43 Coolest Long Choppy Bob Haircuts for That Beachy Lob Look

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A long choppy bob is a shoulder-length cut with jagged and textured ends that softens the style. Its versatility is one of its best assets. It appears stunning on either sleek and wavy hair, with or without bangs.

Before you get this beachy lob cut, “a thorough consultation is key,” says Georgia-based stylist Kristin Valdosta. Consider your routine and your lifestyle by asking, “Do I want to be still able to pull it up in a ponytail?” And “How much time do I have to commit to styling it?”

Yes, a choppy lob hairstyle is quicker to jazz up but keep in mind that you still need to allot some of your time to do so.

Valdosta loves texturizing products such as the Undressed by Kevin Murphy. It’s a lightweight, creamy, textured paste that polishes and pieces the hair. She also recommends the Sexy Hair Creme 2 Powder Play for women who need volume and control.

This choppy haircut may not work on a certain texture and density. If that happens, ask your hairstylist how you should style your hair. You must also know everything about its maintenance to keep its shape.

“Women sometimes don’t realize that the smallest bit of grow-out can make a big difference,” Valdosta notes. She adds, “A shoulder-grazing, choppy long bob cut tends to bounce off and flip out, so a trim every 4-6 weeks is necessary, depending on how fast the tresses grow out.”

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspirational photos of the coolest long, choppy bob haircuts and hairstyles!

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#1: Bright Blonde Textured Bob

Try the coolest trend with a bright blonde textured bob. You can create the perfect bob to match your hair type and texture. I would chip into the mid-lengths and ends to create texture and release unwanted weight. When styling long, choppy bobs, use a big barrel curling iron and leave out your ends. Use some sea salt spray to finish.

Dimensional Color on a Long Choppy Bob Cut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#2: Dimensional Color on a Long Choppy Bob Cut

If you want a modern, flexible hairstyle that gives depth and movement to your hair, consider applying color to a long, choppy bob cut. The choppy layers offer a textured, tousled look. Adding color to your hair will enhance its depth. This hairstyle is ideal for a fresh, youthful look without cutting any length from your hair. To set this hairstyle, start with dry hair. Use a spray to richen the choppy layers and give them shape. You can also use a curling wand to create loose waves for added texture.

Dimensional Choppy Lob with Layers and curtain bangs
Instagram @xianghair
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#3: Dimensional Choppy Lob with Layers

A dimensional choppy lob with layers is a shaggy shape with lots of personality. The best way to achieve the airy shape is to have your ends texture cut. Ask for point cutting or razor cutting for wispiness. Your shape should have medium layers and a soft fringe. If you want your curls to be messy with straight ends, I advise leaving them out when you curl them. And add a texture paste when styling.

Choppy Lob with Volume for women with wispy messy hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#4: Choppy Lob with Volume

It would be best if you went for this choppy lob with volume. To add volume to your bob, try parting your hair deep on the opposite side of a normal parting. This naturally adds more volume. Add some beachy curls to the mix for even more. Avoid too much height if you have long or rectangular face shapes.

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#5: Blunt Ends with Minimal Textured Layers

Reward your hair with blunt ends and minimal textured layers. You’ll be glad you did. This cut is versatile and will make your hair healthy and voluminous. Opt for a length above the shoulders to show off the thick perimeter. You’ll want your stylist to cut into your layers to create texture and movement. Curl your hair with a 1-inch iron for a tousled style, or if you want to, wear it straight.

Modern Choppy Lob with a Light Brown Money Piece
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#6: Modern Choppy Lob with a Light Brown Money Piece

If you want to make your long bob more dimensional, I suggest adding balayage pieces. The two-tone will add depth, making your cut look more defined. Get the most out of your balayage and place your highlighted pieces around your face and close to the scalp. This will allow more time to grow.

Messy Side-Parted Choppy Lob
Instagram @hirohair
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#7: Messy Side-Parted Choppy Lob

If you have thick, heavy hair and want a short cut with movement, ask your stylist for a textured bob. The razor softens your ends, which removes weight and creates more movement. Wear your hair with waves to see a more choppy, defined look. Avoid curling your ends. It will cause shrinkage when styling.

