26 Feminine Pixie Cut Ideas for a Sweet New Look

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The popular feminine pixie cut is an alluring short-length cut for women of any age. It features an elegance about it that you don’t quite get with regular pixies.

Jennifer Korab, a salon owner and hairstylist from Hillsborough, NJ, shares some tips. “With pixie cuts, you don’t have to do it all in one appointment,” she points out. “Go shorter gradually so that it’ll be easier for you to envision which length you’re comfortable with.”

Your face shape is vital when deciding whether to get a pixie haircut. “Taking your face shape into consideration assures that the cut is tailored for you,” she says. “The layers of a pixie haircut balance out the angles of your face and frames your features in the best light.”

Your hair type is another aspect to consider. Some hair types will not work with a pixie cut. “Ask your stylist if a pixie cut suits your hair type, facial shape, and lifestyle before getting the cut,” she suggests.

Styling comes easy with pixie cuts. A drawback to this cut is its upkeep. They need trimming every 4-6 weeks to keep the shape of the haircut.

Pixie haircuts draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. “With more focus on your face, you’ll be able to try more makeup looks and try bolder styles,” she explains. “If you’re feeling dragged down by your hair, a pixie cut might be the lift you’re looking for.”

Short-length cuts add an edgy and sultry flair to your look. Browse through these femme fatale photos of trendy feminine pixie cuts. They’re sure to inspire your next haircut!

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Feminine Long Pixie Cut with Bangs
Instagram @vera_stile.kg

#1: Feminine Long Pixie Cut with Bangs

A feminine long pixie cut with bangs brings a beautiful balance to an oval-shaped face by giving light volume in all the right places and emphasizing the bone structures. A textured pixie haircut should be styled using a volumizing spray or hair mousse with a round brush. When the hair is dry, spray with a light hairspray while gently using a comb to create texture.

Pixie Undercut for Feminine Women
Instagram @sonia_mascara

#2: Pixie Undercut for Feminine Women

A pixie undercut for feminine women gives a short haircut a womanly flair. Shaved sides paired with a long top and long side bangs are a great option to create feminine pixie styles. Keeping longer layers in a pixie helps the transition from a longer haircut to a pixie style.

Feminine Asymmetric Brunette Pixie
Instagram @hairsquadbh

#3: Asymmetric Brunette Pixie

Consider an asymmetric pixie cut if you want an androgynous yet feminine look at the same time. This look can help to add structure and definition to your face without being too severe. To get this style, start with a razor cut on the sides and back of your hair for a soft texture. Use thinning shears around the top of your head to create lightweight movement. Finish off by adding some styling products like wax or mousse to show off the texture!

#4: Feminine Pixie for Women Over 60 with Wavy Hair

Consider a feminine pixie for women over 60 with wavy hair. Feminine pixie cuts for women with wavy hair are perfect if you want a quick and easy style.

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Spiky Pixie for Feminine Women Over 70
Instagram @katedoxeyhair

#5: Messy Spiky Pixie for Feminine Women Over 70

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge with short hair, try a spiky pixie for feminine women over 70. A perimeter-cropped short with edgy pops of hair color screams, “Check this out!” This feminine pixie style can be worn messy with no rhyme or reason. Blow-dry and use a molding paste to keep it looking piecey and lived-in.

#6: Short Pixie Cut for Older Women with Glasses

A short pixie cut for older women with glasses is the answer to keeping fine hair on-trend. Eyewear makes a bold statement when the hair is cut short and kept away from the face. Experimenting with fun colors is easy when your hair is cropped short as it needs trimming every few weeks.

Low-Maintenance Pixie Hairstyle
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#7: Low-Maintenance Pixie Hairstyle

Opting for a low-maintenance pixie hairstyle is a good choice. It offers less product consumption and less styling time. This haircut sports a short length that accentuates the facial features. Pixies are one of the all-time favorites among feminine haircuts.

Salt-and-Pepper Pixie for Women with Glasses
Instagram @stylesbyame

#8: Salt-and-Pepper Pixie for Women with Glasses

A salt and pepper pixie for women with glasses is short and sassy. It might be hard to get a cut that flatters you, especially when you’re wearing glasses. Opt for longer feathered pieces around the ears to hide the arms of the spectacles. Ask your stylist to use a feather blade razor to give the perfect balance of texture and fullness.

#9: Asymmetrical Pixie with Shaved Sides

An asymmetrical pixie with shaved sides is a good way of individualizing a short haircut. The asymmetry perfectly balances round-shaped faces by slimming the sides of the face and giving the illusion of a vertical length. It goes to show that a feminine hairstyle doesn’t necessarily need a lot of lengths. This cut requires trimming every four weeks.

#10: Classic Pixie Cut for Girly Girls

Styling a classic pixie cut for girly girls comes in multiple, different ways. It consists of several face-framing layers with a shorter length at the back. Feminine hairstyles are fun when chopped short since styling options are endless.

Layered Pixie for Feminine Women
Instagram @rybokonirina

#11: Layered Pixie for Feminine Women

A layered pixie for a feminine female gives added texture. Tapering or stacking the nape tucks the hair around the head. Adding a long asymmetrical fringe is a great way to camouflage long foreheads, brighten the eyes, and accentuate cheekbone structures, proving once and for all that pixies are feminine.

