50 Stylish Long Pixie Bob Haircuts for a Unique Length and Style

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A long pixie bob is a short hairstyle whose length hits somewhere between the nape and neck areas. Hair texture is key in deciding whether a long pixie bob suits you. Stylist Jennifer De Jesus from Westfield, NJ, says it’s an optimum option for thin-haired gals. It has layers that create lift and give the locks an illusion of density and volume.

Always have the time to style and to visit the salon for maintenance. De Jesus explains, “This is one of those styles that loses its shape very quickly. If you don’t have the time for styling and salon visits, this might not be ideal for you.”

As a high-maintenance haircut, you must trim it to keep its look on point. The interim between visits can go about every 4-6 weeks, depending on how fast your strands grow.

De Jesus notes that pixies are not the wash-and-go type, especially on straight locks. Unless you have the perfect waves, styling might take less time.

Be ready for your upcoming salon appointment. Choose your favorite among these inspiring images!


#1: Voluminous Thick Long Bixie

This thick, voluminous, long bixie is a gorgeous update on the classic French bob. A bixie haircut also works as an elegant transition style if you are seeking to grow out a pixie cut. Ask your stylist to create a graduated line around the perimeter to add fullness. A textured hairline gives this lengthy pixie bob a soft and super feminine vibe.

Asymmetrical Long Pixie Bob Hairstyle for a Modern Look

#2 Asymmetrical Long Pixie Bob

This asymmetrical long pixie bob hairstyle offers a chic and edgy look that’s perfect for those seeking a modern twist on a classic cut. The asymmetrical layers add volume and movement, making it ideal for medium to thick hair. The side-swept bangs soften facial features and draw attention to the eyes. This style is versatile and can be worn straight or wavy, providing a stylish and manageable option for a contemporary, dynamic look.

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Jaw-Length Longer Pixie Bob for Women

#3 Jaw-Length Longer Pixie Bob

This jaw-length longer pixie bob is a stylish and contemporary choice for those seeking a fresh and youthful look. The cut falls softly towards the face, framing it beautifully and accentuating the eyes. Ideal for women with small facial features, this versatile style can be easily maintained and styled with minimal effort. The layers add volume and texture, making it perfect for fine to medium hair. Use a round brush to blow-dry for added lift and bounce.

Layered Long Pixie Bob

#4 Layered Long Pixie Bob

Show off your playful side with this textured pixie bob highlighted by contrasting blonde and deep brown tones. Ideal for those with fine to medium hair, the choppy layers pump up the volume, while the color depth adds a striking visual element. This cut is excellent for square or heart-shaped faces as it softens angles and elongates the neck. Maintenance involves regular trims to preserve the edgy outline and color touch-ups to keep the contrast vivid. Style with a volumizing mousse or light texturizing spray to define and separate layers for that perfect tousled look.

blonde edgy pixie cut with dark roots

#5 Pixie Lob Haircut

Perfect for adding a twist to the traditional pixie bob, this cut features expertly layered strands that build volume at the crown, cascading into a textured, tousled finish. The color transition from deep roots to bright tips not only enhances the dynamic layering but also beautifully frames the face, making it ideal for those with fine hair seeking a fuller look. While stylish, this hairstyle requires regular maintenance to keep the layers defined and the color vibrant.

Back View of a Long Pixie Bob Cut

#6 Back View of a Long Pixie Bob Cut

Showcasing a refined back view of a long pixie bob cut, this style is perfect for those with fine, straight hair looking for volume without the weight. The light blonde highlights enhance the multi-layered cut, adding depth and an illusion of thickness. Ideal for round or heart-shaped faces, as the shape elongates the neck gracefully. Maintain this style with regular trims and use a volumizing spray to keep the lift at the roots, ensuring the cut remains sharp and stylish.