Platinum Choppy Lob with No Bangs
Instagram @beautybybost
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#8: Platinum Lob with No Bangs

The platinum lob with no bangs is a stunning classic hairstyle. It’s ideal for women who like to keep the cut simple and emphasize the bold color. It’s a good idea to mention if you are happy with the length, as you will need to get a regular trim every 6-8 weeks. That will ensure you have no split ends, keeping your blonde choppy lob in great condition.

Softly Textured Choppy Lob Without Bangs
Instagram @hirohair
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#9: Softly Textured Lob Without Bangs

If you have thick hair and need better shaping for your long bob, ask for textured layers. If you can, try a razor cut. The texturizing removes bulk and weight. It allows more movement in your hair and keeps the cut from looking triangulated. This will also allow your hair to look more cascading with curls or waves. And it will also elongate your neck.

Textured Lob with Highlights
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#10: Textured Lob with Highlights

Rock your locks in a textured long bob paired with subtle highlights. This color is easy to adjust to fit all hair types, making it one of the best options. Lobs also give you a chic look while maintaining length and style. Try styling with a wand for sultry beach waves.

Soft Champagne Blonde Choppy Lob
Instagram @deeprootsatx
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#11: Soft Champagne Blonde Choppy Lob

Go for a beachy vibe with a soft champagne blonde choppy lob. A lob is low-maintenance and easy to style. To give your hair some weightless movement, all you need is some invisible layers. They add lift without the look of traditional layers. To get an undone, messy look, I suggest adding loose waves and texture spray and messing it up.

Lived-In Blonde One-Length Choppy Lob
Instagram @ambermcmahen
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#12: Lived-In Blonde One-Length Lob

A lived-in blonde on a one-length lob always looks fun and classy. When you want a style that looks lived-in, opt for curling your hair in different directions. Use your curling iron to do this. Curling both towards your face and away from your face while leaving the ends of your hair out of the curling iron. Leaving the ends of your hair straight will give you a more natural, textured appearance. Finish with a tousled texture spray, and voila!

Milk Chocolate Choppy Lob with No Bangs
Instagram @leventkilic0
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#13: Milk Chocolate Lob with No Bangs

A milk chocolate lob with no bangs is hot on the style trend. If you opt for no bangs, I recommend minimal layering in your lob. This will allow the longer lengths around your face to flow to the rest of your cut and keep your bottom line strong. Try curling your hair, leaving the ends out for a messy finish.

Lived-In Balayage Choppy Lob
Instagram @anhcotran
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#14: Lived-In Balayage Lob

If you have naturally dark brown or black hair, a lived-in balayage lob is a perfect hairstyle to rock if you love a natural-looking hair color and cut that offers lots of dimension. Remember, it’s important to ensure you don’t go too light with your balayage, as this can create a harsh contrast you are not necessarily going for. However, 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair color is typically recommended.

Blonde Long Choppy Bob with Waves
Instagram @maurilima_
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#15: Blonde Long Choppy Bob with Waves

A blonde long, choppy bob with waves is a chic yet low-maintenance look. You can style it up by curling the hair to the ends or round brushing. You can style it more young and beachy by curling vertical sections and leaving the ends straight. Ask your stylist for choppy, long layers and the length to be at or just below your collarbone to keep it a long bob.

Dimensional Choppy Lob with No Bangs
Instagram @hirohair
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#16: Dimensional Choppy Lob with No Bangs

A choppy lob with no bangs is an easy-going chic look. A dimensional color can help contour, similar to makeup contour. The choppy layers add texture and shape to the cut and make for easy waves. Blow-dry or air-dry, then add waves with a wand, leaving the last one to two inches straight. Finish with a texture spray.

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#17: Sun-Kissed Choppy Lob

A choppy long bob is a great choice for a low-maintenance yet high-fashion look. The lob is a much easier grow-out than a short bob, so it’s a nice baby step into a shorter cut. The sun-kissed blonde can be achieved with baby lights or the balayage method. Your stylist will know what will work best for your hair. Styling is minimal. You can air dry and add texture cream for an undone look or add wand curls for added texture.

