30 Age-Defying Pixie Cuts for Women Over 40 Looking for a Cute Hairdo

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A pixie cut for women over 40 is a versatile short crop that offers a youthful look. These are easy to style and manage, which ladies love the most!

A skilled hairstylist from Florida, Melissa Smith (@hairmakesupbee on Instagram), agrees that this chop increases confidence. “Pixie cuts turn heads, so be ready for the compliments when you wear one,” she states.

The only drawback of pixie crops is that they can be high-maintenance, requiring a trim every 3-5 weeks. According to Smith, this might be an issue for women with very busy lifestyles.

Since short hair isn’t easy to cut, finding a proficient hairdresser is crucial.

“Look for a stylist that specializes and is confident in pixie cuts. They’ll be able to determine the best pixie haircut for your lifestyle and needs,” Smith explains. “There’s a pixie cut out there for you no matter your age, body type, or face shape,” she adds.

Smith also assures that “the right stylist can teach you how to style and maintain your cut between salon visits.”

This is the haircut that isn’t only for younger ladies. Here are the images of the trendiest styles for pixie cuts for women over 40!

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#1: Buttery Blonde with Side Bangs

A buttery blonde with side bangs is a very youthful color and cut to go for. Buttery blonde has the perfect amount of golden to warm up the complexion for many women, while side bangs help to conceal any lines on the forehead.

#2: Natural Pixie for Black Women

Embrace the waves and curls by choosing a natural pixie haircut. Go relaxer free and love your natural curl pattern by cropping the hair short and letting your curls create a unique design to the hair. Pixie cuts help to show off all of your best facial features while providing a low-maintenance look. Try using a foaming lotion for a sleek, smooth look, or use a curl cream for soft, bouncy curl definition.

Modern High Quiff Pixie for Woman Over 40 Years Old
Instagram @hairmakesupbee

#3: Modern High Quiff

Have you ever wanted to try short hair to make yourself look younger? Then a modern high quiff pixie cut for women over 40 is a must. The pompadour pixie is a funky youthful style that also has the added bonus of helping to elongate the cheekbones. Blow-dry with Davines Volumizing Hair Mousse, and finish with Aveda light elements texturizing cream.

#4: Golden Blonde Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

A golden blonde pixie cut with side-swept bangs is an iconic staple in short cuts. The golden blonde color adds warmth to the skin tone and facial features while also giving an expanding effect to the hair itself. While pixie cuts can be a simple haircut, they do require some maintenance and styling in order to look good.

#5: Cropped Haircut with Tapered Sides and Nape

A cropped haircut with tapered sides and nape is one of the most popular variations of the pixie hairstyles. Adding a taper to the nape and sides allows for more longevity between maintenance appointments as well as a more crisp appearance. tapered edges can make a pixie cut look more professional and tidy.

Side-Swept Pixie for Mature Women
Instagram @yurirf_

#6: Side-Swept Pixie

A side-swept pixie is perfect for women who want to keep a youthful hairstyle while having less maintenance and styling needs. Short hairstyles for women over 40 can vary depending on face shape, hair texture, and desired style, but the base purpose of a short hairstyle tends to be manageability and simplicity of style. A side part can create a beautiful framing effect while at the same time drawing the eye toward features of the face that you most love.

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#7: Very Short Pixie with Long Bangs

A very short pixie with long bangs creates contrast in a haircut. Adding contrast in a pixie cut haircut creates a strong visual line to follow, helping to direct the eye to features you want to accentuate. Long bangs can cater to any face shape and hair texture.

Layered Pixie Haircut with Bangs
Instagram @doceerequinte

#8: Layered Pixie Haircut with Bangs

A layered pixie haircut with bangs is a great way to transition to short hair while still keeping length around the face. Longer layering around the face combined with a tapered nape creates a very voluminous natural shape that creates movement naturally. A layered pixie with feathered bangs makes for an easy-to-style haircut with a simple maintenance routine.

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#9: Pixie with Long Bangs and Stacked Layers

A pixie with long bangs and stacked layers is a great low-maintenance introduction to shorter hairstyles. Stacked layers are great for buildable volume in an easy-to-style and low-maintenance pixie haircut.

