53 Top Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair to Be More Manageable

Short haircuts for thick hair
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short hairstyles for thick hair are any pixie or bob-length cuts that tame fullness for easier management. Cutting off part of your tresses and keeping your mane short and sweet is a terrific way to spend less time styling each day.

Alana Parsons is from Portsmouth, NH, and she claims that these tips are mandatory reading for ladies with thick locks.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Book a consultation. Knowing your hair inside and out is essential for your hairdresser.
  • Choose a cut and get their opinion on whether or not they think it suits you.
  • Ask how the grow-out will be and how to style it.
  • Embrace your texture with short hair. Letting it air dry sometimes or giving it a little tousled look can be a whole vibe.
  • Keep up with regular trims when you go short. These are necessary; otherwise, your hair will seem unruly.

Down for a crop? Find more about the top short hairstyles for thick hair right here via this photo gallery.

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Short Textured Platinum Lob for Thick Hair
Instagram @hairbylc_

#1: Textured Platinum Lob

Icy platinum blondes are trending hot right now. This is a great color choice, no matter your season. However, if you are not naturally light, this color can require more work on your end as far as maintenance goes. Purple shampoos are a must with this tone of blonde. They will act as a toner between your services to keep your blonde cool and avoid any warmth. Ask your stylist for recommendations on purple shampoo brands.

Side-Parted Thick Bubble Bob for Short Hair
Instagram @anna__volegova

#2: Side-Parted Thick Bubble Bob

A side-parted bubble bob is a great choice if you have thick hair. The side-parted bubble bob has a rounded shape. This shape can balance square or rectangular faces and will suit straight to wavy hair types well. Wear the style with volume. It is suitable for natural hair with body or hair that you blow out to boost volume. You may use a flat iron to touch up the style when you don’t wash your hair.

Messy Undercut Short Thick Hairstyle
Instagram @frauen.frisuren

#3: Messy Undercut Short Thick Hairstyle

If you want an easy-care, trendy cut, choose the messy undercut. The messy undercut creates texture and volume for a trendy and effortless look. To get this look, cut the sides and back shorter and leave the top longer. If you have very thick hair, this cut is a good choice as it can manage bulkiness.

#4: Big Tousled Bob

The big tousled bob is a modern hairstyle that exudes effortless style. This bob features voluminous waves and a slightly messy texture. This creates a carefree and relaxed look. I suggest a bob for thick hair for those who want a low-maintenance hairstyle. It adds movement and volume to your hair. This hairstyle will make a statement and turn heads if your hair is worn casually or dressed up.

#5: Side-Swept Straight Shaggy Pixie

When it comes to short haircuts for women with thick hair, a pixie can be cut in many different styles with short to medium lengths. To make it more textured, ask your hairstylist for shorter layers. If you’re looking for a more piece-y look, consider getting a razor cut. Try parting it to the side for a voluminous lift.

Long Fringe and Shaved Side on a Short Pixie for Thick Hair
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#6: Long Fringe and Shaved Side on a Pixie

A modern take on a pixie is to have a dramatic difference in lengths at the sides. Shaving or cutting very short on one side gives a real statement, while a longer, softer sweeping side balances this out. It also maintains a more feminine feel. Undercuts grow out quickly and can feel untidy. I recommend cutting it no more than 4-5 weeks to keep things looking sharp.

Cheek-Length Curls on White Blonde Thick Hair
Instagram @exotismos

#7: Cheek-Length Curls on White Blonde Hair

Platinum bobs for curly hair are such a beautifully bold look. If you have a warmer skin tone, this color will truly pop! To make this look even more daring, ask your stylist not to taper the underneath and instead give you a blunt perimeter. Also, be sure to ask your stylist for short layers to create the perfect shape. If you have thick hair, short haircuts like this can benefit you with its versatility.

Long Bob Thick Cut with Dimensional Bronde Color
Instagram @volumeonesalon

#8: Long Bob Cut with Dimensional Bronde Color

A trend at the moment is for a lived-in look. Achieve this by having a square shape bob with surface layers to create texture and movement. This will help with styling. Try a volume spray and a large tong. Allow cooling before gently shaking out. A cool bronde, a mixture of blonde and brown tones, creates depth but also adds areas of brightness. To give that gritty look.

Voluminous Curly Pixie Hairstyle for Thick Hair
Instagram @jessicaevelym_

#9: Voluminous Curly Pixie Hair

If you have a natural curl to your hair, going shorter will help to enhance the shape and bounce. A voluminous pixie will remove excess weight around the ear area and nape for thick locks. It will also highlight the beautiful curly areas. I highly recommend not over-drying to avoid frizz. Apply a cream enhancer onto wet hair and allow it to air dry. You can twist locks around your finger to give more structure.

