22 Prettiest Platinum Pixie Cuts for Cooler Blonde Crop

Platinum pixie cuts
Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A platinum pixie cut is an edgy short-length chop with metallic blonde hair color. You can style it in various ways to go with any face shape and customize the hue to match most skin tones.

Stylist Christa McNeely of Cuyahoga Falls, OH shares her ideas on this hair trend. She points out that anything is possible with this look.

The platinum color is adjustable to flatter your skin complexion. And when choosing the cut, just make sure to consider your hair type, face shape, and head structure.

Women with short fine hair will benefit more from this blonde pixie.

McNeely explains, “A lightener is used to achieve platinum blonde. This opens up the hair’s cuticle layer and creates an illusion of thickness. The same goes for the pixie—the shorter the hair is, the thicker it’ll look.”

For maintenance, platinum pixie requires salon visits every four weeks. Lightening the hair causes dehydration of strands, so moisturizing them at home is a must. A pigmented shampoo or mask is also suggested to use.

McNeely wants to imply the essence of doing your research through social media. She states, “Look into everything from the stylist you choose to the possible upkeep and styling methods. Not all hairstylists specialize in every type of color and cut, and this is where mistakes can happen.”

In addition to Christa’s advice, you can read our guide filled with expert tips on choosing the perfect pixie cut.

This is the look that promises boldness. Photos here show the most inspiring platinum pixie hair ideas worth trying!


#1: Platinum Pixie Bob with Dark Roots

A pixie bob is a lower-maintenance version of a full platinum pixie. By adding a darker root, you can easily prolong the timing in-between color maintenance, especially if you naturally have darker roots. A shadow root can also help blend in salt and pepper greys because there is a blended combination of light and dark.

Platinum Pixie with a Long Spiky Top
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#2: Platinum Pixie with a Long Spiky Top

Look at this haircut called platinum pixie with a long, spiky top! Consistency is key in platinum hair for an even blonde color and healthy hair. A personal commitment to touch-ups every 4-6 weeks is needed. This maintains the color and keeps any short haircut in good shape to avoid it from becoming unkempt. A skilled stylist can style this haircut to suit you and give it a platinum tone to match your skin color and style.

Short Signature Platinum Pixie Cut
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#3: Signature Platinum Pixie Cut

You can’t go wrong with a signature platinum pixie cut. This cut is chic with edge. It’s the perfect choice if you have thin or fine hair. The short length and ashy color combination make your hair appear fuller and denser. Ask for a quality color shampoo to maintain this hair color at home.

Platinum Pixie with Short Layers and sweeping fringe on older women
Instagram @__suntzu__

#4: Platinum Pixie with Short Layers

If you’re looking for crown volume and texture, try undercut pixies. Avoid a bulky grow-out by tapering the sides with a #1 guard. Use a 1-inch curling iron to create bend and volume in your style or a round brush. You can style easily in 10 minutes, which is perfect for a minimalist.

Platinum White Pixie on Thin Hair
Instagram @todchukstudio

#5: Platinum White Pixie on Thin Hair

Opt for a platinum white pixie on thin hair. If you’re looking for a feminine modern cut, try a cropped white blonde pixie cut. Works best for those with a level 7 or higher for easier maintenance. Always ask your stylist if you think your hair is a good candidate to go super blonde. A pixie with a high-level blonde will bring you into the salon every 4-6 weeks on average.

Layered Pixie with Full Platinum Highlights
Instagram @todchukstudio

#6: Layered Pixie with Full Platinum Highlights

Rock a layered pixie with full platinum highlights. Pixie haircuts are very versatile for the modern woman. A fabulous cut on most head shapes as long as your stylist keeps in mind the balance of bone structure. If you would like pixie platinum hair with dimension, ask your stylist to add in a root smudge for depth.

Platinum Blonde on Bixie Hair
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#7: Platinum Blonde on Bixie Hair

Rock a platinum blonde bixie haircut. A bixie is a twist on your platinum long pixie cut when you want a little more bangs or length through the crown with a pixie flair. Also, it’s a great transition cut from a pixie to longer hair. Try a curtain bang or side-swept bangs to bring it all together.

Textured Platinum Pixie for Thick Hair
Instagram @autumnhartt

#8: Textured Platinum Pixie for Thick Hair

Go for a textured platinum pixie for thick hair. The trendy icy blonde pixie cut will do wonders for thick hair that feels like it’s too much to handle. Icy blondes cool down all the warm tones to the hair as long as it’s lifted to a high enough level. You can play with the length on the sides, short around the ears and neck, or some soft pieces left behind.

#9: Straight Pixie with a Platinum Gray Hue

Go for a straight pixie with a platinum gray hue. A cropped pixie with more body through the crown and top of the head creates a beautiful balance for a round face shape. A titanium platinum gives a lot of depth to the hair while not overpowering the tone.

