50 Gorgeous Short Wavy Haircuts Trending in 2023

Short wavy hair
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short wavy haircuts in 2023 are still as popular as last year. These wavy cuts and styles are fun, and free. Whether you have naturally wavy hair and not, you can still rock one of these wavy haircuts with a simple curling iron and texture spray.

One of the best things about have short wavy hair is that you can wear it on 1 to 2-day-old hair. So if you don’t have the time, this really is one of the greatest low-maintenance looks, no matter your hair type.

Are you ready to be inspired? Good!

If you’re looking for the best short wavy hair ideas, then check out these photos before your next hair appointment!

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#1: Short Fluffy Waves with an Undercut

Short fluffy waves are great styled with an undercut. One of the best ways to create this look is by using a volume mousse, blow dry, and finish curling with a straightener. Don’t forget to alternate your direction of curling to create texture. Undercuts are also best kept up by getting your haircut every 4-6 weeks.

Neck-Length Brunette Bob with Waves and Jagged Ends Parted in the Middle
Instagram @joahhmendes
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#2: Neck-Length Wavy Hair and Jagged Ends

neck-length bob with waves and jagged ends is a soft cool girl haircut. This elegant yet edgy style is best for a low-maintenance client. I recommend a texturizing hair product to keep this bob wispy. My favorite texturizing spray is the Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Sugar Texturizing Spray. To make this haircut customizable for you, be sure the length sits at an appropriate place on your chin. It will give you the most flattering effect.

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#3: Textured Very Short Wavy Cut

A textured very short wavy cut is best when done with a razor. This particular cutting technique gives hair a more detailed and edgy style. Boost the movement and texture in this short wavy hair with the use of styling gel and texturizing creme. The result, as expected, will be looking soft and effortless.

Short messy wavy haircut for women over 40
Instagram @bever1ey
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#4: Short Messy Waves for Women Over 40

Go for one of the best ways to style short haircuts for wavy hair if you’re over 40. One way is with messy waves that add volume and texture, perfect for women who want something fresh.

Textured Pixie Cut with Waves
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#5 Edgy Textured Pixie Cut with Waves

Flaunt textured pixie haircuts with waves and change the short hair game! A trendy short, wavy haircut is a textured pixie cut that can be styled in so many different ways. A chop like a wavy pixie cut is edgy most of the time, but the volume gives it a flirty feel into it. Use a salt spray for an additional piece-y definition if needed when styling.

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#6: Wavy Short Hair for Women Over 30

This short wavy haircut is super flattering for women over 30. Be sure to request a length that will allow your hair to swing above your collar, allowing movement and versatility when styling. Consider a short haircut with waves to compliment an easy yet multi-faceted lifestyle!

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#7: Tousled Short Wavy Haircut with Texture

The best short wavy haircut has texture and highlights. This combination creates a ton of dimension as you see in this photo. The texture in their hair allows the depth to pop in without being too dominant. Ask your stylist to use the blending texture technique. To style, add a smoothing cream before you curly the ends, and then add in some dry texture spray to give that wavy look.

Sassy Wavy Cut for Women Over 70 with short hair
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#8 Sassy Wavy Cut for Women Over 70

A sassy wavy cut for women over 70 gives off a youthful-looking radiance while requiring low-maintenance styling for women with wavy tresses. A bob for wavy hair is a great choice, as it makes the curls bounce up, creating the perfect shape.

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#9: Gorgeous Wavy Neck-Length Hairstyle

Own a wavy neck-length hairstyle, and achieve a beauty that never fades. This short hairstyle with wavy hair is a modern take on a classic bob. As a result, this trend will never go out of style! Women with wavy short hairstyles should use a combo of Kevin Murphy styling products. They offer a lift, waves, and a lived-in texture.

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#10: Wavy Platinum Pixie Bob

Platinum hair is gorgeous but to achieve this you must give your stylist history about your hair. If your hair has ever been colored with box dye, this color is going to be very hard to achieve. Box dye will cause your hair to go orange when trying to go this blonde. So, be sure to tell your stylist exactly everything that has been done to your hair in your consultation.

bob short wavy hair
Instagram @shessoboujeee
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#11: Cute, Short Wavy Hair Style with Highlights

A stunning bob, short wavy hair that you must try! It comes with a better result on a natural wavy texture. The style features golden blonde highlights to flatter olive or fair skin complexion. A bob short wavy hair style creates a soft, beachy feel. The cut gives body and definition to women with a natural wave. Use heat styling or a curl cream and allow your hair to air dry.

Women who have naturally curly hair or naturally wavy hair that lacks body, a texturized bob is a great haircut shape. Ask your stylist to angle it slightly longer in the front. This will encourage your hair to fall forward and create a frame around your face.