Short Wedge Cut with a Nape Undercut for Thick Hair
Instagram @dudkazhenya

#10: Wedge Cut with a Nape Undercut

A short graduated shape creates a heaviness weight line known as the wedge. An undercut is a good pick if you want something a little edgier. The hair at the nape (or side) is dramatically shorter. And usually, it’s done with scissors or clippers. This is disconnected from the rest of the shape to show a difference between lengths. Undercuts are great for hair that grows quickly or is very thick.

Short Androgynous Cut with Bangs and Crown Layers for Thick Hair
Instagram @yuya__hair

#11: Short Androgynous Cut with Bangs and Crown Layers

One of the most popular cuts for both guys and gals is a longer pixie with layers. This androgynous cut will compliment masculine or feminine facial structures and is great for those with a strong jawline. By using product, you can create a cute, put-together look or a messy, undone look. Ask your stylist for suggestions.

Very Short Angled Cut with Wispy Layers for Thick-Haired Ladies
Instagram @olgakursitis

#12: Very Short Angled Cut with Wispy Layers

pixie with wispy layers is a good haircut for thick straight hair. The layers will remove unwanted, heavy weight while creating a beautiful shape. Your stylist may use a razor for this type of cut, as it creates an even wispier look. Sometimes shorter hair can be more maintenance, so ask your stylist about styling products and tips.

Straight Inverted Short Cut with Subtle Layers for Thick Hair
Instagram @alisonallvess

#13: Straight Inverted Cut with Subtle Layers

A graduated inverted cut builds weight in the hair. It’s perfect for finer hair or if you want to maximize the hair you have. Angled down towards the face for softness and a subtle layer gives movement. I recommend drying with a round brush to get the ends to sit under, creating a fuller shape.

Short Round Crop with a Side Fringe for Thick-Haired Women
Instagram @hairkrazy

#14: Short Round Crop with a Side Fringe

Growing your hair out but can’t stand that awkward in-between stage? Make sure to continue to get trims to give your grow-out stages an intentional shape. A subtle trim removes dead or split ends and helps your hair grow faster. A short round crop with a side fringe is a super cute cut as your hair grows.

#15: Short-Length Razor Cut Curly Shag

Looking for a hairstyle that looks good no matter your hair texture? Consider the short shag. This haircut can add body and fullness to straight, thin hair while also creating shape and removing weight for thick, curly hair. Pair this style with a fringe bang and a cute, fashionable cut!

Short Tousled Pixie with Blonde Foilayage for Thick-Haired Women
Instagram @miel_bee

#16: Tousled Pixie with Blonde Foilayage

If you’re looking for a version of a pixie cut that isn’t too short, this is the perfect length! Pixie cuts come in various lengths and styles. This gives you many options based on your preference and what may best suit your face shape. If you like a more tousled, undone look, try using a texture spray. Add a little hairspray to tame any hairs that try to get out of place.

Short Wavy Brown Lob with Full Bangs for Thick Hair Types
Instagram @tabcutshair

#17: Wavy Brown Lob with Full Bangs

If you’re looking for a unique cut, consider a French bob. This look is fantastic for anyone with a strong jawline, as the blunt ends create a bold flair. If you have light-colored eyes, pairing this cut with a dark brunette hair color will make them pop!

Short Side Part Feathered French Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @meganstylin

#18: Side Part Feathered French Bob

A French Bob is a short-shaped cut above the jawline and can be stacked with or without layers at the nape. An excellent choice for finer hair types as the cut helps to create a thicker-looking appearance. Add a side parting and maybe a sweeping fringe for softness.

Short Ginger Wavy Blunt Lob for Thick Tresses
Instagram @hairby_jane_

#19: Ginger Wavy Blunt Lob

If you want a true ginger hue, I recommend chatting with your colorist about this. Make them aware you like an orange tone rather than anything with red. These shades look fantastic against cool, fair skin tones. It looks fresh and bold. A heavy baseline bob cut square works well for waves as it maintains the length of the face. Ask for a square bob below the jaw with surface layers only.

Short Blonde Layered Pixie Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @savi_textures

#20: Blonde Layered Pixie Bob

Try this blonde layered pixie bob if you want to lighten your locks! This short haircut for thick hair is perfect and easy to manage if you have heavy hair. Use a texture spray, and you’re ready for the day.

