45 Messy Bob Haircut Ideas for the Ultimate Boho Vibe

Messy bob haircut ideas
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A messy bob is a short-length haircut styled with a lot of texture. Messy bobs are a trendy way to give your locks a makeover. Say no to limp and lifeless hair forever!

Before looking at pictures of messy bob hairstyles, consider these three questions to answer with your stylist, says stylist Teddi Bickers of Indiana.

  • Do I have the right density of hair?
  • Would this work well with my lifestyle?
  • How can I wear or style this cut every day?

It’s understandable if you want versatility. “If you like the option to wear a ponytail, you might want a long bob shape, hitting around the collarbone,” Bickers says.

Such a long-length bob is perfect for ladies who are hesitant about going too short. Bickers adds, “I like to remind ladies that we can always go back in and cut more hair off.”

Bickers also warns that short hair doesn’t always mean low-maintenance. In some cases, you may need to shampoo more often or freshen up the style every morning.

For styling a messy bob, Bickers loves to use a texturizing spray. Her fave is the Doo.Over by Kevin Murphy as it adds a ton of volume and touchable texture.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these images of the most popular messy bob cuts.

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Messy Lived-In Blonde Bob with Layers
Instagram @anhcotran

#1: Lived-In Blonde Layers

Lived-in blonde layers are one of the best ways to wear your hair for lots of movement. For this disheveled blonde bob cut, the back has more layering with lots of texture, while the front is more texture and less layering. The layers in the back keep the profile of this style sleek and more hugged to the neck. If you want to make it look more lived-in, try a texture spray like Dry Bar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Texturizing Spray.

Sexy Edgy and Choppy Messy Bob for girls with dark hair
Instagram @sinansumen

#2: Sexy Edgy and Choppy Messy Bob

A messy bob with a sexy, edgy, and choppy style is a great choice for girls with dark hair. The layers in this haircut add texture and movement, creating an effortless and sexy vibe. The bob has a modern and playful feel due to its choppy ends. It’s perfect for those aiming for a stylish and carefree look. This choppy bob style is ideal for those with dark hair, as the layers and texture bring out the richness and depth of their hair color.

Textured and Messy Short Bob Hairstyle with a center part
Instagram @hirohair

#3: Textured and Messy Short Bob

A textured and messy short bob with a center part can give you the best of both worlds. But only if you’re looking for a low-maintenance and chic haircut. This cut works well on both straight and wavy hair textures and tends to flatter most face shapes. The layers are placed to add volume and create a tousled look without looking messy all the time. To style it, consider using a texturizing spray or a sea salt spray from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. Then scrunch with your hands, and air dry or diffuse with a blow dryer on a low setting.

Messy Tousled and Voluminous Bob for women with long face shapes
Instagram @joahhmendes

#4: Tousled and Voluminous Bob

The tousled and voluminous bob is a sexy shape that is complimentary to almost everyone. If you love volume, the short to medium layers helps with creating fullness. Don’t forget the deep side part for an added lift on the top. I suggest you scrunch-dry your hairstyle and avoid blow-drying it too straight. This will give you more fluff, and you can touch it with an iron for your finish.

#5: Platinum Messy Side-Parted Bob Cut

A platinum messy bob with a side part might not be for everyone. You might want to try it if you like the idea of short hair that you can still pull back into a ponytail. This edgy and effortless style is perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much time on their hair. To achieve this look, ask your stylist for an a-line bob with layers. Layers should be slightly shorter in the back and longer in the front. For extra texture, a razor can remove weight and make the ends tapered. This allows movement in the perimeter. Add some beachy waves or smooth straight for polished styles.

Side-Parted Messy A-Line Bob Style
Instagram @se_augusto

#6: Side-Parted Messy A-Line Bob Style

To achieve a modern, boho side-parted a-line bob, you’ll want to start with a triangular cut at the nape of your neck. And over direct everything to the back. Use a high-quality hairspray such as Oribe &ldquoVolumista Mist&rdquo or &ldquoLife Hair Spray.&rdquo Each will add volume along the crown and body through the mid-lengths. Using a &ldquoSERi Professional Styler Brush & Attachment Set&rdquo is ideal for textured waves. For an evening look, pin back some face-framing pieces or fringe layers using some bobby pins.

#7: Cute Bob with Tousled Waves

If you’re ready to make a big chop, an unruly bob with tousled waves might be for you! When it comes to working with your natural texture, getting a haircut to match is important. You don’t have to round brush or style your hair to have a short haircut. It’s important to choose a style that best suits your lifestyle.

#8: Dark Messy Bixie

Create thicker looking locks with a dark messy bixie (bob + pixie). Messy tousled layers will help your hair look fuller and more voluminous. Face framing layers will look soft and feminine however you decide to style.