Feminine Pixie for Curly Hair
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#12: Feminine Pixie for Curly Hair

A striking way to bring natural texture alive is going for a feminine pixie for curly hair. Natural fullness from the curls creates a lift on the top of the head, making this feminine style ideal for heart and round-shaped faces. When looking for a curly pixie, be sure to ask for a stylist who specializes in pixie haircuts with curly hair textures.

#13: Feminine and Edgy Pixie for Women Over 50

A feminine and edgy pixie for women over 50 is youthful, stylish, and requires easy upkeep. This feminine pixie cut works well on ladies with thin hair. Creating layers adds extra definition, volume, and texture to your tresses.

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Blonde Pixie Cut for Feminine Women Over 30
Instagram @asmahkhalifa

#14: Blonde Pixie Cut for Women Over 30

A blonde pixie cut for women over 30 is a great choice. Pixie haircuts are feminine, especially when a side-swept, layered fringe is added. It helps soften the facial features and makes your eyes pop even more. Ask your stylist to add some fine blonde highlights around the face and crown to brighten and give life to your blonde pixie.

#15: Chic Pixie with Tapered Sides

A chic pixie with tapered sides updates the pixie cut to give a modern edge. When blunt, crisp lines are paired with soft volume, the cut comes together in a symbiotic balance. The tapering along the short sides and wispy texture create beautiful details to feminine pixie haircuts. The straight lines along the front create a sophisticated edge that grounds the cut. Chic pixie haircuts can balance an angled jawline better than most and help to bring a person’s gaze up to the eyes. This cut would need constant upkeep to maintain its shape.

Long Pixie with Long Bangs
Instagram @vera_stile.kg

#16: Long Pixie with Long Bangs

A medium-length pixie cut with long bangs is the perfect cut for oblong and heart-shaped faces since it downplays volume on top and balances the facial symmetry by cutting down the face length and softening the sides of the face. The longer bang exudes femininity by bringing the eyes front and center. Style it with a finishing serum or cream to add a feminine, soft sheen finish.

Feminine Shaggy Pixie Hairstyle
Instagram @kellyhorthair

#17: Feminine Shaggy Pixie Hairstyle

A feminine shaggy pixie hairstyle can offer the best of both worlds. This cut creates a short hairstyle with the flexibility of changing however you want to style it. Feminine pixie hairstyles can be flipped or put to the middle, pinning or tucking one side can give an asymmetrical effect, and piecey or wavy texture enhances the cut even more.

Soft Pixie for Thick Hair
Instagram @othiaggoramos

#18: Soft Pixie for Thick Hair

A soft pixie for thick hair is a better alternative to managing hair bulk. Bringing the hair up softly frames the face instead of overpowering it. Artistically removing weight and hair bulk by softly razoring or texturizing the tresses gives this feminine cut life and beautiful movement.

Pink Pixie Haircut
Instagram @savvy_wrld

#19: Pink Pixie Haircut

A pink pixie haircut boldly exudes the attitude of female power! Achieving a light pink hair hue can take time and will require frequent maintenance. Proper hair care is essential to promote the longevity of the hair hue and cut. A short feminine haircut lessens day-to-day styling time, but it needs trimming at least every 4 to 5 weeks.

#20: Brown Pixie for Feminine Women

A brown pixie for feminine women may be just what you are looking for! This feminine pixie hairstyle will make you feel classy and edgy. Make your hair stand out with this versatile cut by styling it smooth and sleek or adding texture for an edgy look.

#21: Choppy Pixie with Bangs

A choppy pixie with bangs has short layers throughout the cut that gives you a textured shape. Ears may be left covered to create soft, feminine pixies. Short fringe accentuates this haircut. If you have a round face shape, you would want to keep the bangs longer. A choppy pixie needs moderate maintenance. Get a cut every 5-6 weeks.

Undercut Pixie for Women Over 40
Instagram @emphasizedhair

#22: Undercut Pixie for Women Over 40

An undercut pixie for women over 40 can make you look and feel young. This fun haircut is fabulous for women with an active lifestyle because it’s easy to wash and style. Pixie hairstyles are feminine. It has a flowing top, giving you softness around the perimeter of your face. For best results, ask your hairstylist for an undercut to suit the roundedness of your head. It will give you some hair to style with on top.

#23: Lixie with Choppy Layers

If you like to stick to feminine styles, you’ll want to try a lixie with choppy layers. The long sweeping front allows you to part your hair on either side and creates a soft style for every face shape. Don’t forget to ask your stylist for an undercut. It will give you an edgy, choppy finish. If your hair is curly, don’t worry, this haircut will work for you too.

#24: Soft Pixie with Blonde Highlights

Choose a soft pixie with blonde highlights for a classic cut that is super easy to style. The undercut sides and back shortens drying time to seconds. To create a luxe finish, dry the top of your hair with your fingers or a round brush in a backward-forward motion. Adding highlights to the top section makes it pop even more. A pixie cut is feminine and suitable for most hair types.

#25: Girly Pixie Cut

Try a girly pixie cut and make a bold statement. The short layers in this cut can be styled forward and flat or punked up with a product like Redken’s Rewind. A pixie hairstyle is feminine and is suitable for any age. Use a single process color on this shape to maximize its impact.

#26: Feminine Short Pixie Cut

Consider a feminine short pixie haircut for your next hairdressing appointment. The long side-parted top creates a beautiful triangular or round silhouette for a youthful shape. Talk to your stylist about leaving the sides and back a tiny bit longer to create a softer look. Feminine cuts grow out well but should be maintained every 5-6 weeks.

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