Long Pixie Bob for Short Hair

#7 Modern Long Pixie Bob for Short Hair

Dive into the charm of this modern long pixie bob, perfect for enhancing straight, medium-density hair. The side-swept bangs gracefully soften and frame the face, emphasizing cheekbones and eyes, ideal for heart-shaped faces. The subtle highlights add dimension, enriching your natural hair color. This style combines low maintenance with elegance, requiring minimal daily styling effort. Use a light texturizing cream to maintain the shape and a shine spray to highlight the color nuances.

Long Inverted Pixie Bob Haircut

#8 Long Inverted Pixie Bob Haircut

Embrace elegance with this long inverted pixie bob, ideal for straight, medium-density hair. The cut’s contouring layers create a voluminous look while maintaining a sleek silhouette, perfect for an oval face. The subtle highlights add dimension, enhancing the depth of your natural color. Suitable for those who prefer a stylish yet manageable hairstyle, this cut requires minimal daily styling. Use a lightweight volumizing spray for lift at the roots and a bit of smoothing serum to keep the strands polished and frizz-free.

Edgy Pixie Bob with Long Bangs

#9 Edgy Pixie Bob with Long Bangs

This edgy pixie bob with long bangs combines sharp, asymmetrical lines with a bold silver gradient, perfect for making a statement. Ideal for those with straight, medium-density hair, the style highlights facial symmetry and enhances the eyes. The darker roots make it easier to maintain, though frequent salon visits are needed to keep the silver vibrant. Style with a smoothing serum to enhance the sleek look and a color-protecting shampoo to maintain the hue.

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Long Pixie Bob for Women Over 50

#10 Long Pixie Bob for Women Over 50

Embrace elegance with this silver-blonde bob, perfect for women looking for a graceful yet simple hairstyle. The blunt fringe frames the face beautifully, drawing attention to the eyes, while the sleek, straight cut enhances fine hair, giving it a fuller appearance. This style suits mature women exceptionally well, offering a chic look that’s easy to manage. The light color palette requires regular touch-ups to maintain the vibrant, polished finish. Styling is straightforward—dry smooth with a round brush to achieve a sleek, refined look.

Voluminous long lixie bob hairstyle with gradient brown highlights

#11 Lixie Bob Hairstyle

This long pixie bob hairstyle is perfect for adding volume while maintaining a chic, low-maintenance look. Ideal for medium to thick hair, the graduated back creates a fuller appearance, enhancing the natural body. The darker roots leading to lighter brown highlights add a dynamic contrast, perfect for those wanting depth without constant styling. While flattering, keep in mind it requires regular shaping to maintain the voluminous silhouette. Use a volumizing mousse to boost the roots and a light hairspray to keep the style in place all day.

Long Wavy Pixie Bob

#12 Long Wavy Pixie Bob

This image showcases a charming long wavy pixie bob, ideal for someone looking to combine ease with style. The cut’s tailored waves enhance volume and add a playful dimension that works perfectly with finer hair types. The gentle layers are meticulously crafted to boost the natural curl, making this style a dream for those with naturally wavy or curly hair but seeking minimal upkeep. It’s particularly flattering for round and oval face shapes, as the curls add texture and the length elongates the face, providing a balanced and elegant appearance. Regular trims are recommended to keep the waves well-defined. Styling is straightforward with a light mousse or curl-enhancing cream to maintain bounce and minimize frizz.

Long Undercut Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

#13 Long Undercut Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

Here we have a sleek long undercut pixie bob perfect for thick hair. Notice how the silvery ash blonde highlights play beautifully against darker roots, adding a modern twist to this classic style. The deep side part enhances the facial structure, ideally suited for square or heart-shaped faces looking to soften their angles. The undercut significantly reduces bulk, making this style a breeze to maintain. It’s a wonderful choice if you’re aiming for a look that’s both stylish and easy to manage daily. Regular touch-ups will keep the undercut sharp and the colors vibrant. A bit of wax or pomade will help maintain that perfect side-swept look.

Woman with a long choppy pixie bob featuring caramel highlights, styled in textured layers suitable for medium to thick hair.