Modern Messy Blunt Bob
Instagram @yukistylist

#9: Modern Messy Blunt Bob

A modern messy bob is a fun twist on a classic cut. When it comes to a blunt bob, all your hair is one length and cut straight with no texture on your ends. You could add texture throughout the top sections of your hair to give this style more movement and swing. Adding a bend in the mids of your hair, whether with a curling or flat iron, is one of the easiest ways to change up the look of a blunt-cut bob.

Side-Parted Messy Bob Style
Instagram @manija_hair

#10: Side-Parted Messy Bob Style

If you have wavy hair, a textured and disordered bob is perfect for you. If you wear your hair naturally, the cut compliments your wave shape and adds volume. Perfect for diffusing. If you can, add some defining paste to add more definition to your curls.

Deeply Side-Parted Messy Short Bob
Instagram @pedronovais.phneutro

#11: Deeply Side-Parted Messy Short Bob

A disheveled short bob is ideal if you have fine to medium hair density with straight to wavy texture. If you’re deciding on the exact length, have a consultation with your hairdresser.

Short Messy Brown Bob with Blonde Balayage
Instagram @salsalhair

#12: Short Brown Bob with Blonde Balayage

Rock a bedhead bob with a blonde balayage. If your hair is naturally brown, a balayage will grow out seamlessly with salon visits less often. Balayage color is a soft freehand color technique, done with foils for a graceful grow-out, but it will cost you. My advice is to keep your bob layers long to maintain your beautiful color for as long as possible.

Messy Voluminous Side-Parted Bob
Instagram @romeufelipe

#13: Voluminous Side-Parted Wild Bob

A voluminous side-parted bob is a great style to have for medium-length thick hair. When it comes to a messy bob, you will want to use a large barrel curling iron always curling away from your face. If you want to create the most volume, use a volume mousse at the root and blow dry before styling. Finish with a texture or sea salt spray.

Tousled Blonde Messy Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @romeufelipe

#14: Tousled Blonde Messy Bob Hairstyle

A messy bob hairstyle is an increasingly popular take on a classic bob. Messy textures and a more lived-in look are becoming more and more common among hair trends. In order to achieve an all-day messy texture with volume that does not fall limp, try using a volume powder at the roots and a dry texture spray through the midshaft and ends.

messy red chin-length bob
Instagram @toniiii_j_hair

#15: Messy Red Chin-Length Bob

A messy red chin-length bob is a fierce color and cut combo that is sure to turn heads. If you’re looking for maximum volume, add a deep side part and loose beach waves for texture. Depending on your skin tone there are various copper shades to create the perfect customized color melt.

Medium-length messy bob cut
Instagram @joahhmendes

#16: Medium-Length Bob Cut

A medium-length bob cut is one of the best lengths to pull off a sloppy bob. It frames and softens the structure of the face. Messy hair like this is easier to manipulate when styling with a curling wand or a flat iron. For ladies that have fine tresses, part this bob on one side to offer extra volume.

brown neck-length messy a-line bob
Instagram @nataliarok

#17: Brown Neck-Length Messy A-Line Bob

This neck-length messy A-line bob is super chic. The waves, the texture, and its rich hair color—everything works well together. It’s the movement that allows the vibrant brown hue to have a dimensional finish. This short haircut is easy to style and wear each day. It’s great for ladies who are always on the go.

A neck-length messy a-line bob would fall in the textured bob category. Keeping the haircut simple allows the haircut to look great when worn messy. When styling messy haircuts, use a 1″ curling iron, alternating directions for that undone, lived-in look.

This length works best on longer/oval facial shapes. For rounder faces, leave the hair slightly longer. Because this messy bob style is texturized, not layered, it works great for finer textures. It does work well for medium to thick hair, just take out more weight for those hair types.

#18: Messy Bob for Grey-Haired Women

A messy bob for gray-haired women is perfect for those who want elegance and naturalness. To keep gray hair shiny, use violet shampoo.

#19: Messy Long Bob for Older Women

Messy long bobs look best on older women with round faces. Long bobs have multiple layers to create shape and texture and look beautiful styled curly or straight.

Tousled messy bob cut for women over 60
Instagram @cherylfinn59

#20: Tousled Bob Cut for Women Over 60

A tousled bob cut for women over 60 is an elegant way to add a soft messy texture to your hair. Tousled hair has a looser feel to its waves that add width to the hair and give it a styled, but not overdone, everyday look to your bob. Finish off your look with some Aveda Dry Shampoo to get extra texture and a soft hold to the hair.

#21: Short Wavy Bob for Women Over 50

Opt for a short unkempt bob for women over 50 to get textured volume into finer hair. Bobs are known for instantly thickening hair, then adding some loose waves widens and lifts the hair creating a fuller looking style.