A short ear-length pixie haircut for thick hair
Instagram @lisaminthair

#21: Balayage Brunette Bob with Waves

A balayage brunette bob with waves is so visually appealing. If you want your hair to look this way, you will need to commit to a bit of time at the salon. Balayage highlights with a brunette base shade might take a few hours to accomplish. But you’ll feel glamorous and decadent once you’re finished. You’ll need an iron to achieve the wavy option, or try blowing it straight for a simpler finish.

Short Pixie with Long Bangs for Thicker Hair
Instagram @3formas_educ

#22: Short Pixie with Long Bangs for Thicker Hair

A messy short pixie style with long bangs for thick hair should have movement by getting a razor cut. This will remove weight while cutting a soft line. Short choppy hairstyles for thick hair, like this one, work on pretty much any face shape and hair texture because of how soft it is.

The length on top is slightly longer and disconnected, so depending on the products used, the pixie short hair for thick hair can completely change. The softness around the edges keeps it looking feminine. Leaving more length on top can be slightly more forgiving and extend the life of short cuts for girls with thick hair.

#23: Classic Bob with Highlights and Side Bangs

Try the chic style of a classic bob with highlights and side bangs. Very short hairstyles for thick hair will make your blowout time quick and easy. The length is short, but at the same time, the long layers will make you feel as if you still have some hair. Accent your shape with some highlights and bangs for added dimension. If you like versatility, change it with a curling iron for a cool different look.

Short Dimensional Blonde Textured Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @angeonthedge

#24: Dimensional Blonde Textured Bob

Have a simply effortless vibe with a dimensional blonde textured bob. A short bob is eye-catching and is easily styled and maintained. Use a razor or texturizing shear to give movement and texture. And for perfectly looking strands.

#25: Feminine Pixie Cut

Don’t be afraid to go short and try a feminine pixie cut. Short cuts can still look feminine and are easy to style. If you have thick hair, it will be beneficial to thin out your locks to make your cut sit better and have a softer grow-out. The drawback of having a classy short cut is the monthly maintenance it comes along with. Cuts will be required every month to keep the shape looking intact.

#26: Layered Bixie with Blonde Highlights

Consider a layered bixie with blonde highlights and enjoy a beautiful textured shape. A bixie cut is shorter than a bob, a bit longer than a pixie, and a chic style. Have your stylist create your highlighted cut with lots of point cutting. Your hair will look amazing, with tons of dimension and texture. Try blow drying your bixie backward with a round brush and hit it with a 3/4 inch iron for separation. Be sure to add a textured wax to your arsenal to complete your stunning shape.

Neck-Length Thick Bob with Bangs
Instagram @glem303

#27: Neck-Length Thick Bob with Bangs

If you have dense hair, a neck-length bob with bangs might be the best short haircut for you. My advice for most short hairstyles is to choose a length that’s easy to style. Contrary to popular belief, short hair for women requires maintenance in styling and frequent haircuts. Spend time learning how to use a blow dryer and round brush. I recommend using a boar bristle brush for smooth and shiny results.

#28: Muted Edge Short Bob for Thick Hair

A short and layered choppy bob for thick hair with muted tones accentuates the haircut! It’s soft, funky and creates fashion-forward short hairstyles for thick wavy hair. There are many factors to consider when choosing short haircuts that will suit you and your thick tresses. If you have extremely thick hair and your face is round or chubby, get a bob hairstyle lightly layered throughout that will create invisible layers underneath.

#29: Golden Blonde Long Pixie Bob

One of my favorite trendy cuts is the bixie. This cut is a great way to sport a not-so-traditional bob and update your current look. If you plan to try this cut, make sure you speak to your stylist about how stacked you want the back to be. Make sure that you’re both on the same page.

Short Thick Bob with a Deep Side Part
Instagram @soubecas

#30: Short Thick Bob with a Deep Side Part

Think about a short thick bob with a deep side part if you want to keep your hairstyle simple but more stylish. Adding a deep side part will give you a little extra “oomph” at the root area and will give the illusion that you have bangs covering your face and forehead.

#31: Long Feathered Pixie Cut

Longer pixie haircuts are a great way to keep styling time to a minimum for thick hair. Your shoulders will thank you for the quicker blow-dry time, and feathered texturizing will reduce the weight around the sides. Be sure your stylist is an expert in short cuts before you book your appointment – short hairstyles on thick hair require a high level of skill.

#32: Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

When considering short hairstyles, one option is a pixie bob if you have thicker hair. A pixie bob combines the classic, beautiful shape of graduated bobs with the short neckline of pixies. Rock a pixie bob if you’re looking for a short haircut that still covers your ears and compliments thick hair types.