#14 Long Choppy Pixie Bob

This stylish long choppy pixie bob is tailored for someone who loves a mix of elegance and edge. The cut features significant texture, with layers that create movement and add volume, ideal for medium to thick hair. The distinct caramel highlights add a warm touch, perfect for enhancing facial features. This look is best suited for those with an oval or heart-shaped face, as the side-swept bangs draw attention to the eyes and balance the jawline. It’s a versatile cut, maintaining length on top while the back is kept shorter and layered for a modern twist. The style requires some styling prowess to achieve the tousled look, and regular salon visits to maintain the sharp, textured layers.

Messy Pixie Bob

#15 Messy Pixie Bob

This stylishly messy pixie bob captures a playful, modern vibe that’s perfect for women looking for a low-maintenance but chic look. The tousled layers add volume and texture, giving the haircut a lively, dynamic feel that complements an active lifestyle. It’s particularly flattering for fine hair as the choppy layers create an illusion of thickness. This cut also subtly frames the face, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones, making it a great choice for someone with delicate features. Easy to style with a quick tousle using some texturizing spray or mousse, this pixie bob is ideal for anyone seeking a fresh, effortless style.

Straight Long Pixie Bob with a Long Fringe
Instagram @olgakursitis

#16: Straight Pixie Bob with a Long Fringe

A longer pixie cut is made even better with the addition of a long fringe. The hair is styled to be more straight, thus perfectly completing the look.

Sleek Long Bixie with Shorter Layers
Instagram @antony_male

#17: Sleek with Shorter Layers

The bixie cut is a combined style of a pixie and bob haircut. It’s essentially a long pixie haircut that suits clients with fine hair.

#18: Bixie with Light Blonde Tones and Dark Roots

The light blonde tones and dark roots on a bixie cut are perfect for anyone with naturally dark hair who wants to go blonde. The blonde color and bixie cut make an easy-to-maintain pair, thanks to the longer, shaggier length and naturally dark roots.

#19: Creamy Vanilla Blonde with Dark Underneath

Take photos to your appointment if you struggle to describe what you like. Remember, your stylist is also there to advise you. When going lighter, think about the tones you want. A creamy vanilla tone is softer and more flattering than an ashy bold platinum.

#20: Long Pixie Bob with a Rooted Side Part

A pixie bob with a side part is a great choice whether you’re growing out a short haircut or looking for a change. Maximizing volume is key to styling. Have your stylist teach you the steps to style the cut so you can recreate it at home.

#21: Long Bixie with Light Brown Balayage

A long bixie styled with light brown balayage offers a stunning blend of texture and dimension. Longer pixie bobs are a versatile hairstyle featuring longer layers that add a sense of movement and flow. The light brown balayage further adds depth and warmth to the overall look.

#22: Choppy and Spiky Long Bixie

If you want a versatile style for your short hair, consider a long, choppy, and spiked bixie. These cuts remove excess hair at the back while maintaining length in front to style. Ask your stylist to recommend a good texture styling product for home use.

Short and Sassy Long Bixie with Highlights
Instagram @iamleahpearson

#23: Short and Sassy Long Bixie with Highlights

Get ready to embrace a sassy bixie with highlights! This modern hairstyle blends the best of both worlds, mixing the grace of a bixie cut with longer, playful strands. The haircut’s layering gives good volume, and your hair stays long.

Asymmetrical Soft Undercut Long Pixie Bob
Instagram @la.luna.hair.design

#24: Asymmetrical Soft Undercut

Instead of your standard short crop, try an asymmetrical soft undercut long pixie bob! The best thing about these extended versions of pixie bob cuts is the amount of layers you may want to customize.

Long Pixie Bob with French Bangs for straight hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#25: Long Pixie Bob with French Bangs

With its chic and modern appeal, a long pixie bob with French bangs is a versatile haircut option. The benefit of French bangs is that they frame the face beautifully and bring attention to your facial features.