Messy bob for a 70-year-old woman
Instagram @wendycuts_hair

#22: Messy Bob for a 70-Year-Old Woman

A messy bob for a 70-year-old woman is a great option to help brighten up the face and draw attention up. Pair it with a set of curtain bangs to open up the eyes. If you have dense hair, ask your stylist to remove some weight. Prep messy bob haircuts by drying your hair naturally with some salt spray and be on your way.

Messy blunt bob for dark-haired women
Instagram @duanydourado

#23: The Blunt Bob For Dark-Haired Women

The blunt bob for dark-haired women is another haircut that offers versatility. It goes well with straight or wavy hair. Part it to one side, and it provides a style packed with volume. It will look super cute on ladies with a diamond face shape.

#24: Texturized Bob with Bangs for Thin Hair

Rock a texturized bob with bangs if you’re down to try a tousled style. This hair idea is a chic choice for women with fine tresses. It has a messy-looking finish that complements the cut’s feathered ends. Now, that’s the texture that thin, fine hair must have!

Jaw-Length Messy Bob Cut
Instagram @howmyhairgrows

#25: Jaw-Length Cut Bob

A jaw-length cut messy bob with micro bangs can be very versatile. It looks so sophisticated when straight and sleek, but texture can do better. A messy hairstyle may give a natural finish, yet it offers an edgier vibe. Are you a lady who loves experimenting with a classic haircut? If so, this one is for you!

#26: Messy Short Bob with Wispy Ends

This messy short bob has an undone-looking effect. It makes ladies appear so fab without even trying. The style helps achieve greater density and volume for short, thin tresses. To show off the cut’s shorter, wispy layers, add soft brown highlights.

#27: The Blonde Angled Choppy Bob

The angled choppy bob, if wavy, is full of texture and movement. Such a tousled hairstyle is a popular pairing for dark-rooted blonde hair. The result is trendy and suits ladies with medium to thicker hair.

The Wavy Stacked Bob
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#28: The Wavy Stacked Bob

Featuring the wavy stacked bob that matches a slightly messy look! Mimic this messy bob hair trend by getting a neck-length chop. Amp up the volume with waves to create more movement and texture. To avoid a flat-looking mane, especially if the hair is too thin, opt for some blonde highlights. Those hints of blonde can add shine to tresses.

#29: Messy Chin-Length Bob

A messy chin-length bob can look superb on any woman with straight to wavy texture. This haircut is easy to manipulate and won’t be a pain while it grows out. Tresses are sure to get a longer length. To enhance its undone style, apply a textured mousse to damp hair.

#30: The Graduated Bob

Pull off the graduated bob by chopping the hair in the back short and leaving the front strands longer. It creates a rounder, bulkier shape, and it’s perfect for fine tresses. With the length that reaches the chin, it creates strands that can frame the face. This makes it ideal for ladies with round faces. Opt for red hair color to create an even edgier style.

#31: A Messy Inverted Bob with Balayage

Try a messy inverted bob style. Freshen it up with a blonde balayage for added dimension. The tones are guaranteed to complement ladies with fair or pale skin complexions. When styling, apply less product if possible. That gives a more natural result to your messy bob cut.

Textured Messy Bob with loose waves for Fine Hair
Instagram @miniiminina

#32: Textured Bob with Loose Waves for Fine Hair

Textured for fine hair is workable with a tousled, loose waves style. It may appear a bit messy, but still looks elegant—thanks to the beach waves. The texture isn’t enough to add a much dramatic touch to fine tresses. Part the hair to one side instead, and see a more voluminous finish.

#33: Messy Pixie Bob

Here’s a messy pixie bob that displays an edgy and sophisticated look! This chop features a tousled style, creating a voluminous finish. Thinning out the ends lets the hair have an added movement. That would also allow the mid-lengths to appear bulky. When curling the hair, use a heat protectant to avoid damage.

#34: Cute Shoulder-Length Beachy Bob

Get a shoulder-length messy bob and glow up like a real beauty queen! See how this haircut looks so beautiful with a platinum blonde balayage? This is perfect for women who want a thicker-looking mane without giving up the length. It isn’t too long to keep the fullness. It isn’t too short, as well, to achieve versatility.

#35: Undercut Bob for Thick Hair

Consider an undercut disheveled bob if you have thick hair. This haircut is cool, fresh, and very edgy. This chop has a shaved side to take away weight and bulkiness from the tresses. The technique keeps the hair fuller-looking. Wear this hairstyle and the confidence it comes with. Of course, splashes of blonde can complete the look.

“This undercut bob for thick hair is an asymmetrical bob with a full undercut,” describes hairstylist Kimberly Shepherd of Ogden, UT. “The short messy bob has a slight stacking in the back and shorter layers for volume.”