A-Line Bob for Thick Hair Types
Instagram @alisonallvess

#33: A-Line Bob for Thick Hair Types

If you love strong haircut shapes, try an a-line bob. The density of your thick hair will create a strong perimeter line with movement, especially if you go for a dramatic a-line shape. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may consider an undercut below your occipital bone. The undercut won’t be visible when your hair is down but will help keep the back from becoming too triangular.

#34: Chic Textured Pixie Bob for Short Thick Hair

A chic textured pixie bob cut is great for women with thick hair. There are a lot of dimensions, even with a shorter pixie length. If you have a lot of strong cowlicks, thinning hair, or a strong part that is hard to change, this cut may not be the one for you.

When it comes to chic short layered hairstyles for thick hair, there is so much versatility, so play and have fun with it. Consider styling with spray wax and a straightener. Your options on parting it, styling tools, or products are endless.

Versatile Textured Short Pixie Cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @kiva.rosescu

#35: Versatile Textured Short Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

A sassy short textured pixie cut for thick hair has it all with short sharp edges and lots of internal texture. The spiky short cut starts shorter at the top and back, increasing in length to the front. The shorter sides are clipped with a grade 1 at the hairline.

Super short hairstyles for very thick hair are not for the faint-hearted; you need to be ready to go this short. You have to be someone who likes to style their hairdo because pixie haircuts and hairstyles look better styled. Matte waxes and texture sprays work well with these shapes. This choppy pixie haircut is versatile and can be shaped in many ways!

Long Bob for Thicker Hair
Instagram @eastonhair

#36: Long Bob for Thicker Hair

A long bob for thicker hair is a wash-and-wear kind of short-to-medium haircut. The thicker density can pair well with this choice of bob styles because the length is kept past the shoulders, avoiding bulk around the face. Salon visits can vary 6-12 weeks apart; this bob cut style can go with curly or straight hair.

Very Short Bob for Thick Frizzy Hair
Instagram @alchemyxhair

#37: Very Short Bob for Thick Frizzy Hair

A very short bob for thick frizzy hair is a done/undone hairstyle in a classy chic way. Bob haircuts for thick hair in a jaw-length silhouette will call for frequent pop-ins to the salon to maintain the structure of this cut. When styling short haircuts for thick frizzy hair, air-dry mousse or blow-out creams can help polish your locs.

#38: Short Bob for Thick Curly Hair

A shorter bob for thick curly hair can showcase a big body and extra volume when kept above the shoulder. This short style of bob cuts for African-American women is great for thick, black hair because it removes weight and creates a ready-made style that looks great. Maintenance for short fluffy hairstyles with both salon visits and at-home care should be made routined for upkeep.

#39: Short Bob for Kinky Hair

bob short for kinky hair is a fun way to showcase one’s curls. The layers and face-framing are customizable to a woman’s preference and are best created by a curly hair specialist. African-American women can accentuate their natural thick hair with a variety of twists or coiling to help style this length. Short haircuts for thick curly hair can go 6-12 weeks in-between visits to cut the length right back into shape.

Short Bob with Side-Swept Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @simahaircut

#40: Short Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

A short hairstyle, like a bob with side-swept bangs, helps reduce a large forehead while accentuating a sharp cheek and jawline. This thick hair chop works so well on rounder face shapes. Lots of layering and texturing bring out a movement that can create the best short hairstyles for thick hair and round face shapes.

Asymmetrical Bob for Older Women with Thick Hair
Instagram @annapapa

#41: Asymmetrical Bob for Older Women with Thick Hair

The combination of a deep side part and asymmetrical bob cut for older women with thick hair gives an edge to a classic bob haircut. Short hairstyles for thick hair on women over 60 must be easy to wear and maintain.

#42: Blushing Rose Gold Angled Bob for Thicker Hair

Opt for a blushing rose gold angled bob hairstyle for the thickest hair to have a fun hair color and easy-to-style cut. This is a balayage and baby light combo with a root smudge for a bold and more blended effect. The color, if done right, will usually fade back to a nice dirty blonde. The darker the rose gold is, the longer it will last in your short hairstyles for thick hair.

Trendy Inverted Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @_elena_bn_

#43: Trendy Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

A trendy inverted bob hairstyle for thick hair is ideal for women who want a short length. For women with thick coarse hair who want shorter hair, try a short inverted bob. It’s shorter at the nape and gradually and seamlessly gets longer at the top as it angles down to the chin. When styling a short bob for thick hair, smooth it out using a blow-dryer and boar bristle brush.

