50+ Incredible Blunt Cuts & Blunt Bobs Trending in 2023

Blunt cut bob haircuts
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A blunt cut bob is a shorter hairstyle cut into a straight line at the ends. Bobs have proven themselves to be transcending time with its endless variations.

One of the more popular versions of a bob is the short blunt bob because they’re haircuts without layers. Also known as soft blunt cuts, these sleek hairstyles are flattering if you have an oval, square, or heart-shaped face.

Blunt bob haircuts are super customizable and versatile cuts that can fit any type and texture of hair. The bluntness of the ends will emphasize your jaw area and brings an intense and flattering look.

Check out these gorgeous pictures of the best blunt cuts and blunt bobs for 2023!

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Neck-length Precision Line Blunt Cut Long Bob with a Middle Part
Instagram @ambermcmahen

#1: Precision Line Blunt Cut Bob

A long blunt bob with a middle part is the perfect hairstyle for a fresh, modern, precision cut. This style features evenly cut ends and is the best to help frame your face shape perfectly. This look works especially well on a square, heart, and round face. It gives an edgy but still polished feel. It’s helpful to say exactly what you want to your stylist. That way, they can accurately create this timeless hairstyle.

Parted Asymmetric Blunt Bob Cut at Neck-Length for women in their 30s
Instagram @studio_mostton

#2: Parted Asymmetric Blunt Bob

Ask for a side-parted asymmetric blunt bob. For a professional style, you can easily get a blunt bob that style smooth and straight. Getting an under-beveled bob will help the hair slightly curve in and not flip out. Asymmetry is a complementary style on almost any face shape.

Short-Length Blunt Golden Brown Bubble Bob
Instagram @salome.a_coloriste

#3: Golden Brown Bubble Bob

For women with fine, straight, and naturally dark hair, a golden brown bubble bob is ideal. The bubble cut adds fullness to the hair with its blunt edges. On the other hand, a golden color offers the best tone of highlights for dark hair. It’s soft and bright but not too harsh against the skin tone. Give this look a try if you love a low-maintenance color and easy-to-style haircut.

Blunt Wavy Bob on Bronde Hair
Instagram @graceliliehair

#4: Blunt Wavy Bob on Bronde Hair

A new-age hair color is  bronde hair. A light brown, dark blonde canvas that can be so pretty with a blunt wavy bob. Provide it with a color pop each season and add highlights to create brightness or depth.

Balayage Blunt Bob with Slight Graduation
Instagram @tc2_hair

#5: Balayage Blunt Bob with Slight Graduation

Try a balayage short blunt bob haircut with a slight graduation if you like to wear your hair short. A short hairstyle is great for girls who like the slick, edgy looks. Blunt haircuts can be worn straight. Or, if you prefer more textures, there is still enough length to add curls. Great for a woman who likes to change up her look.

#6: Blonde Beachy Blunt Bob

If you need some change and your hair needs a brightening up, try this blonde beach blunt bob! These soft balayage ends need a tone or gloss every 10-12 weeks and a trim every 6-8.

Middle Part Blunt Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @angeliagutie

#7: Middle Part Blunt Bob for Thin Hair

Blunt bobs are great for most densities but best worn for thin hair. A middle-part blunt bob makes hair seem fuller while at the same time creating a style that is chic and polished. Attention needs to be given to sparse areas to avoid creating height. The style can be made with tools like a flat brush and blow dry. And with aids like blow-out gels.

#8: A Low-Maintenance Blunt Bob with Front Wispy Layers

Try a blunt jawline bob if you want to add sleekness to your mane while showing off your facial features. Ladies with a wide forehead can add bang pieces for a slimming effect. Try smoothing your hair out to see where you’ll need extra texturing. Razoring will help your hair lay closer to your neck. And it prevents bulging, too.

Blunt Short Bob with Highlights and Shadow Root
Instagram @thecolorist.ch

#9: Short Blunt Bob with Highlights and Shadow Root

Styling a short bob with highlights is a great way to enhance a simple look. A blunt haircut is a good cut if you have fine hair and want the illusion of a fuller look. This look is sophisticated and styled in a slick straight look.

Blunt Sharp Bob Cut with Short Bangs
Instagram @nuhairdressing

#10: Sharp Blunt Bob Cut with Short Bangs

If you’re ready to spice up your style, go for a blunt, sharp bob with short bangs to take your look to a new level. Make sure to ask for the bob to rest along your jawline to give this style more edge. It will also frame your face perfectly. This cut is best styled sleek and straight with some peeks of color streaks throughout the hair.

Sleek Blonde Blunt Bob with a Center Part
Instagram @lo_doeshair

#11: Sleek Blonde Blunt Bob with a Center Part

Give off cool girl vibes with a sleek blonde bob with a center part. If your hair is fine, a blunt cut will make your ends look denser for a thicker appearance. With a bob, you can style your locks straight, elegant, wavy, and carefree. Either way, your locks will look on trend and ready for any occasion.