An asymmetrical bob is flattering for most face shapes and features. However, Shepherd says if you have very fine or thin hair, “you might want to pass on the full undercut and go for a small side shave. For thicker or coarse hair, messy bobs are a great style to remove tons of extra bulk and make styling faster and easier.”

“When styling this undercut bob, you’ll want to use a good volume spray before blowdrying,” she explains. “Try Moroccan Oil’s Volumizing Mist for that! Curl the hair pulling the ends down to give it those straighter pieces. Then finish off with a texture spray like Kevin Murphy’s Touchable. Fluff it up, ruffle it, flip your head upside down… whatever it takes to finish with that messy look! For a messier bob style, add side-swept bangs to the cut.”

flattering messy bob hairstyle for women over 50
Instagram @havenmeridian

#36: Flattering Messy Bob Hairstyle for Women Over 50

This flattering mussed bob hairstyle for women over 50 is easy, current, and beautiful. If you’re over 50 with draped hair lacking style, try this messy bob hairstyle.

It’s very important that the consultation is on point, so you’re both on the same page. Try ELEVEN AUSTRALIA products. Miracle Hair Treatment and Volume Texture Spray are best at working with curls or waves.

#37: Messy Long Bob

This messy long bob is a lob, or a long inverted bob hairstyle. “The dramatic side profile with heavy layers for a super textured look,” says stylist Michaela Lanphear of Mobile, AL.

“Dimension is very important to accentuate and highlight the highs and lows of the hair cut,” explains Lanphear. “Texture plays a big factor in getting this lived-in long messy bob. Hair that is too fine or soft will fall flat. Add a little grip to the hair and alternate the curl pattern, and you’re golden.”

Razored Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @emmigyn_tova

#38: Razored Bob for Fine Hair

A razored bob for fine hair brings out movement and texture to the locks’ choppy ends. It may look edgy, but it’s soft and stylish when amped up with waves. To ensure a fresh transformation, opt for a balayage. Streaks of platinum blonde can add a dimensional and contrasting effect to tresses.

Messy curly bob with a side part
Instagram @bodybalancer

#39: Curly Bob with a Side Part

A tousled style on a curly lob with a side part results in a bouncier, livelier edge. If you have this natural hair texture, this feels liberating, for sure. Curls can be stubborn at times, so use hairspray if needed. It prevents frizz and preserves the length and body of the hair.

This curly bob is classic, timeless, and was created by freelance hairstylists Leah and Mica of San Francisco, CA.

Leah encourages you to find a stylist who has experience with your hair type and whose work or style you admire.

Follow the Curly Girl method for styling,” she notes. “Almost never use heat on your hair and diffuse the roots if it’s very cold outside.”

She adds, “as far as the product- less is more. Do not strip the oils or use a shampoo that contains SLS. Try Jason or New Wash Shampoo, and any Conditioner such as the Acure brand.”

Messy layered bob with a middle part
Instagram @893hairstyles

#40: Layered Bob with a Middle Part

Get a layered bob with a middle part to achieve that classic aesthetic beauty! The choppy layers and texture go well together. They create natural-looking movement. This can be a go-to hairstyle for women with fine tresses.

#41: Shaggy Bob

One of the most popular messy bob haircuts is the shaggy bob. It looks more chic and feminine on a messy and natural wavy texture. It works on fine hair better since it’s a hairstyle with lots of movement. To jazz up a shag, use a hair balm to help create the perfect shaggy waves.

#42: Mid-Length Wavy Bob

Try this mid-length wavy bob, packed with texture and elegance! Messy hairstyles, if paired with a bronde balayage, create a dimensional finish. Lobs offer a stunning impression without a drastic change. So, it’s an excellent option for a woman who’s not ready for an ultimate makeover.

Mid-length messy lob haircut
Instagram @joahhmendes

#43: Edgy Mid-Length Messy Lob

This is a mid-length messy bob haircut that gives more dimension to a dark-rooted blonde shade. It has a texture that looks modern and natural. What’s great about this chop is it suits women with either oval or round face shapes. The waves appear soft and feminine that fits oval faces. A side-parted lob also helps to break up the roundness of the face.

messy bob with middle part and waves
Instagram @leventkilic0

#44: Messy Bob with Middle Part and Waves

You can never go wrong with a chic messy bob with middle-part and waves. A collarbone-length bob is an extremely versatile haircut that gives all it-girl feels. Add tousled waves to highlight the curves of your face, or blow-dry sleek for a classic bob vibe.

long messy bob with straight bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#45: Long Messy Bob with Straight Bangs

The long unkept bob with straight bangs is a trendy hairstyle that is particularly good for wavy hair. The textured layers enhance the natural wave and five-movement and volume. If your face is rounder, opt for a fringe that sits above the eyebrows, and if your face is quite long get longer and softer bangs. Spray texturizing hairspray and mess up the waves.