#44: Short Thick Chin-Length Bob With Edgy Flair

A classic chin-length bob hairstyle for thick hair can have an edgy flair. The black color conceals the undercut that allows this rockin’ asymmetrical bob to take shape and have a lot of movement. This is one of the low-maintenance short haircuts for thick hair.

If you want to go short, the undercut removes a lot of unnecessary bulk. Any face shape can wear this thick short haircut as the area around the face is left longer and can be customized to their preference. This is a perfect cut for ladies who have a busy lifestyle. The short undercut bob will give you more wearability and longevity between bob haircuts. You can even add designs to your undercut!

A shattered and unstructured bob for wavy hair for thick hair
Instagram @ayhanonluel

#45: Shattered & Unstructured Wavy Bob for Thick Hair

A shattered & unstructured wavy bob for thick hair is a gorgeous platinum blonde hair style for short thick hair that needs a tone of natural texture and weight removal. Using razor and texture sheets will work wonders. Use a styling wand to create soft waves and root lift for volume. Finish with hairspray and maybe a little texture paste to piece out the ends more, and you’ll end up with one of the best short haircuts for thick wavy hair.

A thick short bob with bangs
Instagram @28strands

#46: Thick Short Bob with Bangs

A thick short bob with a fringe is the go-to bob hairstyle if you seek to keep fullness in your hair. Short hair cuts for thick hair are an excellent way to maintain density. Adding in choppy layers and texturizing throughout the hair removes some of the bulkiness and creates effortless movement within the honey blonde ends.

#47: Playful Auburn Wavy LOB for Thick Hair

A playful auburn wavy lob for thick hair typically hits around the shoulders in the front and over-directs to a shorter length in the back. A lob for thick short hair will add texture to the ends and create piece-y movement unless you want your ends to be thick and full. But for more bounce and lightness, ask for more texture and weight removal through the ends of your bob hairstyle.

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A soft disconnected long pixie cut for short thick hair
Instagram @imsimplyjessy

#48: Disconnected Long Pixie for Short Thick Hair

A disconnected long pixie cut for thick hair is a great way to rock a shorter pixie style. Ask your stylist to do an undercut around the sides and nape and create a feathered long pixie cut with the length covering the occipital bone for fullness and a beautiful shape. Getting rid of that bulk is great when opting for a short cut for thick hair.

#49: Short Textured Stacked Bob with Side Bangs

A short, textured bob haircut for thick hair with side bangs will showcase the incredible shape of your natural hair type. This short haircut with bangs shows how much texture and volume you can achieve!

If you have the perfect oval face shape, I suggest experimenting with many styles for this neck-length cut! Short thick haircuts can be flattering for most face shapes. The best way to achieve thick short hairstyles would be to blow dry the hair with a heat-protecting spray. Use a large to medium round brush. Smooth it with a flat iron and finish with a texturizing or salt spray.

#50: Playful Copper Layered Bob for Short Thick Hair

A modern and playful short layered bob haircut for thick hair has layers that are pretty short. Adding short layers benefits women with short thick hair by removing excess weight and creating movement. This versatile shape makes it easy to style at home. Short thick hairstyles can look sleek and professional when styled straight or blown out with a round brush.

A short layered bob can be well executed on various hair types, but this cut was designed for thick hair. The layering is pretty extreme, making your hair much more manageable and lighter! It’s one of those ideal short hairstyles for women with thick hair.

Instagram @rcgimenes

#51: Short Ear-Length Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

A short, ear-length pixie cut is a great cut for women looking for short feathered hairstyles for thick hair. This pixie has a structure in the cut that enables it to hold its shape until you need a trim.

Ear-length short hairstyles for thick hair can suit older women, as well as younger ones. If you like your hair sleek and sophisticated, this cut lays down smoothly. For the woman that likes texture and fun, you can easily put in a few curls and a texture spray to give it height and volume.

#52: Pixie Undercut for Short Hair That’s Thick

A pixie undercut for short hair that’s thick is ideal for removing extra bulk. We did a clipper fade on the sides and point-cutting and texturing on the top. The back is shorter than the front. We also did a slight hard part on the left. Such pixie short hairstyles for thick hair flatter the neck and jawline. These bring out the best facial features!

#53: Short Wolf Cut for Thicker Hair

Try a short wolf cut for thicker hair to create a natural, lived-in texture that requires minimal styling efforts. Maintenance for a wolf cut is quite low, and when cut properly, the layering and texture create a natural style that requires minimal daily work. It’s one of the best thick hair hairstyles trending right now.

Short Hair Thick Hair