#12: Brunette Blunt Lob with Soft Waves

Refresh your style into a blunt lob with soft waves. Blunt cut hair is an excellent choice for fine hair. It gives your hair a thicker appearance. Give your blunt lob tousled vibes by curling with a 3/4-inch iron. Then comb through once cooled. If you like shine, brunette colors reflect the light and give you a fantastic sheen.

#13: Neck-Length Blunt Cut with Vanilla Babylights

Turn your hair into a neck-length blunt cut with babylights. A blunt cut offers clean and neat lines. Those lines are simple but stylish. If you want to show off the soft babylights, a part in the middle will allow them to frame your face. This shape can be curled into waves or dried straight if you like versatility.

Straight Blunt Cut Bob with Blonde Ends
Instagram @olgakursitis

#14: Straight Blunt Cut with Blonde Ends

When looking for a new haircut, try a straight, blunt bob. A short blunt bob for fine hair is perfect because it creates an illusion of thicker hair. All without needing to add extensions or use a volumizing product. Make sure to work with stylists that are most comfortable with bobs. That way, you can ensure you get the most precise and clean cut and style.

Soft Precision Blunt Bob Cut for Fine Hair
Instagram @miel.de.prune

#15: Soft Precision Blunt Cut Bob for Fine Hair

Blunt cut bobs are perfect for girls with fine hair, but a soft precision cut is even better. The softness added on the ends allows for the mane not to have a harsh line. But it also gives a touch of movement to your hair without adding layers. Some stylists might convince you to add layering to try to create volume. But, with a blunt cut for fine hair, layers can make your hair feel and look thinner than it is.

Short Side-Parted Blunt Bob Haircut
Instagram @olgakursitis

#16: Short Side-Parted Blunt Haircut

Blunt bobs are all the rage this year. This bob, a short side-parted blunt haircut, is a one-length full body type. And one of many blunt cut hairstyles that compliment hair from fine hair to straight hair.

Face-Framing Dark Red Blunt Bob
Instagram @yukistylist

#17: Face-Framing Dark Red Blunt Bob

One of the more trendy short blunt bob hairstyles is a face-framing cut paired with a dark red hair color. Cutting a bob blunt is one of the best ways to make your fine hair look thicker. A blunt bob has minimal layers and an edgy and fierce look. Blunt bobs can work on any face shape.

Neck-Length Brunette Blunt Cut Bob
Instagram @hirohair

#18: Neck-Length Brunette Blunt Cut Bob

A neck-length bob cut is a beautiful shape to have. Keep your layers long to make the most of your cut and give it a smoother shape. Long bangs are perfect for an accent around the cheekbones. Try styling them away from your face with an iron or medium round brush for a trendy finish.

#19: Sweet Caramel Balayage on a Blunt A-Line Bob

A caramel balayage on an a-line bob offers one of the sleekest blunt cut hairstyles and looks best on straight hair. The easiest way to achieve this haircut is to make sure not to add any layers and keep your hair cut all one length. An easy solution to making sure your hair is all cut evenly is to look down when cutting the back to avoid leaving behind any stubborn hairs that may be hiding underneath. Use a shine spray to get your caramel highlights extra shiny and a smoothing cream to keep your straight hair looking sleek and smooth.

Ginger Softly Blunt Cut Bob
Instagram @yukistylist

#20: Ginger Softly Blunt Cut Bob

If you’re looking for a haircut that will bring life to your dull, flat hair, don’t be afraid to get rid of some length! A soft, short blunt bob that sits right on the shoulders will add instant body and fullness. Ask your stylist to texturize the ends to create a more delicate line unless you prefer a bolder or blunt look.

Messy Blonde Blunt Cut Bob
Instagram @joahhmendes

#21: Messy Blonde Blunt Cut

Consider a messy blonde blunt cut to increase the volume of your hair. I suggest cutting your ends blunt if you need to make your ends appear thicker and denser. The perfect length will give your locks movement and some much-needed texture.

#22: Trendy Blonde Beachy Waves on a Blunt Bob

Go for a super trendy bob with blonde beachy waves. Waving your hair with an iron is one of the best ways to create texture and body. With the help of styling products like texture spray and hairspray, your blunt cut hairstyle will hold all day. Never use hot tools higher than 350 degrees to avoid unnecessary damage.

#23: Modern Textured Blunt Cut Bob

A modern textured blunt cut is an excellent choice if you have naturally thicker hair, but it can also be a great choice if you have thinner hair trying to create a thicker look. There’s no one way to style this fun, fresh cut, which makes it much more ideal!

