluffy Hair with Bangs

Short fluffy hair when paired with bangs looks extra gorgeous with red and orange tones. The plethora of layers within this crop is complimented by warm tones and allows the multi-texture to stand out. If you can, avoid over-washing this hairdo as it will fade your color faster.

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#27: Brick Red French Bob

A red French bob is a beautiful high-fashion and classic look. Cut with choppy layers for more texture or hidden layering for a more sleek look. Style with a flat brush for a sleek look, or a round brush to add volume and texture. Finish the look with a texture spray or cream.

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#28: Short Red Blunt Cut with Orange Bangs

Try a short red blunt cut with orange bangs for a fun and daring look. Great for short hair, orange bangs add warmth around the face, and red adds a bold, beautiful color overall. Ask your stylist to texture your short bob.

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#29: Fiery Red Short Hair With Bangs for Women with Heart-Shaped Faces

Nothing says smoking hot like a solid crimson red color on a longer pixie cut. This is a super cute short haircut with bangs that’s ideal for younger and older women alike due to its ease of styling.

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#30: Super Sleek Jaw-Length Copper Bob

If you’re wanting to make a bold statement, trying a super sleek jaw-length copper bob. This vibrant copper pops amazing against hazel and green eyes, and this short bob will bring a lot of attention to your facial features. Texture within this length is very important to still allow for movement in the hair.

bright red short hairstyle for women
Instagram @fryzjer_gd
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#31: Bright Red Short Hair

A bright red short hair looks amazing with a hipster bob cut that looks lived-in.

When washing, try the Alterna Caviar line – color shampoo and conditioner.

The color mix of coral and red really suits women who have a brighter personalities. There is maintenance for red hair colors like this, but with the proper shampoo and hair routine, you could re-gloss every 5 to 7 weeks.

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#32: Red Asymmetrical Bob with Undercut

Red asymmetrical bobs with undercuts are beneficial to women who have thick hair and no fear. Red hair always stands out above the crowd, as well as asymmetrical cuts. Not everyone has the time or patience, nor wants the maintenance of red hair or undercuts. So, adding all three attributes into one style is definitely a statement. This helps to provide less hair to maintain with the help of the undercut and the shorter side.

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#33: Short Red Hair for Girls

Short, red hair for girls can be such a playful hairstyle. Short bobs need regular trims, and red colors need regular appointments to keep the vibrancy, but they’re worth it! Using a red or copper-pigmented shampoo at home helps with maintenance. It also helps to keep the color vibrant between appointments.

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#34: Dark Red Hair with Highlights

If you’re looking to spice up your hair, check out this plum and raspberry red color! Women with straight hair can wear this pixie cut hairstyle without effort and minimal styling.

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#35: Short Black Hair with Red Highlights

An everlasting black and red combo makes you feel like you are in punk rock concert ready for a mosh pit to happen.

Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights
Instagram @sunkissedbyk_
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#36: Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Check out this deep red graduated bob haircut with a slightly asymmetrical front. The color in the photo was achieved by doing a full highlight to beak up the previous color. This was done using a lightener that deposits red tones as it lifts. There’s also a deep red tint in order to add dimension.

For maintenance, carve out time in your schedule to maintain it. Red color on dark brown hair can be tricky to keep fresh looking, so schedule a touch-up every 5-7 weeks and use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner in between. A dry shampoo is also a great tool – the less you wash, the longer those vibrant reds stick around!

Dark Brown to Red Ombre on Short Hair
Instagram @hairgirl.jpg
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#37: Dark Brown to Red Ombre on Short Hair

Get that blood-red seeping in by curling them at the ends with this dark brown to red ombre hair color. If you’re a redhead wannabe, this trend is worth a try!

Ginger Red Wavy Bob Style
Instagram @kelceyoverton
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#38: Ginger Red Wavy Bob Style

Do you have short ginger hair? Gingers have the most fun, too! They got that natural autumn look and the short wavy bob adds all the flare to their short red haircut.

Short auburn red pixie cut
Instagram @maygovintage
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#39: Short Auburn Red Pixie Cut

A short auburn red pixie cut is a perfect fall color for redheads. The color creates an illusion of natural red hair on ladies with a fair skin complexion. This short auburn hair features a red tousled pixie style, perfect for women who love easy-to-manipulate hair trends.

Reddish Brown Chocolate Short Hair
Instagram @vainhaus_
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#40: Reddish Brown Chocolate Short Hair

Deep brown hair is the neutral tone that is a must-try when opting for red hair color. Get that drop of red with this red-brown shade.

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#41: Short Copper Red Bob

Get that rustic copper-red all out in the open. The long fringed bob shows all the tones of the color perfectly. This short copper hair brings out the skin tone very well.

Short Red Brown Hair with Highlights
Instagram @erin.boha
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#42: Short Red Brown Hair with Highlights

Some women tend to frequent a red brown hair style because it’s both relaxed and voluminous at the same time.

Auburn to strawberry blonde ombre
Instagram @stylingpretty
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#43: Auburn to Strawberry Blonde Ombre

The auburn to strawberry blonde ombre can be achieved with a combo of balayage and color melt. Stylist Lauren Hassinger from Glen Mills, PA created this hair color. “These bright, warm copper tones look best on pale to medium skin tones,” she states.

Hassinger warns that home maintenance copper treatment shampoo & conditioners are a must. Her faves are the ones from Lakme Teknia and Davines.