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#18: Golden Copper Choppy Lob with a Side Part

A golden copper, choppy lob with a side part is perfect for ladies with warmer skin tones. The warmth of the golden copper will bring a youthful glow to your skin.

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#19: Choppy Lob with Side Bangs

A balayage brown choppy lob with side bangs looks so flattering on older ladies. The ideal style you can do to this chop is with a textured definition. Choppy lob haircuts appear more effortless while being an eye-catching trend.

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#20: Choppy Lob with an Undercut

A choppy lob with an undercut suits women with thick hair to maintain length while removing tons of bulk and weight within the hair. An undercut is customizable with a design in it. When an undercut is in the right spot, it can easily be covered using the longer sections of the hair.

Long brunette bob with choppy ends
Instagram @joahhmendes
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#21: Long Brunette Bob with Choppy Ends

A long brunette bob with choppy ends is a stunning haircut and is a good choice if you need a dramatic change from having long tresses. Ask your stylist to bring up the length and texturize the long layers to achieve the best results. The choppy style may need styling with a 1-inch curling iron, depending on your hair texture and blow-drying skills.

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#22: Long Blunt Bob with Choppy Layers

A long blunt bob with choppy layers is an edgy cut that works well for any hair type. Blunt perimeters combine with soft layers to create an effortless look. Long bobs are perfect in-between length to where you can still pull hair up, but looks great with soft beach waves added. A one-inch curling iron and texture spray help create an effortless look for choppy, long bob hairstyles. Depending on the hair density, a long bob with layers looks best at either collarbone or chest-length level.

Long choppy bob for fine hair
Instagram @kristendana_
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#23: Long Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

Long choppy bob for fine hair has choppy ends, layering, and a ton of texture and dimension. Ask your hairstylist to add volume and create dimension and texture if you have fine hair.

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#24: Choppy Angled Lob for Blonde Fine Hair with Dark Roots

Long choppy bob haircuts for fine, thin hair work well on straight locks and yield a fresher vibe. It makes a more modern and chic style if the edges are curled inwards.

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#25: Long Choppy Bob for Women Over 50

For women over 50 with a round face, a choppy bob that’s long can be flattering when you add bangs. It’s the cut that frames the face and emphasizes the cheekbones. The feathered ends also bring out an illusion of a sharper jawline.

👉 See more bobs for ladies over 50

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#26: Long Blonde Choppy Bob Cut

A long blonde choppy bob hairstyle is modern and stylish. The jagged ends offer details that a usual medium-length bob cut needs. Because it is easy to style and maintain, busy women should try long, choppy bobs!

Choppy Lob with Bangs and Balayage
Instagram @victorkeyrouz
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#27: Choppy Lob with Bangs and Balayage

Wear a choppy lob with bangs to give your look a new edge. If you have fine tresses, this longer bob haircut is an optimal choice. It’s the layers that bring out more structure to the hair. Play with a balayage to show off the texture even better!

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#28: Choppy Long Angled Bob

A long, choppy angled bob can be customizable. Waves are guaranteed to boost the choppy hair texture. The side part also adds instant root volume for tresses that are too flat. Why not give this chop splashes of blonde with a money piece for a modish look?

Choppy lob for straight hair
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#29: Choppy Lob for Straight Hair

A choppy lob cut for straight hair gives volume and texture to straighten hair even more. The choppy, long bob hairstyle plays with the overall symmetry of each choppier strand.

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#30: Long Choppy Bob for Dark, Wavy Hair

This long, choppy bob for dark, wavy hair is voluminous, and women with fine, straight hair will love it! Part the hair to one side for instant volume. Copy the curly style with a flattening iron or a curling wand, which are easy to utilize.

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#31: Shoulder-Length Bob with Choppy Layers

Achieve this elegant shoulder-length bob with choppy layers and curls. Long, choppy bob hairstyles will provide straight hair with more volume and body. Using a 1-inch iron creates the barrel curls to highlight its choppiest strands.

