23 Best Pixie Haircuts for Older Women (2023 Trends)

Pixie haircuts for older women
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A pixie cut for older women is short on the back and sides and longer on the top. You don’t need to sacrifice style in these years when you’re striving for ease and comfort. The pixie is preferred by prime ladies for its modern look and time-saving prowess.

Hairstylist Rachelle Edrozo from California puts together the most stellar pixie hairdos. Her advice? Start off with a pixie bob haircut! “If you have never had a pixie cut, I would make sure your hair grows quickly. Tuck the bangs to see if your face looks good with no hair touching your shoulders,” she adds.

We’ve seen high-fashion women donning the cut’s signature looks. We’re talking about long side bangs and layers – and sometimes, asymmetry for more edge. Viola Davis and Linda Evangelista top the list of leading ladies who wore the pixie in their prime age.

Pixies can contour your face shape, add density to your mane, and make your daily life easier all at the same time. Add bangs or wispy ends for that modern cool element. “If you want all your haircut off your neck, it’s nice to have some length in the front. Long side bangs also help make a pixie cut look feminine,” Rachelle tells us.

Volume is your top priority especially if you have thinning strands. To help you with that, our expert says that “Big Sexy Hair Root Boost is a must-have for a short pixie cut. It looks best to have height when the hair is short.” To maintain its shape, “you need to reschedule a haircut in 4-6 weeks, so your hair doesn’t go flat on top.”

Check out our guide on pixie cuts to help you understand this cut even more.

Searching for a short cut that goes with women of all ages? Behold! Below are the trendiest pixie haircuts for older women!

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Long pixie cuts for older women
Instagram @katie.midcoast.magyck

#1: The Long Pixie

Seniors should opt for layers that will create movement in your gray hair. A long pixie cut is effective when you have naturally wavy and dense hair.

#2: Chic Pearl Blonde Pixie Cut

A chic pearl blonde pixie cut is a feminine style perfect for older ladies wearing glasses. This haircut is characterized by its short length and tapered layers that frame the face. One of the benefits of this style is that it is low-maintenance and easy to style. Instead of looking drab, this style may also make your face look younger and more vibrant. Look for a hairstylist to create a custom cut that flatters your face shape and hair type. They can also recommend styling products and techniques to keep your pixie looking its best.

Blonde Pixie with Lots of Texture for Older Women with an edgy style
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#3: Blonde Pixie with Lots of Texture

Get the most out of your hair with this blonde pixie with lots of texture if you need to bring some life back to your locks! Short on the sides and long up top for an edgy contrast and style. Don’t be afraid to add wax for a fun time and hairspray to finish.

Chic Pixie with Highlights for Older Women with a sexy style and side bangs
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#4: Chic Pixie with Highlights

Try this chic pixie if you want a new short style! This is a great option if you want an easy wash-and-go style. When you are craving dimension, try adding a few highlights to accentuate all of your texture. At your next in-salon visit, ask for recommendations on at-home styling products.

#5: Super Blonde Wispy Pixie Style

A blonde wispy pixie is the perfect hairstyle for older women looking to update their ‘do. If you have fine hair, this cut will give your hair a boost of volume and texture. For added dimension, ask your stylist to add subtle layers throughout the crown. The result? A modern, youthful style that’s sure to turn heads!

Curly pixie haircut for older women with curly hairstyle
Instagram @hairbymacieb

#6: The Curly Pixie

The curly pixie will appear fun and dynamic on middle aged women with curly hair. Texture and defined curls will bring your aging locks into life.

A modern messy pixie for older women
Instagram @chicover50

#7: The Modern Messy Pixie

The modern messy pixie for women in their 50’s adds youthful when paired with longer bangs.

Stylish Long Blonde Pixie for Older Ladies
Instagram @w7concept

#8: Stylish Long Blonde Pixie

Your aging hair has a remedy and your local stylist may have it. They could create the best hair like a long blonde pixie for a younger-looking you. Your maintenance level plays a huge part in which style you transition to next. So make sure you tell your stylist so that they could help to create the best fit for you.

Short Cute Pixie with a Quiff for Older Ladies
Instagram @dawn__black

#9: Cute Pixie with a Quiff

If you like short hair, try a cute pixie with a quiff. The advantages of a short cut are many, such as quick washing, fast drying, and tremendous style. If you like the quiff try to dry the front upward with the nozzle of your hairdryer. A pixie makes the most of aging hair with the cropped sides and back giving your hair the illusion of thickness. Enjoy the trendy long front, and you have a winner.