Textured undercut for short wavy hair
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#12 Textured Undercut for Short Wavy Hair

Low-maintenance short haircuts for wavy hair women are easier to manage and style when given a textured undercut.

Use KillerCurls and/or HaiResort Spray by Kevin Murphy when wearing it naturally. The HairResort Spray will give wavy-haired women that beachy texture with some hold. These products help short wavy hairstyles keep that bounce.

Golden Wavy Short Cut
Instagram @renzizgheib
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#13: Golden Wavy Short Cut

A golden wavy short cut is ideal for softening facial features. The movement of waves opens up the face while the golden hue brings shine around it. To make a short wavy hairstyle look effortless, ask your stylist to use a razor when chopping your locks. It’s great also to add disconnection in the layering. A middle-parted wavy bob like this looks beautiful on women with all face types.

This is the perfect look for a woman who is low maintenance but also wants something fun and edgy. This “textured” bob is the perfect style for low-maintenance women! The great thing about these cuts is you can customize them to fit every face shape! If you have a very round face, you can add a slight angle to it which will elongate your face! The biggest key to achieving this look is leaving your ends out.

Textured Curly Wavy Short Hair
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#14 Textured Curly Wavy Short Hair

Achieve gorgeous textured curly wavy hair with the help of silhouette cutting. The layers create a shape that makes a lovely short wavy style.

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#15: Short Caramel Bobbed Hair with Subtle Waves

Try a short caramel bob with subtle waves. For naturally short wavy hair, a great option is a middle-of-the-neck bob. An easy style to do at home with a little product like Hairstory Undressed Hair Texturizing Spray. Either air dry and use palms to fluff up once all the way dry, or you can diffuse it for quicker drying.

Short Deep Side-Parted Grey Bixie for Wavy Hair
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#16 Deep Side-Parted Grey Bixie

Opt for a deep side-parted grey bixie. A side-parted bixie cut is perfect for round, heart, and square face shapes. To keep the hair soft to the touch, use a balm for shaping your curls. A cut for inspiration to live life to the fullest no matter what age or how grey your hair will be.

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#17: Popular Lived-In Short Sassy Waves

These are the lived-in short sassy waves offering one of the more chic short wavy hairstyles you’ll find. A short-length cut is useful in making thin, fine tresses look fuller. This cut is short and wavy, and the length gives the option to wear it curly or straight. Wavy short haircuts are for any woman who wants easy-styling and low maintenance.

Short blonde wavy hair
Instagram @kiara.does.hair
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#18: Blonde Short Wavy Bob with Layers

A short wavy blonde bob hairstyle is incredible. The middle part with layers that reach the chin-line gives short, wavy hair a cool beachy look.

short wavy cut with no bangs
Instagram @nothingobvious
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#19: Short Wavy Haircut with No Bangs

Try short wavy hair with no bangs if you’re looking for a low-maintenance haircut. Chin-length bobs look great on round face shapes, because they soften the jaw, and show off your neckline. Gently diffuse with an Air Dry Cream from Rene Furterer.

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#20: Beachy Waves in Short Hair

Beachy waves in short hair create texture and body even if your hair is naturally pin-straight and fine. To get the best wavy haircuts for short hair, be sure to use the right tools when styling. You may opt not to add soft waves on the bottom section of your hair at the back as it tends to create unwanted volume.

Middle Part Hairstyle for Short Wavy Hair
Instagram @gracehill_hair
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#21: Middle Part Hairstyle for Short Wavy Hair

Middle part is one of the more classic short wavy haircuts. That’s because it complements most face structures, except a round face shape. Part your hair right into the middle using a pintail comb, then wave each side with thongs, twisting away from your face and going in the same direction until you reach the back of your head. Let the waves cool down, spray with a soft hair spray, then brush out with a Manta hairbrush.

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#22: The Razor Cut for Short Wavy Hair

The razor cut for short wavy hair is a perfect option if you want more body and texture. A razor is a tool preferred by many stylists to execute haircuts for short wavy hair. It also seamlessly removes weight and bulk from hair when opted for ladies with thick hair. When styling, use a dime-size drop of Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame.

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#23: Stunning Wavy Pixie Haircut

A wavy pixie haircut has tons of volume and texture. It’s quick and easy to style. A short wavy hairstyle is great when some asymmetry and a deep side part are added to the cut.

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#24: Retro Short Hairstyle with Waves

A retro short hairstyle with waves is the perfect updo for a night out or a special event. To get the short hairstyle, ask your stylist for retro Hollywood waves.

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#25: Trendy Blonde Short Hair with Waves

Blonde short wavy haircuts show off the beautiful pops and lowlights of your hair hue. The short wavy blonde bob is a classic hairstyle that is suitable for women of all ages. Ask your hairstylist for buttery highlights and a straight bob with beach waves.