Choppy Layered Long Bob
Instagram @bridgetcolors
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#32: Choppy Layered Long Bob

Try a choppy layered long bob haircut to add extra bounce to the mane. Enhance the texture with subtle waves to show off the layers better. This long, choppy bob haircut works on thin and thick locks by creating a lift to bring out more density to fine hair. It also removes bulk from the edges of dense tresses.

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#33: Choppy Lob Haircut

When a choppy lob haircut pairs with beach waves, the payoff is stylish! To recreate the texture, use a curling wand for easier manipulation. Play with a shade of warm blonde to achieve a sun-kissed effect.

Long Choppy Tapered Bob with Long Bangs
Instagram @hairbykimtran
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#34: Tapered Blonde Bob with Long Bangs

A fresh tapered blonde bob with long bangs complements a fresh balayage. The shadow-rooted blonde hue gives the haircut a low-maintenance and on-trend grow-out. It would only take a flat iron to imitate the sleek style. Gorgeous and easy to copy—how can you not love this long choppy bob hairstyle?

Long Choppy Inverted Bob
Instagram @mariannemota
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#35: Long Choppy Inverted Bob

Wearing a long choppy inverted bob with waves is one way to give tresses great body and movement. The waves volumize a mane that’s flat and fine. This short hairstyle takes only a few minutes to create, making it a lovely go-to look for every woman.

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#36: Long Choppy Bob with Fringe

This long, choppy bob with fringe proves that there’s no such thing as too many waves and texture. When opting for a dramatic hair makeover, consider this one. This shoulder-length haircut can be versatile for any hairstyle or hairdo. It’s very attractive, with waves and a subtle texture. For a finishing touch, mist hairspray all over.

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#37: Choppy Layered Lob

Color a choppy layered lob blonde and get that modish, staggering hairstyle. Add a money piece to brighten the area around the face. Don’t forget to style the hair with waves to boost its texture and volume.

Choppy Textured Lob Hairstyle
Instagram @manely.summer
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#38: Choppy Textured Lob

With a choppy textured lob, your hair can have a whole new vibe! The key to choppy lob hairstyles lies in its beachy waves. Achieve a textured bob by styling the hair with a flat iron. This is the best tool to create cooler and edgier-looking waves. Brush the strands out for an effortless effect.

Long Inverted Choppy Bob
Instagram @rute_boazhair
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#39: Long Inverted Choppy Bob

Go for an edgier look with a long, inverted, choppy bob styled with waves. It radiates a more lived-in vibe when painted with honey or dark blonde shade. Such choppy haircuts with a textured style boost the color’s dimension.

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#40: Long Choppy Bob with Bangs

Give this caramel-colored long, choppy bob with bangs a go if you have a heart or diamond-shaped face. The chop looks softer on such face shapes. Since this trendy haircut includes a fringe, it suits ladies with unique eye colors.

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#41: Long Layered Choppy Bob

Ask for a long layered choppy bob with a dark-rooted blonde color. The result makes a modern, lived-in masterpiece. Part the hair in the middle to frame the face and create a perfect balance. Choppy layers and soft waves make the best long bob haircuts for women looking for a messy, feminine vibe.

Long Choppy Graduated Bob Haircut
Instagram @dmadrid76
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#42: Long Choppy Graduated Bob

The long, choppy graduated bob is great for women with a round face because it aids in slenderizing the face. Created by Dawn Madrid of California, she says, “graduated bobs are also for women with very sharp features since it helps soften their look. The style is fairly easy to maintain on straight hair, using a round brush and blow dryer. If the hair is curly, it may require an additional step of flat ironing to achieve the look.”

Lob cuts are great for women on the go since it’s longer in the front and can be tied back or put in a ponytail. Graduated lobs are also great for females who love the classic look of a bob but would like to add a little more to their hair.

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#43: Edgy Long Choppy Pixie Bob

Pull off an edgy, long choppy pixie bob to own that cool, ultra-chic style. This is a short bob choppy haircut that works wonders with a tousled texture. It looks undone yet glamorous. A short-length mane like this may need extra effort to jazz up and grow out.