Short Blunt Cut Without Bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#24: Short Blunt Cut Without Bangs

Consider a trendy crop with a short blunt cut without bangs. Cutting your ends bluntly is a great way to make your fine hair look fuller. Ensure your length is short enough, or it will make your strands look thinner. If you have straight locks, you can use a curling iron to create undone texture and movement.

Blonde Blunt Cut with Dark Roots
Instagram @chrisweberhair

#25: Blonde Blunt Bob with Dark Roots

A blonde blunt with depth at the roots is great if you have a heart and diamond face shape. A bold blonde through the mids and ends to balance the face where it is narrow. Adding dark with a root smudge will make your blonde look brighter.

#26: Angled Blunt Bob

An angled blunt bob is a sleek yet stylish hairstyle, no matter your hair type. Ask to add texture to a bob can help the cut lay better while still having a clean bob look.

sleek blunt bob for dark brown hair
Instagram @hair.helga

#27: Sleek Blunt Bob for Dark Brown Hair

A sleek blunt bob haircut with dark brown hair will always be a modern winning hairstyle. This cut works best if you have an oval-shaped face. A short blunt bob can also be considered when removing damaging ends or starting over with precision in the blunt line. A haircut without texture doesn’t mean it’s not stylish!

#28: Blunt Bob with Face-Framing Layers

Consider a blunt bob with bangs and face-framing layers for a sleek yet sassy hairstyle. Discuss with your hairstylist how often you should go into the salon for a quick trim on your blunt cut.

Blunt bob cut for fine hair
Instagram @hirohair

#29: Blunt Cut Bob for Fine Hair

A sharp straight bob cut and a unique graphite shade make for a noteworthy easy blunt bob hairstyle you can pull off! The color provides an illusion of texture and density over natural black hair that is still slightly visible.

Gorgeous Quick Weave Bob with Blunt Ends
Instagram @crownedby__t

#30: Gorgeous Quick Weave Bob with Blunt Ends

Short blunt cut bobs are simple yet classy and can do more than it seems. It can open up and accentuate your best facial features and sexy collarbones, especially when styled with a center part.

#31: Long Blunt Bob with a Deep Side Part

A long blunt bob can be made more voluminous with an added deep side part. Soft waves are all the rage and pair elegantly with a mid-length hairstyle. For added volume and control, use a medium hold hairspray like Davines ‘This is a Medium Hold Hairspray’ before hot styling.

#32: Longer Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs

A flattering, longer blunt bob with curtain bangs can be much less maintenance than other shorter hairstyles. The blunt length gives you a sharp edge but can still be worn sleek or textured. Adding curtain bangs brings balance between your face and longer hair length.

#33: Bob with Blunt Bangs

Opt for a beautifully crafted bob with blunt bangs if you’re blessed with finer hair. A blunt one-length bob allows for maximum fullness at the baseline of the cut. Add blunt bangs for a structured solid shape, which will balance out longer face shapes and add extra chicness to your hair.

#34: Asymmetrical Blunt Long Bob

An asymmetrical blunt long bob is one chic way to switch up your hairstyle. The sleek, shoulder-grazing length swings beautifully around the collarbone, making it a feminine style. With a shoulder-length blunt cut, if you part your hair on the side, it adds an elongating effect to the face, making it perfect for round and square face shapes.

Shoulder length blunt cut bob
Instagram @heymonay

#35: Stylish Shoulder-Length Blunt Bob

Go for a double whammy with a fresh blunt cut bob hairstyle that features a hot blonde ombre. This blunt cut hairstyle is easy to maintain, especially when melted with your natural hair.

Chin length blunt bob cut
Instagram @zammitneville

#36: Chic Chin-Length Blunt Cut

A chin-length chop looks super chic. I highly suggest adding a subtle purple dye at the tips, which makes most blunt bob hairstyles pop.

Red blunt bob
Instagram @zammitneville

#37: Radiant Red Blunt Bob

Bluntly cut hair gets a lovely dose of life and texture by getting vibrant ginger. Reds are known for high upkeep, but keeping your cut short can make your life much easier.

Blunt bob with side swept bangs
Instagram @romeufelipe

#38: Superb Blunt Bob with Side Swept Bangs

A dreamy classic bob with a side fringe can give you a flirty yet chic vibe. Platinum hues on straight hair never fail to appear so smooth and exciting, especially when paired with some subtle blonde highlights from the roots.

#39: Stellar Sew-in Blunt Bob Cut

A sew-in blunt bob cut is perfect if you’re looking for a precise, sleek, easy-going hairstyle. A blunt bob has no layers and is very versatile, so you can style it in many different ways, and looks good on most women.

bright blonde blunt cut hairstyle
Instagram @bescene

#40: Bright Blonde Blunt Bob with Volume

A blunt bob haircut with highlights is a fantastic way to go if you have thin hair and want to create more volume and thickness.  A choppy cut and a lovely shade like this will give great dimension to your hair color and texture.