Face-Framing Curtain Bangs for Women Over 60 with short wavy hair
Instagram @sassybiene
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#26: Face-Framing Curtain Bangs for Women Over 60

Face-framing curtain bangs on short hair is a great way for women over 60 to flaunt their quirky sides. When styling this short wavy hair, do a soft part in the middle and flip outwards for a feathered finish.

The Wavy Pixie Bob Haircut
Instagram @modllavaneres
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#27: The Wavy Pixie Bob

The wavy pixie bob is a fun mix between a bob and a pixie cut. It’s a good short wavy hair ideas for women growing out their pixies or for someone who isn’t quite ready for a wavy pixie cut. Use a ½” to a 1” barrel curling iron to create gorgeous waves.

Short french bob for thick wavy hair
Instagram @bareeminimum
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#28: Short French Bob for Thick Wavy Hair

A french bob is a perfect cut for thick, wavy hair that needs taming. Turning a French Bob into short wavy hairstyle is best styled loose with natural waves and curls to create a beachy vibe.

Easy to style wavy short haircut for women over 50
Instagram @wavysilver
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#29: Easy to Style Short Wavy Hair for Women Over 50

Women over 50 typically want shorter hair that’s easy to style. The best short wavy haircuts have layers, which makes it easy to style and looks carefree. The style would work well on women in their fifties because it will keep their hair looking healthy and youthful.

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#30: Cute Curtain Fringe

Short wavy hairstyles with a curtain fringe are a popular combination right now. Ask your stylist about using the razor-cutting technique to bring out your natural wave and volume. Use R E V E R I E Milk for separation and moisture on ends. Try Mare Salt spray for volume and texture.

Wavy short bob ombre for a chubby face
Instagram @tegs_shaghair
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#31: Wavy Short Bob Ombre for a Chubby Face

Try this short wavy hair that’s flattering if you have chubby face, as it creates an illusion of a slender face shape. The bob’s movement sits against the sides of the face which makes the face appear slimmer. Keep your hair one length to maximize its shape and if you have side bangs, then keep them on the longer side. Add an ombre to create a shadowing effect.

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#32: Short Curly Hair Bob with Bangs

Try a short wavy hairstyle with bangs to freshen up your style. Curly hair can get weighed down with a longer length. To add some bounce, liven it up with a bob. If your hair is a 2C curl or below, the bangs will look fantastic with a blunt cut. It’ll naturally be defined with its own texture.

messy wavy stacked bob with long bangs
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#33: Messy Wavy Stacked Bob with Long Bangs

A short, stacked bob with wavy hair has a small stack in the back, but no layers on top. It’s one of the hottest short wavy hairstyles right now. It has tons of interior layers so when straight it lays smooth and when curly it has texture. It’s classy but sassy.

Textured hairstyles for short wavy hair are perfect for women with fine thin hair as well as thick coarse hair. You will produce a slightly different look depending on your thickness, frizz, and texture. For thin hair, a short bob may not look as voluminous or messy. For short thick wavy hair, you may need lots of texturizing to get that smooth feel!

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#34: Mature Side Parted Wavy Short Hairstyle

A short wavy hairstyle paired with a side part style looks beautiful on a woman’s tresses. Wave away from your face to let your beautiful features shine!

Short and Wavy Hair with Natural Roots
Instagram @robson_souza
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#35: Short and Wavy Haircut With Natural Roots

Hair that’s short and wavy with natural roots can be your go-to hairstyle. It has both casual and charming vibes, perfect for any occasion. The dark roots make the added hue, such as blonde, pop even brighter. This cut is optimal on oval or heart-shaped faces, but all women can pull off a classic wavy style. The cut is great on all hair textures. The texture and thickness of your hair will give a variation to the look of the cut. A short wavy hairstyle is for women who have a moderate amount of time to style and maintain their hair. To finish the style, use a lightweight paste, sea salt spray, or pomade to add shine and texture to your hair.

Short Wavy Balayage Copper Red Hair
Instagram @anacristinanr
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#36: Short Wavy Balayage Copper Red Hair

Try pairing a beautiful short & wavy bob cut with a copper red color using the balayage coloring technique. It’s a great way to add more color to short wavy haircuts. Opt for side bangs to highlight your cheekbones and jawline.

Wavy Pixie for Short Hair with Curls
Instagram @isadoraciola
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#37: Black Wavy Pixie with Curls

A wavy pixie cut offers great volume and movement. The trick to perfect short wavy haircuts like pixie cuts is to realize that it’s ok to be imperfect with the technique. You want your mane to look beautifully messy. A tousled style is best to make black fine hair look full-bodied.