#10: Tousled Spiky Pixie on 40-Year-Old Women

A tousled spiky pixie on 40-year-old women pairs perfectly with wispy bangs to create a whimsical and edgy short hairstyle that is simple to style and has a low-maintenance upkeep routine. To have a style that lasts all day, use a paste or hair putty with some grit and avoid touching your hair regularly.

#11: Pixie with Subtle Layers for Thick Hair

A pixie with subtle layers works well for 40-year-olds with thick hair to reduce bulk and make the pixie hairstyle easier to work with on a daily basis. Thick hair can be harder to style so adding texture and layering helps the hair move in the desired directions.

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Pixie Crop with Choppy Layers and Bangs
Instagram @saloneregina

#12: Pixie Crop with Choppy Layers and Bangs

Try a pixie crop with choppy layers and bangs to add a youthful zest to your regular style. Short choppy hairstyles for ladies over forty are growing in popularity because they provide a fresh and uplifting new look for women who have changing hair needs. As hair ages, the needs of hair change as well, so short choppy layers are a great way to transition and learn about the new care routine and styling needs of your hair.

Pixie with a Pompadour Style
Instagram @meuhairdivo

#13: Pixie with a Pompadour Style

Pixies styled with a pompadour can bring class and elegance to a look. Soft waves are the key to a beautiful and sleek pompadour hairstyle because they create a base direction for the pompadour to follow in order to stay in position easier.

Side-Parted Pixie on Fine Hair
Instagram @ketty_yar

#14: Side-Parted Pixie on Fine Hair

Try a side-parted pixie on fine hair to add thickness and more volume. Fine and straight hair often falls limp due to the lack of density in the strand. To prevent this, add texture and choppy layers to pixies to lift the strand and add natural bounce.

Pixie Haircut with Feathered Layers
Instagram @cesarhair19

#15: Pixie Haircut with Feathered Layers

A pixie haircut with feathered layers pairs extremely well with naturally curly or wavy hair. Feathered layers create a face-framing shape without a heavy definition line. Combining a pixie haircut with layers creates a beautiful frame for any facial features that you want attention drawn to.

#16: Short Copper Pixie on Women Aged 40

A short copper pixie on women aged 40 is an age-appropriate way to add fire and a little bit of edge to a shifting short style. Copper can have many different vibrancies and tones. For a more bold copper, there will be more color maintenance than for a more brunette or muted copper. For color longevity use a color depositing conditioner between maintenance appointments.

#17: Textured Pixie Hairstyle on Ladies 40 and Up

A white textured pixie hairstyle on ladies 40 and up is iconic, elegant, and increasingly popular. Gray hair has become all the rage and is a trend that is only going to keep growing when it comes to short haircuts. Embracing the gray hair with a chic platinum pixie brings youthful vibrance to your changing hair.

Pixie Haircut with Shorter Layers
Instagram @mauro_brettas

#18: Pixie Haircut with Shorter Layers

A pixie haircut with shorter layers creates an easy base for buildable volume in a style. Short haircuts for women over 40 have layering in the crown and often have graduation around the nape in order to create an ideal shape and texture for easy styling. The layering can be adjusted to frame any face shape and style goal.

#19: Razored Pixie Cut

A razored pixie cut can achieve a completely different texture than scissors or clippers when cutting hair. Razor cutting is less exact but works wonders for adding natural movement and texture to short cuts. Razor cuts are not for the 40-year-old who wants a perfectly symmetrical haircut.

#20: Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical pixie cuts for ladies in their forties are a trend that is only growing more and more popular. Pixie haircuts create a youthful and lifting effect and when combined with an asymmetrical fringe, they can accentuate any facial features that you want to draw the eye too.

#21: Undercut Pixie with a Textured Top

Try an undercut pixie with a textured top when you’re looking to have an easily managed haircut that requires minimal styling effort. Undercut hairstyles are edgy but can still be softened and styled to accommodate a more elegant look. When considering an undercut, think about how soft or harsh you want the overall look of your short cut to be. The more blunt and bold you’d like the style, the shorter the undercut. To achieve a softer style, leave the undercut slightly longer and add texture around the perimeter.