#10: White Wispy Pixie for Older Black Women

For older black women, make your natural beauty shine through with a white wispy pixie. When textured to perfection a wispy pixie is styled with just a little texture paste. Curly or straight, the pixie is an easy go-to cut but does require frequent trims every 3-4 weeks. Use a purple shampoo to keep white locks bright.

Spiky pixie haircut for older women
Instagram @chicover50

#11: The Spiky Pixie Haircut

A spiky pixie is the perfect way to show off your young and energetic personality. People will be shocked to learn you’re a grandma with this pixie hairstyle for older women.

Ask your hairdresser for a number 2 guard around the nape and occipital bone. To blend the back and sides together, it’s best to use texturizing shears.

This piecey pixie is perfect for older ladies with fine, straight hair. Since the hair is fine and straight, a lightweight spray (dry texture spray) texture powder or a medium hold texture paste/putty will work wonders for this look. It helps reveal the texture while not being too heavy as to not weigh it down and lay flat, allowing you to run your fingers through your grey and white hair.

#12: The Super Short Pixie for Over 60

This super-short choppy pixie for older ladies over 60 offers such a strong and stylish finish. The chop must be on point, featuring a sharp fade for an edgy effect. Painting your grey hair with a platinum white color will flatter your skin very much.

#13: Choppy Pixie Cut for Over 50

This sassy choppy pixie cut for ladies over 50 with thin hair is looking classy and youthful. This is because of the added side-swept bangs! Whether you start growing out some grey strands or not, this is a perfect look for your everyday business.

sassy pixie for older women
Instagram @wildhair94566

#14: The Sassy Pixie

Here’s the sassy pixie that suits older women the best. This is the kind of haircut that looks so much better if textured and a little bit messy. It offers layers, making the hair appear fuller. This chop features extra bangs, which give youthfulness to the entire appearance.

#15: The Short Pixie

The short pixie is an elegant trend and is easy to maintain for an elderly lady. You may keep it simple and elegant as you fix your dark tresses with added texture.

#16: Layered Pixie for Fine Hair or Thin Hair

This is the best layered pixie for older women with fine hair or thin hair as it brings out the volume and a slight movement.

Considering coloring your natural white locks into a gorgeous auburn shade seen in this photo.

#17: The Best Pixie for Women with Glasses

Pull off this timeless pixie for older women with glasses, which allows you to have a textured look that pairs well with spectacles.

#18: Edgy Pixie Undercut

This edgy pixie undercut will take a lot of weight for old ladies with thick tresses.

Style this cut with a wax to give it a textured look.

To keep up the style, one needs to be in the salon every 4 weeks for the cut.

Textured pixie for women over 70
Instagram @truebluekim

#19: Textured Pixie for Over 70

This grey textured pixie hairstyle is perfect for women over 70. Notice how the layers create movement even in this short haircut. That looks striking for a mature woman!

It only takes 10 minutes to style. Uses foam to style, sectioning your hair and using a round brush. A little hairspray and you’re good to go!

Hairlines can dictate whether or not you can have a soft or stronger look. If your hairline moves in a direction that doesn’t lay flat, your stylist may have a challenge.  Stylists may have the challenge to create softness.

Maintenance is definitely key with a shorter hairstyle.

With short hair, you have to be sure to reserve your appoints every 4-5 weeks with your stylist.

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#20: Youthful Pixie with Long Bangs

This youthful pixie with long bangs has enough length of strands to where you add texture and volume. Making your natural blonde to look fuller and bouncy, this will suit your finesse, for sure!

The pixie shag haircut for older women
Instagram @loxbybrynn

#21: The Pixie Shag

The choppy and layered pixie shag haircut is perfect for older women with a personality to match. You just need to find the right one to complete your style. Let this haircut be your inspiration, and make a statement by transforming your silver hair color into a platinum blonde shade. Opt for the pixie shag so you can pull off some bangs, as well!

#22: The Pixie Bob

A pixie bob haircut for older women adds movement, volume, and texture. If you’re afraid to go with a short pixie, then this is the perfect place to start. Especially if you have a round face shape.

#23: Long Layered Pixie for Gray Hair

Consider a long-layered pixie for gray hair. Gray hair texture can often be challenging and stubborn, and keeping your hair short can make styling easier. A pixie is a super chic and modern option for someone wanting a low-maintenance yet fashionable style.

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