25 Short Messy Hair Ideas To Try in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Who knew bedhead could be a hot look this year? If you’re looking for a short cut that’s quick and easy to style, then keep scrolling. I’ll even teach you how to get messy hair at home.

I’ve put together a collection of my favorite short messy hairstyles and haircuts for women this year. When going for a look like that, you’ll want to add lots of layers to create gorgeous texture. If you combine all that new texture with a pomade or wax for styling, you’ll create the perfect messy look. I hope you get inspired by one of these cute messy hairstyles for short hair. Enjoy!

Short Messy Hair That is Best for Thick Hair
Instagram @pinsalondallas

#1: Best for Messy Thick Hair

This is a modern shag pixie that works best if you have messy thick hair. It was cut with a razor wet and then rough-dried. Then, it was slide cut through it to give it more layering and texture. Use some sea salt spray and a medium hold wax to bring out the texture and give it that messy definition.

modern and shaggy short messy hair

#2 Modern and Shaggy

A modern and shaggy haircut makes an over-the-top style that frames the face well. The shoulder-grazing length is perfect, making the hair fuller and versatile. It looks great with a good deal of texture. So, a salt spray will be the best friend of any lady who wears it.

Short Asymmetrical Haircut with Side-Sweep and Undercut

#3 Asymmetrical Elegance with Undercut

Embrace the edgy sophistication of an asymmetrical undercut combined with a soft side-swept style. This cut is a standout for its balance of boldness and elegance, making it a go-to for those who fancy a statement without high maintenance. The undercut technique reduces thickness, making styling quicker, particularly for straight hair. Just a bit of pomade can sculpt and maintain the shape throughout the day. Suitable for oval and longer face shapes, it brings out cheekbones and elongates the neck. However, the cut requires commitment to maintain its asymmetric precision.

Short Tousled Layered Bob Hairstyle

#4 Tousled Layered Bob for Effortless Style

This tousled layered bob is for those who love a laid-back yet stylish look. The chin-length cut brings attention to the jawline, suitable for various face shapes. With medium to thick hair, the layers create natural volume and movement, making it a breeze to style. To maintain the effortless wave, a light texturizing spray will enhance the body without weighing it down. While this cut offers ease, it may require regular shaping every 6-8 weeks to keep the layers distinct. Ideal for those wanting to shorten their routine without sacrificing flair.

Woman with Choppy Wavy Hairstyle and Side-Swept Bangs

#5 Choppy Waves with Side-Swept Bangs

For a playful yet chic look, this choppy, wavy haircut with side-swept bangs is just the ticket. It’s perfect for medium hair that falls naturally with a slight wave, making it manageable on a daily basis. The deep side bang not only frames the face but also enhances cheekbones, making it ideal for round or heart-shaped faces. Keep in mind, the layers demand regular upkeep to keep the shape lively. A light mousse can be your go-to for defining those waves and maintaining bounce without stiffness.

#6: Tousled Short Bob Haircut with Blonde Balayage

You’ll love the effortless shape of a tousled short bob haircut with blonde balayage. You can achieve this style easily with a shoulder-length cut with minimal layers. The best way to create the tousled finish is to blowout with a metal barrel round brush. Don’t forget to touch up the top layer quickly with an iron. The blonde balayage is an asset to this shape, giving it a beautiful dimension.

#7: The Messy Long Pixie with Choppy Face-Framing Layers

A messy long pixie with choppy face-framing layers is perfect for older ladies. If you’re looking for an edgy and sassy style, ask your stylist for an extra textured long pixie. You will want to visit the salon every 4-7 weeks to maintain this style. To achieve texture and volume, try Hairstory’s Wax and Powder.

Cute Short Curly and Messy Hair
Instagram @maayara_hair

#8: Cute Curly Mess

This curly mess is effortless, modern, and feminine. The cut is a basic square shape on top, styled asymmetrically, with a shorter length throughout the sides and back considered undercut. This messy hairstyle is noticeable and will turn heads! People will deem you’re having a good hair day even when you may feel the contrary. You can just wash and go! For women with short, curly fine hair, use a lightweight mouse, and if you have thicker hair use a curl-defining creme. Try using spray wax instead of hairspray to lock in the style, as it’s great for all hair textures.