#26: Long Bixie with Visible Layers

A long bixie with visible layers creates movement around the eyes and cheekbones. If you have thick coarse hair, this may be a perfect option to go shorter. These hairstyles are easy to prep and are a great way to remove unwanted bulk. To keep your hair from falling into your face, try a soft blow-dry with a 2-inch round brush for texture and lift.

Cute Long Bixie with Fringe for Thick Hair for ladies with dark brown hair and skin
Instagram @adiehair

#27: Cute with Fringe for Thick Hair

Are you looking for a cute and low-maintenance cut? Consider a long bixie with fringe – this style is perfect for ladies with thick hair. The layers give texture and lift, while the fringe adds a playful touch to the overall look. With my years of experience, learning to thin out dense areas helps the overall cut. And it will be helpful when styling.

#28: Visible Layers on a Long Pixie Bob Cut

Consider a cut with visible layers, blonde highlights, and dark roots. This will give you a trendy yet low-maintenance look. The visible layers add dimension and movement to the hair. While the blonde highlights and dark roots create a stylish and modern contrast. These lengthy versions of pixie bob work best for those with medium to thick hair texture and suit any face shape.

Razor Cut Long Bixie with Bottleneck Fringe with Blunt Ends and Long Layers
Instagram @mal.hair

#29: Razor Cut Long Bixie with Bottleneck Fringe

Have you tried a razor-cut long bixie with bottleneck fringe? This Long-length pixie bob is ideal for those seeking a modern, edgy look. With long layers that add texture and movement, this cut will make a lasting impression. To ensure your look stays in place all day, find an experienced stylist. They can recommend a spray to enhance your hair’s natural waves and layers. A styling tip for this look would be to part your hair in the middle. It will showcase the bottleneck fringe and blunt ends.

Sexy Asymmetric Pixie Bob
Instagram @julia.smode

#30: Radiant Asymmetric Pixie

If you’re looking for an edgy cut, I would advise a textured bob with an undercut on both sides and back. Tell your stylist if clippers are too risky for you. They can still cut your taper with shears as short as their finger width. For thicker hair, ask for your ends to be razored to give a more piecey look. This will also help your hair pivot inward.

#31: Ash Blonde Pixie Bob with Layers

If you have thick, bulky hair but want a modern pixie cut, don’t be afraid of texture. When cutting coarse hair, I use point cutting, thinning shears, and a razor. This helps my client’s hair be as manageable as possible and prevents a rough grow out. With layers, remember that short layers push the hair. So consider how you’d like your client’s ends to lay before cutting. Ask your stylist for recommendations on products that will help make styling easier.

#32: Lovely Lixie Bob with Balayage

Blow dry your lixie straight, then if you can, curl your style and leave the curls separated. This will give your balayage even more pop and show off your darker roots. Style your hair without combing through or spraying your strands in place.

#33: Dark Chocolate Tousled Pixie Bob

If you want to change things up, consider a dark chocolate tousled cut. When your canvas is naturally dark, the maintenance is much easier to refresh. Once you have chosen your ideal style, book your reservations four weeks at a time to keep your style looking fresh.

#34: Very Dark Brown Layered Bixie

Consider a very dark layered bixie if you want an effortless short layered cut but are nervous about going too short. This will suit you if your hair has any texture.

#35: Cute Brunette Asymmetric Lob with Highlights

A cute brunette asymmetric lob with highlights is a trendy and flirty shape. Adding color blocking to the front of the lob is a great way to add a little personality to a solid hair color. It’s a good idea to go a little shorter in the back if you want volume at the crown. Try blow-drying your bob with a smaller round brush, like a 1-inch, to add maximum lift and volume.

#36: Low-Maintenance Long Pixie Bob

A low-maintenance long pixie bob is perfect for women with long tresses who are ready for a chop but still want a low-maintenance haircut. It accentuates the cheekbones while giving an instant volume to fine, straight hair. It’s a wash-and-wear hairstyle, creating an effortless, lived-in finish.