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#38: Modern Chin-Length Bob with Waves for Thick Hair

When it comes to short wavy hairstyles, chin-length bobs can definitely work for any woman. It’s a low-maintenance bob.  It’s a great wavy bob for women with thicker hair. Cutting the layers of the short-length bob with the texture allows you to have body and movement throughout your thick hair. If you’re considering a bob, short wavy hair pairs well enough for any girl to pull off.

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#39: Short and Wavy A-Line Bob Cut (Lob)

Here’s a short and wavy A-line bob cut (lob) that’s really cute! This short wavy haircut will give you a classic low-maintenance style. It has a beautiful a-line cut with soft layers and natural waves to add volume and texture. This short a-line bob haircut can be styled in different ways for a variety of looks.

Having a short wavy hairstyle as an A-line bob will add texture to maximize volume and movement. When considering this cut, you’ll want to be ready for the best cut you’ve had in years. Its versatility is the best feature of this cut. Whether you have thick or fine hair, this is the go-to cut in salons.

Textured Cut With Choppy Bangs and Wavy Hair
Instagram @isadoraciola
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#40: Textured Cut With Choppy Bangs and Wavy Hair

Some of the most popular short wavy hair with bangs feature a textured cut with choppy bangs to look trendy and very youthful. Use a texturizing spray when styling to produce movement and shine to your dark hair.

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#41: Sweet Wavy and Angled Short Hair

Short wavy hair that’s angled is an ideal cut to enhance the dimension in ash brown locks. Go for this blunt wavy hairstyle if you want to complete your formal outfit or casual attire. It’s one of the wavy hairstyles for short hair that makes a bold transformation.

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#42: Dimensional Short and Wavy Layered Bob

Notice how the subtle movement shows off the dimension better in this short wavy hair? It’s important to prep your hair before any ironwork with a thermal protectant. A Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press Thermal Protection Hairspray is an effective one to use.

short texturized waves with bangs
Instagram @yukistylist
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#43: Short Texturized Waves with Bangs

Try a short wavy hairstyle that features a blunt cut. Try blending your short texturized waves with bangs. It’s perfect for women who are down for a classic style that works well with undone texture.

Classic brown bob with a slight wave
Instagram @giboazhair
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#44: Classic Brown Bob with a Slight Wave

Try a choppy bob with a slight wave for a twist on this classic short wavy hairstyle. Keeping your color natural allows you to remain low-maintenance while adding the wave allows you some versatility with your haircut.

short blunt bob with ombre beach waves
Instagram @hirohair
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#45: Short Blunt Bob with Ombre Beach Waves

A short blunt bob with ombré and beach waves gives a great lived-in color look with an edgy twist. With a blunt haircut, it showcases a strong crisp look with an effortless style. If you are looking for more of a beachy wave, a wand styler will be your best bet. The ombré technique is great for this style of cut, you still have enough length to leave the darkness at the top and melt into a beautiful lighter tone on the ends.

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#46: Amazing Platinum Blonde Blunt Cut Bob

The platinum blonde blunt cut bob is not just a short wavy hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle. Platinum blonde color is a color that needs lots of maintenance and investment in good hair products at home. Wear with a soft wave or straight, and add some serum for shine.

Short shaggy mullet with choppy bangs for wavy hair
Instagram @_karinesavard_
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#47: Short Shaggy Mullet

Check out these short choppy bangs on a shaggy mullet for an edgy short wavy hairstyle. This hairstyle is all about texture, making it perfect for women who want to show off their inner badass. The choppy layers, sharp angles, and volume give this cut a unique style. It’s sure to make a bold impression. Use Cult + King Jelly and Set Spray to play up the texture in this style.

Sassy Dark Undercut Wavy Bob for Short Hair
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#48 Sassy Short Wavy Hair with an Undercut

This is a short wavy bob with an undercut that looks both fierce and stunning. It looks great on light or dark hair, but the dark wavy locks make this short wavy haircut pop! If you have an oval or heart face shape, go for this undercut wavy bob now.

Blue metallic wavy inverted bob
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#49 Blue Metallic Inverted Short Wavy Hair

Also known as an inverted bob, this short wavy hairstyle is soft, pretty, and wavy like the ocean. Add loose waves with a flat iron and set your style with Design.ME Puff.ME Powder Spray.

Any woman can pull off this wavy hairstyle and color because it’s soft and classic. This wavy short haircut is best suited for oval, square, and round face shapes. It elongates the neck and slims the face.

Chic <mark class=
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#50 Chic Asymmetrical Short Wavy Haircut

Short Asymmetrical Bob with Waves” width=”1200″ height=”1500″ />

Instagram @thehairstandard

A chic short asymmetrical bob is one of the best short wavy haircuts to suit a round or heart-shaped face. If you have short wavy hair that’s very fine hair, then this razor cut will give life and movement to it.  Add a subtle accessory to this short cut for wavy hair, and see how it brightens up your golden brown hair.