Dark to Light Short Red Hair Ombre
Instagram @irina.tuga
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#44: Dark to Light Short Red Hair Ombre

This dark to light short red hair ombre was created by colorist Irina Tuga of Okemos, MI.

“The best thing about short red haircuts is the vibrant shades. The way the colors blend together form fiery short red locks. Plus, the ombre curls give it the attitude that says I’m here,” explains Tuga.

“You definitely have to be comfortable with a short red hairstyle, as it’s definitely going to get noticed,” she adds. “Short haircuts require 4-6 week maintenance in order to keep the neckline and shape nice and sharp. Washing your bright red hair as little as possible is ideal to prevent color fading.”

Use dry shampoo. Tuga says Aveda has a great dry shampoo that’s not only cruelty-free but it doesn’t have alcohol in it, therefore it won’t dry out your hair. “When you do shower it’s best to keep the water on the cooler side to avoid premature color fading,” she adds.

“Curled or straight, short hairstyles like this look great either way. In fact, if you wear it as straight red hair, it can be styled into a cute asymmetrical bob,” explains Tuga.

Dark Red Hair with Light Red Highlights and Choppy Layers
Instagram @jennyvernetti
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#45: Dark Red Hair with Light Red Highlights and Choppy Layers

Short red hair styles like this are considered a red shorter angled bob. “The selection of color really ties in and complements the choppy layers and red highlights, resulting in tousled red hair,” explains stylist Jenny Vernetti of Rockford, IL.

“Short red wavy bob hairstyles and haircuts like this are for women who don’t mind the upkeep and love this red color because red fades fast,” says Vernetti.

“This bob with red highlights is excellent for women who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair, and it’s one of those short red hairstyles that when it’s messier, it’s better,” she adds.

Short Cinnamon Red Hair Color on Layered Bob
Instagram @canarysalon
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#46: Short Cinnamon Red Hair Color on Layered Bob

Don’t you love the vibrant red? As much as women love ashy tones, too many are afraid of seeing any trace of even a medium red shade in their hair.

Red short hair styles like a cinnamon layered bob have amazing benefits, such as making green and blue eyes pop.

Red hair short itself isn’t very common. Use Aveda colors because they’re not pre-mixed. So it’s perfect for redhead women who want to be out of the box. Every color is custom to meet each person’s individual needs.

Adding dimension to your hair with highlights creates a warm tone. This will make your red color a little more interesting to stare at! So go bold, go different, and paint your medium bob hair red!

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#47: Brick Red Hairstyle For Straight Hair

A brick red hairstyle with a blunt fringe is a fiery statement bob.

The bright red color combined with the short blunt haircut gives off a bold statement that not all women can pull off. So this red short bob would be great for a woman with confidence, who doesn’t mind the upkeep and doesn’t mind turning heads.

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#48: Natural Curly Red Hairstyle

Go for short red curly hair that has varying hues of reds, violets, and pinks. This red curly hairstyle allows the sunlight to reflect the different tones as opposed to a monochromatic typical red hair color.

When deciding on short curly red hair, just know it’s a commitment. This includes a hair maintenance routine in the salon and at home.

While permanent red colors are more forgiving with the speed of fading, this fashion color requires either a red shampoo (Joico Red Shampoo) or conditioner (Maria Nila in bright red) to refresh the color and increase longevity. Ask your stylist for recommended salon products for at-home care.

It’s best to use cool to lukewarm water during the cleansing and conditioning of this fiery red lob. Reds complement almost every skin tone, so find the one for you, and you’ll be hooked!

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#49: Red and Black Balayage

To get this dark red short hair, ask your stylist to use a free-hand technique to pre-lighten specific pieces before applying Matrix HD-Red. Don’t you love the vibrancy and depth of adding a red hue to pre-existing black hair? To get your short dark red hair color to pop, opt for shortened layers to add movement and texture.

Red hair dye is one of the quickest to fade. Thus, short red hair needs ultimate care. This needs to be kept in mind when considering short red hair ideas. Using professional color care shampoos, washing with cooler temperatures, and regular salon visits will help you keep your reds looking fierce! Reds are very versatile and come in many different variations.

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#50: Short Orange Red Hair Color

Looking for new red hair dye ideas? Slip into that right shade of crimson by adding a bit of orange at the ends. This red-orange hair creates that melting fire red shade that looks bold. Cut and transform your long hair into a short A-line bob to match your round face.

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#51: Red Curly Bob Hairstyle

Show off your beauty and confidence with a red curly bob hairstyle. A short hairstyle projects an image of strength and confidence and the color red signifies courage, making the mixture a powerhouse of a hairstyle. Adding curls or beach waves to such a bold style will help to soften the overall look of the hair and face.

Short Burgundy Red Haircut for Women
Instagram @riibendz
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#52: Short Burgundy Red Haircut

Try this short burgundy red haircut if you want a popping short red hairstyle. Give Davines’ burgundy red hair dye a try. Although reds are the hardest color to get out, they’re also the hardest to keep. Wear a hat in the sun, use the correct at-home products, and come frequently enough for color upkeep! If you’re spending a good amount of money on your short bob red hair at the salon, don’t settle for the $8.99 sulfate-filled shampoo – that will strip it!

Shorter Red Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @duana.hair
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#53: Shorter Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Lighten up your scarlet red hair with blonde highlights like these. Now’s the time to flaunt your red hair bob with dimension!