Bixie Haircut
Instagram @seville_hair

#37: Platinum Bixie Hair

Bixie haircuts complement triangle, pear, and oval face shapes best. The softness of layers around the cheekbones and eyes with shorter crown layers adds the right amount of width and height needed to balance out these shapes.

#38: Extra Long with Blonde Highlights

Consider a haircut with blonde highlights if you like a high-fashion hairstyle. One of the biggest advantages of short hair is that you will always appear stylish. The graduated back and cascading length around your face will give you a stunning shape. If you add blonde highlights, make sure your layering is on the longer side. This will ensure a beautiful flow of color and dimensional blonde.

Long Rounded Pixie Bob
Instagram @rhandy_art

#39: Long Rounded Pixie Bob

A long, rounded pixie bob works wonders on women with heart or square-shaped faces. The feathery effect helps soften any harsh lines around the face. This cut is perfect for all hair textures and gives a youthful look with tons of bounce.

#40: Long Textured Pixie Bob

A long and textured pixie bob gives an instant facelift, creating a youthful-looking radiance. It’s a haircut that is universally flattering on all face shapes. Use a sea salt spray to create texture, definition, movement, and volume.

#41: Chin-Length Longer Blonde Pixie Bob

A chin-length cut is perfect for women who want a longer version of the classic pixie haircut. It gives a lot of volume to fine, pin-straight hair—Blow-dry with a round brush to give more lift and bounce. Longer pixie bobs draw instant attention, especially with a blonde hair color.

#42: Long Shaggy Pixie Bob

A long, shaggy pixie bob has made a comeback. Women of any age can rock this modern twist of the classic shag! It’s a low-maintenance cut that doesn’t require daily hair washing and styling.

Longer Pixie Bob for Curly Hair
Instagram @_palomaabessa

#43: Longer Pixie Bob for Curly Hair

A longer pixie bob for curly hair works best on women with medium to coarse textures to enhance and lift the curls. It gives instant shape to your tresses. When styling, use a curl cream for added moisture and separation. Ask your stylist to keep the length longer towards the front.

Long Pixie Bob with Bangs
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#44: Long Pixie Bob with Bangs

A long pixie bob with bangs gives instant attention to the eyes. Bangs conceal the forehead, which suits women who want to hide any signs of wrinkles. It’s a playful cut that works on any hair texture. This cut can be grown or maintained by scheduled trims.

Ear-Length Long Pixie Bob Cut
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#45: Ear-Length Long Pixie Bob

An ear-length cut is perfect for women who want to keep their ears somewhat concealed. Hair lays softly around the ear and face, giving it a feminine look.

#46: Long Layered Pixie Bob Cut

A long layered pixie bob cut is versatile and can be styled in several ways. Long layers give hair shape and bounce. It’s a cut that works best for women with medium to thick hair textures. It’s quick and easy to style and maintain. Ask your stylist for long layers on top for added volume.

#47: Short-Long Pixie Bob Cut

A short-long pixie bob cut is perfect for women who want an effortless haircut for easy styling and upkeep. Short to long lengths add fullness and volume to the top sections of the hair, which works wonders on women with fine/ medium hair texture. Ask your stylist to create texture at the top for added volume, texture, and definition.

#48: Stacked Long Pixie Short Bob

This cut is perfect for women who still want some length in the front section to style. This style can be easily grown into a full bob cut for added length. It’s a cut that’s versatile and easy for your lifestyle!

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#49: Pixie Bob for Older Women with Fine Hair

The style creates volume and definition in a texture that needs a structured shape. This cut requires minimal maintenance but does require more frequent visits to the salon to keep it looking sharp.

bixie hairstyle with highlights for older ladies
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#50: Bixie Hairstyle with Highlights for Older Ladies

A bixie hairstyle with highlights on older ladies is very on-trend. With layered pieces swept away from the face, you lift and draw your attention upward, which is very flattering on aging faces. Crown layers add rounded and height through the crown, keeping the style soft and feminine.