#22: Long Pixie Cut with a Deep Side Part

Try a long pixie cut with a deep side part if you want to create volume and texture in fine or thin hair. Face-framing layers are a great way to accentuate your favorite facial features while drawing the eyes away from features you may not love so much. Graduation at the nape of the neck makes a pixie cut much lighter and easier to style. Try adding dry texture spray when styling for a more touchable hold that will last all day.

Crown Layers on Pixie Hair
Instagram @pro100taya

#23: Crown Layers on Pixie Hair

The use of crown layers on pixie hair is important when you want to get lift and volume at the crown. When looking for inspiration on short pixies for women, think of the time you want to spend styling daily. Consider that more layers are typically easier to style, but require styling to look purposeful whereas less layering can be a little more challenging to style but also can be worn style-free easier. Crown layering is a great way to build a natural-looking volume.

Short Tapered Pixie for Thin Hair
Instagram @salon72madeley

#24: Short Tapered Pixie for Thin Hair

A short tapered pixie for thin hair is a great way to keep fine hair healthy, voluminous, and easy to style and maintain. Graduation is a great technique used in shorter pixies for ladies over 40 with fine or thin hair because the shorter lengths are not weighed down, allowing the layering to bounce up more. Shorter hair also helps the hair look thicker overall. Tapering the hair at the nape also allows for less bulk from a profile angle.

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Blonde Cropped Hair
Instagram @hairnerdsalon

#25: Blonde Cropped Hair

Blonde cropped hair is a dynamic and edgy way to freshen up a style. Blonde hair requires more maintenance than other colors as it can become warm or brassy. If upkeep is no concern for you, then a cropped blonde pixie is a bold and dynamic statement hairstyle for women in their 40s who want to feel young and vibrant.

Highlighted Pixie with a Fringe
Instagram @barbaras.salon

#26: Highlighted Pixie with a Fringe

A highlighted pixie with a fringe adds just the right amount of dimension to the face-framing to bring out the eyes. Short styles can be significantly enhanced by adding some highlights and a face-framing fringe. Adding highlighted pieces through the hair can truly customize the tone and contrast in the hair, which means it can work with any skin tone, eye color, and ideal vibrancy. To extend the life of the tones in your highlights, try a colored conditioner that deposits pigment with each wash.

Pixie Crop with Asymmetrical Bangs
Instagram @vera_stile.kg

#27: Pixie Crop with Asymmetrical Bangs

A pixie crop with asymmetrical bangs works so well to create a lifting effect for women in their forties. Often, as a way to bring a youthful effect to the facial features, women will look towards short funky haircuts or new dramatic colors and styles. Asymmetry around the face helps to open up the face without drawing attention to any imperfections or balance differences with facial features.

Wavy Pixie Undercut
Instagram @vera_stile.kg

#28: Wavy Pixie Undercut

Try a wavy pixie and undercut for manageable wavy hair. Women over 40 typically have the complaint that their hair is becoming hard to maintain and style, so a great alternative is an undercut and pixie combination. Adding an undercut to a pixie haircut is a great way to reduce excessive bulk in thick hair and make the hair easier to maintain and pixie style.

#29: Choppy Pixie Haircut for Ladies Over 40

A choppy pixie haircut is perfect for ladies over 40. Short sassy haircuts are all the rage when looking into a style that is both mature and elegant, and also youthful and vibrant. Women over forty don’t feel like it’s time to have a granny haircut yet, but can often feel overwhelmed with styling and maintenance needs, so a pixie cut is a perfect middle ground. A choppy pixie cut is a great way to volumize fine hair and bring texture to an overall style.

Straight Pixie with Brow-Length Bangs
Instagram @room28_bcn

#30: Straight Pixie with Brow-Length Bangs

A straight pixie with brow-length bangs is one of the more natural and subtle of the short pixies. With brow-length bangs, it’s critical to make sure they are light, fluffy, and textured to avoid the haircut looking like a bowl cut or a mushroom cut. Heavy bangs can bring facial features downward and close the face. When utilizing bangs with a pixie cut, it’s important to frame the face lightly, rather than take over the face with the frame.

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