Platinum Grey Pixie Bob
Instagram @todchukstudio

#10: Platinum Grey Pixie Bob

Consider a platinum grey pixie bob. A platinum hairstyle with violet undertones works well to cancel out any yellow left in the hair. For ladies who want a modern pixie with a little length left on, try keeping a side bang with face-framing bits or curtain bangs.

Platinum Long Pixie with a Side Part
Instagram @alexei.fedorko

#11: Platinum Long Pixie with a Side Part

Go for a platinum long crop haircut with a side part. Platinum pixies combined with a short hairstyle are great for all hair textures and can be adapted to your face shape and bone structure. This style requires frequent salon trips every 4-6 weeks.

Bleached Blonde Pixie Undercut on Women Over 50
Instagram @elyserox00

#12: Bleached Blonde Pixie Undercut on Women Over 50

Consider a bleached blonde pixie undercut for women over 50. A gorgeous bleached blonde pixie cut is great if you have gray coming in and want the regrowth to be less noticeable. Don’t be afraid to have it shaved underneath, especially if you have thick hair or a hairline that won’t behave with short style.

Edgy Short Pixie Crop with a Platinum Color
Instagram @lambseativy

#13: Edgy Short Pixie Crop with a Platinum Color

Go for an edgy short pixie crop with a platinum color. A pixie haircut with a platinum blonde works great for women who like an edgy, versatile style. You can spike up, curl, or create a pompadour with the length on top and clean side. Ask your stylist to soften the hairline with a razor if you want a feminine finish.

Sleek Wavy Blonde Pixie for African-American Women
Instagram @nikkifacesmua

#14: Sleek Wavy Blonde Pixie for African-American Women

Rock a wavy blonde pixie for African-American women. A short platinum pixie can be styled with your natural texture or into a glamorous finger wave. A great style for the professional women who wants an easy style. A wave can last you a good week before needing to be re-styled. A short style that will compliment a variety of hairlines as well.

Titanium Blonde on Messy Pixie Hair
Instagram @solo__capelli

#15: Titanium Blonde on Messy Pixie Hair

Opt for a titanium blonde on messy pixie hair. It’s a pixie style for older women who want an easy style. Short cuts are great for adding body and texture to the hair. Add a little volume powder on dry hair at the root and fluff with finger tips for an easy style.

#16: Very Short Platinum Blonde Pixie

Go for a very short platinum blonde pixie. It’s a great style for finer straight hair looking for texture and a little body. Softened edges keep your platinum blonde pixie cut modern. Although higher maintenance for haircutting and coloring, you will save time with styling in the morning with either wash and go or a little texture powder for volume and piecey-ness.

Choppy Platinum Pixie for Women Over 70
Instagram @ashesrgray

#17: Choppy Platinum Pixie for Women Over 70

Consider a choppy platinum pixie if you’re a woman over 70. Style a spiky hairdo with a root spray and a little texture cream on the end. It will give fine hair body and texture. Texture added to the hair creates softness and interest keeping your style modern and feminine as well.

Icy Blonde Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @cocoon_styling

#18: Icy Blonde Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs for Fine Hair

Consider an icy blonde pixie with side-swept bangs on fine hair. A pixie cut with a platinum blonde complements a variety of skin tones with subtle changes of color reflect. Side-swept bangs are a great option for a pixie cut on long and square face shapes.

#19: Platinum Buzzed Pixie for Black Ladies

Go for a platinum buzzed pixie for black ladies. A platinum cut with short relaxed curls will definitely bring some joy to your life. Works beautifully for round and inverted triangle face shapes.

#20: Platinum Tapered Pixie for Women Over 60

Rock a platinum tapered pixie for women over 60. A cute pixie hairstyle with lots of texture is great for finer hair. A short haircut will bring you to the salon for more visits to maintain every 4-6 weeks. However, the payoff is less time styling at home with a quick blowdry or air dry and a little texture paste to piece out the ends.

#21: Platinum Silver on a Feminine Bowl Pixie Cut

Opt for a feminine platinum silver pixie bowl cut. Ask your stylist to soften up your bowl cut by adding lots of texture either with a razor or slide cutting out some bulk. A silver platinum modernizes a pixie cut. Different platinum tones work well on different skin tones, so make sure to go over that with your professional before diving in.

#22: White Blonde Pixie Bob with Bangs

Rock a white blonde pixie bob with bangs. A whitish-blonde color works well for women getting a lot of grey and wanting more blend with their regrowth. Platinum pixie bobs are a short hairstyle that work well with most face shapes by adding bangs, picking the right length, or switching up the part.

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