Short Messy Fluffy Hairstyle
Instagram @soubecas

#9: Short Messy Fluffy Hairstyle

Boost your appearance with a messy and fluffy hairstyle. If you want lots of volume, try putting more layering in your cut. Layers will give you the height you’re looking for. To create even more fullness, try drying your hair upside down. If you have rounder features, style your hair forward and this may help balance out your face shape.

disheveled neck-length cut
Instagram @nikcabral

#10: Disheveled Neck-Length Cut

This is an adorable cut if you’re craving for length yet wanting easy upkeep and a fresh hairstyle. The subtle brunette balayage with a dark root and choppy layers starting from the cheeks all work together in making this hair suitable for any face shape.

messy razor cut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#11: Messy Razor Cut

This haircut is an excellent to choice when you want to add texture to your straight hair. It’s sassy, easy to style, and can accentuate your best facial features beautifully.

#12: Short Feminine Quiff

Get a little wild with this cool faux hawk style that complements anyone with the confidence to wear it! Complete the style with a fresh fade if you wanna get wilder.

messy chunky layers
Instagram @sacaumut

#13: Messy Chunky Layers

Going with waves is the easiest way to switch up your hairstyle without much effort. This bob is a perfectly tossed style that ladies who don’t want a high-maintenance look would love!

messy hair layered everywhere
Instagram @davidwbullen

#14: Messy Hair Layered Everywhere

Short, messy haircuts like this one show simplicity and edginess at the same time with how easy-going and effortless it looks. Going a little past the chin is enough to show much texture that can enhance any haircut.

messy short textured cut shag
Instagram @afelipesoares

#15: Must-Try Short Textured Cut Shag

The choppy yet soft ends, a center part, and a simple layering make this shag cut easy and cute. It’s a low-upkeep modern lived-in haircut that you can wear in any season.

#16: Wild Wavy Hair

You’ll get the best of both worlds with this short yet full-of-bounce messy haircut that looks voluminous even with less hair. The cute pastel pink hue makes it even more dimensional and stunning.

#17: Choppy Fringe

These textured ends and bangs work perfectly together in providing texture and interest to a simple blonde cut. It’s ideal for women who don’t want to spend much time thinking how to style their hair, as a simple straightening is already enough to make this look fabulous. See more short hairstyles with fringe.

#18: Tousled Pixie

This scruffy hair is a textured pixie that’s bold yet also feminine. It’s great for all different hair textures, and it’s a low-maintenance style for women who don’t like to spend too much time on their hair.

#19: Stylish Messy Thin Hair for Over 50

This is a messy textured pixie with a longer fringe. The greatest thing about this cut is its versatility. This type of cut can be styled in so many different ways to achieve a messy look that can be very conservative/professional to edgy/editorial!

#20: Bold Undercut Messy Haircut

This cut is lived-in and edgy, but still professional. It’s a very modern twist on a short bob with an undercut and messy texture.

The Cutest Pixie Cut with Messy Top
Instagram @cokocut

#21: The Cutest Pixie Cut with Messy Top

This is a pixie cut with a messy top. The entire underneath is undercut close to the head with some length on top to play around with!

#22: Edgy Messy Bob

This edgy messy bob is perfect for women with rounder faces. The back of the neck is an undercut. This was done because of the thick hair, which made it easier to taper layers in and gave it this heightened feature in the back, which added more volume for the heavy hair. Then, some feathering is done with a razor blade around the edges!

#23: Choppy Tomboy Cut

This is a sassy, effortless, textured pixie! Great for minimal effort and perfect for women who want to wake up and go. Short to long layers give chic and stylish bangs that you can wear in multiple ways. This haircut has tons of texture which adds volume and allows the hair to move in any direction!

#24: Jaw-Length Shag

This modernized channel with light layers (Urban Cut) is much requested in salons nowadays. Short hair is a trend no more, but a movement! This styling is finished with hand drying and a slight touch of the Babyliss at the tips. For straight hair or natural waves, this cut emphasizes the vertical lines of the cut for a more elongated shape. Try before and after drying the Perfect Me by Wella which gives a soft fixing and a touch of amazing shine to the hair. It’s versatile and the best product for easy styling.

Perfectly Messy For Fine Hair
Instagram @illusion_r

#25: Perfectly Messy for Fine Hair

This is a fun and sassy a short haircut. A lot of women think that short hair could be boring, but the possibilities are endless! Ask for a slight undercut to remove the unnecessary bulk in the back without having a “stacked” style. It really does posh this haircut.