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brown blunt bob haircut
Instagram @yukistylist

#41: Brilliant Brown Blunt Bob Cut and Color

A brown blunt cut will give you a youthful, refreshed feel if you want to change the way they feel with a new wavy hairstyle. Blunt bob cuts can be easy to style with loose, tousled curls, a curling iron, and a texture spray. This haircut will give women with fine hair the appearance of having more hair and movement with less texture to their hair and a shorter length. With thicker hair, you’ll want lots of razor texture.

#42: Smashing Short Bob Blunt Cut with a Deep Front Side Part

A short bob cut is a great short haircut if you’re transitioning from long hair to a bob cut. Short hair with blunt ends gives a chic look, and it’s straightforward to style daily.

#43: Blunt Bob with a Trendy Middle Part

A blunt bob with a trendy middle part has made a comeback. The middle part can work well with a blunt cut, straight, curly, and wavy hair and will elongate a round face shape. A blunt bob is perfect for you if you have finer hair by giving it a fuller appearance and keeping your ends as thick as possible.

#44: Ideal Blunt Cut Bob for Thick Hair

A medium sleek bob haircut is always on-trend. The blunt bob is cut one length for maximum density. While blunt styles are often worn with straight hair, as it’s the best way to show the precision of the cut, they can work just as well if you have waves or textured hair.

#45: Blunt Cut Bob With Bangs

A blunt-cut bob with bangs is an excellent choice if you’re a woman with fine hair. Keeping your hair blunt gives you more fullness on your ends and provides lightness to wispy bangs.

#46: Curly Blunt Bob with a Dashing Deep Side Part

A curly blunt bob with a dashing deep side part is an excellent choice if you want a curly hair cut that is low maintenance. It gives a beautiful shape that you can style in many ways.

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#47: Burgundy Textured Blunt Cut Bob

A burgundy textured blunt cut bob hairstyle is a great way to transition to a darker look. Deeper tones of red or violet are subtle but reflect light in a way that will exaggerate your hair’s texture and movement throughout the haircut.

tousled blunt cut with bangs
Instagram @stacy_stylist

#48: Tousled Blunt Bob with Bangs

A tousled, shaggy blunt cut with bangs is fun and sassy. Giving that full-hair look by keeping the cut blunt at the bottom and layered on top, there’s no limit on styling ideas with a shag haircut. When styling a tousled hairstyle, use full effect & piece works by Eufora and sea salt spray to finish.

#49: Blunt Cut with Beach Waves and a Middle Part

A blunt cut with beach waves and a middle part is a style you can always go right with. Achieve this look quickly with day 2 or 3 hair, a curling iron, and your favorite texture spray.

blunt cut bob with no bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#50: Blunt Cut Bob with No Bangs

A blunt cut bob with no bangs is quite chic and versatile. Even with a one-length bob, you can still have a lot of texture and movement. Remember to ask your stylist to cut the perimeter and remove weight with texturizing shears to give the ends a softer piece-y feel.

Copper blunt bob with fringe
Instagram @casistauffer

#51: Copper Blunt Cut Bob with Fringe

Blunt cuts with a precision fringe appear extra sharp with all-over copper tones. Even with a tousled finish, the angles of this blunt bob with bangs are the star of the show.

lived-in blunt bob for dark hair
Instagram @hirohair

#52: Lived-In Blunt Bob for Dark Hair

Go for a lived-in blunt style, as it’s the way to go if you have thick, dark hair. With fullness around the chin, this cut works best if you have an inverted triangle, heart, and diamond face shape, but you don’t have to have that exact face shape to pull it off. Adding some texture on the ends gives this blunt line a modern flair.

blunt bob with rose gold highlights
Instagram @david.oshell

#53: Blunt Bob with Rose Gold Highlights

A blunt bob with added rose gold highlights is a stunning modern look. Ask your stylist to blunt off the length and add some texture; you will have a versatile mid-length hairstyle. A bob shape can be curled or worn straight and is complimentary for every face shape. Rose gold highlights, best for brunettes, are subtle and fabulous because they grow out wonderfully, and you won’t have much maintenance.

#54: Blunt Cut Bob with a Money Piece

A blunt cut bob with a money piece is a perfect way to add interest to your hairdo. Blunt haircuts can often feel very plain and dull if not styled. By adding the money piece, you encourage effortless dimension and contrast. For the crispiest results when shaping a blunt haircut, allow your hair to fall naturally before doing any final touches to clean up the perimeter.

off-center parted blunt cut
Instagram @hirohair

#55: Off-Center Parted Blunt Cut Bob

An off-center parted blunt cut is a take on the latest trend of the one-length bob. This haircut is best if you have medium to fine hair, yet thick hair can also be suited if the artist debulks the silhouette to create ease in manageability.